Title: Lesson 2 Entering Medications into EPIC

Lesson Overview: In this lesson the new PAS will learn how to search,
select and edit entries in the PTA medications screen. Special situations,
notes vs instructions, and icons will also be covered.


 EPIC workstation

 Sample Medication lists from previous encounters including at least
one MAR

 Logging in to SME Video
 Documents
o Adding a PTA Medication
o Entering PTA Medication Checklist
o Guiding Principles
o Discontinue Decision Power Point
o Entering Meds Process Flowchart


 Given a list of PTA medications, the PAS will enter each medication into
the EPIC SME test environment according to PVH PAS standard practice
and guiding principles with 100 % accuracy based on the PTA
Medications Checklist

Time 2 hours

Step 1: Pre-instructional Activities
 Discussion/reflection of previous lesson on navigating EPIC and new
PAS observations.
 Answer any questions from previous lesson that new PAS might have.
 Overview of today's lesson
o Entering/editing medications into Epic
o Icons
o Notes versus instructions
o Guiding principles

Step 2: Content Presentation

 Logging in to SME video
 Adding a PTA Medication Handout

o Can be used either as script for guided practice or by the new
PAS individually as a guide through the basic steps of adding new
PTA medications into EPIC
 Discussion of notes versus instructions including use of common smart

o Instructions include sig, start/stop dates, days of week or month
the medication is taken, other doses patient takes in conjunction
with present entry

o Notes appropriate when explaining how patient takes differently
than prescribed, information on whether medication is formulary,
notes on whether or when the information can be verified, etc.

 Introduction of Guiding Principles and decision Power Point for
discontinuing or flagging previous entries.

o Discussion of special scenarios and guiding principles.

 RX versus patient reported

 Definition of PTA medication

 When to use multiple entries

 How to read and input information from a MAR

o Present Sample MAR and point out where each type of
information can generally be found.

o Point out any information that is only for the Facility and should
not be included in our list

 Give sample medications for guided practice; observe new PAS; give

Step 3: Learner Participation

 Guided practice on entering common meds and looking for formulary
 New PAS enters a “simple” list into SME environment, then prints the
Medication Reconciliation Report of that list and analyzes for
completeness, errors, etc. using the appropriate checklist and guiding
principles handouts
 New PAS enters a more complicated list which includes various dosing,
need for both free text instructions and order notes and again prints
and analyzes the report.

 New PAS receives peer feedback on each of the two reports above.

 New PAS enters information from a MAR into EPIC and analyzes the
corresponding Medication Reconciliation Report.

 New PAS updates a list that has been previously entered using the
appropriate decision making to either edit, flag, or discontinue each
entry. Peer/trainer feedback on printed report using PTA medication

Step 4: Assessment
 Perform processes as indicated by the PTA medication checklist with
100% accuracy.

Step 5: Follow-through Activities
 New PAS uses PTA medication checklist and guiding principles to
analyze list generated by experienced PAS on a recent patient