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……....……………….……..………………………… 2 History and Growth of MVFP ………………..…………...TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction …………….. 8 ..……………..…………… 6 References …………………………..…. 3 Present issues with existing Structure .… 2 Present Organization Structure …………………..… 6 Appendix ……..…. 4 Proposed Structure ………………………... 5 Recommendations …………………….

Ltd. The company started as an small unit with a workforce of 5 and have since been operating in Agra and adjoining districts. In the early 2000s they evolved their organizational structure and currently operate with a labour force of 60 and managing staff of 8 excluding the Managing Director(MD).) is a namkeen manufacturing company setup in Agra. It was founded in 1992 with the primary goal of providing masses with high quality products at an affordable price. . ‘MVFP Pvt. on the growth trajectory of about 20%. The most loss making product is moong dal priced at rs 110 and the most profit making product is the shahi mixture.INTRODUCTION Incepted in the year 1992. Uttar Pradesh. It uses latest technologies to increase its marginal productivity and is currently undertaking a step towards expansion of business because of high profits but not a large customer base to cater to. etc. Ltd. In the past few years it has increased its production and intensified its sales to even far eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh. Under the guidance of our esteemed MD Mr. all different types of namkeens. Uttar Pradesh. in the early 2000s they bought their own piece of land and set up a huge factory in the industrial area of Agra. HISTORY AND GROWTH SO FAR MVFP (Maa Vaishno Food Products Pvt.’ is situated in Agra. Started with a single product. With focusing upon the middle strata of the economy. Dal Moth. our company is constantly growing and scaling new horizons with a turnover of 5 crores. Raju Agrawal. We are actively involved in the manufacture and export of Garlic Sev. it is one of the leading namkeen manufacturer in Agra. currently its products constitute 32 SKUs (400gm and 1 kg packs of 16 varieties). Starting with a rented production house. Mixed Namkeen. Coated Peanuts.

 There are 54 total workers including 6 skilled laborers.  There are 2 Marketing Executives who report directly to CMO and they are responsible for all the marketing activities and for the promotion of the company. PRESENT ISSUES MVFP can work upon the following issues to grow into a better company with increased revenues and satisfied employees and customers. Company follow a centralized command structure where MD follows oversees major chunk of activities. . Chief Marketing Officer and Sales Manager. who report to CPM. They report directly to MD of company.  The 6 Sales persons are responsible for the sales activities.PRESENT STRUCTURE Managing Director Chief Chief Chief Sales Accounts Production Marketing Manager Officer Officer Officer Marketing Skilled Labor Salesman Executives Unskilled Labor  There are 4 Verticals which are Chief Accounts Officer. Chief Production Manager. also known as karigars.

The daily layout of the schedule of operations is more controlled and coordinated by the lower workforce. PROPOSED STRUCTURE Managing Director/CE O Regional Regional Head Head (Agra) (Noida) Production / Material Marketing Marketing Accounts Distribution Manageme Accounts Manager Manager Manager nt Manager 6 Assisstant 2 Assisstant Technicians Manager Manager 10 Sales Production 64 Labor Purchasing Distribution Man Control RECOMMENDATIONS . Although company’s organizational structure is divided on the basis of functional attributes yet the functions are not well defined to neither the MD nor the employees. Company is going for geographical expansion and setting up 3 times unit as of now in Greater Noida. So with increased capacity. 3. 2. E. company needs a new structure. The functional heads work on the guidelines provided by the MD and put no efforts from their sides to promote the organization through innovation. 5. MVFP does not enjoy a renowned established brand name even after 25 years of operation. 4. The Marketing head does the sales job and has had been not involved in the much needed marketing activity. 1. creating inefficiencies. NCR.g.

Each Geographical division has its regional head which directly reports to CEO/MD. this redesigned makes it much easier for companies to outsource their manufacturing and inventory control activities to specialist organizations. 4) What is the growth of the organization in terms of employee strength? . Realizing this separation of activities as office slowed down production and raised cost was organizations have moved to reengineer the material management process. Main division is namkeen which the largest source of revenue for the company. it makes difficult to process information quickly to secure cost savings. Delhi. Each regional head controls their divisions. as company expands to NCR. Indeed. 2) Office locations? Organizational structure at any one location? Re: Main Corporate Office at Agra.  Accounts (MD  Chief Financial Officer)  Production (MD Chief Production Manager  Skilled Manager  Labor)  Marketing (MD  Chief Marketing Officer)  Sales (MD  Sales Manager  Delivery boys) 3) Present organizational structure at Headquarters? Re: Headquarter is located at Agra. CXOs are heading teams of Managers and Executives. Greater Noida unit is 3 times large as Agra unit. Now. Today most organizations put all three of the functional activities involved in the materials management process inside one function. so it has more division of labor and more defined functions within organization. Core structure is as above. Traditional design of material management does not provide enough control for careful coordination of activities to be achieved. Current strength is 68 (including temporary and contractual Labor). we are proposing new structure which is divided according to different functions and flow of information is proper and well defined. Total of 4 Verticals are there. APPENDIX (QUESTIONNAIRE) 1) How many employees in various divisions since inception and current strength? Re: Company started with 5 employees (including 1 Founder Director) with Production as the only division.In previous structure. Now one hierarchy of managers is responsible for all three aspects of material management and communication among those managers is easy because they are within the same function.

we are primarily focusing on two divisions: a) Namkeens and b) Other snacks. Kashmiri mixture etc. rajbhog. VPs) and bifurcations of the departments are expected REFERENCES . So there are several vertical pillars (departments) with each pillar are having definite hierarchy and on the top there is one horizontal core team (consisting of CXOs). different levels are created and now a definite hierarchy is being followed in the company. 5) Composition of employees — How many contractual and permanent? Re: 25 permanent employees. any changes in MVFP? Was there a restructuring done before? Re: Earlier the CXOs were directly heading all the staffs. Once more verticals (and more employees) will be there. The upcoming products are 16 types of namkeens which includes moong dal. Now Managers/Executives have to report CXOs and all other employees report to their respective Managers. 7) Any particular department expansion foreseen in future? Re: Products will go through expansion in coming years as there are many new business divisions are in pipeline and will be launched in next 2-4 quarters. creation of different levels in the verticals (business heads. For labor work they recruit for directly from labor chowk in Agra.Re: Company is recruiting mainly from local engineering college and management college for managerial staff. After several expansions in past few years. Funds from the main business are also being used in expansion of the said business as well as the new soon -to -be -launched products as per the increase in business divisions. Currently the organization structure is heavily biased towards the Namkeens division as it is the main source of revenue generation. 6) Any difficulties in your earlier structures? After facing them. 8) How is present organizational structure supporting your present services or products? Re: Presently. the number of verticals and uniformity will be increased. Recruitment and Sales Team shall also grow accordingly. satrangi.

Design and change . & Mathew. MVFP Pvt. Gareth R. 09015973668 2. Ltd. Mary. Chief Operating Officer. Organizational Theory. Siddharth Agarwal . Jones. Mr.1.