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Full Blast
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

is an exciting course that takes learners from Beginner to
Pre-Intermediate level. The course follows the modular approach,
which enables students to deal with topics in depth.

Intermediate Stage
First Intermediate Grade
First Semester

Blast 1 KSA - Edition


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Special Edition for the
Ministry of Education of the Edition 2016/2017
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................14 Copyright © MM Publications .............................................Edition First Intermediate Grade First Semester Tests Test: Module 1.....................................................................................................................................................................5 Test: Module 3 ........................................2 Test: Module 2.....Full Blast 1 Intermediate Stage KSA .....................11 Final Test: Modules 1-4.....8 Test: Module 4..........

volleyball secretary History tennis Geography Wednesday waiter Friday SUBJECTS OCCUPATIONS DAYS OF THE WEEK SPORTS Score 8 B. Maths / Monday is my favourite subject. Good morning / evening. Write the country or the nationality. France 2. C. Score 5 5. 5. Look at the clocks and write the time. 1. It’s 2. Egypt 3. Score 5  . COUNTRY NATIONALITY 1. A: Who’s that woman over there? China B: That’s Mrs / Mr Jones. Copyright © MM Publications 4. Test: Module 1 Full Blast 1 VOCABULARY A. Write the words under the correct heading. Circle the correct words. 3. My father is the chef / police officer in this restaurant. Brazilian 4. She’s a new teacher. It’s 7am. Score 5 D. A: What’s the day / time? Jordanian B: It’s midnight.

Where or How. Score 5 b. B: No. Score 8 Score 7 C. She / Her name is Maria. he’s from Australia. 2. Score 6 Listening Listen to two dialogues and complete the forms. Full Blast 1 Communication Choose a. He / His team is the Tigers. 7. 2. 1. What. I . 9 years old. He from Spain. Yes. Alice? B: No. It’s 9 o’clock. Complete with the correct form of the verb be. Hi. A: Is that you / your sister. ’s Diana from? Italy. Who’s that? 5. And you? 2. B: No. too. ’s your favourite teacher? Mr Carlson. How are you? a. 4. ’s your friend? Billy. ’s your favourite sport? Football. Thanks! b. Really? c. he . he isn’t. Ahmed and Hasan are good friends. b. c. and he’s / his a volleyball player. Complete the questions with Who. 2. c. Not bad. day is it today? Monday. a. A: Is Mr Jameson a PE teacher? B: Yes. A: you good at Maths? 5. 3. Omar and I classmates. 1. Sorry! Grammar A. Where’s Khalid from? 4. he’s a great player. b or c. My favourite subject History. 3. We 10 years old. a. No. I’m crazy about basketball. It’s my aunt. B. Circle the correct words. FIRST NAME Manuel FIRST NAME Rosalind Lolas Copyright © MM Publications SURNAME SURNAME NATIONALITY NATIONALITY AGE AGE 11 Score 8  . A: Juan from Mexico? 3. No. b. old is Betty? Twelve. Saudi Arabia. 3. Jane. c. Is Danny good at English? a. that’s my / your cousin. c. 1. a. b. Nice to meet you. It’s great. 1. ’s your favourite subject? Science. They’re / Their from Egypt. Moroccan. 6.

too. That’s right. My favourite subject is Spanish. He’s very good at Science but he isn’t very good at History. I’m English and I’m thirteen years old. Geography is Neil’s favourite subject. Full Blast 1 Reading Read about Neil and write T for True or F for False. I speak Spanish. Score 8 WRITING Complete the form about yourself and then write sentences. 2. Mr Diego is my new Geography teacher and he’s Spanish. 3. My best friend’s name is Carlos. I’m good at History but I’m not very good at Science. 4. Carlos is very good at History. 1. too. I’m Neil. He’s from Barcelona. Geography isn’t my favourite subject but he’s my favourite teacher. He’s Spanish. First name: Surname: Nationality: Age: Favourite sport: Favourite subject: Copyright © MM Publications Score 10 Total Score 75  . My new school is great and my new classmates are great. Neil and Carlos are friends. Carlos and Mr Diego are Spanish. too.

4. hair – fair – short – dark – Score 8 B. My cat has got a white wing / tail. 1. Copyright © MM Publications 2. game console – mobile phone – camera – skirt – 2. Score 5  . Cross out the odd word. I love wardrobes / accessories. Can you ride / do a bike? 5. spider – snake – painting – rabbit – 3. I have got a lot of belts. Label. Use the words in the box. He’s five years old. Circle the correct words. Jack is a(n) young / old boy. 3.Test: Module 2 Full Blast 1 VOCABULARY A. arm nose head teeth foot eye ear hand leg 1 5 2 6 3 7 8 4 9 Score 9 C. 1. My father is a graphic painter / designer. Then add one more. thobe – jumper – horse – jeans – 4.

A: Is it a cat? B: No. a. I a computer. brothers’ 5. bike is this? a. A: Tom short fair hair? B: H  e short hair. 1. a. parent’s c. Her name is Gina. Has your sister got a pink watch? e. Grammar A. Of course. She’s tall and slim. 5. 3. What does she look like? a. Choose a. 1. I’m very good at it. Who’s c. 6. 1. Look at jeans over there. ’ve got c. brothers b. they a cat. Your new (hoody) are very trendy. Score 7 7. Hey! Look at those (man). Score 5 B. No. Tina’s. 5. Those (watch) are beautiful. Can you ride a horse? f. 4. She’s got a new camera. g. and I’m very good at it. No problem. I love pets! I’ve got two cats and three (fish). Whose b. Who’s got your sunglasses? d. she hasn’t. My camera is over there. Complete with can or can’t and the verbs in the box. No. ’s got b. Thank you very much. He can skateboard well. 2. Whose leggings are these? c. Anna a sister. they’re my cousin’s. Full Blast 1 Communication Match. 2. His hair is black. They a snake. they have. 3. 2. Who 4. Sally great pictures. Copyright © MM Publications take talk use play 1. b or c. My brother is a great basketball player but he volleyball well. but he fair hair. These (child) are my new classmates. Complete with the correct form of have got. ’s Score 5 D. Complete the sentences with the plural form of the nouns in brackets. these c. a. parents b. Are these your sandals? b. A: they a pet? B: Yes. Score 6 C. My parrot is beautiful but it . parents’ 3. 3. Score 4  . Aren’t they nice? a. Emad. that b. brother’s c. those 2. 4. 2. 1. My skateboard is new. 4.

The Taylor Family The Taylor family is a family on our street. 1. 5. Connie is from Italy and she’s got beautiful black hair and dark eyes. Ray and Connie have got 3. They’re crazy about strange fish and they’ve got about fifty. is very tall and slim. Choose picture a or b. Laura’s clothes: a b a b Score 6 Reading Read and complete the sentences. boys and a baby girl. Write a few sentences about: • your appearance • what you can/can’t do • your favourite things or clothes Copyright © MM Publications Score 10 Total Score 75  . 4. Their chubby baby girl is six months old and hasn’t got teeth. 1. John’s pets: a b 2. Score 10 WRITING Write about yourself. Full Blast 1 Listening Listen to three dialogues and tick the correct picture. The Taylor family have got about fifty . The baby hasn’t got . 2. has got dark eyes. Her five brothers have all got fair hair and they are crazy about their baby sister. Ray is a taxi driver and he’s very tall and slim. Ray and Connie Taylor have got six children and their house is full of pets. Colin: 3.

jewellery 3. model planes 10. No. 1. Ted listens to the radio the evenings. Score 6 Communication Match. I never tidy / collect my room and it is always a fun / mess. 2. What do you usually do in the evenings? e. he does. Complete with in. 1. I love team sports. coins – comics – magazines – karate Score 4 C. Test: Module 3 Full Blast 1 VOCABULARY A. on or at. shopping 7. What’s wrong? g. I’m bored. 6. Copyright © MM Publications 1. Score 7 7. clean – surf – wash – tidy 3. Do you like baseball? a. housework 5. 2. 1. f. On Thursdays. My sister doesn’t like housework. We take / get out the rubbish every evening. 4. 3. 5. Yes. My dad gets home midnight. Omar goes bowling Friday afternoons. I get up half past eight. 5. I watch TV. She’s very busy / lazy. do. the washing 6. dinner – shower – lunch – breakfast 4. Circle the correct words. 3. 4. I think it’s boring. table tennis 2. Complete with play. Grammar A. 4. I am really tired / different. fishing 4. 3. Does your father surf the Net? b. board games 8. Me too. What time do you get up? c. 1. What do you do your free time? 2. At 7:30. 6. Score 6  . skiing Score 10 B. Alex rides his bike in the park the weekend. athletics – baseball – golf – stamps 2. Cross out the odd word. gymnastics 9. I wash / brush my teeth after breakfast and dinner. I want to go to bed. go or make. 5. When do you hang out with your friends? d.

Score 6  . Do / Does your cousin live in London? Score 9 Listening Listen to three short dialogues and answer the questions. A: When / What time do you do your homework? B: After school. 6. When does John do his homework? a. Tony always / never goes mountain biking. 8. b. We (not wash) the car on weekends. Brian (go) rollerblading? 5. He hates it! 9. After school. She goes to the park. 3. 1. At the weekend. Mary (do) the washing-up after dinner. baseball b. 2. What does Julie do on Fridays? Copyright © MM Publications a. Faiz (not play) table tennis. Julie sometimes is / is sometimes late for school. 6. 5. 1. My parents (love) art galleries. Angela visit / visits her grandparents every week. 7. Score 7 C. 7. Nancy doesn’t often / often doesn’t get up early. b. Complete with the Present Simple of the verbs in brackets. Do you have / has a shower every morning? 4. you (like) computer games? 3. Choose a or b. 1. volleyball 3. Circle the correct words. 2. Full Blast 1 B. 2. She helps her mum with the housework. I (read) comics every day. 4. Lucy usually talks / talks usually with her friends on the phone. My dad doesn’t go / goes to restaurants. What sport does James play? a.

Kevin has lunch at home at the weekend. People stop and look at his beautiful art! 1. People like Kevin’s art. 5. Kevin’s friends go to Messy Jim’s every Wednesday. He paints pictures in his free time and he also does arts and crafts. too. Every Wednesday a small part of the restaurant becomes an art gallery and people go there for dinner and to look at the paintings. Full Blast 1 Reading Read the text and write T for True or F for False. Kevin likes Wednesdays very much.the artist Kevin Baxter is the chef at Messy Jim’s Restaurant. 3. 2. Kevin . and he sometimes does drawings of his friends. It’s Kevin’s favourite day of the week. too. He sometimes paints in the park. Write about: • your habits and routines • the chores you do • your hobbies • your free-time activities • your favourite sports Copyright © MM Publications Score 10 Total Score 75 10 . Kevin is crazy about art. 4. Kevin sometimes makes art at the restaurant and in the park. His friends go to the restaurant on that day. At the weekend Kevin usually has lunch in the park near his house. Score 10 WRITING Write a few sentences about what you do every week.

there is. How many banks are there in your 4. 3. At 175 Baker Street in Foxville. 18th 3.Test: Module 4 Full Blast 1 VOCABULARY A. c. I’m very upset. Of course. Where do you live? a. No. c. a. Maybe six. 17. Write the words under the correct heading. there is. b or c. c. washing a. Write the numbers below in words. living d.000. I don’t know. room 5. swimming e. the shoe shop. Let’s meet at 7 o’clock. b. there isn’t. floor 3.963 2. 1. Let’s look upstairs. 548 5. Between the library and b. Behind the bedroom. What’s up? neighbourhood? a. pool 1. In the kitchen. Yes. 6. Is there a café near here? 2. I’m afraid not. machine 2. Yes.000 6. In a supermarket. b. there isn’t. 1. c. ground b. I can’t. It’s the sixth. 31st 4. post c. bookcase bookshop bedroom bank kitchen sofa hospital bathroom armchair ROOMS BUILDINGS FURNITURE Score 9 B. No. a. C. b. Match. Sorry! b. office 4. Can I come to the zoo with you? Score 5 Copyright © MM Publications a. Sure! What is it? c. 22nd Score 5 Score 6 Communication Choose a. 5. 11 .

(talk) at the same time. Where are the tickets for the match? I can’t find they / them! Score 5 E. TV is on my desk. 3. A: two museums in your neighbourhood? B: No. Complete with the negative imperative of the verbs in brackets. There is a clock in / on the wall. (take) pictures in the museum! 3. Complete with a. 1. one museum and it’s near the zoo. . Full Blast 1 Grammar A. 1. Children. Look at those lamps. The bookshop is between / under the library and the supermarket. (play) in the street! 2. children! Listen to me / I. 1. The office is behind / in the basement. Score 6 C. There’s my cousin. an or the. 2. Please. Can you see he / him? He / Him is on the bus. I’ve got new TV in my room. two bathrooms in the house. Is there Italian restaurant near your house? 2. Quiet please. The coffee table is in front of / under the sofa. Score 4 D. Choose the correct word. 2. Copyright © MM Publications Score 4 12 . 3. Score 5 B. 4. . A: a bathroom upstairs? B: No. 1. 1. One downstairs and one in the basement. The post office is next to / between the newsagent’s. 3. Complete with the correct form of there is / are. 4. I think they / them are nice. 2. A: Where is Mark? B: He’s in garden. 4. Circle the correct prepositions. (use) your mobile phone in class. 5.

His school is near his house. He goes to an aquarium with his friends. The shopping centre is on… 3. We’ve got a great aquarium. 1. between the bookshop and the bank. Score 10 Writing Write a few sentences about your house and your bedroom. Thanks for the pictures of your house and town. Dear Lee. Write soon. 5. The shopping centre’s got… a. I like the skatepark in your town but it’s small. b. He lives in a city. Alley Road. You can walk to school but I can’t. a. a big shopping centre and a lot of parks. Full Blast 1 Listening Listen to two people talking and circle a or b. 4. We’ve also got a museum. a swimming pool. The post office is… a. two swimming pools. too! I often go there with my friends. Wow! My neighbourhood is very different. 2. b. There’s a castle near his house. I live in a big city. My house isn’t near my school. Score 6 Reading Read the text and tick the correct name. 3. between the bookshop and the newsagent’s. b. The skatepark here is very big and my friends and I have great fun there. The castle in the picture is amazing and it isn’t far from your house. Emad Lee Emad 1. Answer the following questions: • How many rooms are there in your house? • Where’s your bedroom? • What’s in your bedroom? Copyright © MM Publications Score 10 Total Score 75 13 . He goes to a big skatepark. Albie Road. 2.

Sure. Do you want to go to the aquarium today / midnight? Score 10 C. What is it? 5. What time does Maria go to school? d. Score 6 14 . When do you out with your friends? 4. Do you play karate / volleyball? 3. How are you today? a. trainers lazy wings use view team hang tidy like fair 1. 1. Cross out the odd word. 9. 5. A: What does the new English teacher look ? B: He’s tall with short. thanks. Please take / turn off your mobile in the hospital. 2. skirt – jumper – jacket – camera 3. Mark is a player in the school basketball . Does your brother usually surf the Net after school? f. Fine. 4. It’s black and white. Final Test: Modules 1-4 Full Blast 1 VOCABULARY A. Score 10 Communication Match. hair. 7. My brother collects / feeds caps. No. Has your brother got a bike? c. Your are very trendy. 10. The from my room is amazing. Ted can’t a computer. History – Science – Monday – Art 2. he has. 6. I’ve got a nice poster / pocket on the wall. Score 7 9. B. 1. He goes to the skatepark. 6. brother – father – mother – grandfather different shops. Its are blue and yellow. he doesn’t. She’s very . 3. 2. 5. lamp – sofa – wardrobe – library 7. After school I talk / visit on the phone with my friends for hours. Complete the sentences with the words in the box. Greek – Moroccan – Italian – Brazil 1. 8. M illions of visitors / stairs come to the White House every year. There’s a shopping office / centre in my neighbourhood with a lot of 4. At 8 o’clock. My sister doesn’t help with the housework. Look! 7. My uncle is a doctor / chef at a restaurant. flat – bathroom – kitchen – bedroom 6. 6. Yes. There is a garden / shower in front of the house. Circle the correct words. It’s half past seven. Can you do me a favour? b. It’s very beautiful. face – head – lift – foot 5. What’s the time? e. Can you help me my room? It’s a mess in here. 4. 2. Look at that parrot. 8. He’s got about fifty caps. Copyright © MM Publications 3.

A : old is Tom? B: He’s five years old. Are there b. Full Blast 1 Grammar A. he can a. in b. Eddie very good at History. 9. Tim and Pete are my friends. My parents (always / not get) up early on Saturdays. between 4. sister’s 5. A: do you usually do your homework? B: After school. Not a. on 3. next to c. A: is the bank? B: Near the bookshop. Copyright © MM Publications 3. Score 6 B. I usually get home 5 o’clock in the afternoon. b or c. he b. Where. a 2. Choose a. Score 7 D. Do you know ? 6. How. Score 8 15 . 2. 3. ! I can hear you! a. What do you do weekdays? a. 5. 6. 8. 2. his c. We from Jordan. Brian (never / wash) the car. at c. Andy speak English but he can’t speak Arabic. Complete with the correct form of the verb be. can’t c. The gym is the bookshop and the art gallery. A: you Saudi? B: No. an c. in b. They’re a. He thinks it’s a boring subject. mum is a nurse. on 11. Lucy (often / not go) to the library. A: is that man? B: My uncle. 2. A : toothbrush is this? B: It’s Dad’s. My room is always a mess. Alex (ride) his bike in the park every afternoon. Can’t shout c. run near the swimming pool. the b. When or Whose. She (usually / buy) books from a bookshop. 1. Jake lives in my neighbourhood. She never cleans it. There aren’t a. They b. Is there c. in b. sister b. 1. 7. 3. Complete with the Present Simple of the verbs in brackets. Is there newsagent’s near your house? a. 4. him a. A: do you do after school? B: I play computer games. M  y father a police officer and my mother a teacher. Can’t c. 6. 4. 1. Complete with Who. Their c. 4. Don’t b. Don’t shout b. Mark and I classmates. 1. a. Shout Score 11 C. can b. a. we . two cafés in your neighbourhood? 10. at c. sisters’ c. a. A: you (visit) your grandparents every day? B: No. What. My cousin (do) arts and crafts and (make) jewellery. Only at the weekend. 5.

Peter and I ride our bikes there and Mark plays with Tom. 3. Answer the questions below: • What’s your name? • Have you got a pet? • How old are you? • Do you live in a flat or a house? • Have you got a brother or a sister? • What have you got in your bedroom? Copyright © MM Publications Score 10 Total Score 100 16 . 5. 4. We always take our little cousin. On Saturday. Andy is crazy about (watch). Look at that rabbit! It’s got big 1. In the evening I often play football in the street with my friends. Our favourite day of the week is Saturday. The boys usually go bowling / watch TV on Friday evenings. pencil? 3. Full Blast 1 E. 1. we all go home and have lunch. Charlie has got a parrot and two 3. Mark and Peter . Score 8 Reading Read the text and complete the sentences. F. Tony and Peter in the park. The three boys go to the park with . 2. My name’s Tony and I’ve got two brothers. with us. After that. The (child) love football. She hates cats. We all get up at about 11 o’clock and have breakfast. (tooth)! 2. Score 5 Score 4 Listening Listen to four short dialogues and circle the correct words. 4. Complete with the plural form of the nouns in brackets. (fish) in his room. 3. 4. 2. A:  you a 2. Score 8 Writing Write a short paragraph about yourself. after breakfast. I haven’t but I a pen. The cat is in the garden / on the stairs. Then Mark and Peter play computer games and I watch TV. Mark and Peter. Tom. I like football but Mark and Peter love basketball. Tom is from the UK / Australia. Tony’s favourite sport is . My brothers sometimes play with us. Mary a cat. At about 1 o’clock. My cousins have got three (bike). He loves the park. 1. Complete with the correct form of the verb have got. Faiz two brothers and a sister. we go to the park near our house. They are in the school football team. B: No. 1. Harry is tall / short.

electronic. Q. stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means.Full Blast 1 First Intermediate Grade First Semester Tests H. Mitchell . without permission in writing from the publishers. recording or otherwise.Marileni Malkogianni Published by: Tatweer Company for Educational Services Published under special agreement between MM Publications and Tatweer Company for Educational Services (contract no. MM Publications Edition 2016-2017 ISBN: 978-618-05-0471-2 ISBN: . mechanical. 2013/0040) for use in the KSA Copyright © 2016 MM Publications All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced. photocopying.

which enables students to deal with topics in depth.Edition Tests Place ISBN here. Intermediate Stage First Intermediate Grade First Semester Full Blast 1 KSA . The course follows the modular approach. Mitchell .Marileni Malkogianni Full Blast Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an exciting course that takes learners from Beginner to Pre-Intermediate level. Special Edition for the Ministry of Education of the Edition 2016/2017 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Q.H.

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