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Study online,

graduate on campus
Online Masters and Doctoral Programmes
from the University of Liverpool

As a member of the Russell Group of leading research

universities in the UK, and accredited by the UKs Quality
Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), the University
of Liverpool is at the forefront of higher education in the UK.

The University of Liverpool, in partnership with Laureate Online Education,

offers 100 per cent online postgraduate programmes (masters and doctoral)
for working professionals.
Introduction 3

A world class university

with a reputation for excellence
Founded in 1881, the University of Liverpool was one of the first
civic universities in the UK. Throughout its history, the University
has sought to create a learning culture that actively encourages in-
novation and development.

his pursuit of excellence has brought 100% online
many rewards. Nine Nobel Laureates
The Universitys flexible online learning format
have been associated with the University
puts students in control of their studies.
in a 100-year history. Since 2000, the University
of Liverpool began its partnership with Laureate Study any time of day the online classroom is
and has grown to become the largest provider of available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
100 percent online degrees in Europe. Today over
No geographical restrictions with a 100 per
10,500 professionals from more than 160 countries
cent online programme you can study whenever you
are pursuing an online masters or doctoral degree
want in the day, wherever you are in the world
in one of six disciplines management, informa-
tion technology, law, health, psychology, and edu- Balance your studies with your professional and
cation. personal commitments - the programmes flexibility
allows you to fit your studies around your work and
This, and the Universitys reputation for ground-
personal life.
breaking research and expert academic staff, makes
a graduate from the University of Liverpool stand
out from the crowd.
4 Accreditation

Practical, applicable knowledge

The combination and range of the core and elective
modules, means that students can personalise their
degree to acquire knowledge that is immediately
valuable to them, their organisation, and their ca-
reer. While a theoretical foundation for learning is
provided, the focus on practical application allows
for the immediate implementation of knowledge
and skill in the working environment. By discussing
work issues with fellow professionals in the global
Sir Howard Newby, classroom, students can learn new approaches that
Vice-Chancellor, can solve todays problems. The interactive learn-
University of Liverpool ing method means programme content is always
evolving to meet live industry issues.
Professionals can upskill mid-career,
refresh their knowledge, and keep them- Accreditation
selves employable in a very fast-changing
The University of Liverpool
meets or exceeds all academic
quality standards for UK higher education as de-
fined by The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher
Education (QAA). Our online degrees are awarded
A global classroom of
directly by the University and have the same valid-
experienced professionals ity and credibility as our campus equivalents.
The online programmes offer unique opportunities
In addition a number of our online degree pro-
that campus programmes find hard to replicate:
grammes are accredited by leading international
The programmes flexibility makes them more organisations and industry bodies. These include:
suitable for professionals who are mid-career the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of
and unable to take a career break to study Business (AACSB); BCS, The Chartered Institute
for IT; and the Chartered Institute for Purchasing
The average age and level of experience of our
and Supply (CIPS).
students is higher than many equivalent campus
programmes, leading to an enriched classroom

Students come from over 160 different countries,

lending the classroom a distinctly global perspec-
tive and exposing you to a wide range of interna-
tional experiences.
Contents 5

A world class university Masters Degrees
with a reputation for excellence 3 Health Programmes 22
Master of Public Health (MPH) 22
Doctoral Degrees MSc in Clinical Research 23
Doctor of Education - Higher Education6
Masters Degrees
Doctoral Degrees Psychology Programmes  24
Doctor of Business Administration8 MSc in Mental Health Psychology24
MSc in Organisational and Business Psychology 25
Masters Degrees MSc in Psychology25
Management Programmes 10
Master of Business Administration (MBA)10 Masters Degrees
MSc in Corporate Finance12 Law Programmes  26
MSc in Human Resource Management12 LLM in International Business Law26
MSc in Marketing 12 LLM in International Finance and Banking Law26
MSc in International Accounting and Finance12 LLM in Technology and Intellectual Property Law27
MSc in Management14
MSc in Operations and Supply Chain Management
MSc in Project Management15
Master of Public Administration (MPA)17

Masters Degrees
IT Programmes 18
MSc in Computer and Information Security18
MSc in Information Systems Management 19
MSc in Information Systems Project Management20
MSc in Information Systems and Technology20
MSc in Information Technology21
MSc in Software Engineering 21
MSc in Web Sciences and Big Data 21
6 Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degrees
Doctor of Education - Higher Education
The University of Liverpools Doctor of Education - Higher
Education (EdD) is a professional doctoral programme focused
on the latest practice, research, and leadership thinking within
higher education environments.

Delivered in a rich, interactive and highly

The Centre for Lifelong
stimulating online environment, the EdD
Learning delivering offers professionals:
educational development
An international programme focused
on higher education as a global enter-
Offered by the Universitys reputed Cen- prise
tre for Lifelong Learning, the programme
A curriculum constructed from an
adopts a practically oriented approach
international perspective using
that allows working professionals to de-
research, case studies, policy and
velop and apply actionable, research-
academic literature to complete the
based knowledge and critical thinking
international experience
skills, with immediate effect in their pro-
fessional practice. A programme that employs a pedagogy
based around forms of collaborative
Our EdD students are highly driven in-
dividuals who aspire to be creative, vi-
sionary and effective leaders within their Educational leadership opportunities
organisations with a truly global perspec- within the setting of higher education
tive of higher education. They are gener- to support visible and transformative
ally motivated by the desire to implement personal impact
change, and make a difference in their or-
Modules include: Learning: Environ-
ganisations and wider community.
ments, Infrastructures and Organisa-
tion; Leadership, Policy and Institutional
Change; and Internationalisation and the
Impact of Global Trends.
Doctoral Degrees 7

One of the most

obvious trends
in higher educa-
tion is the global
growth of higher
Over the last decade theres been at
least 50 per cent growth in the number
of students studying in higher educa-
tion. And someone has to shape that
growth. It doesnt happen by clicking
your fingers or automatically; someone
has to shape it.
The EdD programme is designed to
establish in you the capacity to shape
new forms of higher education: a new
university, a new programme, a new
department, to find a new way of doing
something that serves the public good.

Dr Peter Kahn
Director of Studies, Doctor of Education
- Higher Education, Centre for Lifelong
Learning, University of Liverpool
8 Doctoral Degrees

Doctoral Degrees
Doctor of Business Administration

Offered by the University of Liverpool Management School (ULMS)

- one of an elite group of institutions worldwide with AACSB
accreditation - the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree
is a professional doctoral programme. It focuses on highly relevant,
practical workplace-based research, driven by todays highly complex
and globalised business environments.

An innovative approach opportunities for students to network

to learning with professionals from all over the world.
This DBA programme is ideal for those
The online DBAs combination of deep
aiming to become significantly more ef-
practice-based learning and research,
fective in the practice of management, as
with rigorous classroom scholarship, is
well as enhance their ability to engage in
made possible due to the unique deliv-
intense and highly relevant research.
ery of the programme by Critical Action
Learning. The Critical Action Learning The programme focuses on building crit-
and Action Research hands-on learning ical reflection, critical thinking, and doc-
methods allow students to reflect, not toral-level skills. Students graduate with
only upon the challenges and practices the knowledge and expertise necessary to
encountered at the workplace, but also on apply what theyve learned in a variety of
their own attitudes and biases that led to organisational and managerial settings.
the decision-making which impacted the
Modules include: Change and Crisis
Management; Leadership and Commu-
The DBA learning approach, in combi- nity; and Ethics, Sustainability and Social
nation with a classroom of international Impact.
businessmen and women, offers exciting
Doctoral Degrees 9

I appreciate the
ability to read,
study, synthesize,
and share
knowledge on a
24/7 capability
we interact more as a class
cohort by using online tools
than if we were in study groups
or in a bricks and mortar
classroom. Online provides
a more continuous stream of
thinking, collaborating, and
knowledge sharing.

Neil J. Campbell,
Online DBA student, Founder and
Chairman of Mosaigen,Inc., a global
healthcare and IT technology development
From the USA
10 Masters Degrees: Management

Masters Degrees
Management Programmes
The University of Liverpool Management School
(ULMS) is a leading centre of excellence for
management training, education and research.

ne of only 5% of busi-
ness schools worldwide
to have achieved accredi- Whats so impressive about University of
tation from the Association to Ad- Liverpool online programmes is the global
vance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the span of them.
School offers a range of online programmes tai-
Were modelling the real world of inter-
lored for international working professionals. Ac-
national business in our programmes...
cessible 100% online, these include MBA, Master of
it sharpens your thinking by having to
Public Administration (MPA), Doctor of Business
communicate and work with somebody
Administration (DBA) and eight masters degrees.
in another culture who might have the
same kind of work experience as you, but
Master of Business
theyre maybe looking at a problem from
Administration (MBA) a slightly different angle. It enriches you.
The University of Liverpools online Master of
Professor Murray Dalziel,
Business Administration (MBA) programme of-
Director, University of Liverpool
fers a highly practical insight into current man-
Management School
agement thinking, in combination with a learning
methodology that is designed to meet the business
challenges of the 21st century. Strongly focused on
leadership, this MBA programme is designed to In addition to the Management
equip graduates for higher management positions Schools AACSB accreditation, the
in complex, cross-functional and globally diverse MBA has teChnology-Enhanced
environments. Learning (CEL) Accreditation from the European
Foundation for Management Development.
Masters Degrees: Management 11

Features of the programme include: Customise your studies

Innovative design, developed specifically for This online MBA allows you to tailor your learn-
working professionals ing to your career and ambitions. Once you have
completed the five core modules, you can choose
Fully online, interactive environment with free
from a wide range of electives. You can follow a
recommended pathway in a specific area General
Diverse and international student body from Management, International Business, Marketing &
over 160 countries Business Operations, Entrepreneurship, or Finance
and Accounting or choose individual electives
Up-to-date knowledge and practical skills that
to create your own, self-designed programme of
you can apply immediately
study. In the final phase of the programme, you can
Choice of modules, allowing you to tailor your also choose between a research dissertation and a
degree to your career goals live consultancy project addressing a real issue at
your organisation.
Global and contemporary

This is a globally orientated, contemporary MBA

programme ideal for professionals who want to
move ahead in todays complex global business
The online MBA affords you the op-
world. Connect with experienced fellow students
portunity to apply your learning to your
and faculty from all over the world, build your in-
workplace from day one.
ternational network and gain real insights into to-
days global business trends through the innovative The programme is exciting as it chal-
curriculum and the interactive online classroom. lenges you to consider your management
practice from important and differing
Leadership focus perspectives. The international mix of
the classrooms allows informed debate on
The University of Liverpool MBA is designed to
up-to-the minute management topics that
equip you for higher positions in management and
will enhance your personal and profes-
to help you develop personally and professionally
sional development.
as a leader. You will explore management theory,
exercise your critical thinking skills and widen your Dr Claire Moxham,
strategic view of business. You will reflect on your Director of Studies for the Online MBA,
own learning and record your leadership journey in University of Liverpool Management
a Personal Development Plan. School
12 Masters Degrees: Management

MSc in Corporate Finance MSc in Marketing

The MSc in Corporate Finance provides the knowl- This 100% online MSc in Marketing provides the
edge, skills and insights needed to operate at the skills, insights and understanding required for a
higher-levels of corporate finance and capital mar- successful career in todays digitally focused mar-
kets. Keep up-to-date with cutting edge research, keting landscape. Students will study contempo-
practice in the field, and developments in global rary programme literature and case studies in order
financial markets with a blend of practice, theory, to gain an operational and strategic level under-
and case-based learning. Gain a thorough under- standing of how to drive your organisation forward
standing of the widely adopted global account- amid a constantly evolving business environment.
ing standards, International Financial Reporting Studying as part of an international classroom of
Standards (IFRS), which are an integral part of the peers, students will also gain an advanced level un-
online curriculum. derstanding of business-to-business and consumer
marketing strategy.
Modules include: Islamic Finance; Finance in
Emerging Markets; and Entrepreneurial Finance. Modules include: Contemporary Consumer and
Customer Behaviour; Integrated Marketing Com-
MSc in Human Resource munications; Managing Markets in a Changing
Management World.

This 100% online MSc reflects the evolution of HR

MSc in International
from a process driven business function to strategic
organisational partner. Through studying industry
Accounting and Finance
theory and a range of analytical, interpersonal and The MSc in International Accounting and Finance
business skills, students will develop an apprecia- offers a sound critical analysis of international ac-
tion of the impact HR can have on the success of an counting and finance principles, theories, and
organisations bottom line, and graduate with the practice within a global context. The programme
expertise and understanding required to effectively provides students with a balance of strategic and
manage both human and knowledge capital. tactical management skills from an accounting and
finance perspective, and focuses on the measure-
Modules include: Organisational Design and
ment of performance to best support an organisa-
Change; Developing HR Policy; Talent Develop-
tions strategic initiatives.
Modules include: International Corporate Fi-
nance; Finance in Emerging Markets; and Advanced
International Financial Reporting & Analysis.

This programme also offers the opportunity to focus

on a specific track in International Financial Re-
Masters Degrees: Management 13

porting, Strategic Finance Practice, and Emerging


MSc in International Accounting and

Finance (Emerging Markets)

With a focus on the cultural and regional variances

in global business practice and emerging markets,
gain a practical approach to entering into and suc-
ceeding within emerging nations and regions, and
the associated relationship dynamics required for

Modules include: Islamic Finance; Finance in

Emerging Markets; and Entrepreneurial Finance.

MSc in International Accounting and Finance

(International Financial Reporting)
The thing that I
Understand highly technical reporting and analysis
requirements and how they integrate with account- enjoyed most was
ing information systems. Learn how to apply Inter-
national Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and
meeting people
evaluate both short-term and long-term effects for
an organisations financial performance.
from different
Modules include: Accounting Information Sys- parts of the world
tems and Technology; Financial Analysis and Valu-
via the online classroom.
ation; and Advanced International Financial Re-
porting and Analysis. Students were in constant dia-
logue with each other, which
MSc in International Accounting and was a really great way to col-
Finance (Strategic Finance Practice)
laborate and share experi-
Understand financial management through ap- ences.
plied practice within the corporate financial envi-
Mohamed Badi Derouiche
ronment and financial markets. Become adept as
(MBA 2013), online graduate
a financial decision-maker within an organisation
Finance Manager
with the skills to assess treasury management, capi-
From Tunisia, living in the United Arab
tal structure, and market theory.
14 Masters Degrees: Management

Modules include: International Corporate Fi- MSc in Operations and Supply

nance; Treasury Management and Ethics; and Fi- Chain Management
nancial Markets and Institutions.
The University of Liverpool MSc in
Operations and Supply Chain
MSc in Management
Management is the first wholly online programme
Based upon progressive management themes of to be accredited by the Chartered Institute of Pur-
today, this 100% online MSc aims to provide work- chasing and Supply (CIPS). CIPS accreditation is a
ing professionals with a systematic understanding globally recognised credential. Upon graduating,
of the theory and practice of general management. students are automatically eligible to apply to join a
Students will develop critical and analytical think- network of 60,000 purchasing and supply profes-
ing skills and study practical knowledge that can be sionals from around the world who benefit from
taken directly from the classroom and applied into a CIPS membership.
career setting. Graduates will leave the programme
Designed with input from industry experts and
as decisive professionals, capable of thriving in a
employers, this programme offers a theoretical
range of sectors amid todays global economy.
and practical examination of effective operations
Modules include: Business Leadership; The Net- and supply management in todays global and
worked Organisation and International Business. highly competitive markets. The programme has a
business focus, blending theory and practice, and
This programme also offers the opportunity to focus
covering new concepts in the field through up-to-
on a specific track in Oil and Gas:
date, fresh content in both operations and supply
chain management. You will gain industry-relevant
MSc in Management (Oil and Gas)
knowledge that you can apply immediately, as well
The oil and gas industry is global in nature, and due as the business insights and skills you need to lead
to its international character is in need of interna- strategic operations and supply chain initiatives in
tionally oriented managers. Gain a systematic un- your organisation. You will also reflect on your pro-
derstanding of the theory and practice of general gress as a learner, practitioner and professional in a
management, and the elementary economic pat- Personal Development Portfolio that runs through-
terns of the oil, gas and energy sectors, in the con- out the programme. This programme also offers
text of todays global economy. the opportunity to focus on operations and supply
chain management in Oil and Gas.
Modules include: Strategic Management; Manag-
ing Energy Sources; and Economics of Oil, Gas and
Masters Degrees: Management 15

Modules include: Strategic Purchasing Manage-

ment; Logistics and Physical Distribution; and Fi-
nancial & Legal Implications of International Trade.

MSc in Operations and Supply Chain

Management (Oil and Gas)

Grasp the economic nature and structure of the

oil, gas and energy sectors, and explore the intrica-
cies associated with sourcing energy, energy distri-
bution, and sustaining energy supply chains. This
track offers a theoretical and practical examination
of the factors necessary for effective operations and
supply management in todays global and highly
competitive markets. By studying
online with the
Modules include: Strategic Operations Manage-
ment; Economics of Oil, Gas and Energy; and Man-

University of
aging Energy Sources.

I have invested in
my future.
Draupadi Pradhan, (MSc in Operations and
Supply Chain Management, 2013), online
Project Manager Supply Chain
From Mexico, living in Chile
16 Masters Degrees: Management

MSc in Project Management This programme also offers the opportunity to focus
on a specific track in Construction and Infrastruc-
The University of Liver-
ture, Oil and Gas, and Information Technology
pool has been reviewed
and approved as a pro-
MSc in Project Management
vider of project management training by the Pro-
(Construction and Infrastructure)
ject Management Institute (PMI). As a PMI Regis-
tered Education Provider (R.E.P.), the University of This track provides students with a refined skill-set
Liverpool has agreed to abide by PMI-established to lead and manage large contemporary construc-
quality assurance criteria, see tion and public complex infrastructure develop-
ment projects. Students also explore project man-
Continue in your career as you study our fully on-
agement implications associated with the technical,
line MSc in Project Management, gaining the con-
organisational, financial, and governmental aspects
temporary knowledge and skills to become a high-
of large projects and the changing external context.
ly effective project leader. Designed to meet the
standards laid out by globally recognised govern- Specialisation modules: Economics of Oil, Gas
ing bodies, this international programme provides and Energy; Managing Energy Sources.
an understanding of all fundamental project man-
agement disciplines and phases, and how to apply MSc in Project Management (Oil and Gas)
them in widely differing working environments.
Examine the economic nature and structure of the
The degree is practical and flexible, allowing you
oil, gas and energy sectors, and gain the skills nec-
to tailor it to your career and to choose between a
essary to deliver advanced project management,
traditional dissertation or a consultancy project to
using fundamental project management disciplines
solve a real issue in your organisation. Alongside
and phases.
the core modules, you will also reflect on your pro-
gress in a Personal Development Portfolio designed Specialisation modules: Project Management in
to further your success as a learner, practitioner Construction; Integrated Infrastructure Project
and professional. Management.

Modules include: Planning for Risk, Uncertainty

MSc in Project Management
and Complexity; Sustainable Programme and Port-
(Information Technology)
folio Management; and Leading and Managing
Project Teams. Focusing on real world contemporary Information
Systems applications, this track provides students
Masters Degrees: Management 17

with both a theoretical framework for success-

ful management of modern Information Systems/
Information Technology (IS/IT) projects and the
tools and techniques for implementation.

Specialisation modules: Managing Successful IS/

IT Projects; Tools and Techniques for Successful
IS/IT Projects.

Master of Public
Administration (MPA)
Access the University of Liverpool online from any-
where in the world, connect with fellow public sec-
tor and NGO professionals, and gain management
and leadership skills that are highly sought after in
the public and non-profit sectors internationally. This online degree
On this 100% online Master of Public Administra- has made a real
tion (MPA) programme youll compare and ques-
tion accepted public administration models from
difference to me,
around the world, explore global topics in the con- putting me on
text of your own environment, and investigate the
key role of frontline public servants. Youll emerge track for a project
with the skills and confidence to create, impact and
support innovative policymaking for social change. management career.
Modules include: Culture, Politics and Power;
Working Across Boundaries; Delivering Outcomes Stephanie Williamson
through Public and Non-Government Organisa- (MSc Project Management 2012)
Project Management &
Communications professional
From Austria, living in the United Kingdom
18 Masters Degrees: Information Technology

Masters Degrees
IT Programmes
The University of Liverpools Department of Computer
Science enjoys an international reputation for innovation.

n the last research assessment exercise, 70%
of its work was rated world leading or inter-
nationally excellent, establishing the Depart- We have people studying on our online
ment as one of the top three research centres in the programmes who work in consultancy,
UK. The Department works closely with an impres- who want to make themselves more
sive range of industry partners to develop technol- marketable by having some sort of of-
ogies and applications in cutting edge fields, from ficial qualification. We have people who
mobile computing to artificial intelligence. are working in the IT industry but have
been specialising for many years in say, e-
The University of Liverpools suite of online IT pro-
commerce, and are looking to widen their
grammes includes five with BCS Accreditation a
knowledge base.
mark of assurance that the degrees meet the stand-
ards set by BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT. BCS
Dr Frans Coenen,
Accreditation is pending for the remaining two IT
Director of Studies for the online IT
programmes, and Deputy Head, Depart-
ment of Computer Science, University of

An accredited degree will provide students with

some or all of the underpinning knowledge, un-
MSc in Computer and
derstanding and skills for eventual registration as a
Chartered IT Professional (CITP). Some employers
Information Security
recruit preferentially from accredited degrees, and Students will gain the IT, management and sought-
an accredited degree is likely to be recognised by after specialist expertise to advance their careers in
other countries that are signatories to international a field that is rapidly expanding globally. The pro-
accords. gramme provides key knowledge and practical in-
sights into subjects ranging from internet security
Masters Degrees: Information Technology 19

to infrastructure management, internet banking,

ticketing and secure email, together with associ-
ated business considerations.

Modules include: Computer Communication and

Networks; Information Security Engineering; and
Computer Forensics.

MSc in Information
Systems Management
After each module I
An MBA for the IT sector, this fully online MSc
in Information Systems Management programme could use everything
offers working professionals the opportunity to
gain the in-demand expertise needed for higher
I had learned in my
IT/IS management roles worldwide. Graduates work The best was the
will emerge with a competitive blend of IT-specific
knowledge and advanced skills needed for manag- teamwork with people
ing people and processes in complex IT/IS envi-
ronments globally. Covering the latest trends, this
across the world that
masters programme provides students with new was so exactly like my
knowledge, skills and global connections as well as
a choice of elective modules to suit their career as- experience in real life

Modules include: Big Data; Managing the Soft- George Bagropoulos (MSc in Information
ware Enterprise; and Computer Forensics. Systems Management 2011), online graduate
General Manager at Eirtight Technologys
Romanian Centre of Excellence
From Greece, living in Romania
20 Masters Degrees: Information Technology

MSc in Information Systems

Project Management
The first fully online UK masters for IT/IS project
managers, this programme is designed for mid-
level IT project managers as well as professionals
from technical backgrounds looking to move into
project management. The programme develops
students specialist IT/IS knowledge and project
management skills within a general management

Modules include: Cloud Computing; Managing

the Software Enterprise; Successful Management
of IT Projects.

MSc in Information Systems

and Technology
Aimed at providing working professionals with the
necessary technical and organisational skills for
rewarding career advancement opportunities re-
lated to the rapidly developing sector of informa-
tion technology. The programme equips graduates
with the knowledge to propose viable solutions to
technical problems which will better support and
serve the business needs of employers and commu-
nities in the global society. The programmes core
curriculum and versatility target entry-level IT
professionals wanting to enhance their career path,
as well as non-IT professionals aiming to enter the
IT sector.

Modules include: Web Technologies; Information

Systems; and Principles of Software Development.
Masters Degrees: Information Technology 21

MSc in Information Technology MSc in Web Sciences and Big Data

The 100% online MSc in Information Technol- The first 100% online UK masters covering both
ogy is the advanced generalist qualification for IT web sciences and big data, this programme offers
professionals who are looking to move into more students an ideal foundation for senior manage-
senior IT management roles around the world. The rial positions in a field that is transforming private
programme provides both management and specif- and public sectors around the world. Designed in
ic IT knowledge, covering the latest trends and best consultation with industry experts, the study cov-
practices. Students will work independently and in ers big data infrastructure, data analytics and busi-
groups to research, design, implement and execute ness intelligence, with a key focus on technological
creative solutions to IT issues. developments, including information architecture,
mobile, social and grid computing.
Modules include: Social Computing; Big Data;
and Programming the Internet. Modules include: Cloud Computing; Database
Management Systems Design; and Computer Fo-
MSc in Software Engineering rensics.

On this fully online masters programme, students

will gain sought-after knowledge and expertise
in managing software development potentially
opening up high level career prospects in one of the
fastest growing areas in IT. The programme pro-
vides a broad understanding of the entire software
development process, combined with management
knowledge and skills that are essential in complex,
international project-based environments. Focus-
ing on real-world issues, students will learn both
independently and through interacting in the on-
line classroom.

Modules include: Cloud Computing; Social Com-

puting; and Systems Analysis and Design Using an
Object-Oriented Approach.
22 Masters Degrees: Health

Masters Degrees
Health Programmes
The fully online Master of Public Health (MPH) programmes are
offered by the Department of Public Health and Policy, part of the
Universitys prestigious School of Medicine.

he Department has a worldwide reputa- Evaluating Public Health Evidence; Integrated Re-
tion of promoting public health through search in Public Health: Epidemiology and Quali-
practice and research, and a strong com- tative Methods; and Monitoring and Evaluation of
mitment to widening access and participation to Systems and Programmes.
public health.
This programme also offers the opportunity to focus
The School of Medicine, at the forefront of medical on a specific track in International Public Health, or
science for over 150 years, also offers a 100% online Management of Health Systems:
MSc in Clinical Research, underpinned by world-
renowned health and life science research. Master of Public Health
(International Public Health)
Master of Public Health (MPH)
This specialisation provides students with the
Whether your aim is to shape the future of public knowledge and tools to analyse the factors that
health or to make a difference in your local com- influence public health in an international envi-
munity, this online MPH will equip you with prac- ronment. Focusing on intervention strategies that
tical skills, understanding and insights you can im- respond to health needs worldwide, students will
mediately apply to your own experience. With an explore the ways in which health inequalities influ-
integrated research approach, the programme ena- ence health outcomes. Topics covered include the
bles you to build up an impressive toolkit of practi- policy and programme challenges of low to middle
cal skills and understanding, including: income countries, crisis and disaster management
and communicable diseases. This specialisation
Management and leadership
prepares students for senior positions in Interna-
Health promotion tional Public Health.

Ethics in public health Modules include: Programme and Policy Chal-

lenges in Low Income Countries; Health Protec-
Communication and advocacy
tion: Preventing and Managing Communicable
Analysis and problem solving Diseases; Managing Crisis and Disasters; and
Health, Economics and Governance.
Modules include: Practising and Promoting Pub-
lic Health in a Global Context; Generating and
Masters Degrees: Health 23

Master of Public Health (Management

of Health Systems)

This specialisation appeals to those wishing to

study health systems as a means to improving
health outcomes, and gain a greater understanding
of the issues, solutions and impact of introducing
and managing ever more sophisticated health sys-
tems. Students will investigate the internal process-
es of health systems, gaining a clear understanding
of how to manage and lead healthcare delivery at
all levels from local through to international
with a view to improving health. Students should
acquire a set of skills preparing them for senior po-
sitions in the Health and Local Government sector.

Modules include: Leading and Managing Health

Systems; Health, Economics and Governance;
Monitoring and Evaluation of Systems and Pro-
grammes; and Health Inequalities: Integrating
Public Health Practice.

MSc in Clinical Research

The fully online MSc in Clinical Research has been
developed by some of the worlds leading experts.

Aimed at professionals with a background in The MPH programme

health-related disciplines who wish to broaden or
begin a career in clinical research, this programme
gave me the under-
provides an ideal foundation for a professional role
in commercial and institutional organisations in
standing and confidence
a wider range of medical-related sectors. With its
to fulfill my dream
interactive learning approach, incorporating rich
media and a dynamic online classroom, the MSc in to go beyond just prescribing
Clinical Research prepares students for a demand-
drugs to malaria patients and to
ing career in this fast growing field.
initiate programmes to eradicate
Modules include: Good Clinical Practice in Man-
the disease.
agement and Monitoring Clinical Trials; Product
Development in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Dr Ibrahim Bello (MPH 2013), online graduate
Medical Device Industries; and Health Economics Consultant Family Physician
and Financial Management in Clinical Research. From Nigeria
24 Masters Degrees: Psychology

Masters Degrees
Psychology Programmes
A lively, fast-growing department, the University of Liverpools
School of Psychology, part of the Faculty of Health and Life Scienc-
es, is built on a strong history, a reputation for excellence, and inno-
vative research activity.

t owes its origins to Nobel Laureate, Sir your awareness of cultural factors affecting mental
Charles Sherrington and has been associated health. This masters builds on your previous expe-
with such eminent scholars as R.S. Wood- rience, balances practical and research skills and
worth and H.J. Hyatt. The School offers three in- brings you into contact with an international co-
novative and highly interactive online postgraduate hort of working professionals from different back-
degrees an MSc in Organisational and Business grounds. Graduate ready to progress to a doctoral
Psychology, MSc in Psychology, and MSc in Mental degree and/ or to promote mental wellbeing in pro-
Health Psychology. fessional roles in a wide range of sectors - such as
health, education, and training - across the globe.
MSc in Mental Health Psychology
Modules include: Psychotherapeutic Interven-
Gain sought-after professional expertise in men- tions; Approaches to Mental Health Psychology;
tal health and wellbeing, take a first step towards and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Mental
a career in counselling or build the research skills Health Treatment.
needed for a doctoral degree with this fully on-
line masters. Benefit from the programmes posi-
tive approach to mental wellbeing and increase
Masters Degrees: Psychology 25

MSc in Organisational and

Business Psychology
Enhance your career prospects as an expert and
strategist for organisational improvement - an
area of growing demand internationally - or pre-
pare yourself for doctoral degree success with this
fully online masters in organisational and business
psychology. The programme balances practical
and research skills and connects you with a diverse
range of working professionals in a dynamic online
classroom. Gain the knowledge, skills and cultural
sensitivity required to apply psychology as a tool
for organisational success and individual wellbeing
in workplaces across the globe.

Modules include: Global Talent Management; In-

spiring Others: the Psychology of Leadership; and
Organisational Development and Change.

MSc in Psychology
Open up new career prospects with this online
masters that takes a cross-cultural, international
I have found
approach, providing you with a solid foundation
in psychology - without the rigid requirement to
it rigorous and
have psychology as an undergraduate degree. Per- challenging and
sonalise your degree to meet your needs by select-
ing from a range of electives in mental health psy- extremely interesting;
chology or organisational and business psychology.
Emerge with an MSc from a leading UK University, a brilliant way
in the top 1% or universities worldwide, ready to
pursue a doctoral, switch careers or move ahead in of studying and
a wide range of roles - from marketing and sales
to education and community relations - across the
Josie Rowe-Setz,
Modules include: Mind, Brain and Behaviour; Per- online psychology student, Managing
sonality, Individual Differences and Intelligence; Director of a consultancy company
and Social Psychology. From Ireland, living in South Africa
26 Masters Degrees: Law

Masters Degrees
Law Programmes
The Law School at the University of Liverpool has a proud tradition
and over a centurys experience of inspiring and challenging its stu-
dents to reach their potential.

uring its history it has produced gradu- Ideal for both practising lawyers and corporate
ates of the highest calibre, including Law executives, this LLM will equip students with in-
Lords, senior judges and other legal pro- ternational legal expertise that is highly prized by
fessionals as well as statesmen and professionals in multinationals, regulators and governmental or-
non-legal fields. With three online Master of Laws ganisations.
programmes, the Liverpool Law School offers a dy-
Modules include: Law of Business Organisations;
namic international approach to the study of law
Law of the World Trade Organisation; and Corpo-
in a 100 per cent online environment for both legal
rate Governance.
and non-legal professionals.

LLM in International Finance

LLM in International Business Law
and Banking Law
This programme is a specialist degree that equips
This degree equips students with the skills and
students with the skills and knowledge to manage
knowledge to manage the demands of the global fi-
the demands of the todays global business environ-
nancial industry within a legal context. It provides
ment within a legal context. It offers students:
a firm foundation in commercial law and the op-
A solid foundation in the laws of business and portunity to pursue an interest in specific areas of
commerce corporate and regulatory legislation. Students will
gain an advanced understanding of the framework
Special interest areas such as competition law
that governs international financial markets and
and international money laundering regulation
transactions, and a keen awareness of current and
An advanced understanding of the role of inter- likely future developments.
national law in economic relations
Modules include: International Financial Services
Knowledge of a wide variety of areas from corpo- Law; International Taxation Law; and International
rate governance to internet law. Law and Foreign Investment.
Masters Degrees: Law 27

LLM in Technology and

Intellectual Property Law
Gain the skills and knowledge to manage the
technology and intellectual property demands of
the business environment within a legal context.
Aimed at legal practitioners wanting to specialise,
and business professionals wanting to gain legal ex-
pertise in these areas, it provides a firm foundation
in commercial law covering many of the most up-
to-date Internet and technology-based intellectual
This programme
issues as well as copyrights and patents.
has enhanced my risk
Modules include: Copyright; Patent Law; Internet
Law; and Information Security. management skills
and improved the
speed and quality of
my work.
Thorsten Schauer (LLM in International
Business Law 2013), online graduate
From Germany, living in the United Kingdom
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