1. Question No.1 is compulsory and score of minimum 50% marks is essential in the same.
2. Answer any SIX questions.
3. All questions carry equal marks.
4. Neatness in handwriting and clarity in expression carries weightage
5. Illustration of an answer with clear sketches ? diagrams carries weightage
6. All unused pages of answer script must be cancelled out by two lines (X) across the page.

Q1. A. With reference to fatigue of engineering components explain the influence of stress level at cyclical frequency on expected operating life.; B.
Explain the influence of material defects on the safe operating life of engineering component; C. State the factors which influence the possibility of
fatigue cracking of a bed plate transverse girder and explain how the risk of such cracking can be minimized
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2012/SR6 2013/SR2 2013/SR4 2013/SR6 2013/SR7 2013/SR10 2013/SR11 2013/SR12
2014/S03 2014/SR04 2014/SR07 2014/SR09 2014/SR12 2015/SR06 2015/SR10 2016/SR1
2016/SR7 2016/SR8 2016/SR11

Q2. With respect to tankers describes: - A. How a pump room is ventilated? B. How cargo tanks are ventilated? C. Cargo tank protection as per
SOLAS 1974; D. Additional alarms provided for inert gas systems of the ‘inert gas generator’ type.
2009/SR2 2008/SR12 2008/SR4 2007/SR7 2010/SR2 2012/SR6 2013/SR6 2013/SR11 2013/SR12
2014/SR08EM 2014/SR9 2015/SR06 2015/SR10 20156/SR07 2016/SR11

Q3. Explain how the ingress of sea water is prevented in an oil lubricated stern bearing system. Should the system fail, describe the corrective action
possible whilst the vessel is afloat? State why two stern bearing oil header tanks are fitted in some instances?
2010/SR12 2012/SR7 2012/SR10 2013/SR4 2015/SR02 2015/SR03
2015/SR09 2016/SR07 2016/SR11

Q4. With reference to hydraulic steering gears, sketch and describe each of the following: A. Single failure concept; B. 100% redundancy.
2009/SR6 2008/SR6 2011/SR11 2012/SR2 2014/SR4 2014/SR07 2015/SR12 2016/SR01 2016/SR07

Q5. With reference to hydraulic system for deck machinery identify: A. The types of contamination likely to be found in hydraulic systems for deck
machinery; B. The sources of such impurities; C. Means used to prevent problems with contamination; D. Possible effects of the oil contamination
on the system.
2007/SR5 2006/SR9 2010/SR8 2011/SR9 2012/SR1 2012/SR8 2012/SR11 2012/SR12 2013/SR8
2013/SR09 2013/SR11 2014/SR01 2014/SR08 2014/SR10 2014/SR11 2015/SR3 2015/SR04 2015/SR06
2016/SR07 2016/SR11

Q6. Sketch a high lift safety valve and seat detailing their special features; Describe how such a valve is overhauled and any clearance that should
be measured and noted.
2011/SR2 2010/SR4 2010/SR3 2010/SR1 2009/SR12 2013/SR2 2013/SR6 2013/SR7 2013/SR11
2014/SR03 2014/SR04 2014/SR8 EM 2014/SR9 2015/SR01 2015/SR04 2016/SR07 2016/SR11

Q7. The company has requested you to re-commission the exhaust gas boiler which had been out of operation for a long time. Write a letter to the
superintendent engineer stating how the boiler was brought online and the safety valves adjusted.
2009/SR7 2008/SR8 2007/SR7 2011/SR11 2012/SR2 2016/SR01 2016/SR07 2016/SR11

Q8. A. Describe an automatic self sludging centrifuge suitable for dealing with fuel of density up to 1010 kg/m3 at 150C; B. Explain how the centrifuge
described in Q1 (a) is able to remove water from a fuel which has a density that is higher than that of water and state factors that may assist the
C. As Second Engineer, write down the start-up procedure for the centrifuge described in Q1 (a) for the benefit of your staff; D. State how the
problem of catalytic fines in fuel oil may be dealt with.


A. For condition monitoring with respect to maintenance. 2008/SR6 2006/SR4 2011/SR11 2012/SR2 2012/SR4 2014/SR4 2016/SR01 2016/SR07 2016/SR11 Note : If you are looking for answers prepared in organized manner with clear drawings please visit our website by CLICKING HERE WWW. WWW. ii. As a substitute to opening up machinery for survey. Explain how analysis of used lubricating oil can be used as a “health-monitoring” tool for diesel engines. B.COM . iii.DIESELSHIP. Describe how vibration measurement can be used with a main engine turbo-charger: i.COM 2 2009/SR6 2008/SR6 2008/SR3 2007/SR7 2006/SR4 2009/SR12 2011/SR11 2012/SR2 2012/SR4 2012/SR9 2012/SR12 2013/SR3 2013/SR4 2014/SR4 2014/SR07 2015/SR12 2016/SR01 2016/SR07 2016/SR11 Q9. For fault analysis.DIESELSHIP.