DTSX Series

Distributed Temperature Sensor

Distributed Temperature Sensing
Enhances Site Safety, Asset Monitoring
And Facilities Maintenance Function

Intrinsically safe leak detection, industrial DTSX Fiber Optic
process and asset monitoring systems
Distributed Temperature
Ruggedized fiber optic sensor cable is deployed on the
monitored area for continuous temperature monitoring along
Sensing System
the entire cable length – no discrete sensors are required.
Areas of temperature change indicating leakage or other  Easy process control system integration
process abnormalities can be detected for corrective action.  Wide operating environment range
 Compact and ultra-low power consumption
Principal monitoring applications: • Measure up to 50km
• Heat build up along industrial conveyor systems • Optional 2, 4, 16 channel modular optical switch
• Cable tunnels, ducts, trays or rack systems where heat • Ethernet and Serial Modbus Communications
build-up could become a fire hazard • LAS 2.0 and WITSML data formatting option
• Power cable operating temperatures for real-time thermal • STARDOM Field Controller (NFCP050) option
capacity rating and smart grid optimization • Field enclosure with solar panels, batteries, and
• Furnace chamber deterioration diagnosis via external wall wireless communications available
surface temperature profiling
= LAS is Log ASCII Standard
= WITSML is Well-site Information Transfer Standard Markup Language

Bulletin 39J06B40-01E


LNG Storage Tank Furnace Chamber Skin Temperature Monitoring DTSX is commonly used for LNG tank leak Furnace chamber or reactor vessel liner detection by monitoring the expected deterioration diagnosis via external wall surface differential in temperatures between the inner temperature profiling. from normal background temperatures. Cable Rack Monitoring Pipeline Leak Detection System DTSX can be easily deployed along cable DTSX thermal profiles can be used to detect tunnels. or conductor over-temperature escaping content creates a thermal variance condition. trays or rack systems where leak locations along LNG. DTSX Series ® Distributed Temperature Sensor Application Examples Wellbore Dynamics / Geophysical Monitoring Conveyor System Safety Monitoring Wellbore temperature distribution profile can be DTSX can be used to detect heat build up along used to detect thermal events related to steam conveyor systems indicating mechanical breakthrough and oil & gas intake position. or component failure or potential combustion other geophysical conditions. ducts. liquid ammonia and heat build-up could indicate the potential for a other compressed gas pipelines where fire hazard. and outer liners comprising the tank system. . conditions.

Optical Fiber Sensor Cable Example . DTSX Series ® Distributed Temperature Sensor System Configuration Example Host system is capable of incorporating CENTUM (DCS) with elements including FAST/TOOLS (SCADA). STARDOM (Autonomous Controller) and FA-M3 (Range-free Multi-controller).

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