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I am angry. I am sad. I am feeling all kinds of feelings; I cant put them into

There I sat; debating with myself if I should believe reality or if I should live in
fantasy for that gives me lesser pain. Heck, some part of me still dwells in denial,
not wanting believe. Not now, not forever.

And the other half taunts me mercilessly, revisiting the brief memories. Now, and
most probably, forever.

Death, they come uninvited. They come unannounced. If only I could grab them
by their collar and ask why did you take him away? Why the rush? He was
young. He was alone. You coward cunt, you took advantage when he was frail
and fragile. Why?

If only, if only.

And, you How dare you?

Now I can only wish to slap some sense into you like I used to. Remember when I
told that you have so much hidden potential and youre just a like gem waiting to
be polished - I stood by those words even when you refused and yes, I still do.
You dont know how much you mean to others and I hate you for that. Thank you
for everything youve given me. Youll be remembered, always.

Till we meet again,