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B. Daro EDH 170

2014-55735 Feb 28, 2017

The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines
Article XIII Section 11-13

Section 11. The State shall adopt an integrated and comprehensive approach to health
development which shall endeavor to make essential goods, health and other social services
available to all the people at affordable cost. There shall be priority for the needs of the
underprivileged, sick, elderly, disabled, women, and children. The State shall endeavor to provide
free medical care to paupers.

Section 12. The State shall establish and maintain an effective food and drug regulatory system
and undertake appropriate health, manpower development, and research, responsive to the
countrys health needs and problems.

Section 13. The State shall establish a special agency for disabled persons for their rehabilitation,
self-development, and self-reliance, and their integration into the mainstream of society.

Department of the Education Provisions

Essential Health Care Program (EHCP)

The Essential Health Care Program (EHCP) is a government program that promotes hand washing,
tooth brushing and deworming among pre-school and elementary pupils, through the support
UNICEF, Procter and Gamble (P&G) during its pilot phase. It is coordinated and implemented
through the local divisions of DepEd with technical assistance from the NGO Fit for School, Inc. A
study on the programs effectiveness shows that daily hand washing and tooth brushing and bi-
annual deworming through the EHCP reduces worm infestation by 47 percent, absenteeism by
27 percent and under-nutrition by 20 percent.

Breakfast Feeding Program

It aims to improve the active learning capabilities of school children through provision of
breakfast among Grade I pupils in selected schools in the form of specially formulated noodles
containing 300 kilo calories, 10 grams, protein and 800 IU beta carotene, fortified with iodine.

DepEd Order No. 14, s. 2005

DepEd Order No. 14, s. 2005 which is known as the Instructions to Ensure Consumption of
Nutritious and Safe Foods in Schools ensures the consumption of nutritious and safe foods in
schools. Also, it aims to intensify the advocacy on nutrition and food safety and ensure strict
implementation of all appropriate safety measures in schools.
National Drug Education Program

It aims to prevent drug abuse among students through the development of desirable values,
attitudes and practices.

DepEd Order No. 6, s. 2012

This is known as the Guidelines on the Adoption and Implementation of Public Health Policies
on Tobacco Control and Protection Against Tobacco Industry Interference. This order aims to
raise the awareness of the students by advocating the adverse effects of cigarette smoking on
health, productivity, the cost of health service, and the economy.


Having read the 1987 Constitution of the Philippines, I am satisfied that there are sections
discussing that the health needs are mandatory to be given to every Filipino may they have the
ability to pay or not. It is not supposed to be discriminatory, since it is stated in Article XIII
Section 11 that even paupers have the right to avail of health services for themselves. From the
numerous policies and programs of the Department of Education, I chose those which are very
simple when we think about it, but we often take them for granted, which results in peoples
ignorance of the simple acts. I wanted to show that simple acts usually have the most impacts
to a person. It seems so little, but it has a big effect on the lives of those who embody it. Lets
take into account education. Simple reminders and lectures integrated in school subjects about
the proper washing of hands, oral hygiene, drug uses and abuses, right amount of intake, etc.
would stick into students minds and hopefully, be part of their daily routine. For me, as early as
a child can, he/she must learn to take care of himself/herself properly. Since a child is a student
most of his/her life, the school, along with the family, is responsible for integrating such things
to the students way of life.