California State University, Bakersfield

School of Business and Public Administration
Department of Management and Marketing, 20BDC
9001 Stockdale Highway
Bakersfield, CA 93311-1022
BA 2900 : Introduction to Business Professions
Tu -TH 5 :30pm-6 :20pm
Spring 2017
BDC 155B
Office: BDC 138A
Course Instructor Office: BDC 138A
Office Hrs: T/TH 4:30pm-5:30pm
Joseph Castillo, (Or by appointment) Office Phone: 661.654.2181
MBA Course Credit: 1

 Business Week. Bloomberg Press. (To Be Provided By Instructor)
 My Writing Lab (
 Blackboard and an Email Account
 Sufficient preparation to be an active participant in class.

OFFICE HOURS, APPOINTMENTS AND EMAIL: I encourage you to come by my office or contact me via
email f you have any questions, need clarification on assignments, or need to obtain additional help. I check
my email several times a day, including most weekends. You are also responsible for checking Blackboard
and your CSUB email on a regular basis for updates and materials.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: This course provides an introduction to the business professions, including an
overview of business operations and ethics, exposure to the variety of careers in business, and development of
key skills necessary for success in the business curriculum. Course skill development focuses on writing and
critical thinking, as well as the introduction of the student to the basic rubrics for evaluation of these skills in the
business school. This course is intended for business majors. Note: A grade of “C” or better in this class is
required in order to enroll in upper division business courses.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, students will have worked on the following BPA

 Goal 1: Communication Skills

o Objective 1a: Writing: Students will be able to produce concisely written documents that: (a)
have a clear focus and address the intended audience, (b) are logically organized with cogently
developed ideas, (c) are free of spelling and grammar errors, (d) effectively employ vocabulary
and balance a variety of standard English sentence structures, and (e) employ software to
create a high quality appearance.

Evaluation Tool Point Values
MyWritingLab 25
- 10 points for 10 topics
- 15 points for final test
Career Paper 70
Cover Letter 30
Participation 75
- 24 points for attendance
- 15 points - Interview a Professor
- 20 points Modules
- 10 points - 5 worksheets
- 6 points -Career exploration assignment
Total 200

poor grammar and sentence construction. . Participation/Module Discussion: We will be working on oral communication and application in class by discussing the text and/or Module questions and Business Week articles.  Career Paper: Using the Course Modules and assignments as a Guide. 10 pages double spaced). skills. with the evidence seen in the writing assignments (the writing assignment will be explained further in the syllabus). Grading Scale Cutoff Points 93 = A 77 = C+ D. you must arrange to meet with an English tutor to review drafts of your subsequent assignments (a referral form will be provided). Detailed instructions for this assignment will be provided under separate cover. Said another way. participation is critical! If you are not “active” in class. I intend to help you build your writing skills. challenges that you may experience and real opportunity pathways for success. If you are so identified. As I grade your writing assignments. An Additional Word on Writing: It should be clear at this point that effective writing is a critical element of this class. I will identify those students who can benefit from additional writing instruction. as evidenced by a failure to participate in the discussions or a clear failure to keep up with the module assignments or Business Week readings. along with your career paper and your cover letter. The career paper assignment in understanding and developing the necessary knowledge. Once this is completed. so allow plenty of time). This application will need to be completed primarily during the first few weeks of the term. Detailed instructions for this assignment will be provided under separate cover. through a self-paced website application. Completion of these modules should improve your writing skills. many managers believe that “poor writing = poor thinking”! Therefore. This exercise will lead you to reflect on who you are. therefore. the program will identify your main target areas for improvement.  Step 1: Take the Pathbuilder “pre-test” self-diagnostic test (this can take up to 1 ½ hours. and an illogical presentation of your ideas) is often equated with ignorance. 63 = D ASSIGNMENTS: (LATE ASSIGNMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED) MyWritingLab: The lab is intended to develop your writing skills (BPA Learning Goals and Objectives: 1a). 73 = C F = below 60 87 = B+ 70 = C- 83 = B 67 = D+ 80 = B.  Cover Letter: You will be required to write a cover letter to a company of your choice.  Step 3: During the tenth or eleventh week of the term. abilities and attitudes needed to ensure that you are career ready upon graduation. This ability is stressed because in the “real world” an inability to write (meaning incorrect spelling. Writing Assignments: Keep module materials and assignments in a folder which will be turned in at the end of the semester.  Step 2: Work on your ten (10) weakest (note: this means that each student will be working on a different set of skills and exercises). you will write your career paper (Approx.= 60 90 = A. you will not receive the points! Module discussion points are attached to this syllabus. what you want. you will be required to return to this website and take the Master “post-test” diagnostic exam in order to get full credit for this assignment.

Differing viewpoints or concerns should be expressed in terms. When there has been an act of academic dishonesty. Tardiness is disruptive to classmates and to the instructor. academic dishonesty is not only a basis for disciplinary action. If you must miss a class. For more information. Student Discipline. Attendance at every class meeting is highly recommended. A student who has committed an act of academic dishonesty has failed to meet a basic requirement of satisfactory academic performance. Privacy Rights of Students in Education Records. Student conduct that disrupts the learning process will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action and/or removal from class.pdf .edu/catalog/_files/2013- 2015_updated/013. and to develop an understanding of the community in which they live. Principles of Academic Freedom. to share of themselves without losing their identities. in particular pages 84-88 http://www. See Website: http://www. Phone: (661) 654-3360 TDD: (661) 654-6288 Office: SA 140  Academic dishonesty is an offense against the University and other students in the class.  Students are expected to be punctual and behave in a professional manner during class sessions. You should also consult the Academic Information section of the CSUB catalog. cell phones. respect the professionalism of the instructor. please let me know and we will arrange a way for you to submit your homework to me. and maintain the general goals of academic freedom. it is your responsibility to obtain information regarding the material we covered during the class. Use WebCT to communicate and share information.  The CSUB Catalog contains the following policies and regulations which you should review: o Principles of the Community. If you have any further questions regarding University policy regarding academic dishonesty. In the event that you are unable to be present. Teammates may choose to help each other with notes and providing assignment information.csub. and will result in termination of computer and cellphone privileges.BA 2900 COURSE POLICIES:  Late Work: I will not accept late work. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate your special needs. and MP3 players are not allowed during quizzes and exams. research.  Hats.  Computers and cellphones are allowed in class for note taking. which are supportive of the learning process. the instructor will likely assign a failing grade for the course.csub. These items must be turned off and stored away during quizzes and exams. computers. I do not want assignments sent via 2015_updated/013. but is also relevant to the evaluation of the student’s level of performance. Class will begin promptly as scheduled. your academic advisor.pdf  It is essential to the learning environment that you respect the rights of others seeking to learn. Nondiscrimination Policy and Unlawful Harassment Policy. contact Services to Students with Disabilities. Thus. and textbook purposes only. You must bring your assignments with you to class. or other University officials.  If you have special needs as addressed by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and need course materials in alternative formats. Policy of the Rights of Individuals. distracting to other class members. please see me. please notify me immediately. “Surfing the Web” and texting/social media during class time is disrespectful. creating an environment in which students and faculty may learn to reason with clarity and compassion.

The instructor reserves the right to modify this schedule as necessary. Students will be notified of any changes in class (It is your responsibility to get information on schedule changes if you are not in class). Week Date Class Topic Assignment Due Dates Week 1 Introduction Week 2 BAT (Section 1) Week 3 BAT (Section 2) Business Week Career Builder Worksheets MWL Plus Path Builder Completed Week 4 Course 1 Module 1 Module 1 (Discussion) Cover Letter Career Exploration Assignment Week 5 Course 1 Module 2 Module 2 (Discussion) Week 6 Course 1 Module 3 Module 3 (Discussion) Week 7 Course 1 Module 4 Module 4 (Discussion) Week 8 Course 1 Module 5 Module 5 (Discussion) Week 9 Course 1 Module 6 Module 6 (Discussion) Course 1 Week 10 Course 2 Module 1 Module 1 (Discussion) Week 11 Course 2 Module 2 Module 2 (Discussion) Week 12 Course 2 Module 3 Module 3 (Discussion) Interview a Professional Week 13 Course 2 Module 4 Module 4 (Discussion) Week 14 Course 2 Module 5 Module 5 (Discussion) MWL Plus Mastery Cover Letter Revised Week 15 Course 2 Module 6 Module 6 (Discussion) Course 2 Week 16 Final Paper Due Finals Week (May 15-18th) . TENTATIVE COURSE SCHEDULE: This course schedule is a “proposed course schedule”.