California State University, Bakersfield Semester Spring 2017

School of Business and Public Administration
Department of Management and Marketing

MGMT 3100.01
Course Syllabus
Instructor: Christopher Bailey
Office: BDC 105A
Phone: 559-909-2472
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Course Number Management 3100.01 (3 units), CRN 31156
Course Title Human Resource Management
Time/Location M/W 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm – BDC 401D

Preferred Method Utilize Blackboard Course Messaging for all course communication.
of Communication

Required Text - Human Resource Management, 15th Edition
and Materials Mathis, R.L. and Jackson, J.H., South-Western Cengage, 2014-17
ISBN13: 978-1-305-62999-8 MindTap access
- Supplemental Reading: Weekly reading of current business periodicals including Wall
Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, Workforce, HRMagazine, SHRM website, and
other internet sites.
- Email address and Blackboard access

Prerequisite MGMT 3000 or MGMT 300

Catalog Description “This course provides an overview of the functional areas of Human Resource
Management. The course begins by examining environmental factors such as legislation,
organizational strategy, labor, and global issues. Next, the HR process is examined—
recruiting, training, compensation, benefits, performance appraisal, and termination.
Throughout the course, students are provided with the opportunity to engage in HR
practice and develop HR policy.” (CSUB 2009-2011 Catalog)

Course Objectives At the conclusion of this course, students should begin to develop the analytical and
interpersonal management skills to be able to:
- Discuss the changing nature of the field of Human Resource Management (HRM).
- Discuss the changing legal environment that governs the field of HRM.
- Explain the current labor market and discuss anticipated future labor market trends.
- Understand the components of a job analysis and a job description.
- Recognize various selection tools to assist in identifying likely candidates for a particular
- Understand the aspects of developing a training/development plan for continually
updating employee knowledge and skills.
- Identify appropriate job criteria and performance standards for conducting an effective
performance appraisal.
- Recognize the components of a compensation/benefits plan that will facilitate employee
recruiting/retention and is consistent with organizational strategy.

double spaced. Prepare a grievance procedure. the reading is to be completed prior to class on 1/25/2017. to be fully prepared and participate in the day’s topic. no more than two. Late papers will not be accepted. Research Paper A research paper (8 pgs. Possible Topics (select one): 1. recent academic journal article(s) and your experience with the HR stories. works cited page does not count toward the 8 pages) based on an “peer reviewed academic research” article will be required on a current issue in Human Resources. Papers will be graded not only on content. 4. As such. The paper is worth 100 points. true/false. Quizzes will be typically given at end of the class period. Paper format: To: From: Date: Subject: Possible In-Class Exercises: 1. Questions may be true/false. Prepare a recruiting and selection plan for your job. Describe three (3) personal “HR Stories” that are supported by one. Prepare a performance appraisal for your job. article(s) from a recent academic journal. Analyze a current topic in Human Resources Management that is supported by one. You must be in attendance the day of the quiz to take the quiz. Makeup exams will not be given without prior approval of the instructor. multiple choice. no more than two. Exams Three exams will be given throughout the semester.) The research paper is due at the beginning of the class period on the date stated. Example: Chapter 1: Human Resource Management in Organizations will be discussed during class on 1/25/2017. Topics must be approved in advance by the instructor. or short answer. short answer and/or essay questions. Prepare a job analysis (your job or one you previously held). 3. in-text citations. but context as well. Each quiz will be worth 10 points for a total of 100 points throughout the semester. Quizzes Quizzes facilitate class discussion and act as an incentive for remaining current with necessary reading. MLA format. 5. Each exam will be worth 100 points. 2. Prepare a compensation plan for your job. .Performance Criteria Assigned Reading Assigned reading is to be completed prior to the scheduled course discussion. Each exam will consist of multiple choice. (Further instructions will be given. 2.

Schedule of Courses.= 60 90 = A. Be sure to read the material assigned each day and be ready to discuss it. Grading and Evaluation Points Your Score Exam #1 100 _________ Exam #2 100 _________ Exam #3 100 _________ Quizzes (10@10 points) 100 _________ Research Paper 100 _________ In-Class Exercises and Assignments 100 _________ MindTap Quizzes (7@5 points) 35 _________ TOTAL 635 points _________ The grading scale is as follows: 93 = A 77 = C+ D. and/or leaving class early will result in being marked absent for the class period. you must initiate dialogue. The class is interactive in nature and requires you to attend and participate in classroom discussions and exercises. Participation Participation is vital to the learning process. Assignments will be announced one or two class periods ahead of the due date. If you are absent from class. Principles of Academic Freedom. Participation is not merely attending a class. it is your responsibility to check on announcements made while you were away. Arriving after attendance. 73 = C F = below 60 87 = B+ 70 = C- 83 = B 67 = D+ 80 = 8. Attendance Attendance to class is expected. All unexcused absences will result in a grade reduction of 10 points. Homework and other assignments will be given throughout the semester. An excused absence is one where you e-mailed me your absence request before class. Please be on time. In-class exercises and assignments will be worth a total of 100 points. Nondiscrimination Policy and Unlawful Harassment Policy. be prepared and ready to participate. You will be required to take (7) MindTap quizs each valued at 5 points. or if there is an exercise. Assignments will be turned in at the beginning of a class period and cannot be made up if you miss class or be turned in late for credit.Attendance during Presentations. leaving prior to attendance. 63 = D Policies and Regulations: CSUB The CSUB Catalog. More than three (3) excused absences will result in a grade reduction of 10 points per additional absence. ask questions and respond to questions of others. and General Catalog Web Site contain Policies the following policies and regulations which you should review: Principles of the Community. . and Assignments In-class exercises assist in reinforcing the material read in the text and discussed in class. through blackboard course messaging and is acknowledged and accepted by the instructor. Exercises will be unannounced and you must be in attendance in order to participate in the exercise and receive points.

When a faculty member discovers a violation of the university’s policy of academic integrity.csub. Academic The following is an excerpt from the CSUB 2009-2011 Catalog: Integrity There are certain forms of conduct that violate the university’s policy of academic integrity. and the phone number is 661-654-3360 (voice). ACADEMIC DISHONESTY (CHEATING) is a broad category of actions that involve fraud and deception to improve a grade or obtain course credit. Additional academic sanctions are determined by the student conduct coordinator. Privacy Rights of Students in Education Records. PLAGIARISM is a specific form of academic dishonesty (cheating) that consists of the misuse of published or unpublished works of another by claiming them as one’s own. prejudicial evaluation. Cell phones and other electronic equipment must be turned off and put away during class and exams. the faculty member is required to notify the CSUB Dean of Student Life and CSUB Student Conduct Coordinator and the student(s) involved.” (Academic Senate Policy) If you have an accommodations letter from the SSD Office documenting that you have a disability. suspension. The SSD office is located in SA 140. or capricious evaluation. A course grade of ‘F” may be assigned or another grade penalty may be applied at the discretion of the course instructor. words or ideas written by another without giving appropriate citation. CSUB students also can formally grieve a final grade when they believe the grade assignment violated established policy or resulted from a clerical error. and the development of students. the pursuit Conduct of truth.” (CSUB 2009-2011 Catalog) As such. permanent expulsion from the university or from the entire CSU system. “Rights and Responsibilities of Students”. but arises whenever students attempt to gain an unearned academic advantage. PAPER or other assignment for credit in two different courses without receiving prior approval from the instructors of the courses. or using data and/or statistics compiled by another without giving appropriate citation. please present the letter to me during my office hours as soon as possible so we can discuss the specific accommodations that you might need in this or through the BPA Dean’s Office. . phrases. OR ESSENTIALLY THE SAME. and the goals and academic freedom whenever they are in the classroom. using paragraphs. A copy of the procedures to grieve a final grade can be obtained online (www. administrative hold on the release of records. Classroom “The classroom is essential for the achievement of academic freedom. Policy of the Rights of Individuals. Academic dishonesty (cheating) is not limited to examination situations alone. student conduct that disrupts the learning process will not be tolerated and may lead to disciplinary action and/or removal from class. please contact the Needs Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) as soon as possible. Plagiarism may consist of handing in someone else’s work as one’s own. the professionalism of the instructor. sentences. Please review the section of your CSUB Catalog titled. Non-course related use of a cell phone or other electronic device during class will result in a 5-point deduction from that student’s accumulated points. Because of its importance. Students have the right to a formal hearing relating to sanctions devised by the student conduct coordinator. or 661-654-6288 (TDD). Academic sanctions may include disciplinary probation. and withholding a degree. Special “To request academic accommodations due to a disability. Another example of academic dishonesty (cheating) is the SUBMISSION OF THE SAME. copying or purchasing a pre-written composition and claiming it as one’s own. and Student Discipline. students are expected to exhibit respect for the views of others.

1 In-class Activity Five core competencies. Chp. . 5 MT Quiz 5 pts. 4: MindTap . 4 MT Quiz 5 pts. 3 Homework 1. 2.” 2. Jobs. Homework Due 1. 4 2/08 In-class Activity Chp. Homework Due 1. One-page analysis of “When Steve Becomes Stephanie.HRM Simulation 5 pts. Extra Credit: Conduct a job analysis Week 4 2/13 In-class activity O*Net. 4 MT Quiz Week 3 2/06 Workforce. Job Description 10 pts. Week 2 1/30 Strategic HR Management and Planning Chp. One-page analysis of “When Steve Becomes Stephanie. Chp. 5 pts.Refer to page 156 in textbook 2/15 Individual/Organization Relations and Retention Chp. COURSE SCHEDULE DAY OF: TOPIC ASSIGNED READING Week 1 1/23 Introduction Syllabus Review 1/25 Human Resource Management in Organizations Chp. 5 In-class activity Chp. 2 2/01 Equal Employment Opportunity Chp. 5 MT Quiz 2. Chp. Homework 1. and Job Analysis.Subject to This syllabus and course schedule are subject to change in the event of Change extenuating circumstances. Job Analysis. 4 reading: Chp. passion and elevator speech. 5 Quiz 10 pts. Following Chp. .” 10 pts. Following Chp. 5 reading: Chp.

3/08 In-class Activity 1. Exam OPENS on Blackboard after class: Chps. . Week 8 3/13 Training Human Resources Chp. Extra Credit: Conduct a job analysis. abstract. Chp. 2.Week 5 2/20 Librarian discussion regarding Journal Articles Homework 1. 6 In-class Activity Chp. Homework 1. 3/15 Talent Management Chp. 7 Quiz 10 pts. 9 In-class Activity Chp. Homework Due 1. 7 In-class Activity Chp. Print 1st page. 7 reading: Chp. 7 MT Quiz 5 pts. 3/01 CECE presentation Homework Due 1. 5 2/22 Exam CLOSES on Blackboard 12:00 pm before class 100 pts. 2. Following Chp. 8 In-class Activity Chp. Week 6 2/27 Staffing High Quality Talent Chp. 3. 4. 9 Quiz 10 pts. 6 Quiz 10 pts. On-line Assessments 10 pts. Submit copy of academic article for research paper 5 pts. Grade Check Homework Due 1. or summary for next class. 7 MT Quiz Week 7 3/06 Selecting Human Resources Chp. 10 pts. Identify academic article for research paper. 1. 8 Quiz 10 pts.

2. Following Chp. 10. 2. Develop set of performance standards for current job. 11 reading: Chp. Homework Due 1. . 12: Critical Thinking Question 5 pts.Week 9 3/20 Performance Management and Appraisal Chp. 13 MT Quiz 4/19 Managing Employee Benefits Chp. 11 MT Quiz 5 pts. 7. Due in class. 2. Chp 10: MindTap Supplemental Case – Unequal/Equal Supervisors 5 pts. 11 Week 11 4/03 Exam Two CLOSES on Blackboard 12:00 pm before class 100 pts. 13 Quiz 10 pts. Chp. Homework 1. 8. 3/29 Exam preparation Exam Two OPENS on Blackboard after class: Chps. 6. Week 12 4/10 No Class – Spring Break 4/12 No Class – Spring Break Week 13 4/17 Critical Thinking Question and Case MT In-Class Activity 1. 11 In-class Activity Chp. Following Chp. 13 MT Quiz 5 pts. 13 In-class Activity Chp. Chp. 12: MindTap Mini Case 5 pts. 11 Quiz 10 pts. 5 pts. Chp. Homework Due 1. 9. Chp. 12 Quiz 10 pts. In Class Activity – Develop a recruiting strategy. 4/05 Grade Check Variable Pay and Executive Compensation Chp. 10 3/22 In-Class Activity Designing and Conducting Appraisals 5 pts. 11 MT Quiz Week 10 3/27 Total Rewards and Compensation Chp. Develop set of performance standards for current job. Homework 1. 12 In-class Activity Chp. 13 reading: Chp.

Editing research paper draft 5 pts. 15 MT Quiz 5/03 Employee Rights and Responsibilities Chp. 15 MT Quiz 5 pts. Following Chp. 2. 16 In-class Activity CH. Chp. EXTRA CREDIT for Writing Center . 14 MindTap – Mini Case 5 pts. EXTRA CREDIT for research paper 10 pts. Following Chp. Grade Check CSUB Student Chapter – Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM): All students interested in becoming either Human Resource or Management majors are invited to join the CSUB student chapter of SHRM. Week 14 4/24 In-class Activity 1. 13. 16 Homework Due 1. 14. Unlike other student organizations. Homework Due 1. 15 reading: Chp. Week 15 5/01 In-class Activity 1. 12. 2. 16 MT Quiz 5 pts. the student chapter of SHRM is affiliated with both the National Society and the Kern . 2. Chp. Chp. 16 MT Quiz Week 16 5/08 Union/Management Relations Chp. 16 reading: Chp. 15. Discussion – High impact legislation during 2016 4/26 Risk Management and Worker Protection Chp. 5/10 Exam Preparation Week 17 5/17 Final – 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm Exam CLOSES on Blackboard 12:00 pm before class 100 pts. 14 Quiz 10 pts. Homework 1. 13 Critical Thinking Questions 10 pts. 2. Chp. 14 Critical Thinking Questions 5 pts. 14 In-class Activity Chp. Homework 1. 2. Research Paper 100 pts. 15 Quiz 10 pts. 16 Quiz 10 pts. 15 In-class Activity Chp. Exam OPENS on Blackboard after class: Chps. Chp.

. Meeting cost for lunch is $20 and meetings are held at the Sheraton Four Points Bistro in Bakersfield. which are held on the first Wednesday of each month from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Students are encouraged to attend these meetings.000 members and the Kern County Chapter has approximately 150 members. Student members receive full national member benefits at a steeply discounted rate. The national SHRM organization has approximately 120.County SHRM chapter.