• Kitco News Consensus.Sediment
• Is it Up or Close on Down Wave
• List all Time Frame Support and Resistant levels. Write price/spot levels.
• Check JDST IB Chart Technicals for acc. Momentum,money flow etc.
• Nugt chart IB Analysis. PREset Chart
• Finish Trading at 11.30
• End of day sell off arbitrage opportunity as it consolidates After Hours
• Avg Down after sell offs and base and mode producing candles expect fake
outs Analyse all time frames.
• Base Build after sell off Devoid of Momentum, 1needs Legs, Mode and can
create new little resistance points thus rendering a temporary mini range
imminent to sell off. Needs at least three spikes and must hit over trend line or
have 4 support candles stakes wedged in support level.
• Time Weighted Averaging Down.
• If finds upper trend support on 5 minutes proportionately good for a scalp trade
within 45 minutes and is a strong bull. If finds support consolidation at 30
Min/1 Hr. then only get in when there is acceleration and firm /support at this
level.Is the response strong away from a sell off to bear market?
• If price is holding and there is no consolidation ,it is selling off.
• When sell off, it does not mean a new range until qualification better to wait
than average down.
• Identify price discrepency between small time frames and daily time frame to
find best support level to average down.
• If moding it is selling off or consolidating, wait revision of support levels.due
to liquidity of spot, the ETF needs to move reflect ATR so it is going down.

Scrap Notes.
Oversold for day creates propensity for accumulation pump in morning premarket.
Macro considerations us dollar, euro, credit spreades up gold is up, ted spread up
gold is up ,wsj money flow. Negative interest rates , QE ,post brexit.
• Further research find backtests.

Average Daily movement of spot time weighted. Range built at premarket.
If no pullback and accumulates then it has refreshed its liquid pool for more gains.
Consolidation preserves momentum and does not negate it by forming a resistance.
Resistance patterns are similar to consolidation bull flag patterns. One hints
exhaustion the other fuel.
Research premarket with after market scans with the aid of trade view and trade
warrior. Ongoing Research Genesis Spreads. Filtering metrics criteria etc/.follow
trade ideas/

Note optimium buy point JNUG DUST when spot Over Xtended on daily upper

.trend pulling back 1368 to 1354 is 27 points of movement for JNUG in 48 hours.