Compare the arguments of Renato Constantino’s article, “Veneration Without
Understanding” and Esteban A. De Ocampo’s work, “Who Made Rizal Our
Foremost Hero and Why?” discussing about Jose Rizal’s role as a Philippine
hero; participation in Philippine history; and contribution to the Filipino’s struggle
for liberty, independence and national consciousness. Address also the points of
view of the two authors on the issue regarding who made Rizal as a hero?

The two articles talked about the role/title of Jose Rizal in the Philippines.
One seems to oppose while the other one supports the name given to Jose
Rizal. The article “Veneration Without Understanding” by Renato Constantino
tells us that Jose Rizal the first Filipino, whom he will be remembered as a great
catalyser in the metamorphosis of the de-colonized indio not as a greatest hero
of his people. He gave emphasis to the designation of Rizal as a national hero
that it was endorsed and supported by the Americans

2. Examine every argument emphasized by the authors and take note the
3. Classify the author’s arguments into a tabular presentation.

Veneration Without Understanding Who Made Rizal Our Foremost Hero
By Renato Constantino and Why?
By Esteban A. De Ocampo
1. Rizal shouldn’t be the National Hero 1.Rizal as a National Hero
2. True hero is one with the masses 2.Rizal as the greatest hero among the

2. Veneration Without Who Made Rizal Our Understanding Foremost Hero and Why? SIMILARITIES 1. . Rizal as a great catalyser in the de. Find the similarities and differences of the identified arguments. Rizal shouldn’t be the 1. Great hero possess himself excellent colonized indio qualities and merits 4. True hero is one with the his people masses 5. Rizal is an American. Draw conclusion based on the comparisons made on the information/arguments of the two articles. 3. Rizal is an American-made hero 3. All together contributed to make him the greatest hero of his people 4. All together made hero contributed to make him the greatest hero of 3. Rizal as a National National Hero Hero 2.