1. Answer SIX questions.
SECTION -1 : Answer at least TWO questions
SECTION -2 : Answer at least TWO questions

2. All questions carry equal marks.
3. Neatness in handwriting and clarity in expression carries weightage
4. Illustration of an answer with clear sketches / diagrams carries weightage
5. All unused pages of answer script must be cancelled out by two lines (X) across the page.

Q1. With reference to the provision of a shore electrical supply to a ship:
A. Sketch an arrangement for taking A.C. shore supply and checks to be carried out prior Taking shore connection?
B. Describe the method of safely connecting the arrangement sketched in (A) to the shore Supply?
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Q2. With reference to electronic control systems A. Draw a simple block diagram for temperature control B.
Describe each component shown in the diagram in a.
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Q3. Diesel electric propulsion is now being chosen as the power plant for an increasingly wide variety of vessels.
Sketch a simple layout of such an installation. Explain the advantages of selecting such a plant.
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Q4. With reference to an emergency source of electrical power in cargo ships:-
Describe a typical power source. B. Give a typical list of essential services, which must be supplied simultaneously
– i. Explain how the emergency installation can be periodically tested
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Q5. The direct on line start of squirrel cage motor is used for most electrical drives on a.c. powered. Ships Describe
with sketches as necessary one method of overcoming each of the following Problems: A. High starting current;
B. Low starting torque.
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B.COM . B. Find the frequency at which the following circuit resonates. Calculate (i) Speed at which the magnetic field of the stator is rotating. B. What is meant by i.DIESELSHIP. A 440V shunt motor tenets an armature current of 30A at 700 rev/min.) Filter choke iii. vi. 2011/SR3 2015/SR10 Q7. 2009/SR2 2008/SR9 2007/SR4 2011/SR1 2010/SR8 2011/SR3 2012/SR12 2013/SR11 2014/SR03 2015/SR08 Q9. single phase transformer. A.) Rectification. steady-state conditions.) Grid bias voltage 2011/SR9 2010/SR7 2010/SR11 2011/SR11 2011/SR3 2012/SR11 2013/SR1 2013/SR04 2014/SR08 2015/SR10 Q10. to what value will the armature current rise momentarily? Assuming unchanged resisting torque to motion. the iron and full-load Cu. B. (ii) speed of the rotor when the slip is 0. 3300/233 V. Compare the series and parallel resonance circuits. what will be the new steady values of speed and armature current? Sketch graphs showing armature current and speed as functions of time during the transition from initial to final.) Impedance. iv. Explain the potential hazards of liquid-cooled transformers are used. Q8. WWW. A. In a 25 KVA. ii. Sketch an arrangement showing the principal of proportional plus integral (P+I) control loop.DIESELSHIP. If the flux is suddenly reduced by 20 per cent. Losses are respectively 350 and 400 watts. What are the losses in transformers? Mention the various factors which affect these losses. A 4-pole. (a) Describe how protection against the short circuit is provided. 2009/SR2 2008/SR9 2007/SR9 2007/SR4 2006/SR4 2010/SR11 2010/SR7 2010/SR4 2011/SR11 2012/SR3 2012/SR6 2012/SR9 2012/SR11 2013/SR4 2014/SR06 2014/SR08 2014/SR10 2015/SR10 2015/SR12 2016/SR16 Note : If you are looking for answers prepared in organized manner with clear drawings please visit our website by CLICKING HERE WWW. A. The armature resistance is 0. Calculate the efficiency at half-full load. 0. Explain the effect of making incorrect phase and starter connections.COM 2 SECTION -II Q6.04.)Voltage Stabilization.03. 3-phase induction motor operates from a supply whose frequency is 50 Hz. (iii) the frequency of the rotor current when the slip is 0.8 power factor.7ohm.