Abstract— To discuss about the topic of “Design and representing a useful feature for power management and
development of wearable sensor textile for precision context awareness. The vision behind wearable computing
agriculture and human health conditions”. In last decade, there foresees future electronic systems to be an integral part of our
has been immense focus on the detection of human everyday outfits.
activities using wearable sensors for applications such as
health-care and fitness. For agriculture applications by using
wearable sensor shirt, which can be conveniently worn by the
farmers for the detection of the agriculture activities like
digging, harvesting and bed making.In this paper, we present
a design of wearable sensor shirt based on arduino and android
mobile phone for the detection of the agricultural activities by
using wearable sensor shirt, we can integrate several sensors
to monitor heart beat of human body.The wearable sensor
shirt, having sensors interfaced with Android mobile phone
with the help of an arduino board. We will present the design
and development of the proposed wearable sensor shirt for
measuring heart beat of human body.

This template, modified in MS Word 2007 and saved a In
agriculture,different activities are performed to cultivate
animals, plants and other life forms for obtaining food,
medicines, fiber, biofuel and other products.Activities like
preparing the land, Fig.1:Schematic of farmer activity detection using wearable
ploughing,sowings,weeding,spraying,pesticides,adding sensor shirt
fertilizers, irrigation, harvesting and others should be executed
on time and in a particular sequence for resulting in a better
crop yield.Recent literature presents significant development A. Accelerometers:
in the field of wearable sensing for detection of human An accelerometer is an electromechanical device that will
activities pertaining to applications such as health, recognition measure acceleration forces. These forces may be static, like
of daily activitiessport and gym activities and workshop the constant force of gravity pulling at your feet, or they could
activities.Although wearable devices are gaining much be dynamic - caused by moving or vibrating the
attention in health care and fitness applications, so far the accelerometer.
usage of wearable sensors in agriculture has been very limited.
In this paper by using wearable sensor shirt, we can integrate An accelerometer is a device that measures the vibration, or
several sensors to monitor heart beat of human body. acceleration of motion of a structure. The force caused by vibration
or a change in motion (acceleration) causes the mass to "squeeze" the
piezoelectric material which produces an electrical charge that is
II. WEARABLE SENSOR TEXTILE proportional to the force exerted upon it. Since the charge is
proportional to the force, and the mass is a constant, then the charge
Electronic Textiles (e-textiles) are fabrics that feature is also proportional to the acceleration.
electronics and interconnections woven into them, presenting
physical flexibility and typical size that cannot be achieved There are two types of piezoelectric accelerometers (vibration
with other existing electronic manufacturing techniques. sensors). The first type is a "high impedance" charge output
Components and interconnections are intrinsic to the fabric accelerometer. In this type of accelerometer the piezoelectric crystal
and thus are less visible and not susceptible of becoming produces an electrical charge which is connected directly to the
tangled or snagged by surrounding objects. E-textiles can also measurement instruments. The charge output requires special
more easily adapt to fast changes in the computational and accommodations and instrumentation most commonly found in
sensing requirements of any specific application, this one research facilities. This type of accelerometer is also used in high

mobile phone with the help of an arduino board.Ravi. PROPOSED SYSTEM cardiac cycle. the  Two ADXL335 accelerometers. we can integrate several sensors to See "Heart" for information on embryofetal heart monitor heart beat of human body. In the proposed minute" (bpm).In this paper. we present a design of wearable sensor Usually it is calculated as the number of contractions (heart shirt based on arduino and android mobile phone for the beats) of the heart in one minute and expressed as "beats per detection of the agricultural activities.Sharma. The experimental results indicated that the placement of the sensors on the body and the number of sensors have an The pulse is the most straightforward way of important role in determining the detection accuracies. measuring the heart rate. Before S. It is considered one of the four vital signs. a novel method to collect symptoms of the disease. LIMITATIONS Wearable devices are gaining much attention in health care and fitness applications. and the adolescent's about 80–100 bpm.It is not human health conditions used to monitor heart beat of human body. we propose a novel mobile sensing based framework which uses machine learning algorithms for the detection of agriculture activities."Late blight forecast using mobile phone based agro advisory system. the reference range is normally between  Arduino UNO base board. the adult human heart beats at about 70 bpm The proposed wearable sensor shirt architecture consists of (males) and 75 bpm (females). In this paper.P. Health condition cannot be determined. RELATED WORKS agricultural activities.2: Wearable sensor system for precision Agriculture and wearable sensors in agriculture has been very limited."in December 2009. but this rate varies among people." in December 2012. The . Ozlem Durmaz Incel.temperature applications (>120C) where low impedance models can simple design of the proposed multiple accelerometer based not be used. so far the usage of Fig. Heart Rate: Heart rate is a term used to describe the frequency of the V.Choudhuri."Online human activity recognition on smart phones.Raval and B. However. L.Jagyasi and R. C. When resting. wearable sensorshirt. IV.Mysore and M. but it can be deceptive when some Further. In this paper. N. older child's about 90–110 bpm. In these cases (as different activities and by using different classifiers. the accuracies were seen to be different for heart beats do not have much cardiac output.J. having sensors interfaced with Android rates. the toddler's about 100–130 bpm. Cannot able to inform symptoms of disease. we are sensing powers have been changing the landscape of people's daily life. The heart beats up to 120 times per minute in childhood.Pande B.  Sensor-arduino shield for powering accelerometers and receiving data from them.G. Cannot determine the average performance of a person. In this paper. In this paper.E. Littman. The infant/neonatal rate of heartbeat is  USB Type A Male to USB Type B Male adapter. wearable sensor shirt using an arduino and android phone was hence shown to be very efficient in the detection of various III.Mustafa Kose. we report on our efforts to recognize user activity from accelerometer data.Jagyasi "Mobile sensing for agriculture activities detection”in October 2013. A. lower in athletes. Resting heart rates can be significantly  USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable. "Activity recognition from accelerometer data" in January 2005.N. and around 130-150 bpm. 60 bpm (if less termed bradycardia) and 100 bpm (if greater.Dandekar. A.This problem will be overcome by our proposed system. termed tachycardia).The schematic of proposed wearable sensor shirt. Training the farmers is a difficult task.

APPLICATIONS [1]P.A.Singh and R.P. more than one mobile phone are needed if inbuilt sensors of mobile phone are used.The experimental results indicated that the placement of the  Able to accurately measure acceleration with high sensors on the body and the number of sensors have an sampling rate from different placements on body. farms in order to provide accurate and personalized advises to the farmers at remote location.Stager.B. CONCLUSION the proposed wearable sensor shirt based mobile phone. and I."Monitoring system for farming operations with wearable devices utilized sensor networks."in December 2009.S."in March 2008. L. "Wearable sensors: Op- portunities and challenges for low-cost health care. the heart rate may be considerably higher than the pulse rate." in January 2008.Nansek. able to store the measurements in the mobile phone. important role in determining the detection accuracies.Wards. Littman.Chembumroong and A. the need of auxiliary power supply for driving circuit." in August 2009.Poh and H. "Detection of daily activities and sports with wearable sensors in controlled and uncontrolled conditions.Jagyasi and R. Yun. [2]N. REFERENCES VIII.Y.Fukat and T.Mobile phone for  Comfortable to wear while performing activity.Parkka.G. VI.S. using wornmicrophones and accelerometers" in April 2004. [4] M. [9]H. [3] S. G. providing power to the accelerometer sensors has eliminated  Able to operate on the mobile phone's battery.M.Junkers."Activity classification using a single wrist-worn accelerometer.Kimbahun. The proposed VII. "Activity recognition from accelerometer data" in January 2005.Fletcher.Starner. The use of android for wearable sensor shirt and components.Mittal.Y.RESULT artifacts reduction using 3-axis accelerometer in e-textile ecg measurement system.A. [6]A.Troster. .Jain"Mobile phone based agro-advisory system for agricultural challenges in rural india.S. This will cause average power consumption and cost higher than XI.Lukowicz. Min. SENSOR PLACEMENT Considering need of more than one sensors for agricultural activities detection." in September 2011. J.Korhonen. inbuilt accelerometer of android mobile.happens in some arrhythmias).Yoon.N." in October 2009." in March 2010.M. Lee and M. [7]A. Mantyjarvi.H.Pande B.Pande. J. Wearable sensor shirt is more comfortable as compared to The detection of agricultural activities enhances the tying multiple mobile phones to farmer's body for activity contextual information which can be obtained from the detection.Ermes.Choudhuri.Lee.Dandekar."Late blight forecast using mobile phone based agro advisory system. [5]T. Atkins.G. ADVANTAGES accelerometer based wearable sensor shirt with high and constant sampling rate was shown to improve the average detection accuracy for the problem of agricultural activities  Inexpensive and easy to build with readily available detection."Recognizing workshop activity  Easy to calculate worker efficiency. [8]R.Eydgahi."Adaptive motion XI.S.S.  Monitor the former activities and health conditions.Jagyasi.Atrash and T. A.D.Ravi.Mysore and M.

Ozlem Durmaz Incel.E.L.Mustafa Kose.H.Bonato. Chan and M.P.Patel."in May 2009. [11]S. .[10]C.Rodgers."Areview of wearable sensors and systems with application in the field of rehabilitation."Online human activity recognition on smart phones.Park." in December 2012.