AIMP v4.10 Beta 1, build 1815 (15.06.

+ Player: MP4 - support for QuickTime chapters (that located in section with aud
io data)
+ Player: Internet Radio - an ability to skip short tracks during recording
+ Player: Internet Radio - displaying of buffering progress
+ Player: Internet Radio - support for background recording
+ Tag Editor: Autofill Tags - an ability to exclude file from operation
+ Tag Editor: Autofill tags - improve the usability of settings dialog
+ Tag Editor: an ability to crop the album arts images
+ Tag Editor: an ability to edit CUE sheets
+ Tag Editor: support for the WAV format
+ Music Library: the "play selected files" command has been added
+ Music Library: New view for groups in the table - Thumbnails
+ Music Library: an ability to filter data in grouping tree by search string has
been introduced
+ Plugins: API has been extended

AIMP v4.02, build 1725 (11.06.2016)
* Playlist: an ability import playlists in the WPL format
* Plugins: Compatibility with plugins from v2.60 has been improved
- Fixed: Common - tray icon display options are resets after restart the applica
- Fixed: Tag Editor - resizing album art changes the image file format
- Fixed: Music Library - poor performance in some cases
- Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.02, build 1721 (30.05.2016)
* Common: 3rd party libraries were updated
- Fixed: common - the %FileFormat macro does not work correctly for URLs
- Fixed: Playlist - Advanced Search - search by multiple keywords in different t
ag fields works incorrectly
- Fixed: Tag Editor - APEv2 - multi-line fields saves incorrectly if their data
contains ";" symbol
- Fixed: Tag Editor - displays last cover from the files instead of the Front co
- Fixed: Music Library - an error occurs when populating the list of possible va
lues for filter by column
- Fixed: Music Library - hangs on application start up in some cases
- Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.02, build 1717 (08.05.2016)
* Plugins: Analog Meter - no limitation for pointer angle
* Plugins: Analog Meter - an ability to specify different textures and parameter
s for left and right units
- Fixed: Plugins - Analog Meter - founded bugs were fixed
- Fixed: plugins - API - the IAIMPServiceHttpClient.Post does not work (regressi
- Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.02, build 1713 (26.04.2016)
+ Plugins: Analog Meter - support for custom skins

* Common: 3rd party libraries have been updated
- Fixed: Common - app cannot be started in compatibility mode (regression)
- Fixed: Player - album arts does not displayed for images + CUE (regression)
- Fixed: Tags - MP4 - the Rating tag field is not supported
- Fixed: Music Library - the "(show all)" command ignores alphabetic index in so
me cases
- Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.02, build 1711 (17.04.2016)
+ Sound Engine: added support for Wave64 file format (PCM and IEEE_FLOAT codecs
are supported)
* Sound Engine: spectrum data has a logarithmic scale now
* Sound Engine: spectrum data is now calculates for hearing range of frequencies
only (20 Hz - 20 KHz)
* Playlist: an ability to switch playlist via context menu of the playlist tab
* UI: Table Elements - changing the sorting direction of column that used in dat
a grouping affects now to groups position too
* Plugins: Analog Meter - all textures adapted for FullHD screens
- Fixed: AudioConverter - MP3 - the VBR Header was not stored to the target file
- Fixed: AudioConverter - MP3 - the Joint Stereo mode is always used if bitrate
mode is set to the CBR / ABR
- Fixed: DSP Manager - volume normalization settings are resets too when reset s
ound effects settings
- Fixed: Album Arts - cache manager does not take value of the Year tag field in
to account
- Fixed: Player - Internet Radio - the HTML-codes displays instead of human-read
able text for some radio stations
- Fixed: Player - the "0.00 db" value of the ReplayGain field recognized by play
er as undefined
- Fixed: Playlist - an error occurs if cancel the input query for name for new p
laylist during import the file from external application operation
- Fixed: Skin Engine - TASESpectrumDisplay - column count changes after resize t
he element
- Fixed: Skin Engine - window resize rectangle does not snap to monitor edge if
taskbar is hidden
- Fixed: Music Library - the "(show all)" command ignores alphabetic index
- Fixed: Music Library - filters - the "contains" operator is case sensitive for
non-latin characters
- Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.01, build 1705 (19.03.2016)
- Fixed: Bookmarks - selected bookmarks removes after sorting via drag-n-drop (r
- Fixed: Skin Engine - some skins from AIMP3 loads incorrectly (regression)
- Fixed: UI - in-place editing does not work in table elements (regression)

AIMP v4.01, build 1703 (15.03.2016)
* Common: the FIJO Flat icons are now default file icons (thanks to Zigar)
* Audio Converter: the "file name" column has been added
* Playlist: the "Import entire folder if one file is sent" option has been intro
duced in the "Open files from external applications" category
* Playlist: reloading file tags in the playlist now updates these files in the d
atabase of music library
* Music Library: an ability to add selected files to bookmarks

* Music Library: an ability to replace rating in DB from tags when updating info
rmation about the files if the "synchronize user mark with file tags" option is
switched on
* Music Library: an ability to drag group via album art thumbnail
* Music Library: algorithm of files monitor has been improved
- Fixed: Common - CUE parser ignores apostrophe at the beginning or end of the v
- Fixed: Player - the "%Index" macro skipped when copying file information to cl
- Fixed: smart-playlists - automatic synchronization does not work (regression)
- Fixed: tag editor - focused item is always processed even if it not selected
- Fixed: Music Library - click at the "Mark" column via MMB or RMB changes the v
- Fixed: Music Library - labels in context menu are not sorted by name
- Fixed: Music Library - no way to scroll list of labels via scroll bar if one o
f labels is selected
- Fixed: Music Library - adding / updating process interrupts if an error occurr
ed when processing one of files
- Fixed: Music Library - filtering works incorrectly if one of filters contains
a NOT OR / NOT AND operations
- Fixed: UI - tables with groups - an error occurs when deleting the content of
group and group is focused
- Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.00, build 1697 (22.02.2016)
* Common: 3rd party libraries have been updated
* Playlist: the "%!" macro is now affects to next macro, not to entire formattin
g line
- Fixed: Playlist - loses focus after quick search
- Fixed: Tag Editor - some genres are duplicated after the re-opening of the win
- Fixed: Tag Editor - an AV exception occurs sometimes when renaming group of fi
- Fixed: Music Library - navigation via short links does works incorrectly (regr
- Fixed: Music Library - table view - sorting resets to defaults after restart t
he app
- Fixed: Plugins - API - an error in the IAIMPExtensionPlaybackQueue.OnSelect me
thod (regression)
- Fixed: Plugins - - no line breaks for details in the "Track Informati
on" dialog

AIMP v4.00, build 1695 (14.02.2016)
- Fixed: Music Library - customized layout of columns is not saved

AIMP v4.00, build 1694 (14.02.2016)
* Common: digital signature has been updated
* Audio Converter: list of templates for NeroAAC has been extended
- Fixed: common - CUE parser cannot determine fields with multiple values in som
e cases
- Fixed: Player - app hangs when switching tracks on radio stations that broadca
st in the format FLAC
- Fixed: Bookmarks - position does not saved after manual sorting in the dialog
- Fixed: UI - table elements - multiple selection via selection rectangle works

- Fixed: Skin Engine - small bugs were fixed
- Fixed: Audio Converter - cannot scroll the list with files if converting proce
ss is active
- Fixed: Audio Converter - stores tags to the MusePack in the ID3v2 format inste
ad of the APEv2 format.
- Fixed: Audio Converter - click the "jump to folder" button opens the plugins d
irectory if path is empty
- Fixed: Tag Editor - ID3v2 - does not display information from some tag fields
if file was exported from the Audacity app
- Fixed: Tag Editor - application hangs when trying to edit file with corrupted
album art
- Fixed: Tag Editor - ReplayGain calculation works incorrectly in mode "get albu
m from tags"
- Fixed: Music Library - an error occurs when window redraws if grouping tree is
in loading data process
- Fixed: Music Library - smart-playlists - poor performance for lists with multi
ple filters
- Fixed: Music Library - custom grouping templates works incorrectly
- Fixed: Music Library - app hangs in some cases when removing multiple files fr
om folder that monitored by music library
- Fixed: Music Library - value of option that switch off recursive scanning for
folder was resets after restart the app
- A lot of small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.00, build 1687 (18.01.2016)
* Common: Monkey's Audio codec has been updated
* Skin Engine: Seek bar - Hint with position under mouse cursor now appears
- Fixed: Common - the "Move to..." command does not work for playing file
- Fixed: UI - table elements - selection of all items via Ctrl+A shortcut moves
focus to first item
- Fixed: Playlists Manager - an empty playlists were created when moving few fol
ders via drag-n-drop to playlists list
- Fixed: Player - Internet Radio - meta information changed too early than track
really started
- Fixed: Tag Editor - OGG / FLAC / OPUS - multi-line fields saves incorrectly if
their data contains ";" symbol
- Fixed: Skin Engine - default frame index of TASEAnimator element always equals
to 0 even if binding is defined
- Fixed: Skin Engine - few compatibility issues with old skins were fixed
- Fixed: Skin Engine - localizations for custom context menus was not refreshed
in real-time
- Fixed: Skin Engine - hint in music library table / playlist blinks when runnin
g under Windows 7 if desktop composition is disabled
- Fixed: Skin Engine - window content was not refreshed after changing the eleme
nt placement from script
- Fixed: Music Library - import data base from AIMP3 - files from network locati
ons cannot be imported
- Fixed: Music Library - the "find in Music Library" command does not work if th
e "no grouping" mode is selected
- Fixed: Music Library - playback accounting works incorrectly if playback speed
different from default value
- Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.00, build 1683 (29.12.2015)
* Skin Engine: waveform-navigator - accuracy of analysis has been improved

- Fixed: Common - app hangs in some cases on closing, and continuing playback of
- Fixed: Player - encoding of online-stream in Ukrainian detects incorrectly
- Fixed: Player - files from CUE Sheets cannot be send to Tag Editor app
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Calculating the waveform for seekbar can be canceled spon
taneously in some cases
- Fixed: Music Library - RMB at content of the "Labels" column displays common c
ontext menu instead of menu for labels
- Fixed: Music Library - the "check for new files at application start up" funct
ion does not work in some cases
- Fixed: Music Library - scrolling via gestures does not work

AIMP v4.00, build 1680 (22.12.2015)
+ UI: An ability to switch on countdown in context menu of seek bar
+ UI: the Bliss Dark skin has been added
- Fixed: Common - the app does not work on some computers because of crash in th
e libsoxr.dll / aimp_vorbis.dll
- Fixed: common - CUE parser ignores delimiter symbols in unquoted field values
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Playlist name after rename does not updated in visible sk
in elements
- Fixed: Tag Editor - the Replay Gain from file with CUE sheet does not show in
the "Information about file" dialog
- Small bugs were fixed

AIMP v4.00, build 1678 (15.12.2015)
- Fixed: Playlists Manager - manual sorting does not work
- Fixed: Player - tracker music - noise appears on some files after seeking
- Fixed: Playlists - newly added playlists via dran-n-drop always moved at the e
nd of list
- Fixed: Skin - album art from the playing file is displaying in card with infor
mation about the file from playlist
- Fixed: Skin Engine - the "smooth transparency" option sometimes works incorrec
- Fixed: Skin Engine - click via right mouse button at running line displays con
text menu of window in addition to dialog with information about playing file
- Fixed: Music Library - Grouping Tree - double click at selected node does not
collapse / expand it
- Fixed: Music Library - the "Local files" tab header is not drop target for fil
es unlike playlists tabs
- Fixed: Music Library - Smart-Playlist - value that equals to "Rating" of the "
sort by field" option resets after restart the application
- Small bugs and defects were fixed

AIMP v4.00 RC 3, build 1675 (30.11.2015)
* Options Dialog: the "OK" button has been added
* Options Dialog: multiple selection in skin chooser frame
* Playlist: Added an ability to rescan tags for selected files only
* Audio Converter: MP3 Encoder - added an ability to select target sample rate
* Tag Editor: An ability to select all types of tags by one click
- Fixed: Playlist - M3U - parser works with comments incorrectly
- Fixed: Skin - No window context menu in mini player
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Changing the hue processes incorrectly for fonts of some

hint for the bookmark in the drop down bookmarks menu was not skinned .an error occurs when click on delete button that av ailable if the "remove playlist when closing tab" options is switched on .hint for playlist item does not take zoom factor into acc ount .Fixed: player .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Music Library .Browse Folder dialog .Fixed: Advanced Search .Fixed: Music Library .selected track starts playing by double-clicking at s eparator between columns .TASEPanel element .Fixed: Plugins .an incorrect drive for tracks is displayed in some case s .Small bugs were fixed .context menu does not work .internet-radio . build 1670 (13.Fixed: Skin Engine . Fixed: SACD .Managing Playlists dialog ..the "Composer" tag field does work with multiple values .10. Fixed: Skin Engine .00 RC 2.Fixed: Skin Engine .11. if mouse cu rsor is located under docked child window .TASEVisualDisplay element .Fixed: Playlist .folder that dropped to grouping of parent folder is lost after cre ate the new folder .URL cannot be moved from one playlist to other via Drag-n-Drop . Fixed: Music Library .support for multiple values fields * Tag Editor: Added an ability to store custom values to list of the "Genre" edi t field .Fixed: Skin Engine .hit-test mask ignored if visu alization is active . adds to the "Defa ult" playlist and starts playing automatically . Small bugs were fixed AIMP v4.00 RC 1.Fixed: Advanced Search .Fixed: Music Library .2015) ======================================== + Audio Converter: an ability to switch off grouping * Common: CUE parser . build 1667 (30.the "Index in Queue" column is too small by default .seeking works incorrectly when playing file that size more than 4 GB .Fixed: Common .cyrillic symbols does not detected correctly in some cases .small bugs were fixed .few small bugs in new version of API .dropping playlist file to the playlist tabs area does not im port it as playlist file .a space character has been added to text box when focusin g it via TAB key .double click at scroll bar selec ts playlist item under it .Fixed: Skin Engine .labels cannot be imported .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .local hotkeys that contains only the SHIFT modifier doe s not work .an error occurs when closing the application.Fixed: Skin Engine .options that allows to temporary switch off transparency of window conflicts with desktop toolbar mode .problems with closing the application via context menu of app button at taskbar .an error occurs when trying to set mark to few files .AIMP3 DB Import .Fixed: Music Library .Fixed: Playlists Manager .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Music Library .backward navigation via Shift+Tab key does not work .2015) ======================================== .Small bugs were fixed AIMP v4.

collapsed group cannot be unselected via keyboard in some ca ses .Last.Fixed: Player . build 1655 (20.table scrolls to beginning after changing mark in table .auto height of CheckBox or RadioButton elements calculates incorre ctly .Fixed: Playlist .2015) ========================================== + Smart-playlists: added an ability to sort files after adding to playlist via u ser defined template + Tag Editor: added an ability to copy / paste album art images to / from the sy stem clipboard + Music Library: added an ability to combine an empty levels in grouping tree in the "no grouping" mode + Music Library: added an ability to find misplaced files automatically + Music Library: added an ability to delete automatically non-existed files from data base + Music Library: added an ability to send selected files from grouping tree to s elected playlist * Common: 3rd party libraries have been updated * Common: Parser for CUE formats now ignores an empty fields * Playlist: Performance of builder for shuffle queue has been increased at 3 tim es * Skin Engine: waveform-navigator .Fixed: Tag Editor . build 1663 (16.Fixed: Music Library .Fixed: music library .fm .tables .the "stop after current" function does not work for internet r adio error occurs when clicking at the header of group in some cases .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Music Library .click via right mouse button closes menu and does not open it again .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Music Library .Fixed: Playlist .add already indexed files to DB in some cases .tracks that contains a "&" symbol cannot be scrobbl ed (regression) .report .application hangs while saving the changes in some cases .09.Fixed: Common .10.window size restores incorrectly in some cases at applica tion startup .Small bugs were fixed AIMP icon for "rename file" button .Fixed: UI .00 Beta 3.accuracy of analysis has been improved .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: UI .music library .quick search .remove file confirmation dialog appears unfocused if applica tion is inactive (regression) .Fixed: Playlist .2015) ========================================== * Music Library: performance of rating calculation algorithm has been increased by two orders .no an ability to navigate between items via c ursors .2015) ========================================== + Plugins: API for plugins has been updated to v4 .autocomplete in ComboBox element is not case sensitive . build 1658 (26.Small bugs were fixed AIMP v4.the "album artist" field is used for the "top albums" section .Fixed: Tag Editor .AIMP v4.Fixed: Skin Engine .00 Beta 4.00 Beta 3.selection in the "missplaced files" dialog does not wor k .no an ability to start selection via mouse by clickin g at empty space of control .

.Fixed: Playlist .total duration of files in table calculates incorrectly .an error occurs in some cases when trying to save changes if player is running .waveform is displaying when listening radio station.Fixed: Player .Fixed: Playlist .00 Beta 2.window was not maximized after double click at the title area.Fixed: Default skin .2015) ========================================== + Music Library: now the data are loaded for visible columns only * Common: macro names in menu with macro list are highlighted now via bold font * Skin Engine: waveform-navigator .fm .performance of calculation has been improved * Music Library: performance of the "search new files" operation has been improv ed .Fixed: Music Library .dock area was not highlighted when dock the child window to top edge of master window .tracks that contains a "%" symbol cannot be scrobbl ed .Fixed: Player .08.added support of Replay Gain settings * Skin Engine: waveform-navigator .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: common . if docked window is placed in this window that docked to screen edge does not hi de automatically .preamp line is not visible .Fixed: Sound Engine .application hangs when trying to set user mark for group of files .macro selection menu woks incorrectly .Fixed: Skin Engine .no way to restore the AIMP by click via middle mouse butt on at tray icon .title of confirmation dialog window contains information abo ut the playable file instead of application title .Fixed: Plugins .few button does not have tool tips . build 1650 (31.Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Music Library . .Fixed: Music Library .selection of group of files works incorrectly if content has been filtered .Fixed: Music Library .Last.Fixed: Default skin . .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Tag Editor .accuracy of analysis has been improved * Skin Engine: waveform-navigator .application crashes if user select more than 8 channels in settings of ASIO-based device .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Playlist . eve n if the "show waveform over the seek bar" option is switched off .Fixed: Player .menu with macro list does not work for formatting line for int ernet radio capture .Fixed: Music Library .Fixed: Skin Engine .no information about the user in the "information a bout file" dialog AIMP v4.running line does not updated after changing the track mark .wrong information is displayed in main window for selected track if editor was not load information about it .tooltip for truncated text of item does not allow to set use r rating for track .fm .Fixed: Tag Editor .application hangs when trying to play some corrupted WAV-files .no information about the virtual files in the "informat ion about file" dialog .small bugs and defects .Fixed: Music Library .the "no grouping" mode is case sensiti ve .equalizer .small bugs were fixed .playback cannot be started via double click at table .the "insert after current" command removes tracks from read only playlists .an error occurs in some cases when closing the application tha t could lead to hang of the application .grouping tree .sorting by the "file size" field works incorrectly .Fixed: Common .Last.internet-radio .

build 1647 (18.Last.Fixed: Playlist Manager .Fixed: Skin Engine .hiding a column does not reset the column filter .ID3v2 .2015) ========================================== * Sound Engine: added an ability to specify the 352.Fixed: Music Library sends to editor non-existent files .Fixed: Tag Editor .elements draws incorrectly if they placed over the masked BluredGlass element .Fixed: Skin Engine .wave creation progress is now displayed * Music Library: Grouping Tree Preset Editor .behavior of scroll bars in the elements of music library is differs from behavior of scroll bar in playlist .an error occurs when trying to delete equalizer preset .user can resize window via right and middle mouse buttons .hint is now appears for truncated items * Skin Engine: loading speed has been increased for skins in the ACS4 format * Skin Engine: waveform-navigator .Fixed: Music Library .Fixed: Plugins .an error occurs when restoring the minimized fixed window .fm .Fixed: Music Library .Fixed: Skin Engine .mini-player appears again after change the skin to anothe r .parser does not work correctly with multiple value s fields .Fixed: skin .Fixed: Playlists Manager .Fixed: Skin Engine .00 Beta error occurs in some cases during fading finalization in the TabControl element .Fixed: Music Library .wrong order of files when moving them into a playlist v ia drag-n-drop .multi-select functionality has be en added .Fixed: Skin Engine .elements of music library .Fixed: Music Library .size of main window is changed in some cases after restor e the minimized window .Fixed: Player .an error occurs when trying to import folders as pla error occurs when loading a skin that uses a blur effe ct .duration of track does not sent to server .an error occurs when loading inactive playlist via click by checkbox in the group header .Fixed: Playlist .drag-n-drop support has been adde d * Music Library: Grouping Tree Preset Editor .Fixed: Skin Engine .hue intensity incorrectly applied to shared textures .background color of AlbumArt element loads incorrectly fo r skins from AIMP3 .incremental search does not o verride the local hotkeys .fm .. if one of loaded playlist is folder based smart-playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .hiding a column does not reset the sorting by this colu mn .height of caption bar of visualization window is differs from he ight of caption bar of other secondary windows .Fixed: Skin Engine .8 KHz sample rate (for devic es that support this sample rate) * Common: hints are now displayed when changing the slider in the DSP-Manager di alog via mouse wheel or keyboard * Common: formatting templates .Small bugs were fixed AIMP support for tag fields with multiple values .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .08.scroll bar does not react on click via middle mouse butto n .list of available functions moved to sub-menu * Skin: added an ability to reduce main window width to 450 px * Skin Engine: playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .adding the files .Fixed: Plugins .progress of the "find files" operation is not displaying .Last.value of the album artist field does not take into acco unt for grouping .

+ Playlists Manager: an ability to view size and duration summaries of selected playlists + Playlists Manager: drag-n-drop support for the preview window has been added + Skin Engine: potential abilities have been expanded (refer to the help for Ski n Editor for more information) + Tags: added support for multiple values for APEv2.Fixed: Music Library .an error occurs if hide all columns .no hint for truncated text of currently using grouping tree preset .list of functions for text manipulation has been expanded + Common: the "copy to" / "move to" functionality .Fixed: Skin Engine .synchronization with pre-image is now works in sep arate thread + Playlist: playlist files are now imports each into separate tab if the "open f iles from external applications" option set to "create new playlist"..Fixed: Music Library .an ability to build playlist based on one or few d irectories + Playlist: smart playlists .an ability to build playlist based on data from Mu sic Library with an ability to filter and group data + Playlist: smart playlists .filter editor saves nested levels incorrectly ." functionality has been introduced + Playlist: the "Find in Music Library" command has been added + Playlist: smart playlists .. Vorbis Comments and M4A tags formats + Audio Converter: support for aften.Fixed: Music Library .exe command-line encoder for AC3 format has been added (thanks to Soolo) + Music Library: integrated into the main application + Music Library: "the" article isn't cut out when adding files in a DB any more + Music Library: an ability to save user mark to tags of file automatically (opt ional) + Music Library: an ability to specify different columns set for table and card views + Music Library: an ability to adjust height of the alphabetic index control + Music Library: an ability to set user-defined filter for grouping preset + Music Library: an ability to drag album by its album art .an ability to save folder st ructure + UI: new design of application + UI: windows animation no longer inhibits UI + UI: scrollbar thumb jumps to previous position when mouse cursor leaves scroll bar zone + Player: an ability to limit number of attempts to reconnect to internet-radio station when connection is lost + Playlist: Quick Search .grouping by date works incorrectly .Fixed: Music Library .list of macros for playable file has been expanded.Fixed: Music Library .2015) ========================================== + Common: version number of application has been removed from names of binaries + Common: macros .08.Fixed: Music Library .does not work under Windows XP . %TrackGain and %Lyrics + Common: macros .Fixed: Music Library .00 Beta 1.rescan tags does not work with edited CUE files .Fixed: Music Library works with read-only playlists incorrectly .some settings cannot be stored to configuration file .one-letter / two-letter names of macros are replaced with fri endly names + Common: macros .. build 1645 (08.Small bugs were fixed AIMP v4. following macros have been added: %AlbumGain.algorithm has been changed: the content that isn't sa tisfying to a search string hides now + Playlist: the "move to. ID3v2.waveform-navigator cuts off the wave of playable track in some cases .

8 KHz sample rate (for devic es that support this sample rate) .08.the "OK" button has been added + Plugins: SACD .few small bugs in API were fixed .Last.tracks that contains a "&" symbol cannot be scrobbl ed (regression) AIMP v3.tracks that contains a "%" symbol cannot be scrobbl ed .support of fields with multiple values has b een added + Music Library: the "move to.Fixed: Plugins .Last.09." functionality has been added + Music Library: file name column displays a name of file without path now + Music Library: alphabetic index is now supported for all fields + Music Library: skin support has been added + Music Library: the "no grouping" mode .auto filling in Combobox element ignores case .AlbumArt loads incorrectly from ID3v2 in some cases .Fixed: Plugins .the "insert after current" command removes selected track fr om read only playlists .title of remove file confirmation dialog window contains inf ormation about the playable file instead of application title .Fixed: Playlist .sleep timer .Fixed: Plugins .no information about the user in the "information a bout file" dialog .Fixed: Playlist .Last.application crashes if used select more than 8 channels in settings dialog for ASIO-based device .Fixed: Sound Engine .09.ISO .Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP .2015) =================================== * Sound Engine: added an ability to specify the 352.1 tracks AIMP ability to fill song list from curr ent folder only (without sub-folders) + Music Library: support of network files has been improved + Plugins: Scheduler .Fixed: playlist .Fixed: Playlist name was not changed after save the playlist to external file with different name .information about the duration of playable file doe s not sent to server .Fixed: Plugins .fm .2015) =================================== * Common: 3rd party libraries have been updated * Common: Parser for CUE formats now ignores an empty fields * Playlist: Performance of builder for shuffle queue has been increased at 3 tim es . build 1502 (20..Fixed: Player .fm .Fixed: Plugins .settings are not saved for work session the plugin displays both stereo and 5.Small bugs and defects were fixed .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Player .Fixed: UI .+ Music Library: an ability to scroll song list via mouse wheel without focusing of it + Music Library: an ability to fast scroll via mouse wheel if Ctrl key is presse d + Music Library: Report generator ..duration of WAV files calculates incorrectly in some cases .2015) =================================== . build 1503 (26.delete file confirmation window does not focused if applicat ion is not active (regression) .an ability to fade out volume + Plugins: Scheduler . build 1500 (31.Save Dialog .Last.60.

an edit field cannot be focused by click of right mouse button .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Playlist .format of internet radio stream in FLAC format in OGG containe r displays as OGG Vorbis. build 1492 (24. build 1497 (15.AIMP v3.Fixed: Tag Editor .album arts cache is not updated after edit the album art i n tag editor .60.Update Checker .Fixed: Playlist . if off-line cache is not empty . .Plugins: SACD .non-natural sorting is used when adding folders to playlist .no ability to type the ":" symbol.60. even if the "repeat track" option is switched off .the "Move output to" option .tags does not loads if section with tags is placed after section w ith data .fm .Fixed: Tag Editor .Player: player jumps to next track if an error occurs during opening file oper ation even if the "Automatically jump to next track" option is switched off .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Player .information bars displays every time when player rece ives metadata from server even if data have not been changed .Fixed: Audio Converter .last.60.Common: index map of icon library loads incorrectly at second time during one work session .Fixed: Playlist .no an ability to play tracks in TAK / OFR / OFS formats .Fixed: player .2015) =================================== * Common: few localizations have been updated.bitrate of MP3 files detects incorrectly in some cases .downloading process does not canceled on clo sing the options dialog AIMP v3.track can be played twice in some cases if shuffle mode is act .fm .an error occurs in some cases that leads to stop redrawing o f playlist .Tags: WAV .Fixed: Sound Engine .ISO parser does not loads track if there are no meta informati on about the tracks .Fixed: Plugins .information about the scrobbling sends to server tw ice in some cases.06. .07.playlist starts playing again after delete last playing trac k from playlist.Fixed: player .Player: application ignores the custom queue when physically deleting playable file .hangs while re-connecting to device .Skin Engine: an error occurs when trying to apply skin in handler of skinned b utton .Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.2015) =================================== + SACD plugin: multi-threaded decoding is now supported + SACD Plugin: SACD images in the ISO format are now supported (experimental) * Tag Editor: the APEv2 tag is now automatically deleted from MP3 during saving changes .shuffler queue is resets when closing the application . build 1495 (03.meta-data parses incorrectly in some cases when playing the internet radio .Fixed: Sound Engine .Player: internet radio .scrobbler status is now displayed at notification area icon .04. Turkish and Indonesian localizati ons have been added .2015) =================================== * Common: the "jump to file" function does not create a new process of Windows E xplorer now (thanks to Alex) * Player: Playback quality have been improved for tracker music * Plugins: The Analog Meter visualization is now distribute as separate plugin * Plugins: Last.Fixed: Plugins .

Fixed: Plugins .Last.Fixed: Tag Editor .playing track was not focused after start up the application .support for ReplayGain information that placed in the file header . .sample rate and duration calculates incorrectly .an empty track titles are displayed for CUE sheets in the "S earch New Files" dialog .scrobbler progress paints incorrectly AIMP v3.Fixed: Skin Engine .fm: scrobbling occurs at the expiration of 4 minutes.Fixed: playlist . if file contains padding in the end of file .format string .fm .Fixed: Skin Engine .the "Information" tab is missing for the virtual files . even if the "on end of playlist" option is set to the "stand by" value .Fixed: Sound Engine .meta-data parses incorrectly in some cases when playing the internet radio .an empty playlist file is moved to the Recycle bin after clo se the application in some cases .small bugs were fixed .2015) =================================== * Tag Editor: OPUS .search the album art in Google / Yandex .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Plugins . build 1479 (06.meta-data parses incorrectly in some cases when playing the internet radio .Fixed: Sound Engine .ReplayGain information is now stored into the file header * Tags: OPUS .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Playlist .few errors in API .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: playlist . if skin has been changed before restore .the "File Location" command works incorrectly with URL .Fixed: Sound Engine .player starts playback of other playlist after closing the p laying.02.scrobbler message was sent before the end of track .Fixed: Sound Engine . build 1483 (27.Fixed: playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .60.Fixed: playlist .Fixed: Plugins .ive.the "reload data from pre-image" works incorrectly .Fixed: player .few small bugs .click on the album art display opens the miniature copy o f image instead of original .Fixed: Tag Editor .Last.album arts that displays in player and in the "Info rmation about track" dialog of plugin are different .fm .album arts search does not work if track does not h ave information about the album .BASS .OPUS . if the specified of percents of track duration is greater than this value .bugs with positioning of windows after restore it from mi nimized error occurs in some cases when trying to love / unlove the track .an error occurs while reading file in the AIFF format.part of previous track can be heard when start file play back from the Windows Explorer.Fixed: Plugins .fm: size of offline cache have been increased to 1000 of tracks * Last.the application hangs if click pause and quickly close t he program .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Tag Editor .small bugs were fixed .Last.bugs with positioning of windows after change the screen resolution .Fixed: playlist .fm .Last.Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.query parameters are not escaped .bugs with positioning of windows .unable to play internet-radio under Windows 10 . if player is not running .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Plugins .60.Last.2015) =================================== * Playlist: uniform playback of groups in shuffle mode is switched off * Playlist: performance of the quick search has been improved * Last.Fixed: Skin Engine .fm .

files cannot be added to the DB via drag-n-drop operati on in some cases .Fixed: Common .order of the groups is inverted after moving it via drag-n-d rop if groups are collapsed .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Tag Editor .2014) ======================================== * Playlists Manager: speed of files loading for preview has been increased .60.60 RC 4.Fixed: common .Fixed: Audio Library .Fixed: Audio Library .60 RC 4. build 1457 (19.playback position calculates incorrectly for set .an error occurs when trying to export to MP3 format w ith following settings: ability of removing / applying changes to the selected tag types does not work .audio library plugin cannot be loaded by player .an error occurs when closing the application on Windows XP .position of main window is changed when restore it from m ini-player if task bar is placed at top edge of screen .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Plugins .some tracks scrobbles two or more times .playback in the audio library does not affects to the p layback statistics .parser fails on some correct expressions .the "Default.60.some resampling artifacts can be heard when playing trac ker music .Fixed: Skin Engine .an error occurs if try to select items via mouse in an empty t able .Fixed: Skin Engine .wrong playback position is displaying in skin elements a fter restart the application if it was paused before restart .an error in playlist that leads to hide the element .Fixed: Playlist .12.alarm clock cannot play playlists that doe s not loaded into player . build 1470 (16.Fixed: Audio Converter . if the "save default playlist" option is switched of f .Fixed: Sound Engine . build 1465 (29.Fixed: Common .aimppl" file is moved to the Recycle bin after each close the completion does not work for the "Genre" field .01.Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.2014) =================================== . .Fixed: Tag Editor .12.Fixed: Playlist .player does not determine audio tracks in the CD-Extra disk if playback has been started from autorun menu .application hangs during cyclic playback of very short f iles . build 1460 (22.Simple Scheduler .12..2014) ======================================== * BASS_MIDI: added support for sound fonts in SFZ format * Skin Engine: mechanism for control the windows position during changing screen .CUE parser does not understand commands in lower case .fm . VBR.Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.interface hangs at some time when closing the Option Dialog wi th active "Skins" sheet .Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.Fixed: Common .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Sound Engine .2015) =================================== .Fixed: Skin Engine .Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.

played track is retained in memory after a manual switch to another track .Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP via RMB at slider does not set focus to it .Fixed: Plugins .API .Fixed: Sound Engine .2014) ======================================== + Tag editor: autonumeration .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .jumps to next track before the end in some case .an error occurs during scan the disk wit hout audio tracks .Compact Disk Audio .parameters are not initialized in settings frame if plugin was loaded via plugin manager .Fixed: Tag Editor .2014) ======================================== * Sound Engine: Replay Gain's "on-fly" calculation algorithm has been improved .Fixed: Sound Engine .the disk name does not updates in drives sub menu .wrong visualization of ability to dock main screen to the edge of screen after closing the playlist window .an exception occurs when trying to start playing file from e xternal application in AIMP.Compact Disk Audio .2014) ======================================== . if shuffle mode is switched on .slow buffering for some internet radio stations .an memory leaks occurs when adding tracker music to playlist .Fixed: Plugins . if it placed before the playable . build 1451 (02. build 1447 (19.60 RC 1.Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: last.Fixed: Common .Fixed: Tag Editor parses genre field from M4A incorrectly in some cases .12. if preview is active .Fixed: Skin Engine .12.Fixed: Plugins .playlist .an error occurs after closing the Options D ialog window.stuttering while playing files with bitrates more than 5 Mbps .some command line keys does not work . resolution has been improved .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Album Arts .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Playlist . build 1453 (10.Fixed: Plugins .the %IN macro does not work .text width calculates incorrectly for non-mono spaced fonts .Fixed: Controls .an exception in the cache manager leads to wrong album art is displayed for playable track .an ability to adjust format to XXX or XXX/XXX * Skin Engine: memory consumption during skin loading has been reduced * Skin Engine: memory consumption for skin has been reduced twice .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: common .reads rating from ID3v2 incorrectly in some cases .active playlist tab is out of visible area after program startup in some cases .60 RC 3.tags does not read for files after import external playlist in format that different from AIMPPL .Fixed: Sound Engine .Compact Disk Audio .Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.Fixed: Playlist .the TASEScrollbar element handles mouse wheel incorrectly .11.the "Insert after current" command set selected track into i ncorrect .information bar .some service errors was not handled correctly .information bar .60 RC 2.Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.application hangs in some cases during process of adding .playback progress calculates incorrectly .Fixed: Playlist .bug in parser for response of CDDB serve r .

Fixed: Controls .newly created playlist is removed past the recycle bin when closing the tab .navigation issues by files which size is more that 4 GBy tes .visual data cannot be retrieved in some cases that leads to flickering of visual elements .desktop work area was not updated after minimize fixed wi ndow AIMP v3.Fixed: Player .an error occurs on program startup under Windows XP .Fixed: Controls .both positions will be deleted on start playback .Fixed: Player .few glitches after minimizing / restoring the windows .state of running line hangs if reconnect to internet radio sta tion process has been aborted by user .fading animation does not work with focused elements .Fixed: Skin Engine .incorrect channels remapping for mono files .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Player .some files in AAC format cannot be played completely .playlist does not recalculates after collapsing / expandi ng all groups .Fixed: Sound Engine . build 1441 (12.information about the previous track is displayed for few seco nds in the running line after new file was started .60 RC 1.Fixed: Player .if track is added in the playback queue twice .Small bugs and defects were fixed AIMP v3.Fixed: Common .60 Beta 3. build 1433 (21.album arts not loaded in some cases if caching is switched off error occurs when trying to add an empty file to the playli st .album arts not loaded in some cases .Fixed: Player .channels count and bit-depth are incorrectly detected for file s in TAK format .2014) ========================================== + Controls: support of navigation via keyboard * Common: Added a button that display a list of supported macros for the edit fi eld * Player: Error dialog will not shown now if the application resumes playback du ring startup * Playlist: reading speed has been increased for the AIMPPL format * Skin Engine: an ability to blur behind is now available for Windows 7 only * Skin Engine: an ability to force switch off blur behind for skin has been remo .multi line editor does not fire the change event .Fixed: Skin Engine .seconds click on the drop down button does not close the dro pped down list .Fixed: Skin Engine .changing the bit-depth during playback leads to n oise .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: playlist .files that full path equals to 260 symbols cannot be played .10.Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Sound Engine .default encoding detects incorrectly when loading CUE from an external file . or removing USB-sound card .2014) ======================================== + Advanced Tag Editor: An ability to transliterate / change case for group of fi les + Advanced Tag Editor: Main screen UI has been updated * Options Dialog: Search box for installed skins * Options Dialog: Sorting a list of menu items immediately after change the lang uage .Fixed: Controls .ASIO .few bugs with control redrawing after changing focused state .Fixed: Controls .

fm: added an ability to change scrobbling threshold .Fixed: Sound Engine .file size is not updated in the running li ne after save changes .wrong bitrate is displayed for the playable file .the Next / Previous visualization buttons does not work a fter switch off the visualization .a rounding error of milliseconds during fo rmat time value by the "mm:ss" template .2014) ========================================== + Last.cyclic playback of file that duration is less than 1 sec ond stops after several iterations .Fixed: Skin Engine . build 1425 (19.several bugs in new API have been fixed .the "stop playback if current file was deleted" option works i ncorrectly .Fixed: Plugins .an rating marks for radiostation are displayed in playlist w hen trying to reconnect to it .Fixed: Skin engine .Fixed: Information about the file .name of the radiostation are changed in playlist.Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .an error occurs when trying to undock mini-player via mou se .the playlists tabs panel loose active tab from visible ar ea after change the skin .Fixed: Bookmark manager .Fixed: Bookmark manager .Fixed: Skin Engine .path to latest opened folder does not stored .album arts are not transfered to the target files cor rectly .height of item of bookmarks list in the drop down window differs from menu item height .Fixed: playlist .an error occurs if trying to send URL-item to other playlist .application UI freezes at 1 second while pausing / stopp ing the playback .Fixed: Sound engine .60 Beta 2.the Load / Unload commands are works incorrectly for multiple selection .Fixed: Plugins Manager .an ability to install the application with empty destinatio n path .duration of file in the TAK format calculates incorrectly in s ome cases .Fixed: Information about the file .file size is not updated after save change s .ved .Fixed: Audio Converter .Fixed: Player .several issues with calculation of playback indexes .reduce flickering of album art display during switch the tracks .values of the MagnetRectOffsets property are ignored when maximizing window than has been minimized via hotkey .files adding does not work correctly .Fixed: tag editor .Minor bugs were fixed AIMP v3.Fixed: Skin Engine .an error occurs when trying to change size of album art in the BMP format .Fixed: Information about the file .player hangs in some cases when change the default outpu t device .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .level channels of the prvVisual provider are swapped .Fixed: playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Information about the file .Fixed: Skin Engine .maximized window always restores on the main screen after minimization .Fixed: Playlist . if close t he application without stop it before closing .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .tab with additional information about the playable radio station was missed .Fixed: Installer .09.position of the "Quick File Info" dialog calculates incor rectly if the taskbar is placed on secondary screen .Fixed: Player .

Fixed: few bugs with localization of some elements .Fixed: last.08.2014) ========================================== + Templates: macros for date modified / time modified of file were added * Quick Tag Editor: An ability to display information about the bit depth for so me formats * Album Arts: search and loading algorithm have been improved * Replay Gain calculator: performance has been increased at 60 % .Fixed: Controls .Fixed: last. build 1416 (08.Fixed: Player .plugin stops playback because of crash if playable file is vi rtual .sometimes the "Audio Device Settings" button disappears after clicking on it .fm .incorrect evaluation at some expressions .Fixed: Controls .Fixed: extended information about the error during connection to i nternet radio station does not displayed in the error box .Fixed: Album Arts .the "rescan tags" function was not take changes from CUE fil es into account .Fixed: Playlist .the "add to the playback queue" command was missed from contex t menu of Windows Explorer .Fixed: last.the typed value is not checked for validity .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Album Arts .no way to open album arts catalogs for virtual files .Fixed: Audio Converter .Fixed: Player does not catch the CUE files from .Fixed: Player .fm plugin does not scrobble albums .the black square is displayed instead of album art in JPG format in some cases .60 Beta 1.2014) ========================================== + Common: New API for plugins .60 Beta .content of playlist file loads incorrectly .Fixed: last..Fixed: SACD .Fixed: Player . build 1421 (29.Fixed: Album Arts error occurs when trying to open files from external source s .an error occurs during loading files in the DSF format .Minor bugs were fixed AIMP v3.WMA Encoder was missed . .Fixed: plugin stops playback because of crash .value of the "Album" field is ignored when fetching the album art for the playable track .Fixed: few bugs with localization of some elements .moving mouse cursor to the disabled menu item or separator i n parent level does not hide child sub menu .iso.does not react on changing of default output device if t he WASAPI interface is used for output .reselection of visualization does not activate it .albums does not scrobbled .an error message occurs during album art loading from sub folder .the "Lyrics" tab was missed .the "-" symbol is displayed in the TextDisplay element af ter seek the playable file to beginning .incorrect logic of scrobbler with the AlbumArtist tag field .fm .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Last.wv images .an error occurs in the plugin after remove access for applica tion in profile at the web site.Fixed: Playlist .fm .Fixed: Skin Engine .some minor bugs were fixed .Fixed: Skin Engine .fm .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Player does not catch CUE file that contains the "File" word in the com ment section .Fixed: minor bugs and defects AIMP v3.Fixed: Player .

an null size window with application icon is displaying at cen ter of the screen when move mouse at the AeroPeek preview of application .fm .fm client + Plugins: Last.added an ability to select target screen + Plugins: .fm service is used to do it for now) + Album Arts: An ability to define album art for internet radio stations + Album Arts: An ability to customize search options + Playlist: The "adding files" process is now working in separate thread + Playlist: Shuffle mode .all plug-ins are now stored in a subfolders + Plugins: Common .added an ability to set default value for normali zation + Sound Effects: Replay Gain .Fixed: Common .uniform playback of files from different service directly . .fm .issues with position of taskbar button at Windows 8 with multi -screen configuration AIMP v3.added an ability to set preamp value for normaliz ation factor + Integration to OS: The "Add to Queue" command has been added to the context me nu of Windows Explorer + Mini-Player: An ability to adjust volume via mouse wheel without set focus int o the mini-player + Album Arts: An ability to download album art from internet automatically (plug in for Last. build 1355 (14.the "show always" option has been added + Plugins: Infobar .2014) =================================== * Audio Library: The "Add to AIMP's playlist" menu item has been added to the co ntext menu for grouping tree .Fixed: Common .Files from the Windows Explorer were not added to the list at .Fixed: Common .fm .all indexes are now stored in the playlist file + Playlist: Shuffle algorithm has been improved .+ Common: DEP and ASLR support have been added + Common: The "Modules" folder has been removed.limit on the screen resolution has been removed for new type plugins + Plugins: Infobar .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Common .\System\Data. the following folders have been introduced instead: .you no lon ger required installed last.application hangs in some cases when trying to add corrupted f iles in OGG format .added an ability to filter plugins by status + Plugins: Common .plugin for an ability to decode hi-res audio in the DSDIFF / D SF formats .offline cache for100 records has been added + Plugins: SACD .added an ability to send the AlbumArtist field value instea d of the Artist (optional) + Plugins: Last.tray icon flashes during program startup .support of Input plugins from Winamp has been removed becaus e this type of plugins does not support multi threading + Plugins: Visualizations . . avoiding sequential playback of two consecutive files + Playlist: The number of file access has been reduced during loading a playlist / add files process + Audio Converter: The "Jump to target folder" button has been added + Tag Editor: An ability to switch off grouping in the file list + Tag Editor: Added an ability to drop files / images from internet browsers / U RLs to the album art display + Tag Editor: AIFF file format support + Plugins: Common .plugin now works with ability to show window with information about playable f ile + Plugins: Last.\System.\System\Encoders + Sound Effects: Normalization settings have been extended + Sound Effects: Normalization settings have been moved to separate tab + Sound Effects: Replay Gain .added an ability to love / unlove tracks + Plugins: Last.07.

Fixed: Sound Engine .new name of playlist is not updated in the PlaylistBox sk in element .maximum delay before start record new track has been increased to 30 seconds.55.the URL will be automatically conve rted to punycode and vice settings are resets after restart the application . if selected pl aylist has been never activated after restart of the program .focus and playback cursor are reseted after synchronization . * Sound Engine: Radio Capture .default folder for internet radio capture is stored to configu ration file . build 1350 (16.2014) =================================== * Equalizer Presets Dialog: Alphabetical sorting of presets is default now * Equalizer Presets Dialog: Incremental search has been added * Player: Compatibility with the Zaycev.another playlist starts service has been improved * Skin Engine: Added an ability to resize animator control .mixing options apply incorrectly .06.ASIO . if embedded CUE has been remove via AIMP Tag Editor .list of supported formats is populated now on d emand.The QFI window doesn't appear at the first time in some cases . if it has been hidde n by mouse before that .Fixed: Skin Engine .album art from ID3v2.Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Playlist .55.Fixed: Sound Effects .scratches can be heard on some tracks if the normalizati on by amplitude effect is active .output settings are resets at some devices when opening the Options Dialog .the remove file confirmation dialog does not restore focus a fter closing .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Tag Editor .2014) =================================== * Sound Engine: Options Dialog .Fixed: Player .4 tag cannot be read in some cases . build 1345 (26.the program sometimes hangs during playback .tray icon flashes during program startup .few bugs with playback resuming on some devices . .start of application .Fixed: small bugs AIMP ability to set unsupported file as pre-image via drag-n-drop operation .player is minimized to tray instead of taskbar in some cases .CUE sheet is now stored on the hard drive after each track * Sound Engine: Compatibility with Remote Desktop Assistant has been improved (f or WASAPI interface) * Playlist: an empty playlists with non-empty preimage setting will not be delet ed now on closing the application * Playlist: Advanced search is now show last search query * Tag Editor: Support for non-english URLs .Fixed: Sound Engine incorrectly identifies a list of supported formats for som e device types .Fixed: Common .file in FLAC format cannot be read by player.Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Sound Engine .The Information Line flashes on display.Fixed: Player .03. not at Options Dialog initialization * Sound Engine: Radio capture .Fixed: Playlists Manager .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Tag Editor .an error occurs in some cases when trying to undock the m ini player from screen edge via drag-n-drop AIMP v3.Alarm Clock .Fixed: Skin engine .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Plugins .item with URL cannot be sent into other playlist via context menu .

The remove file confirmation dialog doesn't return focus to th e previous window after closing .added support for the Push and the Event outp ut modes * DSP-Manager: Volume Normalization .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: The "Send To" .Fixed: Skin Engine .the application hangs when trying to move file via Drag -n-Drop.Few minor bugs were fixed AIMP error occurs when trying to encode file to the OGG format with quality low than 4 .behavior of child window is broken after closing the wind ow via Alt+F4 .the hit-test calculates incorrectly in some cases .with the preimage.Compact Disk Audio . build 1332 (21.cursor position in the table resets to zero after r emoving the record .Fixed: Playlist .cache is not updated in some cases . "genre". playlist file deleted bypassi ng the recycle bin .Fixed: Skin Engine .selected template is ignored.Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Audio Library .55.ID3v2 .when closing the playlist tab.inaccurate navigation at the file during playback.Fixed: Plugins .Compact Disk Audio .2013) =================================== . if file doesn't have tags . as for the other fields . "link" fields instead of first.Fixed: Player .2014) =================================== * DSP-Manager: Added an ability to switch on/off all cross mixing settings quick ly * Player: The "Insert after current" command in addition to current behavior.55. no w puts track to the beginning of playback queue .information about the track has incorrec t encoding.Fixed: Bookmarks Manager . .Fixed: Playlist . if it in the MP3 format .Fixed: Tag Editor .value of the SizeMaximal property isn't taken into accoun t for client-aligned containers .Fixed: Tag Editor .55. build 1331 (20.the autotag functions is not work correctly .2013) =================================== * Sound Engine: WASAPI Exclusive .lyrics field value has been cut by first line AIMP v3.12.01. build 1338 (31.Fixed: Skin Engine .scale factor is now displayed in the "% dB / % x" format * Tag Editor: String parsing in the AutoTag based on the file name is now going from end * Rollback: Fixed .last value is taken into account for the "comment" .Fixed: Audio Converter .initial size of container calculates incorrectly in some layouts . if information has been received from the CDDB .Fixed: Plugins .the value of the PeakSegmentation property isn't taken in to account .Fixed few minor bugs .no an ability to drop files to the end of playlist in some c ases .bugs with initialization of default values for controls o n program startup AIMP v3. if target folder already contain file with same name .Fixed: Tag Editor .

Fixed: Replace Confirmation Dialog .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Sound Engine .small bugs were fixed .windows position are shifted at taskbar height after restart i f taskbar is placed at top edge of screen .click via middle mouse button does't select row in th e table .program UI sometimes hangs when playing tracks .55 RC.Few extra drop target slots are exists when moving files in the playlist via mouse . if load it as .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Player .Local hot keys doesn't work if full screen visualization mode is active .Fixed: Player . build 1320 (04.Small bugs were fixed AIMP v3. build 1307 (07.Fixed: Advanced search . build 1324 (15.An error occurs when switching between tracks in some ca ses .Fixed: Skin Engine .the "Replace All" and the "Skip all" butt ons doesn't work .Small bugs were fixed AIMP v3.Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Player .manual track switching processed with small delay .Fixed: Sound Engine .The content of CUE sheet is loaded incorrectly.2013) =================================== * Sound Engine: The normalization function has been returned.player jumps over track in some cases when set is playin g .Information about bitrate in the metadata section are ig nored .No an ability to set multimedia keys as local hot keys .Fixed: Common .file in the CUE format loads incorrectly in some cases .2013) =================================== * Bookmarks Manager: added an ability to sort items via click on table column .application hangs when changing playback position via mo use wheel . the algorithm has been improved .11.2013) ======================================== * Sound Engine: activating / deactivating effects are now processed more smoothl y * Advanced Search: The "file Location" menu item has been added * Advanced search: Added an ability to add files to the queue via middle mouse b utton click . if effect time is l ess than a second .player doesn't play last 20-30 msec of track .10.55 RC 2.Fixed: Player .Fixed: Sound Engine .Crashes on terminating if one of the DSP-plugin is active .2013) ====================================== * Sound Engine: Cache system has been improved .55.55.stuttering occurs on start of playback in some cases .AIMP v3.Fixed: Sound Engine .10.Fixed: Player .Fixed: Sound Engine .11.Small bugs were fixed AIMP latency has been reduced * Jump to Time: Added an ability to split minutes and seconds by space symbol * Manual: Added search ability * Tags: replay gain are now supported for MusePack v8 format .The mixing effect cuts end of track. build 1312 (15.Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Playlists .the application hangs during playback of file with durat ion less than 1 seconds if the "repeat track" mode is active .

you can access to catalogs via internet browser * Player: Fading and cross mixing settings has been moved to DSP Manager dialogu e * Player: Cross mixing setting has been expanded .Program crashes during cache buffer initialization proce ss if system cannot allocate requested memory size .window position is restored incorrectly if it was attached to the screen edge via drag-n-drop .09.Bugs with parameters selection in the "OGG Vorbis Enc oder Settings" dialogue .Fixed: Audio Converter .The custom information about the radio station is lost when pl ayback is starting .Fixed: Playlists .Fixed: Player .Bugs with parameters selection in the "WMA Encoder Se ttings" dialogue .Mouse wheel settings are ignored .quick search has been added + Bookmarks: "Bookmarks Manager" dialogue .2013) =================================== * Sound Engine: TAK decoder has been updated * Sound Engine: Cache system has been improved .The sizes of windows now automatically adjusted after screen resolution changing * Plugins: The "Internet Radiostation Catalog" plugin has been removed.Zoom level not saved on restart .a playlist .Fixed: Audio Converter .Selection has been restored incorrectly after play list deletion AIMP v3.55 Beta.Fixed: Player .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Browse Folder Dialogue .Data from ID3v2 has been replaced with data from ID3v1 in some cases.The Ctrl + Up / Ctrl + Down hot keys does not work . even if encoding is different .No information about bitrate is displayed for some files in th e MP4 format .08.Fixed: Player .Fixed: Managing Playlists .51.Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Sound Engine .Crashes on attempt to activate DSP-plugin .Fixed: Small another bugs AIMP v3.Small bugs have been fixed .2013) ======================================== + Common: Added an ability to move links via drag-n-drop from internet browser t o playlist or "Add link" dialog + Bookmarks: Added an ability to add playlists to the bookmarks + Bookmarks: "Bookmarks Manager" dialogue .File cannot be removed physically if it played in mini-pla yer of the tag editor . build 1298 (12.Fixed: Playlist . build 1288 (07.usability has been improved + Sound Engine: Anticlipping + Sound Engine: Added an ability to customize resampling speed/quality + Sound Engine: Added an ability to use dithering when decreasing bit depth + Sound Engine: The SoXR library is now used for resampling + Sound Engine: Performance has been increased * Rollback: Skin Engine .Few extra drop target slots are exists when moving files in the playlist via mouse .CPU usage has been reduced * Playlists: auto name algorithm has been improved * Tag Editor: The progress of current operation is now displaying on the taskbar button * Skin Engine: The sizes of windows now automatically adjusted after screen reso lution changing .Fixed: Tag Editor .

Fixed: Player .now we use solution recommended by Microsoft * Audio Library: New algorithm of rating calculation .Fixed: Sound Engine .Fixed: Tag Editor does not recognize files which located in the Windows Librar ies .Queue manager does not save file order after closing the playe r .Fixed: Playlists .50.Playlists Manager deletes playlists pass the recycle bin .Fixed: Player .Format line parser does not process "\.No ability to drag player window by its caption .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Pandemic AIO Skin .No an ability to pause file playback.Fixed: Playlists .Fixed: Playlists .The Ctrl + Page Up / Ctrl + Page Down hot keys does not work i n secondary windows if its have been used as local hot keys in the player.Fixed: Audio Library displays wrong data in the report .Incorrect files order in the "Analysis Result" dialogue .. if it located on r emote server .06.Fixed: Tag Editor .Deletion of the collapsed group expand group which placed b elow .An error occurs in some cases when trying to load skin th .Bookmarks cannot be saved in some cases .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Noise can be heard when playing file with high sampling rate .rating is now depends fro m time .Fixed: Playlist .Some bugs in localizations .2013) ======================================== * Player: Hot key for "Switch On/Off Equalizer" command * Player: Position of the "Advanced Search" window now stored to config * Player: New mechanism of file association .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Tag Editor .the "Save playlist 'Default'" option is ignores when closin g playlist tab .Fixed: Tag Editor . build 1277 (19.The "All words with capital letter" function change the capita lization of whole word to uppercase in some cases . if playabl e track has incorrect symbols in one of its tag fields .2013) =================================== .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Common .Bugs in some localizations .Autofilling tags functionality does not work AIMP v3.The "suspend global hot keys" option does not work .Program crashes during radio capture process.Tracks with long names cannot be played in some cases .Fixed: Sound Engine .Player can't be associated with file types in some cases .Fixed: Sound Engine .The M4A tag missing in the tags list for group removing / applying tag fields values .Genre from list of predefined genres does not save correct ly to M4A format .06.Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Common .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine . ." set of symbols correc tly .Fixed: Common .50 RC 2.Converter ignores special settings for All-In-One skins .Fixed: Sound Engine .No overwrite confirmation in some cases .Fixed: Common .An ability to resize window is blocked after change skin to another without maximization support if window is maximized . build 1270 (04.Fixed: File Save Dialogue .player add files to playlist too long .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Audio Library does not take initial rating of file into account when ad ding file to database AIMP v3.

Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .elements placed on hidden container still visible in some cases AIMP v3.50 Beta 3.Fixed: Common .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Audio Library .05.Fixed: Skin Engine error occurs when trying to move file from bookmarks popup window to external application via Drag-n-Drop .bugs in time formatting function .Fixed: Player .2013) ======================================== * Common: The cover art search now processes the "Cover" and "Scan" subfolders * Common: Application loading speed has been increased .bugs with reading command line switches .50 RC 1.Fixed: Small bugs and defects . build 1247 (10.Fixed: Player .Fixed: Player .Value of the ClipChildren property is ignores when calcul ating HitTest .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .there is no check for corruption of skin package .Focused file disappears from visible area after sorting AIMP v3.Fixed: Skin Engine .mouse cursor is not recalculated correctly in some cases .the "skip this file" option doesn't work in the "Rename" d ialog .only samples are played .position of equivalent containers calculates incorrectly in some cases .Fixed: Skin Engine . build 1259 (08.position of pinned window calculates incorrectly.Fixed: Internet Radio Browser .filename of tracklist cuts off in some cases .2013) ========================================== + Common: Added support for panning gesture for listbox like controls .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Playlist .small bugs with providers AIMP v3.bugs with applying playlist as alarm clock melody .player ignores "SONGWRITER" field in CUE-sheet .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Player .04.Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .An error occurs when trying to execute "Search New Files" di alog .Fixed: Player cannot play tracker music correctly in some cases .click on cover art display opens temporary copy of image instead of original .position of equivalent containers with limited sizes calc ulates incorrectly .Fixed: Scheduler .an error occurs when trying to start Audio CD playback from au torun menu .50 Beta 4.Hotkey settings are not saved in some cases . build 1253 (19.Fixed: Installer launches the Application as administrator .an error occurs when closing the window during download operation .Fixed: QFI .Fixed: Tag Editor .no an ability to move selected group inside another even if "Merge with similar categories" option is switched off .at contains embedded fonts .Fixed: Audio Converter does not write information about replaygain for album t o CUE-sheet . if mast er window is docked to main window .hot keys list doesn't repaint correctly after removing the hot key via keyboard .2013) ========================================== .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Skin Engine .

Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Player .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .2013) ========================================== + CoverArt Downloader: Click on image now opens it in external application + CoverArt Downloader: Caching of downloaded files for current work session + Audio Converter: Hotkey for start conversion process has been added + Audio Converter: OPUS Encoder has been added + Audio Converter: Added an ability to save path structure during conversion pro cess + Sound Engine: Added support for i32v24 sample format + Sound Engine: Now player has separate settings for crossfading in manual and a utomatic switching modes + Sound Engine: Equalizer has been improved .few folders without spaces in the names cannot be added to the player via command line .Fixed: Installer doesn't create shortcuts under Windows 8 .50 Beta 1.Fixed: Skin Engine .the state of "shutdown the computer" option isn't st ored . build 1224 (31.Fixed: Installer .Fixed: Audio Library error occurs when trying to remove playable file AIMP v3.Fixed: The tag editor stores two copies of cover art to the file in FLAC forma t .50 Beta 2.01. build 1237 (08.all tracks from set are added to the audio converter re gardless of which of them were selected AIMP v3.Fixed: Audio Library .the plug-ins table jumps to beginning after any plug-in is unl oaded .update mode doesn't work . build 1236 (07.preview for few selected playlists doesn't work co rrectly .the list doesn't scroll to searching item via quick search i f it placed in collapsed group .maximized window reduces its size after AIMP restart .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Player .50 Beta 2.2013) ========================================== .data cache doesn't refresh after removing operation .an error occurs when trying to undock tray-control from t he screen edge .Fixed: Simple Scheduler .now all frequencies are processed between sliders + Common: Settings in options dialog has been regrouped + Common: Player no longer supports configuration files from AIMP2 .Fixed: Skin Engine ..Fixed: Tag Editor save incorrect information about the size of ID3v2 tag AIMP v3.Fixed: Playlists Managing .containers visibility doesn't save to configuration file .2013) ========================================== * Audio Converter: Tags are now stored to WMA and WavPack formats via AIMP tags engine * Audio Converter: Only common information about the tracks is now stored to the file tags during "All-to-one file" encoding mode * Player: Playlists reading speed has been increased by 25% * Player: Response time of the window in "desktop toolbar" mode during adding fi les via drag-n-drop operation has been decreased * Skin Engine: Rendering speed has been increased due caching of the background elements * Skin Engine: Compatibility with old skins has been improved .03.information in QFI isn't refreshed in some cases .Fixed: Audio Library .

added an ability to scroll items via mouse whe el + Custom Controls: Context menu .2012) =================================== * Player: The Algorithm of catching CUE sheets for audio files with double exten sion has been improved . build 1165 (21.added an ability to execute action after pre-set time period + Scheduler: Alarm Clock .20.+ Common: Added support of long pathname (more than 260 characters).per-pixel scrolling has been added + Custom Controls: Scrollbar .new design + Tag Editor: Added support of "BPM".auto scrolling to selected item on menu popup + Custom Controls: Now you can switch between tabs via Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+T ab / Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+PageDown shortcuts + Custom Controls: ListView and TreeView . when send it to a removable device + Player: Confirmation for the remove equalizer preset operation has been added + Player: Managing Playlists . OPS.bilateral transliteration has been added (Russian - English) + Tag Editor: Rename files . M4A and M4B are supported) + Common: Performance has been increased + Scheduler: Alarm Clock . "Composer".added an ability to set playlist as alarm clock ringt one + Player: Equalizer settings has been added to the DSP Manager dialog + Player: Playlist tab hint now contains information about playlist content + Player: Hotkey for the "Reload data from pre-image" command has been added + Player: Hotkeys for executing the "Bookmarks Manager" and "Equalizer" dialogs has been added + Player: Hotkeys for set mark to playable / selected files has been added + Player: The queue of shuffle playback is now stored on the application closing + Player: Added Drag-n-Drop support for the Bookmarks Manager + Player: Now files merge into one queue. if mark is not set + Audio Library: Added an ability to send files to playlist + Audio Library: Added an ability to add files to data base via Drag-n-Drop + Audio Library: Added special context menu for cells of the "Labels" column + Audio Library: Hotkeys for playback control has been added + Audio Library: The "BPM". "Publisher" and "File Format" columns ha s been added + Audio Library: New design of the "Labels Manager" dialog + Audio Library: Mark reading speed has been increased by 10 times + Custom Controls: Context menu .added an ability to replace / remove selected chara cters + Tag Editor: Rename files .12. only for Wi ndows Vista and newer + Common: Added an ability to split files by chapters (OGG.added an ability to jump to position under mouse cursor via mouse click with pressed Shift key AIMP v3.added an ability to browse content of closed play list (with search ability) + Tag Editor: Added an ability to resize window of "Presets Editor" dialog + Tag Editor: The "File Size" column has been added + Tag Editor: Rename files . "Disc Count" and "Publisher" tag fields + Tag Editor: Added support of OPUS format tags + Tag Editor: Added an ability to calculate BPM (powered by SoundTouch Library) + Skin Engine: An ability to switch off spectrum animation for playable track + Skin Engine: An ability to dock window to the top and bottom screen edges + Skin Engine: Potential abilities are extended + Audio Library: Added an ability to switch off automatic jump to next track dur ing playback + Audio Library: Added an ability to display rating instead of mark.

10. which contains "" symbols . if initialization of DSP-plugin failed .Fixed: Small bugs and defects . if Editor has been called from "Quick File Info" dialog .2012) =================================== * Audio Converter .Lyrics does not "break" by lines for M4A format .Fixed: Audio Library . if scroll animation is disabled .Fixed: Tag Editor .selected folder adding to the playlist independe nt from checkmark state .Fixed: Playlists tabs aren't repainted after scrolling.Fixed: Player cannot open CUE files.Fixed: Quick Tag Editor .track number does not save to playing file .alphabetic index has inverted scrolling by mouse wheel AIMP v3. build 1163 (28.Unable to choose command line encoder for capture .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Audio Converter . build 1148 (19.%IN macro is now supported * Tag Editor .Added ability to set path manually .Doesn't transfer tags to the file when capturing stream in AAC format without transcoding .Fixed: Player doesn't play sound.Fixed: Skin Engine .Delayed update of visualization elements . build 1155 (16.Fixed: Known memory leaks .Added an ability to edit tags of playable file .Fixed: Audio Library hangs in some cases when "add files" or "rescan tags" ope ration is active .Fully transparent elements in old skins does not drawn co rrectly AIMP v3.2012) =================================== * Playlist: Quick search can be finished now by pressing ESC key .Extended information about radio station does not di splay.Fixed: Radio Capture .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: The Error Dialog cannot be closed via ESC key .Sample format saves incorrectly for command line enco ders .Fixed: Incorrect font rendering in Information Line under Windows 8 .* Tag Editor: Cover art now stored to special section in FLAC format .Fixed: Audio Converter .20.20.Fixed: Quick Tag Editor .Fixed: Rounding errors while calculating duration of the track from CUE .20 RC 1.Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: The "Ctrl+Del" hot key is intercepted by playlist from secondary text i nput elements AIMP v3.Fixed: Some elements of playlist does not support skin color scheme .Fixed: Equalizer presets created incorrectly during install on Windows with no n-russian locale .11.2012) ======================================== * Browse Folder Dialog .M4A Tag column has been added * Audio Library .Fixed: Radio Capture .Fixed: The content of playlist stops drawing in some cases .11.Fixed: Sound Engine doesn't detects supported formats of audio device correctl y .Error occurs when trying to remove virtual track from disk .Fixed: Browse Folder Dialog .Fixed: Player doesn't detect CD-drive at "A" letter .Track Number column has been added * Audio Converter .Cover Art from folder does not display for virtual f iles .Fixed: Skin Engine .

now engi ne access to the disk less frequently + Sound Engine: Added WASAPI Exclusive supports + Sound Engine: The maximal size of cache for input file has been increased to 2 50 MB + Common: Hint for the "Part repeat A-B" button now contains information about b ounds of repeating part + Common: Added an ability to view embedded Cover Art in original resolution + Common: Equalizer presets are now stored to the separate file on disk + Plugins: Decoder for OPUS format has been added + Plugins: Ogg Vorbis Encoder has been updated to v1.Fixed: Crash when capturing internet-radio AIMP v3.3 + Scheduler: Added an ability to wake up the computer + Scheduler: Added an ability to switch the computer to sleep mode + Scheduler: Added an ability to suspend playback and / or close the player befo re computer shutdown + Scheduler: The Alert will be shown now before computer shutdown + Advanced Tag Editor: Added an ability to choose tag format for which the chang es will be saved + Advanced Tag Editor: Added an ability to edit tags in M4A format + Audio Library: Incremental search has been added to the dropdown list of the f ilter of table column + Audio Library: Added an ability to flush search query easier .Fixed: Player doesn't restore playback queue after restarting .Fixed: Audio Converter doesn't transfer tags when encoding to MusePack format .2012) ========================================== + Common: The list of encodings for translating non-unicode text to UTF16 format has been supplemented + Playlist: The "%!" macro has been added for an ability to implement custom sor ting in reverse order * Sound Engine: Support of meta data of Internet radio stations in ASF format ha s been improved * Skin Engine: Rendering speed has been increased .Fixed: Color Scheme settings does not applied to the tray icon and context men u glyphs . build 1139 (28.Fixed: Player can't open sub-tracks with relative filename from CUE Sheet AIMP v3.09.few small bugs in "All files to one (+ CUE)" encoding mode . build 1125 (02.09..Fixed: Sound Engine doesn't detects supported formats of audio device correctl y .20 Beta 1.20 Beta 2.3.Fixed: Audio Converter .2012) ========================================== + Audio Converter: Added an ability to shut down the computer after conversion o peration + Audio Converter: Added an ability to use console encoders + Audio Converter: Added an ability to change format of input audio stream + Audio Converter: The "Encode All To One File" mode has been added (with / with out CUE logging) + Audio Converter: Tags in the ID3v1 now are saved to the file when encoding to MP3 format + Audio Converter: Added an ability to encode files to MusePack format + Radio Capture: The module uses the engine of Audio Converter now + Sound Engine: The algorithm of input file caching has been improved .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .

10. if two or more playlists has same name .Fixed: The Audio Converter increases tempo of composition twice when encoding to MP3 Mono format .Fixed: Player resumes playback on startup incorrectly.Fixed: The Audio Library does not suggest to create a new group in some cases when navigating by fields values .Fixed: Incompatibility with Synaptics TouchPad .08.Fixed: Incremental search does not work in the bookmarks popup window .Fixed: Audio Library ignores the number of playbacks for each file when it gen erates report about the favourite audio files AIMP v3.Fixed: The Audio Converter removes dots from file name .2012) =================================== .2012) =================================== * Sound Engine: The algorithm of advanced channels processing has been improved * Common: Localizations has been updated * Plugins: Compatibility with Last. if previously playing f ile has been removed from the playlist .Fixed: The Audio Converter ignores command line switches . build 1065 (04.Fixed: Player used to jump over one track after deleting file from the playlis t .2012) =================================== * Common: Localizations has been updated . build 1074 (24.Fixed: %IN macro is expanded incorrectly when sending files from playlist to e xternal directory .Fixed: The exception "Cannot open the file" occurs on multithreading encoding from a file in the WavPack format (+ CUE) ." options is active and target path is empty .10.Fixed: Incremental search does not work in the Tag Editor's genre selector men u . build 1061 (29.AIMP v3.10.Fixed: Small bugs and defects .07. if name of the folder contains dot symbol AIMP v3.Fixed: The Audio Converter raises an exception.Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Player used to jump over one track after deleting file from the playlis t in some cases AIMP v3..06.Fixed: Player resumes playback queue incorrectly.10.2012) =================================== * Audio Converter: Displaying the progress of conversion operation in window cap tion has been added * Common: Localizations has been updated * Player: The following equalizer presets has been added: Headphones / Reggae / .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: The autoname for playlist calculates incorrectly.Fixed: Memory leak occurs when working with the MP3 Encoder .Fixed: AIMP rewrites information about the integration to Windows Registry on applying settings .Fixed: File is moved from the source folder to another one instead of copied w hen dragging the file from the playlist .. if "move output Client v2 has been improved * Plugins: Rendering speed of visualizations has been increased * Skin Engine: Compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved . build 1072 (07.

Fixed: Playback cursor does not resets after playlist clearing .Fixed: Small scratches can be heard while playing track with sample rate great er than sample rate of output device . if file does not co ntain tags before operation .2012) ======================================== * Tags .Fixed: The Tag Editor does not save cover art to the file.4 in some cases .Fixed: Audio Converter incorrectly calculates target sample rate in some cases . build 1040 (08.Fixed: A Memory leaks in the Audio Library .06.10 RC 1. which occurs while output de vice is initializing .Fixed: The Cover Arts is read incorrectly from ID3v2.10 Beta 3.2012) ========================================== * Decoders: The BASS has been updated to v2.Wrong scrolling step at the ScrollBar element with non-re sizeable thumb .Fixed: Bugs with displaying of old skins .Fixed: The playlist does not accept files from another application via Drag-n- Drop .Fixed: Small bugs and defects . build 1045 (21.Fixed: The "Disable transparency if window is mouse focused" function does not work correctly in some cases AIMP v3. if it is greater than 25 5 . build 1051 (01.9 * Sound Engine: Performance has been increased * Converter: The Encoders has been moved from "AIMP3\Plugins" to "AIMP3\Modules" folder * Converter: The Blade-interface of the lame_enc.Fixed: Playlist hangs on attempt to delete file from the disk in some cases .Fixed: Track removes from playing queue twice at the start of playback AIMP v3.Fixed: Skin Engine . if it in the "desktop tool bar" mode .Fixed: The Equalizer window does not take animation settings into account in s ome cases .2012) ======================================== * Bookmarks: An ability to sort items in Bookmarks Manager * Plugins: Support of the Input plugins from Winamp has been improved * Skin Engine: Text rendering speed is increased twice .4.Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Skip mode does not work in the "Send To" dialog .Fixed: Bugs with behaviour and displaying of old skins .Ska / Techno .dll library now supports .Fixed: Player cuts the value of a track number field.05.Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Size of the window does not save.Size of padding between tag and audio data is now limited to 100 KBytes * Tags .05.Controls does not receive focus in some cases AIMP v3.Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Incorrect text is displayed for the error.10 RC 2.Fixed: Small bugs and defects .drop-down list is displayed behind the w indow .Fixed: The "Select Language" dialog .Fixed: Bugs with displaying the Equalizer Window when using old skin .Fixed: Player doesn't read audio tag correctly if it size is more than 1 MByte .The algorithm of calculating duration of audio files in MP3 VBR format has been improved .

Fixed: Player hangs after clicking on the "Start playback" button if the playl ist doesn't have tracks which are switched on .Fixed: Macros cannot be expanded in some cases .04.04. OGG.10 Beta 1.potential abilities are extended + Audio Library: An ability to choose default player . WV. build 1034 (27. build 1027 (16.Fixed: Bugs with displaying of old skins .Fixed: Internet Radio capture does not work .Added an ability to download and install an update i n semiautomatically mode + Playlist: "Mark" menu item has been added to the context menu of playlist + Playlist: Playlists Manager Dialog has been added + Playlist: Added an ability to load few playlists to separate tabs via Drag-n-D rop + Playlist: Added an ability of semiautomatic synchronization of the playlist wi th the specified folder or playlist + Playlist: Added an ability to work with groups via keyboard + Playlist: All playlists are stored now in profile folder of the program + Playlist: Playlists are not deleted now from the disk when you close playlist tab (optional) + Skin Engine: Engine has been detached from the functional part of the program . WMA and MP3 formats (Lame Encoder should be installed) + Audio Converter: The "Audio Converter" utility is distributed with the player again + Common: Added an ability to set template for running line for Internet Radio p layback + Common: Design of Error Dialog has been updated + Common: Design of default skin has been updated + Common: Option "Fade in volume at the beginning of track" has been moved to th e Quick Options menu + Common: Skins are now stored in the profile folder of the program + Plugins: Update Checker .10 Beta 2.Fixed: The CPU becomes overloaded during the playing silence if the equalizer is switched on .Fixed: Option "Add pause between track" does not work correctly .Fixed: Playback of selected track cannot be started from QuickSearch field via Enter key .Fixed: Player incorrectly calculates duration for some files in WavPack format .Fixed: Small bugs and defects . FLAC.Fixed: Exception is raised when trying to change color scheme for the skin .2012) ========================================== + Audio Library: Added an ability to quickly navigate through field value with A LT key pressed * Sound Engine: Algorithm of the resampler has been improved * Common: Design of hint for editing template has been changed * Playlist: Usability of multiple files selection using mouse has been improved * Audio Library: Speed of adding files into the database has been increased .Fixed: Focus leaves from playlist after deleting last file from the playlist AIMP v3.AIMP or build-in player o f Audio Library + Audio Library: An ability of access to the catalog of Internet radio stations has been removed + Audio Library: An ability of access to the content of flash-drives from Audio .AIMP v3.Fixed: Localization does not apply at the first start of the program . WAV.2012) ========================================== + Audio Converter: Added an ability to encode files using few threads + Audio Converter: New design + Audio Converter: Added an ability to encode files to APE.

Fixed: Applications hangs on attempt to play file without audio data.02.Fixed: Small scratches can be heard on quiet tracks when equalizer is switched on .Fixed: Autoname for equalizer preset generates incorrectly for the virtual fil es .Fixed: Buffer for DMO effects is not cleared after playback stopping . if Lastfm Client doesn't installed .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Small scratches can be heard on jumping from one track to another when equalizer is switched on .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: File mark does not display in playlist when AIMP2 skin is used .2012) ================================== * Localizations were updated of files with double extensions has been added .Fixed: Incorrect information about bitrate and duration is displayed for some files in OGG format .Fixed: Player isn't able to use WASAPI for outputting on Windows 8 .Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Information about the duration of the files is read incorrectly from th e playlist in PLS format .Fixed: Player doesn't allow to add files in AIFF format to playlist .DTS . if one of the record doesn't contain information about the bitra te .Fixed: "Default" button in DSP Manager resets all of its settings to their def ault values only on the second pressing .00.Fixed: Data from CUE sheets aren't caught up for files in .Fixed: Number of the track in the playback queue cuts off in playlist in some cases .Fixed: Files are added in backward order when they are adding via "Find new fi les" dialog AIMP v3.Library has been removed + Audio Library: The storage of playlists has been moved to the playlists manage r of the player AIMP v3.Fixed: Player starts playback of switched off tracks when jumping to another p laylist via hot keys .Fixed: DropWheel window is painted incorrectly in AIMP2 skins .Fixed: Some problems with TrayControl behavior .Some visualizations from AIMP2 don't work on AIMP3 .Online Radio Browser: Error occurres on attempt to switch to "IceCast" tab.Fixed: Player does not play short files completely .Fixed: Windows Explorer does not display data from tags of file in WMA Lossles s format after they've been edited by AIMP .Fixed: Incorrect information about bitrate is displayed for some radio station s .Fixed: Folder and Files aren't sorted by thier names on adding them from Windo ws Explorer .04.2012) ================================== * Localizations were updated * Playlist: Algorithm of CUE sheets catching for the audio files has been improv ed . build 985 (06. but with tags .Fixed: Incorrect information about file format is displayed in Quick Tag Edito r in some cases .Lastfm Client Helper crashes on attempt to show plugin settin gs.Fixed: Small bugs and defects .List loses focus after changing state of plugin . build 981 (16.

time used to draw incorrectly for files with duration mor e 100 minutes AIMP v3.Fixed: Incorrect position of equalizer sliders on first start .part of the next track sounds in the end of current track.last.Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Radio Browser .00.12.exception occurs when switching from "Ice Cast" to "Cus tom" tab .player doesn't jumps to next playlist if "Shuffle" mode is a ctive .auto fill tags function doesn't work in some cases .2011) ======================================= + Added localizations: Farsi * Sound Engine: Resampler algorithm has been improved * Localizations were updated * Plugins: Radio Browser . if it value more th an 255 .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Player . if height of the screen less than 600 pixels .00 RC 2.Fixed: Radio Browser .downloading process can't be canceled via "Cancel" butt on .2011) ======================================= * Added ability to install skin from Skin Chooser Dialog * Help in English was added * Localizations were updated * Support of multimedia keyboards has been improved * Compatibility with Synaptics TouchPad has been improved .Fixed: ID3v2 tag doesn't read to the end in some cases .buttons in footer panel doesn't display.Fixed: Value of "Encoding for non-unicode strings" option can't be saved . if "shuffle" mode is active .the table doesn't update after using tag autofill function AIMP v3."A-B Repeat" function drops playback position to beginning in some cases .Fixed: Radio Browser .00 RC 3.Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine . build 961 (02.hitTest mask doesn't work for slider elements .ability to input genre manually * Player: Ability to start playback of bookmark using "Enter" key * Player: Player now detects full screen applications only on the current monito r * Track list: Total duration of playlist now displays in "DD:HH:MM:SS" format .12.Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: External playlist is not reloaded when trying to open it again .2011) ================================== + Basque localization was added * Localizations were updated * Player: Radio station name is now set automatically on starting playback.Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Small bugs and defects . build 976 (30.exception occurs when trying to play previous playlist if it was closed .links doesn't add to "custom" catalog .Fixed: Playlist .Fixed: Skin Engine .AIMP v3.Fixed: Radio Browser .Fixed: Known memory leaks .12. build 970 (23.Fixed: Player . if i t has not been set before by the user * Tag Editor: Track number is no longer stored in the ID3v1.exception occurs when trying to activate Radio Browser in Audio Library .%IN macro used to start numeration from zero .fm plugin doesn't start scrobbling sometimes .

Fixed: Installer removes multiuser settings from AIMP2 in "New Installation" m ode .added an ability to access to proxy settings * Player: Ability to reset User-Agent value * Player: Help in Russian was added * Skin Engine: Sliders . build 934 (07.Fixed: Skin Engine .Button for easy way to set current time was added + Player: Ability to change "User-Agent" was added + Player: Playlists in *.Fixed: Player jumps to random track in some cases .Fixed: Player doesn't allow drop new file to the end of playlist.2011) ========================================= + Plugins: New API + Plugins: Scheduler . .Fixed: No an ability to capture plugin now works only with installed Last.component list doesn't fill correctly in some cases .Fixed: Incompatibility with AVG and Avast antivirus . build 950 (06.added hot-state supports . if modal dialog is shown on finishing drag -n-drop operation.Smooth applying of transparency doesn't work correctly wi th TrayControl window in some cases .Fixed: Skin Engine .Fixed: Player repeats one track twice in some cases even if "Repeat Track" mod e is switched off .10.Fixed: Player doesn't work correctly with playlists in M3U8 format .Fixed: Player doesn't read metadata of internet radio stations in some cases .Fixed: Audio Library doesn't detects drive letter correctly in some cases AIMP v3. if "Auto mer ge similar categories" option is active .00 RC * Plugins: "Plugins Manager" dialog has been redesigned .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Memory leak occurs while listen internet radio station .Fixed: Audio Library .ASX format are supported now + Player: Context menu for "Repeat track" button was added for quick access to r epeat options + Player: Equalizer has been improved + Tag Editor: Ability to resize album art images is added + Audio Library: Displaying album art in Aero Peak * Plugins: Last.Fixed: "Show information about selected files" option doesn't work .Fixed: Installer doesn't remove standard plugins in "Update" mode.Fixed: Navigation by track doesn't work for remote files .Fixed: "Default"-playlist not resets when importing files from external applic ations .11.Fixed: Incompatibility with Synaptics TouchPad .Fixed: Focus jumps to first playlist tab after closing selected playlist tab ."Track Repeat" and "Shuffle" buttons doesn't work AIMP v3.Fixed: Plugins .Fixed: Player doesn't receive links to the internet radio via command line .00 Beta 5..Fixed: Program hangs on Windows XP.bugs with handling mouse wheel messages .2011) ======================================= + Player: Ability to use IE's proxy settings + Playlist: %PD macro has been added (for displaying parent directory name) + Skin Engine: Ability to disable per-pixel semitransparency + Skin Engine: Blur behind supports (only for Windows 7 or newer) * Plugins: DTS decoder now distributed separately from the player * Plugins: Plugins API .Fixed: "Play / Pause" function doesn't work in context menu of tray icon . if station doesn't send meta-d ata . even if use r refused from them .

Fixed: Incorrect position of "Add link" dialog on the system with few monitors .fm plugin has been translated to API v2.Fixed: Information line detects full screen applications incorrectly on the sy .08.Fixed: "Disk number" field isn't read from tags of files in M4A format .3 * Plugins: tak_deco_lib has been updated to v2.Fixed: Player hangs while track navigation. build 916 (07.Fixed: "Copy to.6.Fixed: Skin Engine .00 Beta 4. build 915 (05.00 Beta 4. if it is in "1/2" format .Fixed: Wide picture of AlbumArt overlaps some text fields .2011) ========================================= .Windows aren't repainted in some cases .2011) ========================================= + Plugins: Last.Fixed: Player hangs sometimes when trying to play files in WAV format .Minimal size of window calculates incorrectly after its c hild containers shown / hidden .Fixed: "Block desktop locking" option doesn't operate in full screen mode of v isualization .4.Fixed: Skin Engine .0 + Plugins: Added context menu extension for Windows Explorer + Playlist: Added the ability to disable auto merging of similar categories * DSP-Manager: Pitch changing step has been corrected * Plugins: bass_midi has been updated to v2.AIMP_GetCurrentTrack doesn't work with remote files .Fixed: Tag editor save album art to first selected file only .Fixed: Adding files or folders stops when trying to read CUE sheet for nonexis tent file .Some skins doesn't provide an ability to select playlist tab via mouse ."Search new files" doesn't process new subfolders .Fixed: Incorrect channel order when playing files in DTS format .08.ability to select text via keyboard was added * Skin Engine: Input box .Fixed: Skin Engine ...shortcuts for copy / paste operations were added * Skin Engine: Memory usage has been reduced .2 * Playlist: Shuffle algorithm has been improved .Fixed: Audio Library .Fixed: Small part of previous track can be listened when current file is tryin g to be played and player is on pause state .Fixed: Wrong tracks names during the internet radio capturing .Fixed: Player crushes when trying to play corrupted file in MP3 format .fm scrobbler doesn't scrobble when listening internet-radio .Fixed: "Remove missing files" command removes links to internet radio stations .Fixed: Some skins are used to draw incorrectly on system with non-russian loca le .Fixed: Player used to jump over 1 track in some cases .Fixed: IAIMPController.Fixed: Bitrate for some files in TTA format calculates incorrectly .Fixed: Player opens files from external applications with delay about 30 secon ds AIMP v3.": doesn't show overwrite confirmation .Fixed: Audio Library .Fixed: Error occurs after player restarting and attempt to playing CUE file .Fixed: "Search new files" action adds duplicated files in some cases .Fixed: Plugin for multimedia keyboards support is missing in 916 build .Fixed: ID3v2 tags are parsed incorrectly in some cases . if DSP-plugins are in use .Fixed: Player doesn't operate via meta data from some internet radio stations .Labels doesn't display in the list immediately .* Skin Engine: Input box .Fixed: "Repeat track" function used to operate incorrectly with files which du ration is less than 2 seconds AIMP v3.Fixed: Last.Fixed: Disk number isn't displayed in playlist.Fixed: Incorrect work with relative paths .

Fixed: Player crashes when trying to open folders selection dialog .Fixed: Animation of playlist's tabs stops early in some cases .Fixed: Playlists in M3U / M3U8 formats are parsed incorrectly in some cases .Fixed: Cover arts in BMP format don't read correctly .Fixed: File navigation doesn't work correctly for files with size more than 2 GByte .Fixed: CD-TEXT is parsed incorrectly .Fixed: Metadata from some internet radio stations are parsed incorrectly .Fixed: Other than CDA format files aren't added to the playlist when importing CD\DVD .07.Fixed: CUE sheets which contain information about the few files with few track . which is playing in one of t he AIMP applications .Marks for the files aren't displayed .Fixed: Player jumps to the next track unexpectedly in some cases when listenin g audio sets .Fixed: Player crashes when trying to get information about new version.Fixed: Player crashes when trying to switch between skins with different orien tation of playlists' tabs .Fixed: Infobar .Fixed: PluginsAPI .Fixed: Auto jump to the next track doesn't work with online-playlists .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Internet-radio capture doesn't work .00 Beta 3.Fixed: Infobar .Fixed: ID3v1 has higher priority than ID3v2 in some cases .Information about the file's mark isn't stored in AIMP2_Re moteInfo object .00 Beta 3.aimppl format has been increased by 25% * Skin Engine: Text rendering speed is increased twice . build 900 (01. if rem ote service unavailable AIMP v3.07. build 901 (02.2011) ========================================= + Core: Added the ability to save tags to the file.Fixed: %DC macro return incorrect value AIMP v3.Fixed: Slow speed of saving tags from large files .Visual data are calculated incorrectly in some cases .Fixed: Alarm clock ignores "add files to playlist" settings .Fixed: "Added date" field is ignored when import data from AIMP2 database .Fixed: Tab created via Drag-and-Drop doesn't receive focus automatically .stem with few monitors .Fixed: Small delay on start file's playback in AAC format .2011) ========================================= + Skin Engine: Added the ability to set hot state for playlist's tab elements in the 3rd and 4th frames of the texture + Skin Engine: Added the ability to change Z-Order of the elements for each cont ainer + Skin Engine: Added the ability to change indent between playlists' tabs + Skin Engine: Added the ability to set font for playlist's tab with it is in ac tive and playing states * Sound Engine: Replay Gain's "on fly" calculation algorithm has been improved * Localizations were updated * Playlist: Loading speed of playlists with .Settings can't be saved in some cases .Fixed: PluginsAPI .Fixed: Portable version of AIMP3 intercepts associations from AIMP2 .Fixed: Local hot keys don't working in full screen mode of visualization .Fixed: Option "Replay playlist with one file" doesn't work if shuffle mode is enabled .Fixed: %DN macro is ignored in Tags Editor when rename files .

Fixed: Cue sheets can't be extracted from audio files with size more than 2 GB ytes .Fixed: Memory leaks in some cases.2011) .Fixed: Player can't be associated with file types in some cases .Fixed: Player hangs when switching between files in DTS 5.Table cursor position is resets after labels' changing .Fixed: Audio Library . build 881 (06.Fixed: Playlist window can't be resized when it uses standard skin .Fixed: Files with size more than 2 GBytes can't be played if caching is enable d .Fixed: Duration of some files in WMA format calculates incorrectly . if QTE window is already visible .Fixed: Player state can't be saved during the playlist navigation via "Next / Previous file" buttons.Fixed: Skins from AIMP2 with semi-transparent elements don't work correctly .Fixed: Tempo filter doesn't work correctly . which disallow auto jump to the next track.Fixed: Player skips small parts of audio stream after the unpause .2011) ========================================= + Audio Library: Added the ability to copy / move files to the subfolders via Dr ag and Drop method + Audio Library: Added the ability to drag folders from grouping tree * Player: Function "Remove silence longer than 0.Fixed: Tag Editor doesn't read disk number field from the tags .05.M4B format .Fixed: Audio Library .Fixed: "Search for new files" function doesn't work in the audio library . build 861 (01.s are expanded incorrectly .Fixed: Titles of some tracks are trimmed when listening internet radio AIMP v3.Fixed: Player stops playback after the changing default output device .Fixed: Player's dialogs don't show files in .Fixed: Files in CDA format aren't opened on double click in Windows Explorer . if player is trying to connect to the internet radiostat ion .04.Fixed: AutoTag doesn't work correctly for group of files.00 Beta 1.Fixed: Audio Library generates report too slow AIMP v3.Fixed: Option "Stop playback if current file was deleted" is ignored in case o f playlist was closed .Fixed: Information about selected files doesn't updated in QTE." symbol .Fixed: Changes in some playlists can't be saved on the application closing .Fixed: Player doesn't take into account settings. if name co ntains ".Fixed: Small sound scratches when switching from one track to another with act ive Replay Gain option . .Fixed: Some files in APE format can't be played .Fixed: Player starts playback after physically removing of current file from p laylist. even if it was stopped . when playing track deleting physically .Fixed: Animation of equalizer window worked slow on some systems .Fixed: Some visualizations don't rendering correctly .5 sec" has been removed * Player: Support of multimedia keyboards has been improved * Tags: Increased tags reading speed from MP3 files .Fixed: Small bugs and defects . if p layer had been in Pause state .1 format .Fixed: Playback through ASIO stops when opens settings dialog .Scrobbling settings are resets to default in some cases .Fixed: Part of the previous track had been played when new track started. when you add files to playlist .00 Beta 2.Fixed: Playlist's name was trimmed when saves playlist to the disk.Fixed: Window doesn't magneted to the top edge of screen while resizing .

00 Beta 1.Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Mono-channel mode was active by default . which would be used for o utput + Player: Ability to create a new playlist tab under mouse cursor while dragging files + Player: Added "Auto-adjust equalizer preset for a track" action to the equaliz er menu + Audio Library: Ability to play files / playlists in AIMP3 + Audio Library: Ability to manual import of database from AIMP2 * Sound Engine: Algorithm of the resampler has been improved * BASS Libraries were updated * Localizations were updated * Plugins: Plugin for access to Shoutcast.Fixed: Information about current track on the radio station don't display .com catalog has been removed * Player: Crossfading and pause between tracks settings have been moved to separ ate items * Playlist: Loading speed of playlists has been increased * Skins: Rendering speed has been increased .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Connection status to the radio station don't display . if it has been expanded by CUE sheet .Fixed: Tracks are grouped incorrectly.Fixed: Autoloaded preset of the equalizer is reset by Alt+Click had no any ability to disable AutoTag.Fixed: Tag Editor .Added ability to choose the channels.========================================= + Scheduler: Ability to use playlist as alarm clock signal + Player: ASIO . if keyboard was used for playlist navigatio n while drag and drop operation was being processed AIMP v3.Fixed: Titles for the some tracks are displayed truncated when listening inter net-radio stations .Fixed: Autoshutdown was executed incorrectly on ending of the playing queue .Fixed: Small bugs and defects .Fixed: Player resumes playing incorrectly on program startup.Fixed: Skins were drawn incorrectly on Windows XP under low color mode . if it was enable .Fixed: Quick Tag Editor don't save changes to the playing file . w hen information about the file from playlist is displayed .address line wasn't updated after the file had been rename d .2011) ========================================= + Playlist: Added ability to expand / collapse all groups in the playlist by cli cking with pressed Alt button * Sound Engine: Spectrum calculation algorithm has been rewritten * Player: Playlist view settings has been moved to separate tab * Skins Engine: Compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved * Core: Sorting algorithm speed has been increased * Core: Text rendering speed has been increased .Fixed: Tag Editor .Fixed: Crossfade settings don't applying in some ways .the "Don't fill field if it has value" function wasn't wor k .Fixed: Positions of records in the table were calculated incorrectly after the sorting . build 851 (09.Fixed: Hotkeys don't work in some cases .Fixed: Player hung when internet-radiostation switching track .Fixed: Fixed: Files weren't moved.Fixed: Incorrect name for playlist was set. if it had been loaded from externa l file .Fixed: Value of option "Audio Library: Allow statistics" wasn't saved .Fixed: Quick File Info takes focus when showing . if few playlists have same name .

Fixed: Quick search don't work in some cases .Fixed: Problem with WAV-DTS playback .Fixed: Player jumps to the previous track if current track was removed from th e playlist physically .Fixed: Option "Repeat playlist with one file" must be available only if "Playl ist repeat" mode is active .Fixed: Sorting by %M template didn't work .Fixed: GUI bug in the "Missed files" audio library dialog .Fixed: ScrollBar drawn incorrectly with some skins . even if doubl e click event hadn't been assigned .Fixed: Scroll buttons are not shown if context menu was out of screen bounds .Fixed: Context menu display incorrectly on multi-monitor configuration .Fixed: Single click at the tray icon activated event with delay.02..Fixed: Batch tags processing was't available in the audio library . build 832 (05.Fixed: CUE sheets were not caught up for the CD images .." didn't save previously selected paths .Fixed: Audio Library labels are excluded incorrectly in some cases .Fixed: Bugs with removing silence filter .Fixed: Link to the internet radio couldn't be added as a melody for alarm cloc k AIMP v3.Fixed: Player hangs when switching to the next track . build 840 (22.00 Beta 1.Fixed: Incorrect device switching with stopped player .00 Beta 1.2011) ========================================= * Localizations were updated * Plugins: Сompatibility with Winamp Input Plugins has been improved * Player: Integration to the context menu of Windows Explorer is temporarily dis abled * Skins: Rendering speed has been increased * 3rd party DLL-libraries were updated to the actual versions .Fixed: "Copy to .Fixed: Some CUE-sheet files parsed incorrectly .02.Fixed: Information about selected file wasn't updated in the Advanced Tag Edit or if file list was being scrolled via keyboard .Fixed: Autoshutdown was executed incorrectly on ending of the playing queue .Fixed: Format of audio stream incorrectly detected for some radio stations .Fixed: Advanced Tag Editor don't accept WavPack files AIMP v3.Fixed: Bug on file playing with enabled caching to occur in some cases .Fixed: Incorrect behavior of 'start playback on launching' function ..Fixed: Input fields resets when switching between tabs in multiple mode of QTE .Fixed: Option "Save absolute file paths" couldn't be saved .Fixed: If track has cover with high resolution then it stuck on switching .Fixed: Sound effects didn't resumed after the program restart .Fixed: Some parameters of radio capture were not saved .Fixed: Incorrect selection behavior with pressed Ctrl .2011) ========================================= * Localizations were updated * Playlist: grouping by folders has been improved * Tag Editor: AutoTag by file name function has been improved * Tag Editor: File renaming function is not case sensitive now * Skins: Spectrum displays all frequencies * Skins: Compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved * Skins: Usability of the new playlist creation via Drag'n'Drop has been improve d * Skins: Rendering speed has been increased * Audio Library: 'jump to current file' function has been improved .

iso.Bugs were fixed AIMP v3.12. BASS is used now only as decoder + Sound Engine: Improved works with *.1 / 7. Czech.00 Beta time / by size + Sound Engine: Added ASIO / WASAPI / Direct Sound support + Sound Engine: Added OGG files support with multiple track inside + Sound Engine: Added DTS / TAK formats support + Sound Engine: Extended track mixing options + Sound Engine: Our output system.. German.iso. Bulgarian. Ukrainian * Skins: rendering speed has been increased . French.Fixed: Incorrect control of some sound effects . S panish. %Low().2010) ========================================= * BASS Libraries were updated * Updated localizations: Armenian.1 Channels emulation + InfoBar: Added ability to display track cover art + InfoBar: Added ability to adjust background transparency + Internet Radiostation Catalog: Added tab "Custom" + Internet Radiostation Catalog: Integrated to audio library + Queue Manager: Double-click on track will focus it in the playlist + Queue Manager: Added track duration to the table + Queue Manager: Added information about total duration of all tracks in the que ue + Icon Library: Added ability to set icon for each format + Player: Added ability to pin player / playlist on the screen edge + Player: Added ability to set alternative global hot keys + Player: Added ability to dock player with playlist to the screen edge + Player: Added ability of random switching visualizations + Player: Plugin manager was moved to options + Player: New design + Player: Improved options window + Player: Extended running line animation options + Player: Expanded tracklist export options + Playlist: Added ability to lock playlist from changes + Playlist: Added ability to set individual settings for every playlist + Playlist: Added ability to disable auto expanding files by CUE + Playlist: Added "Single playlist mode" + Playlist: Added %Up().Added ability to expand / collapse them . %Caps().12. %Replace() and %Char() macros + Playlist: Categories .Fixed: Small bugs AIMP v3.Fixed: Player didn't switch to the previous track if cursor was at the beginni ng of the playlist .Fixed: Content-filters resets in Audio Library during the navigation by groups .wv / *.Fixed: Some bugs with labels in Audio Library . build 810 (20.2010) ========================================= + CoverArt Downloader: Cache previous search results + CoverArt Downloader: Cover search now doesn't begin immediately after window s hown + LastFM Scrobbler: Scrobbling track from internet radio + LastFM Scrobbler: Now works directly with the service + Scheduler: Added smooth volume increasing + Radio Capture: Added ability to make CUE sheet file + Radio Capture: Added ability to capture stream "as is" (only for MP3 / AAC / A AC+) + Radio Capture: Extended file split options . Japanese.00 Beta 1.ape files + Sound Engine: Added 5. build 815 (30.

.Added ability to copy additional files with main file s * Playlist: "Send duration." .Now you can rename by template options AIMP v2.Fixed: bug with creation of the playlist when import files from other applicat ions AIMP v2.2010) ================================== + Added localizations: Chinese (Traditional) * Manuals were updated * BASS Libraries were updated * Localizations were updated .Fixed: small bugs .Added optional separating template + Playlist: Categories ..4 separators support + Audio Library: Added ability to filter files by size or/and duration before ad ding to database * Player: Main window now isn't frozen on file moving to removable device * Playlist: "Send to." ..61.added ability to enter values manually + Tag Editor: Added columns: Bitrate / Duration / ID3v1 / ID3v2 / APE / WMA / Vo rbis + Tag Editor: Renaming one file . build 570 (05.Fixed: playback progress wasn't updated in the taskbar in some cases ..Added information about size and duration + Playlist: Categories now couldn't be separated into few parts + Tag Editor: Replay Gain .08.2010) ================================== * Manuals were updated * BASS Libraries were updated * Skins were updated .06.+ Playlist: Categories .4 tags .added ability to autocalculate values + Tag Editor: Replay Gain .Fixed: incorrect reading of the cover arts from ID3v2.Fixed: information in the Aero Peek wasn't updated if the cover art of the cur rent file has been changed . build 583 (07. favorite artist / alb um / genre + Audio Library: Added labels support + Audio Library: Disk number now used for grouping by albums + Audio Library: Implemented as independent application + Audio Library: Added ability to sort on several columns at once + Audio Library: ID3v2.added ability to work with copy of the file + Tag Editor: Renaming by template: added confirmation dialog if file names matc h + Tag Editor: Field "Track Number / Track Count" was divided into two fields + Skins: Added ability to clone gauge and spectrum elements + Skins: Added ability to place playlist tabs vertically + Skins: Added ability to create round sliders + Skins: Added full support of semitransparent textures + Skins: Extended elements options + Skins: Tray icon is now depends from skin + Tags: Added reading M4A / M4B / MP4 tags + Tags: Added reading / writing covers to OGG files + Tags: Added reading / writing TTA / OFR / OFS tags + Tags: Increased tags reading speed + Audio Library: Quick content filtering among columns values + Audio Library: Added ability to group by any columns + Audio Library: Added ability to hide grouping window + Audio Library: Added report generation .now highlight only file name + Tag Editor: Renaming by template .

60.02.2010) ================================== * Manuals were updated * License agreement was updated * BASS Libraries were updated * Localizations were updated * Tags reading core was optimized .60.Fixed: bugs with playing CUE-files .Fixed: auto shutdown fails.Fixed: bug with reading duration from some WMA files AIMP v2.Fixed: sending title of the current track to the DSP/General-plugins AIMP v2.12.Fixed: small bugs in Skin Engine .2009) ================================== * Localizations were updated .Fixed: CUE files can't be played.Fixed: bounds of the looped section were dropped if file position had been cha nged manually .Small other bugs were fixed AIMP v2.Fixed: sometimes the name of the radio station can be lost from playlist item .60. if has unicode characters in the file name .Fixed: program crash on closing.Fixed: bugs in parser of CUE-files . build 520 (01.2009) ================================== * Localizations were updated .61..2009) ================================== .Fixed: stuttering at the beginning of playback of some files . build 560 (22. build 525 (07.Fixed: Critical bug in "Update checker" . build 551 (15.01.Small other bugs were fixed AIMP v2.Fixed: bug with loading some All-In-One skins .Fixed: bug with reading some WavPacks . if pause between tracks was switched on .Small other bugs were fixed AIMP v2.2010) ================================== + Added ability to switch tracks by click on tray-icon * Localizations were updated . build 530 (05.Fixed: Some WV files couldn't be played .Fixed: Critical bug with writing tags in some OGG-files .Fixed: small bugs in plugins core AIMP v2.Fixed: bug with multiple folders selection in the dialog .Fixed: bug with multiple selection in the playlist .2010) ================================== * Manuals were updated * Localizations were updated . if Queue Manager shown .Fixed: playback of the file didn't start from the beginning in some cases .03.Fixed: small GUI bugs . build 528 (30.

Greek. Polish. Ukrainian.60 RC3.11.2009) ====================================== * Localizations were updated: German. build 497 (31.Known bugs were fixed AIMP v2. Portuguese . build 510 (01.09. build 505 (30. build 507 (20.60 Beta 4.Fixed bug causing the program hanging in some cases .Fixed critical bugs .Fixed: Proxy settings were ignored in Advanced tag editor .Known bugs were fixed AIMP v2.2009) ========================================= .Fixed bug with tags reading from some MusePack files .Small bugs were fixed AIMP v2. Uzbek.2009) ====================================== + Ability to disable display of infobar if full-screen application is running * BASS and SQLite3 libraries were updated * Simple Scheduler: time editor were improved .+ Three new skins were added * Localizations were updated * Help files were updated . Turkish.60 RC1.60 Beta 4. build 495 (28.2009) ========================================= + Added localizations: Armenian и Chinese + Info Bar: Now is not shown if full-screen application is running + Core: Ability to read audio content info from MusePack v8 * Localizations were updated . Georgian. Belarusian.Fixed: Bug with reading CUE-files .Known bugs were fixed AIMP v2.2009) ====================================== * BASS and SQLite3 libraries were updated * Localizations were updated . Slovak.60 RC2.60 RC3.09.10. build 499 (05. Small bugs were fixed AIMP v2.Fixed: Incorrect encoding of title of playlist item in some ways .2009) ====================================== * Localizations were updated * Reduced system resources usage . Bulgarian . build 512 (08.Known bugs were fixed AIMP v2.08.Fixed other small bugs AIMP v2.11.08.2009) ====================================== * Localizations were updated * Now radio stream recording continues after automatic reconnection to station .Fixed: Embedded skins fonts are ignored .60 RC1.

Simple Scheduler + Tag editor [Advanced]: added ability to show subfolder headers in the file lis t * Updated libraries: sqlite3. build 480 (16.2009) ========================================= * Added localizations: Swedish .2009) ========================================= + Added plugins: Integration to Win7 TaskBar.07.2009) ========================================= * Updated Italian localization * Updated BASS files .Known bugs were fixed AIMP v2.60 Beta 2.Fixed bugs AIMP v2.Fixed bugs in core AIMP v2.Fixed bug with reading some ID3v2 tags .06.60 Beta 2. build 491 (08. bass * Localizations were updated * Skin Engine: Improved mask creation speed * Improved compatibility with Windows 7 .60 Beta 2.Fixed bugs in Skin Engine AIMP v2.Fixed critical bugs AIMP v2.Fixed numerous bugs .2009) ========================================= + Added ability to filter cover arts when downloading by file size + Added beta-versions of manual at the Russian and English languages * Default Skin: added popup menu with playlists list * Some localizations were updated * Scheduler: Added ability to execute action after pre-set time period * Scheduler: Interface were improved ..Fixed bug with reading some cover arts from ID3v2 . build 486 (11.60 Beta 2.08.2009) ========================================= + Tag Editor: new column "album cover’s availability in tag-file" added * New localization: Brasilian * Localizations were updated * Settings saveability on emergency reset were improved * Audio Library: view style in “without grouping” mode has been changed from "CardsV iew" to "AlbumView" .60 Beta 3.Fixed bugs in Skin Engine . build 485 (05. build 482 (20.07.60 Beta 2.Fixed: Proxy settings were ignored in "Online Radio" and "CoverArt Downloader" modules . build 484 (01.Fixed small bugs .2009) ========================================= + Added logical sorting of playlist (for WinXP or higher) .07.Some bugs fixed AIMP v2.06.

2009) ========================================= . FLAC. APE formats + Player: When playing CUE-Sheet real track s format will be displayed in inform ation line + Player: Ability to adjust pause between tracks + Player: XSPF playlists support + Player: Template for filename for radio recording + Tag editor [Advanced]: Multiple deleting of selected tags . selected in playlist + Player: Reconnection to internet-radiostation when losing connection + Player: Embedded CUE-Sheet support for WV.60 Beta 1.05. Rating Display.CoverArt. A-B Repeat Mode + Skin Engine: Docking Engine updated + Skin Engine: Half-opaque support for elements that can t contain other element s + Information line: Ability to adjust text alignment + Information line: Optional album art displaying + Information line: FadeIn and FadeOut + Queue: Ability to turn off queue saving after player shutdown + Queue: Ability to save queue as playlist + Queue: Moving queue manager items by mouse + Plugins: Automatic computer shutdown is a plugin now + Plugins: CoverArt Downloader added + Plugins: Active online Shoutcast / Ice cast radio stations browser added + Plugins: Information line is a plugin now + Player: Automatically subdividing to tracks when adding file that has CUE-Shee t + Player: "Windows Default" added to default sound output devices list + Player: Possibility to turn off Explorer context menu cascading + Player: Repeating of the part of the track (A-B Repeat) added + Player: Crossfading effect when rewinding track added + Player: Adjusting playlist scrolling speed + Player: Displaying duration and size of files.2009) ========================================= + Skin Engine: Added ability to disable windows magnetize effect + Skin Engine: Added saturation regulator * Minor functionality changes . build 472 (10.60 Beta 1.Fixed numerous bugs AIMP v2. build 470 (01.2009) ========================================= * Minor functionality changes * Skin Engine: improved rendering speed .04.60 Beta 1.AIMP v2.04. build 462 (09. build 466 (22.05.2009) ========================================= + DSP-Manager: Button to reset effects to their default values + DSP-Manager: Equalizer algorithm updated + DSP-Manager: "Replay gain" tag support in "Auto normalize sound volume" module + DSP-Manager: DFX9 compability improved + Skin Engine: "All In One" mode added + Skin Engine: Ability to create user s containers added + Skin Engine: New elements added .Fixed numerous bugs AIMP v2.60 Beta 1.Fixed numerous bugs AIMP v2.

11.51.2008) ================================== + Player: Bosnian and Croatian languages was added + Core: Ability to read ID3v1/2/APE tags for WavPack-format files * License agreement was updated * Audio Library: Grouping by albums set as default "CardsView" mode for "show al l files" * Audio Library: Adding files speeded up at 50 percents .2008) ================================== * Updated: UTF8 encoding supports for cue-sheets .11.Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.Fixed: don t work Tempo and Pitch sound effects in B320 .2008) ================================== * Usability were improved .Fixed: Files with non-printing characters in the tag fields were not added to audio library . build 330 (30.Fixed: if program process was killed.51.Fixed: crash of shuffle-manager sometimes through switch between different pla ylists .Fixed: playlist don t synchronize with list of audio library . build 323 (29.2008) ================================== .12.Fixed: Autoplayback of playlist was not started after opening files if shuffle mode was active .Fixed: cache of files marks flushes during settings change .Fixed: Some small bugs .Fixed: incorrect duration for some WAV-files .12. it doesn t start untill reboot . if the first track was "switched off" . build 320 (23. build 328 (15.Fixed: crash of program sometimes when listening internet-radio .Fixed: don t work 32-bits sound processing option in B320 .Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.51.Fixed: Playlist playback was not started during playlist s navigation by hot k eys.Fixed: wrong duration for *.wv files in some times AIMP v2.+ Tag editor [Advanced]: MiniPlayer for track preview + Tag editor: Ability to edit Embedded CUE-Sheet + Tag editor: "Disk number" field added + Audio Library: Ability to reset statistics + Audio Library: DB requests optimization + Audio Library: CUE-Sheet support + Audio Library: Sorting playlists by rating + Audio Library: Displaced files management + Core: Small bugs fixed + Core: "While-typing" TreeView navigation + Core: Internal classes and functions optimisation + Core: In Windows Vista and higher "Vista Dialogs" will be used instead of clas sic + Core: Single-line text painting speed-up * Removed ability to dock main window to audio library because of the instabilit y * Removed title scrolling from playlist AIMP v2.51.

list of "recent folders" added + Player: Right-click on a running line to open the Quick Tag Editor + Player: Stop button flashing when you set "stop after current track" option + Support of MMS protocol + Player: New module for playback / capture internet-radio + added MMS protocol support + Player: Bookmarks Manager updated + Player: Options for MIDI / MOD files playback + Player: Display the real names of tracks instead of "next / previous file" on navigation buttons + Player: Playback status displaying in the tip of tray icon + Player: CUE-Sheets module redesigned (track switching from the context menu of the current playback position) + Player: Options window ergonomic increased + Player: Transparency settings were improved for main windows + Player: Playlist saving on player close + Playlists: Ability to Autosave playlist at the address where it opened (kept i n profile folder previously) + Playlists: Ability to cut the file from one playlist to another (when moving w ith Alt button down) + Playlists: Ability to add folders series to playlist by Open dialog + Playlists: Ability to use conditional operator in a string templates + Playlists: Code optimization + Playlists: Support of m3u8 playlists + Playlists: When you add folder to an empty playlist it name became as the name of a folder + Playlists: Bookmarks scrolling by mouse wheel in playlist + Playlists: Load / save playlist s operations accelerated .Fixed: Could not added to the playlist files with *.10.50.AIMP v2.10.Fixed: Bug with renaming files by template with illegal characters .Fixed: Sometimes changes did t saved in Audio library .fla extention . build 306 (10.Fixed: Incorrect encoding of Russian text which loaded from CDDB .2008) ================================== + DSP-Engine: Added Stereo Enhancer (for stereo only) + DSP-Engine: Added filter for normalization of sound + DSP-Engine: Added filter for passes silence when song playing + DSP-Engine: Added filter for reverse audio channels (for stereo only) + DSP-Engine: Added filter for voice removal + Quick Tag Editor: Ability to edit path of the file + Quick Tag Editor: Copy data to clipboard button + Quick Tag Editor: Copy file to clipboard button + Quick Tag Editor: New design + Quick Tag Editor: Auto fill tags based on name / path of file + Player: Ability to set a conversion table for non-Unicode strings + Player: Added LastFM plugin for work with LastFM service + Player: Added CD-Text support + Player: Further development of the "copy to folder" function .2008) ================================== + Player: Ability to save playlist with ansi-encoding .50.Fixed: There were no statistics for files with duration less than 15 seconds i n Audio library .Fixed: Some small bugs AIMP v2.Fixed: Incorrect work of "Randomize files at playlist" function . build 312 (24.Fixed: Wrong updating file information when CUE-Sheets playing .

2008) ================================== + Player: Selection in playlist will move to the current file regardless of the focus if manual navigation used + Player: AutoJump to the next file in tag editor was added + Player: Arabic localization was added + Player: Function of template formation was speeded up .Fixed: Bug with playlist window position in dualview mode .Fixed: Bug with Playlist selection in autojump to next playlist function AIMP v2. build 211 (15.Fixed: Bug with QuickFileInfo updating .Fixed: Bug with randomize by playlist function in DragNDrop Mode . Thai localizations we re added + Player: Small visual changes + Player: Method of searching in playlist was updated .01.4 + Core: Interaction with Winamp DSP / Input improved AIMP v2.Fixed: Bug with crossfade between tracks with active Mute or PreAMP modes .11. which could not be renamed + Audio Library: Quick search for items in the groups-tree + Audio Library: Ability to change the order of table columns + Audio Library: Engine switched to SQLite3 + Audio Library: Files add to the library by simply drag-n-drop + Audio Library: An interface of library updated + Audio Library: Quick navigation panel + Audio Library: FLAC / APE / AAC / MPC support + Audio Library: Expanded integration with player + Audio Library: Relative paths saving for files from removable media + Core: Ability for all functions to set both global and local keys + Core: The scheme of user s preferences storing were improved + Core: Added logarithmic volume control + Core: New capabilities for Addon-plugin + Core: New module for plug-ins management + Core: Skin Engine updated + Core: Updated to BASS v2. the result is not af fected by order of parts + Player: Method of searching in playlist was speeded up . Chuvash.2008) ================================== + Player: Auto rename playlist on manual saving + Player: Quick search up & down by list + Player: Transparency of main windows + Player: Azerbaijani.03.Fixed: Bug with tracklist genereation by template .+ Playlists: Auto-sorting playlists in the window "Playlist Customization" + Advanced search: Ability to search for a job Playlist File + Advanced search: Playlist Manager calls from Advanced search window + Advanced search: Displaying the file number in the playlist + Advanced Tag Editor: Ability to set cover for several files + Advanced Tag Editor: Ability to tags removing from multiple files + Advanced Tag Editor: Added Auto fill tags function based on name / path of fil e + Advanced Tag Editor: Genres sorted alphabetically + Advanced Tag Editor: Code optimization + Advanced Tag Editor: Interface changed + Advanced Tag Editor: Red highlighting with the group rename files.Fixed: Bug in CUE-Parser . Tajik.10. build 210 (30.Fixed: Bug with playing of multichannel audio . Slovenian.

Fixed: Bug with reading track number from tag with non-numerical tag-data .08 Beta.Fixed: Bug with minimization to tray . build 207 (29.09. Library: bug in sorting items in playlists . BMP. Fixed: Bug with radio recording with 32-bit sound processing .Fixed: Bug with Unicode .10.Audio Library: Bug with scrolling of list if it contains more than 32000 files .Fixed: Bug with wake up .. TIFF (for Win2K is required G DI+) + Player: Jump to quick search by F3 + Audio Library: Auto-compressing DB every 2 weeks + Audio Library: "Add to DataBase" menu was improved . build 208 (30. PNG. Fixed: Bug with AIMP working in minized mode .11.Fixed: Bug with reading lyrics from FLAC AIMP v2.07 Beta. Fixed: Bug with playlists creation .2007) ================================== + Player: Help in Russian was added + Player: Search album covers algorith was updated + Player: LangPackages format was updated + Player: Showing album covers from GIF . Fixed: Bug with Drag&Drop coping with wrong links .Audio Library: Bug with language changing AIMP v2.Fixed: Some bugs were fixed . build 209 (30.2007) ======================================= + Player: Set file rating in Quick File Info + Player: New sound effects: Tempo & Pitch + Player: Now AIMP s interface supports unicode + Player: Radio records save in individual folders + Player: New hot key settings menu + Player: File queue management by keyboard + Playlist: Variable width of playlist in Toolbar mode + Playlist: Show dead file-links + Playlist: New bookmarks menu.2007) ======================================= + Player: Auto-hide playlist in toolbar mode only if AIMP window is non-focused + Player: Quick File Info is available instead of information line + Player: AIMP could divide internet-radio into tracks + Player: Manual scrolling of running line + Player: 32-bit sound processing + Player: Line formating of tracklist + Player: New Quick Tag Editor + Player: Showing album covers from JPG.OGG files AIMP v2. ability to save current playing position of file + Playlist: Search in all playlists + Playlist: Playlist bookmarks sorting + Playlist: «Insert file after current» function was added + Audio Library: New interface mode – Card View + Audio Library: Search by file names in library + Audio Library: Saving last active item * Player: Removed title scrolling from playlist .Fixed: Bug with saving state of DSP plugins .12. Fixed: Bug with reading lyrics from *.Fixed: Bug with saving options in limited account .

Playlist: Fixed focusing on player during D n D in playlist .Fixed: Bug with "StayOnTop" mode .Fixed: Bug in playing some MP3-files with VBR . build 205 (01.Fixed: Bug in reading ID3v2.Fixed: Bug with Ogg radio . Fixed: Bug in Drag n Drop of files with unicode symbols in title .03 Beta.Fixed: Rendering frames in Windows Vista . Fixed: Bug with track lyrics in ID3v2 tags .2007) ======================================= + Player: DragAndDrop in playlist bookmarks + Player: Ability to change font in information line + Player: Upgraded function "Open folder with file" + Player: QuickEditor was wided + Player: Function "Search new files": searching in sub-folders now .Fixed: Bug in playing WAV-files grabbed by WMP .Fixed: Bug with SkinEngine .Fixed: Bugs with shuffle mode .4 tags . balance and speed in runnin g line + Player: AIMP applications interplay module was remade + Player: Saving number of track in .Fixed: Bug in "stop after current" . Fixed: Speed up PLC-playlists loading AIMP v2. build 202 (01.Fixed: Bug with file-association .09. Generic plugins) .09.Fixed: Bugs in winamp emulation module (with Input..05 Beta.Fixed: Bug in saving path of folder to record radio . Fixed: Bug with hidden folders adding .Fixed: Did t show covers of albums . Fixed: Bug with track number of WMA files . build 203 (14.2007) ======================================= + Player: Adjustment of crossfading duration + Player: New tray status icon + Player: Analog Meter was updated + Player: Showing the adjustment of value of volume.Fixed: Bug in reading some CUE .Fixed: Bug with Drag n Droping files from playlist to other applications .Fixed: Bugs with playing some MP3s .Fixed: Other small bugs .Fixed: Some small bugs .Fixed: Bugs in SkinEngine .2007) ======================================= + Player: Ability of coping information of track to clipboard in QuickFileInfo + Player: Quick launch for equalizer and playlist settings + Player: Quick launch for skins in TrayControl + Player: Tags support utf16 format .PLC + Audio Library: Set rating from player s menu + Audio Library: Selection of columns in table + Audio Library: Highlighting of current playing item + Audio Library: Now released as plugin .Playlist: Bug in tag-scanner of playlist AIMP v2.02 Beta.Fixed: Bugs with playing MMS-stream AIMP v2.Fixed: Registry menu was not working in tag editor .10.

Fixed: Bug with reading APE tags AIMP v2. WMA files + Tag Editor: MPC tags support . build 200 (08.08.2007) ========================================= + QuickEditor: Ability of multi editing + QuickEditor: Ability of save tags to playing file + Main: Support opening multiple files from command line + Main: Ability of scrolling title at button in the taskbar + Main: Ability of changing icon-schemes for file associations + Main: Ability of global volume control + Main: Ability of turn off the computer after N-th number of tracks + Main: New version of sound engine and ogg codec + Main: New version of "Analog Meter" plugin + Main: New style of program + Main: CUE sheets support + Main: Ability of viewing the album cover for current track + Main: Ability of autocreating tracklist for internet radio capturing + Main: Audio library + Main: ASX-Playlists support + Playlist: Quick search + Playlist: Grouping files in playlist with selected scheme + Playlist: Ability make playlist as desktop toolbar + Playlist: Ability to dock/undock playlist from main window.00 Beta 1. change horizontal size + Playlist: Ability of sorting playlists tabs + Playlist: New style of playlist + Tag Editor: Ability to translit / detranslit tags + Tag Editor: UTF8 support for all tags + Tag Editor: Graphic tags support for MP3..