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26 February 2016 was a turning point in the

history of FIFA.

On that day, an extraordinary Congress approved

much-needed statutory reforms and elected
Gianni Infantino as the new FIFA President.

Since then, some concrete measures have been

taken to re-establish trust in the organisation.
Also, a lot of hard work has been put in shifting
FIFAs full focus towards one single point: the
game of football and its future.

This document is a summary of FIFAs main

achievements in various different areas
throughout these twelve months.
26 FEBRUARY 2016

5 March
ADMINISTRATION IFAB approves tests with Video Assistant Refereeing

27 April
New FIFA Statutes come into force

13 May
12-13 May 13 May
MAY Fatma Samoura becomes the first woman to be appointed
Launch of the FIFA Forward Programme First FIFA Legends Think Tank
FIFA Secretary General

20 June
Fatma Samoura takes office

7 July
New structure of the FIFA administration is announced

31 August
Annual compensation of senior management is disclosed

16 September 1 September
Appointment of a Chief Compliance Officer Official VAR test at Italy vs France friendly game

11 October
13 October Appointment of a dedicated Chief Womens Football Officer
Unveiling of FIFA 2.0: The Vision for the Future 13-14 October
First FIFA Council meeting with new composition
11 November
NOVEMBER Applications open for FIFA Forward Programme projects

22-23 November
First Executive Football Summit in Paris
8-18 December
First online VAR test at the FIFA Club World Cup

10 January 2017 19 January 9 January 2017

JANUARY FIFA Council unanimously decides on a 48-team All members of standing committees appointed Maiden edition of The Best FIFA Football Awards
FIFA World Cup as of 2026
FIFA 2.0
The separation of powers as set out in the
reforms assigns the President with the duty
of heading the Council, FIFAs strategic and
oversight body. During the October FIFA Council
meeting in Zurich, President Infantino laid the
cornerstone of this task with the unveiling of
FIFA 2.0: The Vision for the Future a clear
outline of the organisations focal points and a
roadmap of how to achieve them.

Grow the game Enhance the experience Build a stronger institution

Ownership Investment Innovation

Transparency Accountability Cooperation Inclusivity
DID YOU KNOW? Football for everyone
FIFA aims to boost participation in the
The plans announced in October include action points such as: sport from the grassroots up through
careful investment and listening to the
needs of those who work at ground level.

Investing USD 4 billion

in football development over the next decade via FIFAs
211 member associations under the FIFA Forward
Programme and additional funding initiatives.

Increasing total participation in football players,

coaches, referees and fans from 45% to


of the global population.

Setting a goal of doubling to

60 million
the number of female football players worldwide by 2026
through the development and execution of a strategy to bring
womens football into the mainstream.

Changing the current model to take

more direct control

of critical business operations, including FIFA World Cup
ticketing and organisational activities.
FIFA Forward
Programme and
Executive Football
Shifting FIFAs focus back to football had
to involve an ambitious strategy for the
institutions core mission: to develop the
game around the world. The master plan
was presented during the 66th FIFA Congress:
the FIFA Forward Programme, an initiative
to increase, streamline and scrutinise FIFAs
development funding for member associations.

Under the new programme, financial support

for football development over a four-year cycle
will more than triple. The use of FIFA fundings
is defined by a contract of agreed objectives
with the member associations a rigid
compliance framework to outline the needs for
each tailor-made project.
More investment, more impact, more oversight

PER MEMBER ASSOCIATION Signing up to the contract of Development of football in

agreed objectives under the Georgia starts now, with a new
Forward Programme is the perfect vision from a new administration.
way for the members associations It is encouraging to feel the
to present and execute important support of FIFA. Our active
projects. Through this, well be cooperation formed the basis for
able to set clear, measurable goals the success of the projects that
which will chart the progress that we have carried out over the past
each association is making. year.
Rodolfo Villalobos Montero, President of Levan Kobiashvili, President of the Georgian
the Costa Rican FA Football Federation

The HKFA has already benefited The Forward Programme has

enormously from the increased enabled us to work with an
funding and it has allowed us to international expert consultancy
implement more of our strategic group to verify that our strategic
USD 1.6 million plan recommendations than we plan and organisational structure
thought possible in such a short are strong and efficient. It has
time. We are confident that this allowed us to maintain our
more strategic and collaborative plans, especially in the areas of
approach will reap significant developing youth competitions
benefits to football in Hong at the national level and
Kong. implementing FIFAs licensing
Mark Sutcliffe, CEO of the Hong Kong FA system in our professional game.
Edwin Oviedo, President of the Peruvian FA

USD 5 million
Tailor-made projects for member associations and confederations

In 2017 the first professional womens

league will be launched and the resources
provided through the Forward Programme
represent the initial boost needed by any
new venture. We expect the professional
womens league to be a great success and
that well soon be able to get close to the
level of the best clubs in Europe or North
Ramn Jesurn Franco, President of the Colombian FA

In one single programme, Forward has

managed to reorganise the whole broad
spectrum of financial support needed by
the associations.
Luis Hernndez Heres, President of the Cuban FA

The Tajikistan FA has taken up four

projects, including a youth academy project,
which will be the catalyst for developing
players that will one day represent the
Tajikistan senior team. This would not
have been possible without the Forward
Khurshed Mirzo, Vice-President and General Secretary
of the Tajikistan Football Federation
A virtuous cycle: FIFA encourages member associations to adopt key elements of professional
football operations, for which they are then supported through targeted funding.

All members receive USD 100,000 per year for running costs and unlock grants of USD 50,000 for each of the below
criteria, up to a maximum overall total of USD 500,000 per year. At least two criteria should focus on womens football.

Forward allows us to develop the Following a thorough process

sporting side of football and not verifying our compliance, the
just footballing infrastructure, as Uruguayan FA has been granted
was the case before. In Panama, Forward Programme funds to carry
we have now been able to plan out the first approved project in
a three-year project thanks to the region, focusing on security in
the fact that this is a programme sports stadiums.
established for everyone and it Wilmar Valdez, President of the Uruguayan FA
allows us to plan better.
Pedro Chaluja, President of the Panamanian FA
FIFA Forward enables us to pursue
priority development projects
The Forward Programme reflects even if these take several years to
the vision of greater solidarity in reach fruition. It helps that these
the world of football. priority projects are agreed upon
Decio de Mara, President of the Mexican FA beforehand and documented in a
formal agreement with FIFA.
Mariano Araneta, President of Philippine
Football Federation
Development ensuring funds are used properly

Contract between FIFA New FIFA Development Local, independent audits

and member association Regulations of FIFA Forward funds

All projects monitored by FIFA Development Committee

FIFA administration and (at least 50% independent members)
FIFA Development Committee
Part of the spirit of the reforms was to promote a stricter Bringing FIFA back to football
President Infantino in open
engagement between FIFA and its chief stakeholders, including
dialogue with member association
the member associations. The ideal platform for that was provided representatives at the inaugural
by the FIFA Executive Football Summits: regular gatherings Executive Football Summit in Paris,
to discuss strategic matters and the future of the game. 22 November 2016.

The schedule contemplates 11 FIFA Executive Football Summits

being held in six venues around the world between November
2016 and March 2017.


Talking to my African colleagues has shown
me that the world of football is the same
everywhere and we all face the same issues. I
think we should get to know each other better,
understand each other better, appreciate each
other more and probably develop joint actions.
Yves Jean Bart, President of the Haitian Football Association

I came back home from the first FIFA Executive

Summit with a very positive energy, after having
discussed in an open forum with colleagues
from three different confederations. By sharing
examples and getting to know each other
better, we will have the possibility to unite the
world of football and leave our big problems
Karl-Erik Nilsson, President of the Swedish Football

Its a great occasion to debate.

We discussed and saw how, through the
Forward Programme, we can review
the whole administrative structure of
an association.
Constant Omari, President of the Democratic Republic of
Congo FA and FIFA Council member
Open and regular discussions with the member
associations about the future of the game

7-9 MAR 2017


22-23 NOV 2016


17-19 JAN 2017 14-16 FEB 2017

Miami Doha

6-8 DEC 2016


21-23 FEB 2017

Expanded format of
the FIFA World Cup
On 10 January 2017, the FIFA Council
unanimously decided in favour of expanding
the FIFA World Cup to a 48-team competition
as of the 2026 edition. Its a format in which
the current 32-day tournament duration is kept
and there is no reduction in the overall number
of rest days.

The decision was taken based on a report that

took into account such factors as sporting
balance, competition quality, impact on football
development, infrastructure, projections on
financial position and the consequences for
event delivery.
Expanded format of Group stage: 16 groups of 3 teams
the FIFA World Cup Top 2 teams advance

48 teams x 16

3rd place

Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarter-nals Semi-nals Final Semi-nals Quarter-nals Round of 16 Round of 32

Heres an analysis of what the format change
means in the light of previous expansions
over the history of the FIFA World Cup,
as well as a comparison with the continental
final tournaments:

32 days
The duration of the FIFA World Cup remains
exactly the same as it currently is with the
32-team format.

Initially I was doubtful about Football is steadily being played
the idea of expanding the World at a higher level across the world.
Cup, because I thought that meant The idea to expand the World
playing more games, which would Cup makes sense. A win will carry
be complicated. more significance. In particular, of the surplus generated by the 2014
But the chosen format is a good the way teams approach their first FIFA World Cup was directly reinvested
thing. It will enable the inclusion of games will change. Bigger nations into football. The remaining 29%
teams that normally dont play in want to avoid tricky sides and use account for FIFAs operating expenses.
the World Cup. the general argument of a lower
Fernando Santos, Portuguese national team technical level as a convenient

head coach (EFE, 12 January 2017) shield. But I feel thats a bit
Vahid Halilhodi, Japanese national team
Maybe in the group stage you head coach. Coached Cte dIvoire in the 2010
is the preliminary projection of net
will see a decrease in the level, but FIFA World Cup and Algeria in the 2014 FIFA
revenue growth for the FIFA World
eventually the top teams always World Cup (The Japan Times, 9 January 2017)
Cup with the new format. By way of
go through and you might see a
reference, this is enough to build over
surprise like Iceland at EURO 2016,
1,100 turf pitches or to fund 16,000
whose presence only was possible It would be highly attractive.
domestic youth leagues.
because of an expansion. The third round of the group stage
Manuel Negrete, former Mexican is often a boring one in the World
international at the 1986 FIFA World Cup Cup, since the big nations are
(El Universal, 11 January 2017) usually already through.
With this format, tension would
be guaranteed from the beginning
Its even unfair for some players: and we would swiftly move to the
look at George Weah, whos knockout stage.
never played in a World Cup. Or Ottmar Hitzfeld, winner of the UEFA
current stars, like Pierre-Emerick Champions League coaching two different
Aubameyang, from Gabon, or Sadio clubs. Coached Switzerland at the 2014 FIFA The FIFA Council had already defined
Man, from Senegal: what are the World Cup (Blick, 10 January 2017) the principles for countries to bid for
odds of these players appearing at the right to host the 2026 edition a
a FIFA World Cup if the number of process that is currently scheduled to
teams is not increased? culminate in May 2020.
Samuel Etoo, an international with Cameroon
at the 2002, 2010 and 2014 FIFA World Cups Over the course of its next meetings,
(Jeune Afrique, 29 December 2016) the FIFA Council is set to discuss
further details regarding the
competition, including the slot
allocation per confederation.
Q&A with FIFA President On 26 February, during
FIFAs deepest-ever crisis,
Statutes, has started to
change that over this first
master plan to change the
way we finance our member
all levels. This means more
participation: thats what
Gianni Infantino the Extraordinary FIFA year. associations. It was a huge the FIFA Executive Football
Congress approved a new and concrete measure to Summits are about and thats
set of statutes and elected If it has started, what are shift the focus of FIFA to what the 48-team World
you as the president. How the next steps? what it does or has to do Cup is about as well.
much has the organisation So, with all that said, there best: develop football.
changed since then? is still much to be done. Now the administration There are already more
The reforms are an This is just the beginning. is making the Forward and more countries
undeniable element of What we did was to set up a Programme the bread and producing top talent and
change and one that framework: not my personal butter of our member organising football at a
doesnt depend on whos in one, but what I firmly believe associations development high level. With the odds of
charge of the organisation. is a solid one for FIFA to work. Investment is much reaching footballs biggest
Its a set of guarantees operate in for years to come. bigger and more effective, tournament being higher, the
that FIFA is managed with with a much stricter control tendency is for development
transparency and good After everything that of the use of the funds. to surge even more across
governance principles. This is happened in the past, we the globe.
one thing. couldnt afford to have a The Forward Programme is
new administration simply an all-encompassing example Will FIFA make more
Now, when I took office coming in and taking things of how I hope to keep on money with an expanded
and vowed to bring football over short-sightedly. trying to come up with competition? Yes, it
back to FIFA and FIFA back The institution needed a innovative proposals. We will. Provided that FIFAs
to football, this was not just solid plan, and it was with act on the principles of the obligation is to reinvest the
a motto or wordplay. Its that in mind that we came reforms, like transparency money it makes back into
a concrete idea to nurture up with FIFA 2.0: The and the separation of football, I dont see how this
the way FIFA is run. What Vision for the Future. This powers; we focus purely on is not a good thing.
makes me happiest about is a concrete roadmap, with football; and we aim to reach The very preliminary
the last 12 months is seeing measurable goals, for FIFA as as far as we can. estimates are of an extra
these ideas, intentions and an organisation. This is the goal. USD 640 million in revenue
regulations shifted into with the new format.
reality; into the everyday life As the FIFA President, it is Speaking of reaching Thats enough to build up
of football administration. my duty to propose a way wider: was this the over 1,100 turf pitches.
forward. And its up to driving force behind Or 1,300 technical centres.
FIFAs work touches upon the general secretariat to expanding the FIFA World Or to buy home and away
many walks of life and areas execute everything that is Cup ? kits for 64,000 teams.
of knowledge, but the sole necessary to deliver these FIFA manages football in the This is where the surplus will
beneficiary has to be the strategic decisions that I take whole world and its main go. Its football becoming
game of football. Always. with the assistance of the purpose must be to promote bigger and more structured
I guess this had been FIFA Council. Take football the game. Football is already in more places in the world
left aside in the past, development, for example: overwhelmingly great, but which is what, to my
and hopefully this new at the FIFA Congress in were here to unleash its full understanding, should be
administration, under new May last year, I presented a potential everywhere and at exactly FIFAs goal.
of the reforms
The adoption of landmark reforms by the
Extraordinary FIFA Congress on 26 February
2016 enshrined in the amended FIFA Statutes
(which entered into force in April 2016) paved
the way for significant improvements to the
governance of FIFA and global football.

Overview: February 2016 to February 2017

Separation of strategic
from executive functions

Term limits

Stronger control of money flows &

responsible management of funds

Restructuring of FIFAs
standing committees

Enhanced transparency
on compensation

Open, democratic and inclusive

decision-making processes

Universal good
governance principles

Restructuring of FIFA Council

Integration of human rights

Greater recognition and

promotion of women in


Under the new FIFA Statutes, there is a clear separation
between the FIFA Council (strategic) and the affairs of the
general secretariat (management/executive). The Council
defines FIFAs mission, strategic direction, policies and values
in the organisation and development of football worldwide.
The FIFA President and the Council members may now A newly composed Compensation Sub-Committee is
serve no more than three terms of office of four years responsible for determining the compensation of the
(i.e. 12 years total). The same term limits also apply to President, the Vice-Presidents and members of the
the members of the judicial bodies and the Audit and Council, as well as the Secretary General. Individual
Compliance Committee. compensation is disclosed on an annual basis and
detailed in the annual FIFA Financial Report (see pp. 62-63
of the Financial and Governance Report 2015).
The rationale and compensation figures for the President
and Secretary General are available here. The redefinition
of benefits for Council and standing committee members
is currently ongoing.
The election of Council members is now supervised by Under the amended FIFA Statutes, each confederation
FIFA according to its own electoral regulations and all must elect at least one female member to the Council (the
candidates are subject to comprehensive eligibility and former Executive Committee only reserved one seat for
integrity checks conducted by an independent Review a female member). Also, when proposing appointees to
Committee. The Council is yet to reach full composition the judicial bodies, the Council needs to take into account
as the election of three additional members to the FIFA appropriate female representation. While significant
Council from the AFC is pending, scheduled for May progress has been made, FIFA considers the process to be
2017. An overview of the current Council members is ongoing.
available here.
The standing committees advise and assist the committees are now required to include Adapting decision-making processes to involve coaches, clubs and leagues is represented.
Council and the general secretariat in fulfilling independent members, who fulfil strict members of the whole of the international FIFA now also organises the FIFA Executive
their duties. independence criteria as defined in the FIFA football community is an on-going process. Football Summits, conferences that serve
To improve the efficiency of decision-making Governance Regulations. The presence of In the newly created Football Stakeholders as a platform for the member associations
processes, the number of standing committees women on the standing committees has also Committee, for example, everyone from the to engage and exchange best practices and
was reduced from 26 to nine. Some of the risen to unprecedented levels. confederations to the players, via the referees, advise FIFA on the real, ground-level issues.

26 9
FIFA standing


Development FIFA Executive

Football Summits


Key committees at least

50% independent New Football
Stakeholders Committee
FIFA requires its member associations and the (separation of powers); avoiding conflicts FIFA included a new article on human rights practices and is planning to set up a Human
confederations to include good governance of interest in decision-making; and yearly in its Statutes (article 3) approved at the Rights Advisory Board to provide FIFA with
principles in their statutes. These minimum independent audits of accounts. This ongoing Extraordinary FIFA Congress on 26 February independent expert advice on its efforts to
provisions include neutrality in matters of process will ensure that good governance 2016. In addition, FIFA is developing a Human implement article 3. FIFA considers its efforts
politics and religion; prohibition on all forms of principals spread right throughout global Rights Policy Commitment in accordance to uphold human rights and labour rights
discrimination; independence of judicial bodies football to all 211 member associations. with the UN Guiding Principles on Business specifically in all its activities as an on-going
and Human Rights and international best and continuous process.

Representative Human Rights


Separation of No political
powers interference
Respect all No conflicts
regulations of interest

Clear roles in Independent

decision-making audits

Dispute Religious and Zero tolerance for Integrity

resolution political neutrality discrimination of the game
FIFAs finances are systematically reviewed by September 2016, FIFA appointed PwC as
external auditors, the Audit and Compliance its new external auditing firm and, at its last
Committee and the Finance Committee. meeting in January 2017, the FIFA Council
FIFA issues detailed annual financial reports approved the early adoption of IFRS 15 in the
(available online) in accordance with organisations financial reports.
the IFRS standards and Swiss law. On 16

1 FIFA Congress approves budget 1 FIFA Congress approves budget

4 Funds 2 FIFA 4 Football 2 FIFA Council

raised from Council sets grows sets strategy
marketing, commercial around for development,
media rights strategy the world governance
& World Cup and competitions

3 General secretariat 3 Development spending allocated

delivers sales strategy by a more independent committee

FIFA is on the right track as
reasonable changes have been
initiated. You have to give the
organisation time. of member associations present and eligible
Sylvia Schenk, Head of the sports unit to vote at the Extraordinary Congress 179
of Transparency International Germany of 207 approved the statutory changes.
(Zeit, 12 May 2016)
The Governance, Finance and Development
Committees are required to be composed of
I am delighted to note the no fewer than

serious action taken by the
new management of FIFA to
improve good governance
and transparency, as this is of
independent members.
the highest importance for
FIFAs credibility as the global
organisation representing Independent members from outside the
the most popular sport in the world of football such as Miguel Poiares
world. I hope and believe that Maduro, former Attorney General at the
FIFA will continue along this European Court of Justice now sit on FIFAs
positive path. standing committees.
Hannu Takkula, Member of the
European Parliament and Rapporteur on There are also fully independent committees
the report regulating FIFA: the Audit and Compliance
An integrated approach to Sport policy Committee and the judicial bodies, i.e.
the Disciplinary Committee, the Appeal
Committee and the Ethics Committee, which
I dont think we need to is divided into two chambers investigatory
reconsider everything in sports and adjudicatory.
and especially not in football.
Some fine-tuning is urgently
required but otherwise sports
continue to inspire, overcome WHATS NEXT?
borders and connect people First meeting of the Human Rights
as they always have.
Advisory Board on 13 March 2017
Jrg Stahl, President of the Swiss
First meeting of the Football
National Council and President of Swiss
Olympic Stakeholders Committee on 23 March 2017
Bahrain to host the 67th FIFA Congress
on 11 May 2017
Restructuring of the
FIFA administration
When the 66th FIFA Congress gathered in
Mexico on 12 and 13 May 2016, the FIFA
Council validated the appointment of Fatma
Samoura as FIFA Secretary General. Backed
by a solid CV built on 21 years of development
and humanitarian for the United Nations,
Ms Samoura became the first woman ever
to head the FIFA administration.

Shortly after taking office in June, the Secretary

General announced a new structure for
the FIFA administration one that mirrors
and catalyses the principles of the reformed
Statutes. The administration was split in
two branches, each overseen by a Deputy
Secretary General: one responsible for all the
administrational aspects of the institution i.e.
Commercial, Finance, HR & Services, Legal &
Integrity and one for matters directly related
to football. The latter included the new and
dedicated Womens Football Division.

The areas whose remit overarches the whole

organisation, such as Communications and
the newly formed Compliance Division, report
directly to the Secretary General.

Secretary General


Player &
Competitions Member Technical Womens Legal & Sustainability
Promotion Commercial Finance HR & Services Compliance Communications
& Events Associations Development Football Integrity & Diversity

Separate branches Transparency from within Looking Forward Watching over the game Focus on the womens game The FIFA Legends
All areas directly related to A dedicated division Joyce Cook leads an improved The new Technical For the first time, FIFA has Former players and coaches,
football are overseen by is entrusted with the Member Associations Division Development Division, a fully developed Womens men and women who have
Deputy Secretary General responsibility to develop a that serves the needs of the headed by Marco Van Basten, Football Division, with units written football history, have
Zvonimir Boban. compliance programme. members and ensures the coordinates grassroots, for competitions, development, become a formal part of FIFAs
The Administration branch is It has unrestricted authority smooth implementation of the coaching education and and governance and plans with an area of the
headed by Deputy Secretary and the right to access, FIFA Forward Programme. refereeing efforts as well leadership. Its chief officer institution especially dedicated
General Marco Villiger. inspect, review and investigate as innovative development is Sarai Bareman. to managing this collaboration.
any organisational unit of FIFA. related to football.
Rise of women
in football
The pledge of the reformed Statutes
to promote women in football is being
incorporated into all that FIFA does.
FIFA now counts on more women than ever
in key management positions starting
with Secretary General Fatma Samoura and
including the chief officer of the newly-created
Womens Football Division.

The role of women in football administration

has been put up for open and honest debate,
and concretely fostered through FIFAs Female
Leadership Development Programme.
The stronger participation of women in
the FIFA Council has been mirrored in the
composition of the standing committees,
and it is now FIFAs duty to encourage the
confederations and member associations also
adopt the principles of inclusivity.

Appointment of rst
woman as FIFA Unprecedented level of female
Secretary General representation on the standing

Pledge to promote Minimum of one woman More women in key

women in football per confederation on the management positions
of the administration Creation of dedicated
FIFA Council Womens Football

Promotion of equality
in the confederations
and member


ON AND OFF THE PITCH A bright dawn for womens football
Korea DPRs golden success at the FIFA
The objective of increasing female U-17 and U-20 Womens World Cups in
participation in football goes hand in hand 2016 has set the standard for other young
womens teams to work towards.
with a priority to grow the womens game on
the pitch. Bringing womens football into the
mainstream is one of the centrepieces of FIFA
2.0: The Vision for the Future and 2016 was
a particularly prolific year for this.

FIFA organised the Womens Olympic Football

Tournament in Rio de Janeiro and two very
symbolic youth tournaments.

The FIFA U-17 Womens World Cup in

Jordan was the first FIFA womens football
tournament ever to be staged in the Middle
East, and its legacy was as eloquent a
testament as there could be of the regions
embracing of the womens game.

In Papua New Guinea, the FIFA U-20 Womens

World Cup had in Alex Scott a strong,
inspiring figure to promote inclusivity most
notably through the #ENDviolence campaign,
a drive against gender-based violence resulting
of a joint effort between FIFA and UNICEF and
several partners.
President Infantino presents the adidas
The goal is not just to reform but Golden Glove trophy to Spains Noelia One of the objectives set in FIFA 2.0 is to double,

60 million
also to transform. FIFA: this is your Ramos at the FIFA U-17 Womens World
Cup 2016 in Jordan.
chance to make a positive change. to ,
This is your opportunity to do the the number of female football players
right thing. worldwide by 2026.
Billie Jean King, former world number-one
tennis player and founder of the Womens

Sports Foundation

There is so much more potential Spectators were at Rio de Janeiros mythic

for growth in womens football than Maracan stadium to watch Germany defeat
in mens football. FIFA can make a Sweden and win Olympic gold.
Abby Wambach, Olympic gold medallist, FIFA

Womens World Cup winner and a true US
sporting icon

of the Local Organising Committee of the

The time is ripe for all of us to FIFA U-17 Womens World Cup in Jordan
shake up the status quo and even was composed of women.
the playing fields, giving womens
football the chance and recognition
it deserves.
Samar Nassar, Chief Executive Director of the
Local Organising Committee for the FIFA U-17
Womens World Cup Jordan 2016
You were appointed as FIFA
Secretary General only a few
simply dismantle the existing
dynamic overnight. So, we
policy against wrongdoing.
It had to be like this; it was our
football and the presence of
women in football: the reforms
Secretary General Q&A
months after the statutory prepared the ground, the FIFA obligation. Ethical behaviour must institutionally increased female Fatma Samoura
reforms were approved. What Council appointed the names, permeate every single process representation on the FIFA
has the organisation done we conducted all the checks, within FIFA, and this must remain Council, but it was up to us, the
since then to implement these and now the streamlining of the absolutely clear for everyone administration, to make sure
changes? standing committees present to see, particularly after what that the concept was reflected in
The reformed FIFA Statutes in the reforms is a full reality. happened in recent years. how we operate. So, for the first
brought about principles of We have fewer committees, This is why it was so important to time ever, FIFA has a dedicated
governance that should be the which feature more independent set up a compliance division, for Womens Football Division. Its
starting point for any institution members and have a stronger example, and supply it with all it a change of status. It means
particularly one of a global participation of women, including needs to fulfil its duties; all the a dedicated budget, a seat on
reach like FIFA to function at the FIFA Council level. access to inspect and investigate our management board This
properly. These principles were any organisational unit. will have a direct impact on the
institutionalised as soon as the Each of the elements stated in game.
Statutes came into force: the the reforms brings along a call to FIFA is already being run in a
separation of powers and their action similar to this one. 2016 much more professional and Off the pitch, of course at the
respective roles; the term limits; was a year to equip FIFA with the transparent way than what it was time there was a lot of attention
the disclosure of the annual tools to perform exactly how it a year ago. But we are aware paid to my appointment as
compensations for FIFA senior is determined in the reformed that there is still much to do Secretary General, but it goes
management; the tighter control Statutes. Now this solid structure to implement some principles way beyond that. More than
of how the money flows into and is starting to bear fruit. present in the reforms. And we 40% of FIFAs employees are
out of the organisation. are working hard for that. women, but theres always been
How is this structure a lack of representation in senior
But it takes some time and supposed to keep the Some of these principles positions. This, too, is changing.
a lot of work for these to be misconduct of the past from are rather broad ones, like Besides our Chief Womens
more than principles and to be happening again? integrating human rights into Football Officer, Sarai Bareman,
fully implemented. The reforms Here, too, there are the two what FIFA does or promoting the key position of Chief Member
changed the essence of how aspects: the legal framework the presence of women in Associations Officer is occupied
the organisation is structured and our measures to put it in football. What do these mean by a woman, Joyce Cook, and
and how it relates to the various place. The Statutes define a in practical terms? the representation level of
stakeholders. Now we are rolling governing system whose checks They are broad and they must be women on our committees is at
out the processes to get this and balances combat corruption. translated into tangible measures. an unprecedented level.
structure to function. But this only means concrete The promotion of human rights is
change if we transform it into in article 3 of the Statutes. Right. FIFA is working on many
Can you give an example? action, into the way our day-to- But now it is also a department administrational changes and
A good one is the standing day business is operated. within FIFA: one with the duty of they affect our processes to the
committees: by the time One of the fundamental actions creating policies and processes very core. But Im confident that
the reformed statutes were we took from day one was to and integrating human rights into they will form a very solid basis
approved, we had a number undertake the financial and everything that we do. of good governance for the
of tournaments and activities forensic audits of the institution organisation going forward, for
in the pipeline. We couldnt and to adopt a zero-tolerance The same thing with womens many years to come.
The Best FIFA
Football Awards
FIFA celebrated the games greatest footballers
with a new style this year, inaugurating
The Best FIFA Football Awards in January
2017. The most accomplished figures in
world football shared the Zurich spotlight
with supporters, who got closer to the action
than ever before and were able to vote for
the player and coach awards for men and
women for the first time. The FIFA Fan Award
also made its debut to celebrate the most
remarkable moment or gesture by supporters.

Also joining in the festivities were the FIFA

Legends, as part of a new initiative that brings
together former mens and womens stars to
promote and support the game.
The group put on a series of matches at the
Home of FIFA, talked with media and fans,
and participated in the awards.
5.5 million
fans voted on the awards presented at The Best, including individual
awards for the first time.

It is an important part of FIFA It is so important for womens

coming together with the people football to be involved in this kind
and players, which is a big part of of ceremony, so that for young girls
what [President Gianni] Infantino is who are just starting to play the
trying to do. game, they have heroes they can
Diego Maradona, former Argentina look up to.
international and FIFA World Cup winner in 1986 Marta, five-time FIFA Womens Player of the
Year winner

This is the first time that FIFA has

organised this award, and that The fact that the fans have been
makes it even more special. It is a given an opportunity to vote for the
beautiful, heavy trophy. This is an best shows that FIFA recognises their
enormous privilege for me. importance. Football is all about the
Cristiano Ronaldo, The Best FIFA Mens Player players on the pitch, but also the
of 2016, a year in which he was a European fans in the stadium who create the
champion for both club and country atmosphere and those at home who
watch on TV.
Howard Webb, former professional referee,
Im really looking forward to the who was the first referee to take charge of the
FIFA Football Awards. Its a great final of both the UEFA Champions League and
honour to be part of it, give my FIFA World Cup in the same year
support to the awards and watch it
all unfold.
Dwight Yorke, played in Trinidad and Tobagos
first FIFA World Cup campaign in 2006 and was
top scorer as Manchester United won the UEFA
Champions League in 1999

professional players from around the world voted
on the FIFA FIFPro World11, the annual selection of
the worlds dream team, which was announced
and recognised at award ceremony.

lucky supporters from around the world were able to attend the awards
show as a result of winning exclusive FIFA digital competitions.

4 million
views of Mohd Faiz Subris Pusks Award-winning goal on YouTube.
Video Assistant
Working with the International Football
Association Board the body that determines
the Laws of the Game FIFA facilitated the
testing phase of the Video Assistant Refereeing
(VAR) project. With the support and interest
of many countries, live tests were held at
several club matches and during a friendly
international between Italy and France in
September 2016.

VAR made its debut at a FIFA competition

at the FIFA Club World Cup Japan 2016 in
December with the philosophy of minimum
interference for maximum benefit and a focus
on how best to address clear errors in match-
changing situations.
years of testing and study will go into
the VAR project before The IFAB makes
a decision about whether to take it

[VAR] doesnt need to detract We all need it [video technology].

from the sport. It can create more Professionals cant lose or win
justice, and I think it is an aid for matches and titles because of
the referees... We all know that a refusal of this evolution
refereeing is very difficult. We Referees especially need and
are trying to make it as fair as deserve protection. They need the
possible. technology to help them, protect
Javier Tebas, President of Spains La Liga (AS, them and to support them.
30 January 2017) Jos Mourinho, manager of Manchester
United and two-time winner of the UEFA
Champions League (, 6 January 2017)
In 2017, anything that can be
introduced to relieve decision-
making on such tight decisions This innovation will allow our
where its sometime a question league to be stronger, it will
of speed or a fine line Was the allow our referees to have better
player offside or on? would be technology to be able to support
welcomed. I dont know anyone in their decisions on the field or allow
the refereeing movement I speak to right decisions to be made.
that would be different. Don Garber, Major League Soccer
John Fleming, Scotlands Head of Refeering Commissioner (MLS Soccer, 10 December 2016)
(Evening Times, 7 February 2017)

Its good, its helping the honesty

[The referee] can change the of the game. Its not perfect, we
game totally, and their mistakes realise that, but its good for
can change the result even if it is football and I think everybody will
something that happened on the be happy with it.
pitch and was difficult to see. With Marco van Basten, FIFA Chief Officer for
this, [the player] would know that Technical Development and former World
there are many more eyes watching Player of the Year (FourFourTwo, 24 December
even if the referee cant see you. 2016)
Daniele De Rossi, Italian international
midfielder and 2006 FIFA World Cup winner
(FIFA, 18 November 2016) There was some confusion. It
needs to clearer, but it was fair
If it improves things it will improve
Zindine Zidane, Real Madrid manager and
1998 FIFA World Cup winner with France
(Marca, 15 December 2016)
The revolution will be televised DID YOU KNOW?
FIFA has embraced technological innovation

with the aim of making the game fairer for
teams, officials and fans alike.

countries have agreed to take part in

official trials of VAR.

categories of match-changing decisions/
incidents are impacted by VAR in the
experiments: goals, penalty decisions,
direct red cards, mistaken identity. In
each case, the VAR is only used after the
referee on the pitch has made a decision.

The final decision on the use of VAR will
be made by The IFAB and is expected in
2018 at the earliest or 2019 at the latest.
As part of the restructuring
of FIFA into two distinct
Forward Programme. The
Member Associations and
game we have today. Having
said this, it is important to
that worked on the event doing
an amazing job. The Legends
Q&A with FIFA Deputy
parts, you are responsible Technical Development remind those that are resistant Programme is based on the Secretary General
for the development of divisions are fully immersed to change of the introduction notion of respect for those
football and the execution in the implementation of of the back-pass rule which which have created and given Zvonimir Boban
of football operations. What the programme and the role gave football the dynamism so much to football at the heart
is your assessment of the of FIFAs new and better it has today by increasing the of the game in that magical
work done so far? structured regional offices time the ball is in play and green rectangle. In addition, it
FIFAs new operating will also be fundamental adding a new dimension to the represents a coming together
structure, devised by the in facilitating tailor-made game. I am sure that VAR will of footballs administration
FIFA President and approved development projects for our have the same positive impact with its key actors, where
by the Council, has brought member associations. We are through enhancing the integrity barriers disappear and where
about greater clarity and also defining the priorities and and honesty in our game. everybody unites to share the
coherence on everybodys direction for the development We need to realise, however, same passion football.
roles and responsibilities. of womens football, which is that although it will never be
This has guaranteed that all another key aspect of FIFAs perfect, it will for sure avoid A new business model for
the different departments new vision. In my opinion, not a lot of controversy and will the FIFA World Football
are aligned in creating an having done this previously was preserve many footballing Museum is being explored
organisation which is more a significant oversight which destinies which can be ruined by the task force which
efficient, dynamic and which we now hope to put right. by something we are all you are leading. What is its
works together. susceptible to human error. current status?
The football side of FIFA, for A lot is being said about Every museum has social,
which I am responsible, is the future of football In a short space of time, The cultural and humanistic value.
composed of four divisions: and changes that FIFA Best FIFA Football Awards Such value is to be shared
Competitions & Events, would like to make to the and the FIFA Legends by all. Having said this, the
Member Associations, beautiful game. Programme have generated museum was not set up in a
Technical Development and The fact that we call it the huge media interest. financially responsible manner
Womens Football, and the beautiful game suggests that Everything which I have and the only way to ensure
first objective was to identify there is not really a big need mentioned, including these its continuation has been to
the right people to drive the to make many changes. Or two projects, comes from the completely revisit how it is run.
new structure. This needed put another way, if we make Presidents clear belief that A new business plan is being
to be done relatively quickly changes, they need to be done we need to bring football put in place based on renewed
but also with great care and with great care in order to back to FIFA and FIFA back activities and ideas. This will be
attention. This process is now ensure that the nature of the to football. The Best, in view presented to the Council, which
almost complete and we are game is in no way adversely of the challenges to organise I am sure will be in support
very happy with the decisions affected. We shouldnt be such an event in a very limited of the new approach. The
that have been taken and the bound by tradition, but it time frame, was a tremendous museum cannot be perceived
new team is up and running. always needs to be respected success, immediately as a problem for FIFAs
The highest priority now, given and it should be a starting positioning itself as the official reputation and it should instead
its extreme importance for point. For this reason we have Footballing Oscars and be seen as a significant asset
world football and for FIFA, The IFAB, to which we are showing the strength of FIFA as however, we need to first make
is the new and revolutionary appreciative for the wonderful an organisation with all those sure it is an asset.
FIFA 2017