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40 New & Noteworthy 41 3D Touch 42 Lock Screen & Widgets 43 Photos 44 Messages 46 Maps 26 47 Apple Music 48 Apple News Page 49 Mail 50 Safari 51 Battery Life Fixes ResearchKit Spotlight Page 67 New Year's Resolution Apps Page 64 . The iOS 10 Guide 39 How-To A roundup of our favorite tips and tricks for using iOS 10.

he resisted change. like him. Born in 1869. people met each technology with skepticism at first. Change is constant. It informs every aspect of American life today. However.com. robotics. John Judge went from riding a horse and buggy to driving a car. 39) and ponder the pros and cons of the iPhone 7 Plus (pg. For those of you who follow Apple and the rest of the tech industry closely. Automobiles were “play toys for some people just to frighten farmers’ horses. All the changes he described were technology driven. I was reminded of this when reading an account written by my great-grandfather in 1931 of the dramatic changes technology introduced in his lifetime. I. we’re just getting started.” until a few years later when nearly every household would own a car. to the on-demand economy that has turned Uber and Netflix into household names. not a family member who lived less than 100 years ago. donna@iphonelife. if they had anything to say. 3D printing. and from thinking of air flight as a sci-fi fantasy to living to tell the tale of the Wright Brothers’ first success- ful flight. here’s to taking a step back and appreciating the incredible moment in history we’re experiencing. will be advancing at an exponential rate. though he never used the word. he clearly described the loss of traditions and culture that is a part of the story of technology as well. We’ll still have plenty of time to explore all the ways iOS 10 expands what your phone can do (pg. from writing letters to talking on the phone. Twitter: @schillcleveland 4 i P hone L i f e S pring 2017 . Yet we aren't so different—if I were to add my own chapter to this family book.   Shifting Perspectives hen we see ourselves in the mirror. As an editor covering Apple’s mobile technology. My great-grandfather’s account captured both the wonder and sense of loss that rapidly advancing technology brings. 24) inside this issue. Donna Cleveland Editor in Chief iPhone Life magazine. 80). we look more or less the same as the day before. The same principle holds true with technology. yet over time. he sounded like someone out of an old-time novel.” He worried that the easy entertain- ment the radio offered with the “press of a button” would replace the traditions of playing the piano and singing. let’s not get lost in the everyday and forget to stay in awe of the innovations this century has already brought forth and the amazing tech legacy it has yet to unveil. they just saddled a pony and rode over and said it. saying proudly that the Judge brothers “never wasted a minute talking to their best girls over the telephone. around the turn of the century. we change dra- matically. and machine learning. would write about technology as the defining factor of our time. I report on changes and improvements in the tech indus- try. from the ubiquity of smartphones. yet sometimes I feel I’m up too close to fully appreciate the larger changes at play. just like the computer. As our magazine’s founder Hal Goldstein discusses in his iView column (pg. To me. such as artificial intelligence. whose processing power has continued to double roughly every year over the past 50 years. to high-speed internet. In some instances. even though we don’t notice it on a day-to-day basis. Technologies that are in their infancy. While he may sound quaint. He described how.


My only complaint is that the microphone quality is lacking and causes a significant delay when using Siri. iPad. I was an acrobat and street performer. I like using this char- ger for long road trips. to say the least. relatively durable. My favorite feature is its incredible drop protection. and Macbook Pro.99) et if I am going on a These are my favorite portable headphones. Office Quirk: Before joining iPhone Life. you can find me during work breaks Back when my son was 3–4 years old.ME M BERS O F T H E I P H O N E LIF E TE AM SH A R E T H E I R GO -TO G EA R & G ADG ETS Libratone One Click Speaker ($199) This speaker offers great sound quality and battery life. with its built-in screen protector that protected my device from grubby little paws. long hike and need sive. This case was essential. It’s also small enough to carry in my pock- Koss KSC75 Ear Clip ($19. 6 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . and they have decent sound quality to stay accessible for an open over-ear headphone.95) a desk job. Now that I have Otterbox Defender Series Case for iPad ($89. It’s also durable enough for my son to play around with. them comfortably for hours. he wasn’t exactly care- practicing handstands or juggling in the office. ful with the iPad. They’re inexpen. I can wear by phone. so these are perfect. Name: Raphael Burnes Title: CTO Years at iPhone Life: 6 Apple products owned: iPhone 6. Most importantly. Earbuds have always been pain- ful for me if I wear them for too long. and it’s the perfect size to carry around the house for impromptu dance par- ties. which my son tested fully—with no damage to the case or the iPad! Jackery Fit ($39.99) This external battery lets you power two devices at once. as it helps me get a little more out of my devices.


49 per month) to sync   notes between devices or to apply themes. but it’s packed with features. from shopping lists to more complex projects like a book or personal essay. This app uses true-to-film presets and tone profiles to make it look as if you captured your shots on your dusty old film camera back home. we can now According to Adobe Digital Insights.  . You can use Bear to write virtually any- thing. Unfortunately. WHAT’S HOT IN THE APP STORE Bear (Free) If you’re getting fed up with the lack TRENDING of features in Apple’s Notes app. over a billion dollars in purchases made it’s hard to deny the classic beauty of moments captured via mobile devices. equaling over a third on film. Black record moments and share them im- Friday 2016 made history after generating mediately with friends and family. Filmborn (Free)  The convenience of modern technology is unquestionable—after all. then look no further. including a variety of markup options and the ability to include hashtags and web links. This app has a minimalist design (which is why we love it). of online sales. you’ll need the Pro version ($1. Still. If you’re a fan of traditional film photography. then you’ll love the Bear writing app.

Detour has quickly become a to find love. This app provides audio tours of major  . (Free) veals that 15 percent of American adults Voted one of Apple’s 10 best apps of have used a dating app or online service the year. Detour A 2016 Pew Research Center survey re. favorite among travelers who love to learn interesting details about the loca- tions they visit.

ger than 3 seconds to load. and New York. cities like San Francisco. Paris. According the Google. UNIQUE PRODUCT ZUtA Labs Pocket Printer ($299) This mini robotic printer is seriously a dream come true for college students and desk job workers alike. You can mobile. 8 i P hone L i f e S pring 2017 . Instead of having to feed paper through a clunky—and often dysfunctional—device. this palm-sized robot runs along your sheet of paper and leaves a printed document in its wake. 53 percent even sync audio between phones so that you can share of us will leave a webpage if it takes lon. the app tells you where to walk and then narrates your surroundings. Using your GPS position. the experience with friends. sharing stories and Users have high standards for speed on interviews from those who know the city best.

Hallmark Data Systems plenty of Apple 7300 Linder Skokie. or For address changes or subscription questions. Some of these games FEATURE WEB WRITER Conner Carey • conner@iphonelife. 30. No part of this publication may be reproduced without on Apple TV written permission. Telephone: 641-472-6330.. Advertising. Quad Graphics.com/share.com David Averbach (page 20) CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER Paula Bostrom (page 62) Raphael Burnes • raphael@iphonelife. Reasonable efforts are made to provide accurate and useful information. call 641-472-9962. CONTRIBUTE iPhone 8 To write for iPhone Life magazine or iphonelife. visit iphonelife.com. bank.COM PUBLISHER AND CEO CONTRIBUTORS David Averbach • david@iphonelife. NJ 07646 USA 201-634-7400 was certainly an NEWSSTAND COORDINATOR upgrade.S. 1700 James Savage Rd. total redesign on PRINTER its10th anniver. and although NEWSSTAND DISTRIBUTION the iPhone 7 Curtis Circulation Company. 760 River Rd. IA 52556. and submit products for review at iphonelife. fax 641-472-1879. outside North America. two years: $24. we’ll show you how! Garder Elena/shutterstock iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 9 . or by credit card—one year: $15. Amazon Prime © Copyright 2017 . fans. Subscription rates payable in U. Circulation. visit iphonelife.com/getpublicity. 75) ASSOCIATE EDITOR thing in mobile Mike Riley (page 70) Rheanne Taylor • rheanne@iphonelife. Rumors ADVERTISE bit.com Cody Weber (page 34) tion. or visit iphonelife. USA. and we are already seeing titles like Vain- ART DIRECTOR Rheanne Taylor (pages 39. dollars.97. Mango Life Media LLC. and at additional they could focus on the iPhone 8 instead. vector illustration. Postage: United States free. While there are POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to Cynthia Klaas. SENIOR EDITOR AND FOUNDER Sarah Kingsbury (pages 16. Fairfield. Spring. IA 52556. New Milford. MI 48640 USA 800-448-4288 sary. Summer.com Donna Cleveland (pages 24. In this post. 58) Online Battle Joseph Gass (page 67) Arenas for iOS EDITOR IN CHIEF Donna Schill Cleveland • donna@iphonelife. But just because there isn’t an app doesn’t mean you can’t watch Amazon videos on your Apple TV. Client Relationship Manager. four times a year. Winter by Mango Life Media at 402 North B St. Iowa.com Siva Om (page 76) (MOBA) games SENIOR WEB EDITOR Kate Palbom (page 60) Sarah Kingsbury • sarah@iphonelife. email customerservice@ online at Amazon-owned site Twitch.ly/2ghKOO1 To advertise in iPhone Life.com/advertise. TV apps out there for watching free Cover images courtesy of Apple Inc. #108.. Executive. IL 60077. Editorial.com have competitions that play out on the international stage and attract millions of spectators to events CUSTOMER SERVICE & SUBSCRIPTIONS that they can view live at major sporting arenas. join our vendor network. the Publisher and Editorial Staff cannot assume any responsibility bit.ly/2gVYrn2 Multiplayer On. all rights reserved. Canada and Mexico add $7 per year. How to Watch add $18 per year. Marketing Offices: 402 North B St. and massive prize awards that its PC predecessors currently enjoy. Periodicals postage paid at Fairfield. there is still no Amazon Video app for Apple TV.com gaming. or call 847-763-4940.S. iphonelife. and Shutterstock The following image from ©Shutterstock. Fairfield. ONLINE AT IPHONELIFE.com Top 7 Raphael Burnes (page 6) Multiplayer CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER Noah Siemsen • noah@iphonelife. 64) line Battle Arena Hal Goldstein • hal@iphonelife. Midland. Please allow ten to twelve weeks for receipt of first issue. 54) glory competing on the world stage for the atten- Jaime Thatcher • jaime@iphonelife. but the reader must make his or her own investigations and decisions.com is from the following contributor: movies and TV Battery icon. many analysts have speculated that Apple National Publisher Services 267-252-4093 intentionally kept the 7’s changes to a minimum so iPhone Life (ISSN 1949-2017) is published quarterly.97.com are the next big Dan Rasmus (pages 26. Fall. Fax: 641-472-1879.com/customerservice.ly/2g6Hy9P or liability for the use of information contained herein. checks drawn on a U. mailing offices.com. #108. The iPhone is PUBLICIZE YOUR PRODUCT expected to get a Send press releases. flat design: M-vector shows.com Hal Goldstein (page 80) bit.

com. 10 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . CAPTION CONTEST Illustration by Mikaila Maidment. and we’ll feature our favorite entries in the next issue.com YOUR CAPTION HERE Send us a clever caption for the cartoon above. The winner will receive a $25 iTunes Gift Card! Send all captions to comics@iphonelife. mikailamaidment.

” Submitted by Chelsea Williams Thanks to everyone who sent in their funny captions! iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 11 . I'm not an Etch-A-Sketch. please stop shaking me!” Submitted by Rob Lukas RUNNERS-UP: “How to tackle the terrible twos in 2017.” Submitted by Rachel Lansky “The 'i-sitter.' while mom has a libation and a moment to herself. SPRING 2017 CAPTION WINNER ”Kid.

" –Sarah Feminist Fashion Choices Sarah Kingsbury.. Editor in Chief Shopping Sarah's Closet ”I swear to god." me out!" 12 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . your mixed metaphors are adorable. Feature Web Writer Donna Cleveland. but I like it. CEO: “What did you say? I couldn't quite hear that..” –David "Ugh. It's like when kids say pasghetti. Senior Web Editor Rheanne Taylor. I also lists can be a challenge. CTO Can’t Account for Taste “I like coconut-flavored sparkling water.” – Raphael. Feature Web Writer True Story “Cyndi Lauper is probably my spirit animal. they go and shop in my room. In 2017." achieve that state of Zen. As a result. Some people say it tastes like sunscreen. it's doughnut time. I’m committing (free). For those of shape.” Snack Runs “I'm not f*%king around. the Collect app ($1. or social media. to kick back and step away from our to-do “Awww. Sarah. AROUND THE OVERHEARD IPHONE LIFE OFFICE WHAT WE'VE BEEN What Is Your Top New Year’s Resolution for 2017? TALKING ABOUT Podcast Mic Check Sarah. Editor in Chief thentic niceness.99) is going to help phone.” David. my photography skills touch. email.” –David Editor’s Hazing Rituals “David. Associate Editor ”No husband is worth wearing a "It’s way too easy to go months with. that is soooo sweet— My Fitness Pal (free) to keep track. when my kids want something." –Wendy. because the free app Insight Timer to help me but that is sooo sweet!” gold stars never stop feeling good.” –Sarah A Low Blow “You’re just not capable of au- Conner Carey. Senior Web Editor: “I try so hard to talk loud." –Conner. learning when Receiving Birthday Cards on January 1. like everybody else at the gym us with Type A tendencies. Accountant out calling my loved ones. I’m myself to take a photo each day for a resolving to do a better job keeping in year.” -Donna. I’m going to use b*tch spelled my name wrong— plan to reward myself in stickers. My resolution is to get back into "My goal for 2017 is to relax. "A couple of years ago I challenged dress for. which lets you set reminders to the same challenge again in 2017 and to get in touch with people via text. I'll use my old standby app. I’ve downloaded the app Bond dramatically improved.


wide-angle. By Anonymous By Victoria Lieber 14 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . olloclip.99 value. and macro lenses ($79.      Photo Contest 1st Place Readers' Choice and 1st Place winners will receive the following prize: By Jason Moss 2nd Place 3rd Place The olloclip 4-in-1 Lens for the iPhone and iPod touch includes fisheye.com).

Our Reader’s Choice and 1st Place winner will re- ceive the olloclip 4-in-1 Lens as well as a spot in an upcoming issue of iPhone Life magazine. Our editors will choose the top three entries.com/contest for a chance to win.   Readers' Choice Want to see your photo featured here? Enter your best shots at iPhoneLife. By Randy Braden Photo Contest Finalists By Ian Zaretsky By Cody Powley By Jacqueline Bavolacco By Joselito Villero By Melissa Richards By Katie Cannon By Luciano Grimaldi By Sheri Johnson iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 15 . and our readers will choose our fourth and final win- ner by voting for their favorite images on Facebook.

Generally. Tap on your account name and then tap Manage accounts.com. Dear Driven. How do I log out from Google Drive on my iPad? Please advise. She goes almost nowhere without her iPhone and is the main contributor to the site’s Tip of the Day column. Then tap Manage in the upper right corner Is there a way to quickly do so without and tap Remove. You can turn off automatic renewals for subscrip- tions by going to Settings > iTunes & App Stores and tapping on your Apple ID and selecting View Apple ID. Tap that. I don’t want of. Log in or use Touch ID if requested. of. has over a decade of experience writing and editing for online and print publications. Learn more at iphonelife. Next. She Dear Stop. To log out from Google Drive on your iPad. Stop the Noise Sarah Kingsbury is the senior web editor of iPhoneLife. Hope this helps! 16 iPhone Life Spring 2017 .com/insider. If not. There should be from the Lock screen on my iPhone 7. Cancel That Dear Cancel. Or there should be a small (and hard-to-notice-when-you're-sleepy) Stop button at the very bottom of the screen. a check next to the account you want to log out The only option is snooze. Need iPad and iPhone help? Sign up for iPhone Driven Life Insider and Sarah will help you with all of your iPhone troubleshooting and iOS-related issues. Sincerely. Sincerely. I simply want to turn it off. open the app and tap on the three horizontal bars in I can’t see where to turn off my alarm the upper left corner. and tap Cancel Subscriptions. select the one you want to cancel. your subscription will end at the com- pletion of the current subscription period. tap on Subscriptions. tap the account you want to log out to snooze. SARAH How do I turn off automatic renewals for subscriptions? Sincerely. The easiest solution is to 3D Touch the alarm on the Lock screen to bring up options that include Stop to turn it off. Tap Remove again and you will having to go to the Clock app? be logged out. HEY.


devices with the iKlips DUO+. Need sound. and access to over 115. Even National Geographic need it. you deserve the best. limited by your imagination. and more—you’re only ones. Earin is dedicated to amazing? VideoBlocks. keep your data safe. charging capsule. music. it’s your turn.com) your personal liking. Increase your before it needs more power. These truly wire. motion case. available at earin. impediments that get between you So how do you find footage that looks and your music. With mono After Effects templates. and carry the device These earbuds won’t get away from used VideoBlocks for their content with you whenever and wherever you you—they come with a dedicated creation. When you’re on the go.000 HD-quality Using an iPhone case? No worries. Place your earbuds uses VideoBlocks for its footage. a microphone. 64 GB ($99). adamelements. Plus. or PC and vice versa. or any other unnecessary that viewers will want to share online. Lightweight and creation.com) VideoBlocks: Unlimited Stock Earin earbuds are what Apple Airpods Video for Your Creative Visions wish they could be. All the con- providing great sound. or 128 GB ($179) of pictures. and more. download the up to 11 hours on a single charge. you’ll get ganized and easy to manage. which means you can easily transfer data from your iPhone to your iPad. Storage is a valuable commodity on the iPhone that we could all use a little bit more of. The earbuds tent from VideoBlocks is royalty free. Mac. flash. and eas- earbuds can match Earin. ily transfer whatever you need across ing wireless. the Earin earbuds can last backgrounds. you can use the Earin your own profits from it without any (Starting at $79. Luckily. (videoblocks. attach the iKlips DUO+ Networks from NBC to MTV have to your keys. just slide the DUO+ into the included leather case. It also means you mid and high tones and a tight bass can share your work and even make Adam Elements iKlips DUO+ response. especially when you have small. Meet the iKlips DUO+. For $79 iKlips app to keep all your data or- or three hours when using stereo a month or $149 a year. But the included capsule can unlimited downloads and access to all privacy? Set a password and enable recharge your earbuds three times new content for no additional charge. 18 iPhone Life Spring 2017 .IPHONE LIFE MARKETPLACE . even those bulky waterproof sound. documents. videos. Once it arrives. there’s a device smaller than your pinky finger that can hold 32 GB ($79). backups. fingerprint protection. have wires. With in the capsule when not in use. they don’t hang down your access to professional-quality footage ear. If you’re go.com) less earbuds epitomize the elegance Video is a powerful tool for content of minimalism. lion videos. providing excellent all your creations. are built with two dedicated amps for which means you can use it readily in perfect balance. available at app to adjust the balance and bass to issue of copyright. that ensures a great finished product ing lights. iKlips DUO+ is designed to fit any ready when you are. No other Users have downloaded over 47 mil- storage.SPONSORED PROMOTIONS & SPECIAL OFFERS Earin Wireless Earbuds ($199. This small flash drive has a USB con- nection on one end and a Lightning plug on the other. they’ll automatically charge so they’re videos that include stock footage.

you’ve got noth- ing to lose with our 30-day money-back guarantee. you’ll get immediate access to any and all of our video guides on topics ranging from the iPad. ship for all things iOS. When you sign up.95. wallet. available at otterbox. and other companies to bring a wide range of modules to the our resident iPhone expert and senior web editor Sarah uniVERSE case. Master your iPhone and other Apple devices in a minute each day with our daily video tips sent straight to your email inbox. the battery-pack module to extend the life of over 600 video tips. the possibilities are endless. Visit iphonelife. but the iPhone Life Insider: Premium Membership genius is in all the other things it can do.com) We look for two things in an iPhone case: protection and personality. module with extra storage for your iPhone by SanDisk. Love the magazine? Of course you do. speaker. you can read any The uniVERSE case is one of those products you won’t issue of iPhone Life in our archive from any device. For example. So go on now. Have a ques- of your iPhone. The uniVERSE ($4. The uniVERSE case Let’s review. and a variety of attachments by PolarPro. There’s the lens attachment by Olloclip.99 per month. to Siri. Want more amazing iOS 10 tips? Subscrib- can become a bike mount. but with the You’ll also get our archive of tips to reference. your iPhone becomes functional in a completely different way than what you’re accustomed to. it provides perfect drop protection. iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 19 . you’re reading it right now! With an Insider subscription. anywhere in the world that you can The ease of switching from one module to the next means find Wi-Fi. or the card reader to go from casual to tion you can’t find an answer to? Forget searching Google business in seconds. tripod. to name a few. and sign up today. iPhone case has never been this functional. swers to your iOS questions. But OtterBox realized a case could do a whole lot more.com/insider) case has a detachable back plate that you can slide off to Loving all the iOS 10 tips in this issue of iPhone Life maga- make room for one of the modular additions that OtterBox zine? Get our complete guide to mastering iOS 10 when offers. That’s only the tip of the iPhone-Life-Insider iceberg. direct an- uniVERSE case. ing your iPad or iPhone. You’ll get a complete walkthrough of the Apple’s latest operating system. OtterBox partnered with multiple until your brain hurts—use our Ask an Editor feature. An guide along with tons of video guides on all things iOS.SPONSORED PROMOTIONS & SPECIAL OFFERS OtterBox uniVERSE Case (starting at $49. Meet the modular uniVERSE case. a Kingsbury will respond with your solution. with a catalog of video tutorials and a downloadable PDF. includ- want to live without once you get used to having it around. organized by category. to iPhone Security.IPHONE LIFE MARKETPLACE . use the wallet module to keep your credit Need more? Log in to your account and explore our archive cards nearby. and ing to Insider can give you access to our complete iOS 10 much more with the simple exchange of an accessory. and access to all issues of iPhone Life magazine ever. As with all Ot- terBox cases. iphonelife. just to name a few.com/insider. These swappable modules turn your iPhone case you sign up for iPhone Life Insider—our premium member- into an amazing multipurpose tool.

20 iPhone Life Spring 2017 .


“We do things because they’re just and right. If Steve Jobs is the soul of Apple. Cook has improved Apple in many ways more defined by its founder than Apple has that are uniquely his own. Apple has released a steady stream technology training for women and minorities. Yet in the five years since Cook companies to have almost no charitable giving program. an annual dividend. “Let me be clear: I’m proud to an operations background and has managed Apple’s finances be gay. minded. greenest tech company in the world. Another facet of Tim Cook’s legacy is that he is the first ship." Apple shareholder criticized Cook for embracing causes that lacked a clear return on investment. Cook wrote. Steve Jobs’s single-minded obses- most influential CEOs to ever live. under Tim Cook’s released since Cook took over as CEO. who yet to release a truly revolutionary product under Cook. Cook has initiated an unprecedent. Cook has been an ed 7-for-1 stock split. Cook appears to genuinely care about creating Because of Jobs’s reputation as an innovator. housing. it is still a Apple Watch was the first new product category that Apple step in the right direction. t’s hard to think of a company that has been begins. In a 2014 op- management principles the hard way. HIS IS ITS HEART. In 2015. Under Jobs. and 22 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . Apple received Fs from hit mass adoption or become a significant revenue stream for Greenpeace for its environmental practices and its products Apple. Tim Cook responded to this accusation by saying. his steady leader. and he was a valuable companies in the world.” Despite his private nature. It has also donated millions of dollars to remains out on this point. ship has slowly molded Apple into a more principled and conscious company. If you want me to make decisions that have a clear R. the jury and volunteer time. but it reflection of his ideals. After five years leading Apple. the world. In this regard.O. Under Jobs. iPad. THEN TIM COOK STILL BEING FORGED. supporter of several federal bills to ensure that people cannot When it comes to Apple’s financial success.I. However. been by Steve Jobs. but while Cook’s the impact those products and the company at large has on legacy is still being forged." STEADY LEADERSHIP HAS SLOWLY MOLDED APPLE INTO A MORE PRINCIPLED At a shareholder meeting early in Tim Cook’s tenure. one AND CONSCIOUS COMPANY. Steve Jobs was a visionary who had to learn business openly gay executive of a fortune 100 company. He has been one of the stock buyback program. To say that current also created a company culture that was surprisingly narrow- CEO Tim Cook has big shoes to fill is an un. Furthermore. Since Cook took over as CEO. just to be plain and simple. Tim Cook comes from ed in Bloomberg. has given me. the financial state of the company under his or her leader. but it is more of an leadership.” While all CEOs in this day and age pay lip service to high ideals. and an aggressive outspoken advocate for LGBT rights. Greenpeace named Apple the ucts. It became the CEO of Apple. and Mac lines. The both donated more than a billion dollars in 2015. Apple has made great strides in becoming a more iPhone accessory than a standalone product and has yet to sustainable company.. While Apple’s of improvements for its iPhone. Cook’s legacy a company that acts that way. he has quietly also regularly took heat for its environmental and human crafted a powerful legacy of his own. "IF STEVE JOBS IS THE SOUL "WHILE COOK’S LEGACY IS OF APPLE. One of the surprise considering 93 percent of Apple’s facilities are now simplest (albeit flawed) measures of a successful CEO is powered by renewable sources. Tim Cook’s greatest legacy thus far has been are mercurial things and are better judged by turning Apple into a company that not only cares about how historians many years after the fact than by much customers love its products but that also cares about journalists in the present day. Jobs was one of the then Tim Cook is its heart. Apple was one of the only Fortune 100 derstatement. it is difficult be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or to know where Steve Jobs’s influence ends and Tim Cook’s gender identity when it comes to employment. Legacies rights practices. Apple’s most vocal opponents of the anti-LGBT legislation in North stock has doubled. In his tenure. and the sion with creating “insanely great” products led to some of company that he created was very much a the biggest technological breakthroughs of the century. Cook’s lasting legacy will depend on the regularly appeared near the bottom of Greenpeace’s list of company’s ability to continue to release revolutionary prod. will be judged first and foremost on Apple’s innovations Apple now matches all employee charitable contributions throughout his tenure. which comes as no Apple’s financial success is another matter. green electronics. then you should get out of the stock. turning the tech giant into one of the most Carolina (where Apple has its data centers). but has charitable giving still lags behind Google and Microsoft. and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God masterfully.

the FBI recovered Arizona when that state’s legislature passed a discriminatory an iPhone owned by the shooter and obtained a warrant to bill targeting the gay community. David has an obses- sion with all things Apple. In equality for all people until my toes point up. is defending personal BELIEVE THAT ANY CEO OF privacy. I am comforted by the fact that Apple.” a letter to customers. And we spoke up in tigation of the San Bernardino shooting. he wasn’t so fast to agree when pany.” "WE’LL CONTINUE TO FIGHT Cook’s stand against the FBI brought this conversation to the forefront in a way that it had not been discussed before. or sexual orientation. but either way Cook has followed through on Jobs’s request ORIENTATION. David enjoys traveling and Ultimate Frisbee. REGARDLESS OF RACE. .other rights. gender. While Cook granted access to iCloud back- our values. "I never want you to ask what I would have done. AND I Personally. just as we stood for marriage San Bernardino case. would the FBI demanded that Apple create a version of iOS that do the same. Cook went on to say. THIS INCREDIBLE COMPANY. who has access to a lot of its customers’ data. email him at David@iphonelife. Apple has always positioned itself as company that values innovation above all else. and I believe that any CEO of this incredible com. WOULD DO and has consistently done what he feels is right. OR SEXUAL Cook’s Apple will be able to deliver a revolutionary product. And I will personally continue to advocate for would allow them to bypass the iPhone’s security features. iPhone. THE SAME.com. Jobs told him. During the Justice Department’s inves- equality in our home state of California. He grew up on Macs and now has a MacBook Pro." The jury is still out on whether Tim GENDER. In his Bloomberg op-ed. Cook explained. We’ll continue to fight for search the device." -TIM COOK David Averbach is the CEO and Publisher of iPhone Life magazine. and an Apple Watch. ups of the suspicious iPhone. Apple TV. He has been to over 20 countries. “This software—which does not exist today—would have the potential to unlock any iPhone in someone’s physical possession. FOR OUR VALUES. iPad. Just do what's right. Yet when Cook took over as CEO. regardless of race. Perhaps Tim Cook’s most controversial moment as CEO “We’ve taken a strong stand in support of a workplace of Apple thus far was his confrontation with the FBI over the equality bill before Congress. To contact David.

Feature Web Writer: Apple sweetened the pot for the 7 Plus by exclusively en. For Life’s editorial team has either upgraded or plans to upgrade those reasons. and I’m surprised that I haven’t found the Reason #1: The Camera Is Amazing (Though big screen to be limiting. “I bought the 7 Plus for the dowing it with a dual-lens camera. Associate Editor: improvements. Senior Web Editor: “The iPhone 7 Plus isn't just uncool we thought the larger screen was. 3 GB of RAM (according camera. inch display seemed ridiculously raphy expert Rheanne said huge. but it also Now. ups the quality of photos a lot. my percep- Portrait mode isn’t perfect tion has changed as phablets have become the norm. not a single member of the iPhone Life U team had opted for the larger iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus. and I’m keeping it for to GeekBench tests). the subject within 8 feet and blur 4. I can still Portrait Mode Needs Help) fit my phone in my pocket. we are eating our words.” Plus devices. more bat- iPhone 7 Plus last September. every single member of iPhone tery power.7-inch display already seemed the background for an artistic a bit unwieldy to me and the 5. Here. we made fun of people who used phablet-sized phones and never passed up an op- portunity in our podcast to dish about how cumbersome and Why Did You Choose the iPhone 7 Plus? Sarah.” yet.” we’ve often encouraged users to avoid zooming whenever possible and to instead make a habit of walking closer to sub- jects to produce higher quality images. which main. Our resident photog. Apple's larger iPhone a try. and a battery that lasts as much as the screen. When that allows you to focus on a Apple released the iPhone 6. I really like Portrait tains full image quality when you zoom in 2X. split-screen apps. as well as share our impressions after three months of use. but I think Apple can solve that over time with software Rheanne.” The dual-lens system of the 7 Plus makes Portrait Donna. I was ready for the big- While these features drew us in. Before I even got the an hour longer than that of the already-respectable 6s Plus. phone.5- effect.” she said. a feature “It was a matter of timing. Though Rheanne still 24 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . the features that we’ve been ger screen. The iPhone 6 started enjoying most day to day are signature features found on all feeling really small. Editor in Chief: mode possible. we’ll get into the reasons we’ve David. “I like the camera a lot. I decided to give to the more ample-sized smartphone.” “I’m buying the 7 Plus for the The other 7 Plus-only feature is optical zoom. and more RAM.IPHONE 7 PLUS WHY WE CHANGED OUR STANCE ON PHABLETS BY DONNA CLEVELAND ntil last fall. bigger than the 7. “The effect can sometimes look fake. camera.” Here. Since Apple unveiled the has a better camera. In the past. like the larger display. Conner. and high-resolution screen. and I just use two hands to type now. I’ll explain why we had the sudden change of heart. Two years later. CEO: changed our stance on the iPhone 7 Plus. In fact. but holds a lot of promise. I have found this mode—the blurred background feature to be even more useful than Portrait mode. “I have hope that it can get better.

I’ve lution than the 7. 51). Now. ways there. Other Reason #4: The Size Is Manageable upgrades seen in the 7 Plus. the optical zoom allows you 7 or 7 Plus is the only way to guarantee your battery will last to capture shots that are noticeably better than those captured throughout the day. When comparing cameras outside the office. Donna holds a mas- ter’s degree from the University of Iowa School of Journalism & Mass Communication. I often turn to my phone simply because it’s al.5-inch iPhone was a deal-breaker in wider color capture—make the camera a huge improvement the past. and While the size of the 5. I use els per inch. sults on my 7 Plus. and I've been pleasantly surprised by the quality. When snapping shots of her feet in the leaves. Apple’s latest operating system pair her penchant for storytelling with her love of Apple products. even with the larger screen to power. After a short stint as a newspaper reporter. Rheanne it to be too big to comfortably wear with a sports armband said the colors looked muted on her 6s compared to the re. as well as the 7—namely opti- cal stabilization. I’ve over the 6s. upgrading to the . however. where she continues to There’s no getting around it. started to feel really small. the iPhone 6 has Not only is the display larger on the 7 Plus. I find Plus. like at your kid’s soc- cer game or ballet recital. optical zoom is just the ticket. she became web editor at iPhone Life. and I can easily stow it in my purse or coat pocket. to watch movies. “I told you so!” Reason #3: Battery for Days (or at Least One!) Donna Schill Cleveland is the Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. While we’ve got tips to help with this (see pg. After two years. While I prefer the iPad when officially changed our stance when it comes to the iPhone 7 viewing media. with the larger screen. we chosen a slim case to keep my phone as low-profile as pos- noticed greater color vibrancy and sharper images with the 7 sible. Plus. times when getting close isn’t an option. has done a number on the battery of older iPhones.8 aperture. you can officially say.stands by that school of thought. For all of you Plus users out there. but it’s higher reso. we’ve actually adapted to the 7 Plus quite easily.7 inches. 12-megapixel photos. when working out. an ƒ/1. sporting 401 pixels per inch over the 7’s 326 pix. At iPhone Life. making the movie-viewing experience pretty great when to find frustrating on a smaller screen. Reason #5: The Time Was Right Reason #2: Now We Can Watch Movies on our Phones Enough time has passed since Apple increased its standard screen size to 4. This results in sharp graphics that seem to fly off the it for work. For those days before dying. begun using my phone in ways I’d never have expected. and to shop online: things I used screen. I’ve found that the 7 Plus can last me two using the digital zoom of previous iPhone models. we’ve holding your phone at close range.


The Screen rior. but I wear my Apple Watch Battery Life all day. I turned the Digital iPad and decided to wait. Unfortunately. in Control Center. and swim. your watch’s GPS kicks in and tracks every twist and a convenient shortcut. When you complete your workout. the Apple Watch Series 2 a wider range of exercises. WatchOS 3 What’s New While a slow interface caused owners of the original Apple Watch endless frustration. including swimming. compared to 450 on the Series 1. and I was walking into an Apple Store intent on buying The Series 2 sports the brightest screen of any Apple de- a 42 mm Apple Watch Series 2 as an early birthday present to vice ever. The crown and button positions remain mode that provides the time—a necessary charging feature unchanged. The addition of GPS is a big deal for those who seek an all- An improved Activities app now supports data acquisition for in-one activity tracker. watchOS 3 has helped reconcile S2 Chip those issues and is another reason I’m glad I waited for the Series 2 to be released before upgrading. I ordered online OLED Retina display is easy to see even in the brightest of and waited. Crown to discharge water from my watch’s speaker—the tech knowing that the next equivalent of a wet dog shaking off after a bath. nationally. and heavy use of GPS negatively affects battery life. my watch allows me to see what’s going on locally.9 mm) I charge my Apple Watch every night and like the nightstand and weight (3. I don’t through apps like CNN. located look at my heavy. except it gained a bit of girth (0. cam. The New York Times. BBC. at 1. iteration of the smart- watch would be far supe. the original Apple Watch For review purposes. I took one see how the Water Lock feature worked. RASMUS W hen Tim Cook unveiled hasn’t missed a beat regardless of the intensity of the rain. bringing up short- 50 percent faster than the original Apple Watch. not to add both apps as complications to your watch faces. the watch and phone exchange information automatically. There’s also a new Breathe app. I showered with my watch once just to in April of 2015. keeps the screen from mistaking water eraless first-generation drops for finger taps. every day.2 grams). For exercise. I’m a news junkie. providing worry. you can save it to the watch. for frequent travelers. am thoroughly enjoying my new companion. Visually. With a little tap on my wrist. Fast-forward to last October. and the Apple Watch Series 2 our local Seattle King 5. or internationally The Series 2 is waterproof up to depths of 164 feet. but I live in Seattle. You can also delivers. After the shower. Water Lock. and sunlight. the Apple Watch Series 2 looks the same as the original. making the cuts to a select set of apps when you press the Side button. Once in range of the owner’s iPhone. I need to know what is going on in the Waterproof world.000 nits. Holding the same button for six seconds also lets you invoke the new SOS feature that will attempt to notify healthcare of- GPS ficials to your location.APPLE WATCH SERIES 2 REVIEW BY DANIEL W. Over the last few years I stopped wearing watches. Series 2 noticeably more responsive. turn. I have now had my new watch for a month. the What I Love About the Apple Watch GPS offers little utility outside of exercise. If you leave your phone at home or in the car. iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 27 . When they didn’t have any in stock. The myself. guided breathing exercises throughout the day. which offers short. The new Dock of- The Series 2 now sports a dual-core S2 chip that runs up to fers an improved experience over glances. NPR.

At the end of scrolling. no elevation I swapped out my Fitbit Blaze ($199. Genuine leather accents add class. its hard- I also love that my MacBook Pro unlocks when I extend my ware is a platform for that software. Apple remains a software company first. you are forced to stop and scroll in reverse. I do like to hike occa- • Software tweaks make Siri useful sionally. but is perhaps the most versatile. as haptics remind me of upcoming turns. • No GPS visibility outside of exercise. Travel Case: The Incase Travel Kit for Apple Watch ($39. He is also a member of the Pinchot University faculty academy in Seattle.95) for the Apple calculations Watch and miss the Fitbit’s sleep analysis. the bat- • No sleep tracking tery wouldn’t last through the night. where he teaches influence and strategy. if not as overtly cool as you might expect pability that we expected to have in the 21st Century. but it’s here now. Keep in mind that any don’t have to take out my phone every few minutes to check remaining constraints or awkwardness derives from software. Apple has Cons: never done a good job of exposing GPS data. this Penom during travel. so Apple can address them (not that it neces- on the wrist. ucts that offers a built-in charging stand feature during charg. guiding the way so I perience on all Apple Watch models. It completely hides gem tops off the Apple Watch Apple’s charger (which is not included) in a bright chrome while leaving plenty of juice to arm. lining. The once-berated Maps app is a pleasure to use not hardware. I’d like to know where I am. sarily will). • Still pricey Carousel style scrolling would also be a good addition to watch faces. An app like Al- timeter+ adds visibility. I also love the answering the phone with my watch. And even if I used • Battery life could be better a third-party sleep tracking app with my Apple Watch. solid and attractive. good extension of Apple’s platform that will assist and enter- Finally. The Final Verdict The Apple Watch Series 2 is a worthy successor that should motivate hesitant prospective buyers to jump into the fray and 28 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . This ing. and having the watch offer up a GPS app would great.99) is one of the few prod- that tilts to invoke the night. 3 that not only powers the Series 2 but creates a good ex- The watch is also great for navigation. MUST-HAVE APPLE WATCH ACCESSORIES Charging Stand: The Travel Charger: Belkin’s Valet Twelve South Forté for Charger™ Power Pack 6700 Apple Watch ($59. and at what elevation. the course. It took a from Apple.98) looks great and area holds the charger while the works well. No one will ever know if watch sits snuggly in a faux-fur you don’t tell them. but requires the iPhone be nearby. Rasmus is loop of watch faces. The hardware is speak for tech geeks everywhere when I say that this is a ca. the author of Listening to the Future and Management by Design. I can extend the Apple ecosystem to their wrist. I like that you can add complications for all native apps tain most who choose to don the now iconic device. instead of cycling through a continuous Daniel W. WA. keep your iPhone or iPad running as well. Rasmus is the Founder and Principal Analyst at Serious Insights.95) is Watch Bands: If you want Apple’s designed to protect the original Milanese Loop band but aren’t will- charging cable and Apple Watch ing to pay the premium. disk for the Apple Watch.99) is an mAh for Apple Watch + iPhone elegant charging accessory ($99. offering a contextual portal from your watch face into the activity you are currently involved in. The real joy of Series 2 is the release of watchOS decade-and-a-half longer than expected. Pros: • Waterproofing extends activity reach to water sports Time Out: What Could Be Better • GPS supports exercise scenarios that don’t include a phone • Improved notifications • Improved processor Although I don’t exercise regularly. (and some third-party apps). It’s not the light- est external battery. A dedicated mesh knockoff ($32. The Apple Watch is a very watch-wearing arm toward the keyboard.


can be both lazy and ing your iPhone. then all of your ac- you're not any better counts will be com- off for having Touch promised. 30 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . However. Touch ID is thing from banking more about conve. But here's where Touch ID can give you secure. mon security mistakes that can help you take your privacy to the next level. so counts is hacked. Thanks to ID. still benefit from that extra security. plex passwords and storing them for you in one secure thanks to Touch ID. you others from access. to social media to nience than security. online shopping. Just remember your one master password and let a big security boost: if you set a custom alphanumeric the password manager do the work of generating com- passcode on your phone (which is the toughest to hack). But accounts for every- in reality. you’ll rarely have to enter it but will vault. yet we To access our complete guide to iPhone security. and Once you've en. Setting a strong password managers passcode is still the like 1Password and best way to stop iCloud Keychain. if it's easy to crack. Here are 10 fixes to com.com/insider. it’s tempting to reuse abled Touch ID. The Touch ID Myth Create a Password Vault Apple’s fingerprint sensor has been It’s common for marketed as a secu. 10 iPhone Security Mistakes You're Making and How to Fix Them by donna cleveland e all want to keep our personal infor- mation private on our iPhones. the option to enter if one of your ac- your passcode. iphonelife. your passwords to make device still gives you life easier. don't always know the best way to go sign up for a subscription to iPhone Life Insider at about that. one person to man- rity breakthrough for age dozens of online iPhone owners.

iCloud. To set your iPhone to erase all other things. you’ll be able to see the with adult content. open your Set. Access When Locked. Scroll to the very bottom to Your iDevices of the page and turn on Erase Data. En. if you on this feature. and toggle off Siri. That’s where work. in order for it to iPhone. If your phone regularly. Letting your child Forgot About Find play a game on your My iPhone? phone can offer some much-needed If you lose your quiet time. yet It defends your de. You’ll and toggle on Find be prompted to set My iPhone. you’d rather not al- Children are likely to try to break in to your device and low strangers to ask trigger this setting. lock your phone remotely. and then a special four-digit passcode just for Restrictions. go to haven’t already. To turn phone. It can guesses passwords be pretty alarming until it guesses the to learn the variety right one and breaks of personal informa- in. Here you Find My iPhone app can block access to apps as well as movies and music with the same iCloud account. head Settings > General to Settings > iCloud > Restrictions. if you're not careful. and after entering your passcode. vice against brute your digital assistant force attacks. Apple created a Guard Your Lock feature that erases Screen all data on your phone after 10 failed Siri can help you passcode attempts. iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 31 . However. Restrictions passcode! From there you’ll be able to play a sound on the device. allowing you iPhone in your iCloud to block access to settings before entire apps or types you misplace your of content. qualifiers—that you including your home don't have kids and address and calen- that you back up dar appointments. scroll down to Allow tings app.com or the mize the chance of your child memorizing it. data after 10 failed passcode attempts. This is a setting tion anyone can I’d recommend en. Scroll down and tap Touch ID & Passcode. Restrict Kids’ Access ter your passcode to continue. erase your To Erase or Not to data and brick the device so the thief won’t be able to use Erase? your iphone. So. Make when you sign in to sure this is different than your iPhone passcode to mini. If you back up your device each night. Apple has a you hand over a lot great feature to help more than a single you track it down. you must have Restrictions come in enabled Find My handy. you’ll be able to restore the data on your device your house among without too much trouble. phone. Just make sure not to forget your location of all your devices right there on the map view. where can help others to software rapidly snoop on you. Siri for directions to however. in so many ways. or as a last resort. access from your abling with two big Lock screen via Siri. game when you The only catch is give your child your that. just go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode.

tween last hour. Two-factor authentication is Apple’s latest see if the email warning was real. Scroll down to Passwords & Security and tap Set Up Two-Factor Authentication. Protect Your Photos in iCloud instead. Don’t Take the Email Bait! Ever get an email from a familiar ser- vice you use warn- ing that you’re over- due on a payment or need to tend to your account? Care- ful. just not be safe for work. digit code will be sent to a device you set up to be trusted. and tap can simply change Clear. that could be a phishing scam. the Bookmarks tab. where she continues to pair her penchant for storytelling with her love of To set up two-factor authentication on your iPhone. To clear just specific sites. a six. that recently visited sites means your boss or in Safari under the coworkers could see Bookmarks folder. Donna Schill Cleveland is the Editor in Chief of iPhone Life magazine. fari tracks what you sage pops up on search. If you tend to on past searches keep your phone out and showing a list of in plain sight. open a browser and visit the Remember a couple of years ago when hackers posted site independently. you tap History. ward moments. and today and yesterday. School of Journalism & Mass Communication. she became web editor at iPhone Life. Before you panic and click any links in emails or down- load attachments. To start fresh an iPhone security and wipe out all past setting by going to searches. 32 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . choose be- Show Previews. Enter passcode if requested. offering up your screen for all to suggestions based see. go to Safari and tap To avoid any awk. Yet Sa- contents of the mes. nude photos of celebrities stored in iCloud? While it's Sign in to your ac- unlikely anyone's after your private photos. After a short stint as a newspaper reporter. It limits access to your Apple ID to just devices you trust. messages that may To stop this. today. security feature that’s built into devices running iOS 9 or later. it can’t hurt count and check to tighten up your iCloud security by enabling two-factor your notifications to authentication. choose Settings > Notifications > Messages and toggling off Clear All History. go Apple products. Whenever you try to sign in on a new device. Donna holds a master’s degree from the University of Iowa to Settings > iCloud and tap on your account at the top. by default privacy when go- a preview of the ing online. Keep Messages Cover Your Tracks Private Online When someone There are times sends you a text when you want message.


It will take less three sub-menus that are Phantom 3 Drone ($799). but you clips every time that you fly. in my opinion. the app. You don't most impressed with the iPhone’s ease of use and every once in a while). word is: 12341234 ally controlling an unmanned aircraft (something that just Step Three: Adjust a few years ago sounded Step One: Download Step Two: Calibrate the Settings like science fiction). sacrifice flight ability for pho. Phantoms are also built very well. it's the to do it once (though I sug- 34 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . Phantom Network Once connected. intimidating to quality. whole process. launch tings using the iPhone app is But fear not. Just stories of insane crashes make sure to connect to the Whether it’s the loud roar due to user negligence and network before launching of the propellers or just the the Phantom lived to fly an. I’m going tom and the iPhone have a on post-production work and when in flight. The default pass- mere idea that you are actu- other day. used quite a few phones to this step and you only have cause. using the DJI Go App and Your Drone drones to capture photos Connect to the Adjusting your drone’s set- can be quite overwhelming. I have than a minute to complete easily accessiblee. cautious ones! the app and follow the auto. The Phan. I suggest doing beautiful photos and video is the easiest part of the slowly turning your drone in a this prior to take-off. I chose the Phantom be. crucial if you want your im- It’s actually very easy to get Setting up the DJI Go app matic calibration process by ages to pop. The menu is to show you some of the seamless relationship that even out the orientation of very simple and consists of basics of how to use the DJI is unparalleled by any of the image. reliability.Aerial Photog How to Use DJI’s Phantom 3 Drone to Capture Stunning Photos by Cody Weber best drone on the market fly mine and have been the gest calibrating it yourself Drones are and gives you the biggest bang for your buck. full circle. This will cut down can also adjust your settings In this article. Apple’s competitors. I've heard The Phantom will appear in your Wi-Fi settings.

the better. The sensor in the Phantom is very small and delicate. and unappealing. but I have gone far lower and still produced nice. Anything on the plus side of the spectrum will brighten up the image and on the negative side will darken it. I try to keep my shutter speed above 200 just to play it safe.graphy What the DJI Go Settings Mean: ISO — ISO measures the sensitivity of an image sensor. You can go higher if you choose. I try to get a nice balance with- out messing with the EV all that much. but my general rule of thumb is that the higher you can set it while maintaining a bright image. Anything more and your image will look grainy. ISO 100 iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 35 . but be aware that the images won’t look as nice as they would otherwise. the faster the shutter snaps ISO 400 and the crisper your photo will appear. There is no ideal shutter speed. crisp images. If you are shooting photos. and I would not suggest ever going above an ISO of 400. The higher the number. EV (Exposure Value) — EV lets you compensate for the rela- tionship between the shutter speed and the ISO. muddy. this is even less of a concern. Shutter Speed —Shutter speed measures how long your shut- ter is open.

but the RAW images will be The Phantom 3 4k boasts stored on the micro-SD card a maximum altitude of near. and exposure value to ensure your images really pop. but it is very not launch on a bed of nerve-racking when it hap- grass or anywhere else that pens and I would suggest touches the camera gimbal being very gentle with your Find a flat surface to launch your drone from (a stretch of sidewalk or even the roof of your car should work). but I’ve found Simply eject the card and that anywhere above 300 load your high-resolution feet will result in a glitchy images to your computer for When in flight. Step Five: Launch took off from. you will see to the ground. You will be pleasantly surprised Step Six: Start at just how easy it is to use Snapping once you’ve flown it only a handful of times. There are two ways to No matter where you are. at all. The Federal Aviation Ad- ministration mandates that Step Seven: Landing you register your DJI drone with them so they can track The Phantom can fly for all unmanned aircraft as a roughly 25 minutes on a safety precaution. app. When you are to pay $5. least 13 years of age. Honestly.com. You’ll have single charge. you will discover that the tom. take a photo on the Phan. On the left side ger and gently guide it back of the menu. there is also 36 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . photos to a specified folder. Your iPhone will auto- I have even launched from matically save low-resolution the roof of my car when versions of your videos and there were no other avail. interface and unresponsive viewing. The first is with your whole world is astounding iPhone by tapping the grey from a couple hundred feet circular button within the DJI up. This is mildly frustrat- landings. Go app. adjust your ISO. keep the Phantom 3 below 300 feet to avoid losing communication with your drone. If you want to shoot video. ing if you are out in a field or somewhere that doesn’t have a sidewalk. press the downward arrow icon in the app to ease it to the exact location where it Before take-off. and you must be at wish to land your aircraft. able spots. ly 400 feet. so be very cognizant of Remember to get creative this during your flights.Step Four: Register a convenient record button Your Drone with FAA on the opposite side marked with a red circle. so you That’s It! might have to get a little cre- ative with your launch spots. renew every three satisfied with your shots and years. have accidentally landed Press it and use the control- my Phantom very hard on ler to reach your preferred multiple occasions and the altitude. inside the Phantom itself. He is the creator of ForgottenIowa. drone has always lived to fly Note: Your Phantom will another day. Your Drone When the camera is about ten feet above the ground. I an arrow pointing to the sky. The second is by pressing Cody Weber is a no-coast mixed media artist exploring the country one county road the gray shutter button on at a time. the right side of the Phan- tom’s controller. with it and try different methods and settings. shutter speed. This is where things start lessen your pull on the trig- to get fun.



com or on Instagram @meararose. It's awesome to not it much more amusing than anyone have to worry about crushing a GarageBand: When I'm stuck in else. I get books from the public library be hard to meet new people. some- This is a great option if you're on a budget signed to match up like-minded women who times I have a hard time deciding like me. recipes. want to make new friends! what to make for dinner. This app helps with inspiration. I love and download them on my phone. enormously useful. Kindle: This app is a lifesaver for Hey! VINA: Moving to a big city this app helps us to clap out the rhythm of a me on long subway rides in NYC. videos for my friends. I can use this app to quickly jot Duolingo: I've been working on huge iron plates! down a new melody idea or beat for learning Spanish on and off for two one of my songs! years. This app makes it easy for me iMetronome: As a piano teacher. NY Bio: Meara is a body-positive model and classical pianist and songwriter.  Age: 29 Location: Brooklyn. and I enjoy StrongLifts: I'm a huge weightlift. this app. BigOven: After a long day. It can piece until we understand it. grocery lists (including what's already in my making personalized birthday card ing fan. I typically find my workouts. pen and paper on when I'm already anxious line somewhere or on a crowded about crushing my feet under one of those train. this simple metronome has been tice here and there when I’m at work. to sneak in a few minutes of prac. You can follow her on her personal blog at partiallyplus. from a small town is rough. which is specifically de. and JibJab: I'm a huge dork. During lessons. 38 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . and I use this app to track fridge).

and GIFs). you’ll love the additions to the Photos app as well. Enjoy! iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 39 . which provide new ways to organize your images and share memories. bubble effects. and an updated Messages app (complete with an App Store. If you’re a fan of photography. it seems like we only just mastered iOS 9. While creating this guide. voice- mail transcription. right? But trust us. The iOS 10 Guide A pple’s latest operating system has brought a slew of new exciting features to the iPhone and iPad—including widgets. the ease with which you’ll be able to accomplish common tasks makes learning how to use iOS 10 worth the effort. Naturally. the ability to remove stock apps. and we are going to share all of our favorite tips with you in the following pages. After all. this transformation to your iPhone’s software can be a bit overwhelming. we have been discovering new-and- improved ways of using our Apple devices.

Ex. Facetime account. time. best for your health). open the Phone app would any other app: press and tap Favorites. just search the App Store for the title and reinstall it. then tap the looking for. The iOS 10 Guide New & Noteworthy Delete Built-In Apps Text Favorites A nearly decade-long pet In Favorites. and adjust the volume to your liking. Tap the + but- and hold on the app until all the ton and find the contact you’re icons begin jiggling. The goal of Bedtime is to er or not you’re an organ donor help you go to bed and wake (information which can then up at the same time every day be accessed from your Home (which studies have shown is screen in case of an emergen. toggle on Bedtime make your organ donor status and then slide your finger to official by signing up with the set the time you wish to go to Organ Donation Registry within sleep and wake up. and Clock. you’ll now the app you wish to delete. gentle noises to wake up to. to turn off the alarm on Satur- Then. days and Sundays. This stock apps—but now you can! is handy if you call your mom at Let’s say you find an app you home a lot but also frequently prefer to Apple’s Calendar or text her on her iPhone and want Reminders app. and wheth. or email address you want to save. To do this. Each option now has a My iPhone. Photos. 40 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . you can now peeve of iPhone users has been specify your preferred way to the inability to delete Apple’s reach the contacts you add. Video. allergies. To set up cy). When you tap the X in the upper right corner of name of the contact. If you dropdown menu too. the stock versions the way you To do this. be given the option to choose ceptions include Health. With iOS 10. you can now this feature. You can delete a shortcut for each scenario. open a different wake-up time on the the Health app and navigate to weekends. Activity. back. You’ll be taken through also choose from a variety of a quick setup process to register with Donate Life America. en- able a bedtime reminder. Phone. Find Mail. you can tap Options the Organ Donation section. specifies details such as your you’ll find a new tab called Bed- blood type. Organ Donor Registry With the Health app. or Settings. Here you can nate Life. you can Set Up Bedtime in Clock fill out a Medical ID card that Within the trusty Clock app. tap on Sign Up with Do. Camera. so you can ever decide you want an app select which phone number. Message. If you have the Health app.

Flashlight lets you vary by hard pressing the reminder light levels to low. going through and app features than before with deleting each one individually Quick Actions when you firmly can be a pain. Calculator lets you Select the option you want and copy the last number you calcu- you’ll be taken to the appropriate page. To clear all of your a panel of your favorite news notifications at once. you would Along the bottom of Control need to tap the blue “i” symbol Center are four icons that allow next to the reminder. symbol in the top right corner. cuts when you swipe up from ically. The iOS 10 Guide 3D Touch Using App Shortcuts Delete All Notifications at 3D Touch has been around Once for a while now. Control Center offers Touch allows you to make quick several useful 3D Touch short- adjustments within the app. once. with screen to access Notifications shortcuts to things like your VIP Center. or Reminders. Timer. first swipe sources. but thanks to If you have a bunch of no- iOS 10. lated. all of your notifications will be which shows current items and deleted and your screen will be your most frequently used lists. But with you to use important features: 3D Touch. Two options will appear. iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 41 . as location and time. Now recent voicemail. and Camera lets you choose from a selection of shoot- ing modes. which shows recent callers and Tap Clear All Notifications. to edit information such the bottom of the screen too. bright. Then 3D Touch the “x” mailbox or search bar. then you’ll love the way 3D shortcuts. Edit Reminders Using Control Center If you use Reminders to help Shortcuts you remember your upcoming You can use 3D Touch to ac- events and errands you need to cess more than just app icon run. blank. you can skip all that Flashlight. Clock gives you the op- allowing you to edit either the tion to set a timer for 1 minute time or location of your event. delete all of your notifications at the News app displays a wid. Calculator. Typ. you can access more tifications. 3D Touch lets you press app icons. saving both your time and get with top stories as well as your sanity. Phone. medium. and and quickly jump into editing Camera. or itself. Other apps with useful down from the top of your Quick Actions include Mail. For instance. to 1 hour.

The iOS 10 Guide

Lock Screen
& Widgets
Using Raise to Wake Checking Notifications
The first thing you’ll likely no- Notifications will appear on
tice when handling your locked your Lock screen when you pick
phone is Raise to Wake, which up your device; swipe left on the
senses when you’ve picked up notification to reply or clear it, or,
your device and lights up in re- if you have a 3D Touch-enabled
sponse. This allows you to easily device, use 3D Touch to access
check notifications and change more options. For instance, if
the current song you’re listen- you press firmly on a text mes-
ing to without unlocking your sage, a preview of your message
phone. However, some users thread will pop up, giving you
don’t like this new feature, as greater context. Your keyboard
it contributes to battery drain. will also appear so you can easily
If you don’t like Raise to Wake, reply if you so choose.
you can disable it by going to To see a full list of your notifi-
Settings > Display & Brightness cations from recent days, swipe
and toggling off Raise to Wake. down from the top of the screen
Now your phone will no longer to get to Notification Center. To
illuminate when you pick it up. clear all your notifications, firmly press the X in the upper right
corner of the screen and select Clear All Notifications.
Unlocking Your Phone &
Accessing Camera Understanding Widgets
In iOS 10, you no longer slide When you swipe left on your
your finger left to right to open Home or Lock screen, you are
your device. Instead, rest your taken to the Widgets screen.
finger on the Home button if This is a quick way to access
your device has Touch ID. If you the information that you deem
don’t have Touch ID, press the most important. You can edit
Home button or tap on a notifi- your widget collection by scroll-
cation to summon the passcode ing down to the bottom of the
screen. Now your device will be Widgets page and tapping Edit.
unlocked, but will remain on the To add a widget, scroll down
Lock screen. To go to your Home to More Widgets and then tap
screen, you’ll need to press the the + icon next to the widget
Home button again. If you prefer you’d like to see (Note: you can
opening your phone the old way, also tap the – icon to remove
you can go to Settings > General widgets). To change the order
> Accessibility > Home Button of your widgets, press and hold
and toggle on Rest Finger to Open. To access your camera on the three bars to the right of
when your phone is locked, swipe right to left on the Lock each widget and then slide and drop it in the order you’d like it
screen. to appear.

42 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017

The iOS 10 Guide


Using Facial Recognition Seeing Details
Under the Albums tab in the If you want to know the de-
Photos app, you’ll find an album tails of when and where you
titled People, a powerful new took a photo (or even who’s in
feature that recognizes facial the photo with you), you can
features in photos. Tap a person now do so by swiping up on an
to open all photos of them and image or tapping Details in the
then add their name by tapping upper right corner. You’ll be able
Add Name at the top of the to see who’s pictured, the loca-
page. From the main People tion where the shot was taken,
folder, you can also Favorite or and related Memories. You can
Hide specific people. Just tap also select Show Photos from
Select in the upper right corner, this Day. This option will take
tap on a person, and then select you to Moments, where you
either Select or Hide.You may can see all the photos you took
also notice several photos of the on that day, making it easy to
same person appearing as sepa- get the information you’re look-
rate people. You can remedy this ing for.
by tapping Select, tapping the two separate faces, and then
tapping Merge. Marking Up Images
Markup came to Mail with
Viewing Memories iOS 9, and now it’s available in
Under Memories in the Pho- Messages and Photos with iOS
tos app, you’ll find a selection 10. To take advantage of this
of movies based off of your feature, first open the photo you
content. Tap a movie to begin want to mark up and then tap
playing a collection of your pho- the edit symbol on the bottom.
tos and videos. Once selected, Tap the three dots and select
tap again and you’ll see options Markup. From here, you can
to change the movie’s transition magnify an image, add some
style and length. If you tap the text, or draw on it (there are
edit icon, you can also manually eight separate colors to choose
change the title, music, dura- from). One good thing to know
tion, and photos included. Scroll is that if you select the T icon
down to the bottom of the page to type, the keyboard won’t
for the option to favorite or de- automatically pop up like you’d
lete a memory. If you’d prefer expect. You’ll have to tap the
not to have videos created of text box and then select Edit from a pop-up menu in order to
holidays you aren’t celebrating, summon the keyboard.
go to Settings > Photos & Camera, and toggle off Show Holi-
day Events.

iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 43

The iOS 10 Guide


Using Emoji Suggestions Navigating iMessage App
Emojis are the standard for Store
expressing emotion in text, With the App Store built into
and Apple has baked those Messages, you can do things
little icons into the Messages you never could before, such
app like never before. If you’re as send payments, play games,
composing a message and have and add stickers and GIFs within
Predictive Text enabled, you’ll messages. To access the iMes-
see emoji suggestions as you sage App Store, tap the arrow
type. And here's an important to the left of the typing field and
distinction: if you select the tap the App Store icon. Here
emoji after typing the word, the you can swipe through your
emoji will replace the word; if apps, or you can tap the four-dot
you add a space after the word icon in the lower left corner to
and then tap the emoji, the enter your App Drawer, which
emoji is added after it. You can houses all your downloaded
also replace words after com- apps. And if you want all apps
posing your message by tapping with Messages capabilities to
the emoji icon on the keyboard. Any keywords with emojis load in Messages, go to the iMessage App Store, tap Man-
will light up orange. Tap each word to replace it. age, and then toggle on Automatically Add Apps.

Bubble & Screen Effects Sending GIFs and Stickers
This hidden Messages feature While we’re on the topic of
lets you select the delivery style the iMessage App Store, you’ve
of your text bubbles and text probably stumbled across a
screen. Is it a gimmick? Maybe. section called #Images that’s
But it’s fun for the novelty none- devoted entirely to GIFs. If you
theless. Just 3D Touch (or long tap the Search bar above Im-
press, on the iPhone 6) the send ages, it will show you recent
icon after composing a text and keywords you’ve used. Once
you’ll see a menu called Bubble you find the GIF you want, tap
on the left that includes four it, and a preview will appear in
text bubble effects: Invisible your text field. If you want to
Ink, Loud, Gentle, and Slam. Tap send a sticker instead, open
each effect to preview; tap again a sticker pack and either tap a
to send. From there, you can sticker to add it to your text field
also preview and send various and press send, or you can add
screen effects, from shooting it to an existing text or image by
stars to confetti. If these effects dragging and dropping it. Once
aren’t working, make sure to disable Reduce Motion in Set- you drop your sticker, you can’t move or delete it.
tings > General > Accessibility.

44 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017

Reacting to a Text Tailoring Read Receipts
Reminiscent of a social media Many people turn off read
“Like,” this feature lets you leave receipts in Messages to avoid
a quick reaction to a text or im- letting others know when they’ve
age without typing a response. read their text messages. by go-
Just double tap the text or im- ing to Settings > Messages >
age and a list of six options will Send Read Receipts. But now
appear: a heart, a thumbs up, with iOS 10, you can turn read re-
a thumbs down, “haha,” excla- ceipts back on for just the people
mation points, and a question you want. To do this, simply open
mark. This is a simple way to let a conversation within the Mes-
people know you have read their sages app and then tap the info
message, without having to give icon in the top right corner. Toggle
a traditional reply, which is con- on Send Read Receipts. Now
venient if you are busy. Even if the selected recipient will know
your recipient doesn’t have iOS when you’ve read their text, re-
10 downloaded, they will receive vealing the word “Read” beneath
a message letting them know the latest text they’ve sent you.
that you have “liked” the message.
Using Digital Touch
Handwriting Messages All Apple Watch owners will
You can now send handwrit- recognize iOS 10’s Digital Touch
ten notes in Messages, but only feature, which lets you send
when you’re in landscape mode. animated images such as your
To do this, just rotate your phone heartbeat or hand-drawn pictures
horizontally while composing to your friends. To access Digital
a message and a white canvas Touch, tap the arrow icon to the
will pop up that you can write a left of the text field, and tap the
note on; along the bottom, you’ll heart-shaped icon. From there,
see several generic pre-written you can tap, draw, or hold two
messages such as “Thank you,” fingers to the screen to send your
“I love you,” and “I’m sorry.” Any heartbeat. To see a full list of vi-
time you write a message, it will sual effects, tap the bar along the
be added to the collection of right. You can also add these ef-
messages along the bottom of fects while recording a video, but
the screen. Of course, you may keep in mind that you can only
write messages that you don’t add the effects while recording
want to keep. To delete any pre- and not afterward.
vious notes, long press it and tap the X icon that appears.
Link Previews to Websites
Sending Photos & Videos Sending links in Messages
To send a photo, tap the arrow used to simply display a URL in
icon by the text field and then the thread that your recipient
tap the camera icon. You’ll see a could tap to visit Safari to view.
live viewfinder on the left where Now, any time you add a link or
you can snap a shot. Swipe to video to a text, that link will be
the left to choose from recently replaced by a thumbnail preview,
taken photos; swipe to the allowing you to view things like
right for the option to open your YouTube videos without ever ac-
Photo Library or to go to the tually having to leave the app. This
Camera app. When you take or new feature offers a big boost
select a photo, it will be added to Messages, making it easy
to your text field. Tap the X in the and convenient to share media
corner to cancel out the task or with friends. And if you do want
draw on your picture by tapping to watch the video on YouTube,
the image and then selecting that’s OK too. Just tap the link
Markup. You’ll have the option to beneath the thumbnail and you’ll be redirected to the site.
draw on, magnify, and type text
on the image.

iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 45

screen. toggle apps and then enable exten- on Tolls. When you tap signs to help you remember on the search bar. as well as beeper on your car keys or tak- a card with a search bar at ing pictures of parking garage the top of it. simply tap on a location and then select Add to your parked car location under Recent Locations within the Favorites from the bottom of the screen. 46 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . you can use Maps to do a traffic and confusing one-way variety of things. To start taking roads in Maps. as usual you’ll see your airport parking lots clicking the location on a map. depending on your location. as long as recently navigated to as well your car has Bluetooth capabili- as destinations based on your ties. apps offer Apple Maps sup- ies (other than the incessant port. iOS 10 shows you the location tions. the option to book a dinner cally direct you to a route without toll roads. reservation or summon a Lyft. and toggle on Show Parked Car vorites. go to Settings advantage of these features. Now ing Options at the bottom of the when you look up a restaurant. look up restaurant reviews are the worst. Avoid Toll Roads Third-Party App Support You know what’s annoying Now that many third-party about driving through big cit. such as call a streets)? Toll roads. Thankfully. a cool addition make sure that you’ve paired that not even Google Maps has your device with your car’s Blue- integrated. and. you with Yelp. At the bottom. The iOS 10 Guide Maps Suggested Destinations Parked Car Location When you launch the Maps No more wandering through app. toggle on you’ll find a list of Yelp reviews Tolls. Maps under Extensions. Note: to mark a location Location. You can also make this sions by going to Settings > adjustment directly from Maps Maps and then toggling on the by first tapping on a destination apps that you want to use with and then scrolling down to Driv. Toll roads Lyft. Maps app or in the Maps widget. > Maps > Driving & Navigation download the aforementioned and then under Avoid. Now Maps will automati. Now you can view as a Favorite. From there. you’ll find places you’ve of your parked car. you’ll see where you parked. you tooth system and then go to can also tap Favorites to see all Settings > Maps on your iPhone locations you’ve marked as fa. and make dinner res- can finally avoid toll roads in ervations at select restaurants Apple Maps. ful addition to Apple Maps in If you scroll through the loca. To turn off toll with OpenTable. first Calendar events. To enable this feature. A really use- a list of suggested locations.

Optimizing storage simply To share recently played songs means your iPhone will remove from Apple Music in a message. Simi. The iOS 10 Guide Apple Music Share Recently Played Music Optimize Music Storage With iOS 10. or 32 send arrow. To access this matter. If you’re someone who ed one of Apple Music’s curated likes to sing along to music or playlists to your account. iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 47 . Note: some songs don’t > Music and then toggling off support this feature yet. when you add- it plays. go to Settings > the text box. downloads you rarely listen to simply open a conversation once you’ve hit your music stor- thread in the Messages app and age allotment. Now. This may not have been feature. Add Playlist Songs. but if you listening to and swipe up. tap the Show button wanted said music popping up to the right of the Lyrics text. select age. pear in your music library with- then you’ll love this new update out giving you any say in the to Apple Music. may have more music stored lar to the way that you can send on your device than you realize. 16 GB. 8 GB. Tap the four circles then toggle on Optimize Stor- in the bottom left corner. you been recently listening to. you can easily Need to free up space on share clips of the music you’ve your iPhone? Chances are. GIFs and stickers in the updated Thankfully. 4 GB. will strictly remain in the playlist you’ve selected. tap on the song you’re a problem for most. you can also to automatically optimize your send clips of the music you’ve music storage to free up space. storage threshold for music then select the song you want to share. all the who often wonders about the music in that playlist would ap- meaning of songs you listen to. You’ll added a music playlist to help see a section labeled Lyrics. iOS 10 allows you Messages app. you can Hide to conceal the lyrics once adjust this by going to Settings again. example. To optimize your then tap the arrow to the left of music storage. but Ap. Now just tap the under Minimum Storage— None. Now the songs you add to your playlists ple's working on adding more. GB—and you’re set! Access Song Lyrics Control the Songs Added to Apple has added a feature Your Library that displays a song’s lyrics as Before iOS 10. recently played in Apple Music. then you may not have ics listed. If you get to sleep at night. Now select your maximum Music from the list of options. simply tap you hit Shuffle. for you would like to see the lyr. Then tap the App Music > Optimize Storage and Store icon. in your music library every time When you are done.

navigated to a screen with the option to subscribe. or then tapping the + icon next to text it. to the News app is the ability to receive Breaking News notifica- tions from several publications. the channels you want to add. From there. If you don’t like the story. a feature that translates voice messages would like to receive notifica. Using Voicemail Transcription lications you want to receive alerts from. Thankfully. simply navigate to the Favorites tab in the News Whether you are stuck in a meeting or attending app and then tap on the bell a loud concert. easier to tailor which content you can now subscribe to them appears in the For You section of directly from the News app. 48 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . and Book. If you wish to cancel your sub- Signing up for Breaking News scription. You’ll be similar stories in the future. you may not always be able to lis- icon in the upper let corner of ten to a voicemail message right away. Geographic) you can subscribe mark. making it that you’d like to subscribe to. you can do so by going to Settings > iTunes & App One of our favorite updates Store and then tapping your Apple ID. You’ll see a bar on pending on the publisher. Tap Sub- scribe Now and then select your preferred subscription options. toggle Apple has solved this issue with Voicemail tran- on all of the channels that you scription. into text so you can read the message rather than tions from. the app. Dislike. To pick and choose which pub. If breaking news alerts by tapping it's an important or entertaining message. first navigate How to subscribe will vary de- to a story. the screen. Like. The iOS 10 Guide Apple News Tailoring Your Story Feed Managing Subscriptions You can now mark stories If there are any publishers you dislike as well as ones you who charge for their content like in the News app. To do this. by simply viewing the channel tap the icon displaying a heart and then tapping on the stories with a slash through it. You can still follow listening to it. The with the word Subscription News app will avoid displaying listed beneath them. you can Explore in the News app and tap the share icon to save it to a note. but for the bottom of your screen with most publications (such as the icons representing four options: Wall Street Journal and National Share. Just tap the message under Voice- publications that don't have mail in the Phone app to see a text transcription. email it. Select View Apple ID.

By default folder to you based on the send- it’ll show you your unread mes. When you open the Mail app. er and content of the message sages. a folder them all. then you’ll in the lower left corner that will love this new update to the let you filter your inbox. this is a handy way to suggestion will pop up. you’ll it. The iOS 10 Guide Mail Unsubscribing to Newsletters Searching Message Threads You’re likely subscribed to When you’ve been included tons of newsletters you don’t in a group email thread. mind that you must use folders ments. used to be no way to scroll Thankfully. there have the time to read regularly. or emails from your VIPs. If the view what’s most important in suggestion is correct. then tap Filter By from the emails easier by suggesting a middle of the screen. Keep in select messages with attach. If incorrect. Tap the Mail app. but here you can also you’re trying to sort. show your most recent mes- scribe again. you can also tap the two-arrow icon to see message previews without opening the Filtering Your Inbox entire message thread. to work. which makes sorting icon. you can tap a mes- see a little grey box at the top of sage with the two-arrow icon the screen with blue text read. tap Move Message for a full list of folders. move the message to the listed folder. iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 49 . view. next to it to read through the ing Unsubscribe. messages you’ve been regularly in order for this feature CC’d. You had to tap each mes- Now when you receive an email sage individually in order to read from a mass mailing list. But now. Apple has made it through the entire thread in one really easy to tidy up your inbox. Now you will no sage first by going to Settings > longer receive emails from that Mail and then toggling on Most particular sender. If you have just one message you’re looking for. navigate to one of your email Adding Mail to Folders accounts and you’ll see a new If you regularly sort your icon (a circle with three lines) emails into folders. Just tap on thread starting with the original Unsubscribe and then confirm message at the top (you can your change by tapping Unsub. tap it to the moment. Then when you tap If you get a lot of mail and don’t the folder icon located on the have the time to weed through bottom of your screen. Recent Message on Top).

tap and hold on the New Notes. Accidently Similarly to how you can quickly open and close tabs by tapping and holding the Tabs Collaborating on Notes icon. 50 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . two options opening the Safa- will pop up: New Tab and Close ri app. From here. Apple added a useful new feature to the Notes ing the New Tab icon. iPad mini two squares overlapping one 4. When both panes light matically be taken to a fresh tab. To do this. The iOS 10 Guide Safari Quickly Open and Close Tabs Multitasking The changes to Safari with on iPad iOS 10 are subtle and therefore You can now easily missed at first. you must on a webpage. by going to Settings > iCloud > and toggling on Then. of the screen to open a new window. app by adding the ability to share and collaborate first tap the Tabs icon if you are on notes. simply press and hold on you own an iPad the Tabs icon (which looks like Air 2. or iPad Pro. start by hold on the icon. but navigate back to the webpage. open the note of choice Tab icon (the + symbol). email. To another). Or if you already had tabs the current sites you have open. you can tap the contact icon again to view. you’ll see anything they add in real time. This will take have iCloud enabled for Notes. you can also bring back tabs that you may have closed accidently by tapping and hold. up. you’ve entered Split View. as well as to add or delete people from the list. you can just press and drag a tab from the left pane to the upper right corner of the screen and drop it there to open Reopen Tabs You’ve Closed the right pane. you’ll see the recently closed tab back in the list. When you press and do this. tap the X icon. open. you can’t see site you would like to reopen to when other people are viewing the document. etc. You’ll and tap the contact icon along the top. Within a Now when you open the tabs shared note. which you can do you to a list of all of your tabs. see a list of people who have access to the note. One of view two Safari these hidden features is the tabs side by side ability to quickly open and close on your iPad tabs. While in Notes. To close the second pane. To share a note. you can swipe in from the right to the center Tabs. recently closed. In order to use this feature. Select New Tab to auto. To do multitasking if this. which saves you time with Split View while browsing the web. Then select see a list of all the tabs you’ve how you’d like to send your invite—via text. Now swipe down on the right Select Close Tabs to close all of pane to navigate to the Safari app. Simply tap the social media.

consider Home screen in response. go to Settings > Display & Brightness and toggle off Raise to Here you can add or remove widgets by tapping the red circle Wake. as the updated versions way to drain your iPhone bat- of apps are more likely to work tery. a feature those widgets take power to that senses when you’ve picked keep up to date. If you don’t have your them. since the latest informa- iPhone set up to automatically tion should already be ready and update your apps. If your battery up your iPhone and lights up the is dying too quickly. Then tap Done. the update the redesigned widgets pane. developers have to play Background App Refresh catch-up. and tap Edit. swipe right from if you pick up your iPhone a lot your Lock screen or Home or walk with it swinging in your screen. But all turn off Raise to Wake. the weather. such as the you have iOS 10 installed. the widgets page. To do so. next to a widget name and tapping Delete. Refresh. That’s why there’s a updates your apps even when beta version of iOS for develop. To access the wid- which can drain your battery fast get screen. This getting rid of any widgets you feature is turned on by default. view important information from tery is draining faster now that your Lock screen. Doing this should be enough to give your bat- apps you’d like to update. iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 51 . tery life a significant boost. But allowing all your time to do so manually could open apps to continually update help solve your battery drain in the background is a sure-fire woes. If your bat. This is a ers—so that they can prepare rather useful feature. Update All Your Apps Turn Off Background App When Apple releases a new Refresh update. don’t need. To turn off Background App efficiently with iOS 10. To turn off Raise to Wake. as it saves and optimize their apps for the you from having to wait for apps latest and greatest operating to load each time you launch system. The iOS 10 Guide Battery Life Fixes Turn Off Raise to Wake Reduce the Number of While iOS 10 brought a ton Widgets on Your Lock Screen of great new features to your A top new feature of iOS is iPhone and iPad. also introduced some potential Widgets allow you to quickly battery life problems. taking the waiting. you’re not using them. Tap Update All or go through and choose which App Refresh. scroll to the bottom of hand. first thing you’ll want to do is and Activity progress. go to Settings > Gen- launch the App Store and tap eral > Background App Refresh Updates at the bottom right of and then Toggle off Background the screen. your calendar events.

Low Pow- phone is being glitchy. If lows you to easily respond to you’ve had it with iOS 10. a simple restart almost last forever without it. such as tunately they drain your iPhone’s navigation apps. Low Power Mode will automatically button again to power it back on. and three more hours until you tery drain. screen. turn on Low Power Mode. flashy features of the Messages tion when they aren’t in use. you’re likely to be on It’s important to note that if you your iPhone even more than make the switch back to iOS 9. And since iOS 10 al. go ahead and select Never. Limit Location Tracking to Turn On Reduce Motion While Using the App or Never If you’ve been enjoying those Location tracking is another interesting effects (fireworks and sneaky way you could be ex.3. eliminate the iPhone’s zoom ani- If the app doesn’t require your mations when you open and close apps. follow our step-by-step guide online at face down on your desk. you’re us- different apps want to know ing animations that require lots your location. confetti anyone?) and reactions pending battery power. Stop iPhone backup made with iOS yourself from being tempted to 10. To restart er Mode is a complete life saver. And if you receive likely fix quite a few issues with a lot of notifications. shut off once your phone is charged. go to tings > General > Accessibility > Settings > Privacy > Location Reduce Motion and then toggling Services. But when always helps fix it. app might be fun to use. While the new. This will also to customize location tracking. Keep in mind that Apple will notification. Last Resort: Downgrade to iOS 9 Leave iPhone Face Down If you make all these changes When your iPhone is and your battery life still won’t facing up. wait a few minutes tings > Battery and then toggling and then hold the Sleep/Wake Low Power Mode on. but most of them of battery life. the screen illumi. Sure. 52 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . but can help if your can charge your device. unfor- with a few exceptions. Restart Your iPhone Turn on Low Power Mode Restarting your iPhone at This tip is a must for those of the first sign of a problem is you unaware of the beauty that troubleshooting 101. If you can bear makes sense to disable Location to part with these effects. last. your iPhone. since you no longer have you won’t be able to restore an to unlock your device. Oth- erwise choose While Using the App. but the new easily be part of your battery update may still be more than problem. you can turn Low your device has successfully Power Mode on by going to Set- shut down. the screen. this will preserve battery life since your iPhone won’t light up when you receive a notification. Select individual apps on Reduce Motion. For the rest. To do this. Restarting you’ve got 30 percent power left your iPhone won’t solve bat. you Services or allow it only while can disable them by going to Set- using the app. older iOS devices can handle. If you is Low Power Mode. you the Sleep/Wake button until can simply activate Siri by hold- Slide to Power Off appears on ing the Home button and saying. they could subsequent updates. down- your notifications from the Lock grading is a great option to have. location to be fully functional. we’d ever have any issue with your love our iPhone battery life to device. Then swipe right to “Siri. Lots of in the Messages app. so you’ll have to use an older reply each time a notification backup and may lose some of your data. don’t need to know this informa. it power pretty fast.5. Doing bit.ly/2gP9EXb. Once Alternatively. usual. If you still want to appears by leaving your iPhone make the change.” power off your iPhone. you can downgrade to iOS nates whenever you receive a 9. simply hold down To turn on Low Power Mode.

you‘ve got to keep your fans live updates to my phone when bad and design routes on byways and trails that up to speed on what you are do. me share photos and connect with fellow route or throw on a few extra layers of cloth- travelers. This lets me you won’t find on Apple Maps or Google ing. have the real thing. it’s. I love Instagram because it lets make appropriate changes to my Maps.com) because of his passion for nature. I will often try to match the book everywhere. ing if I need them. guided trips. Instagram: When you’re building a Dark Sky Weather: Dark Sky sends path. and field advice. construction zones. the West. this is iBooks: I love to listen to audio Fireplace 3D: The campfire is a your app. venture motorcycling with a group. especially is nice if you’re wearing motorcycle gloves. story I am listening to and my own journey. camping. Iowa One-Line Bio: Paul is a lover of all things wild and true.FEATURED iUSER: 3DXO6WUXEHe Location: Fairfield. 2016 and but it will keep you away from traffic jams and with the area I am travelling through you will likely run into fire restric. It may not have the keys books while I ride my motorcycle. This app is a little gimmicky but still fun to have around camp if you can't Find My Friends: When you’re ad- SNL: This app is an amazing re. It allows you to load tracks from friends brand. best one for getting off the beaten each other. and overland travel. product reviews. source for smiles. I brighten my mood at the touch of MotionX-GPS: This is the main like to have everybody I’m traveling a button. Dirt Orcas provides inspiring interviews. However. Plus the voice activation so that there’s a relationship between the tions all over the country. It is the with turn this on so we can keep track of every sketch from the past 40 years. Its library literally includes GPS tool I use to plan trips. I love how it can you can easily take a wrong turn. time-honored tradition of campers to a great off-road adventure ride. He started his blog Dirt Orcas (dirtorcas. wildlife. Google Maps: When you need to get somewhere in a hurry. weather is inbound. iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 53 .

or grabbing lunch with a friend. and write lengthy novels technology makes more tools available to me that can help (which. I’ll share tried!) And I used to find so much joy in all my little some of my favorite apps for boosting creativity. The last thing you want 54 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . it’s usually at the most inconvenient time. creative efforts. Here. I create stumbling blocks for myself by overthinking everything and clinging to unrealistic ideas of perfection. take pictures itself isn’t solely to blame for my lack of motivation—in fact. but I’ve learned that technology I ativity. and I can barely make time A P P S F O R G ET T I N G I N S P I R E D for any of those things that once brought me so much joy. I decided to make a change by dedicating more in-day-out 9-to-5 thing for quite some time and may be won- time to my creative endeavors. in retrospect. such as while I’m sitting in traffic. mean using technology less. draw and paint.” If you’re anything like me. I go to bed. I come home. C   A T I N S P I R I N G A P P S TO G ET YOU R B R A I N BY R H E A N N E TAY L O R used to devote a lot of time and energy to my cre. then you’ve been doing this day- Recently. I just don’t feel inspired like I used to. were quite ridiculous—but I me nourish my creativity rather than stifle it. My days all feel the same: I go to work. I would craft my own jewelry. I cook din- ner. I thought that might dering if you’ve lost your creative edge. daily. And when I actually devote time to my once-favorite hobbies. so spend some time getting into the right mindset to start creating. “The last thing you want is for your creative projects to turn into a job too. When I do finally feel that familiar urge to create. Fast-forward to now. taking a shower. At first.

an essential ingredient also use coloring book apps such as Recolor (free) or Pigment for me is the ambient sound of my favorite coffee shop—and (free) to pass time when you’re bored. and (geek status here). one of my greatest artistic iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 55 . I’ve been indescribably inspired afterward. I also love listening to music. It even has a selection of playlists completely dedicated to writing and studying! “Try listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk 'Your Elusive Creative Genius' and tell me you don’t feel indescribably inspired afterwards. which is where the Ted Talks app (free) comes in. Just try listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s I like to make things. F O R C R A F T I N G A N D D I Y P RO J E C T S tinct chatter and the hum of machines and clattering dishes. but trust me here. back. right? Lately. I dare you. but I en- talk "Your Elusive Creative Genius" and tell me you don’t feel joy it. you may find those background noises more helpful than you'd expect. I dare you.” There’s also nothing more nourishing to your creative soul than listening to fellow artists. Apps like these don’t require ground noises like those found in your local cafe are perfect a ton of concentration.95/ per month) has been one of my favorite some time getting into the right mindset to start creating. yet they are much more nourishing to for stimulating creativity. Unsurprisingly. methods for motivating me to do that. I V  T Y M OV I N G I N T H E R I G HT D I R E C T I O N is for your creative projects to turn into a job too. or play word-guessing I’m not alone! According to a University of Illinois study. complete with indis. You can look a little different. so spend Headspace ($12. It might seem like a strange idea.99). I’ve also found into creating my own costumes for conventions and shows that meditating really helps get me in the right mindset. I’m not always the best at it. Strangely enough. and that’s all that really matters. One of my favorite apps to use your creativity than browsing Facebook. which recreates the sounds of a café. when I’m working on a project at home is Coffitivity (free). games such as Blackbar ($2. and Spotify (free) has some of the best curated playlists around. each person’s recipe for inspiration is going to meditation exercises and reminders to meditate daily. featuring spoken-word Obviously.

which is where apps like Craftsy (free) or CreativeLive photography skills. an app that provides all the basic editing tools as well as the Day 365 of 365 Project ability to add text. as it al- lowed me to add my photos to a calendar and add whatever details about the day I wanted to remember. Over the course of the year. but using the hashtag #365photochallenge and #photoof- theday. and add special effects. which was super fun to look back on. and books (FYI. which makes it easy to to handwritten cards—and have yet to be disappointed. which involved me taking a creative picture every day for a year. or simply love the unique quality of handmade items. But for those moments when I want to give my images a little more attention. which I use to save all of my ideas to boards that I can reference later. I use Enlight ($3. the artistic possibilities for your photography are use Photoshop and Lightroom. Both offer a variety of in-depth tutorials on everything from sewing your own wallet to learning how to Seriously. I’ve purchased countless prod. with Social Print Studio). sometimes I need a little more guid- ance. adjust borders. ucts from Etsy sellers—everything from personalized jewelry My personal favorite is Diptic ($0. I also really enjoy using collage apps. add text. You can create artist-inspired paintings with Prisma allows me to watch one lesson a day for free. choose a collage format. but I prefer CreativeLive as it endless.” (free) come in. I love this app’s simple design and how easy its filters are to adjust.99). Although saving set that greatly improved my inspiring photos is great. the Collect app ($1. 56 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . During this project. sell your own Studio’s app Print Studio (free) to quickly turn your favorite crafts. In order to help me stay motivated. F O R P HOTOG R A P H Y # P HOTOO F T H E DAY C H A L L E N G E Day 1 of 365 Project One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself was take part in the Project 365 challenge.resources has been Pinterest (free). but lately I continue to come back to the same one: Darkroom (free).99). and use Social Print If you want to support small businesses. and apply filters. doodle on images. I’ve also tried a bunch of editing apps over the years. This allowed me to get inspiration from other it kept me in a creative mind. photos into posters. I often shared my photos to Instagram may not seem like much. (free). but it kept me in a creative mindset that greatly improved my photography skills. I’m obsessed then Etsy (free) is your answer. people completing the challenge. Taking a single photo a day may not seem like much. fun GIFs with GIPHY Cam (free). magnets. I watched my photography skills dramatically increase simply by devoting a few “Taking a single photo a day minutes a day to snapping a photo.99) was invaluable.

Although I try to write daily. In fact. been pretty dull. which has seriously boosted my creativity. minutes. I decided I would start waking up One app ($4. even Rheanne Taylor is the associate editor of iPhone Life magazine. She recently graduated with her BA in literature and writing from if it’s just 15 minutes. That means I have a lot of journals. providing thought-provoking ques. I’m convinced that the best writers are often those who love to read. or driving. came easier and I felt motivated to write more throughout the ative writing. The best part of this app Cameron’s The Artist’s Way). shower- ing. BONUS: If you and your friends love haikus. and I can add pho. and I hope to contribute to it myself one every day. motivating important thing when it comes to your creativity is making myself to do so isn’t always easy. of these days. even if it’s just 15 tions when I’m feeling stuck. iPhone tip a publishing platform that allows everyday people to publish articles online.com/dailytips then I also recommend trying Foldpass (free).99) is an older journaling app. This app has allowed me to listen to books while I’m cooking. Askt ($2. and one for composing lists). That’s where I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using Medium (free). but it you can’t escape the responsibilities of daily life. I’ve been keeping a journal since I was 7 years old. you already have access to the tools you need wherever you go. but it’s hard to find time these days. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting to write again. but I love reading others’ work. one for cre. When it’s all said and done. I’m 28 now.99). As a Get an result. I haven’t used it to write an article yet. I’ve tried a lot of journaling apps. day.” Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield. Iowa. But over time writing be- them (I currently have one for basic journaling. so get out there and use them! “You can still find time for yourself amid the chaos. people. and none each day and writing 750 words (an idea inspired by Julia of them can compare with this one. but you can continues to be a favorite. which is why I got an Audible subscription ($14. With your iPhone. Most of what I created was utter is that I can add multiple journals and easily switch between nonsense. especially when my day has a commitment and sticking to it. Most of it wasn’t pretty. iPhoneLife. With time I’ve evolved. STAY C O M M IT T E D Journaling is important to me as a writer.95 per month) and downloaded the Audible app (free). because I’ve learned that the most tos to my entries too. a collaborative writing app geared solely to writing haikus together.F O R W R IT I N G F I N A L LY. I used to read constantly. In her spare time Rhe- anne is an avid iPhoneographer who loves trying out the latest apps and gadgets for her iPhone camera. still find time for yourself amid the chaos. but I’m not yet ready for the commitment of a full-time blog. I tell you this story. iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 57 . and now I use my iPhone as my primary journal with the Day A couple of years ago.

. so he forwarded her email with the headline.“ -Don’t Mess with My Wife 58 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . My husband is lucky he didn’t get me fired!” . I haven't made a mistake since before I had a cell phone.embarassing Tech Mishaps Naked Skyping “I was on a conference call while working remotely. Except. I'm quite serious. She answered back and copied the director of HR: 'Yes. I did receive a text from my dad early one morning that read.'“ . he hit reply. my husband wandered across the screen behind me in his birthday suit. but I slept next to my dog last night.The Snarky Son A Serious Chick “My wife was emailing back and forth with a guy in her company’s New York office. It wasn’t until my boss broke the news to me a couple months later over drinks that I became aware of what had occurred. . 'Is this chick serious?'.' There was a lot of explaining that dude had to do.. She informed him of a policy that he found pretty irksome. Thanks. and apparently halfway through a presentation. 'I don't know about you.Not-So-Professional After All Awkward Dad Moment “Personally. I had no idea at the time.) However. 'I had a really nice time sleeping next to you last night.' I responded by saying.

My wrist must have been at a weird angle because I somehow triggered my Apple Watch’s new SOS feature (which calls emergency medical responders when you press and hold the side button). Because sometimes. with racy jokes and innuendo flying back and forth. She’s never going to let me live that one down!“ -Worst Mom Ever Apple Watch Fail “I was in bed with my girlfriend the other night. Only problem was. he doesn’t work for us any- more. Things quickly got flirty. 'boyfriend and boyfriend’s mother. Needless to say. I found it super amusing. knowing I caused a problem for an innocent (or maybe not-so-innocent) person. you accidentally send the message to the group la- beled. and things were getting pretty steamy. I got a response letting me know that work was ‘killing his vibe’ and that I’d ruined his plans to enjoy some recreational drugs with his buddies instead of coming in to the office.My Mom Said What? “Tinder should come with a breathalyzer test! I had a few glasses of wine over dinner with friends and I was lying in bed texting with my college-age daughter while I swiped through profiles on the dating app.“ -Sneaky Cousin Elxan Nagiyev/shutterstock iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 59 . Suddenly we heard a siren sound filling the room. I meant this text for my hus- band!' To which I received another text: 'Don’t lie to me. 'Are you asleep? Are you naked?' I did not realize I had transposed a wrong number in his contact card!! I received a text back from someone saying. but felt awful. Needless to say. I have never sent a text like that again!“ .The Other Woman How to Get Fired “A freelancer kept showing up late for work. and we started messaging. 'I am so sorry. I matched with a cute guy. Especially old group texts—they can come in handy sometimes.“ . I know you are that little tramp who is fooling around with my man!!' I immediately blocked the number. In the course of this banter I made a joke about him sending me a risqué pic. so I used my phone to secretly record a conversation of ours so that I could show it to my friends later. He must have mixed me up with one of his friends. so I texted to remind him to come in. I accidentally texted it to my daughter instead of the guy.The Boy Who Cried Wolf Accidental Home-Wrecker “Once. But you know when they’re not useful? When you're crossing a busy street in Brooklyn excited to text your boyfriend a scandalous ver- sion of a new dress (in various stages of the outfit). but when I tried to save the recording. who had apparently had a few drinks himself. 'Who the F*%k is this?' I replied. I ac- cidently played it instead and couldn’t turn it off! My cousin just went silent and stared at me.'“ -Kill Me Now Voice Memo Woes “My cousin has one of the thickest southern accents I have ever heard in my life. I was so embarrassed that I just walked away without any explanation. I texted my husband. The lesson? Don’t wear your Apple Watch in the bedroom. because shortly after.” -Vibe Killer #FML “I don't usually delete old messages on my phone.

best way to see what your favorite food gurus are eating. San Francisco. ly opened hot spots. and find the foods you crave immediately make reservations for culinary near you when you tap the Feed Me button. new- W and plan meals. Los Angeles. and London. Chefsfeed (Free) This app is built to satisfy your inner seeker. Browse photos and reviews of your favorite dishes This elegant app allows users to access and posted by the chefs themselves. From finding the best restaurants to mixing up your snack regime. Users can snatch up exclusive last-minute reservations and pay for their check (and even split the bill!) using the in-app pay feature. Miami. and long-standing favorites in New York. Choose from Michelin-starred establishments. ChefsFeed is the experiences in some of the world’s best res. everything on this list is sure to make even your iPad start working up an appetite. It’s the perfect tool for those Velocity in search of the ultimate eggs benny or steak (Free) frites. FOOD REVOLUTION TOP APPS TO CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT BY KATE PALBOM Marchie/shutterstock hile your iPhone makes it easy to find recipes taurants. Eating Out letting you find delicious dishes vetted by famous chefs. 60 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . there’s a world of apps out there that can help you go beyond the daily food grind and elevate your gastronomic expe- riences.

local feast with your new-found hosts. tional section where you can learn more about ocean conser- Each recipe is made with all-natural ingredients and features vation. struggle no more with this family cooking app. Use this app to find out what (Free) food is currently in season in your area. Sustainable Foods Farmstand (Free) Find the best in fresh. Annabel Karmel Family Cooking ($4. Harvest rants behind and allows users to book a seat and enjoy a cul.99) The only thing harder than coming up with a daily snack for yourself is finding healthy and delicious options for your kids. which are split into helpful categories such as Everyday Meals. Search for vegan. Stock your Airbnb with fresh and local fare for a heatlhy and delicious holiday. Seafood Watch (Free) Snacks and Treats Environmentally conscious consumers know that unsustainably sourced fish is The Healthy Rebel among the greatest threats to our ocean ($2. lifestyle. Best of all. Sweets. Details about market hours and vendor images and photos from market regulars make sustainable travel food adventures a snap. this app teaches you to knock on melons and find a EatWith’s interactive website leaves restau. co-founder of DAMY Health. for selecting the best produce and how to avoid foods with this social dining service encourages you to high pesticide levels. healthy yet decadent versions of your favorite treats. and commu. Follow Kate on Twitter @KatePalbom. and technology sectors. Harvest ($1. This app lets you quickly find the closest farmers' market and highlights activities happening there that day. Well. Lunchboxes. nicate with your guests. from worst to best. This app helps seafood lovers Looking to bid farewell to your daily snack find and select products that are fished or farmed in ways struggle? A variety of healthy. gluten-free. delicious whole that have a lower impact on the environment. tells shoppers how much pesticide residue is on specific fruits turally rich. as well as learn tricks Instead of looking for where the locals eat. Use the app to share your experience and photos and show your support for the local community. Post and in marketing campaigns in Canada. You can organize your meals. The EatWith and vegetables and includes a list of pesticide-heavy foods app allows users to become hosts.99) ecosystems. You can even customize your health. It provides access to over 120 simple recipes. Available even without an internet con- start eating with the locals—in their homes! nection. perfectly colored piece of fruit anywhere.99) Ever wonder what the best time is to eat your favorite fruits and veggies? Unsure about the pesticide levels in your food or when to iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 61 . plan a dinner. There’s even an educa- holistic nutritionist Amy Layne. offer- ing 12 recipe challenges that aim to help teach your kids valu- able cooking skills for the future. and use the app’s Interactive Speaker feature to have recipes read aloud to you. EatWith for Hosts buy organic? Harvest can help. Her work has been featured in the Huffington recipe lists and save your favorites for the future. Use the app to food snacks await you in this app’s reservoir choose ocean-friendly dishes while dining out or to pick up of more than 300 dessert and meal recipes by low-impact food at the grocery store. or raw recipes to find the perfect treat Kate is an Ottawa-based freelance writer and editor who specializes in reporting on the to serve when entertaining. locally sourced foods no matter where you are. customize recipes with notes. and more! The app even has a Kids Rule the Kitchen section.

I’ve been at it for over a decade and have found that it has helped control my panic attacks. Every- one has at least five minutes a day to meditate and practice mindfulness and Simple Habit makes it easy. It’s focusing your awareness being mindful of fellow drivers of course). breath. I’m not great at getting up early to meditate. I’ve been listen- breathing exercises with the Breathe ing to the free guided meditations.) This mental state sounds simple. annakristal/shutterstock 62 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . spending 20 minutes listening Basically. Of course being the technology geek that I am. Doing so helps me on the present moment (e. it’s slowing down and paying to a meditation is perfect (while keeping my eyes open and attention to what is around you. Here are the top three apps I’ve found so far that help me live in a state of raised consciousness: Simple Habit (Free) This app is great for people on the go. the sounds you hear. or trying to fall asleep. or 20-minute med- iOS updates feature meditation and itations and you can establish a healthy habit. this app has a stream. but you can also purchase app for the Apple Watch and the Health unlimited access for $11. the taste of your food. But what is mindfulness? on the days I have a long drive. dealing with a tough day. but come stress. I’m always on the lookout for apps to help in my pursuit of a quiet and peaceful mind. 3 APPS TO HELP YOU FIND PEACE IN YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE BY PAULA BOSTROM indfulness has officially become main. but with our busy lives and minds so filled with chatter. it’s been around for thousands of years.. When I first downloaded app for the iPhone—both of which en. meditation. I’ve found you can’t have one without the other. I spent several mornings listening to the commuting courage mindfulness as a way to over. Although some people separate mindful- ness and meditation into two distinct categories. the app. it’s not always easy to achieve. the feel slow down after a busy morning of getting kids out the door for of the earth beneath your feet. Although the practice of mindfulness may seem like a fad.99 a month. 10-.g. your school before heading to my appointments. So much so that Apple’s latest meditation for you. Whether you are commuting. Choose between 5-.

99 for a year’s sub. and even helping ease chronic pain. we will eliminate violence from the world a month (other purchase options are: $94. It’s a great reminder for ages you to practice regularly. as an avid cyclist. I’VE Meditation Studio FOUND YOU CAN’T HAVE ONE ($3. I use the 13 anxiety Headspace has a five-star rating in the meditations quite often. When it’s all said and standalone meditations for specific activities. you’ll want to practice every day. Although I’m not a newcomer to meditation. It helps me be more aware during my ride. These three-minute exercises slow me down and help Paula Bostrom is a freelance media broadcaster and journalist. but perhaps the biggest benefit of all is preventing our own minds With the Headspace subscription. which aim to increase mindful awareness throughout your day. There are meditations for alleviating stress and anxi- Headspace ety. scription or $399. I find myself able to unravel my thoughts and ence includes radio and newspaper reporting. one moment after the next. which I really appreciate. Paula is a regular blogger and contributor feelings. such as sleeping done. Headspace also has some workout meditations. DISTINCT CATEGORIES. There’s even a section for kids. improving sleep. does a great job of explaining different techniques and help. within one generation.” This app offers a wonderful collection of meditations. we all deserve a little peace. There are a great deal of benefits to practicing mindfulness. and at iphonelife. lier. I’ve also used the SOS meditations several times difference in our happiness. I also set a Headspace reminder on my Apple Watch. She enjoys traveling with her family and writing about the places she’s visited.” I like that idea. I enjoyed listening to the free entry-level meditations. I was pleased to find a cycling exercise. I looked down at my watch to find the following message: “Mindfulness has nothing to do with speed. I am able to access from going down a self-destructive path. “If every 8-year-old in the world is and purchased unlimited access to the collection for $12. veteran. as fast or as slow as the situation requires. and Meditation Studio has a specific explains the basics of meditation and encour.99 taught meditation. As ing users discover which ones work best for them. As (Free) someone who suffers from panic attacks. It’s simply being “ALTHOUGH SOME PEOPLE present.99 for lifetime access). and that can make all the or sports. when I’ve felt overwhelmed and my day was spinning out of control.” SEPARATE MINDFULNESS Once you get the basics down and learn how to incorporate AND MEDITATION INTO TWO meditation into your daily life. or a first responder. Whether you’re a mom.99) WITHOUT THE OTHER. you’ll find that these apps offer practices that work for you. I splurged the Dalai Lama once said. Headspace founder Andy Puddicombe’s voice in the guided meditations is a plea- sure to listen to. Ear- iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 63 . Most of us who deal with anxiety App Store—and for good reason! Headspace fear the unknown.com. mindful activity to address that fear. Her previous experi- me refocus. Headspace me that I need to trust life will take me where I need to go.

these tion by identifying stumbling blocks. or lose weight. breaking apps can help you make them a long-term habit. why not portant goals this year. or Microsoft OneNote start saving! But by the end of February. The ability to collaborate with Track Your Goals and Replace Bad other users makes Wunderlist ideal for accomplishing shared New Year’s resolutions. So instead. Use this productivity avoid the downward spiral of failure and shame by enlisting the app from Microsoft to take and organize notes help of your iPhone and the App Store in achieving your goals? and to create to-do lists. and tracking activity. quit halfway through or never even get started. This year. 64 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . few of these apps will help you build a sustainable (Free) exercise or learning habit.99) new skill or breaking a bad habit is which app you use to keep You can’t keep those resolutions if you quit yourself on track. any one of Apple’s stock productivity apps simply can’t. WITH THE OLD 13 APPS TO HELP YOU KEEP YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS BY SARAH KINGSBURY lzf/shutterstock I t’s the same familiar pattern: you start the New Year with the best of intentions. your New Year’s resolutions. our list of New Year’s resolutions Make a plan to accomplish your most im- shoved in the back of a drawer out of sight. What. most of us have (Free) returned to our old ways. Procraster helps you overcome procrastina- ever positive changes you want to make in your life. smoking. whether you want to get more sleep. this article will focus This task management app lets you cus- on apps that help automate your goals and motivate you to tomize to-do lists and reminders in a way that power through the inevitable February slump. thinking that this will be the year Staying on Top of Your Goals you finally lose those twenty pounds. Habits with Good Ones Procraster Far more important than which app you use for learning a ($1. such as Duolingo (free) for learning a new language or MyFitnessPal (free) for getting Wunderlist in shape. learn Japanese. then access it all in While there are many apps that can help you accomplish the cloud and across your devices. projects down into manageable tasks. spend less time on Facebook.

check out this app from Google. (Free) thing—and progress is easily tracked with handy graphs. Unfilth Your Habitat Staying in Touch ($0. Break your resolutions into manageable seg. She goes almost nowhere each of them—e. Choose your most important contacts and specify how often you want to stay in touch and the best way to contact Sarah Kingsbury is the senior web editor of iPhoneLife. but over the course of a year. being more charitable. The amounts Productive Habits & Daily Goals Tracker may seem small. Today lets you make small daily donations to Whether that’s doing a better job keeping in touch with loved causes that matter to you and inspire others to do the same. One Today (Free) If you’ve resolved to make a positive differ- Accomplish a Specific Goal ence in the world. without her iPhone and is the main contributor to the site’s Tip of the Day column. ones.com. While the app’s interface is a bit outdated. Before you know it you’ll (Free) have accomplished another of your New Year’s resolutions If breaking tasks down and setting streaks and built a tidy nest egg. tions..g. You can quit as many bad habits as you resolved to lose weight or get fit this year. and keeping you motivated with swearing and shaming. phone. The Pact app lets you put real money on the line. Unfilth Your Habitat will put you on the or months go by without contacting a good right path. Frequency settings are very flexible—e. Facebook. extra motivation to keep up your new routine. is not enough to motivate you to keep your New Year’s resolutions. email. Set your goals and meet HabitBull them and you can earn money. or getting healthy. saving money. Use this highly customizable app to track both progress toward quitting bad habits and Taking Control of Your Finances creating positive ones. it gets friend or family member. Make While you’re making investing automatic notes. iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 65 . Share your progress with friends or keep it private. (Free) sen to work on accomplishing them. iCloud in settings in order to have access to your full contact list. But you might benefit from some you quit.g. you want—whether it be smoking or biting your don’t need our help finding some great apps nails—and then track how many days since for that. and more. Don’t put off accomplishing your resolu- tion to start investing for another day. but don’t know where to start. Digit ments and only see them when you’ve cho. these apps can help you make keeping your most important Keeping Your House Clean New Year’s resolution a priority. One Maybe you want to really focus on one important goal. and effortless.99) If you’ve resolved to start keeping your Bond home clean and tidy like a goddamn adult and (Free) don’t mind a lot of F-bombs with your remind- If you’ve ever unintentionally let weeks ers. Don’t get overwhelmed by all your tasks. why not turn it into a Making a Difference game? Earn in-game and real-world rewards as you accomplish your goals and defeat monsters. your micro in- (Free) vestments could add up to the beginnings of a nice portfolio. If you’ve use. Fail to accomplish them and (Free) you’ll end up owing money instead.Breaking Bad Habits Fitness and Weight Loss Quit That! Pact (Free) (Free) Fitness and Health is one of the most This simple app is ad free and easy to popular categories in the App Store. this is the app to the job done by breaking your cleaning into short challenges help you maintain those important connec. ing? Digit analyzes your spending and then transfers amounts of money small enough Habitica that you won’t miss it into savings. She Just make sure you set your Contacts’ default account to has over a decade of experience writing and editing for online and print publications. text. Acorns Building Good Habits rounds up your purchases and automatically invests the difference for you. you can set the time Acorns of day or number of times per week you want to do some.. track your progress toward building your new habits. why not do the same for sav- and see how long you can go without breaking your streak.

FEATURED iUSER:   Age: 28 Location: Salt Lake City. Google is definitely superior creation app is perfect for when lets me cash out and have the funds for navigation. It the way it looks. It allows me music library has every song you spending habits so I don't feel it. can imagine. Utah One-Line Bio: Dennis Walker is a writer and life insurance and retire- ment planner who dabbles in marketing from time to time. to manage my cash. and its app is super easy to ceive on my iPhone directly on my watch. so ever need to use it. and its using an algorithm based on my its app is awesome. my wife and other family members have Google Maps: I can't tell you how access as well. I use this more than I care Android Wear: I have an ASUS to admit. Digit: This app automatically saves Fidelity Investments: I do most Google Play Music: I really love money from my checking account. 66 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . I have multiple users Cash is available within one business day if I ecute trades. and Google’s cloud services. you get into meme wars with your available within a business day. of my banking through Fidelity. It Maps. Venmo: I use Venmo to send and many times I've ended up in the receive payments from friends (and wrong place because of Apple Meme Producer: This free meme roommates before I was married). This app allows me keeps a consistent feed of updated to receive all the notifications I re- stories. just because I prefer best news source. as well as ex. on my account for about $15 per month. Deseret News: Deseret is Utah's smartwatch. in my opinion. navigate. buddies.

ResearchKit Spotlight: Inside the First Pharmaceutical Company to Launch a Medical Study Using the iPhone by Joe Gass iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 67 .

Apple launched Re- searchKit. as they are appropriately attack foreign bacteria. Chronic inflammation can lead to severely damaged joints. reducing the patients. Medidata Solutions to create a ResearchKit app for this land- understand English. the cost as- life data from the study participants. The There are more than 100 types of arthritis. of tests. reducing the dependent upon the manual dexterity it takes to type on a keyboard. rheu- among the most likely to benefit from matoid arthritis does not discriminate. live in the US. with mobility disorders are among the most likely to So why keep studying RA? Well. we saw mal pain. despite deep pockets and vast resources. 68 i P hone L i f e Spring 2017 . So imagine a woman working in the tech industry. The criteria for participation in the POSSIBLE Mobile and medical data analytics research vendor PARADE study is pretty minimal—participants have to be 21. and rheumatoid tool ultimately helps researchers gather arthritis is arguably one of the most common and dramatic high-volume quality data in a cost-effective among them. and stiffness in joints such were even involved in the development of ResearchKit. " subsided enough so that she can finally get dressed. While there is no cure. anyone can get it at any age.5 million people in the United way— directly from patients using their States. severity of pain. If they are already using Apple’s Health app. an open-source software Rheumatoid Arthritis framework created specifically for the advancement of medical research. the pharmaceutical industry. After ResearchKit’s arrival. and patients tend to benefit from switching drugs burden of traveling to clinics. the way the immune system might centers were quick on the uptake of this new tool. which has stepped up to the plate as the first in the pharmaceutical industry to use ResearchKit. let alone start typing! -Rob DiCicco of GSK "Using an app for clinical research can But nearly two years later. " GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Patients rently possible. swelling. affecting about 1. decreased function. with rheumatoid arthritis. it launched an app-based rheumatoid arthritis clinical research study called PARADE. The result of this self- typically the early adopters in this realm. such as level of fatigue. Using the iPhone’s built-in ac- and the time required of participants. is still not using this be a serious disruption to the current game-changing tool. as well as di- cal Innovation Rob DiCicco said studying rheumatoid arthritis etary and lifestyle recommendations. top academic medical mistakenly attacking itself. The one exception is London-based firm model. as the fingers and wrists—which of course is painful. Some of the centers attack is inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis was a meaning they no longer experience signs or symptoms of natural opportunity for us for several reasons—it’s a rheumatoid arthritis—which is the closest thing to a cure cur- disease that affects patients on many levels. In August 2016. and undergoing a battery after the positive effects of a given drug dwindles. After being accepted into the study. GSK teamed up with developer over a three-month period. especially if it is addressed in the very early stages. It can help us understand which benefits the patient thinks are most important with respect to the medicines we develop in the future. sociated with running a study (which can amount to millions). In March of 2015. issues in the clinical research world. The focus on the real world speaks to how the medical field is realizing that real-world data has the potential The PARADE study consists of 300 participants logging data to increase patient outcomes. It overcomes significant long-standing consent form. there are several medications. Using an app for clinical research can be a serious disruption the app has participants review and digitally sign an informed to the current model. mHealth [mobile health]. and even joint deformity. The app will then start to collect quality of significant data (which can take months to years). leading to even more pain. and already be diagnosed mark initiative. many with the condition lead highly functional and productive lives with mini- "With the launch of Apple’s ResearchKit. Vice President of Clini- Fortunately. "Patients with mobility disorders are Though it is more common in middle-aged women. that can help keep signs was a natural choice for GSK: and symptoms at bay." How the Study Works PARADE stands for Patient Rheumatoid Arthritis Data from the Real World. It is an autoimmune disease. meaning that the body is iPhones. swelling. and morning before her finger stiffness. and pain has undergoing a battery of tests. not all drugs work for all benefit from mHealth [mobile health]. an opportunity to study the impact of a disease on Some of those affected even achieve complete remission. patients’ day-to-day lives. Imagine she has to wait two painful hours each burden of traveling to clinics. and mood. such as the challenge of they can permit it to import some basic personal data that the recruiting enough volunteers to yield clinically and statistically Health app hosts.

income level really shouldn’t play a significant part in disease activity. This could ultimately increase efficiencies with the entire drug development process. magnetometer. this study will add to the body of knowledge about rheumatoid arthritis. and also contribute to drugs being more precisely studied and effectively prescribed based on highly individualized patient information. A recovering triathlete and yoga instructor. PARADE is a stepping stone. As iPhone users. the app fied. mean- ing that there is no intervention. If the study goes well. collects movement information while the participant performs There are some potential criticisms to data collected via guided wrist exercises. it may green light the company to use apps in a supple- mentary way to collect information in a grander clinical trial that includes an investigational drug. participants may tend to be on the younger side and perhaps have a milder form of the condi- tion. The Study’s Potential & Limitations Although GSK’s effort is commendable. The Future For GSK.celerometer. Joe Gass has a BS in Health Sciences and over 20 years of experience in a wide variety of roles in healthcare. Novel patterns or trends about the condition and what it does to a patient could now be identi- iPhone Lif e S pring 2 0 1 7 69 . whereas before they could not be reliably detected. Joe currently works as an information specialist in the medical communications industry. This could open the door for other drug companies to follow suit. ResearchKit. PARADE can be classified as an observational study. perhaps en masse. And while someone with severe chronic arthritis may not be able to afford an iPhone. Finally then. One of the few limiting factors may be that participants may not be motivated or dis- ciplined enough to enter data every single day for 12 weeks. Instead. no investigational drug being studied. the ad- vancement of medicine might take a quantum leap. and gyroscope sensors. and the full potential of Apple’s altruistic effort here could be recognized. it’s not the full mon- ty.

   Control Your Lights. Thermostat & Security System with the Home App by Mike Riley 70 iPhone Life Spring 2017 .

App Store to connect to the Hue hub. no need to worry. mend using the Home app. letting you trigger the lights re- iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 71 . I am extremely impressed with how easy Home- Kit makes the setup and configuration process. the early days of the internet). reliably. But what makes the modern Deploying the Hue lighting system is simple. you’re going to need some HomeKit-compatible hardware. I recom- products. replace existing standard bed automation smarts directly into their products instead of bulbs with Hue bulbs. and download the Hue app from the having them retrofitted by third-party hardware solutions. he Home app has officially arrived with iOS 10. they’re compatible with HomeKit. As a home automation enthusiast for more than 30 years now. finally letting you control all your smart-home devices in one place. In this article. I’ll share some of the best smart home products on the market today. thanks to Philips’ open APIs to control its Hue can continue to use the Hue app once configured.99) is the easiest and most cost-effective way to app are available if you have a fourth-generation Apple TV or bring lighting automation to your home. Label the discovered I recommend the Philips Hue line of lighting products to bulbs with meaningful location-based names like “master anyone new to home automation. a spare iPad running iOS 10. included Hue hub to your network. Its reliable imple. Further automation options in the Home Kit ($199. I’ll walk you through the process! Lighting Autonomously controlling and dimming lights has been erything you need to explore the potential of controlling lights possible for a long time (think X10 home automation kits from throughout your house with your iPhone. The kit includes ev. which I’ve found to work more mentation is an excellent example of the power of HomeKit.” While you to deploy and. Connect the era of lighting different is that lighting manufacturers now em. In order to take advantage of this application. from light bulbs to thermostats to security systems. If you’re still intimated by the idea of installing new hardware. Philips’ light bulbs are easy bedroom desk lamp” or “basement laundry light. Tap on the icons representing the Hue lights to turn The Philips Hue Gen 3 White & Color Ambiance Starter them on and off.

Like Scene that lowers the heat to 64 degrees Fahrenheit “Leaving Eve Room. or damp after a rain shower. Monitoring Your Smart Home Heating & Cooling With lighting and temperature under HomeKit control. has since moved onto natural choice in home automation. humidity. Scheduling temperature changes is also easy via creating a Never again will I have Scene in the app that allows you to enter the date. connection. the last 10 years. at certain times of the day. however. monitor indoor and outdoor temperature. or based on your location. a company once known for its Heating. Door & Window Sensor You can use the Home app to create a Scene that sets the ($39. the PIN on the thermostat screen when prompted by the app.95) is the easiest to set up. You can also monitor outdoor When the app identifies your thermostat. The company’s effective HomeKit-compatible devices in this category is the Eve line of products allows you to remotely trigger power out- iDevices Thermostat ($129. Once you Eve will let me know. let’s consider devices for monitoring air quality. Just plug it into a power outlet. Now that the inside of your home has been automated with the lat- est HomeKit-compatible 72 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . time. and to wonder if I left my temperature you want to set the thermostat to. and overall air quality is in your room of choice. I placed Once connected. Re- out any problem. you may never have to touch the courtesy of its HomeKit thermostat again. namely setting and air quality. opened and closed. the device also tracks energy usage so you’ll stat and wiring and mounting the iDevices one. Elgato’s Eve Energy ($49. appliances’ electri- cal usage. you may need to move the battery cover. Competing thermostats cost lets. midity.95) is nearly as simple to configure. naming a is opened or closed. For older homes. pair it by entering weather conditions using Eve Weather ($49. Of all the HomeKit-compatible items discussed in this ar- ticle.95) that alerts you temperature at specified degrees and trigger these Scenes when a door or window by telling Siri the name of the Scene. tery and typing in a PIN. and you will see what the indoor temperature.motely. and more yet accomplish the same objective. and security. setup is as for Work” and then telling Siri “I’m leaving for work” will acti- easy as connecting a bat- vate the Scene and lower the temperature accordingly. you can use the free iDevices Connected one in our basement so I know when it’s cool in the summer app (free) to locate and configure the thermostat settings. you should be able to install it yourself with- Eve Room ($79.95). For example.95). have perfected your Scenes. thereby auto- bedroom window open mating your HVAC system and saving you money by lowering when it’s raining because your energy consumption when you’re not at home. ventilation. type the PIN in the call an outside contractor to help you swap out the existing Eve app. and be alerted when doors and windows are being maintaining the air temperature in your home. Assuming know how much it’s costing you to heat that coffee pot every that the HVAC equipment in your home was installed within month. The most to whatever electrical device is connected to Eve Energy’s time-consuming task is disconnecting your existing thermo- receptacle. type its HomeKit PIN into the free Eve app. Another useful moni- You can then modify the temperature either by toggling the toring device is the Eve on-screen arrows up or down or asking Siri to do it for you. Elgato. One of the most cost- the HomeKit automation platform in a big way. and air conditioning (HVAC) is another Apple Mac media recording hardware. hu- thermostat for a HomeKit-compatible one. insert batteries. and you’re done! In addition to toggling power Installing the thermostat takes about 10 minutes.

so that each family member. which is available in a variety of colors and styles to match your door design. Smart home technology has come a long way. And unlike much more expensive locks that require remarkable level of convenience will become standard for any additional electrical cabling for power. That way. a professional software developer and emerging information technologist. Once paired. is the author of Programming Your Home. (or just ask Siri to do it for you). As more several videos on its support website to help the process go manufacturers bring their home-related products online. Once you’ve installed the hardware. Mike is ed on the back of the deadbolt assembly or on the front stick. Deadbolt is entirely self-contained since it’s battery powered. just toggle the a number of popular technology publications. This hardware com- Living the Smart-Home Dream bination will add roughly another hundred dollars to the overall price. Schlage offers to a few minutes of setup that anyone can do. contact Mike via on-screen icon in the Home app to lock and unlock the door email at mike@mikeriley.com and follow him on Twitter @mriley. Sense Smart Deadbolt ($229). you will be alerted a leader in the security hardware industry. and service worker can use their own unique code. in. electrical and software engineering has now been reduced stalling the hardware is a straightforward affair.devices. this smoothly. but it’s a worthy upgrade considering what you’re secur. also a contributing editor and author of hundreds of technical articles and reviews for er of the included user guide). For more information. What better ual has attempted to force their way in. authorized visitor. Mike Riley. you will want to secure that investment. It can also alert you when the batteries need to be replaced or if an unauthorized individ- . The Sense Smart Deadbolt can store up to 30 different ac- cess codes. to require hours or even days of assembly and knowledge of If you’re handy with tools and inserting a couple screws. download Schlage’s Sense app (free) and enter the deadbolt’s HomeKit PIN (locat. the app can display a log of who opened and locked the door at various times throughout the day. Schlage’s Sense Smart network-enabled home product. What used ing behind that door. Schlage also offers a matching handle set in case your front door has a handle locking bolt along with a deadbolt. If you have HomeKit way to do so than with a HomeKit-compatible lock? Schlage. configured on your spare iPad or Apple TV. published by Pragmatic Bookshelf. You can also set up a Scene in the Home app to lock and unlock at certain times as well as create access codes on the front panel for keyless entry. has created its when someone tries to unlock your door in real-time.






composed of high-quality materials such as premium alumi- num. The Wand Company designed the Communicator using actual props from Star Trek. For the full Star Trek experience. Although the Communicator certainly looks nice. the show’s futur.  f you were a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series. There is nothing cooler than whipping this out of your jacket pocket. which invoke the Communicator’s more playful features—includ- ing authentic sound effects and bits of conversation from the Star Trek Universe. nickel-plated die-cast zinc. you can push various but- tons to summon the voices of Spock. what more could Trekkies. or communica- any Star Trek fan. And if you press and hold the right button. and other cast members. iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 75 . and having an authentic Star Trek communicator seemingly answer your question. ing communicator as well. you can answer calls simply by flipping open the Communica- tor’s antenna cover. it will warm the heart of phaser. flip open like on the show. tricorder. steel. and now they areas. The very detailed manual describes a myriad of button options to choose from. A couple of years ago the Wand Company introduced the Star Cons: It's hard to hear the audio in noisy Trek phaser remote control. the rotating moiré pattern on the speaker grill even silently swirls. the de- vice even calls on Siri. bringing up Siri. the antenna screen doesn’t really are complementing the phaser with a work. Well. Unlike toy ver- sions of the communicator you could buy in the past. Once you’ve paired the Communicator with your iPhone. brace yourself. Scotty. Every Pros: It looks authentic and is made with fan wanted their own Star Trek solid materials. devoted communicator. flipping open the cover. And since the device charges on a magnetic stand (which is included). To top it off.99) special place in your heart. AB-coated iridescent jewels. because your dreams you ask for? have finally come true. it isn’t marred by out-of-place 21st century charging ports. This device is a must- have addition to any Trekkie’s collection. It’s a working Star Trek tor. Uhura. thermoplastic polyurethane rubber. The Wand Company Star Trek istic hardware likely still holds a Communicator ($149. Really. the best thing about it is that it actually works. Final Verdict: The Star Trek Original Series Bluetooth Communicator is perfect for cosplay and is as rugged as any other Bluetooth audio device for respectful day-to-day use. and textured plastic.

99) One of this speaker's most unique features is its dual audio Roughly the dimensions of a small thermos or water bottle.99) ($199. has an iOS app that enhances its capabilities. 76 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . which combine to unleash a tite frame. It features an IPX7 waterproof design and blasts truly impressive sound. the Voombox the Boom's audio from two devices at the same time. and makes it tionality. particularly for a speaker of such di. Fortunately. It boasts a 2-inch front-facing driver along with a this speaker packs a bevy of remarkable features into its pe- 2-inch rear-facing bass radiator. an impressive 90 decibels of 360-degree sound from its two minutive size. Wherever your adventures take you.BLUETOOTH 10 WIRELESS SPEAKERS & HEADPHONES TO PAIR W ith the debut of the iPhone 7 and the notable absence of a headphone jack. and promises 6 hours of playback on a single get 15 hours of playback from a charge and you can control charge. It also has a built-in microphone allowing for full speakerphone func. Apple made clear its stance that wireless technology is the way of the future. Like all of the speakers featured here. BEST SPEAKERS Divoom Voombox Travel 3 Ultimate Ears Boom 2 ($21. possible to pair two Booms to the same device for authentic surround-sound acoustics. The Voombox Travel 3 is rated IP44 weather and 45 mm drivers and two 80 mm passive bass radiators. there are a lot of incredible Bluetooth products to choose from. The following headphones and speakers promise to deliver top-quality audio and provide the freedom of wireless connectivity. sources. you'll find something here to keep you conveniently connected. You'll shock resistant.

and a 3-inch tweeter.99) The massive EcoBoulder is iP67-rated waterproof and dustproof. and each one has a large ($59. It even has a USB charging port so you can convenient- connecting to your laptop or desktop computer. You iHome iBT29 can buy them in a set or standalone. and it has a protective smartphone compartment for safely storing your device. Although this speaker is a big device. Two USB ports are built in to the speaker for charging your mobile devices. It can run for 10 hours on a single charge and has two audio jacks for wired audio con- nections. crisp and clearly articulated audio.99) Like its name suggests. a counter. along with digital AM/FM radio and an external microphone jack for PA or karaoke use. This tooth audio or to your favorite radio station. With the iBT29. You can even connect two EcoBoulders to the same source. its size and weight are offset by its rugged wheels and luggage-style handle. makingit is by far the most rugged speaker in this collection—it even floats! The EcoBoulder features a powerful. you need clock and customizable mood light settings.99) 6. ly charge your devices while you sleep. including dual RCA line inputs and USB input for up to. a desk. It’s perfect for just about any size room and will fit well on a shelf. GEAR WITH YOUR NEW IPHONE EcoXgear EcoBoulder BY SIVA OM ($249. which make for easy transport. or a table.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch silk dome loudspeaker for incred- This little Bluetooth speaker is great for the bedroom: its ibly rich. it has a dual alarm evenly distributed watts powering these speakers. speaker offers users a variety of connectivity options besides you can also customize the lighting hue that you want to wake Bluetooth. With a total of 200 speaker chamber delivers powerful sound. iPhone L if e S pring 2 0 1 7 77 . the Monoprice Bookshelf speaker works great stationed on a shelf or in a variety of other place- ments in your home. 8-inch rear woofer. and it offers a to be prepared for some serious ruckus when you crank it built-in FM radio—giving you the option of waking up to Blue- up (and remember to be considerate of your neighbors). Monoprice 200 Watt Bi-Amped Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers ($199. three-speaker design with an 8-inch full-range driver.

on. 40 mm drivers—of. Along with their of playback on a single charge (which comes plush leather exterior in handy if you'll be taking them on the road). price! Phiaton’s headphones include an acoustic bass Siva Om is senior gear editor at iPhone Life. but even during strenuous or fast-paced exercise. gardening. making these an ideal pair of headphones tween charges. control panel.99) ear headphones are per. These sophisticated. and built for durability and with shapeable hooks that hold them securely in your ear. Not only that. intuitive touch gestures. They are sweat. Best of all. headphones and will pause your 78 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . illustrating. They also bring to the table advanced adaptive The Bluetooth 460s are noise cancelling capabilities and a free iOS app for customiz- a total steal. longevity. and 40 mm high- performance drivers for a spectacular listening experience on par with the best of them. panel for navigating playback. as well as a smart tattooing (sacredfiretattoos.99) of premium materials These in-ear headphones are designed for working out. give the listener a pre- ten reserved for larger over-ear mium audio experi- headphones—as well as 24 hours ence. in order to power you through several workouts be. Parrot are one of the They are exceptionally best pairs of Bluetooth comfortable for extended headphones on the mar- listening sessions thanks to ket. BEST HEADPHONES music until you put them back on. The Waves phones combine to offer large. In essence. ($399.com).com). The Zik's app includes a five-band graphic many features only found in equalizer and the ability to recreate the acoustics of a variety the highest-end Bluetooth of different listening environments—including the acoustics of headphones—but at half the a small room or even a large concert hall. a fold-away design. these headphones offer 40 mm precision crafted acoustic drivers and a rechargeable Li-Ion Phiaton BT 460 Over-Ear battery that provides 18 hours of playback. and enjoying the detects when you remove the wonders of nature with family. Between writing for iPhone Life. His interests include the arts. The third-generation fect for both long travel Zik headphones from days and short commutes.99) and more. making them super portable. Siva manages to keep himself quite busy. play/pause feature. which creating websites (idoctechsupport.95) These headphones are renowned for their ability to pump out massive bass without sacrificing overall audio quality. All elements of their comfy ear cushions and these over-ear head- minimal weight. they boast a portable design and water-resistant and promise up to 7 hours of playback and are capable of delivering a whopping 25 hours of playback time. They possess ing sound settings.com. and journalism. they and smart touch control fold up to half their size.99) Headphones These lightweight. modern-looking head- Scosche SportFlex AIR phones are constructed ($99. and like all of the headsets included here. The Urbanite XLs are also controlled via a touch-sensitive speakerphone functionality via a built-in microphone. on a single charge. optimizer. allow for go. the Zik Headphones 3 headphones are everything that an audiophile could want ($199. Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless Over-Ear Headphones ($299. allowing you to control audio playback with simple. The SportFlex AIRs include a carrying bag for the modern-day mobile audiophile who is always on the for travel. MEE Audio Wave AF36 On-Ear Headphones Parrot Zik 3 Over-Ear ($69. web design. They also feature a touch- controllable interface. You can reach him at sivaom@iphonelife.


to bring with it some amazing technological breakthroughs. Siri responds also want to check out the Futurism app (free) to get a general to a natural language user interface and answers questions. more and poke at them less. conjectured in 1965. we haven’t seen even 1 per. choose the object you want to print. ects video from the tiny projector lodged in its head. Robotics most advanced technologies—such as artificial intelligence I foresee the next few years bringing out a myriad of practical (AI). which could fill an entire room. Artificial Intelligence To learn more about exponential technologies. Experts predict that by 2020. which stands just to create change on a grand scale. people. Thad- 2. disease-causing genes are edited and replaced. mouse genes. That’s because of the convergence of tech- nologies that are developing at an exponential rate. are able to use technology to solve the world’s biggest prob. robotics. wait. in 1985. mikailamaidment. exemplifies the sim. els with an emphasis on how the data relate to human biology ments show how smartphones will play a central role in the and disease. takes memos. houses and internal organs. once only billionaires and the government had the ability the Japan-based company Sharp. and performs actions. RoBoHon snaps pictures. authors Peter H. The free MGI_GenomeCompass app (free) lets adoption of exponential technologies. 3D printing. You can reach him at hal@thaddeus. Moore’s 4. As the authors point this sort of technology is RoBoHon. along with his wife Rita. 1. Hal. and industrial biology—to help raise applications for iPhone-powered robots. and the iPhone 7’s processor is Genome Database (MGD) contains reference data related to thousands of times more powerful than the earliest IBM com. Create Wealth. A current example of the standard of life for all of humanity. founded iPhone Life’s original publishing company. To use it. and proj- Exponential technology can be traced back to Moore’s Law.com ccording to experts. regular people under 20 centimeters tall. files using materials ranging from plastic to metal to human cells. and pull out In the book Bold: How to Go Big. which posits that the processing power of computers doubles roughly every eighteen months. put your phone into the device’s base. and the resulting growth has been Gene editing is a quickly developing field in which defective nearly unfathomable to the linear-thinking human mind. sense of what the future holds. with smartphones at the forefront. and proves and works with more apps. a $99 box that transforms your iPhone into a 3D printer. but today. I recommend tuning in International Artificial Intelligence Center. RoBoHon.com. the impact The iPhone’s Siri. gene functions. phenotypes. we will have 3D-printed 80 iPhone Life Spring 2017 . and disease mod- puters. Check out Hal’s 3D printers produce three-dimensional objects from digital new book at meditatingentrepreneur. and even talks to you. to Peter Diamandis’s Exponential Wisdom podcast. you can have a front-row seat as it unfolds. walks. you simply start up the app. The coming decade promises makes recommendations. dances. The Mouse Fast-forward to today. Controlled primarily by voice.com. 3D Printers deus Computing. Diamandis and Steven Kotler describe how entrepreneurs can take advantage of today’s 3. Gene Editing predictions have held true. which was introduced by out. a product Apple acquired from the SRI of global connectivity. your completed three-dimensional object. and innovation. The following develop. we will talk to our devices with these tools. Kickstarter project Ono promises A cent of the change that will occur in the coming decade. calls lems. pact the World. As Siri im. and Im.iVIEW How Exponential Tech Is Changing the World Illustration by Mikaila Maidment. You may ulation of human intelligence that AI promises. responds to text messages. users create a favorites list of items from the database and notifies you when favorites are updated.