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CDT711-7 Safety Talks! a Safety Smart!

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S AFETY T ALKS! Ergonomics

Your Defense Against Repetitive Strain

Modern-day advances in tools which allow you to work in a
workplace technology have comfortable, natural position.
streamlined many jobs.
Production has increased, but we Forceful hand exertions can be
find ourselves doing repetitive very harmful. Find ways to work
work. During the normal workday around them. Dont pound with
you can be subjected to thousands your hands; instead, use the proper
of repetitive flexing, forcing, striking tool.
twisting and bending motions, all
of which could injure you over Awkward body positions put
time. pressure on areas that arent
designed for it. If possible,
What can you do to lessen your rearrange your work to avoid
chances of repetitive strain reaching above your shoulders or
injury? Here are some ideas: behind your back.

Pay attention to the positioning Dont bend or twist your wrists,

of your body, particularly your knees or back excessively. your body can recover from the
wrists, as you work. Try for a effects of repetition.
relaxed neutral position, without If you work in a seated position,
excessive flexing. The lower make sure you have proper back Finally, if you experience pain
arms, wrists and hands should be and leg support. after doing a task or working with
in a relatively straight line as you a certain piece of equipment, tell
work. Be aware vibration from your supervisor so you can be sent
machines or powered hand tools for proper medical evaluation and
Consider the design and layout also can cause repetitive strain treatment.
of your work station. Often a injuries. Vibration-damping
minor rearrangement can make a designs can help reduce the Proper tool and workstation
difference. For instance, you impact. design can go a long way in
might be able to eliminate the eliminating repetitive strain
twisting motion required to pick up If you are left-handed, your injuries, but only you, as the
tools or supplies by simply placing employer should be told, so you worker, can provide the feedback
them within easy reach. arent assigned a machine or tool your employer will need to combat
that is naturally awkward for you. this problem successfully.
Be aware of the tools you use
and how they affect your position, Take all scheduled breaks. Get
particularly in the wrists. Look for away from the task for awhile so

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