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Cornell Notes Topic/Objective: Name: Jovanni Murray

Genetics and DNA Class/Period: 4th

Date: 2/11/17
Essential Question: How did Mendel help us to study genetics through hybrid crosses?

Questions: Notes:

Mendel is the father of genetics

Who was Mendel? He was also an Austrian monk
(Level 1) He worked with pea plants and he studied the traits and
patterns he saw.

How would you

compare and
contrast Phenotype
and Genotype? The genotype of an organism determines the phenotype.
(level 2) Phenotype is an observable trait, while genotype is the
genetic make up
An example of genotype is the letter like AA, Aa, or aa
An example of phenotype is Blue eyes, Brown hair, Freckles,
Can you elaborate Dimples
on the reason why
dominance and Co-
dominance is Incomplete dominance is when neither allele is more
different? dominant than the other.
(level 3) It looks like somewhere in between the two the phenotype so
it would be the third phenotype.
Co-Dominance is when both alleles contribute equally to the
Can you elaborate It looks like dots or spots the two colors will NEVER collide in
on the reason why Co-dominance
simple dominance
is related to
dominant and
recessive allels. Simple dominance happens when an inherited trait is coded
for by a single gene and that gene has two alleles
(levlel 3)
The dominant version and the recessive version.
The dominant allele of the gene hides the presence of the
recessive allele.
Questions: Notes:

What information
can you gather to Dihybrid cross describes a mating experiment between two
support your idea organisms that are identically hybrid for two traits.
about Dihybrid A hybrid organism is one that is heterozygous, which means
crossing? that is carries two different alleles at a genetic position
(level 4) Dihybrid cross shows the inheritance of two through two
A Dihybrid cross gives you 16 genotypes options.

Summary: Mendel helped us study genetic through hybrid crosses because he studied how the peas will
difference if mixed with another genotype. Mendel made a punnet square to determine all possible phenotypes in
the pea plants when mixed with other pea plants. He Had the law of dominance which meant the domiant trait takes
over. This is how he helped us study genetics.