Placement industry in India is becoming very large with the increase in the demand as well as

easy availability of professional and trained manpower.Moreover number of jobs, candidates
and companies have become so large that need for job consultants, who act as a mediator
between candidate & employers, have felt badly. This has given a way to increase in the
number of placement consultant agencies in India.

What is a Placement Firm? Placement firm is a human resources sourcing or a recruitment
firm, which does the employee hunting for their clients . It is also called manpower
consulting, manpower recruitment agencies, hr consultants or hr recruitment firms. For
recruitment and selection almost all the big or small companies these days do human
resources outsourcing.

These recruitment firms find the suitable employee as per their client's requirements. The
initial round of interview are either taken up in these recruitment firms or can be scheduled at
the company itself. Or the human resourcing outsourcing firms can schedule the candidate's
interview over the phone. The placement consultant agencies not only work for Indian
companies but also do the hiring for organizations in abroad.

Role of Placement Consultant Agencies These placement consultant agencies are in contact
with top MNCs, corporate firms, private limited firms and other big & small companies in
India and abroad. Companies, which are commonly called client, tell their manpower
requirements to these placement agencies which in turn find the right candidate for them.
Internationally India is a place that is the most sought after for employees because they have
right mind set, education and knowledge. Sincerity, responsibility and dependability are other
features that has led to the more demand of Indian manpower. So with this placement
consultant agencies are mounting in number.

Top Companies

but they more typically go with specialty firms. . transport and certain industrial jobs. The major benefit is in terms of cost cutting in companies' expenditure on recruitment and administrative work. while 150 lacs agencies help non-professional labor with placements such as construction. and outplacement services.. companies around the world are investing heavily in their human resources infrastructure. engineering and medium-sized companies that sign up with a PEO. The research by Gartner. Companies are now looking at specialized firms in recruitment and placement to complete various aspects of human resource management. about 800 lacs work with professionals inever-widening fields. Most PEO clients are small. HR. IT. Recruitment and Placement Consultants in India Rise of the Recruitment Industry in IndiaAny and all aspect of HR can be outsourced.With the increase in the number of candidates and need for job. more commonly known as the professional employer organization (PEO). are well-equipped to take on the entire human resources activity. Inc. Check out Jobs. Another key reason is the belief that a companyshould outsource all non-mission critical aspects of its business. Benefits of Recruitment Firms:Human Resources OutsourcingOutsourcing is beneficial in many ways and also make sense for various reasons. the human resources outsourcing firms or the placement industry India is recognized as the fastest growing industry. Recruitment firms or consultants take the commission from employee's salary if their selected candidate got the job. There is seen large reduction in the costs of routine transactional and administrative work of the company that goes for human resources outsourcing. In India only. since. Larger companies are also outsourcing HR tasks. encompassing many different functions associated with the HR department. The Placement consultant agencies. shows that around 80 percent of companies these days are outsourcing at least one HR activity. and the number such companies and the extent of human resources outsourcing is swiftly increasing. The most commonly outsourced function is employee assistance. such as nursing. The human capital marketplace remains highly competitive and is poised for enormous growth in the next 10 years. HR Sourcing (placement) is a large and complex universe in itself. obtaining better deals on the purchase of benefits as a group rather than as a single small entity.

Ltd.  ABC International Placement Services  Times International Inc  Bhardwaj & Company Chartered Accountants  International Manpower Resources Pvt. but they more typically go with specialty firms. AON Consulting Recruitment Firms in India Larger companies are also outsourcing HR tasks. Watson Wyatt. candidates can also consult the placement and recruitment firms for job. Candidate can check for the employment in India and abroad.CONSULTANT  JOBKOMPASSE International Recruitment Agencies . Consultant  Horizon hr Solution Pvt. The most commonly outsourced function is employee assistance.Apart from firms and companies. Key Players in Placement IndustryHewitt Associates. the candidates are then called for the interview. Gurgaon  Esource Global HR  BRAINSTORM PLACEMENTS  Suven Consultants  M-Power HR Solution  Cindy Placements & consultancy  Smart Serve H.  Total Strategic Solutions India Pvt.R. Mercer Human Resources Consulting. Ltd.  Designing Solutions.  M. and outplacement services. Towers Perrin. On having any opportunity. Ltd. Sibson. Online they can submit their resume and explain their job requirement.K.

Recruitment is a type of sales. the recruitment landscape consists of two strands: Niche consultancies focusing on specific industry sectors such as IT. sales. Recruitment consultants are also required to proactively attract candidates through networking and advertising. It is challenging but also very exciting where no two days are the same. marketing. In basic terms. Aside from "high street" companies. The industry itself is very diverse and covers a variety of different sectors and levels so each role within recruitment can differ. how they operate and there business needs. In recent years the recruitment sector has seen substantial growth. business development and marketing techniques. recruitment roles involve attracting business from potential clients by using sales. Each search takes a significant amount of time and . you might be involved in negotiate pay and then make the final arrangement between the client and candidate. where instead of selling a product or service. accountancy and banking Head-hunting / executive search consultancies concentrating on high level management and board positions. as companies seek the expertise of recruitment consultancies to supplement their employment requirements and outsource their hiring functions. The sense of achievement you get from placing the right candidate in the right role can be overwhelming. Generally. you are selling ‘people’. using a wide range of media. engineering. Align Recruitment  Antal International  Pearls International Recruitment Agency  Beneploy  Alda Professional Placement Services  Assignment America  CMS-Comprehensive Medical Staffing. This includes building relationships with clients and taking the time to understand their companies culture. HR. However. Once you have found suitable candidates by interviewing them and assessing their ability to meet your client needs. it requires selling people to companies and companies to people. one thing is consistent and that is the fast paced and demanding nature of the industry.

it is possible for a successful candidate to progress to the role of senior consultant/team . The Graduate Recruitment Bureau works with recruitment consultancies throughout the UK and across a variety of industry sectors. they need to be a tenacious operator capable of building long standing relationships and providing a value added consultancy service. managing the requirements of a number of established clients. Typical roles within recruitment include: Resource/Researcher: generally. a graduate can expect to benefit from a sophisticated training program. Furthermore. consultant and candidate ensures a varied and engaging workload.12 months. The core skill of selling is paramount to being a successful consultant. Graduates can progress to be managing teams of consultants within just 18 months. Senior Consultant/Team Leader: unlike more traditional graduate industries. Today. Consultant: a successful resourcer can expect to be promoted to the role of consultant within 3 . learning about all aspects of recruitment and the specialised industry in which they have chosen to work. The most successful consultants will be industry-specific experts in much the same way as an industry analyst. During this time. graduates are primarily employed as a resourcer/researcher. Today. the managing of relationships and the three-way sales technique required between client. the major recruitment consultancies offer successful graduates a real career path. a recruiter needs to be much more than a salesperson. This involves working closely with a consultant and helping them with job specifications and candidate liaison. consultants and partners working together to achieve the best results for their exclusive clients Both areas offer successful graduates a fast track career path which is unrivalled in many business sectors. Financial rewards can also be extremely high with potential earnings being as high as 40k in your first year. Career path Many graduates are surprised at the varied content a career in recruitment has to offer. The recruitment industry offers graduates both responsibility and management opportunities. and increasing the client roster with new business.dedication and has a team of researchers.

1 or above . Management: further responsibilities that follow include management of a department. we have achieved better results by leveraging our capabilities and providing solutions to the most complex demands. reputable companies understand the need to support their graduates and have implemented both classroom and on the job training schemes to provide graduates with the skills set and experience to succeed. we are offering specialized solutions to almost more than 18 industry sectors: . Consultancies are keen to secure graduates who: .Have a commercial understanding/experience in a corporate environment. With time.Demonstrate gravitas and market expertise . However.Demonstrate confidence and strong presentation skills . There is no doubt that the recruitment industry is competitive.Ideally attained a 2.Are able to demonstrate leadership potential and/or extra-curricular achievements . Our creativity lies with identifying the right kinds of people. managing not only a client portfolio but a team of consultants as well. leader within 18 months. office or region. Qualifications and skills needed The recruitment industry is extremely competitive and organisations seek strong candidates who can thrive in such an environment. ideally in a sales-based or target-driven role Industry Verticals Our substantial understanding of the domain coupled with our passion to provide a premium services has enabled us to sought solutions for vast array of industries. models and practices to leverage an organization business. and consultants need to achieve their targets on a regular basis to guarantee career advancement. At present.Have achieved a degree from a leading university .

 Agro Business  Automobile  Aviation & Aerospace  Banking & Insurance  BPO & KPO  Consumer & Services  Education  Media & Advertising  Information Technology  Infrastructure  Mining & Metals  Power & Energy  Retailing  Telecommunication  Not For Profit .

spawning the careers of many more management consultants.. Little focused on technical research for the first few years. Frederick Winslow Taylor invented the first method of organizing work. and later incorporated in 1909. His business card read "Consulting Engineer – Systematizing Shop Management and Manufacturing Costs a Specialty". as a unique field of study. The first management consulting firm was Arthur D. Little later became a general management consultancy. the first management consultancy was started by Frederick Winslow Taylor.  Life Sciences & Healthcare  Manufacturing & Processes  Financial Services & Consulting  Private Equity  E-commerce Our inside out approach based on sound insights. Our ability to coalesce human potential with the ambitions and evolution of the business has made us work in multiple of functional verticals. As Arthur D. By inventing Scientific Management. Functional Verticals Our proven track record of handling industry key specific demands makes us a preferred organization.[1] Though Arthur D. it originally specialised in technical research. also known as Taylor's method. As we understand the significance of having a resourced manpower to accelerate business growth and profits. who in 1893 opened an independent consulting practice in Philadelphia. founded in 1886 as a partnership. Little Inc. strong research and implementation expertise makes us one of the preferred consultancy firm across the globe to tap the best talent for our client. Management consulting grew with the rise of management. .

One of Taylor's early collaborators. but from the late 1980s onwards these activities became increasingly important in relation to the maturing market of accounting and auditing. Taylor's method was used worldwide until industry switched to a method invented by W. KPMG. The industry experienced significant growth in the 1980s and 1990s. Ernst & Young. and organization. 2001 and Accenture is currently one of the largest consulting firms in the world. now Big Four. Morris Llewellyn Cooke. By the mid-1990s these firms had outgrown those service providers focusing on corporate strategy and organization. The name change was effective starting January 1. After World War II. From the 1950s onwards consultancies not only expanded their activities considerably in the United States but also opened offices in Europe and later in Asia and South America. The wave of growth in the 1990s was driven by both strategy and information technology advice. In 1980 there were only five consulting firms with more than 1. The industry stagnated in 2001 before recovering after 2003. a number of new management consulting firms formed. They are publicly traded on the NYSE with ticker ACN.000 consultants worldwide. with a current trend towards a clearer segmentation of management consulting firms. and students from top MBA programs. . strategy. they are now back in the consulting business. In 2000. opened his own management consultancy in 1905. Rhodes Scholars. and was driven by demand for advice on finance. bringing a rigorous analytical approach to the study of management and strategy. gaining considerable importance in relation to national gross domestic product. In the second half of the 1980s the big accounting firms entered the IT consulting segment. While three of the Big Four legally divided the different service lines after the Enron scandals and the ensuing breakdown of Arthur Andersen. In recent years. Andersen Consulting broke off from Arthur Andersen and announced their new name: Accenture.[citation needed] The initial period of growth in the consulting industry was triggered by the Glass-Steagall Banking Act in the 1930s. An earlier wave of growth in the early 1980s was driven by demand for strategy and organization consultancies. whereas by the 1990s there were more than thirty firms of this size. Edwards Deming. accounting firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers. The then Big Eight. for example. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu) had always offered advice in addition to their traditional services. management consulting firms actively recruit top graduates from Ivy League universities.

who performs a key role in the organization's development velocity. The 'Human Source Industry Alternatives Report 2012' indicates a maturation industry which is moving from being fragmented to getting more structured. best parts the participation of workers behind the performing of an company. method and small gamers. according to a review by Professional Business Association. the Native indian human resource companies have started significantly. HR Companies Are Growing In India Individual Source or HR. Hr planning is these days a very important issue as every company house is limited to plan a effective future for all its workers. This is mostly assigned to the modify in the mind-set of huge Native indian organizations in two ways:- Companies have started increasingly interesting professionals to meet their HR requirements on account of the growing complexness of doing company and ability difficulties. Given this modification in customer sections. as well as huge Native indian organizations and MNCs. The industry can be generally separated into lasting recruiting with a industry dimension Rs 23–25 million. start-ups. Over modern times. HR consultants' image has shifted many steps up from being a source to that of a associate. short- term recruiting with a industry dimension Rs 167-170 million and other sections with a industry dimension Rs 33-38 bn A persons resource industry in Native indian has expanded at a complicated yearly rate of development of 21% over previous times four decades and is approximated to be around Rs 22. The industry has people that are separated into recruiting. the industry is growing as more than just a source in clients’ development plans.800 crore. The present HR marketplace in Native Indian has some individual freelance workers.In more recent times. as it is commonly known. The look for industry gets its boost from . short-term employment and executive look for. The HR procedures information and associates it to the various organs of the company for the sleek and efficient performing. traditional management consulting firms have had to face increasing challenges from disruptive online marketplaces that are aiming to cater to the increasing number of freelance management consulting professionals. They are looking for a short-term staff model to have smaller common strength to hold up against the international financial turmoil.

Nowadays. This happened due to appearance of IT and ITES. There was a constant switch from job searching by individuals to mass recruiting by employers. "The Native indian financial.foreign gamers coming into Native indian markets and growing into different geographies and sectors. luxury. The strong development experienced by the industry has brought a combination of opportunities as well as difficulties." says Amit Zutshi. Businesses that deal with the automobile. there are a multitude of HR company firms in Native indian that provide valuable solutions and knowledgeable human resource professionals who provide reliable and result focused solutions. farming and food company that have joined Native indian in modern times have used human resource agencies to grow further. social and social landscape is in the middle of unrivaled modify. Partner in Ernst & Young's It was early 2000 when Native indian knowledgeable a concrete transportation from a developing to a service taken over country. and professionalization is driving the opportunity for the HR solutions industry in a way that has never been seen before. Our human resources had an edge due to which we became a international delegate location. The need for solutions for complex problems of development. . advancement. the factors being biggest British speaking country mainly and low cost of functions.