Assignment I

Specification Sheets of 2 garments and
fabric defect samples

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Damini Joshi (BFT/15/147)

Yogesh Sharma ()

Fabric: Cotton poly Lycra (denim) Lining: 100% cotton pocket lining Colour: Blue Trims: Zipper: 5 inch Metal tooth zipper Button: Brass Button 40 Ligne Snaps: 28 Ligne brand snaps Thread: 100% cotton thread Sewing Operations: Operation Seam Diagram Machine Side Seam SNLS In Seam DNLS Hem line SNLS Front Pockets DNLS Coin Pocket DNLS Rear Pocket SNLS Decorative Stitch to hip SNLS pocket Waistband Chain Stitch Machine Bely Loop Construction Flatlock Belt Loops Attachment Bartacking Machine .Specification Sheet of Women’s Denim Jeggings Description: 5 Pocket Jeggings denim with rinsed finish and stitched detail on rear pockets.

Front Pocket Lining 8. Back Yoke Measurements: Size 16 Waist 30 ½” High Hips at 4” 39 ¼” Low Hips at 5” 42 In Seam 28 ½” Max. Fly 10. 3 brand labels 6. 2 backs 3. Thigh 24 ½” Knee 15 ½” . 2 Rear Pockets 9. 2 fronts 2. Belt Loops 5. Eyelet Buttonhole Eyelet Buttonhole Machine Serging Pocket lining 5 Thread Overlock Machine Serging Front and Back 5 Thread Overlock Machine Pocket Finishing DNLS Bartack Fly Front Bartacking Machine Stitch leather lable SNLS Stitch damask labels SNLS Fly Finishing DNLS and Overlock Back Yoke attachment Chain Stitch Machine Stitch Length: 5mm Components: 1. 1 care label 7. Waistband 4.

Calf 14 ½” Ankle Circle 10 ¾” Side Seam Waist to Floor 31 ¾” Pocket Width 4 ½” Pocket Height 5” Labels:  Brand Labels  Leather Brand label Placement: Waist band. Placement: Inner Side. Placement: 3 inches from centre front Attachment: loop label Size: 3 X 3.5 X 8 cm2  Satin Care Label 1. Do not dry clean Cotton Ploy Lycra Pepe Jeans London Jeggings Waist 30 Inside leg 31 . centre back Centred over waistband Attachment: Stitched on 2 sides 1/4th inch from edge with dtm thread 5 mm stitch length Size: 5 X 3 cm2 2. Placement: Right fly Attachment: Stitched on 4 sides 1/4th inch from edge with dtm thread 5 mm stitch length Size: 1.5 cm2 Contents: Washing Care Wash Separately Inside Out. centred over right back pocket Aligned over waistband 3" from CB Attachment: Stitched on 4 sides 1/4th inch from edge with dtm thread 5 mm stitch length Size: 5 X 3 cm2  Damask Brand Label 1.

Example of a T-shirt size chart: . Many styles are now considered unisex. medium. Set-in sleeves which fit close to the body require room for movement and arm expansion. big. which appeal to both males and females. A few styles may also have pockets. ideas or interests. Specification Sheet of T-Shirt Operation Breakdown of a T-shirt T-shirts are multi-functional garment worn by all age groups as innerwear and outerwear. Sleeve fit is often determined by styling. During application. Printed T-shirt. Differences in body proportions must be accommodated in the styling and fit of garments. color and fabric weight. depth of the neck band or method of assembly. cut of sleeves and neckline shape and depth. One of the causes for poor neckline fit is banding the stretches but never recovers. Reversible T-shirts may be made with two layers of fabric. Youth and adult sizes are small. Fashion maybe reflected in oversize styling. logos and licensed designs. Plain T-shirts are often referred to as Blanks for the imprint market. Infant and toddler shirts are sized by month and weight. extra large and so on. Designs provide intrinsic appeal beyond the intrinsic value of the garment. T-shirt fit is concerned with length and circumference of a garment body. cutoff lengths and fitted body. This maybe due to. Product testing and complete product specifications can help prevent poor fit. SIZING AND FIT T-shirts are produced in al size ranges. provide humor. neckband is stretched slightly to fit neck edges. They provide identity through screen printed or heat transfer applications of lettering. Seasonal changes in T-shirts maybe reflected in sleeve length. deep armhole. sleeves and a neckline. Necklines of T-shirts should lay flat against the body regardless of styling. incorrect stitch selection or too many stitches per inch. They are simply constructed garments that consist of a front and a back.

100% Cotton  Colour:.Gravel Blue .  Fabric :. Superdry presents this stylish t-shirt that will add a stylish edge to your casual collection. COMPONENTS AND ASSEMBLY OF A T-SHIRT Product Information In a soft cotton mix knit navy marl design. Featured with an embroidered applique State University print on the chest it is finished with a Superdry woven tag on the sleeve and has a ribbed neck.

Casual wear.H. Sleeve 4 thread flatlock Components:- 1 Front 1 Back 2 sleeve 1 Neck rib strip 1 neck Stripe .Style Number: ______M10071PNDS 127240_ Sketch: Description: T-shirt. Knitted fabric Sewing Operations: Operation Seam Diagram Machine 4 thread Flat lock M/c & Side Seam 4 thread overlock m/c 4 thread overlock & 3 thread Shoulder Seam flat lock Hem line 3 thread flat lock Sleeve Attaching 4 Thread overlock Neck Stripe & made in Tag SNLS Sleeve hemming 3 Thread flatlock Tag on L.S.

Do not dry clean M10071PNDS 127240 127240 Made in Turkey 100% COTTON British Design Spirit of japan .Measurements: Size M Chest 38” Centre Front(Neck point A 25.75” Sleeve hem 0.25” Contents: Super Dry Washing Care CA 59911 Inside Out.75” Labels:  Brand Labels  Brand label Placement: inside Back under the neck Attachment: Stitched on 4 sides 2.5” Rib strip width 0.75” Under neck strip 8” x 1” Dimension Bottom hem size 0. Placement: 4 inches from bottom hem of side seam Attachment: loop label Size: 2.75” x 1.5 mm stitch length Size: 4” X 3”  Brand Label Placement: Front bottom near side seam Attachment: Stitched on 4 sides 2.5” to B bottom hem) Centre Back 28.5 mm stitch length Size: 2”x 0.75”  Care Label 2.5” Side Seam 20” Sleeve length 7” Neck circumference 20.