1. Answer SIX questions only. THREE from each section
2. All questions carry equal marks.
3. Neatness in handwriting and clarity in expression carries weightage
4. Illustration of an answer with clear sketches / diagrams carries weightage
5. All unused pages of answer script must be cancelled out by two lines (X) across the page.

Q1. A. Explain what is meant by permissible length of compartments in passenger ships; B. Describe how the
position of bulkheads is determined. C. Describe briefly the significance of the factor of subdivision.
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Q2. Explain how the period of roll varies with - A. The amplitude of roll; B. The radius of gyration; C. The initial
metacentric height; D. The location of masses in the ship
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Q3. A. Describe the relationship between frictional resistance and:
(i) Ship speed; (ii) the wetted area; (iii) surface roughness; (iv) The length of the vessel.
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Q4. If a ship is seriously damaged under water in way of a large fuel side bunker tank what is the immediate effect
and what may ultimately happen? What features in the ship would enhance safety?
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Q5. Explain what is meant by "Dynamical Stability" With a curve of a statical stability explain how the area under
the GZ curve represents dynamical stability
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Q6. A. Describe how water tightness is maintained where bulkheads are pierced by longitudinal beams or pipes.
B. A triangular bulkhead is 7 m wide at the top and has a vertical depth of 8 m. Calculate the load on the
bulkhead and the position of centre of pressure if the bulkhead if flooded with sea water on only side - (i) to the
top edge; (ii) with 4 m head to the top edge.
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Q7. A. Distinguish between ships of Type “A” and Type “B” for the purpose of computation of free board

30.0.85m is required. iii. Explain the reasons for fitting bulbous bow.5 m forward and 7. A ballast tank 33m aft of midships is available. B.50m aft MCTI cm 300 tonn m.48 and. iv Shaft power v. GML 96m. ii Ship speed. A. Explain what is meant by singing of propeller. Find the least amount of water required and the final draught forward. A. TPC 28.25m forward and 5.COM 2 B. A propeller 6m diameter has a pitch ratio of 0.001 V3) where V is the speed in knots. If the fuel consumption in t/h is given by the expression (0. (ii) The amount of fuel on board when the speed was reduced. 160 tonne added 63 m aft of midships 200 tonne added 27m forward of midships 120 tonne removed 75 m aft of midships 70 tonne removed 16 m aft of midships 2012/SR8 2013/SR08 2013/SR10 2013/SR12 2014/SR09 2014/SR10 2014/SR10 2015/SR01 2015/SR03 2016/SR10 Q8. (iv) The percentage increases in time for this latter period. When a ship is 800 nautical miles from port its speed is reduced by 20%. (iii) The percentage decrease in consumption for the latter part of the voyage. BAR 0. It is decided to introduce water ballast to completely submerge the propeller and a draught aft of 5. LCF 2m aft of midships. Calculate the new draughts after the following changes in loading have taken place. If the propeller delivers a thrust of 300 KN and the propeller efficiency is 0.5m forward of midships. The draughts of a ship 170m long are 6. 2010/SR6 2012/SR4 2012/SR8 2014/SR09 2014/SR10 2014/SR10 2015/SR01 2015/SR03 2016/SR10 Q9. Describe measures which may be taken to improve the stability or trim of a damaged ship. Torque 2010/SR7 2010/SR6 2012/SR4 2012/SR8 2014/SR09 2014/SR10 2015/SR01 2015/SR03 2016/SR10 Q10.65 calculate . LCF 3. thereby reducing the daily fuel consumption by 42 tonne and arriving in port with 50 tonne on board. 2012/SR4 2012/SR8 2014/SR09 2014/SR10 2015/SR01 2015/SR03 2016/SR10 Note : If you are looking for answers prepared in organized manner with clear drawings please visit our website by CLICKING HERE WWW. WWW. A ship 85m long displaces 8100 tonne when floating in seawater at draughts of 5.9.i Blade area.55m aft.8. B.136+0. when turning at 110 rev/min. B.DIESELSHIP. has a real slip of 25% and wake faction 10. TPC 9. estimate: (i) The reduced consumption per day.DIESELSHIP. A. Thrust power.COM .