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Unit 9 A slave to routine

Word/Phrase Phonetic Definition Sample sentence
Phrases with time
at a time t tam used for saying how Nathan can't multi-task; he can
many people or things there only ever do one thing at a
are in each group or on time.
each occasion
at all times t l tamz always Sam has his phone with him at
all times.
at the time t tam a moment in the past; then I can remember when I learnt
to ride a bike; I was six at the
by the time ba tam used for saying what has By the time we got home we
already happened at the time were exhausted.
that something else happens

find the time to do fand tam t du to make some of your Sven can never seem to find
sthg (sthg) time available for the time to see his friends
a particular purpose these days.
have a good time hv d tam have an enjoyable experience I always have a good time
when I go out with Scott.
just in time dst n tam early enough; with only a small We arrived at the airport just
amount of time remaining in time, the gate was about to
from time to time frm tam t tam sometimes, but not often Natalia walks to work from
time to time.
on time n tam arriving at the correct time and She has to make sure the
not late children get to school on time.

pass the time ps tam to do something Kanika passes the time on the
that makes a period of time train by listening to music.
seem shorter and end
more quickly, especially when
you are bored
set aside time set sad tam to keep or save some time to Mirko tries to set aside time
use it later for a particular each day for sport or other
purpose physical exercise.
spend time spend tam to do something for a period of Luca spends too much time on
time his phone.
take a long time tek l tam to spend a lot of time doing Jennifer always takes a long
something time to get ready in the

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time after time tam ft(r) tam many times, usually so often Time after time Dang forgets
that you become annoyed where he's put his keys.

time to (do sthg) tam t du (sthg) when it is the correct moment It's time to go to class.
to do something
waste your time west j(r) tam a situation in which time is I really dont like to waste my
used without bringing any time watching television.
useful result
Other phrases
just (seconds/ dst (sekndz, a short amount of time Francesco had just seconds left
minutes/hours) left mnts, a(r)z) available to do something to finish writing his essay.
to do sthg left t du (sthg)
keep your watch kip j(r) wt (fav set your watch ahead of the Emma keeps her watch set
(five minutes) fast mnts) fst actual time five minutes fast so she's
always on time.
make the most of mek mst v to use a good situation to get Vincenzo makes the most of
sthg (sthg) the best possible result his time by planning his day
not stand another nt stnd n(r) to not be able to tolerate There are days when I feel like
moment of it mmnt v t something anymore I can't stand another moment
of it, but then I remember how
important this degree is for my

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