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List of Components:

Part Description Value Lead Spacing Part suggestions Further Descriptions

Number mm / inch
C1 Input Capacitor 1,0uF / 400V DC 30mm / Audyn MKP-QS Highly
(i.e.: Solen, Audyn) Polypropylene Film 1,2 in Solen Fast PA100 Recommended
C2 Inverting Input 22uF / 250 V DC Leads must be: Panasonic / Nichicon See datasheet!
Decoupling Electrolytic 5,08mm / 0,2 in Electrolytic Polarized Value recommended
Capacitor 5,08mm
C3 + C4 Supply rail filters 100nF (0,1uF) / 400V DC 15mm / 0,6 in Wima MKP-10 / Power supply filter
Polypropylene 400VDC capacitors
Or Vishay, Epcos,
other MKP / MKS
C5 + C6 Supply rail 220uF 470uF / 63V DC 5mm / 7,5mm Panasonic FC Supply voltage bypass
decoupling 0,2 / 0,3 in or Nichicon or Yageo
C7 Zobel Network 470nF (0,47uF) 15mm / 0,6 in Wima MKS-4 Part of Zobel Network
Capacitor 400V DC 400VDC or other MKP / MKS
R1 Input impedance / 22 k Ohm / 15mm / 0,6 in Metal Film Input load resistor
Load resistor 0,6 Watt or Metal Oxide
R2 Feedback resistor 680 Ohm / 0,6 1 Watt 15mm / 0,6 in Metal Film Feedback
or Metal Oxide Do not change value!
R3 2nd feedback resistor 22 k Ohm / 0,6 1 Watt 15mm / 0,6 in Metal Film Feedback
or Metal Oxide Do not change value!
R4 Zobel Network 2.2 (2R2) Ohm 15mm / 0,6 in Metal Oxide (2W) or Part of Zobel Network
resistor 2 Watt Enamelled WW
Terminal Screw on Terminals Phoenix Contact or 2 pin 5,08mm / 0,2 in 2 pin print terminal Hook up connectors or
s or faston connectors solder terminal Phoenix Contact use single fastons here
MKDS 2-5,08

Terminal Signal Ground RCA Ground Signal GND

Terminal Signal Input RCA Audio Signal Signal IN
Terminal Speaker Output Speaker + Speaker +
Terminal Positive Supply Ub+ / Vs+ / Vcc PSU V +
4 Voltage

Terminal Speaker Ground Speaker return (-) SPK GND


Terminal Power Supply PSU GROUND RAIL PSU GND

6 Ground

Terminal AUX Ground or 2nd For Volume Pot PSU GND 2

7 Power Supply Ground or others
Terminal Negative Supply Ub- / Vs- / Vee PSU V -
8 Voltage