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Sweden the alleged paragon of human rights virtue is now nearly ready to sell

a massive quantity of advance weaponry (in the form of 200-300 Gripens) to

India the alleged paragon of democracy. Sweden, like most other - if not all
- western nations, is just nothing more than a top offspring of the Devil.

India is surely the top violator of human rights in our world today. Today in
India, women and children especially those from the lower classes, endure
some of the highest rates of physical and sexual abuse ever known on this here
planet and there is hardly any respite in sight. Policemen, soldiers, landowners
and slave owners are most of the time immune to any action or retribution for
the unspeakable abuse which they nonchalantly hand out from time to time.

In many troubled areas like Assam and Kashmir, soldiers and policemen have
been known to detain, torture, inflict mass blinding and also even kill civilians
without any fear of having to face justice for their actions. Even now in 2017.

The current leader of India who is really highly feted by Sweden and the west
was boss of Gujarat in 2002 when hundreds of civilians were massacred in
a most bestial fashion allegedly after his personal approval and support. was
obtained by the perpetrators. Hundreds of girls were gang-raped and thrown
into hugely lit fires and pregnant women had their bowels cut open and the
unborn fetuses shown to them before they were mercilessly killed.

The justice system in India is bloated and corrupted and belongs to the 19th
century. Even now, there is little change. One woman named Vijay Kumari,
languished in jail for 19 years, just because she could not post bail. In just
her home state of Uttar Pradesh, it is said that there are thousands of other
people who have gone through exactly the same experience as Kumari.

India today without batting an eyelid to those abuses is very keen to prosecute
war against its neighbours and various tribal areas and countries like Sweden
and UK just simply cannot wait to underwrite her coming gross endeavours.