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CDT209-4 Safety Talks! a Safety Smart!

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S AFETY T ALKS! Ergonomics

Employ Ergonomics At Work

Ergonomics is a word that we hear a Take a look around your work station
lot of these days in the workplace, but and see how it can be improved to suit
how does ergonomics really affect us? YOU better.
Is your table or work bench at a
Basically what ergonomics is all about comfortable height? How about your
is making your tasks, the tools or chair or stool?
equipment that you use and your work Are your tools and
environment suitable to YOU. This supplies positioned
contributes to your safety, health and so you can reach
over-all comfort. The science of them without
ergonomics takes into account the excessive bending,
limitations of the human body in work stretching or
situations, and the variations in human lifting?
sizes, shapes and abilities. It used to How about the
be that people were expected to fit tools that you use?
themselves to the machine. Now the Are the handles the
machine is designed to fit the person. right shape to
conform comfortably to
An understanding of ergonomics can your hands without any
help you to determine any adjustments excessive bending of your
or changes needed for your work area. wrists? Should they be padded to
Work stations, equipment and tools are reduce impact or vibration?
being designed with the needs and If you stand up to work, is there a
comfort of workers in mind. But there which can permanently cripple the footrest so you can change position to
may be a lot you can do as an hands and wrists. It is caused by the rest your back and legs? Would you
individual to adjust your work area for kind of non-stop motion which occurs perform your tasks more easily at a
your own benefit. when an individual repeats a certain multi-purpose work station, where you
task all through their shift. can both stand or sit?
Many individuals who do repetitive Can the lighting be improved?
work, such as computer terminal This same worker may be battling Should the noise be reduced?
operators or those who assemble other discomforts without even Do you incorporate some breaks and
products, are subject to injuries in knowing it. A stool or a workbench stretching exercises into your work
their muscles and joints. These set at the wrong height, a copy holder day to avoid strain injuries and
injuries can be caused by posture located on the wrong side of the fatigue?
problems and by strain from repetitive computer terminal, a noisy printer
work. Common injuries are neck and nearby, glare causing eyestrain Pay attention to how you feel when
back strain from sitting in the same these are all strikes against doing a you are working. Think of how you
position all day. These muscle aches good job in a safe, healthful and can improve your work station so that
and pains can turn into permanent comfortable atmosphere. you can work more comfortably and
injuries. Among the repetitive strain safely.
injuries is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,

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