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LIAM BUTLER VIDEOGRAPHER BO Rh ere aaa ABOUT + WORK EXPERIENCE + Name: Liam Butler VIDEOGRAPHER Birmingham Ormiston Academy Date ofBith: 19th Apr, 1991 & TEACHER Load alli, television and photography provision cohabiting (2014-2017) Manage school business of BOAV providing video ae content for paying cents. Produce al visual matting rota and mane sci mc, CAMERA Film & Tolevsion Industry, UK. OPERATOR & Manage camera deparment under changing TECHNICAL SKILLS * ASSISTANT pressures across both digital and film workflows. 010-2014) Features, sho ls. muse videos anal commercials Chemetogrply © ais ais = oie Projets inca Word War 47 Ronin and Haysks Photography TECHNICAL SAE University, London DEMONSTRATOR —_Delver werlahops on equipment and software eee ae alee (2010 - 2012) Provide support for students filming on location. Premiere Pro Deter weekly lectures on practical work media and cultural theory and one-to-one thesis suppor DavinelResove See Photoshop EDUCATION + PERSONAL SKILLS + POSTORADUATE Truro College, Cornwall CERTIFICATE IN Lem 7 TS couse, On the job study delivering esons EDUCATION infim photography and medi in secondary and EXCELLENT COMMUNICATION ‘Able to communicate positively and effectively PROBLEM SOLVING (Offre relovant& realistic solutions to problems ‘TEAMWORK Will motivate, support and contribute at all imes HIGHLY ORGANISED Used to working under pressure and to stict deadlines REFERENCES + Danie! Walker - Director of Media Birmingham Ormiston Acagemy 0121 389 9800. danielwalker@boa-academy.couk ‘Jason Oxley - Director of Photography Firm & Television Industry - Wizz & Co 7792 117202 Jasonexleyijasonoxleycom (2013 - 2014) 16/55mm Familiarsation He further education across OCR. WAEC, AQA & BTEC. BACHELOR Middlesex University ARTS DEGREE First class honours in digital flim production, Two year (2009 - 2011) intensive course studying production practices and cultural theory producing music videos, shor fms and documentaries OTHER QUALIFICATIONS + ® lth & Safety Passport ‘BecTu ro Certifieation ‘ADOBE Premier