1. Question No.1 is compulsory
2. Answer any SIX questions.
3. All questions carry equal marks.
4. Neatness in handwriting and clarity in expression carries weightage
5. Illustration of an answer with clear sketches ? diagrams carries weightage
6. All unused pages of answer script must be cancelled out by two lines (X) across the page.

Q1. Values of some main engine exhaust temperatures displayed in the engine control room differ from those displayed on the engine
for the same cylinders.
I. Explain how it may be determined which readings are inaccurate.
II. State possible cause for these inaccurate readings
III. Explain how the location of the faults may be detected.
B. State the periodic checks which should be carried undertaken to ensure that remote engine instrumentation is reading accurately.
2015/SR06 2016/SR11

Q2. As second engineer describe the procedure involved in the complete inspection of a cylinder liner and piston assembly, indicating
areas of significant interest. A. Explain with reasons, possible faults which might be found; B. Suggest how such faults might be avoided.
2012/SR7 2013/SR10 2015/SR06 2016/SR01 2016/SR11

Q3. With reference to main engine automatic slowdown and shut down systems;
A. List TWO shutdown and TWO slowdown parameters, stating why EACH is applied to an engine.
B. State how EACH of the shutdown and slowdown parameter listed is safely tested when the engine is operating.
2015/SR06 2016/SR11

Q4. Under CSM bottom end bearing of a large 2stroke slow speed engine is due for survey A. As 2nd eng explain the procedure involved
in complete inspection of a bottom end bearing; B. List the precaution to be taken; C. Indicate the reasons for possible defects which
could be encountered and state how they may be rectified; D. What test are carried out on completion of survey and reassembly.
2009/SR8 2007/SR3 2010/SR1 2012/SR1 2012/SR12 2013/SR1 2013/SR10 2013/SR11 2014/SR01 2014/SR03
2014/SR11 2014/SR12 2015/SR01 2015/SR03 2015/SR06 2015/SR08 2016/SR02 2016/SR06 2016/SR11

Q4. Describe the procedure to be under taken when upon a routing schedule for changing fuel injector on a main engine it is found that
the injector body is seized and cannot be removed using conventional means.

2007/SR1 2011/SR12 2012/SR1 2012/SR12 2013/SR1 2013/SR6 2013/SR8 2013/SR12 2015/SR01
2015/SR06 2015/SR08 2016/SR07 2016/SR09 2016/SR11

Q6: Briefly describe your action plan on following exigencies:
A. Leaky economizer tube, while at sea ; B. Leaky intercooler of main air compressor, while maneuvering.
2008/SR9 2010/SR11 2010/SR8 2013/SR10 2014/SR10 2014SR11 2015/SR06 2016/SR11

Q7. Explain in detail how you would isolate one of sprinkler system for routine maintenance. Describe all tests and inspections you would
make and how you would return the system to service.
2008/SR12 2008/EMG 2007/SR2 2011/SR4 2011/SR4 2009/SR1 2008/SR4 2008/SR7 2011/SR9
2012/SR4 2012/SR10 2012/SR11 2013/SR1 2013/SR8 2013/SR09 2014/SR02 2014/SR11 2015/SR03
2015/SR04 2015/SR06 2016/SR03 2016/SR10 2016/SR11


State.DIESELSHIP. State with reasons the factors which may limit engine operating speed with the turbocharger out of action. During normal engine operation a turbocharger rapidly loses speed and the speed reduction is accompanied by appreciable noise. A. Describe the procedure you. Explain in detail how the engine might be safely operated if the damage caused by this incident is such that the turbocharger cannot function. State the consequences of operating the engine under such vibratory conditions.DIESELSHIP. B. A. C. B.COM . as Second Engineer. WWW. State with reasons the possible causes. would implement in order to investigate and rectify the problem. 2011/SR9 2012/SR4 2013/SR1 2013/SR09 2014/SR11 2015/SR04 2015/SR06 Note : If you are looking for answers prepared in organized manner with clear drawings please visit our website by CLICKING HERE WWW. Severe engine vibration has recently become evident when the main engine for which you are responsible operates within a certain speed range. C. the possible causes of such vibration. with reasons.COM 2 Q8. 2011/SR9 2013/SR1 2013/SR7 2013/SR10 2014/SR11 2015/SR06 2016/SR07 2016/SR11 Q9.