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(part 1)

1. Benjamin West (1820 - 1738), contributed

a great deal to American art .....
a. Painting, teaching, and lecturing
b. Painting, as teacher, and lecturer
c. Painting, teaching, and as lectuter
d. Painting, teacher, an a lecturer
2. To generate income, magazine publishers
must decide to increase the subscripstion
price or.....
a. To sell advertising
b. If they should sell advertising
c. Selling advertising
d. Sold advertising
3. ..... a necessary dimension for measuring
astronomical space and the distance of
heavenly bodies from the Earth.
a. Once in time
b. Time is
c. The time
d. It is time
4. Jackie Joyner-Kersee, ..... the world record
in heptahlon in the 1998 Olympics, also won
the long jump in the year.
a. Whose setting
b. Which she set
c. Whoever set
d. Who set
5. The demands of aerospace, medicine, and
agriculture, engineers are creating exotic new
metallic substances.
a. meet
b. being met are
c. to meet
d. they are meeting
6. ..... James A. Bland, Carry Me Back to Old
Virginny was adopted is the state song of
virginia in 1940.
a. was written by
b. his writing was
c. he wrote the
d. written by
7. Most geologist believe ..... from the remains
of tiny marine plants and animals that died
millions of years ago.
a. what was formed petroleum
b. that petroleum was formed
c. when pretroleum formed
d. petroleum that formed
8. The seat of Frances North American
holdings in the eighteenth century was
Quebec, and the French heritage .....
a. to remain
b. remaining
c. by remaining
d. has remained
9. If it ..... more humid in the desert of the
Southwest, the hot temperatures would be
a. Be
b. Is
c. Was
d. Were
10. Nerve impulses ..... to the brain at speed of
about one hundred yards per second.
a. Sending sensations
b. To send sensations
c. Send sensations
d. Sensastions
11. The fossilized remains of type of camel .....
a dog have been found in the Bad Lands of
a. No more large
b. No larger than
c. Not langer
d. Which no langer
12. Gorillas are quiet animals, ..... they are
capable of making about 20 different sounds.
a. Whether
b. Which
c. Even though
d. As well as
13. Mary Garden, ..... the early 1900s, was
considered one of the best singing actresses
of her time.
a. a soprano was popular
b. in a popular soprano
c. was a popular soprano
d. a popular soprano
14. In the realm of psychological theory,
Margaret F. Wasburn was a dualist ..... that
motor phenomena have an essential role in
a. who she believed
b. who believed
c. believed
d. who did she believed
15. If Earth did not rotate, differences in air
presure would be ...., with winds blowing
from high-pressure to low-pressure areas.
a. primary air flow to cause
b. the primary cause of air flow
c. they primaly cause air flow
d. air flow has a primary cause
16. A mobile is a sculpture constructed of
pans so delicately connected and balnced .....
the entire suspended structure may be moved
by vibration or manual manipulation.
a. in order
b. making
c. with
d. that
17. Of all the cereals, rice us the one ..... food
for more people than my other grain crops.
A. It provides
B. That providing
C. Provides
D. That provides
18. As a general rule , the standard of living
..... by the average output of each person in
a. Is fixed
b. Fixed
c. Has fixed
d. Fixes
19. Although the Earths chemical
composition had been studied for years, only
toward the end of the nineteenth century .....
as a discipline in its own right.
a. When geochemistry was recognized
b. Was recognized as geochemistry
c. Then recognized as geohemistry
d. As geochemistry was recognized
20. Because the wood of the dogwood tree is
very hard, ..... is used for objects, such as roller
skalte wheels, in which hardness is desired.
a. And
b. It
c. What
d. Thus
21. ..... no real boundary to the part of the
ocean referred to as a deep because of
changing water levels and movement in the
sea floor.
a. it is
b. to be
c. being
d. there is
22. Unlike moderate antislavery advocates,
abolitionist ..... an immediate end to slavery.
a. demanded
b. they demanded
c. that they demanded
d. in that they demand
23. The ice of glacier that reaches the sea
breaks off .....
a. and forming icebergs
b. to form icebergs
c. icebergs have- formed
d. when the formation of icebergs
24. Migraine headaches are more frequent
among woman ..... among men.
a. than
b. however
c. except for
d. as air
25. On an untimed test, to answer accurately
is more important than .....
a. a quick finish
b. to finish quickly
c. finishing quickly
d. you finish quickly
26. ..... a teacher in New England, Webster
wrote the Dictionary of American Language.
a. It was while
b. When
c. When was
d. While
27. In hot, dry regions, the Suns heat causes
the outer layer of rocks ....., a process called
a. Are expanded and peeled a way
b. To expand and peel away
c. Expands and peels away
d. They expand and peel away
28. The lower... in a room, the more slowly
our eyes focus.
a. The level of lighting
b. Light level
c. Levelling og light
d. Lighting is level
29. A few animals sometimes fool their
enemies ..... to be dead
a. appear
b. to appear
c. by appearing
d. to be appearing
30. ..... of the mourning dove is made only by
the male.
a. that the sad cooing call
b. the sad cooing call
c. is the sad cooing call
d. the cooing call is sad
31. South American flamingos can survice in
temperatures ..... above the freeing point.
a. that fewer degrees
b. if few degrees c
c. only a few degrees
d. when fewer degrees
32. Made of hard wood, the boomerang is
roughly V Shaped, with arms ..... skewed.
a. of slightly
b. are slightly
c. slightly
d. that those are slightly
33. North Carolina is well known not only for
great smoky Mountais National Parl .....
forCherokee settlements.
a. Also
b. And
c. But also
d. Because of
34. The Continental United States is ..... that
there are four zones.
a. Much big
b. Too big
c. So big
d. Very big
35. Besides rain, ..... is seldom pure.
a. Water naturally
b. Natural water
c. Water of nature
d. The natures water
36. ..... withstands testing, we may not
conclude that it is true, but we may retain it.
a. If a hypaothesis
b. That hypothesis
c. A hypothesis
d. Hypothesis
37. ..... Sarah Orne Jewett, a nineteenth-
century writer, read widely in her familys
extensive library.
a. That she received little education
b. The little formal education that she
c. Little formal that was received by
d. Although she received little formal
38. In the early twenttieth century, the Model
T automobile was mass-produced and sold at
price ..... could afford.
a. The everage person who
b. That the everage person who
c. And the average person
d. The everage person
39. Not only ..... all the positive charge of an
atom, it is also the site of the weight of every
a. Does the nucleaus hold
b. He nucleus holding
c. The nucleaus does hold
d. Holds the nucleaus
40. The wind-rippled sand at Californias
Kelso Dunes resembles .....
a. To be an acean floor
b. As an ocean floor
c. An ocean floor
d. Being an ocean floor
STRUCTURE (part 1)

1. A
Gagasan dalam rangkaian seharusnya
dinyatakan dengan paralel structure. Arti
paralel sendiri adalah memeliki kepentingan
sama atau setara. Maka jawaban yang paling
tepat adalah A karena memiliki tiga paralel
dalam bentuk -ing.

2. A
Gagasan dalam satu rangkaian seharusnya
dinyatakan dengan struktur paralel. Hanya to
sell dalam plihan A yang ada untuk memenuhi
paralelisme dengan infinitive to increase.

3. B
Dalam kalimat tersebut belum ada subyek
dan predikatnya. Frasa a necessary
dimension merupakan penjelas bagi subyek
dan predikat maka jawaban yang paling tepat
adalah time is.

4. D
Relative pronoun yang tepat sebagai
pengganti subyek orang adalah who maka
isian yang tepat adalah who set.

5. C
Pola infinitive phrase : to infinitive + object of
to infinitive. Kalimat tersebut menyatakan
tujuan atau maksud. Maka dibutuhkan to
infinitive phrase. Sehingga pilihan phrase
yang tepat digunakan adalah to meet.
6. D
Kalimat pada soal membutuhkan Adjective
Phrase untuk menerangkan kata benda
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny. Frasa ajektif
yang paling tepat adalah written by. Mengapa
disebut frasa ajektif karena past participle
(V3) yang tidak ditemani bentuk be atau have
adalah sebuah ajektif.

Maksud kalimat pada soal adalah
kebanyakan ahli geologi percaya bahwa
minyak dibentuk dari.... maka isian yang
paling sesuai adalah that petroleum was

8. D
Kata / frasa/ kalimat sesuadah kata and harus
setara maka setelah kata and paling tepat
adalah dilanjutkan dengan predikat.

9. D
Berlawanan dengan fakta anak kalimat, were
adalah satu-satunya bentuk yang dapat
diterima atas verb be. Pilihan A,B, C adalah
bentuk verb be tetapi tidak diterima
berlawanan dengan fakta anak kalimat. Ingat
bahwa verb be selaku were betentangan
dengan fakta bersyarat.

10. C
Kalimat dalam bahasa inggris harus memiliki
sebuah verb tama. Pilihan A,B,D bukan verb
11. B
Penyebutan dua binatang pada soal
mengindikasikan bahwa soal tesrebut
merupakan perbandingan. Kata pembanding
yang digunakan alah large (satu suku kata)
maka isian yang tepat adalah no larger than.

12. C
Dua frasa [ada kata kunci quiet animals; 20
different sounds menunjukkan dua hal yang
bertentangan. Konjungsi yang paling sesuai
untuk menghubungkan kedua klausa tersebut
adalah eventhough.

13. D
Kalimat pada soal membutuhkan Appositive
Phrase. Mary Garden dan appositive phrase (a
popular soprano) memiliki makna yang sama.
Maka jawaban yang tepat adalah a popular
soprano in.

14. B
Pola adjective clause: (Conj. + S + V).
Menerangkan kata benda a dualist maka
kalusa yang epat adalah who believed.

15. B
Predikat would be mengindikasikan bahwa
kata/frasa sesudahnya merupakan kata
benda, kata sifat tau keterangan yang berarti
pilihan C dan D salah, sedangkan pilihan A
memiliki susunan yang salah. Jadi, jawaban
yang paling sesuai adalah pilihan B.
16. D
Pola : so+ adj+ that maka isian yang paling
sesuai adalah that.

17. D
Anak kalimat ajektif mengubah noun dalam
anak kalimat utama. That provides food
mengubah the one. Pilihan A adalah senbuah
subyek dan verb tanpa pembuat anak kalimat
that. Pilihan B adalah pembuat anak kalimat
that dengan ing form, bukan sebuah verb.
Sedangkan pilihan C sebuah verb tanpa
pembuat anak kalimat.

18. A
Susunan kata untuk kalimat pasif adalah
bentuk be diikuti oleh participle. Satu-satunya
pilihan (A) memiliki susunan kata yang benar.
Pilihan B tidak memiliki bentuk be. Pilihan C
memiliki bentuk have bukan bentuk be.
Pilihan D verb dalam present tense, bukan be
yang diikuti sebuah participle.

19. B
Konjungsi although menghubungkan dua
klausa yang berlawanan. Pada klausa kedua
belum terdapat predikat maka isian yang
paling sesuai adalah was recognized as

20. B
Konjungsi because menghubungkan dua
klausa sebab akibat. Pada klausa kedua belum
ada subyek maka isian yang paling sesuai
adalah it.
21. D
Kalimat rumpang pada soal memerlukan
adverb untuk memperkenalkan subjectnya
yang berupa real boundary. Adverb yang
tepat adalah there dan kareba subjectnya
singular maka be nya adalah is. Jadi pilihan
yang sangat epat adalah There is.

22. A
Kata abolitionists adalah sebagai subyek
yang membutuhkan predicate. Maka predikat
yang paling tepat adalah demanded.

23. B
Frasa yang paling sesuai untuk melengkapi
rumpang adalah to form iceberg (to Vinf)
yang berfungsi menerangkan kata breaks
(kata kerja).

24. A
Kata more menunjukkan bahwa kalimat soal
menggunakan perbandingan maka isian
paling tepat adalah than.

25. B
Gagasan dalam satu rangkaian harus
dinyatakan dalam struktutr paralel. Hanya to
finish dalam pilihan B yang memnuhi
paralelisme dengan infinitive to answer.

26. D
While berarti pada waktu yang sama. While
digunakan di dalam frasa pembukaan dengan
a memodifikasi noun Webster. While
menjawab pertanyaan when? When bisa juga
berarti pada waktu yang sama tetapi when
digunakan sebelum sebuah subyek dan
sebuah verb dalam anak kalimat yang sama.

27. B
Kalimat tersebut sudah ada subyek (the Suns
heat) dan predikat (causes) maka pilihan
A,B,D jelas salah.

28. A
Pola : the more..../.. er+noun+the more.../....
er+noun (makin... maka makin...). Frasa the
lower setara dengan the more slowly maka
isian yang tepat adalah the level of lightning
agar setara dengan our eyes.

29. C
Pola prepositional phrase : prep. + object of
prep. (noun/pronoun/noun/phrase/gerund).
Maka pilihan yang tepat untuk frasa pada
kalimat rumpang tersebut adalah by

30. B
Kalimat diatas sudah memiliki predikat dan
objek namun belum memiliki subyek yang
lengkap. Untuk menelengkapi subyek
tersebut dibutuhkan adjective phrase. Maka
adjective phrase yang tepat ialah the sad
cooing call.

31. C
Kata that, if, dan when berfungsi
menghubungkan dua klausa, padahal setelah
rumpang tidak ada predikat maka pilihan
A,B,D salah.

32. C
Karena menerangkan kata kerja skewed dan
berposisi sebagaI keterangan maka isian yang
paling sesuai adalah slightly.

33. C
But also digunakan dalam hubungan dengan
sifat inklusif not only . Pilihan B akan
digunakan dalam kaitan keduanya. Pilihan A
dan D tidak digunakan dalam kaitannya
dengan sifat inklusif lainnya. Ingat bahwa not
only.... but also adalah konjungsi korelatif.
Digunakan bersamaama untuk
memasukkan dua struktur paralel (dua noun,
adjective, verb, and adverb)
34. C
So digunakan dengan sebuah ajektif untuk
menyatakan sebab. Pilihan A mungkin bisa
digunakan seperti big. Pilihan B dan D tidak
mungkin diguanakan untuk mengungkapkan
sebab sebelum sebuah anak kalimat akibat
seperti that there are four time zones. The
united state is very big akan menjadi benar
tanpa anak kalimat akibat. Ingat bahwa so
digunakan sebelum sebuah ajektif atau
adverb diikuti dengan that. Anak kalimat so
menyatakan sebab. Dan that menyatakan

35. B
Apabila dua nouns digunakan secara
berurutan, yang pertama seringkali berfungsi
sebagai sebuah ajektif. Pilihan A,C, D adalah
berlebihan dan tidak bersifat idiomatis.
Adjective tersebut tidak mengubah bentuk
singular atau plural.

36. A
Untuk hasil-hasil ilmiah, bentuk present
bersyarat membutuhkan sebuah bentuk
present atau future di dalam hasil atau
akibatnya. Hanya pilihan A yang memasukkan
hasil bersyarat.

37. D
Frasa yang terdapat pada kata kunci
menunjukkan dua hal yang bertentangan,
konjungsi yang paling sesuai untuk
menghubungkan dua klausa yang
bertentangan tersebut adalah although maka
pilihan yang paling sesuai adalah Although
she received little formal education.

38. D
Isian tersebut berupa anak kalimat yang
menerangkan kata price yang pada anak
kalimat berposisi sebagai obyek. Relative
pronoun sebagai obyek dapat dihilangkan
tanpa mengubah maknanya maka isian yang
paling sesuai adalah the everage person.

39. A
Pola : adverb negatif + auxiliary + S + P
Dari Pola tersebut jelas bahwa isian yang
paling sesuai adalah does the nucleus hold.
40. C
Kata rsembles merupakan predikat yang
diikuti obyek langsung maa isian yang paling
sesuai adalah an ocean floor.
(part 2)

1. The work of painters in the US during

theearly twentieth century is noted for ..... as
well as telling stories.
a. it is represnting of image
b. which images representing
c. the images reprenting
d. reprenting images
2. Abraham Lincolin insisted that ..... not just
on mere opinion but on moral purpose.
a. to base democracy
b. for democrazy to be passed
c. democrazy be based
d. whenever democrazy is based
3. World trade patterns are indicative of the
important economic issues ..... confront the
world today.
a. what
b. that
c. who
d. they
4. In the symphony orchestra, bass drums are
not ..... kettle drums.
a. as prevelent
b. that prevalent
c. so prevalent as
d. prevalent than
5. Not until the late nineteenth and early
twentieth centuries ..... as a unified science.
a. did ecology emerge
b. when ecology emerged
c. ecology emerged
d. when did ecology emerge
6. The ancient Egyptian water clock required
sophiticated calibration, since water dripped
faster from bowl when ..... and the pressure
was greater.
a. the full bowl
b. was the bowl full
c. bowl full
d. the bowl was full
7. Enid, Oklahoma, ..... a stopping palce on die
Chisholm Trail in the 1800s, is now the ste of
the fourth largest wheat storage space in the
a. originally
b. which originally
c. was originally
d. originally where
8. The common barn owl, one of ten species
of barn owls found in North America, is also
called the monkey-faced owl because its
heart-shaped face looks ..... of a monkey.
a. like much that
b. like that much
c. much like that
d. that much like
9. Research un the work place reveals that
people work for many reasons .....
a. Money beside
b. Money besides
c. Beside money
d. Beside money
10. Staying in a hotel costs ..... renting a room
in dormitory for a week.
a. Twice more than
b. Twice as much as
c. As much twice as
d. As much as twice
11. The people of Westen Canada have been
considering ..... themselves from the rest of
the provinces.
a. To separate
b. Separated
c. Separate
d. Separating
12. She ..... looked for the fallen needle.
a. Careulnessly
b. In a state of increasing carefulness
c. Carefully
d. With great carefulness
13. Fossils records indicate ..... existing in the
past have become extinct.
a. That many species of organisms
b. Many species of organisms are
c. Many species of organisms are
d. There are may organisms
14. Experiments related to the sense of smell
are more easily ..... that those related to
perception of color.
a. Setting them up
b. To set up
c. Set up
d. Sets up those
15. The Pulitzer Prize has been ..... in
American literature for more than seventy
a. The award most pretigious that
b. The most pretigious award
c. A prestigious award that most
d. Most prestigious award
16. Sociologist have long recognized that
social tension....
a. Elements from group living
b. Elements of a normal group life
c. Living are a group of elements
d. Are normal elements of group life
17. Most natural ports are located where the
shoereline is irregular and .....
a. deep water
b. is the water deep
c. the water is deep
d. there is the deep water
18. ..... to the reproductive rates of other small
mammals, that of the bat is very low indeed.
a. compared
b. it is compared
c. to be comparing
d. have compared
19. ..... native to europe , the daisy has now
spread throughout most of North America.
a. although
b. if it were
c. in spite of.
d. That it is
20. Charlie Parker, ..... was one of the
creators of the music called bop
a. a great music jazz improviser
b. to improvise great jazz
c. a great jazz improviser
d. improvised great jazz
21. All the planets in the solar system except
Mercury and Venus have natural satellites, .....
objects that revolve around the planets.
a. which
b. which are
c. of which
d. and which
22. Some subsistence activities such as
hunting lage animals or netting fish require
..... to work together.
a. groups are
b. groups which
c. groups
d. that goups
23. The expressionistic artist was concerned
not with the reality of the subject matter but
with ..... inner nature and the emotions that it
a. it has
b. its
c. what is
d. is it whether
24. The role of the ear is ..... acoustic
disturbances into neural signals suitable for
transmision to the brain.
a. to code
b. so that coded
c. coded
d. it coding
25. By the time they came to my house, .....
a. I cooked
b. I was cooking
c. I have been cooking
d. I have cooked
26. I gave .....
a. The teacher a bouquet of flower
b. A bouquet of flower for the eacher
c. To the teacher a bouquet of flower
d. Flower so many to the teacher
27. The teacher have cooked gudeg if she .....
a. Had ben arrived
b. Were arrived
c. Was arrived
d. Arrive
28. The more books you bought, .....
a. You was paying less
b. You did not paid enough
c. Your paid was not enough
d. The more money you paid
29. ..... Have a very keen sense of hearing,
although most do not hear sounds audible to
the human ear.
a. While some insects do
b. Some insects which
c. Some insects
d. That some insects
30. Although both political parties wanted
Dwight D. Eisenhower as their presidential
nominee in1952, he became a Republican
candidate and .....
a. President was electing
b. Was elected President
c. To elect the President
d. Being elected president
31. If an act is rewarded many times,
immediately and with strong reinforces, it
will rapidly become .....
a. A habit
b. Into a habit
c. That which a habit
d. A habit can be
32. Giant pandas resemble bears in shape and
in .....
a. It is a slow, clumsy way to walk
b. The slow, clumsy way they walk
c. They walk in slow, clumsy way
d. Their slow walk is clumsy
33. The worlds deepest cave. Piere St. Martin
in The Pyreness Mountains, is almost three
times as deep
a. as the Empire State Building is high
b. That the Empire State Building is
c. Is higher than empire state building
d. And the empire state Buildings
34. When Columbus reached the new world,
corm was the ..... in the Americas.
a. widely most grown plant
b. most widely grown plant
c. most grown widely plant
d. plant widely grown most
35. Because kaolin shrinks in firing at a
different rate than ordinary clay, ..... when
creating pottery using both types of clay.
a. special handlingis required
b. special handling is required.
c. a requirement of special handling
d. the required special handling
36. The ceremonial Chilicat blanket of the
Northwest Tlingit Indians was generally .....
from cedar bark, wool, and goats hair.
a. wove
b. to weave
c. weaving
d. woven
37. The imagist movement in poetry arose
during the second decade of the twentieth
century ..... against romanticism.
a. when a revolt
b. as a revolt
c. a revolt was
d. that a revolt
38. ..... virtually species have biological clocks
that regulate their metabolism over 24 hour
a. all there are
b. all
c. all are
d. they all
39. According to United States criminal law,
insanity may relieve a person from the usual
legal consequences .....
a. what his or her act have
b. of his or her acts are
c. of his or her acts
d. what of his or her act
40. In addition to ..... a place where business
deals are made, a stock exchange collects
statistics, publishes price quotations, and sets
rules and standards for trading.
a. being
b. it is
c. that which
d. where is
STRUCTURE (part 2)

1. D
Pola : For + gerund / noun kata for dalam
kalimat soal adalah preposisition, setiap
preposition bila diikuti kata kerja maka kata
kerja tersebut harus dibendakan dengan cara
ditambahi ing. Jadi jawaban yang tepat
adalah representing images.

2. C
Pola passive : subject + be + V3 kalimat diatas
memiliki 2 klausa yang dihubungkan dengan
that. Untuk klausa yang kedua berpola pasif
voice. Maka jawaban yang sesuai dengan pola
passive voice adalah democracy be based.
3. B
Relative pronoun (that) untuk menerangkan
rujukan kata benda atau orang menggunakan

4. C
Pola positif degree : as + adjective + as
kalimat pada soal membandingkan sesuatu.

5. A
Kata Not (adverb negatif) pada awal kalimat
menunjukkan bahwa kalimat tersebut
merupakan kalimat inversi yang berpola
adv+aux+S+V maka isian yang paling sesuai
adalah A.

6. D
Sudah jelas bahwa and menunjukkan
kesetaraan kalimat oleh karena itu jawab
paling tepat adalah D.

7. A
Kata is menunjukkan bahwa kalimat tersebut
sudah berpredikat asli maka pilihan C salah.
Sedangkan penggunaan relative pronoun
harus diikuti predikat maka pilihan B dan D
juga salah.

8. C
Kata much merupakan keterangan yang
menerangkan kata kerja looks like maka
harus diletakkan setelah kata kerja pertama
sehingga menjadi looks much like that.
9. D
Besides digunakan sebelum noun atau sebuah
adjective. Berarti tambahan dengan. Pilihan A
dan C termasuk kata beside yang berarti
dekat (near) bukan besides. Pilihan B kata
besides digunakab sesudah bukan sebelum

10. B
Multiple comparatives, seperti twice
dinyatakan dengan multiple diikuti dengan
frasa as much as. Pilihan A adalah multiple
number diikuti dengan frasa more than.
Sedangkan pilihan C dan D susunan kebalikan
dari multiple number dan multiple phrase.
11. D
To consider memerlukan satu ing form
dalam complement. Pilihan A adalah sebiah
infinitive, bukan ing form. Pilihan B adalah
participate. Pilihan C adalah verb word.

12. C
Jawab B dan D terlalu panjang, berbeit belit.
Carefully, jauh lebih singkat dari pada
keduanya. Sedangkan Carefulnessly bukanlah
sebuah kata.

13. A
Dari kalimat tesebut jelas bahwa ada dua
predikat asli maka dibutuhkan penghubung
yang memisahkan dua klausa. Jadi, isian yang
paling sesuai adalah that many species of
14. C
Pada kalimat tersebut menggunakan to Vinf
sebagai penjelas kata sifat yang berpola
adjective+tp Vinf. Jadi isian yang paling sesuai
adalah to set up.

15. B
Pilihan dalam soal tersebut menunjukkan
frasa benda. Urutan frasa benda harus sesuai
dengan DOSASCOMPN. Jadi, isian yang tepat
adalah the most prestigious award.

16. D
Kata that adalah pemisah kalimat. Frasa
social tension merupaka subyek kalimat
sehingga yang dibutuhkan predikat (are)
untuk melengkapi kalimat tersebut.
17. C
Klausa sebelum dan sesudah dan sesudah
konjungsi and harus sederajat.

18. A
Kalimat pada soal membutuhkan adjective
phrase untuk menerangkan kata benda the
productive rates. Adjective phrase yang
paling tepat adalah compared to. Ingat past
participler (V3) yang tidak ditemani bentuk
be atau have adalah sebuah adjective.

19. A
Antara anak kalimat dan induk kalimat tidak
sederajat (kontras) maka konjungsi yang
benar adalah Although.
20. C
Charlie Parker bukanlah subject tapi
appositive, kalimat soal membutuhkan
subject. Subject yang tepat adalah a great jazz

21. B
Karena kata objects merupakan kata benda
sekaligus obyek anakan dan diikuti frasa that
revolve yang merupakan predikat anakan
maka isian yang tepat adalah which are.

22. C
Kata require dapat diikuti kata benda
langsung, sedangkan frasa to work (to Vinf)
hanya berfungsi sebagai subyek, penjelas kata
benda , kata kerja, kata sifat dan kata tanya
maka isian yang tepat adalah groups.
23. B
Kata/frasa sebelum dan sesudah kata but
harus setara maka isian yang tepat adalah its
agar setara dengan the reality.

24. A
Karena menerangkan tujuan maka kata yang
sesuai untuk kalimat tersebut adalah to code.

25. B
Past progressive tense: When / By time.....
simple past.... past progressive. Simple past
digubakan pada anak kalimat (yang
menunjukkan keterangan waktu), dapat
dikenali dengan adanya kata-kata when, by
the time, while. Sedangkan past progresive
diguanakan pada main clause, kalimat utama.
Polanya : S+to be + V ing. Jawaban D dapat
menjadi benar jika had been cooking (past
perfect progressive), tetapi umumnya harus
diikuti oleh keterangan waktu, karena tense
ini menunjukkan durasi waktu atau lamanya
suatu pekerrjaan dilakukan).

26. A
Polanya subject + verb + indirect object +
direct object. Seharusnya tidak menggunakan

27. A
Bentuk Lampau. Ditandai dengan adanya kata

28. D
Bentuk yang benar adalah the more..... the
more.... atau the more.... the less....
(disesuaikan dengan konteks kalimatnya)

29. C
Kata have merupakan predikat sehingga
kalimat tersebut membutuhkan subyek.
Konjungsi although digunakan untuk
memisahkan dua klausa sehingga kata have
merupakan predikat asli maka kalimat
tersebut hanya membutuhkan subyek some

30. B
Dalam kalimat tersebut, konjungsi and
memisahkan frasa yang menerangkan kata
he. Isian yang paling sesuai adalah was
elected President yang setara dengan frasa
became a Republican candidate.

31. A
Kata yang paling sesuai untuk mengikuti kata
become adalah kata benda a habit karena
pilihan yang lain tidak sesuai dengan konteks

32. B
Konjungsi and menunjukkan bahwa kata atau
frasa sebelum dan sesudahnya harus setara
maka pilihan yang paling sesuai adalah the
slow, clumsy way they walk karena setara
dengan frasa in shape.

33. A
Pola possitive degree :
Pilihan yang paling tepat adalah as the
Empire State Building is high.

34. B
Pola superlative degree in adverb : most +
adverb. Pilihan yang tepat sesuai dengan pola
diatas adalah most widely grown plant.

35. A
Ada kata penghubung because di awal
kalimat dan kalimat rumpang pada soal
belum memiliki subject serta predicate.
Subject dan predicate yang benar untuk
kalimat tersebut adalah special handling is

36. D
Pola passive voice : Be + V3. Dari semua
pilihan hanya D yang bentuk V3 yaitu woven.

37. B
Pada kalimat tersebut sudah ada predikat
arose maka pilihan C salah karena akan
menjadi dobel predikat. Sedangkan konjungsi
when dan that harus diikuti klausa maka
pilihan A dan D salah.

38. B
Pada kalimat tersebut sudah terdapat subyek
(species) dan predikat (have), maka pilihan A,
C, D salah.

39. C
Makna dari kalimat soal adalah kegilaan
dapat meringankan seseorang dari hukuman
biasa dari apa yang dilakukannya maka isian
yang paling sesuai adalah pilihan.

40. A
Frasa in addition to diikuti kata /frasa benda
maka isian yang paling sesuai adalah being.
(part 3)

1. It was not until i finished this semester .....

realized i had chosen the wrong department,
a. When i
b. That i
c. And i
d. I
2. Her rank ..... mine and Toms.
a. Is first except for
b. Is in third place from
c. I third palce from
d. Is third only to
e. Come third after
3. The villagers were warned to evacuate
theirselves immediately .....
a. When the volcano
b. In the time when the volcano
c. At the time when the volcano began
to erupt
d. When erupt was going the volcano
4. Peter could not speak well in his speech
beacuse .....
a. He was a badly speaker
b. He prepared bad
c. He was not good preparewise
d. He failed to prepare properly
5. ..... Temperature at which air holds as much
water vapor as it can is called the dew point.
a. It is the
b. Is the
c. As the
d. The
6. The earring is one of the oldest known
ornaments and ..... pieces of stone, bone, or
a. Was from originally from
b. Was made orginally from
c. Originally made was from
d. From originally made was
7. No one knows exactly .....
a. how did speech begin
b. how speech again
c. how the beginning of speech
d. of how beginning speech
8. ..... mechanical device has ever been
invented that can satisfactorily repalce teasel
flower heads for raising the nap on cloth.
a. No
b. Not the
c. Never has a
d. There is no
9. ..... composed traditionally has been a
subject of debate among scholars.
a. Were ballads how
b. Ballads were how they
c. how ballads that were
d. how ballads were
10. Jupiter, the closet of he Giant plannets to
Earth, has ..... solid surface and is surrounded
by zones of intense radiation.
a. not
b. nor
c. no
d. neither
11. The black-billed cuckoo has been known
to steal eggs ..... to other birds.
a. belong
b. which belonging
c. which they belong
d. that belong
12. The purpose of phonetics is ..... an
inventory and description of the sounds
found speech.
a. to provide
b. provided
c. which provided
d. providing that
13. The first inhabitants of the territories .....
Canada came across the Bering Strait and
along the edge of the Artic ice.
a. make up that now
b. make up now that
c. that make up now
d. that now make up
14. ..... need for new schools following the
Second World War that provided the
sustained thrust for the architectural
program in Columbus, Indiana.
a. since the
b. to be the
c. the
d. it was the
15. The soybean contains vitamins, essential
minerals, ..... high percentage of protein.
a. a
b. and a
c. since a
d. of which a
16. Hail is formed when a drop of rain is
carried by an updraft to an altitude where....
to freeze it.
a. is the air cold enough
b. the air cold enough
c. the cold enough air
d. the air is cold enough
17. ..... the best notebook to buy is a Macintosh
a. Because durably and functionwise it
is better that all the others.
b. Because of ist durability and
c. Because its lost a long time, and it is
very usefull
d. Because of its durability and it is
18. Global warning is caused of increasing of
the carbon emition gass in the world .....
a. More numerously
b. Greater in numbers
c. In greater numbers
d. In more numbers
19. I have not been able to recall where .....
a. He goes
b. Gone the man
c. Did he go
d. Does he go
20. Amy was asked to .....
a. Makes lots of gestures
b. Talks all she wanted
c. Talks with her minds open
d. Tells the accidents obviously
21. My father became a basketball athlete .....
a. When eighteen years were his age
b. At age eighteen years old
c. When he was eighteen
d. When he had eighteen years
22. My sister does not like eat fruits .....
a. than
b. much less
c. in any case
d. forgetting about
23. Even as a gir, ..... to be her life, and theater
audiences were to be her best teachers.
a. Perfomaces by Fanny Brice were
b. It was known that Fanny Brices
perfomances were
c. Audiences knew that Fanny Brices
perfomances were
d. Fanny Brice knew that perfoming
24. ..... the diffusion of heat upward to the
Earths Surfaca, the temperature within the
Earth reamins constant.
a. That
b. Despite
c. If
d. When
25. Noise in a room may be reduced by
carpeting, draperies, and ipholstered
furniture, ..... absorb sound.
a. Which they all
b. Of them all
c. All of which
d. Of all which
26. ..... devised to lessen the drudgery of
washing clothes that origin og the washing
machine is unclear.
a. Were the inventions so numerous
b. The inventions so numerous
c. So numerous were the inventions
d. The inventions that were so
27. Of the thousands of varieties of bird
species in North America, ..... bright red
plumage, like the cardinal, are most oftem
designated as state bird.
a. Those that have
b. Who have
c. Which have
d. To have their
28. ..... as a territory in 1854 and admitted as a
state in 1861, Kansas is at the geographical
center of the United States.
a. By organizing
b. Because organized
c. Organized
d. He had organized
29. Earthquakes can damage a tree.......
violently, and it can take several years for the
tree to heal.
a. to cause shaking
b. when shaking it causes
c. by causing it to shake
d. to cause to shake it.
30. ..... bacteria in foods are killed, as they are
during baking or stewing, decay is slowed
a. what
b. the
c. if
d. so
31. The colors and patterns of the wings of
butterflies and moths help ..... the organism
against predators.
a. protect
b. being protected
c. protecting
d. protection of
32. In 1993 the Library of Congress
appointed author Rita Dove ..... of the United
a. as was poet laurete
b. was poet laureate
c. poet laureate
d. and poet laureate
33. At the South Pole ....., the coldest and most
desolate region on Earth.
a. Antartica lies where
b. Where Antartica lies
c. Antartica lies and
d. Lies Antartica
34. Tornados, powerful, destructive wind
storms, occur most often in the spring when
hot winds ..... over flat land encounter heavy
cold air.
a. which to rise
b. that rising
c. are rising
d. rising
35. Geometrically, the hyperbolic functions
are related to the hyperbola, ..... the
trigonometric functions are elated to the
a. just as
b. same
c. similar to
d. and similar
36. ..... Kilauea is one of the worlds most
active volcanoes, having erupted dozens of
times since 1952.
a. The big Island of Hawaiis location
b. Locates the big Island of Hawaii
c. Located on the big Island og Hawaii
d. On the big Island of Hawaiis location
37. Not until the eighteenth century ..... the
complex chemistry of metallurgy.
a. when scientists began to appreciate
b. did scientists begin to apreciate
c. scientists who were beginning to
d. the appreciation of scientists began
38. ..... 1810, water-powered textile
manufacturing arrived in New Hampshire
with the founding of a company cotton and
a. early
b. in the early
c. as early as
d. when early
39. The settings of Eudora Weltys stories
may be rather limited, but ..... about human
nature is quite broad.
a. exposes
b. exposes that
c. she exposes
d. what she exposes
40. Linchens grow extremely well in cold
parts of the world, ..... plants can survive.
a. where few other
b. few others
c. where do few others
d. there are few others
STRUCTURE (part 3)

1. B
Sudah menjadi bentuk umum, bahwa setelah
frase it was until.... selalu diikuti dengan
munculnya kata that.

2. C
Third only to disini berarti her rank ada di
peringkat ketiga, dibawah mine dan Toms.

3. A
Pilihan B, C, D terlalu bertele-tele. Sebagai
tambahan, dalam pilihan B, terdapat kata
kerja yang kurang tepat (erupted).
Sedangkan pada pilihan C dan B salah, karena
menggunakan the time when yang
seharusnya the time at. Selanjutnya pilihan D
salah di dalam pernyataan / susunan kata-

4. D
Pilihan B tidak tepat karena kata prepared
harus diikuti dengan sebuah adverb badly.
Kemudian, pilihan C, kesalahannya terletak
pada penggunaan wise denga sebuah kata
benda atau kata kerja untuk arti in relation to.
Sedangkan pada pilihan A, penggunaan kata
badly (yang merupakan adverb) tidak dapat
menerangkan kata benda (speaker).

5. D
Frasa sebelum is called merupakan subyek
maka isian yang paling sesuai adalah
determiner the.
6. B
Konjungsi and menunjukkan bahwa kata atau
frasa sebelum dan sesudahnya harus setara.
Konteks kalimat tersebut adalah anting
terbuat dari batuan, tulang, atau kerang maka
menggunakan kalimat pasif be+V3 (was

7. B
Kalimat quiestion jika dimasukkan ke kalimat
yang lainnya, setelah kata tanya harus subyek.

8. A
Frasa has ever been invented merupakan
predikat maka yang paling sesuai untuk
melengkapi subyek adalah No.
9. D
Pola noun clause : Conjuction + S + Verb
Noun clause yang cocok untuk menjadi
subject kalimat tersebut adalah how ballads

10. C
Pola simple present tense : S + V1(s/es).
Predicate yang tepat untuk menemani has
adalah no yang juga merupakan adverb pada
kalimat tersebut yang berarti tidak memiliki
(has no). Pilihan A (not) tidak tepat karena
akan berarti berbeda yaitu belum (has not).

11. D
Penggunaan relative pronoun :
That untuk benda/ orang
Who untuk orang
Which untuk benda
Where untuk tempat
Whom untuk orang berposisi sebagai object
eggs dalam kalimat tersebut adalah benda
jamak relative pronoun yang epat adalah that
dan verb yang cocok untuk benda jamak
adalah belong. Maka jawaban yang tepat
untuk rumpang diatas adalah that belong.

12. A
Pola infinitive phrase : to + v1 + object of to
Predikat is dalam kalimat rumpang tersebut
membutuhkan object. To infinitive phrase
paling tepat dijadikan sebagai object. Maka
isian paling tepat adalah to provide.

13. D
Pada kalimat soal sudah terdapat subyek dan
predikat maka jika muncul kata kerja lagi
harus dalam bentuk relative pronoun atau
participle maka isian yang paling sesuai
adalah that now make up.

14. D
Kata need dapat berfungsi sebagai kata kerja
maupun kata benda. Pada kalimat tersebut
kata need berkedudukan sebagai obyek maka
kalimat tersebut masih membutuhkan subyek
dan predikat sehingga isian yang paling
sesuai adalah it was the.

15. B
Karena kata vitamins, essential minerals, dan
high percentage of protein setara maka
konjungsi yang paling sesuai adalah and.
16. D
Kata where memisahkan dua klausa dan kata
it pada akhir kalimat mengacu pada the air
maka isian yang paling sesuai adalah the air is
cold enough.

17. A
Pada kalimat soal membandingkan dua hal
yang sama maka isian yang tepat adalah just
as. Sedangkan similar to bermakna mirip
maka kurang tepat.

18. B
Pilihan B benar karena memiliki struktur
yang benar, yakni durability (noun)....
function (noun). Pilihan C terlalu panjang dan
tidak praktis. Ungkapan lasts a long time
sama dengan durable yang artinya tahan lama
(awet). Kemudian, jika ada dua pilihan
jawaban yang memiliki arti sama, dan
keduanya sama-sama benar secara gramatik,
maka pilihlah jawaban yang lebi singkat.
Pilhan D letak kesalahannya pada useful.
Tidak tepat jika durability (noun)
disejajarkan dengan useful (adjective).
Kecuali jika useful digantikan dengan function
(noun). Pilihan A menggunakan
functionwoise. Tidak dapat menggunakan
kata wise dengan kata kerja (noun) dengan
penulisan seperti itu.

19. C
Ungkapan yang benar adalah in greater
20. A
Dalam embedded question, pola yang
digunakan : (question word + subject + verb )

21. D
Dalam pilihan A disebutkan makes .... gesture,
yang berarti berkaitan dengan melakukan
gerakan menggunakan anggota tubuh (tidak
hanya bibir karena konteks di sini adalah
berbicara- speech), jelas tidak sesuai dengan
konteks kalimat. Kemudian pilihan B
merupakan ungkapan yang sangat informal di
dalam bahasa Inggris tulisan. Sedangkan
pilihan C with her minds open berarti
memiliki pikiran erbuka di mana merupakan
istilah untuk mengartikan kesediaan untuk
tidak berperasangka macam-macam
22. C
Hanya ada beberapa kemungkinan untuk
menyebutkan umur/usia dalam bahasa
inggris, yakni :
a) at (age ) eighteen
b) When he was eighteen (years old)
c) At the age of eighteen.
Pilihan C mengikuti pola ke 3 diatas
jadi hanya ini jawaban yang tepat.

23. B
Kata much less disini digunakan dalam
konteks kalimat negatif. Untuk menunjukkan
bahwa hal kedua yang disebutkan di atas
sebagai hal yang lebih tidak disukai daripada
hal yang disebutkan pertama. Adik
perempuan saya tidak suka makan buah-
buahan, lebih tidak suka lagi makan sayur.
Sedangkan pada pilihan A salah, karena pada
kalimat soal tidak menjelaskan tentang
perbandingan (comperative).

24. D
Frasa even as a girl merupakan keterangan
yang menerangkan Fanny Brice. Isian yang
paling tepat adalah Fanny Brice knew that
perfoming was.

25. B
Karena the diffusion of heat upward to the
Earths surface merupakan frasa maka
konjungsi yang benar adalah despite.

26. C
Rumpang pada kalimat tersebut merupakan
relative pronoun pengganti subyek untuk
benda. Pilihan yang paling sesuai untuk
pengganti subyek adalah all of which.

27. C
Dari pilihan yang ada jawaban yang paling
sesuai adalah So numerous were the
inventions. Pilihan A salah kaena klaimat
tersebut bukan kalimat tanya. Pilihan B salah
karena tidak logis. Pilihan D salah karena kata
devised pada soal menerangkan numerous,
bukan invention

28. A
Frasa Of the thousands of varieties of bird
species in North America hanya merupakan
keterangan, dan kata are merupakan predikat
maka yang dibutuhkan adalah subyek asli
29. C
Karena Kansas merupakan kata ynag
diterangkan dan bermakna pasif maka
menggunakan past/passive participle sebagai
clause modifier-nya.

30. C
Pola prepositional phrase : Preposition + O
(noun,pronoun, noun phrase, gerund).
Jawaban yang benar untuk rumpang tersebut
adalah by causing it to shake, karena berpola
prepositional phrase.

31. C
Pola conditional sentence type 1 : if present
future, simple present, atau kalimat if- simple
present, present future. Kalimat rumpang
diatas berpola conditional sentence type 1,
maka conjuction yang tepat untuk isian di
atas adalah if.

32. A
Pola simple present tense : subject + V1
Subject pada kalimat tersebut adalah The
colors and patterns of the wings of butterflies
and month help. Jadi help bukanlah verb yang
menjadi predicate, untuk itu perlu adanya
predicate. Predicate yang tepat adalah

33. C
Kalimat rumpang pada soal memerlukan
indirect object setelah adanya direct object
author Rita Dove. Indirect Object untuk
mengisi rumpang tersebut yang tepat adalah
poet laurate.

34. D
Jika prepositional phrase diletakkan di awal
klausa yang menggunakan intranstiv verb lie
maka verb nya diletakkan sebelum subject.
Jadi pilihan yang tepat adalah at the south

35. D
Setelah konjungsi when adalah adjective
clause, dan relative pronoun (which rise)
pada adjective clause bisa digantikan dengan
bentuk present participle. Dari 4 pilihan yang
ada, yang berbentuk present participle adalah
36. C
Subyek kalimat tersebut adalah kilauea, yang
diterangkan oleh clause modifier di
dedepannya. Maka dari clause modifier
tersebut adalah karena terletak di.... maka
isian yang paling sesuai adalah located on the
big island of Hawai.

37. B
Pola inversi : adv negative + aux + S + V dari
pola dapat diketahui bahwa isian yang epat
adalah pilihan B .

38. C
Karena 1810 merupakan keterangan waktu
maka yang menerangkan harus dalam adverb
sehingga C adalah pilihan paling tepat.
39. D
Pada klausa setelah konjungsi but sudah
terdapat predikat is maka isian harus dalam
bentuk adverbial phrase what she exposes.

40. A
Cold parts of the world; plants karena
menerangkan tempat maka menggunakan
adverbial clause where few other.
(part 4)

1. _____, I would borrow from it him.

A. The book were his
B. Were the book his
C. If the book were his
D. If the book his
2. I cannot see you tommorow night
because I have to finish my report. But
if _____
A. Do not have to finish my report, I
could see you tomorrow morning.
B. Have not have to finish my report, I
could see you tomorrow night.
C. Did not have to finish my report, I
can see you tomorrow.
D. Did not have to finish my report, I
could see you tomorrow night.
3. Would Luki be angry if I _____ his car
without asking first?
A. Take
B. Taken
C. Took
D. Had taken
4. Jono: Are you going to bed now?
Joni: No, if I _____ to bed now, I _____
A. Went; would not sleep
B. Am going; am not sleeping
C. Do not go; will not sleep
D. Go; will not sleep
5. If he had enough money, he would have
bought the suit. But the truth is _____
A. He had not have enough money so
he did not buy the suit
B. He did not buy the suit because he
did not have enough money
C. He would buy the suit because he
did not have enough money
D. He did not enough money , so he
would not have bought the suit
6. If i had not argued with Amri, I could
have gone to the movie with him.
It can be concluded that _____ to the
A. Perhaps I will go with Amri
B. Amri promised to go with me
C. I did not go with Amri
D. Amri would like to go with me
7. If the companys personnel department
had mailed the notofication letter
earlier, I would not have been too late
for the interview.
It could be concluded that _____
A. I went through the interview
B. The notofication letter came too
C. The company did not send the
notification letter
D. I missed the interview
8. They climbed higher so that they got a
perfectly better view.
It can be said in other way that _____
A. If they had not climbed higher, they
would not have got a perfectly better
B. If they did not climbed higher, they
would not have got a perfectly better
C. If the did not climb higher, they did
not get a perfectly better view
D. If they will not climb higher, they do
not get a perfectly better view
9. If there were traffic lights at this
intersection, there would not be so
many accidents.
It can be concluded that _____
A. The only accidents occur at this
B. This is a completely dangerous
C. The traffic lights often do not work
D. Despite the traffic lights accidents
10. Had they invited fewer people,
the party could have been held at their
It can be concluded that _____
A. It was only a small party
B. Their house was crowded with
C. The party was held at the city hall
D. Not many of the invited people came
to the party
11. Had the company been fair in
giving bonuses, the workers would not
have gone on strike.
The conclusion of that sentence is _____
A. The workers are still going on strike
B. The company did not give the
workers fair bonuses
C. The workers were not given bonuses
at all
D. The company has lost many workers
12. If Rudi had choosen to play soccer
instead of going to the beach with his
friends on their motorcycles, he would
not have got that terrible accident.
The sentence implies that now Rudi is
A. Enjoying the holiday at the beach
B. Hospitalized
C. Very tired
D. Still at the soccer field
13. Had there not been a black-out
for more than two hours yesterday , the
performance of our play would have
been a great success.
We may conclude that _____
A. We received a big applause
B. The lighting was just perfect
C. We were very dissapointed
D. The play was too long
14. Had she handed in the application
letter earlier, she _____ last week.
A. Would be allowed to join the
B. Was being allowed to join the
C. Would have been allowed to join the
D. She will have been allowed to join
the interview
15. If I were you, I _____ her.
A. Would not marry
B. Marry
C. Will marry
D. Will not marry
16. Had the company not raised
Andris salary, he would have looked for
another job.
We may conclude that Andri _____
A. Does not like his job
B. Did not leave his current job
C. Found a better job
D. Could not find a good job
17. If she had not been promoted, he
would have quitted her job for sure.
The meaning of the sentence is _____
A. She would like to keep the job
B. She had to quit her job
C. She lost her job
D. She did not like to keep her job
18. If she _____ more confident during
the interview, she might have got the
actual job that she wanted so bad.
A. Were
B. Would be
C. Could have been
D. Had been
19. The airline should have accepted
the application of Danny, an
experienced pilot.
It means that _____
A. The airline hired Danny
B. Danny refused to work for the
C. The airline did not receive Dannys
D. Danny was rejected by the airline
20. Why didnt you purchase those
shoes? You seemed to like them so
I would have if they had been
It means _____
A. I did buy the shoes
B. I was not against the price
C. The shoes were too expensive
D. The shoes were a bargain
21. Mr. Sulis would travel if he had
more money. The fact is _____
A. He travels around the world
B. Mr. Sulis did not have more money
C. He does not have much money
D. Mr. Sulis did not travel
22. If you did not live too far away
from us, we woud visit you very often.
The fact is _____
A. We do not visit you very often
because you live too far way from us
B. We did not visit you very often
because you lived too far away from
C. We visited you very often because
you did not live too far away from us
D. We would not visit you very very
often because you lived too far away
from us
23. If i had known that Nadine was ill,
_____ to see her.
A. I would gone
B. I would have gone
C. I will go
D. I would had gone
24. I decided to stay at home because
i was too extremely tired. But _____
A. I would go out if I have not been too
extremely tired
B. I went out if I had not it been too
extremely tired
C. I will have gone out if I have not it
been too extremely tired
D. I would have gone out if I had not
been too tired
25. Had I known you did not have any
money at all, I _____ you mine for sure.
A. Would lend
B. Would have lent
C. Had lent
D. Will have lend
26. Students should study hard _____
they pass the test.
A. in the purpose
B. so that
C. in order that
D. therefore
27. Hafni failed the test _____ she did
not study hard.
A. For
B. Although
C. Whereas
D. Because of
28. Mr. Supri is the best teacher. He
has _____ .
A. Not only theoretical basis but
pratical experoences
B. Not only theoretical basis but also
practical experiences
C. Not only theoretical basis but he also
has practical
D. Either theoretical basis nor practical
29. Many women like Jono very
much. He is handsome _____he is smart.
A. As a result
B. Meanwhile
C. Moreover
D. Hence
30. She was late because she caught
the wrong train. It means she caught
the wrong train _____ she was late.
A. Although
B. But
C. So that
D. Since
31. Her Uncle does not earn much;
_____ he can send his kids to famous
A. However
B. And
C. Therefore
D. So
32. The secretary had been working
absolutely hard for many years _____ she
was given a good position.
A. In fact
B. As a result
C. Nevertheless
D. In fact
33. _____ the students _____ the teacher
is in the room.
A. Either or
B. Neither
C. Both and
D. Not only and
34. We were both pleased _____
surprised to be the guests of the Prime
A. Also
B. And
C. Alike
D. Or
35. No one _____ John can finish the
reposrt on time,
A. But
B. After all
C. Say
D. Even though
36. The kid hid behind her father as
she was afraid of the squirell. The word
as can be replaced by _____ .
A. But
B. Yet
C. So
D. For
37. Neither the kids nor the parent
_____ glad because of the present.
A. Are
B. Were
C. Was
D. To be
38. A number of well-to-to people in
Indonesia _____ abroad having business.
A. Go
B. Goes
C. To go
D. Has gone
39. Creating fine paintings ____ great
skill and unlimited creativity.
A. Require
B. They require
C. Requires
D. Is require
40. Linguistics _____ the interesting
subject for smart and diligent students.
A. Are
B. Is
C. Were
D. Have
41. My brother wants to go hiking in
the mountains, _____ my sister prefer to
the zoo or beach.
A. Moreover
B. Consequently
C. On the other hand
D. Otherwise
42. _____ the earthquake had made
the region very unsafe for living, the
people were willing to move.
A. In order that
B. Whereas
C. Since
D. Until
43. _____ all the students were seated,
the lecturer started the lesson
A. If
B. When
C. Until
D. So that
44. _____ he can drive, my brother
asks me to drive him to nearly
anywhere he wanted to go.
A. Since
B. Whether
C. Although
D. Because
45. We were planning to open a new
branch in Yogyakarta _____ the terrible
financial crisis forcedus to delay it.
A. And
B. Or
C. So
D. But
46. Asep does not earn much, ____ he
can send his kids to go on a holiday
A. However
B. And
C. Hence
D. Therefore
47. I ran out of ink for my printer. It
is _____ expensive that I cannot afford it.
A. Such
B. So
C. Such an
D. Very much
48. Smoking can really be the main
cause of many illnesses and respiratory
disorder; _____, it may harm non-
smokers as well.
A. Consequently
B. Nevertheless
C. In addition
D. However
49. Toni has to take a part-time job
during the long summer holiday; _____
he will not be able to pay his school fee.
A. Nevertheless
B. Therefore
C. Otherwise
D. Moreover
50. Most of the mangoes in Britain
arrive by airfreight _____ they are still
pretty much fresh when they reach the
A. While
B. Although
C. Whenever
D. So that
51. Imam no longer waits for Nina to
eat lunch at the cafetaria; and he does
not call her either.
Well, he _____ no longer be interested in
dating her.
A. Could
B. Ought to
C. May
D. Should
52. When we got home, we found the
front door open. Someone _____ entered
the house while we were away.
A. Could
B. Would have
C. Must have
D. Should have
53. Oh, dear! I forgot to bring my
Thats all ight. I _____ you mine.
A. Am lending
B. Am going to lend
C. Will lend
D. Lend
54. He told me a lot about the
Indonesians. He _____ there for a really
long time.
A. Might be living
B. Should be living
C. Would have lived
D. Must have lived
55. The picture is not here anymore;
it must have _____
A. Being taken away
B. Took away
C. Taken away
D. Been taking away
56. She asked me whether she _____
my car to go to the seminar or not.
A. Can borrow
B. Might borrow
C. Would borrow
D. Ought to borrow
57. They should have got out of their
apartment when the fire was spreading
to the surrounding area.
It could be concluded that _____
A. They got trapped in the fire
B. They succeeded in escaping from the
C. They got out of their apartment on
D. The fire did not reach their
58. It is possible that there will be
another increase in the price of gasoline
very soon.
It could be said in another way that
There _____ another increase in the
price of gasoline very soon.
A. Must be
B. May be
C. Had be
D. Should be
59. The entire kitchen was still very
durty; he _____ forgotten to clean it up.
A. Should have
B. Would have
C. Must be
D. Might have
60. I need more data about this
Roweina might be able to help you
The last sentence means _____
A. Perhaps Roweina can help you
B. Roewina can help you right now
C. I am sure Roewina will be able to
help you
D. Roewina will certainly be able to
help you
61. Your daughter will be operated
on tomorrow afternoon. She _____ have a
good rest tonight.
A. Might
B. May
C. Can
D. Must
62. The burglar _____ into the house
through the window because there are
footprints near the window.
A. Was to get
B. Must have got
C. May get
D. Would rather get
63. I sent my application letter
Thats too late. You _____ it last week.
A. Must do
B. Should be doing
C. Should have done
D. Not speeding
64. Donna could not pay her school
fee due to the fact that her father was
Her rich uncle _____ her with her school
A. May support
B. Should have supported
C. Will have supported
D. Would rather support
65. I could not find the museum you
told me about. I _____ the wrong bus.
A. Must have taken
B. Should have taken
C. Would have taken
D. Ought to take
66. The traffic regulation in the US
are different from Indonesia. In the US,
you _____ drive on the right side of the
A. Can
B. May
C. Must
D. Would rather
67. How was your test?
Not so good. I _____ much better if I had
not misread the directions for the last
A. Might do
B. Must have done
C. Should do
D. Could have done
68. My sister is in the intensive care
unit now. I _____ her to the doctor earlier
before she got really worse.
A. May have taken
B. Shoud have taken
C. Might have taken
D. Must have taken
69. Look at all those damaged street
lights. They _____ a long time ago.
A. Should repair
B. Should have been repaired
C. Ought to repair
D. Must have been repaired
70. When you get here this evening, I
_____ French for 2 hours.
A. Will be studying
B. Would be studying
C. Will study
D. Will have studied
71. Tom, you should have given the
letter from thePrincipal to your
It means that Tom _____
A. Gave the letter to his parents
B. Will give the letter to his parents
C. Was giving the letters to his parents
D. Did not give the letters to his parents
72. I always admire the artists who
succeeded in winning the Academy
I am sure they _____ for it.
A. Must have worked hard
B. Should be working hard
C. Had rather work hard
D. Ought to work hard
73. I am ashamed because now all of
the secrets of my family are exposed in
the court.
You _____ your neighbor for such a
trivial case.
A. Had better sue
B. Should not have sued
C. Might not have sued
D. Could not have sued
74. My brother overslept in his office,
he _____
A. Must be sleepy
B. Must have been sleepy
C. Had to be sleepy
D. Is sleepy
75. I _____ to Japan with my family
next month. My father has told me all
about this plan.
A. Will go
B. Shall go
C. Am going to
D. May go
76. How long have you been a
consultant for our company?
Well, I _____ for this company for five
years next month.
A. Have been working
B. Worked
C. Am working
D. Will have worked
77. All of the students had just left
the class when the French teacher came
It could be concluded that _____
A. The students came late for the
French class
B. The teacher cancelled the French
C. The French class started late that
D. There was no French class that day
78. May I borrow your book?
I am sorry, my sister _____ it.
A. Is still reading it
B. Has been reading it
C. Will still read
D. Still read
79. You were supposed to be here
like twenty minutes ago. Where were
I _____ a specialist then!
A. Am looking
B. Looked
C. Was looking
D. Look
80. I have not got the reposrt on the
seminar held last Monday.
I am sure it _____ on your desk
A. Put
B. Being put
C. Was putting
D. Was put
81. I could not afford to purchase
that TV set until the price went down .
That means _____
A. When the price went down, I
purchased the TV set
B. I did not purchase the TV set
because its price never went down
C. I had already purchased the TV set
before the price went down
D. The price of the TV set went down;
however, I could not purchase it
82. When did you realize you had
lost your purse?
When I _____ money to pay the
A. Was needing
B. Have needed
C. Needed
D. Am needing
83. Asris parents could not sleep
until she came home.
It means that _____
A. Although Asri came home, her
parents could not sleep
B. Asri did not come home until her
parents had slept
C. Before Asri came home, her parents
could not sleep
D. When Asri came home, her parents
were sleeping
84. Could yu please book me on the
next flight to Hawaii.
I am sorry, sir. Our airline _____ to
A. Will not fly
B. Does not fly
C. Has not been flying
D. Did not fly
85. Did you see the kids when you
came home this afternoon?
No, they _____ their teacher in
A. Were visiting
B. Had visited
C. To visit
D. Would have visited
86. Your plane was delayed, wasnt
Yes, therefore, when I arrived, the
driver picking me up _____ for more than
an hour.
A. Waited
B. Would wait
C. Was waiting
D. Had been waiting
87. Rina had just finished her dinner
when Robi came in, bringing her
favorite durian.
It can be concluded that _____
A. Rina had durians for her dinner
B. Rina and Robi for her dinner
C. Rina would most unlikely have the
durians for dinner
D. Rina would have dinner after eating
88. Winda has stayed with us since
her father _____
A. Sends abroad by his company
B. Sent abroad by his company
C. Was sent abroad by his company
D. Is sent abroad by his company
89. I think w are goinf to be here for
a while.
But we _____ in line for almost an hour!
A. Are standing
B. Have stood
C. Stand
D. Have been standing
90. My brother, who was not used to
_____ a room with someone else, was
quite unhappy when he could not have
his own room in the dorm.
A. Sharing
B. Be shared
C. Share
D. Be sharing
91. Ari, are you going to Rias
birthday party next Saturday?
I do not think so. I _____ the dentist.
A. Am having to see
B. Have seen
C. Have to see
D. Would have to see
92. What are you looking for?
My wallet, I do not know where I _____
A. Have been putting
B. Am putting
C. Had put
D. Have put
93. You look very much unhappy
Andi. What is the matter?
My father _____ his job.
A. Has just lost
B. Has been losing
C. Losing
D. Is losing
94. When did you take the academic
writing class?
Last year after I _____ Composition II.
A. Complete
B. Had completed
C. Was completing
D. To complete
95. When are you going to tell your
brother the good news?
When he _____ from his business trip.
A. Will be returning
B. Is going to return
C. Returns
D. Was returning
96. I arrived in the police station
after you _____
A. Had left
B. Leave
C. Leaving
D. Left
97. Look! Somoene _____ the purse
from the womans bag.
A. Picks
B. Pick
C. Is picking
D. Picked
98. I _____ since I was at the first
grade of junior high school.
A. Used to swim
B. Am used to swimming
C. Swam
D. Had swam
99. I _____ to school by bicycle when I
was a kid.
A. Go
B. Am going
C. Have gone
D. Used to go
100. Water always _____ down from the
higher place.
A. Fall
B. Falls
C. Fell
D. Is falling
STRUCTURE (part 4)
(part 5)

1. _____ as a territory in 1854 and admitted

as a state in 1861, Kansas is at the
geographical center of the US.
A. By organizing
B. Because organized
C. Organized
D. He had organized
2. Ofthe thousands of varieties of bird
species in North America, _____ bright
red plumage, like the cardinal, are most
often designated as state bird.
A. Those that have
B. Who have
C. Which have
D. To have their
3. _____ devised to lessen the drudgery of
washing clothes that origin of the
washing machine is unclear.
A. Were the inventions so numerous
B. The inventions so numerous
C. So numerous were the inventions
D. The inventions that were so
4. Noise in a room may be reduced by
carpeting, draperies, and uphosltered
furniture, _____ absorb sound.
A. Which they all
B. Of them all
C. All of which
D. Of all which
5. _____ the diffusion of heat upward to the
Earths surface, the temperature within
the Earth remains constant.
A. That
B. Despite
C. If
D. When
6. _____ the demands of aerospace,
medicine, and agriculture, engineers
are creating exotic new metallic
A. Meet
B. Being met are
C. To meet
D. They are meeting
7. _____ James A. Bland, Carry Me Back to
Old Virginny was adopted is the state
song of Virginia in the year of 1940.
A. Was written by
B. His writing was
C. He wrote the
D. Written by
8. Mary Garden, _____ the early 1900s, was
considered one of the best singing
actresses of her time.
A. A soprano was popular
B. In a popular soprano
C. Was a popular soprano
D. A popular soprano in
9. In the realm of psychological theory,
Margaret F. Washburn was a dualist
_____ that motor phenomena have an
essential role in psychology.
A. Who she believed
B. Who believed
C. Believed
D. Who did she believe
10. _____ no real boundary to the part
of the ocean referred to as a deep
because of changing water levels and
movement in the sae floor.
A. It is
B. To be
C. Being
D. There is
11. Tornadoes, powerful, destructive
wind storms, occur most often in the
spring when hot winds _____ over flat
land encounter heavy cold air.
A. Which to rise
B. That rising
C. Are rising
D. Rising
12. At the south pole _____, the coldest
and most desolate region on Earth.
A. Antartica lies where
B. Where Antartica lies
C. Antartica lies and
D. Lies Antartica
13. In 1993 the Library of Congress
appointed author Rita Dove _____ of the
A. As was poet laureate
B. Was poet laureate
C. Poet laureate
D. And poet laureate
14. The colors and patterns of the
wings of butterflies and moths help
_____ the organism against predators.
A. Protect
B. Being protected
C. Protecting
D. Protection of
15. _____ bacteria in foods are killed,
as they are during baking or stewing,
decay is slowed down.
A. What
B. The
C. If
D. So
16. _____ native to Europe,the daisy
has now spread throughout most of
North America.
A. Although
B. If it were
C. In spite of
D. That it is
17. _____ to the reproductive rates of
other small mammals, that of the bat is
very low indeed.
A. Compared
B. It is compared
C. To be compared
D. Have compared
18. Most natural ports are located
where the shoreline is irregular and
A. Deep water
B. Is the water deep
C. The water is deep
D. There is deep water
19. In the symphony orchestra, bass
drums are not _____ kettle drums.
A. As prevalent
B. That prevalent
C. So prevalent as
D. Prevalent than
20. World trade pattern are
indicative of the important economic
issues _____ confront the world today.
A. What
B. That
C. Who
D. They
21. Sociologists have long recognized
that social tension _____.
A. Elements from group living
B. Elements of a normal group life
C. Living are a group of elements
D. Are normal elements of group life
22. _____ have a very keen sense of
hearing, although most do not hear
sounds audible to the human ear.
A. While some insects do
B. Some insects which
C. Some insects
D. That some insects
23. Although both political parties
wanted Dwight D. Eisenhower as their
president nominee in 1952, he became
a Republican candidate and _____.
A. President was electing
B. Was elected President
C. To elect the President
D. Being elected President
24. IF an act is rewarded many times,
immediately and with strong reinforces,
it will rapidly become _____.
A. A habit
B. Into a habit
C. That which a habit
D. A habit can be
25. Giant pandas resemble bears in
shape and in _____.
A. It is a slow, clumsy way to walk
B. The slow, clumsy way they walk
C. They walk in a slow, clumsy way
D. Their slow walk is clumsy
26. Archeological studies _____
evidence that the use of plants for
decoration as well as for food
developed early in history.
A. Provides
B. Have provided
C. Are providing
D. Provided
27. Charlie Parker, _____ was one of
the creators of the music style called
A. A great jazz improviser who
B. To improvise great jazz
C. A great jazz improviser
D. Improvised great jazz
28. When Colombus reached the New
World, corn was the _____ in the
A. Widely most grown plant
B. Most widely grown plant
C. Most grown widely plant
D. Plant widely grown most
29. The ceremonial Chilcat blanket of
the Northwest Tlingit Indians was
generally _____ from cedar bark, wool,
and goats hair.
A. Wove
B. To weave
C. Weaving
D. Woven
30. Because kaolin shrinks in firing at
a different rate than ordinary clay, _____
when creating pottery using both types
of clay.
A. Special handling is required
B. Special handling required
C. A requirement of special handling
D. The required special handling
31. Realistic novelist, in _____ life as it
actually is, have written many works
that are notable for their artistry of
A. Trying to present
B. Present
C. Tries to present
D. Tried
32. Even as a girl, _____ to be her life,
and theater audiences were to be her
best teachers.
A. Performances by Fanny Brice were
B. It was known that fanny Brices
performances were
C. Audiences knew that Fanny Brices
performances were
D. Fanny Brice knew that performing
33. No one knows exactly _____.
A. How did speech begin
B. How speech began
C. How the beginning of speech
D. Of how beginning speech
34. _____ temperature at which air
holds as much water vapor as it cab is
called the dew point.
A. It is the
B. Is the
C. As the
D. The
35. _____ mechanical device has ever
been invented that can satisfactorily
replace teasel flower heads for raising
the nap on cloth.
A. No
B. Not the
C. Never has a
D. There is no
36. _____ to study element 104
because only a few atoms of this
substance can be isolated at one
particular time.
A. The difficulty
B. Why it is difficult
C. It is sifficult
D. Even though difficult
37. Open-pit mining follows the same
sequence of operations _____ mining:
drilling, blasting, and loading and
removing waste and ore.
A. Where underground
B. That underground
C. Underground
D. As underground
38. Not until 1949 _____ Canadas
tenth province.
A. Became Newfoundland
B. Did Newfoundland become
C. Newfoundland did become
D. Newfoundland became
39. In 1864 Nevada entered the US as
_____ thirty-sixth state.
A. In the
B. To be the
C. Was the
D. The
40. Author Sarah Jewett established
her literary reputation with Deephaven,
a collection of sketches _____.
A. With rural Maine life
B. That life in rural Maine
C. About life in rural Maine
D. Life in rural Maine
41. Sydney, _____ is more than three
and a half million, is Ausralias largest
A. Whom the population
B. That the population
C. Whether the population
D. The population of which
42. The worlds deepest cave, Pierre
St. Martin in the Pyrenees Mountain, is
almost three times as deep _____.
A. As the Empire State Building is high
B. That the Empire State Building is
C. Is higher than the Empire State
D. And the Empire State Buildings
43. _____ composed traditionally has
been a subject of debate among
A. Were ballads how
B. Ballads were how they
C. How ballads that were
D. How ballads were
44. Jupiter, the closest of the giant
planets to Earth, has _____ solid surface
and is surrounded by zones of intense
A. Not
B. Nor
C. No
D. Neither
45. The black-billed cuckoo has been
known to steal eggs _____ to other birds.
A. Belong
B. Which belonging
C. Which they belong
D. That belong
46. Abraham Lincoln insisted that
_____ not just on mere opinion but on
moral purpose.
A. To base democracy
B. For democracy to be based
C. Democracy be based
D. Whenever democracy is based
47. The work of painters in the US
during the early twentieth century is
noted for _____ as well as telling stories.
A. It is representing of images
B. Which images representing
C. The images representing
D. Representing images
48. _____ of the mourning dove is
made only by the male.
A. That the sad cooing call
B. The sad cooing call
C. Is the sad cooing call
D. The cooing call is sad
49. A few animals sometimes fool
their enemies _____ to be dead.
A. Appear
B. To appear
C. By appearing
D. To be appearing
50. Unlike moderate antislavery
advocates, abolitionists _____ an
immediate end to slavery.
A. Demanded
B. The demand
C. That they demanded
D. In that they demand
51. Like Jupiter, Saturn is a large,
gaseous planet composed _____ of
hydrogen and helium.
A. It is mostly
B. Mostly
C. Almost
D. Both are almost
52. Cells, first identified by the early
microscopists, began to be considered
_____ in the nineteenth century.
A. Them as icrocosm of living
B. The microcosm of living organisms
C. The microcosm of living organisms
to be
D. As which, the microcosm of living
53. _____ widely used in the chemical
industry, sodium carbonate is
principally consumed by the glass
A. Despite
B. Whether
C. Though
D. Except for
54. Portland, _____, is located mainly
on two hill peninsulas overlooking the
Casco Bay and its many island.
A. Which Maines largest city
B. Maines largest city where
C. Is Maines largest city
D. Maines largest city
55. Wild eagles that survive to
adulthood are believed _____ from 20 to
30 years.
A. Live
B. To live
C. They live
D. Their living
56. Classical logic is characterized by
a concern for the structure and
elements of argument _____ that
thought, language, and reality are
A. Based on the belief
B. On the belief based
C. Belief based on the
D. The based belief on
57. Heat energy may be absorbed or
released when _____ while work is done
on or by the system.
A. Changes in the internal energy of a
B. By changing the internal energy of a
C. The internal energy of a system that
D. The internal energy of a system
58. _____ they sometimes swim alone,
dolphins usually congregate in large
groups, often numbering in the
A. Why
B. Although
C. Even
D. Nevertheless
59. People use muscles to make
various movements, such as _____,
jumping, or throwing.
A. Walk
B. Walking
C. To walk
D. Is walking
60. Ultrasonic is concerned with
sound _____ vibrates or waves of
afrequency above 20,000 cycles per
second, the upper range audible to the
human ear.
A. Which
B. That is
C. To
D. Should
61. The musical comedy Oklahoma!
Did much to expand the potential of the
musical stage, and it encouraged others
to attempt _____.
A. Original themes
B. To original themes
C. That were original themes
D. How original themes
62. Despite its fishlike for, the whale
is _____ and will drown if submerged
tooo long.
A. An animal breathes air that
B. An animal that breathes air
C. An animal breathes air
D. That an animal breathes air
63. The saguaro, found in desert
regions in the south western US, _____
cactus in the world.
A. Is the largest
B. The largest
C. That is the largest
D. The largest that is a
64. It is said that US literature _____
individuality and identity in the
tewntieth century, after long imitation
of European models.
A. Was achieved
B. Achieved
C. To achieve
D. Achieveing
65. Lucy Stone, _____ first feminists in
the US, helped organize the American
Woman Suffrage Association in the year
of 1869.
A. The one
B. Who was the
C. Another
D. One of the
66. The Monas _____ Jakarta,
A. Is in a landmark
B. Is a landmark in
C. Is landmarked in
D. Landmarks
67. Valentino Rossi _____ win the
MotoGP world championship this
season _____ will be his tenth World
Champion title in his entire career.
A. To; and
B. Could; which
C. Is; it
D. About to; so it
68. Helium is not flammable and, next
to hydrogen, is _____.
A. Known the lightest gas
B. Lightest the known gas
C. The lightest gas known
D. The known gas lightest
69. Ther term ice age refers to any
of several periods of time when glaciers
covered considerably more of Earths
surface _____.
A. As is today
B. Than today is
C. Than they do today
D. That today
70. The two drivers of Mercedes F1
this season, _____ Hamilton _____ Rosberg
are strong candicates for the World
Champion of 2015.
A. Either; or
B. Both; and
C. Not only; but also
D. Neither; nor
71. Why is she searching every
single drawer?
Lets ask her _____
A. What is she looking for?
B. Is she looking for something?
C. If she looks for something
D. What she is looking for
72. What do you think about the
location of our new store?
Excellent, _____ in the centre of the
A. Which location is strategical
B. Locating it strategically
C. It is strategically located
D. The strategical location
73. As the European artists begab
flocking to Bali in the year of 1930,
western influencies _____ into Balinese
A. Were gradually introduced
B. Gradually introduced
C. To be gradually introduced
D. They are gradually introduced
74. He is one of the five best dressed
men in town.
Really? _____ ?
A. Does he always dress himself so
B. Does he always so fashionably dress
C. Does he so fashionably always dress
D. Does he dress himself so fashionably
75. When Asuka, a Japanese student
was asked _____ of the museum, she
quickly replied that it had taught her a
great deal about the History of Kraton
A. What did she think
B. About thinking
C. What she thought
D. What she did think
76. What year did you _____ senior
high school?
A. Graduata
B. Graduate from
C. Graduating
D. Graduating from
77. It seems to be getting worse. Yo
better _____ a specialist.
A. Consult
B. Consult to
C. Consult for
D. Consult by
78. Jakarta is a big city, _____?
A. Arent it
B. Doesnt it
C. Wont it
D. Isnt it
79. Do not leave your books near an
open fire. Yjey might easily _____.
A. Catch to fire
B. Catch the fire
C. Catch on fire
D. Catch with fire
80. Do you enjoy _____.
A. To read novels
B. Reading novels
C. Read novels
D. To reading novels
81. I have trouble _____.
A. To remember my cellphone number
B. To remembering my cellphone
C. Remember my cellphone number
D. Remembering my cellphone number
82. Do you have _____ to do today? We
could have a long lunch if not.
A. Many work
B. Much work
C. Many works
D. Much works
83. My sister will _____ for a few
A. Provide us up
B. Provide us in
C. Puts us up
D. Put us in
84. When will the seminar _____?
A. Hold on
B. Hold place
C. Take on
D. Take place
85. The company board meeting was
held _____.
A. At Monday
B. On Monday
C. Within Monday
D. In Monday
86. Why dont you _____ us?
A. Go to the library with
B. Go together the library with
C. Go the library with
D. Together the library with
87. That terrible accident occured
A. Before one month
B. One month before
C. One month ago
D. One month past
88. They did not _____ Anna when she
explained her decision.
A. Agree to
B. Agree with
C. Agree
D. Agree about
89. The social worker _____ the two
old sisters who were ill.
A. Called to the house of
B. Called on the house of
C. Called to
D. Called on
90. Tomorrow is Dinas birthday.
Lets _____ it.
A. Celebrate
B. Honor
C. Praise
D. Congratulate
91. If you do not understand the text
material, do not hesitate _____.
A. Ask questions
B. Asking questions
C. To ask questions
D. To asking questions
92. It is snowing. Would you like to
_____ on Saturday or Sunday?
A. Skiing
B. Go to ski
C. Go skiing
D. Go ski
93. Our company did not pay _____ for
that huge banner advertisement.
A. Much funds
B. Many funds
C. Many money
D. Much money
94. Do you feel like _____ now?
A. Swimming
B. To swim
C. Swim
D. To go swimming
95. Alex wasthrilled to be _____ such a
beautiful and attractive lady.
A. Introduced
B. Introduced at
C. Introduced with
D. Intoduced to
96. It is not too cold. I do not think
we need these big jackets.
I dont think so, _____.
A. Anyway
B. Neither
C. Either
D. Too
97. What happened to them last
night? They look so depressed.
I dont think _____ happened.
A. Nothing
B. Everything
C. Somehting
D. Anything
98. Joni is not doing well in class.
You must _____ that he is only a
beginner at this level.
A. Keep minding
B. Keep to mind
C. Keep in mind
D. Keeping in mind
99. Excuse me. Do you know ehere
the bus station is?
It is _____ the large police station.
A. Opposite of
B. Opposed to
C. Opposite with
D. Opposite to
100. Those students will perform the
annual school play.
Yes, it is _____ for next week.
A. Due
B. Scheduled
C. Time-tabled
D. Put on
101. You are welcome to order the
goods now.
But payment should be made _____.
A. For advance
B. Advancing
C. In advance
D. To advance
102. Where do you live now?
I live in New York; my _____.
A. Parents too do
B. Parents too
C. Parents do, too
D. Parents also do
103. I cannot understand my friends
accent. I wish that he would _____.
A. Speak clearer
B. Clearer speak
C. More clearly speak
D. Speak more clearly
104. Why are you driving so fast?
I am _____.
A. Must be hurry
B. In hurry
C. In a hurry
D. Hurrying
105. I have your music CD. I think I
_____ your concert video.
A. Also have
B. Have too
C. Too have
D. Have further
106. I hear you have started a new job.
_____ like it?
A. How do you
B. How
C. What you
D. What do you
107. I really have to go now. I have
_____ the doctor.
A. Appointments to
B. An appointment to
C. Appointment with
D. An appointment with
108. I can meet you at the Central
Station. Will _____?
A. Convenient for you
B. That convenient
C. That be convenient
D. You be convenient
109. I do not have any result for you
today. I _____ tomorrow.
A. Have any
B. May have any
C. Have some
D. May have some
110. I would rather _____ a quiet cup of
coffee in the office than sit in a noisy
and crowded cafe.
A. Have
B. To have
C. Prefer
D. Prefer to have
111. Where _____ last Saturday?
I went to see my aunt and uncle.
A. Are you go
B. Do you go
C. Have you went
D. Did you go
112. I was very surprised _____ that seh
did not pass the test.
A. Hearing
B. To hearing
C. At hearing
D. To hear
113. Why _____ he is not speaking to
We must have done something that
upset her. He is just too sensitive.
A. Are you think
B. Are you imagine
C. Do you think
D. You think
114. I hope that this winter will not be
_____ last.
A. As cold as
B. So cold as
C. As cold like
D. So cold like
115. Sorry to be late. I was delayed by
A. A heavy traffic
B. Heavy traffic
C. Some heavy traffic
D. Traffic being heavy
116. The sky is getting dark. It _____
rain is on its way.
A. Looks
B. Looks like
C. Seems to
D. Will be
117. Would you do me a favour? I _____
very much.
A. Appreciate it
B. Would appreciate
C. Would be appreciate
D. Would appreciate it
118. I am familiar with that product. I
do not know _____ times I have seen it
advertised on TV.
A. How many
B. How often
C. How much
D. Many often
119. When _____ leaving for Quebec,
We are planning to set out at 10
A. Are we
B. Will we
C. Will us
D. Are us
120. I asked Tomi when he could fix
my leaking tap. He said that he would
come round and fix it _____.
A. As much as possible
B. As possible as he could
C. As fast as he could possibly
D. As soon as possible
121. Do you know _____ that building
I would say that it was built at least
100 years ago.
A. Old
B. How age
C. How old
D. Which age
122. The man told us that the next
train would arrive _____.
A. At three thirty
B. At three thirty oclock
C. In three thirty
D. In three thirty oclock
123. How _____ a crowd had gathered
at the actual scene of the accident?
I do not know exactly, but there were a
lot of shocked onlookers.
A. Large
B. Oftem
C. Many
D. Much
124. That is the city _____ worst crime
A. On the
B. In the
C. With the
D. For the
125. Where should I put this key?
You can _____ it on to the shelf.
A. Hang
B. Deposit
C. Sit
D. Put
126. In _____, the team has begun to
show some form again and has won
some big games.
A. Few weeks
B. Few past weeks
C. The past few weeks
D. A few weeks since
127. The pressure _____ was intense
after his team lost five games in a row.
A. Under the coach
B. Over the coach
C. Of the coach
D. On the coach
128. Jono knows that he had
better_____ his algebra skills before the
mid-term exam.
A. Brush up on
B. Brush on up
C. Brushing up on
D. Brushing on up
129. Maines coastline is a major
attraction and a vista of sandy beaches
contrasted _____ rockbound shoreline.
A. To the rugged
B. By the rugged
C. On the rugged
D. At the rugged
130. Suprprisingly cost was regarded
_____ important factor in selecting a new
cellphone by several teenagers.
A. As the least
B. Of the least
C. In the least
D. To the least
131. _____ explores the nature of guilt
and responsibility and builds to a
remarkable conclusion.
A. The written beautifully novel
B. The beautifully written novel
C. The novel beautifully written
D. The written novel beautifully
132. Over time the young students will
perfect the art of playing piano. After
all, such _____ needs delicate handling.
A. A tuned instrument finely
B. An instrument tuned finely
C. A finely instrument tuned
D. A finely tuned instrument
133. Honore de Balzac said The
errors of _____, from their faith in the
good, or their confidence in the true.
A. Women spring, almost always
B. Almost always, women spring
C. Almost women, always spring
D. Almost spring, always women
134. IN that particular department of
the company, production _____ day and
A. Going often keeps
B. Keeps often going
C. Keeps going often
D. Often keeps going
135. The tenants were asked to throw
all recyclable trash into _____.
A. The green big plastic bag
B. The big plastic green bag
C. The big green plastic bag
D. The green plastic big bag
136. In general. _____ have a
professional obligation to protect
confidential sources of any information.
A. Which journalists
B. Journalists
C. Journalists, they
D. Jpurnalists that
137. _____ of Elvis Presley is banned in
seven different countries accross the
A. The music is
B. That the music
C. The music which
D. The music
138. For _____ you who do not know,
Rainbow was a credible childrens TV
show from the 70s and 80s.
A. Those of
B. Those in
C. These of
D. These in
139. As was the case throughout the
US, _____ was subject to higher gas
prices during the period of winter of
A. For New York
B. For New York as well
C. New York which
D. New York
140. _____ in history caused as much
shock and grief worldwide as the
disaster tsunami of 2004 in Asia.
A. None natural disaster
B. That natural disaster
C. No natural disaster
D. The natural disaster
141. Despite the simplicity of their
construction, the ancient systems _____
exhibit such complocated behavior.
A. Find to
B. Found to
C. Are found to
D. Were found to
142. The rivalry between the two
communities stems from ancient times
and openly _____ to this day.
A. Persist
B. Which persist
C. Persists
D. Which persists
143. Discovery of these ancient
anthropic markings _____ our
understanding of how these early
humans interacted with their
A. Has broadened
B. Have broadened
C. Broaden
D. Will have broadened
144. That the legal dringking age
_____lowered is a hot topic for debate in
many states.
A. Should have
B. Which should
C. Should be
D. Should
145. The causes of gamma-ray bursts
throughout the universe, and how the
gamma-rays are actually produced, _____
until recently remained a mystery.
A. Have
B. Have been
C. Has been
D. Has
146. Successful athletes got medals
and money. It means that they got _____
medals but also money.
A. Not only
B. Instead
C. As well as
D. Both
147. His shop was burnt down _____ his
car that was parked close to it.
A. And either did
B. So did
C. Also was
D. And so was
148. My friend got the job as a
manager not because og his uncles
position in the company, _____.
A. But because he is very well qualified
for the job
B. But because of his good
C. Also because he is very, well
qualified for the job
D. But also because of his good
149. The local society cannot continue
with the construction of the two school
buildings because of the lack of funds
and _____.
A. The local political condition is very
B. The locally unstable political
C. The political condition is locally
D. The instability of the local political
150. I am sorry I cannot go to the
airport to see your mother off. I wish I
_____ to work overtime.
A. Would not have
B. Had not had
C. Have not had
D. Will not have
STRUCTURE (part 5)