The all new HK PilotMega 2.7 is a fresh look and a revamp of the popular APM based flight controller. Over
the course of the ArduPilot project and development of the Open Source 2.5 platform, some known issues
and ergonomic challenges have been noted. The goal of the HK PilotMega 2.7 was to fix and improve upon
this great platform, giving back to the community a design that is improved and stable and yet reasonable
priced, making this super powerful Flight controller a great fiscal option to the 32bit variants. There are 5
major improvement in the 2.7, and all need construction files are available under the files tab for the
community to use.

3.3v issue of bad Gyro heath resolved in the 2.7
Connectors relocated for better wire layout
Mux Port added for OSD or selectable other outputs
Dataflash swapped voltage lines fixed in the 2.7
External compass Jumper added
Arduino Compatible
Pre-soldered and tested
3-axis gyro, accelerometer, magnetometer and high-performance barometer
Built in 4 MP Dataflash chip for automatic data logging
Honeywell HMC5883L-TR Digital compass
Invensense's 6 DoF Accelerometer/Gyro MPU-6000
Measurement Specialties MS5611-01BA03 Barometric pressure sensor.
Atmel ATMEGA2560 and ATMEGA32U-2 (processing and USB function).
External compass support
GPS input, I2C, Power module input
Telemetry radio, OSD and airspeed sensor ports

Dimensions: 44x70x15mm (with case)
Weight: 32g (with case)

HKPilot Mega 2.7
Connection leads x 5
Case and 3M double sided tape

with 5mm and 6mm adaptor ring Paket berisi: 1 X Puash Propeller.920KvMultiStar motor 4 x 5mm domed hex nuts 8 x Baut 3.000 Spesifikasi: Berat: 11.5g/each 6mm shaft hole.xL):27 x 23mm Motor Shaft:5mm CW/CCW Mounting hole spacing:16 x 19mm (M3 holes) Suggested props:9 x 6 slow fly ~ 10 x 4.5mm bullet wire length 230mm Included: 4 x 2212 .3 self-tightening included) Connectors:3.7 slow fly (9X4. 1 X Pull Propeller MOTOR BRUSHLESS MULTISTAR 2212 -920KV qty 1 pcs Specs: KV(RPM/V):920 Lipo cells:2 ~ 3s Max Amps:20A Dimensions(Dia. (Apc propeller 11x4.APC PROPOLLER 11 X 4.8 mm .7 QTY 4 PCS Propeller yang sangat cocok untuk Aplikasi multirotor anda.7) Rp 110.

7. jangan menggunakan +5V dari board arduino.2 **Catatan: Untuk penggunaan menggunakan ARDUINO. konsumsi arus servo ini berkisar antara 200-300mA.17sec / 60 degrees (4.8 .8V no load) Operating Speed: 0. disarankan menggunakan power supply external.Harga utk 1 pcs motor servo + accessories Servo Motor Tower Pro Digital High Torque MG996R 10kg + Accessories QTY 10 PCS **Spesifikasi: Dimension: 40x19x43mm Gear Type: All Metal Gears Stall torque: 12kgfcm (6V) Power Supply: Through External Adapter Operation Voltage: 4. Dari hasil pengukuran.13sec / 60 degrees (6. **Video Demonstrasi: https://www•youtube•com/watch?v=2RmxXvrbbBo .2 V Temperature range: 0 to 55 C Operating Speed: 0. karena arusnya tidak akan cukup.0V no load) Connector Wire Length: 300mm Weight: 60gr **Paket berisi: 1 pcs Servo Motor TowerPro MG996R 1 set accesories seperti di foto no.

7 * 19.2V Construction: Material Copper teeth.0V) Accessories included: Helm. FUTABA General Rotational angle up to 180 degrees Actuator type Analog Servo Working current 100mA Voltage 3-7.17 seconds / 60 degrees (4.8V). 0.TOWER PRO MG995 metal gear servo motor qty 10 pcs Size: 40. fixing screws. damping pouches and aluminum sets and other accessories .9mm Working torque: 13 kg/cm Reaction Speed: 53-62R/M Operating temperature: -30 ~ 60 Dead set 4 microseconds Plug Type JR.13 sec / 60 degrees (6. coreless motor and double ball bearing No-load Operating speed: 0.7 * 42. . wire length 30CM.

attendance. mifare1 S70. dimana semua kartu2 ini memiliki UID (UNIQUE ID) yang dapat kita manfaatkan sebagai nomor identifikasi untuk validasi oleh mikrokontroller. kartu prepaid banking.RFID READER MODULE CONTACTLESS RFID DENGAN CHIP PHILIPS NXP MFRC522. struktur memori = 16 Sector. dengan 4 Block / Sector. ticketing. access door. Untuk kartu yang disertakan dalam paket ini adalah kartu Mifare 1K dengan memori 1KB yang dapat kita akses dan baca/tulis data. mifare Desfire Visit Tokoduino dot com Product Physical Characteristics: Dimensions: 40mm 60mm Data Transfer Rate: Max. security alarm/access. QTY 4 PCS Spesifikasi: Current :13-26mA / DC 3. digunakan untuk baca tulis kartu contacless dengan frekuensi HF (13. mifare Pro. misal dalam bentuk kartu parkir. mifare UltraLight. Tokoduino dot com.3V Sleep current: 80uA Peak current: 30mA Operating Frequency: 13. kartu KTP. default 6Bytes key = 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF Sillakan googling untuk mencari info lebih lanjoett! :D Kelengkapan: 1 unit modul contactless reader MFRC522 Header male untuk disolder ke modul 1 Mifare 1K (S50) tag berbentuk gantungan kunci waterproof(key chain) 1 Mifare 1K (S50) berbentuk kartu PVC putih polos .3V Idle Current :10-13mA / DC 3. (1 Block = 16Bytes). payment.56MHz Supported card types: mifare1 S50. FYI tentang kartu ISO14443 Type A dan B: Kartu contactless jenis ini paling umum digunakan di Indonesia. 10Mbit/s (SPI Communication) Aplikasi: Smart home.56MHz) mengikuti standar ISO14443A. dan lain2.