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Testing Your Understanding of Climate

1. How does a location's latitude affect each of the following?

a. the cost of home heating

b. the need for air conditioning

c. the number of fruit and vegetable farmers

2. You've won a two-week vacation in a lottery at either a New Brunswick seaside cottage
or a Prairie cabin with a pool. You hate the heat. Which do you choose, and why?

3. Group the following cities into pairs based on their temperatures. Explain your choices
using location reasons. Label them appropriately, either Coastal or Interior.
a. Victoria, BC ave Jan temp +4C ave July temp +16C
b. Regina, SK ave Jan temp -17C ave July temp +19C
c. Winnipeg, MB ave Jan temp -18C ave July temp +20C
d. St. John's, NF ave Jan temp -4C ave July temp +16C

4. Sometimes winds from Labrador blow into the St. Lawrence

Valley, all the way to southern Ontario. Speculate on what
type of weather conditions these winds bring to Ontario.
5. Why is Ontario affected by the Arctic, Gulf of
Mexico, and the Pacific air masses? Which one do
you think reaches us least often? Explain your

6. As elevation rises 165m, temperature drops 1C. Calculate the temperature at the:
a. skier

b. climber

c. peak

7. Study your Climate Regions of Canada map. Which of the climate zones of Canada
would you most like to live in? Explain why.