Conrad Michael Baer

Gallaudet University, 800 Florida Avenue NE #735, Washington, DC 20002​ · 510-589-6520 (text)



As a member of a third generation Deaf family, I have deep ambitions and passions for the future in the
fields of American Sign Language and Linguistics. Given ASL as its own distinctive language and culture,
my career aspirations are 1. To become an ASL Teacher for Deaf children (L1), 2. To become a strong

advocate for the bilingual Deaf Education (ASL and English) as the ​primary instruction of Deaf children; and
3. To advocate for signed native languages as the primary language of the Deaf people and Deaf children
around the globe. To further enhance my studies in the linguistics of ASL and bilingual Deaf Education, I
seek to obtain Masters in bilingual Deaf Education from a reputable, research-based University that will
expand my knowledge and skills to prepare myself to become a knowledgeable and respected ASL teacher
and eventually an ASL Professor / researcher.


BA, American Sign Language with minor in Linguistics ​ xpected in May 2017
Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C.

High School Diploma J​ une 2012
California School for the Deaf, Fremont, California



Student Research Assistant ​August 2016 - present
Visual Learning and Visual Language Laboratory Center (VL2)
A student research assistant position at Motion Light Lab (ML2). I was assigned as a project leader in the
creation and development of ASL storybook applications. The project include project planning and
schedules; reviews of the stories and working with ASL signers on English to ASL translations; filming the
ASL signers; video editing (to correlate ASL signs to printed English); create backgrounds and visual effects;
and final reviews and edits with ML2 project team (Ms. Malzkuhn, Dr. Bahan). Completed my first storybook
application, “The Museum of Errors” (Fall 2016). Currently working on two new storybook apps. 1. Baobab -
Japanese version; and 2. Baobab - Dutch version.

Student Ambassador January 2016 - December 2016
Office of Admissions
Led individual and group tours on the University campus. Led special Bison tour for student-athlete recruits
and his/her families. Provided support in assigning students and scheduling of campus tours. Mentored and
coached new student ambassadors in group tours.

Director of Student Media August 2014 - August 2015
Student Body Government
Directed Student Body Government’s campus-wide media promotions and social media (Facebook, Twitter).
Conrad M. Baer - curriculum vitae page 2

Worked with other student organizations such as BisonTV (student news program), Buff and Blue (student
newspaper) and Tower Clock (yearbook) to ensure the consistency of information and promotional
messages. Prepared and executed contract agreements with student organizations.

Intramural Staff ​ ugust 2013 – December
Department of Athletics
Coordinated and scheduled intramural teams and games. Promoted Intramural programs through printed
articles and video promotions. Increased student participation by 15% from the preceding year. Supervised
the intramural games and student referees.

Student Assistant, Summer Youth Camp J​ uly
Department of Youth Programs
Coordinated daily evening activities such as ASL games, ASL short skits, and ASL storytelling for High
School students who took a 2-week Immersion to ASL classes. Observed and provided constructive
feedback to the students’ ASL signs.



Student Teacher Assistant​ ​January 2017 – present
Department of ASL & Deaf Studies
As part of ASL major requirement, I currently am a Student Teacher Assistant (internship position) under Dr.
Benjamin Bahan’s ASL 315 (ASL Poetry) class. My role is to observe and analyze Dr. Bahan’s teaching
methodologies and strategies. I also will teach several lessons (chapters) under Dr. Bahan’s supervision.

Student Peer Counselor, JumpStart J​ uly 2016 - August
Office of Student Success
As part of ASL major requirement for work experience, I served as a student peer counselor to the incoming
Gallaudet freshman students with limited or no ASL skills who enrolled the JumpStart program (ASL
immersion program) to enhance their ASL skills. I was assigned to coordinate daily evening activities such
as mock dorm life activities, ASL games, and field trips for the new signers. Signed and submitted a video
on my reflections of Jump Start program.

Student Assistant ​ ugust 2015 - May 2016
Visual Language and Visual Learning Center
As part of ASL major requirement for an internship, I interned at Motion Light Lab (ML2) under Ms. Melissa
Malzkuhn. My primary responsibilities included video editing of the ASL storybooks and worked with project
team (Ms. Malzkuhn, Dr. Bahan, Ms. Yiqiao Wang) to correlate the ASL to printed English in each
storybook. Completed two VL2 storybook apps. 1. The Little Airplane That Could, and; 2.The
Baobab-Norwegian version.
Conrad M. Baer - curriculum vitae page 3



Men Basketball team member & team captain ​Fall 2012 - Spring 2015
Men Soccer team member & team captain ​Spring 2015 - Fall 2016
United States Deaflympics U21 Basketball team member ​Summer 2015


​ ● Class of 2016 representative, Student Body Government (​March 2013 - May 2014)
● Director, Student Media, Student Body Government (​May 2014 - May 2015)
● Member, Kappa Gamma Fraternity (​Spring 2014 - present)
● Coordinator, Head Referees, Rockfest (​April 2014)
● Fraternity community service at HorseNet Rescue (​October 2014)
● Fraternity community service, Walk to Defeat ALS (​November 2014)
● ASL Teacher, Washington International School ASL Club (​April 2015 - May 2015)
● Community service, Out of Darkness Walk (​April 2015)
● Vice-President, Kappa Gamma Fraternity (​April 2015 - April 2016)
● Fraternity community service, Kendall School (​October 2015)
​ ● Student Assistant Coach, CSD Varsity Boys Basketball (​December 2015 – January 2016)


● Leadership. Team member and team player.
● People person. Interacts very well in small or large groups
● Presentation. Strong public speaking skills. Excellent presenter. Excellent ASL storyteller.
● Organization. Strong organization skills.
● Communications. Bilingual in ASL and written English.
● Decisions. Logical thinker. Collaborative decision making with groups and teams.
● Flexible and adaptable.
● Good sense of humor.


● Maguire Scholars Scholarship ​ (Fall 2012 - Spring 2017)
● Gallaudet University Dean’s List
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o Fall 2013
o Fall 2014
o Spring 2015
o Fall 2015
o Spring 2016
o Fall 2016