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Here are our picks for 2012 Top 100 Natural
Health?Blogs.?Please enjoy!? Here at?The Institute for the Psychology of Eating,??we're on a
mission to forever change the way the world understands food, body and health.

We're?"diet agnostic" - meaning we do our best to honor and support the wisdom and usefulness of
ANY dietary approach that people choose to practice.?The Institute for the Psychology of
Eating?is?the world's only online school dedicated to a progressive, positive, holistic understanding
of eating psychology and nutrition. Unique and revolutionary in its approach, the Institute teaches
students and professionals how to effectively work with the most common and compelling eating
challenges of our times -?weight, body image, overeating, binge eating, emotional eating, endless
dieting, digestion, fatigue, immunity, mood and much more.

The Institute features an internationally acclaimed distance learning?professional offering -
the?Eating Psychology Coach Certification Training?- along with well loved online programs for the
public, including?Transform Your Relationship with Food.?No matter what nutritional system you
follow, we all have a relationship with food that profoundly impacts our behavior and
metabolism.?If?you're interested in learning more about the work we do, please check out our FREE
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it?HERE.?The list below for?2012?Top?100?Natural Health?Blogs?is in no particular order. They're
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1. Discovering Naturopathy - From the learning process to private practice, Discovering
Naturopathy covers Dr. Richard Mountain's journey to becoming a naturopathic doctor. It is now a
valuable resource for aspiring doctors and patients alike.

2. Embracing Health - Leisa Wheeler founded Embracing Health with the goal of offering her
readers life-changing health information. She covers everything from diet and fitness to herbal
medicine and massage.

3. GreenMedInfo - provides access to biomedical research on the therapeutic
value of natural substances in disease prevention and treatment. This site is great for health care
professional and health coaches looking for research to support alternative theories on nutrition and
4. My Journey to Becoming A Naturopathic Doctor - Dr. Alison Chen created her blog to capture the
important events in her life that led her to a career in naturopathic medicine. She discusses issues
such as physical training, fibromyalgia and geriatric care.

5. Naturopathic Health - This blog was created by naturopathic doctor Fiona Hogan to provide
readers with tips and hints for living a holistic and healthy lifestyle. She is dedicated to teaching
people about healthy choices.

6. - ND Healthcare is a comprehensive and informative blog managed by
multiple naturopathic doctors. These experts work together to deliver information on medical advice
aimed at healthy living.

7. Naturopathic Sleep Medicine Blog - Dr. Catherine Darley is a naturopathic sleep medicine
specialist who is dedicated to providing natural treatment for sleep problems. Her blog provides a
naturopathic perspective on sleep news and health.

8. Naturopathic Thoughts - With multiple contributing doctors, Naturopathic Thoughts is a blog
aimed at uncovering the true cause of health problems. These doctors provide information on the
site but also offer services in their clinics.

9. Acupuncture Blog Chicago - Jennifer Dubowski is a licensed acupuncturist in the Chicago area.
She created Acupuncture Chicago to share information about the restoration of balance through
Chinese and herbal medicine.

10. Empirical Point Acupuncture - Philadelphia Acupuncture is a blog created by the doctors at
Empirical Point Acupuncture clinics. It provides professional tips and hints surrounding acupuncture
and oriental medicine from licensed acupuncturists.

11. Bartlett Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine - With her blog, acupuncturist Kath Bartlett is devoted
to sharing news articles, thoughts, tips and recipes. She hopes to cultivate the health of her readers'
minds, bodies and spirits while preventing illness and injury.

12. Acupuncture Blog in New York - Mark Moshchinsky is an acupuncturist in the heart of New York
City. His blog, New York Acupuncture Center, offers information about fertility, the immune system,
and pain management with yoga acupuncture and homeopathy.

13. Blue Poppy Enterprises, Inc. - Multiple licensed acupuncturists contribute to the blog at Blue
Poppy to give readers news and information about acupuncture. It's a great resource for people
looking to enter the field as acupuncturists or potential patients.

14. - The Living Well Blog at is a holistic health forum meant to inform
readers from all over the country. Dr. Sarah LoBisco uses her experience in naturopathic medicine
to provide wellness information.

15. Chinese Medicine Adventures - Chinese Medicine Adventures was created by traditional Chinese
medicine specialist Damien Bodnarchuk. He provides interesting and informational anecdotes about
his studies in China and his practice in Australia.

16. Gentle Acupuncture - Kristy Garry is a registered acupuncturist with multiple specialties
including labor acupuncture and Japanese pediatric techniques. Her blog Gentle Acupuncture is
written to help readers reach achieve their health and wellness goals.

17. Stonewell Acupuncture News - Stonewell Acupuncture News is an informative blog about
acupuncture and East Asian Medicine. It features news articles and informational posts about living
well through natural treatments and dietary adjustments.

18. Stepping Stone Acupuncture and Wellness - Stepping Stone Acupuncture and Wellness is an
acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic in Massachusetts. Their blog is focused on helping people
cure themselves or ailments with natural treatments and healthy living.

19. Denver Acupuncture - Martha Lucas is an instructor for traditional Chinese medicine, and her
blog, Denver Acupuncture, informs readers about the benefits and positive outcomes of
acupuncture. She focuses on health, beauty, and general wellness.

20. Minneapolis Clinic of Integrated Medicine - MN Acupuncture is a site tied to the specialists at
the Minnesota Clinic of Integrated Medicine. On it, readers can find a monthly newsletter with in-
depth information about acupuncture and oriental medicine.

21. The Axelrad Clinic - The blog on the Axelrad Clinic site gives readers information on staying well.
Instead of highlighting only clinical practices, this blog also focuses on self-sustained health and
long-term wellness.

22. Acupuncture Health Insights - Acupuncture Twin Cities is managed by acupuncturist Lynn Jaffee,
who is also an author and a public speaker. Her blog informs readers about the wide range of
ailments that can be treated with acupuncture.

23. My Essential Healing - My Essential Healing is an acupuncture, oriental medicine and whole
body wellness blog written by acupuncturist Erin Resko to inform and empower people about their
health by sharing knowledge.

24. Acupuncture Associates - The doctors writing for Happy Acupuncture believe that many ailments
can be cured with traditional Chinese medicine when supplemented by Western medicine. Their
specialties include women's health, depression and insomnia.

25. Healing Point Therapeutics - Healing Point Therapeutics truly focusing on all aspects of natural
health. Acupuncturist Marisa Fanelli manages the blog, and she works to help people regain balance
in all areas of their lives through Chinese medicine and hypnotherapy.

26. Della Terra Wellness - Della Terra Wellness is the Chinese medicine and yoga informed work of
Katerina of Portland Oregon . Her blog focuses on tips and tricks to keep your body in balance by
referring to four key aspects of healthful living: eat well, breathe well, live well, be well.

27. Denver Center for Acupuncture - Acupuncture Denver Info is a blog written by the specialists at
the Denver Center for Acupuncture. The blog posts include information about how acupuncture can
treat people both naturally and effectively.

28. Open Sky Acupuncture - This blog is written by Terry M. Chen, a licensed and practicing
acupuncturist in Eugene, OR. Each blog posts provides readers with detailed information about
acupuncture, from its history to its modern applications.
29. Acutake - AcuTake Health is a blog dedicated to providing people with relevant and helpful
information about acupuncture for their every day life. Instead of listing tips, this blog tells people
how to apply them.

30. Kate Ruma Associates Acupuncture - Kate Ruma founded her blog Kate Ruma and Associates
Acupuncture to educate and inform the public about he advantages of acupuncture and Chinese
medicine, and how these can be an integral part of modern medicine.

31. Alban Acupuncture - The blog at Alban Acupuncture is written to help teach readers more about
how acupuncture is an effective treatment for many conditions, including skin conditions chronic
pain and chronic urology.

32. Willow Wellness - Willow Wellness is an Australian-based blog that wants its readers to live
healthier and more balanced lives. The blog is divided into different categories -- health, body, mind
and beauty -- so that the reader can zero in on the exact information that interests them.

33. You Grow Girl - Launched by Gayla Trail, and now it its 12th?year,?You Grow Girl(TM)?has
grown into a thriving online community for a new kind of gardener -- seeking to redefine the modern
world relationship to plants. This modern, relaxed approach to organic gardening places equal
importance on environmentalism, art, and humor. It's a whole other take, both new and inherited, on
living with natural health in mind.

34. Sun Wellness Acupuncture - The Sun Wellness and Acupuncture blog features articles related to
acupuncture treatment and news. The topics include acupuncture, Eastern herbal medicine,
auriculotherapy, Meridian massage, yoga and meditation.

35. Ancient Way Acupuncture - The Ancient Way Blog is
updated by acupuncturist and cartoonist Kevin D. O'Neill.
He outlines the most beneficial aspects of traditional Asian
healing while discarding the most implausible and draws
humorous cartoons to supplement.

36. Underground Wellness - Underground Wellness is an
informative wellness blog written by Sean Croxton. He is passionate about fitness and health, and
his blog is designed to educate readers about building health from the ground up.

37. Superfoods Blog - Superfoods for Super Health teaches readers about rebuilding and improving
their health with the foods they eat. Each post is written by dedicated herbalist and holistic lifestyle
counselor Shira Locarni.

38. Live Superfoods - Live Superfoods gives readers tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle achieved
through, organic raw and vegan eating. Each post is meant to provide ways to get nutrition in its
purest form.

39. KORA Organics Blog - The KORA Organics blog was put together to provide information on
topics in the health and wellness industry. It is updated by a team of exercise, spirituality, organics
and skincare experts.

40. Nu Roots Blog - Nu Foods is dedicated to teaching its readers about whole foods nutrition in a
way that is fun and easy. The posts encourage readers to achieve optimal health without sounds
intimidating or too difficult.

41. Dr. Todd's Superfoods - Dr. Todd Pesek is a holistic physician, and his blog Eat Yourself Super is
about the role of superfoods in healing your ailments, helping you lose weight and giving you more

42. IFCI Nutrition Blog - The Food Insight blog serves as a nutrition, health and food safety resource
for its readers. Its writers work to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families and

43. Bend Naturopathic Clinic - Bend Naturopath is a blog focused on providing information and
healthcare tips with naturopathic medicine. Topics include diet, detoxification, hydrotherapy,
exercise modification, nutrition and botanical supplementation.

44. Wellness Blog - The Get Wellness Blog was designed to inspire choices that lead to healthy living
through informative article and anecdotal stories about general wellness and healing. It also allows
wellness practitioners to share their information.

45. Good Works Wellness - Good Works Wellness is regularly updated with the intention of bringing
readers the best in expert health advice from a natural perspective. It includes everything from diet
and self-diagnosis to alternative cancer treatments.

46. Naturopathic Medicine - Naturopathic Essentials is written by Dr. Ian Koo to give readers a fresh
perspective on health and wellness. Posts are written to help the audience reflect on their health
through the lens of natural living.

47. Art and Practice - Talia Marcheggiani shares her journey through her studies to become a
naturopathic doctor and beyond with this blog. She reflects on the lessons she has learned about art,
health and healing.

48. EcoProducts That Work - The reviews on EcoProducts That Work are helpful for finding products
and practices that are organic, natural, and resource-saving -- and that really get the job done. Plus,
a lot of the products are also cost effective!

49. Health Kismet Blog - Health Kismet is a nutritional supplement company founded by Jonathan
Betchel. In his blog, Betchel offers tips, advice and tidbits on living healthy through a proper diet
and nutrition.

50. ViaNutrition - Via Nutrition and Health was created by Karen Phillips, a health coach and
nutrition workshop leader. On her blog, she offers tips and recipes for a healthy lifestyle both
physically and mentally.

51. Smart Eating Made Simple - The official blog of Jane Ibbetson explores health and wellness
through nutrition. Ibbetson holds a Masters in Science and Nutrition and was an educator and
counselor for high-risk families.

52. The Medicine Woman's Root - Bear Medicine Herbals offers a natural and feral approach to
healing, folklore, herbalism and living off the land.. It covers medicine making, therapeutics recipes,
nutrition and herbalism.
53. The Mountain Rose Blog - The Mountain Rose Blog features frequent posts about herbal
medicine, recipes and outdoor living. With six contributors, the content is wide-ranging and nature-
driven to offer readers tips on healthy and enjoyable living.

54. Methow Valley Herbs - Methow Valley Herbs is a blog managed by Rosalee de la Foret, a
practicing clinical herbalist. Her posts integrate Structural Medicine with the healing powers of
medicinal herbs and dense foods.

55. Planet Journeys - Plant Journeys is written in the hopes of inspiring readers to spend time in the
woods, make herbal remedies and learn to identify new plants. It is written by herbal training
specialist Ananda Sophia Lakshmi Wilson.

56. The Family Herbalist - Natalie Vickery is a traditional naturopath and herbalist, and her blog,
The Family Herbalist, combines her passions for cooking, gardening, exploring, helping others to
lead a healthy lifestyle.

57. Poppy Swap - Poppy Swap is committed to connecting people with herbs around the world.
Readers can learn to identify new plants, find medicinal herbs on their own and discover which
herbs work best for certain ailments.

58. A Practical Year in Herbalism with Plant Allies - Susun Weed created Practical Herbalism
Goldenrod to help others explore practical herbalism and indigenous Shamanic winds. She invites
others to live more spiritually with her and learn from the land.

59. Herb Greek - Herb Geek is a meeting place for herbalists. Student, professional and hobby
herbalists can use the forum to post, discuss, comment and rant about all aspects of the herbal
medicine industry.

60. Herbal Encounter?- Herbal Encounter was created as a way for an herbalist to collect thoughts
and personal findings about herbal medicine and share them with others. It also provides research
findings about herbal medicine.

61. Teaberry Herbs - Teaberry Herbs was created by a stay-at-home mom to share information about
alternative cooking, herbs and homeopathics. On the site, she features recipes and techniques for
healthy living with a family.

62. Tamara's Herbes Weblog - Tamara's Herbes offers herbal treatments for some of the most
common physical ailments experienced by many Americans. Instead of reaching for over-the-counter
medications, readers can consider using Tamara's Herbes instead.

63. Backyard Patch Herbal Blog - The Backyard Patch Herbal Blog gives readers tips on herbal
cooking, medicine, and herbal living in general. Creator Marcy Lautenen-Raleigh has her own
business selling herbs that are home-grown and hand-blended.

64. The Urban Herbalist - The Urban Herbalist is the blog of clinical herbalist Lauren Ash. She hopes
her blog will serve as a platform for herbalists, artists and medical doctors to come together and
facilitate healing.

65. Crow's Daughter's Herbal Wisdom - Julie Charette Nunn created Crow's Daughter's Herbs to
provide readers with love and support on the path to living a healthy lifestyle through personal
reflections and tips.
66. Gaia's Gift - Gaia's Gifts was created by Darcey Blue French, an herbalist and nutritionist with a
passion for gardening, wildcrafting and food. Her blog is focused on herbs, lore and nutrition.

67. Herbology Manchester - Herbology Manchester is the official blog for the Manchester Museum
Herbarium in the United Kingdom. Posts include photos from the exhibits as well as relevant stories
and research findings.

68. Texas Herbalism - Wild Spirit Herbs features recipes, food preparation tips and health
information from Nicole Telkes at the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine. She includes class
notes and personal findings.

69. Abigail's Herbs - Abigail's Herbs offers alternative healing solutions for the most common
conditions in the average person. She offers alternative medicine tips focusing everything from
anxiety to hair loss.

70. Planet Herbs - Planet Herbs is the official blog for the East West School of Planetary Herbology.
The posts on this page include tips for practicing herbologists and other alternative medicine health
care providers by Lesley Tierra.

71. Planet Herbs - Planet Herbs is the official blog for the East West School of Planetary Herbology.
These posts offer practicing herbologists tip and other health care techniques by Michael Tierra.

72. Greenstar - Greenster is an online magazine that features posts on the future of health,
happiness, and design through a sustainable view. The posts are written by a number of experts in
the fields of health and sustainability.

73. Natural Papa - Natural Papa is a valuable resource for information about natural parenting and
fatherhood. Derek Markham writes about everything from natural remedies for common childhood
ailments to homeschooling to gardening to home births.

74. Healthy Fellow - Healthy Fellow is written by a natural health consultant, researcher and writer
who shares evidence-based natural health information. By passing on straightforward information to
health care providers and consumers, Healthy Fellow hopes to improve the quality of health care
and individual wellness.

75. Jon Barron's Natural Health Blog - Jon Barron's Natural Health Blog is for anyone interested in
learning more about current natural health issues. Topics covered in the blog range from anti-aging
remedies to intestinal cleansing to methods for boosting the immune system.

76. Margaret's Natural Health Blog - Margaret's Natural Health Blog is written from the perspective
of a naturopath who emphasizes the important role nutrition plays in health. Margaret Durst writes
about food and nutrients in an easy to understand manner that is friendly to folks new to the world
of natural health.

77. Dr. Andrew Weil's Daily Health Tips - Dr. Andrew Weil's Daily Health Tips provide quick, yet
reliable, natural health information on a daily basis. This is an excellent blog to follow if you are
interested in keeping up-to-date on current natural health research.

78. Naturally Savvy - Naturally Savvy is a popular and fun to read guide to natural and green living.
Popular topics on the site include detoxification, eco living, nutritional supplements, and digestion.

79. Revitalise Your Health - Revitalise Your Health is written by a number of health enthusiasts who
share insights related to natural strategies for leading a healthier and happier life. Many of the posts
offer helpful tips for using and making natural skin and hair products.

80. Evolving Wellness - Evolving Wellness places an emphasis on "natural, wholesome, humane and
balanced living". Drawing from recent research, as well as ancient knowledge, Evolving Wellness is
a great resource for learning more about the food and products we buy -- and how they affect our
bodies and our environment.

81. Dr. Frank Lipman - Dr. Frank Lipman is a board-certified internal medicine doctor who has also
studied Chinese medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, biofeedback, meditation,
and yoga. His blog is a reflection of his studies -- a fusion of Western medicine and all the other
healing modalities.

82. Dr. Ben Kim - Dr. Ben Kim is a chiropractor and acupuncturist who has one simple goal for his
blog: to help readers understand what they need to do on a regular basis to experience their best
health. The blog is full of useful tips for achieving good physical and mental well-being and for
preventing poor health.

83. Gorgeously Green - Gorgeously Green is blog dedicated to sharing earth-friendly lifestyle tips
with its readers. The blog is so comprehensive it covers everything from beauty, fashion, food, home,
travel, garden, to wellness.

84. The Spinach and Yoga Blog - The Spinach and Yoga Blog is a "go-to resource for mindfullness-
based wellness". Nadya Andreeva, a wellness coach in New York City, writes in a very accessible
manner about Ayurveda, yoga, and mindfulness.

85. MindBodyGreen - MindBodyGreen is a comprehensive guide that provides the tools for living a
healthier and more balanced life. Posts are written by experts in the wellness field, well-known yoga
instructors, and practiced natural health care practitioners.

86. Healthy Child Healthy World - Healthy Child Healthy World is a popular site for learning how to
create clean, green, and safer environments for children and families. Posts include information
about how to make green choices as a consumer and how to learn more about the hazards and
threats in our environment.

87. Zenspiration - Claire Charters is the founder of Zenspiration; a holistic community where various
contributors share their ideas on health, wellness, business, money, travel and more...

88. Deepest Health - Deepest Health is written primarily for Chinese Medicine students and
practitioners, although everyone can learn from the site. Information is provided in a clear and easy
to understand way, while at the same time going deep enough to support knowledge building.

89. Dr. Tori Hudson - Dr. Tori Hudson is a naturopathic physician who writes about health issues
that primarily affect women, such as birth control, breast cancer, and the menstrual cycle. It is clear
from the blog that Dr. Hudson is committed to helping women understand their bodies and their

90. Mamaeve - Mamaeve is a blog about natural parenting written with a realistic perspective. Blog
posts go beyond the usual discussion of cloth diapers and baby food and include how to incorporate
natural health and wellness into family life.

91. Women's Health Network Blog - The Women's Health Network's Wellness Coach Blog is an
excellent resource for women interested in learning more about their health from a holistic
perspective. Three contributing experts write about how to take care of the body physically,
mentally, and emotionally and tackle an extensive array of common (and uncommon) wellness issues
in their videos and articles.

92. AromaTalk - The posts on AromaTalk provide timely aromatherapy updates, as well as
information on natural health, herbalism, nutrition, natural skin and hair care, fitness, and green

93. Herbology - Herbology is written by Anke, a woman living in Australia who is clearly passionate
about using herbs in the kitchen and in medicine to support wellness. Her blog is a space for sharing
knowledge with folks new and well-practiced in herbalism.

94. Natural New Age Mum - Natural New Age Mum is a site full of eco-friendly and natural health
tips aimed at inspiring others to live a happy, healthy, and holistic life. While some of the posts are
specific to places and products in Australia, a lot of the information is relevant to people all over the

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