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Turkish Frequently Used Words

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abla older sister; ma'am

acaba I wonder

acele hurry; hastily

ac tart, hot (pepper), bitter

a hungry, greedy

a open, bare, empty

almak to open, to clear up

amak to open

ad name, reputation

ada island, city block

adam man (person), human being

adet custom, habit

adres address

affetmek to forgive, excuse

afiyet health

aabey older brother

aa tree

ar heavy, difficult

az mouth; rim, brim

alamak to weep, cry, whine

armak to ache, hurt

austos August

aile family

ait concerning, relating to

ak white, clean

akl reason, intelligence, mind

akll wise, intelligent

akmak to flow, to leak

akam evening

alay crowd

alak low

aln forehead

almak to get used to, become familiar

alveri business, shopping

allah God

allaha smarladk
goodbye! (Reply is Gle Gle)
(said by person when leaving)

almak to take, get, buy

alt bottom

alt six

altn gold

altm sixty

ama/amma but, yet, still

an moment, perception, boundary

ana main (ana yol = main road)

anahtar key

ancak only, merely, just barely, hardly

to understand, comprehend, find


anlatmak to explain, tell, show

anne mother

apartman apartment building, block of flats

araba car ; vehicle

aralk space, gap, interval

aramak to look (for), search

arka the back, rear, reverse

arkada friend

armut pear

left over, remnant, extra ; for

now, henceforth

arzu wish, desire

asansr elevator

asker soldier

aa the lower part, bottom, inferior

at horse

ata father, ancestor

ate fire, fever, temperature

atmak to throw, drop, send away

avukat lawyer

ay moon ; month

ayak foot, leg, base, pedestal

ayakkab shoe

aydnlk light, brightness

ayna mirror

ayn the same, identical

ayran yoghurt drink

ayr separate, distinct, different

ayrlmak to part, separate, split

az small, little, few

azalmak to become less, lessen, diminish

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baba father

bacak leg, shank

ba tie, string; vineyard

bal tied, connected

bahar spring

bahe garden, park

bakan state secretary

bakkal grocer

bakmak to look at

balk fish

balkon balcony

banka bank

banyo bath ; bath-tub ; bath-room

bardak glass, cup

basmak to tread, stand

ba head, chief

baarmak to accomplish

babakan prime minister

baka other, different

balamak to begin, start

bat west, western

batmak to sink

bavul suitcase, trunk

bay Mr. - (used only with surname)

bayan lady

baylmak to faint /

bayram festivity, holiday

bazan/bazen sometimes

baz some, certain

bebek baby, doll

beenmek to like, admire

bekr single, bachelor

beklemek to wait

belediye municipality

belge document

belki perhaps

belli evident, obvious

ben me, ego

benzin gasoline

beraber together

berber barber

beri here, near

beslemek to feed, nourish

be five

bey gentleman

beyaz white

beyefendi sir

bak knife

brakmak to leave

biber pepper

bildirmek to tell, inform

bile even, already

bilet ticket

bileti ticket taker

bilgi knowledge, information

bilmek to know, be aware

bin thousand

bina building

binmek to get upon, ride

bir one

bira beer

biraz a little, some

birleik united

birlik unity, union

bisiklet bicycle

bitirmek to finish, complete

bitmek to be used up, end, be finished

biz we

bluz/bulz blouse

boaz throat; straight; mountain pass

bol plentiful, ample

bor debt, loan

bo empty, free

boy height, stature, length

boyun neck, cervix; responsibility

bozmak to spoil, ruin, destroy

bozuk broken

bozulmak to go bad, become corrupt

blge region, zone

blm portion, slice, chapter

brek flaky pastry with filling

byle so, thus; such

bu this

and a half, (iki buuk = two and

a half)

bugn today

bulmak to find, discover

bulumak to meet

bulut cloud

bulvar boulevard

burada here

burun nose, beak, tip

buyurmak to command

buz ice, very cold

buzdolab refrigerator

bro office

btn whole, total, unbroken

byk big, large

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cadde main road, thoroughfare

cami mosque

can soul, life, person, vigor

living, animate, living being,

ceket jacket

cennet paradise, heaven

cep pocket

cevap answer, reply

sort, type, sex, gender, race,


cuma Friday

cumartesi Saturday

cumhuriyet republic

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abuk quick, fast, swift, quickly

armak to call, to invite, to shout

alkan hard-working, diligent

alma work, study

almak to work, study

to steal ; to play a musical


anta bag, purse

arpmak to bump, hit, knock, run (into)

aramba Wednesday

ar shopping district, market quarter

atal fork, bifurcation

ay tea

ekmek to pull, haul, move (a car)

eit kind, sort, variety, assortment

to turn, rotate; to refuse; to


eyrek a quarter, one fourth

karmak to take out, send out, expel, to


kmak to go out, emerge, to graduate

iek flower

iftlik farm

ikolata chocolate

irkin ugly

ocuk child

ok many, much, very

orap stocking, nose, sock

orba soup

nk because

D Back to Top

da/de too, also

da mountain, brand

daha more, than, yet, or

daima always, forever

daire circle; apartment

dakika minute

daktilo typewriting, typist

dans dance, dancing

dar narrow, tight

davet invitation

dede grandfather

defa time, turn

defter notebook

deer price, worth, value

deil not

deik different, varied, changed

deimek to change

delik hole, opening

demek to say

denemek to test, examine

deniz sea

derece step, stair, degree

derhal suddenly, immediately

derin deep, profound

ders lesson, lecture

dert sorrow, sadness, pain

deva remedy

devir age, time

devlet state, government, nation

deyim saying, expression

d out, outer, outside

dar outside

dier other

dikkat care, attention

dikmek plant, sew, stitch

dil language, tongue

dilemek to want, desire, to wish

dinlemek to listen

di tooth

domak to be born

doru correct, true

dou east

doum birth

doksan ninety

doktor doctor

dokuz nine

dolap cupboard, case

dolamak to walk

dolmak to fill

dolmu (something which is filled)

dolu full

domates tomato

dondurma ice cream

dost friend, lover

doymak to be satisfied

dnmek to go round, circle; to return

dn return

drt four

dvmek to beat, pound

dudak lip

durak stop, stopping place

durmak to stop, stand

durum state, position, attitude

du shower

duvar wall

duygu feeling, sense, perception

duymak to hear

dn wedding feast

dkkn shop, store

dn yesterday

dnya world, earth

dmek to fall

dnmek to think, worry

dz smooth, level, flat

E Back to Top

eczane pharmacy, chemist

efendi master, owner

eer if

elence amusement, enjoyment

elenmek to enjoy, to have a good time

ek supplement; prefix, suffix

ekim October; sowing, planting

ekmek bread; to sow, to cultivate

eksik lacking, less

eki sour, tart

el hand, power

elbette certainly

elbise dress, clothes

elektrik electricity

elli fifty

elma apple

emekli retired

emin safe, secure, sure, certain

emir order, command

en width; hefty, huge; most

enerji energy

erkek man

erken early

ertesi the next, following

eser work (of art); written

eski old

spouse; husband, wife; one of a


eya furniture, things

et meat

etek skirt

etmek to do, make

etraf sides, surroundings

ev house

evet yes

evlenmek to marry

evli married

evvel first, before

evvel/evvela firstly

eylem action, operation; verb

eyll September

F Back to Top

fabrika factory

faiz interest

fakat but

fakir poor, destitute

faklte department (at a university)

fark difference, distinction

fayda profit, advantage, use

fazla excessive, extra

felket disaster

fena bad

fralamak to brush

frn oven, bakery, kiln

fiil act

fikir thought, idea, opinion

film/filim film

fincan cup

fiyat/fiat price

fotoraf photograph

G Back to Top

galiba perhaps, probably

garson waiter

gazete newspaper

gazeteci journalist; newspaper seller

gazino cafe, casino

gece night

ge late

geen last, past

to fix, insert; to pass (time); to


geit passage; mountain pass

to pass, cross; to undergo; to

spoil; to faint

gelecek future; next

gelin bride; daughter-in-law

gelimek to grow up; to develop, prosper

gelmek to come

gemi ship (n.)

gen young

gene/yine again; still, nevertheless

genellikle generally

geni wide

gerek real, genuine; reality, truth;


gerek necessary; need

gerekmek to be necessary

backward, behind; slow (clock);

to take/put back

getirmek to bring, yield

gezmek to stroll; to go out; to tour, visit

gibi like, similar; nearly, somewhat

gidi departure; way of life, conduct

giri entrance; introduction

girmek to enter; to join; to fit (into);

gie pay desk, ticket window

to go; to lead; to suit; to leave;

to disappear

giyinmek to dress (o. s.)

giymek to wear; to put on

gs breast, chest

gk sky, heavens

gl lake

skirt; slip; generation; degree,

shade; (snake) skin

gndermek to send

gre according (to); considering

grev duty; function

to see; to visit; to regard; to

undergo; to perform

to meet, to have an interview;

to discuss

gstermek to show

to take (away), to carry; to

accompany; to lead

gz eye

gzlk eyeglasses

gram gram

g difficult; difficulty

gl rose

glmek to smile, to laugh

gn day; period, time

gnaydn good morning/day

gne sun

gney south, southern

daily, 'n' days old; for 'n' days;

diary; usual

- gnlk three days old ; for three days

grlt noise

gzel nice, beautiful, good

H Back to Top

haber news

hafta week

hak justice

hakikaten in truth, truly

hakl right, just

hal condition; attitude; strength

halbuki whereas, however

hal carpet, rug

halk people, folk, nation

hangi which

hanm lady, Mrs., Ms., Miss.

hanmefendi lady, madam

hani in fact, besides

hareket movement, act, deed

harita map

harp war, battle

hasta sick

hastabakc nurse's aide

hastane hospital

hat route ; line ; stripe ; contour

hatrlamak to remember, to remind

hava air, weather

hayat life

haydi come on!

hayr no; charity

hayvan animal

hazr ready

hazrlamak to prepare

haziran June

hl still, yet

hediye gift, present

hele above all, especially

hem.. hem de.. both and

hemen right away, almost

henz only, just, just now

Mehmet hasn't come yet. [with

- Mehmet, henz gelmedi.
negative = 'yet']

hep all, the whole

her every, each

herhalde probably

herkes everyone, everybody

hesap account, bill

heyecan excitement, enthusiasm

hrsz thief

hz speed

hi never, not at all

hissetmek to feel, to sense

hoca teacher

ho kal fine,

hkmet government, administration

I Back to Top

srmak to bite

smarlamak to order s.o., to have s.o made

k light, any source of light

Back to Top

i inside, interior, inner, domestic,


ieri inside, interior

iin for, because, so that

iki drink, liquor

imek to drink

administration, management,

ihtiya need, necessity

ihtiyar old, old person

iki two

iktisadi economic

ila/il medicine, drug

iln notice, advertisement

ile with

ileri front part, forward, ahead

ilgin interesting

ilk first, initial

ilkbahar spring

imza signature

imzalamak to sign

inanmak (-a) to believe, trust, have faith in

inmek to get off (a bus, car, etc.)

insan person

inallah I hope that . . .

ise however (after a noun)

isim name

iskemle chair, stool

istasyon station

istek wish, desire, request

istemek to want

i work

ii worker

iitmek to hear

ite here! here it is! look!

itmek to push, shove

iyi good

iyilik goodness, favor, kindness

izin permission

izlemek to follow, pursue; watch

J Back to Top

Jeton jeton, money token, ferry token

K Back to Top

kabul acceptance

ka how many ... ?

kamak to escape

kadar as ... as; approximately

kadn woman

kahvalt breakfast

kahve coffee; caf

kahverengi brown

kalabalk crowd, crowded

kaldrmak to raise, endure

kale fortress

kalem pencil, pen

kaln thick

kalkmak to get up, rise

kalmak to remain, be left

kalorifer central heating system

kan blood

kanun law

kapal closed, covered

kapamak to close, shut

kap door, gate

kapc doorkeeper

kar snow

kara black - see Explanation of Kara

karakol police station

karanlk dark

karar decision

karde sibling

kar wife

karn stomach, abdomen; womb

kark mixed, complex

karmak to mix, become confused

kar facing, opposite

karlamak to go to meet, to welcome

kasaba small town

kasap butcher

kasm November

ka eyebrow

kak spoon

kat storey, floor

kat hard, stiff

kavga quarrel, fight

kavun honeydew melon

kaybetmek to lose

kaynak spring, source, origin

kazan large kettle

kazan gain, profit, benefit

kazanmak to earn, win, get

kt paper, card

kr profit, benefit

ktip clerk, secretary

kebap shish kebab

kedi cat

kendi oneself

kent city

kere time

kesmek to cut, slice

keyif pleasure in life; joy

krk forty

krmak to break, crush, grind

krmz red

ksa short

ksm part, portion, division

k winter

ky shore, side, outskirts

kyma ground meat

kz girl, daughter

kzl red; scarlet fever

kzmak to anger

kibrit match

kilim rug

kilo kilogram

kilometre kilometer

kim who, whoever

kimse someone, anyone

kira renting, leasing

kirli dirty

kii person, human being

kitap book

koca husband, adult

kol arm, sleeve, limb

kolay easy, simple

koltuk armchair

komu neighbor

konferans lecture, conference

konser concert

konsolos consul (diplomat)

konumak to talk, speak

korkmak to fear, be afraid

komak to run

koymak to put, place

koyu thick (liquid)

koyun sheep

kfte meat patty, meatball

kmr coal, charcoal

kpek dog

kpr bridge

kr blind, dull, dim

ke corner

kt bad

ky village

kyl peasant

kulak ear; gill

kullanmak to use, drive

kum sand, gravel

kuma cloth, fabric

kurmak to set up, assemble

kurtarmak to save, rescue

kuru piaster (coin) ; cent

ku bird

kutlamak to congratulate, celebrate

kutu box, case, can

kuvvet strength, power, force

kuzey north

kk little, small

ktphane library

L Back to Top

lamba lamp

lzm necessary

limon lemon

lira lira

lise (high) school

lokanta restaurant

ltfen please

lzum necessity, need

M Back to Top

maalesef unfortunately

madem since, seeing that

maden mine

mahalle neighborhood, district

makina machine

mal goods, property

manav greengrocer

manzara scene, view

mart March

masa table

maallah Wonderful!

mavi blue

mays May

mna meaning, sense

meclis assembly, council

mektep School (okul)

mektup letter

memleket country, land

memnun pleased, satisfied

memur civil servant, official

mendil handkerchief

merak curiosity

merdiven stairs, ladder

merhaba hello

merkez center, headquarters

mersi thanks! cheers!

mesele matter, problem

meslek profession

megul busy, preoccupied

mehur famous

metre meter

mevsim season

mevzu topic, subject

meydan open space

meyve fruit

millet nation, people

mill national

milyar billion

milyon million

mimar architect

minare minaret

misafir guest, visitor

mor purple

musluk tap, faucet

mutfak kitchen

mutlaka absolutely

mutlu happy

mddet period, duration

mdr director, head, chair

mhendis engineer

mhim important, significant

mmkn possible

mracaat application

msaade permission

mze museum

mzik music

N Back to Top

nasl how

ne what

neden why

nerede where

nereli where from

nereye where to

niin why

nihayet finally

nisan April

niye why

niyet intention;

niyet etmek to intend

normal normal

not note, mark

numara number, size;

numara yapmak to act, pretend

nutuk speech, oration;

nutuk vermek to make a speech

O Back to Top

ocak January

oda room

odac janitor

odun firewood

ofis office

olan boy

Oul son

okul school

okumak read

olmak to be; to happen

omuz shoulder

on ten

opera opera

ordu army

orman forest

orta middle

otel hotel

otobs bus

otomobil automobile

oturmak to sit; to reside

otuz thirty

oynamak to play

oyun game

Back to Top

br to other

demek to pay

dev duty; homework

le noon

renci student

renmek to learn

retim instruction; education

retmek to teach

retmen teacher

lmek to measure; to consider

l measurement

lmek to die

lm death

mr life span; amusing

n front

nce first; ago

nem importance

nemli important

pmek to kiss

yle like that, so

zel private

zr excuse; defect

P Back to Top

pahal expensive

paket packet, package

palto man's coat

pansiyon boarding house

pantalon pants, trousers

para money

para piece, bit, segment

park park

parlak bright, shining, successful

parmak finger, toe,

pasaport passport

pasta pastry, dessert

pastane pastry shop

patates potato

patron employer, head of a business

pazar open market; Sunday

pazartesi Monday

pek very much; hard, firm

peki very good

pembe pink

pencere window

perde curtain, screen, veil

perembe Thursday

peynir cheese

piknik picnic

pilav pilaf

pis dirty, foul, obscene

piirmek to cook, to bake

to be cooked, baked; to ripen, to


plaj beach

polis police, policeman

politika politics, policy

portakal orange

posta post, postal service

postane post office

profesr professor

program program

pul stamp

R Back to Top

radyo radio

raf shelf

ramen (-a) in spite (of)

rahat comfortable

rak anise flavored alcoholic


randevu appointment, rendezvous

reel jam

renk color

renkli colored, colorful

resim picture

resm official, formal

ressam painter, artist

rica request

rzgr wind

S Back to Top

saat watch, clock, hour

sabah morning

sa hair

sade mere, simple, pure

sa alive

salk life, health

saha space, field

sahi sound, true, correct

sahip owner

sakn beware; objection

salata salad, lettuce

sal Tuesday

salon hall, guest room, dining room

sanayi industries

sandalye chair

saniye second, moment

sanki supposing that

sanmak to think

sar yellow; pale

satc salesman

satn almak to buy

satmak to sell

sava struggle, fight, war

sayfa page

saymak to count

sebep cause, reason, source

sebze vegetable

semek to choose, select

sefer voyage

sekiz eight

sekreter secretary

seksen eighty

selm greeting, salutation

sen you

sene year

serbest free, independent

sergi exhibition

serin cool

sert hard, violent

ses sound, noise, voice

sevgili beloved, dear

sevin joy, delight

sevinmek to be pleased with

sevmek to love, like

seyahat journey, travelling

seyretmek to see, to look on

scak warm, hot, heat

sfr zero

sk close together, dense

skmak to press, squeeze

snf class

sr secret, mystery

sra row, turn, file

sigara/cgara cigarette

sinema cinema

siyah black

siz you

soan onion

souk cold, frigid

sohbet conversation, chat

sokak street

sol left, left-hand

son end, result, last

sonbahar fall, autumn

sonra afterwards

sormak to ask

soru question

sorun problem

soyad family name, surname

sylemek to say

sz word, speech, rumour

szlk dictionary

spor sport, games

su water, fluid

subay officer

sultan ruler

susmak to be silent

srmek to drive

st milk

Back to Top

air poet

apka hat

arap wine

ark east, Orient

art condition

armak to be confused about

amak to be perplexed

ehir town, city

eker sugar, candy

ekerli sweetened

emsiye umbrella

ey thing

ikyet complaint

imdi now

irket company, partnership

i spit, skewer; swelling, swollen

ie bottle

iman fat

ofr chauffer

yle in that manner, so, just

u that, this

ubat February

phe doubt, suspicion

T Back to Top

tabak plate, dish

tabii of course

tahsil collection; study, education

tahta blackboard; board, plank

takm set; team

taksi taxi

tam complete, entire, perfect

tamam OK; completion, end

tane grain; piece;

tanmak to know

tanmak to meet, make acquaintance

tanr god; God

taraf side, direction

tarif description; tariff

tarih history

tarla arable field

ta stone

tamak to carry, transport, bear

to move to (location) ; be
carried to

tatil holiday, vacation

tatl sweet, drinkable

tavuk hen

taze fresh, new

tebrik congratulation

tehlike danger

tek single, alone

teklif proposal, offer

tekrar repetition

tekrarlamak to repeat

telefon telephone

televizyon television

telgraf telegraph, telegram

tembel lazy

temiz clean, pure, honest

temizlemek to clean

temmuz July

temsil representation

tepe hill, summit

tercih preference

terzi tailor

teekkr thanks, giving thanks

trnak finger nail, toe nail;

ticaret trade, commerce

tiyatro theater

top ball, anything round

toplamak to collect, gather, tidy

toplant assembly, meeting

toprak earth, soil, land

tramway tram, streetcar

tra/tra shaving

tren train

tuhaf uncommon, curious

turist tourist

turistik touristic

turuncu orange (color)

tutmak to hold; to catch, seize

tuvalet toilet

tuz salt

tuzlu salted, salty

trl various

ttn tobacco

U Back to Top

ucuz cheap

uak airplane

umak to fly, to evaporate, disappear

ufak small

uramak to stop by

ulus people, nation

ummak to hope, expect

umumiyetle usually, generally

unutmak to forget

uyanmak to awake, come to life

comfortable, suitable,

uyku sleep (n.)

uyumak to sleep

uzak distant, remote

uzatmak to extend, prolong

uzun long

Back to Top


lke country

mit hope, expectation

niversite university

nl famous

st top, upper surface

t flat-iron

ye member

zere at the point of, about to

to strain, break; to hurt the

feelings of

zlmek to be worn out

zm grape

V Back to Top

vakit time

vali governor

valiz suit-case

vapur steamer

var there is, there are

varmak to arrive, to reach

vatan native country

vatanda citizen, compatriot

vazgemek to give up, to abandon

vazife duty, obligation

vaziyet position, situation

ve and

vermek to give

veya or

vurmak to hit, kill, steal, swindle

Y Back to Top

ya.. ya da.. either ... or ...

yabanc stranger, foreigner

ya oil, fat, grease

yamak to rain

yamur rain (n.)

yahut or

yakn near (to)

yakt fuel (for heating)

yakmak to light, ignite

yalan lie, fabrication

yalnz alone, lonely

yan side; neighborhood

yanak cheek

yani that is to say

yanl error

yanmak to burn, be on fire

yapmak to make; to build; to create

yaprak leaf, grape leaf; layer

yardm help

yar half of the

yarm half (n.)

yarn tomorrow

yasak prohibition, ban, prohibited

ya damp, fresh

yaamak to live; to enjoy

yal old, elderly

yatak bed

yatmak to go to bed

yava slow; quiet

yavru young animal

yaz summer

yaz writing

yazk pity, shame

yazmak to write

yedi seven

yemek to eat; to spend (money)

yeni new

yer place; position

yeil green

yetimek to catch, make; to be in time for

yetmek to be sufficient

yetmi seventy

ykamak to wash; to bathe

ykanmak to be washed; to be bathed

yl year

yine/gene again, once more; still, even so

yirmi twenty

yiyecek food

yourt yogurt

yok there is not.., there are not..

yoksa or?; if not..? (used in questions)

yol road, path, route

yolcu traveler; passenger

yolculuk journey, trip

yollamak to send

yorgun tired

yorulmak to get tired

yn direction, aspect, angle

ynetici manager, administrator

yukar upstairs; upper

yumurta egg; testicle

yumu soft, tender, gentle

yurt homeland of a people or nation

yksek high; lofty

ykselmek to rise, ascend

to work, to march, to move


yz one hundred; face; reason

yzmek to swim, to float

Z Back to Top

zahmet trouble

zaman time

zamir pronoun

zarf envelope

zaten anyway; besides

zengin rich

zeytin olive (fruit)

zil doorbell, buzzer

ziyaret visit, pilgrimage

zor trouble, worry, difficulty

List of Daily Turkish Locutions
A list of locutions used regularly in daily Turkish speech.
These conversational items clarify meaning and understanding . Such locutions
make for fluidity in daily speech.

A List of Daily Conversational Locutions (192)

English Turkish

According to that ona gre

At last nihayet ; sonunda

After all nede olsa

At least en azndan

A little biraz

At most en ok ; azami

A little bit bir para

At once derhal

All day long btn gn

At random rasgele, rast gele

All of a sudden birdenbire

At short notice ksa sre iinde

All of you hepiniz

All over the world btn dnyada

At the back arkada

All right peki

At the door kapda

All set? tamam m?

At the end sonunda

Almost hemen hemen

At the same time ayn zamanda

A long time ago oktan beri

As a matter of fact nitekim

Before long ok gemeden yaknda

As a rule usulen

As for me bana kalrsa

Besides bundan baka

As if ; as though sanki ; gya

Better daha iyi

As usual her zamanki gibi

Both of you ikiniz de

As you please nasl isterseniz

By airmail uakla

At any rate her zaman

By heart ezberden

At first ilkin

By means of aracyla

At hand elde

By no means asla

By the way sras gelmiken

By turns sra ile

Care of eliyle

How is that? nasl olur?

Come in! buyurun ; giriniz

How many? ka tane

Consequently bundan dolay

How much. kaa? ; ne kadar?

Don't mention it bir ey deil

I am sorry! affedesiniz!; zlyorum

Don't worry merak etmeyin

Enclosed iliik olarak

I am sure eminim

Ever since o zamandan beri

I beg your pardon zr dilerim

Every day her gn

Face to face yz yze

I can't help it elimde deil

For ever sonsuzca

For God's sake! Allaha akna!

I don't care aldrmam!

For instance rnein

If need be gerekirse

For sale satlk

If possible kabilse

For the first time ilk kez olarak

Ill-timed zamansz

for the time being imdilik

In a hurry acele ; ivedili

Frequently sk sk

In any case ; somehow her halde ; naslsa

From end to end batan baa

In due course zamannda

From now on imdiden sonra

In due time tam zamannda

From this moment bu andan sonra

In every respect her bakmdan

From this time on bundan sonra

In fact esasen ; nitekim

Full up dolmutur

In front of nnde ; karsnda

Good for nothing ie yaramaz

In no time bir rpda

Good looking yakkl

In order to amacyla

Good luck iyi anslar

In spite of it ona ramen

Gradually git gide

In the end sonunda

Help yourself buyurun

In the first place ilk nce

How are you? naslsnz?

In the future gelecekte

In the long run sonunda

In the meantime bu arada

In the middle ortada

No doubt phesiz

In the morning sabahleyin

No harm done zarar yok

In the open ak havada

Not at all hi de deil

In the shade glgede

Now and again ; now and then arada srada

In the very act Sust

In this case bu halde

In this manner bylelikle

Of course tabii

On time tam vaktinde

Of late geenlerde

In turns sra ile

On and on durmadan

Isn't it? deil mi?

Once again bir daha

Is that so? sahi mi?

Once and for all kesinlikle

I suppose so galiba

Once a week haftada bir

It is all the same fark etmez

Once in a while ara sra

It is not worth while demez

Once more tekrar ; bir daha

It is of no use bouna

On condition that artyla

One by one birer birer

Just a moment bir dakika

On foot yryerek

Just in case ne olur ne olmaz

On leave izinli

Just in time tam vaktinde

On purpose bile bile ; kasten

On the contrary tersine ; aksine

Less daha az

Let me alone git iine

On the left solda

Let's go gidelim

On the right sada

Little by little azar azar

On the other hand dier taraftan

Long ago uzun zamandan beri

Look out! dikkat et!

On top of tepesinde

Over again tekrar

Made to order smarlama

Over there orada

Maybe belki ; olabilir

Please ltfen ; rica ederim

More or less aa yukar

Providing that artyla

Ready made hazr konfeksiyon

Till morning sabaha kadar

Return ticket gidi-dn bileti

To be sure tabii

To let ; to rent kiralk

Right here ite burada

Too many pek ok

Right there ite orada

Too much pek fazla

Rough and ready yarm yamalak

Under age yaa kk

Up side down darmadan

Safe and sound sa salim

Up to date modern

See you later gene greli

Up to now imdiye kadar

Side by side yan yana

Since a long time uzun zamandan beri

Welcome! ho geldiniz

Well done! bravo!

Since then ozamandan beri

What happened? ne oldu?

So long eyvallah

What's happening? ; What's up? ne oluyor?

Sooner or later er ge

So-so yle byle

What's wrong with you? neniz var?

So to say szde ; sanki

So that yle ki

What's the matter? ne kar?

What next? ya sonra?

Thanks a lot teekkrler

Why not? neden olmasn?

Agreed ; OK! anlatk

Willy nilly ister istemez

That right doru ; tamam

With a view to amacyla

That is to say yani

With no exceptions ayrksz

That maybe olabilir

With one accord oy birlii ile

Then o zaman ; yleyse

The soonest possible bir an nce

With your leave izninizle

You're welcome bir ey deil

Turkish Time, Seasons, Months, Days,

Weather, Numbers
A Turkish Time Vocabulary
saniye second

an moment

anbean moment-by-moment, gradually

dakika minute

saat (plural: saatler hours) hour

gn day

gnbegn day-by-day, gradually

hafta week

ay month [also moon]

yl or sene (arab.) year (you will hear both of these words in general use)

zaman time

vakit [vakti] time as a particular occasion

vakit [vaktim] my time loses final vowel when suffixed with a vowel

defa time (as an event or occasion)

kere time (as an event, occasion or point in time)

kez a point in time

Turkish zaman time

zaman time this word is the main one in use for "time, occasion"

ne zaman? what time?, when?

ka zaman how long?, how much time?

zamandan zamana [zaman-dan zaman-a] from time to time

her zaman all the time, every time, always

her ne zaman whenever

Bo zamanlarnda ne yaparsn? What do you do in your spare time?

Turkish vakit point in time

Bo vaktim yok. I have no spare time.

Vaktim yok I haven't got time

Vaktim kalmad. I've no time left.

Turkish kere point in time

kere time, point in time

drt kere four times

bir kere daha once more

sadece bir kere only once

Onu, be kere yaptm I did it five times

Turkish kez point in time

kez is a provincialism used regularly in modern daily speech.

kez three times

her kez always

bu kez this time

ylda iki kez bi-anually

ayda iki kez bi-monthly

haftada bir kez once a week

Telling the time in Turkish

There there are basically four different formats to tell the time.

1. Sentence structure (A):

Saat yedi'yi eyrek geerken gelirim. I will arrive at a quarter past seven.

2. Sentence structure (B):

Saat yedi'yi eyrek gee gelirim.
3. Analog form:
Saat yedi eyrekte gelirim.

4. Digital Form:
Saat [7:15] yedi onbete gelirim.

It is # min. to # o'clock. -e var

Saat iki'ye on (dakika) var It is ten (minutes) to two

It is # min. past # o'clock -i geiyor

Saat iki'yi on (dakika) geiyor. It is ten (minutes) past two.

At # min. to # o'clock. -e kala [The time remaining to..]

Saat iki'ye on (dakika) kala. At ten to two.

At the time when...At #min. past # o'clock. -i gee [the time when it is..]
Saat iki'yi on (dakika) gee. At ten past two.

While it is is passing.. -i geiyorken

Saat iki'yi on (dakika) geiyorken. At ten past two.

Telling the time with -ken while.

Ne zaman gelirsin? When will you come?

Saat yedi'yi eyrek geiyorken gelirim. ["iken" form]

Telling the time with -i gee passng.

Saat yedi'yi eyrek gee gelirim ["-i gee" form]

Many turkish learners tend to say: "Saat yedi'yi eyrek geiyor'da gelirim."
which is is INCORRECT and not used.

Turkish Times of the Day

afak dawn

kahvalt breakfast

sabah morning

sabahleyin at morning, in the morning

gn day

btn gn all day long

her gn every day

gndz daytime, daylight

le noon

leden sonra afternoon

le yemei lunch

akam evening

akamleyin in the evening, at eventide

akam st teatime, early evening

akam yemei dinner, evening meal

dn yesterday

dn sabah yesterday morning

dn akam yesterday evening

dn gece last night

evvelki gn the day before yesterday

alacakaranlk [alaca-karanlk] twilight

gece night

geceleyin in the night, at night

gece yars Lit: night its-half midnight

geen gn the day past, the other day, yesterday

geen ay last month

geen sene/yil last year

geen hafta last week

geenlerde recently (in the past), lately

erken early

ge late

ne zaman when (what time, the time that..)

ay month

cumartesi gecesi Saturday night

ertesi gn the following day

ertesi hafta the following week

evvelki/evvelsi gn the day before yesterday

geceleri at nights

gelecek hafta next week

hafta week

br gn the day after tomorrow

br hafta the week after next

leleri at noon times

leyin at noon

pazar sabah Sunday morning

sabahlar in the mornings

son gnlerde in the last few days

son zamanlarda recently

yarn tomorrow

yl/sene year

Turkish How long for?, Since when?

Ne i yaparsnz? What is your job?

Drt yldr retmenim. I have been a teacher for 4 years. [LIT: it is 4 years I am
a teacher.]
ki bin ten beri retmenim. I have been a teacher since 2003. ["-den beri" =
Dnden beri hastaym. I have been ill since yesterday.
Pazar gnnden beri evdeyim. I have been at home since Sunday.

Turkish Stating the Time of an Event

oktan, bile, zaten already, besides

Hl le yemeini yedin mi? Have you eaten your lunch yet?

Ooo, oktan yedim. Oh, I have already eaten/

Yedim bile. I have already eaten.

Sanrm bir eyler yemek istiyor musun? Do you want something to eat.?

Bana bir ey getirme. Do not bring me anything.

Ben yedim zaten. Besides, I have already eaten.

yeni, imdi, henz just

Hasan,ltfen banyoya girme. Hasan, please don't go into the bathroom.

Yeni/imdi/henz temizledim. I have just cleaned (it).

Kurumas gerek/lazm. Tamam m? It needs to dry. OK?

Bana 100 lira dn verir misin Aye? Can you lend me 100 Tl Aye?

zgnm.. [or Kusura bakma..] veremem. I am sorry I can't (give).

Daha yeni/imdi faturalar dedim. I have just paid the bills.

daha, henz, hl yet

Daha/henz devini bitirmedin mi? Haven't/have you finished your

homework yet?

Hayr, daha bitirmedim. Henz deil. No, I haven't finished yet. Not yet.

Daha gelmediler. They haven't come yet.

imdiye kadar, u ana kadar So far, up to now, until now.

Bu k imdiye kadar/u ana kadar kar yamad. It has not snowed so far
this winter.

Bugn imdiye kadar/ u ana kadar hibir ey yemedik. We have not

eaten anything so far today.

ilk the (very) first

Bu ilk kez araba srm/lk kez araba srdm. This is the first time I
have driven a car.

Bu, son iki saatte itiin beinci kahve. This is the fifth cup of coffee you
have drunk in the last two hours.

Son be saatte iki fincan kahve itin. You have drunk two cups of coffee in
the last five hours.

ilk means the very first one, whereas birinci means the first of a series:

Dnyann ilk insan Adam adl'd The world's first man was called Adam

Birinci yar balamak zeredir. The first race is about to begin.

hayatmda ever in my life

hayatnda, hayatnzda ever in your life [familiar = hayat-n-da / formal =


onun hayatnda ever in his life [hayat--n-da = in his life]

hayatmzda ever in our life

hayatlarnda ever in their life

Bu hayatmda okuduum en skc kitap. This is the most boring book I

have ever read.

Bu hayatmda iinde bulunduum en zor durum. This is the most

difficult situation I have ever been in.

Hayatmda tantm en konukan/geveze insan. He is the most talkative
person I have met in my life.

once, twice, several times.

bir kez, bir defa, bir kere once

iki kez, iki defa, iki kere twice

birok kez, defa, kere several times

hi ever [in positive sentences]

hi never [in negative sentences]

Neredeydin? Where have you been? / Where were you?

Have you ever been to Antalya? Hi Antalya'da bulundun mu?

Have you ever been to Antalya? Hi Antalya'ya gittin mi?

Yes,I have been there once/twice. Evet, bir defa/iki defa/ orada bulundum.

Yes,I have been there many times. Evet, bir ok kere (bir ok kez/ bir ok
defa) oraya gittim.

No, I have not been/never been there. Yo, Antalya'ya hi gitmedim.

No, I have not been/never been there. Yo, Antalya'da hi bulunmadm.

Yo is a gentle conversational way of saying "No". It is not so strong as

using Hayr No

Have you ever been to?

(1) Formal: -de/-da, /-te /-ta bulunmak to be (found) in/on at a place

Hi Ankara' da bulundun mu? Have you ever been to Ankara?

(2) Informal: -a/-ya, -e/-ye gitmek to go to a place
Hi Ankara' ya gittin mi? Have you ever been to Ankara

Turkish Months, Seasons and the Weather

Names of the months and weekdays are written without capitals.

January ocak;

February ubat

March mart

April nisan

May - mays

June haziran

July temmuz

August austos

September eyll

October ekim

November kasm

December aralk

Turkish Weekday Names

Sunday pazar, Paz. [LIT: market]

Monday pazartesi, Pzt. [LIT: after Sunday.]

Tuesday sal, Sa.

Wednesday aramba, rs. [LIT: 4 days after Sabbath from Persian.]
An idiom: Bu i aramba pazar gibi. This job is a complete mess up. [LIT: This
job is like a Wednesday Market.]

Thursday perembe, Prs. [LIT: 5 days after Sabbath from Persian.]

Friday cuma, Cum. [LIT: reunion related to Persian/Arabic.]

Saturday cumartesi, Cmt. [LIT: after Friday.]

Turkish Seasons of the Year Yl Mevsimi

ilkbahar [also bahar is sometimes used] spring

yaz summer

sonbahar also Old Turkish gz autumn [ENG.] fall [USA.]

k winter

Turkish speeech for in the summer is yazn and in the winter kn. This ending -
in is an old Instrumental Case which is no longer used much in day to day speaking
other than these examples. For in the spring and in the autumn, the static condition
(Locative) Suffix is used sonbaharda and ilkbaharda. Very often the simple
word bahar can supplant either ilkbahar or sonbahar it depends on the choice of
the speaker.

Turkish Cardinal Points Drt Yn

Kuzey North

Gney South

Dou East

Bati West

Turkish Weather hava

berbat awful frtna storm

souk cold gne sun (n.)

scak hot gneli sunny (adj.)

gzel good, nice hava scakl temperature

harika marvellous scaklk heat

yamur rain (noun.) derece degree(s)

rain (verb.) emsiye umbrella

rainy (adj.) lk warm

kar snow (n.) hava weather

kar yamak snow (v.) hava tahmini weather forecast

kar yal,
snowy (adj.) hava durumu weather condition

dolu hail rzgar wind (n.)

hafif light yel wind

sert heavy poyraz breeze

durmak stop (v.) rzgar esmek to blow wind (v.)

yldrm lightning (n.) rzgarl windy (adj.)

Turkish Weather Expressions

Ne gzel bir gn! What a lovely day!

Hava yarn nasl olacak? What will the weather be like tomorrow?
Yine gneli, fakat biraz rzgarl. It's sunny again, but a little windy.
Ka derece? What is the temperature?
Hava ok scak. . The weather is very hot.
Neredeyse 31 derece. Nearly 31C (degree Celsius).
Erzurumda kar yaacan dnyor musun? Do you think it will snow in
Sanmyorum. Kar iin erken. I don't think so. It is early to snow.
Frtna olacan dnyor musun? Do you think there will be a storm?
Sanmyorum. I don't think so.
Ama Ar'da kar yayor. But it is snowing in Ar.
Orada kar ya ne zaman durur? When will it stop snowing up there?
Yaknda durur. It will stop soon.
Yamur mu balayacak? Will it start to rain?
Evet, birazdan yamur balayacak gibi. Yes, looks like rain soon.
emsiyeye ihtiyacm olur mu? Do I need an umbrella?
Sana emsiyeni yanna alman neririm. I suggest you to get your umbrella with
Ne berbat hava! Saat ba deiiyor. What an awful weather! It changes hourly.
Yamur mu yayor? Is it raining?
Evet, yayor. Yes, it is (raining).

Turkish Cardinal Numbers 0 to 49

sfr 0 on 10 yirmi 20 otuz 30 krk 40

bir 1 on bir 11 yirmi bir 21 otuz bir 31 krk bir 41

iki 2 on iki 12 yirmi iki 22 otuz iki 32 krk iki 42

3 on u 13 yirmi u 23 otuz u 33 krk u 43

drt 4 on drt 14 yirmi drt 24 otuz drt 34 krk drt 44

be 5 on be 15 yirmi be 25 otuz be 35 krk be 45

alt 6 on alt 16 yirmi alt 26 otuz alt 36 krk alt 46

yedi 7 on yedi 17 yirmi yedi 27 otuz yedi 37 krk yedi 47

sekiz 8 on sekiz 18 otuz sekiz 38 krk sekiz 48
sekiz 28

on yirmi
dokuz 9 otuz dokuz39 krk dokuz 49
dokuz 19 dokuz 29

Turkish Cardinal Numbers

cardinal number
number used to denote quantity; a counting number; a numerical adjective.

Listen to Turkish Cardinal Numbers 1 to 10


Turkish Cardinal Numbers 50 to 99

elli 50 altm 60 yetmi 70 seksen 80 doksan 90

yetmi seksen
elli bir 51 altm bir 61 doksan bir 91
bir 71 bir 81

yetmi seksen
elli iki 52 altm iki 62 doksan iki 92
iki 72 iki 82

yetmi seksen
elli u 53 altm u 63 doksan u 93
u 73 u 83

elli yetmi seksen

altm drt 64 doksan drt 94
drt 54 drt 74 drt 84

elli yetmi seksen

altm be 65 doksan be 95
be 55 be 75 be 85

elli yetmi seksen

altm alt 66 doksan alt 96
alt 56 alt 76 alt 86

elli yetmi seksen

altm yedi 67 doksan yedi 97
yedi 57 yedi 77 yedi 87

elli yetmi seksen

altm sekiz 68 doksan sekiz 98
sekiz 58 sekiz 78 sekiz 88

elli altm yetmi seksen

doksan dokuz 99
dokuz 59 dokuz 69 dokuz 79 dokuz 89

About Turkish Numbers

yz 100 also means face or reason.

Turkish Cardinal Numbers 100 to 1 million

yz 100 iki bin 2000 yirmi iki bin 22000
bin 12000

iki yz 200 u bin 3000 yirmi u bin 23000
bin 13000

drt ondrt
u yz 300 yirmi drt bin 24000
bin 4000 bin 14000

drt yz 400 be bin 5000 yirm be bin 25000
bin 15000

be yz 500 alt bin 6000 yirmi alt bin 26000
bin 16000

yedi onyedi
alt yz 600 yirmi yedi bin 27000
bin 7000 bin 17000

sekiz onsekiz
yedi yz 700 yirmi sekiz bin 28000
bin 8000 bin 18000

dokuz ondokuz
sekiz yz 800 otuz bin 30000
bin 9000 bin 19000

on yirmi
dokuz yz 900 elli bin 50000
bn 10000 bin 20000

onbir yirmi bir
bin 1000 bir milyon 1000000
bin 11000 bin 21000
Cardinal numbers are followed by singular nouns.
iki ev 2 houses
be yz araba 500 cars
krk aa 40 trees

be yz yirmi bin yedi yz elli sekiz 523,758

Which may also be written in official papers and banks without any spaces
as: beyzyirmibinyediyzellisekiz 523,758

In English small general numerical amount is stated by "Two or three.." as

in: two

or three eggs.
Turkish says "three five.." bes yurmurta three (or) five eggs

In Turkish the number krk forty is used to signify an uncountable

amount. Krk ylda bir. Once in forty years. is equivalent to "Once in a blue
moon" in English.

Turkish Ordinal Numbers

ordinal number
A number used to denote position in a sequence. "first, second.."

Turkish Ordinal Numbers

birinci also ilk first ; 1st yirmi nc twenty-third ; 23rd

ikinci second ; 2nd otuz drdnc thirty-fourth ; 34th

nc third ; 3rd elli beinci fifty-fifth ; 55th

drdnc fourth ; 4th krk altnc forty-sixth ; 46th

beinci fifth ; 5th altm yedinci sixty-seventh ; 67th

altnc sixth ; 6th on sekizinci eighteenth ; 18th

yedinci seventh ; 7th ninety-ninth ; 99th

sekizinci eighth ; 8th yznc hundredth ; 100th

dokuzuncu ninth ; 9th bininci thousandth ; 1000th

onuncu tenth ; 10th sfr zero ; 0

Turkish Fractions and percentage

yarm (noun) half

yarm elma a half an apple
yar (adj.) half yar elma a half apple
elmann yars the apple half
buuk half [an hour, a kilo, a serving]
eyrek quarter of [an hour, a kilo, a serving]
bir one, #1 [And is also the indefinite article a or an]
te iki [-te iki] two-thirds [lit: three-in two] written as 3/2 in Turkish.
yzde yirmibe twenty-five percent [Lit: one hundred-in 25] written as %25 in

Turkish Distributive Numbers One each, two each, three each

distribitive number

A numerical word that answers "how many each?"

Turkish Distributive Numbers

yarmar half each

birer one each

ikier two each

er three each

drder four each

beer five each

altar six each

yedier seven each

sekizer eight each

dokuzar nine each

onar ten each

on birer eleven each

yirmier twenty each

yirmi beer twenty-five each

otuzar thirty each

krkar forty each

ellier fifty each

yzer a hundred each

ikier yz [NOT iki

two hundred each

biner a thousand each

ikier bin [NOT iki biner] two thousand each

birer milyon [NOT

milyonar NOR bir a million each

Kzlara ikier elma verin. Give the girls two apples each.
birer birer saymak to count one by one
Paralar ikier ikier saydm. I counted the money n twos.


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