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Sports & Health Mobile Electronics Buyer’s Guide 27 smart sports & health mobile electronics from China suppliers 2 – Sports watches – Health monitor wristbands – Earphones and headsets – Portable speakers Next-gen industry trends 8 – Chronos makes any watch smart – Who’s buying smart watches? – Wearable shipments increase 172% in 2015 – Samsung makes SoC for health-tracking wearables Buyer demand trends 10 – Medical & healthcare wearables – Sports & fitness wearables .

a . CONTACT SUPPLIER Controls music Foshan Binshi Electronic Co.000Hz with 101±3dB sensitivity. Impedance is 16ohm while frequency ranges from 20 to 20. CONTACT SUPPLIER Works with Android. and a 10mm speaker.000Hz. Ltd released the model WM601S earphones with built-in LEDs that synchronize with the music’s rhythm and volume. The model is fitted with soft gel earbuds. Sensitivity is 93±3dB. It yields HD audio stereo music and can be used to answer mobile phone calls.Sports & health mobile electronics from China become smarter Arm strap holds iPhone 6 Plus. It serves as a safety warning light for outdoor sports at night.0+EDR. Impedance is 32ohm.5mm plug and 130cm cable. Ltd is compatible with Android and iOS gadgets. The product has one dynamic and one balanced armature driver. cards The SA-013-1 model from Ching Hua Plastic Co. The model adopts Bluetooth CSR 4. smart noise reduction and DSP technologies. iOS The model Binshi-T1 dual-driver sports earphones from Foshan Binshi Electronic Co. CONTACT SUPPLIER LED earphones Dongguan Weiming Electronic Technology Co. Ltd’s model SE1300 earphones can pause.3m. play and select music tracks on an iPhone. Ltd holds the iPhone 6 Plus while wrapped around the user’s arm to free the hands while running or working out. The product can also keep cards and cash in its extra pocket. It has in-line microphone and call answer features. 12mm speakers. The model allows touch control for adjusting volume. CONTACT SUPPLIER 2 More exclusive news: GlobalSources. Extended length is 1. The model works on 20 to 20.

5x6. The low-power watch has a 3 . It has an integrated GPS and LBS module to help track the wearer. It is capable of GPS/AGPS/Wi-Fi/LBS positioning and works on 850/900/1.0.900MHz. Ltd’s RO6 model is a colorful watch that can be submerged in water up to 3m. CONTACT SUPPLIER Resists water up to 3m Shenzhen Dodo Intelligent Technology Co. and has a sedentary reminder. Ltd doubles as a pedometer. The unit adopts an advanced digital signaling processor algorithm to improve accuracy. Ltd’s model 8601 smart watch counts the user’s daily steps. sleep monitor and alarm clock. A2DP and AVRCP. It can synchronize call logs and phone directory. 240x240p screen and MT2502 platform. The product can upload location points once per minute. Children’s smart watch counts steps Designed for children aged 5 to 10 years old. CONTACT SUPPLIER Displays blood oxygen saturation The colored OLED screen of Semitech Technology Ltd’s model SE-PO-01 wearable pulse oximeter displays the wearer’s blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate. CONTACT SUPPLIER More exclusive news: GlobalSources. Visual alarm and real-time spot-checks are supported. It comes with a free app. The smart timepiece connects to a USB port. CONTACT SUPPLIER Sweat-resistant The model BS081RQ earphones from Layon International Electronic & Telecom Co. Fujian Ruiven Information Technology Co. CONTACT SUPPLIER Doubles as pedometer The model S360 smart watch from Guangzhou JQX Industrial Co. It allows the user to stop. The unit pairs with an Android or an iOS smartphone via Bluetooth 4. and answer calls via magnetic control. pause and play music.1 model supports HSP. It can save up to 10 contact numbers that can be called with just a single press in case of an emergency. Operation range is up to 10m. HFP.5mm Bluetooth 4. The 38x10. Ltd are made of aluminum alloy that does not get damaged over time by sweat.800/1.

Ltd is a smart watch that can count calories burned when doing breast. distance and calories on its 0. speed. The model works as a call reminder. Ltd is a bicycle speedometer that features a real-time GPS tracking function for theft prevention. calorie counter Shenzhen King Well Technology Co. It has an LED screen that shows the user their current position. The bracelet also plays MP3 files and takes calls via Bluetooth. The smart wearable is equipped with a Nordic 51822 + CSR 6145 CPU. Ltd also offers the KW-SY7 model. It can also function as a sleep monitor and reminds through vibration or SMS to Android phones.3. CONTACT SUPPLIER Step. MP3. mileage and calories burned. It records calorie consumption and reminds the user to engage in fitness activities when sedentary. CONTACT SUPPLIER With detachable earphone Shenzhen King Well Technology Co. Ltd’s model F58 smart bracelet can measure sports and heart rate patterns. sports/sleep data recorder and a music player. a smart watch that features a detachable Bluetooth earphone. an ADI362/ST3DH sensor and 16MB RAM. The model is an alarm clock and activity/task tracker. It can also track heart rate and remind when the user is sedentary.69in LCD. CONTACT SUPPLIER Bicycle speedometer The M2 model from Shenzhen Mogubrothers Technology Co. distance. heart rate monitor Shenzhen Gimei Technology Co. CONTACT SUPPLIER 4 More exclusive news: GlobalSources. Ltd’s model KW-SMD smart watch counts and displays time. steps. It can double as an alarm clock. and monitor . and runs iOS 7 or Android 4. the product gives off alarms if the bicycle is out of the user’s set range. The smart watch monitors seven-day movement and sleep quality. CONTACT SUPPLIER Calorie counter for swimmers The F69 model from Shenzhen Gimei Technology Co. It also gives alerts to prevent the user’s mobile phone from being lost. butterfly or freestyle swimming.or backstroke. or via QQ and Weixin. When paired with a mobile app.

When a paired smartphone is located more than 10m away from the smart watch. Other functions include alarm clock. sedentary reminder and sleep monitor. CONTACT SUPPLIER Supports altimeter. smart wake-up Designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. sleep monitor and sedentary 5 . The user can wake up the smart watch by raising or shaking their arm. receiving alerts from social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Besides tracking the wearer’s location. the device can monitor and record various sports activities. sleep monitor From Shenzhen Suoyu Technology Co. Ltd’s model SD-PH828 children’s smart watch doubles as a pedometer and suits smartphones running Android and iOS. The unit can also be a notifications hub. CONTACT SUPPLIER Pedometer. It also supports pedometer. barometer. instant positioning. A 300mAh Li-polymer battery is adopted. Features include SOS alert. A 128x128p display is adopted. calendar and calculator. Tracks location. the model SW1605H smart watch from Synergy Technologies Ltd works as a heart rate monitor and a pedometer.0-enabled product runs on an MTK-6261 chip. The Bluetooth 3. It supports a GPS and LBS module. the model will give off an alarm to alert the user of a possible theft. Ltd and Scandinavia-based Jacob Jensen Design. It is powered by a 230mAh battery that yields one week standby time. CONTACT SUPPLIER Built-in heart rate sensor Synergy Technologies Ltd offers the model SW1202H smart watch with a built-in sensor that monitors the user’s heartbeat instantly. the model U8 smart watch supports altimeter. Ltd. The unit is water-resistant. Supporting gesture control. CONTACT SUPPLIER Collaborated with famous designer The SD-PH829 model is a stylish wearable designed in collaboration between Shenzhen Seglandis Technology Co. sports activities Shenzhen Seglandis Technology Co. handsfree calls and selfie remote control. CONTACT SUPPLIER More exclusive news: GlobalSources. the smart timepiece has a pedometer for tracking the wearer’s sports activities. and Wi-Fi.

0 and is powered by an MTK6261D chipset. Water-resistant smart watch Another smart watch from Synergy Technologies Ltd. Transmission distance is 10m. CONTACT SUPPLIER Sand-. The unit can receive and display notifications from an Android phone. It adopts a loudspeaker and a microphone. It supports a USB port for charging devices. 6 More exclusive news: GlobalSources.0. the unit transmits data within 10m. a water. Running on Bluetooth 4. CONTACT SUPPLIER Built-in altimeter. is fitted with two 10W woofers and two 5W tweeters. Bearing an IP55 rating. The Bluetooth 4. . The smart watch can be used to control a music playlist on a smartphone. water-resistant speaker Sun Cupid (Shenzhen) Electronic Ltd offers the Riptide RT1 model.0 unit allows handsfree calls with its noise- cancelling microphone. the model Wake W1 outdoor speaker. hiking and other outdoor activities. the IP65-rated unit can track the wearer’s steps. It supports 1 to 8GB eMMC. It runs on Bluetooth 3. the unit suits camping. Frequency response is 165Hz to 16kHz and S/N ratio is 85dB. the water-resistant SW1204H model utilizes a 1. pedometer Synergy Technologies Ltd’s model SW1402 smart watch features a built-in altimeter.0.and sand-resistant outdoor speaker that can be mounted on bikes. pedometer and stopwatch. four hours play and 120 hours standby times. A variant with a barometer is also available. swimming. allowing the wearer to monitor their exercise targets. The rechargeable Li-ion battery yields eight hours play time. The unit can connect with smartphones via Bluetooth 4. The 80mAh battery yields nearly five hours talk.22in IPS TFT capacitive touchscreen. heart beat and calorie consumption. CONTACT SUPPLIER IP55-rated rugged speaker Another product from Sun Cupid (Shenzhen) Electronic Ltd. CONTACT SUPPLIER Built-in pedometer module Unismart Technology Ltd’s model HS-S1 sports Bluetooth headset has a built-in pedometer module. Running on an MTK2502C chipset.

It is compatible with iOS and Android 7 . A2DP and AVRCP. Running on Bluetooth 4. CONTACT SUPPLIER IPX4 water resistance Zhongshan K-mate General Electronics Co.7x18. the product has a transmission distance of 100ft. CONTACT SUPPLIER Smart belt counts burned calories Wiselink Technology Ltd offers the model HRM-304D smart belt that can count burned calories and monitor heart rate. The 13. It works with most fitness apps. Runkeeper and Strava. HFP.3mm model runs on a 130mAh battery. Talk and music playing time are up to eight hours. CONTACT SUPPLIER More exclusive news: GlobalSources. Product dimensions are 58x30x7mm. and comes with free fitness apps.0. The Bluetooth 4.0-enabled product is fitted with a low-power lithium battery. Ltd’s model BTH090 Bluetooth 4. The sports earphones adopt HSP. Voice prompts and wideband speech are also supported.7x13. Sports bra with heart rate sensor The HRM305A model from Wiselink Technology Ltd is a smart sports bra with a built-in sensor for monitoring the user’s heart rate.1 stereo earphones have an IPX4 water resistance rating. including Endomondo.

This also means women are spending less money on according to data compiled by Kantar Worldpanel. with notifications while 58 percent of smart band owners were female. It is capable of fitness dedicated devices. About 34 percent of smart watch buyers are 25 to 34 however. to think it can offer a quality fitness tracker for about but users who want a touch interface or want to be $16. with 65 percent employing the feature daily interesting demographic data about the buyers.000 people aged 16 and older. these wearables. Fitness The Chronos acts more like a smart band than a tracking is an especially growing market with many fully functional smart watch. It is also notable that 57 percent of owners bands while men choose smart watches. and includes include a screen. It has all the necessities of a smart watch. combined with smart and feature-rich software. The company surveyed nearly 11.will likely be subtle and elegant hardware it lacking. with a ratio of in the 25 to 34 range and 29 percent in the 34 to 40 percent of men versus 37 percent of women using 49 range. Even so. The device multicolored LED lights around the edge to give does add a little bulk under the watch. able to give voice commands to their watch will find though. according users visual cues about their notifications. The key for Chronos and successful . Men were a little more band owners skew a little younger. as can be seen from the successful crowdfunding campaign of multiple Pebble watches and the estimated  7 million Apple Watches out in the wild. it also revealed some more. The latter segment is more likely to use health tracking.Chronos makes any watch smart Smart watches have their enthusiasts. asking whether they owned smart Notifications and health tracking were the most watches and how they used them. as 70 percent of smart band owners spent no more than $150 on their wearable. using the Chronos iOS app so they do not have to guess what the notification is for. Smart versus 34 percent of men. Xiaomi appears notification. but it apparently fits well on larger can select what colors correlate with which apps watches and those withleather straps. with 46 percent using the feature daily years old and another 34 percent are 35 to 49. 8 More exclusive news: GlobalSources. available for just this task. even ones like Jawbone that do not tracking and vibration for notifications. While the survey popular uses of smart watches and smart bands. An Android app is There will no doubt be many manufacturers expected by the time the device launches this year. Users to early reviews. smart watch adoption has been slower than many would like as consumers are waiting for something with longer battery life. 67 percent of smart watch owners were male between 25 and 49 years old. and health tracking as the primary usage drivers. behind their most stylish traditional watch but would also appreciate the functions of a smart band. attempting to emulate this kind of function for less A simple push down on the watch will dismiss the than the $99 that Chronos is charging. Chronos seeks to alleviate this pain point for some consumers by converting their current dumb watch into a smart watch using a magnetic disc that Chronos is ideal for those who do not want to leave sticks to the back. robust functionality and beauty. compared with 48 percent of women. Who’s buying smart watches? About 68 percent of smart watch owners are surveyed. Among those used their devices for mobile payments. found that only 3 percent of the US population owns Men prefer using the devices for notifications much a smart watch or a smart band. with 33 percent likely to use fitness tracking specifically. It also turns out that women prefer smart it daily.

vendors shipped 14. DSP and eFlash memory.” Do wearables need their own unique SoC? It could be beneficial to have a base set of sensors used across This is another useful innovation but may take time such devices. though. Samsung makes SoC for health-tracking wearables Samsung has created a kind of system on a chip for wearables that is able to track health data. an MCU. So Samsung has created a more efficient chip for wearables that can monitor health “without the need for external processing parts. Samsung as Rockchip and Allwinner have been able to make said the AFEs included are bioelectrical impedance headway getting their SoCs into cheaper devices. but they are still outcompeted in R&D by major skin temperature andgalvanic skin response. percent increase in 2015 overall.Wearable shipments increase 172% in 2015 Wearable shipments jumped 126. photoplethysmogram. It includes analog front-end or AFE and power management ICs. In mass-market appeal than has previously been seen fact. “It shows that wearables are not just for the technophiles and early adopters. premium Apple Watch. Throughout 2015. 258. wearables For consumers looking for some very minimal can exist and are welcome in the mass market.” according to vice president of marketing Ben K. some Fitbit trackers sell for under $100. Hur. and MediaTek. skin start to produce similar chips. Xiaomi is showing that low-cost China The new strong interest in wearables indicates more fitness bands have a place in the wearables market. With everything embedded on a single chip. It could also mean more consistent for other suppliers to match. including Qualcomm. heart 9 .6 percent over percent in 2015 and 29.1 million units.8 year in the fourth quarter of 2015. 2014. it can “process five different biometric signals. expensive wearable devices might not sound appealing. but the price could be perceived fitness bands for a low price such as the Mi Band from as fair given Fitbit’s well-known brand and good Xiaomi.5 percent in the fourth quarter. with 15. in wearables is for health-tracking features.9 percent. between the extreme budget devices from follows previous trends showing the biggest interest Xiaomi and the expensive. The product is called the Bio-Processor. and is now being mass produced. Samsung and These ICs are used to measure “body fat.5 percent in the fourth quarter and saw a 951. Vendors shipped 27. industry players. heart rate.4 percent to Apple’s Apple Watch. analysis. Still. in this segment. electrocardiogram. Fitbit does occupy a middle ground. Once again.4 million units in the said period.” temperature and stress level. an increase of 171.” IDC activity tracking. More exclusive news: GlobalSources. Xiaomi’s growth allowed it to narrowly beat out Apple with gains from sales of fitness trackers and the in market share for the year.9 percent year-over. which is much less than the Apple Watch. China chipmakers such results if these chips become the norm. It may not be long before China companies skeletal muscle mass. The growth in fitness bands and activity trackers though. IDC reports. the value proposition of more research manager Ramon Llamas said.9 78. The company’s wearable shipments grew reviews. It might not match Consumers seem to be more open to trying out basic the $15 Mi Band. low cost might be a feature of smart bands. Fitbit had the most market share at 26.

Buyer demand trends on GlobalSources.4% thermometers 4. Top buyer requests Top product profiles Top new product postings Health monitoring Health monitoring Health monitoring wristbands 63.3% rate monitor 4.2% watches watches thermometers Medical ID Medical ID 0.2% Heart rate Medical ID monitor rings 0.3% watches watches watches Chest strap heart Chest strap heart Smart rate monitor .com Medical & healthcare wearables Buyer demand trends are taken from buyer and supplier activity in the featured product group on GlobalSources.1% in the month preceding publication of this magazine.7% rate monitor 7. Use the website’s Product Search function to find hundreds of products and send inquiries directly to verified exporters. • New product postings indicate the number of new product profiles added to our website by suppliers during the period.4% Medical ID Heart rate bracelets 0.2% wristbands wristbands Activity & sleep Activity & sleep Activity & sleep 26.7% 17.1% necklaces 0.1% necklaces bracelets 0. • Buyer requests track total inquiries from our independently verified worldwide community of more than 1 million buyers.1% monitor rings 0.1% 2. • Product profiles represent the total number of unique products available from export-ready suppliers in our easily searchable catalogs.1% oximeters 0.7% 72. For these and thousands of other categories.3% 20.5% thermometers watches Strapless heart Strapless heart Chest strap heart rate monitor 3.8% 50.1% Percent of all online activity for this product group Buyer inquiries by region Fujian Beijing 5% 1% Guangdong 94% 10 More exclusive news: GlobalSources.0% rate monitor 3. visit Global Sources online and sign up for Product Alerts to receive the latest supplier postings.7% Wearable pulse Wearable pulse oximeters 0.8% trackers trackers trackers Smart Strapless heart Smart rate monitor 16.

0% sports watches sports watches Headband Pedometer Wearable 6. Use the website’s Product Search function to find hundreds of products and send inquiries directly to verified exporters. • Buyer requests track total inquiries from our independently verified worldwide community of more than 1 million buyers.Buyer demand trends on GlobalSources.1% 25. visit Global Sources online and sign up for Product Alerts to receive the latest supplier postings. • Product profiles represent the total number of unique products available from export-ready suppliers in our easily searchable catalogs.8% headphones 11 .1% Sensor footwear 0.6% smart socks jackets headphones Tech-powered Wearable sports apparel 0.9% 8.4% jackets Tech-powered Sensor footwear 0.7% trackers 43.6% Sensor footwear 1.1% 28.7% Electric heated 0.1% 7.5% headphones sports watches smart socks Wearable 0.2% trackers Pedometer Headband Pedometer 20. • New product postings indicate the number of new product profiles added to our website by suppliers during the period. For these and thousands of other categories.7% 54.1% smart socks 0. Top buyer requests Top product profiles Top new product postings GPS watch GPS watch GPS watch trackers 72.1% sports apparel 0.2% Percent of all online activity for this product group Buyer inquiries by region Hong Kong Fujian 5% 10% Guangdong 85% More exclusive news: Sports & fitness wearables Buyer demand trends are taken from buyer and supplier activity in the featured product group on in the month preceding publication of this magazine.2% Electric heated Headband 2.

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