What's a tax reporting unit?

Use a tax reporting unit to group workers for the purpose of tax and social insu
rance reporting. A tax reporting unit is the
Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) version of the legal reporting unit
in Oracle Fusion Applications.
To create a tax reporting unit, you use the Oracle Fusion Legal Entity Configura
tor to define a legal entity as a payroll statutory
unit. When you identify a legal entity as a payroll statutory unit, the applicat
ion transfers the legal reporting units that are
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Chapter 1
Workforce Deployment Planning
associated with that legal entity to Oracle Fusion HCM as tax reporting units. Y
ou can then access the tax reporting unit using
the Manage Legal Reporting Unit HCM Information task.
If you identify a legal entity as a legal employer, and not as a payroll statuto
ry unit, you must enter a parent payroll statutory
unit. The resulting legal reporting units are transferred to Oracle Fusion HCM a
s tax reporting units, but as children of the
parent payroll statutory unit that you entered, and not the legal entity that yo
u identified as a legal employer.
What's a payroll statutory unit?
Payroll statutory units are legal entities that are responsible for paying worke
rs, including the payment of payroll tax and social
insurance. A payroll statutory unit can pay and report on payroll tax and social
insurance on behalf of one or many legal
entities, depending on the structure of your enterprise. For example, if you are
a multinational, multiple company enterprise,
then you register a payroll statutory unit in each country where you employ and
pay people. You can optionally register a
consolidated payroll statutory unit to pay and report on workers across multiple
legal employers within the same country. You
associate a legislative data group with a payroll statutory unit to provide the
correct payroll information for workers.
What's a legal employer?
A legal employer is a legal entity that employs workers. You define a legal enti
ty as a legal employer in the Oracle Fusion Legal
Entity Configurator.
The legal employer is captured at the work relationship level, and all employmen
t terms and assignments within that
relationship are automatically with that legal employer. Legal employer informat
ion for worker assignments is also used for
reporting purposes.
What's a reporting establishment?
A reporting establishment is an organization that is used for statutory reportin
g other than tax and social insurance reporting.
A reporting establishment has a parent-child relationship with a legal employer,
with the legal employer being the parent
organization. A legal employer can be the parent of multiple reporting establish
ments. You create reporting establishments
using the Manage Legal Reporting Unit HCM Information task in the Setup and Main
tenance work area.
In some countries, such as France, a reporting establishment can also be a tax r
eporting unit.
Can I delete an organization?
No you can't. However, you can disable an organization if it's no longer require
d. For example, if the enterprise is downsizing,
then you can set the status of the organization to inactive. Changing the status

Uploading Locations Using a Spreadsheet If you have a list of locations already defined for your enterprise. can also access . Subsequently. and insurance or benefits carriers. Manage Locations Locations: Explained A location identifies physical addresses of a workforce structure.. You create and manage locations using the Manage Locations task in the Workforce Structures work area. such as employment agencies. When users search for locations. and in rules that determine employee eligibility for various types of compensation and benefits. such as those that contain departments and jobs.. Note the following: You can also associate the location to the common set so that users across your enterprise can access the location irrespective of their business unit.. of the organization disables the organization and the organization is no longer available to select. contains . How can I identify my organization in a report? Use the organization manager information to enter a reporting name to help you i dentify an organization in a report. you must associate it with a set. tax authorities. you can upl oad them from a spreadsheet. To use this option: Download a spreadsheet template Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Using Global Human Resources Chapter 1 Workforce Deployment Planning 25 Add your location information to the spreadsheet . UK Business Unit UK Location Set London Oxford Cambridge Common Set Tokyo Paris Berlin has access to . The locations that you create exist as separate structures that you can use for reporting purposes. such as a dep artment or a job. The following figure shows how locations sets restrict access to users. You use organization hierarchies for statutory.. they can see the locations that they have acces s to along with the locations in the common set.. You enter i nformation about a location only once. Only those users w ho have access to the set's business unit can access the location set and other associated workforce structure sets. Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud Using Global Human Resources Chapter 1 Workforce Deployment Planning 24 You can also create locations to enter the addresses of external organizations t hat you want to maintain. Location Sets When you create a location.. legal and management reporting. when you set up other workforce structures you select the location from a list.

if you created a location in O racle Fusion Trading Community Model. Related Topics Worker Availability: How It Is Determined What happens if I inactivate a location? . your inventory organization must be effective on today's date and must exist in the location set that you selected. Use the Manage Locations task in the Workforce Structures work area. Upload directly to your enterprise configuration You can upload the spreadsheet multiple times to accommodate revisions. Related Topics Uploading Workforce Structures Using a Spreadsheet: Explained FAQs for Manage Locations Why can't I see my location in the search results? You can search for approved locations only. F or use in Oracle Fusion HCM. You manage locations using the Manage Lo cations task in the Workforce Structures work area. you must recreate the location from the Manage Locations page. then you can't access that location from Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources. The geographical hierarchy nodes available for selection on the Locations page d isplay from a predefined geographic hierarchy. To appear on the Create or Edit Location pages. What happens if I select an inventory organization when I'm creating or editing a location? The location is available for selection in purchase documents of that inventory organization in Oracle Fusion Inventory Management. then the location is available in purchase documents across all inventory organizations. Also. What happens if I select a geographic hierarchy node when I'm creating or editin g a location? The calendar events that you created for the geographic node start to apply for the location and may impact the availability of worker assignments at that location. How can I associate a location with an inventory organization? From the Oracle Fusion Global Human Resources. If you don't select an inventory organization. go to the Manage Locations page.