The bio Food Box | Made in Senegal
An emerging, growing and
independant Senegal economy
without a sustainable
agriculture and without
promotion of of local
Consumption is an Utopia.
1. The health and
Environmental emergency.
The Senegalese agriculture uses annually on
average,598 tons of Solid pesticides
and 1 336 560* liters of liquids Pesticides.

*Estimates from the State Ministry directorate of Horticulture in 2015.
Its a Real THREAT to

People’s Health.
We are heading toward
an unprecedented
degradation of our fertile
and arable Lands.
2. The Food Challenge
The Senegalese economy imports too
much* and do not produce enough
locally for its Population.

*The food trade balance is in deficit According
to the national statistics agency.
3. The economic challenge
And opportunity.
Small-scale farmers do not
thrive making their business
profitable and invest in the long
term For themselves and their
The agro-economic potential
of Senegal, a formidable source
of employment and wealth
creation, is largely
Is it possible to offer
better financial
opportunities to producers
and farmers without putting
poison in our meals ?

The largest Mobile only catalog of Raw
and processed « Bio organic » Products
made in Sénégal.

Our Mission
Remove poison from family meals
in urban areas and enrich farmers
Our Vision
Convert all farmers to natural
and organic products and
Convince Housewives to buy only
« Made in Senegal»
How to do it ?
By Connecting +30,000 pro
organic farmers to +7 million
mobile Internet subscribers in
Our Added Value for
Unmatched visibility with +
7 million potential customers.

Additional Incomes Guaranteed every
week or every Month.

A Simplified management of stocks,
orders and sales.
Our Added
Value For Buyers
A wide and varied selection of
ealthy horticultural products,
cereals and dairy products with an
exceptional quality.
A Customer service available from
Monday to Sunday and A reliable

Affordable and unique prices on the
Our Target Consumers
Social profiles
Working Women Back to Natural Lovers Made in Senegal Lovers

NGO Staff & Expats Restaurants and Hotels Enterprise and Startups
Technology Profiles
3G/4G Mobile internet Subscribers
Android/apple ios Smartphone Owners
Our products Catalog
Raw organic horticultural products Processed Horticultural Products
Fruits and vegetables Juices, jams, syrup, confection, dried

Dairy products, cheeses Cereals, snacks, starches Local Spices.
Our Business Model
A composite box of products
delivered weekly or monthly
on subscription only.
A 20% commission levied on
the sale price of each Box
4.000fcfa/Fresh box 8.000fcfa/Sareko box
1000fcfaof margin 2000fcfa of margin
Sale Price 5000fcfa Sale Price 10.000fcfa
16.000f/teranga box
4000fcfa of margin
Sales Price
Our Pricing and Go to
Market Strategy.
 An alignment on competitors' prices with a
Larger catalog and basket

 Low and Premium offers

 -5% or free shipping on The 1st order.
The digital
infrastructure of the
 A Brand Page on Facebook and instagram
 A landing page.

 An Downloadable Android Mobile App

 A Whatsapp and Viber customer service.
M-louma Tongtong

Ndougi Sooretul
Our factors of
 A mobile only service

 A wider and uniquely curated catalog.
 Certified suppliers.

 A unique subscription-based formula with
cancellation options.
Our partnerships
1. Providers
 Senegalese Association for the
Promotion of Organic Agriculture.
 National Federation for Organic
 Farm of the 4 paths
 Sobo bade Farm
 Zena, Fruitales and Esteval Brands.
2. Distribution, logistics
Quality and payment.
Buyers Group
 Dakar Women Group
 Internations
 Dakar Farmers Market
 CSR SENEGAL Association
Financials Outlook
Year #1 Year #2 Year #3 Year #4

#Suscriptions 500 2 000 4 000 8 000
and capital needs
EBIDTA fcfa 5.000.000 20.000.000 40.000.000 80.000.000

Revenue Stream calculated with the 10.000fcfa/SAREKO BOX suscription
Our Capital Needs
Seed capital: Year 1 : 10.000$ > 85.000$
Product Development

 android app: 10.000 $
> Online/ 1 year: 20.000 $
> Offline/ 1 year: 10.000 $


Warehousing/ 1 year: 15.000$
Delivery/ 1 year: 30.000$
Local Team HR Payroll / 4 Years: 1 000 000$
1 Backend Dev
1 frontend dev
1 Android Dev / 1 iOS Dev.
1 Api Architect
1 Ui/UX designer

1 Business/Partnerships Dev
1 Vendor Manager
1 Warehouse manager
1 Digital Marketing manager
1 Product Manager
1 Customer Service Manager
Our capitalization
> Non profit Call For funding/grants Proposals

> Contests & Challenges proposals

> Capital Investors proposals

> Angel investment proposals
The Team.
Product & Operations Team
Bartel Latzoo / Product Manager [ok]
Binta Ndiaye, Sales Manager
Camille Kramer, Ux Lead
Mamadou Mareme

Advisors and Partners
Patricia abed / Products Provider
Oulimata Sarr / Partnerships Advisor
Minielle Mansur/ Fundraising & Investment strategy [ok]
Fatimata Ba/ Sales Strategy
Our Product development
1. Design User journeys & Personas
2.Designing UI & UX
3.Android app v1 Development
4.Integration Chat android et ios
5.Integration paiement Orange Money
6.Integration Tigo Cash
7.Integration / Wizall
8.Integration Stripe
9.Integration USSD Orange et Tigo
One Last Thing…
Sareko is tackling 8 UN Sustainable development Goals. Join us in this venture.
Thank YOU.