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22017 “Turnaround Project Management Primer - Estimating, Bugel & Preliminary Manpower Planing InterPlan Systems ‘STO Planning and Management Software Turnaround Project Planning Primer Home > Turrarne Proje Management Primer» Estimating, Budget & Preliminary Manpower Planning ‘Tocstinate tetine ans manpower retest dean inspect anal repair as requied al heat exchangesin a plant for example, very heat xehanger must be estimstednvidaly, he reaon or that they ae liferent ype ase, and may requre even pes ot rraintenance ork ‘rework be performed forever heat exchanger mort then be farther broken down nt very tak requirsdt complete the jb + erecing sates + insaling blinds * unboingthe chanel head cover + removngtne nannet headcover + removing ne cranel head + uno the be hese 1 removing the ball head + paling the bundle + removing ne eating het + varsportng the burl the daaning lab 1 leaning yerebasting) tbe Bure + inspecting re buncle + (pons retubing or plogang bes) + returning the bundle9 the unit 1 deaning heads ana she + reparing the bare plate + reotcng anodes ‘Ten, every task should be assgrea a tne duration n hours, and manpower requiedspeciying thea of sl oe Mulphing the ranpower by te te drstion fn Mours}iyelt he maroureximate or every te. Adeing the manhour estimates for every te i ye ‘the total manhoureximate for every work order. Personal, Fatigue and Delay Factors ‘The une and manpomerestinats shoul inde reasonable PFD (Personal Faigue and Del fate > Personal actus neue: breaks tous sanitary eco, Y smoking eae wststo the atending nurse for any wounds > Favque facorssnoua be core cere or those ares whch rue physica strength of ae expoced to extreme temperature conditions > belay actors include te avaabity vies Y sevees Y vehicles Y permis _askivaker® is idealy sued to assisting plrners in preparing these customize projet plans. Ate al work order ave bean estimated, and ‘the total manhouresumates added up toa rand ttl fer the tumaroura the T/A manager may include an adational amount f manhous 35a “eushon” for exva wercwhich has no ben defined yet, for any deli ehe work scape aefnton. Inthe work orders have bee estimated igh th He ational ne or PF tacos, then the ene trnaround manhou estimate shoul be syste upmara by whatever percentage the TA manager deems realistic o 536 Estimating Accuracy “Te degree of ror inherent to estimating | sharply reduced when work ores are well deine, Awe defined work order scopes one in whlen acoies are aroken down every ume theresa change in ats a achargeln the physica ork content. The beter deed (tale) 2 wore rer scape i the smal te degre oferta in estimating therfore a highes quay esinat. As aceptable ange of ror er a detaled work order scope is of abou ten percent (0%) project management-primorlstimating-manpower-planningl useatin or ana me, os Qty > Daly serene Irergretng a Sart Nomal sae ofr ang rosea rpc ofoera se ‘onducig bal Tun sro nanave QiinterPlan ne Werasiataker oo 22017 “Turarcund Project Management Primer - Estimating, Buel & Preliminary Manpower Planing onthe other hans, wen work orders are qesstimsted without any deal the degree of rors vey hah The rar range eo pan fom 258 upto 60% and more ‘Me Tumaround Projet Management Primers an abrsged version ofthe STO Management Handbook For further reading we alo recommend jel Lents Mangging Maintenance Shutdowns and Outages About Us Software Publications vot i ose ae fuorsmate sro STO Management Primer hitp:ww.intrplansystems,com/tumaround: project management-primoristimating-manpower-planningml Weare protessi GB consuttings ur newsletter susscnise > share this page: [eno oc)