1. Answer any SIX questions.
2. All questions carry equal marks.
3. Neatness in handwriting and clarity in expression carries weightage
4. Illustration of an answer with clear sketches ? diagrams carries weightage
5. All unused pages of answer script must be cancelled out by two lines (X) across the page.

Q1. Fatigue is one of the main causes of crankshaft failure.
A. Indicate on a sketch the most likely location of a fatigue crack; B. Explain how a fatigue failure is identified; C.
Describe how a fatigue crack may be initiated; D. Describe, with the aid of sketches, the methods used to inhibit
fatigue cracks.
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Q2. A. Outline the problems associated with effective lubrication of the liner and piston assemble of a large slow
speed engine.
B. Describe the appearance and state the causes of each of the following: i. Clover leafing; ii. Micro-seizure
C. Describe the composition of a cylinder oil suitable for an engine operating on residual fuel
2015/SR02 2015/SR04 2016/SR10

Q3. With reference to bridge control of a large slow propulsion engine
A. Explain how starting and reversal achieved
B. Describe the investigation and remedial action required action required if the engine
i. fails to turn on air; ii. turns on air but fails to fire on fuel; iii. fails to reverse.
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Q4. A. Explain the possible reasons T/C vibration while operating at a steady speed
B. State how the incidence of turbo charger vibration might be minimized
C. Explain the action to be taken in order to maintain 2 stroke – engine operation in the vent of turbo charger
having to be taken out of service
D. Indicate the effect this action will have on engine operation
2015/SR04 2016/SR10

Q5. Sketch and describe the arrangement of a main engine camshaft chain. Describe the repair procedure
following fracture of one chain link during operation of the engine. Give possible reasons for the failure and explain
how the chain is set initially at the correct degree of tension.
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Q6. With reference to piston rings;
A. State with reasons the causes of breakage; B. State how maintenance and engine operation can minimize
breakage; C. Explain the possible consequences with respect to performance and safety of operating the engine
with broken or severely worn rings. ALREADY DONE

Explain the action of anti-polishing ring during the operation of the engine. With respect to main boiler super heater arrangements: A. Why fly weights are driven at a higher rotational speed than the engine. Describe with reference to mechanical/hydraulic governors explain: A. How the output torque is increased. an anti-polishing ring and explain how it is fitted in the liner. Describe how the element tube banks are supported yet allow for expansion. Describe. 2010/SR11 2011/SR7 2011/SR12 2012/SR6 2012/SR8 2013/SR7 2014/SR01 2014/SR10 2015/SR04 2016/SR10 Q8.DIESELSHIP.COM 2 2008/EMG 20/SR08 2008/SR3 2010/SR2 2011/SR7 2010/SR11 2011/SR12 2012/SR6 2012/SR8 2012/SR12 2013/SR7 2014/SR01 2014/SR10 2015/SR04 2016/SR10 Q7. 2009/SR7 2008/EMG 2011/SR1 2012/SR1 2012/SR4 2012/SR9 2013/SR4 2013/SR7 2013/SR09 2013/SR10 2013/SR11 2014/SR02 2014/SR9 2014/SR11 2015/SR01 2015/SR03 2015/SR04 2016/SR07 2016/SR10 Note : If you are looking for answers prepared in organized manner with clear drawings please visit our website by CLICKING HERE WWW. How dead band effects are reduced. Explain the cause and effects of Polishing or glazing. How hunting Reduced. With reference to medium speed engine cylinder lines: A. with the aid of sketches. WWW. Describe how boiler carryover affects super heater effectiveness and condition.COM . D. B. 2009/SR7 2012/SR09 2013/SR09 2013/SR12 2014/SR02 2014/SR12 2015/SR04 2016/SR7 2016/SR7 2016/SR10 Q9. C.DIESELSHIP. B. B. C. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of contra flow with parallel flow design. C.