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Odu Ogbe rikusa
The blind and disabled are friends
The disabled person asked the blind person:
Is this how we are going to die of suffering?
The blind responded: what shall we do about it?
The disabled answered: let us go and ask a wise person what to do.
They inquired of the wise person: will we ever walk or see again?
The wise person queried: Have you ever walked or seen before?
They answered: never!
They were asked to perform an offering
They were perplexed: What is he talking about?
Can we afford to pay for any offering?
The disabled suggested suicide as an option
Days latter the disabled repeated the suggestion to the blind person
The blind responded: you know I cannot see, so whatever you suggest is okay
We have been friends for too long and I could not live without you
The disabled responded: I know a place we can go to kill ourselves
The disabled person added: when we get to the water, I will just jump into it
The blind person questioned: how would I know?
The disabled said: I will bring you close to the edge so when you hear the loud sound of falling, you know it is time
to jump
On the second day they decided to end it all
The disabled led the blind to the water
As they neared the edge the disabled lamented and threw a huge stone into the water
The disabled hoped he tricked the blind person to jump
But the blind person was so worried and upset that threw his walking stick around and hit the disabled person
The disabled person shrieked!
The blind person was so surprised
He asked the disabled why he wanted to trick him to die
The disabled apologized and the blind person could not be too upset
Did he not need the disabled to bring him home?
As they continued along in the bush they came across some food
Cooking the meat seemed to take too long. but

At some points to relieve herself of his complaints she would find ways to get her message across to him. Yoruba philosophy. endured so many hardships on our journey together in Oke Igbo in search of an upright teacher who might guide us in the next phases of our Ifa studies and journey together. It was at the end of the trip. Not only did she have to listen to his complaints. sat with us for hours sharing his wide and deep knowledge of Ifa verses. we still had not found a Babalawo we felt we could really trust as a teacher. that we met an upright teacher. We liked Bishop Lijadu. the disabled gave the blind a toad to eat instead The blind could not see so he put the toad’s head in his mouth As he bit the toad the water from the toad’s eyeball broke and splashed into the blind’s eye He regained sight! As he regained sight the blind took over the cooking and gave the toad to the disabled person to eat He then went to the waterside to drink But he told the disabled person that if the disabled person was still present when he returned. Throughout our trip in Oke Igbo. and instead listened to our . knowing that from the waist down was paralyzed so he would not feel any pain As the previously blind started to beat his buttocks with a walking stick The disabled stood up and started running! But the two of them were so carried away they could not see what was happening to both of them As the disabled was running and the blind chasing They ran into a prophet The disabled screamed for help Help me Baba! The prophet asked them what the problem was between them They explained everything that happened up until that moment Then the prophet asked the disabled: Ever since you have been disabled Have you ever thought of asking your Blind friend or family to beat you with a walking stick before? He answered: No! The prophet also asked the blind person: If you had known that it was the water from toad’s eyeball that would heal you Wouldn’t you have asked your disabled friend or family for it? He also answered: Yes! Then the prophet told both of them to embrace each other They should forever be friends and never let anyone come in between them. married a re-captive slave from Brazil. he did not try to establish his authority over us. but because over the next couple weeks. miles away from any hospitals. Moreover as we neared the end of our journey. we heard there was a Bishop in Ondo. not only because of the history and knowledge he shared with us. over the next few days. Sometimes. unable to rely on past experience to perceive even the next bump in the road. left the Anglican Church to start and independent African Church based on his own self-help philosophy. Onaje would play the role of the blind person and Folasade would play the role of one with disabilities for the remainder of our search for a teacher. we doubted that a Bishop in Nigeria would know much about Ifa. When we met Bishop Lijadu. and had been to Nigeria five times already. socially and environmentally blind. he. Bishop Emmanuel Moses Lijadu. did not ask us for money. We encountered so many challenges. although Onaje had the desire and will to venture into very remote towns and villages on motor bikes on lumpy unforgiving dirt roads. It was not until toward the end of our journey that we decided to visit Bishop Lijadu and we are thankful we did. including the noted history of his own family lineage. however. Indeed. Folasade was truly leading a blind man and over time it was a burdensome task that slowed and worried her. who is now 79 years old. little did we know that the story predicted the events of our subsequent journey in Oke Igbo. and wrote two of the earliest texts on Ifa and Orunmila at the turn of the 20th Century. His name is Bishop Ezekiel Soniran Adekunle Lijadu. Ever! They were happy and started remembering their journey together The prophet then said to them that a little bit about Olodumare had been revealed to them Indeed. In a cultural and emotional sense.The blind realized that each time the disabled spoke it sounded as if he was eating Since the blind person kept asking the disabled person for food. after we listened intently to Ogberikusa. less they exploit us. the disabled person had only three options: To be pushed into the water To be beaten To be taken into the forest and abandoned The disabled person chose to be beaten The previously blind person went to beat the disabled on his head The disabled suggested being beaten on the buttocks. To be honest. he did not appreciate her approach. to be honest. with scorching sun. We discovered that his grandfather. You see. because of the amount of discrimination and bias many Christians have toward Ifa religion in Nigeria. after discovering how much we helped each other heal. although we found some great medicine men and some great diviners who helped with our healing along the way. Sade was truly disabled. and found himself upset wanting to tell her off like the blind man did once to the person with disabilities. but she had to be careful that others did not notice his African American accent or appearance. Everything felt new to Onaje and he complained or questioned our movements each time we made a decision to go deeper into the village and forest. and Yoruba history. Many people sought to divide us. who was also a pioneer in Ifa studies. most of the time Onaje felt culturally. unlike any Babalawo we met on this trip.

to his work with us. who like the wise prophet. we hope with all humility.See more at: http://ooduarere. We felt that he applied the Ifa concept that each individual’s Ori comes to this world already with knowledge and power. He was there to assist us on our journey and not to impose his own. we would not have been able to develop this application years later. Over time he became our esteemed teacher and taught us countless Ifa verses during the next phase of our training which eventuated in our initiation. has been a great teacher. Folasade and Onaje . and always directed us to find the answers for ourselves. Indeed.com/politics/wow-ifa-is-by-far-more-civilized-than-anything-known-to-man-see-one- of-its-verses/3/#sthash. Without his dedication. that the verses in this application reveal a little bit of Olodumare to you.questions. We also pay homage to the esteemed Lijadu family lineage. like the blind and the disabled persons in the verse of Ogberikusa.8hg7t3Dy. We dedicate this application to him. sacrifice and deep knowledge of Ifa verses.dpuf .

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