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Professor (Grandmaster) ADEFIOYE Sunday Adewumi
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According to the Universal Theory of Radiation, everything exists as radiation or energy in gaseous,
liquid or solid form within a compatible electromagnetic spectrum including man. The Ultimate Theory
of Existence states that everything including man exists as matrix of numbers from zero dimensions to
infinite dimensions within respectively compatible electromagnetic spectrum of existence, this matrix
of numbers is essentially the unique identifiers for the existence of objects and entities across all
spectrum of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and it can be interpreted through natural visualization
systems such as the human eyes and brain or artificial systems such as remote sensors and image/video
processing systems. For example humans and everything naturally visible to the normal human eyes
exists within the visible spectrum and/or bands combination within the visible spectrum of
electromagnetic radiation or energy. Also according to the Ultimate Theory of Existence, there is no
limit to the possible existence of both animate and inanimate objects/entities across all spectrum of
radiation since electromagnetic spectrum, radiation or energy cannot be broken down or created and it
neither have an upper limit nor a lower extent – it is infinite over space and time co-existing
simultaneously. Life is the existentiality of beings and according to the “Vacuum Law”, everywhere is
occupied by something in radiation or energy form co-existing simultaneously, therefore the Ultimate
Theory of Existence finally summate that life essentially exists on every spectrum of the
electromagnetic radiation even as intelligent beings in the order of or higher than human beings and an
important prove of life on “non-visible” spectrum of electromagnetic radiation is the existence of
micro-organisms and their potential impacts on human existence yet not visible to the human eyes.
Keywords: Ultimate Theory of Existence, Universal Theory of Radiation, Radiation, Energy,
Electromagnetic, Spectrum, Matter, Gas, Solid, Liquid, dimensions, matrix, visualization, remote
sensors, camera, image processing, atom, existence, human beings, bands combination
Type of Theory (Genre)/Area of Applications: Universal Theory/Radiation Sciences
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