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Please Note that all Masses are held in the

Family Center ( Parish Hall) due to the
renovations to the church. Thank You for
Monday, February 27, 2017 your understanding.
9:00 A.M. Funer al Mass for J osephine Sliz
11:30 A.M. Funer al Mass for Neal Richter Come join us for a night of fellowship
Special Intentions for Scott Hennis
Longing for the and prayer. On Mardi Gras Tuesday,
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Holy Reunion February 28, 2017 at 6:30pm in the
11:30 A.M. Family Center. Please bring a covered
**No Mass** dish to share. If you have ever been part of a Longing for the
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 Holy Group, still are or would like to belong to a small faith
6:30 A.M. Ser vice community this event is for you! All are WELCOME!
11:30 A.M. Asher Or ian Zar ate Ven a acompaarnos a una noche de convivencia y oracin. El
Happy Birthday martes 28 de febrero a las 6:30 pm en
5:00 P.M. Francisco Villela Reunion De el saln familiar. Favor de traer un
(Bilingual Mass) Sedientos de platillo para compartir. Si alguna vez
7:00 P.M. Bilingual Ser vice Dios fuiste parte de un grupo de Sedientos
Thursday, March 2, 2017 de Dios, aun eres, o te gustara unirte a
11:30 A.M. una pequea comunidad de fe, este evento es para ti! Todos
Josephine Sliz son bienvenidos!
Friday, March 3, 2017
Andrew Psencik Please pray for those who are sick and in
need of healing graces.
Saturday, March 4, 2017
6:00 P.M. Balderas, Aida Gonzalez, Presilla Rodriguez, Diana
Edward Pose Balderas, Ricky Hernandez, Yara Rodriguez, Jaime
Sunday, March 5, 2017 Behrend, Mary Hughes, Geneva Rosas, Leo & Olga
7:30 A.M. Belanger, Pam Imbody, Sophie Seibert, Allene
Ricardo Balderas Block, Rose Jester, Kay Skinner, Eileen
Brandes, Nellie Kaman, Clayton Skinner, Alane
9:00 A.M. Cantu, Valoria Lee, Sherry Skinner, Rick
Our Parish Family Cape, Aida Lopez, Carmen Skinner, James
10:30 A.M. Chandler, Berry Lopez, Teresa Smith, John
Patricia Parma Coad, Bill Miller, Jennifer Stolle, Janice
12:00 P.M. Couling, Jesse Muoz, Julian Noah Trevino, Carmen
Jesse Couling Dailey, Ernestine Nava, Imelda Valdez, Sonia
DePaolo, Ryan Nieberding, Shirley Walther, Rob
Dunk, Robert Ogershok, Richard West, Marie M.
All are Invited to an Garza, Guadalupe Pena, Michael Wilby, Scott
Afternoon Retreat for Gonzalez, Josepha Pena, Veronica
Ash Wednesday Second Collection
Presented by the
Focolare Movement On Ash Wednesday, March 1st the second collection is for the Church in
Central and Eastern Europe. This collection supports Catholic
Living Unity in the Family organizations that provide affordable shelter and training for seminarians
Transforming Family Life Though the Gospel in a region that still struggles from the effects of Soviet rule. By providing
St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church pastoral care, catechesis, and funding for building renovations, your
Guadalupe Room (west campus) donations help to restore the Church and build the future in the region.
1602 Thousand Oaks Dr. Please give generously to the collection. To learn more about how your
Sunday, March 19, 2017 donations make a difference, visit
at 1:00 PM-4:00 PM Next Weeks Second Collection if for the Catholic
How do we bring unity into our families? Missions among the Black and the Native Americans
Adult and childrens programs and nursery The collection for Black and Native Americans meets the needs of those
provided. Spanish translations. who would bring the light of Christs witness to the impoverished, the
isolated and the despairing among the Black and Native American people.
Please call to reserve a spot: It is only through the constant generosity of each of us that such wonderful
210-722-2984 or 210-655-2017. Presented by events are realized. Our support will help the many programs begun in
the Focolare Movement ( parishes and ministering to the Native American and Black Catholics.

THIS WEEK IN OUR PARISH Due to the beginning of Lent and

Stations of the Cross on the Fridays of
Monday, February 27, 2017 Lent, the First Friday Devotion to
9:00 AM
NEISD ESL Classes-Religious Ed. Bldg.
Divine Mercy and the Sacred Heart of
6:00 PM Jesus will be suspended on March 3rd.
Womens ACTS Team Meeting-Religious Ed. Bldg. The First Friday devotion will return on Friday April 7th.
6:30 PM Please make an effort to attend the Stations of the Cross on
Knights Council MeetingScott Room the six Fridays of Lent in the Parish Hall.
ZumbaPopes Room
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 The Sanctuary Light on the Main Altar the week of
2:00 PM Saturday, February 25th through Friday, March 3rd
Rosary Makers Meeting-Library is lit for
6:00 PM Fr. Octavio Muguerza
Crestridge Homeowners Association Meeting- Requested by The Apostle of Divine Mercy
Parma Room
Noon Choir Rehearsal-Parish Hall The Sanctuary Light in the Chapel the week of
7:30 PM Saturday, February 25th through Friday, March
Bible Study (Prophets)-Scott Room 3rd is lit in loving memory of
Ash Wednesday, March 1, 2017
Collection: For the Church in Central Sam Flores
Requested by The Court Daughters of Our Lady of Fatima #2596
& Eastern Europe
NO Sacr ament of Reconciliation The Sanctuary Light on our Lady of Guadalupe Altar the
NO Edge & Religious Education (K Through 5th & week of Saturday, February 25th through Friday,
RCIA Elementary) or RCIA Middle/High School
NO RCIA for Adults March 3rd is lit in loving memory of
9:00 AM Josephine Sliz
NEISD ESL Classes-Religious Ed. Bldg. Requested by a loving parishioner
6:15 PM
Divorced & Separated MeetingVizzone Our first-ever Mission to
Conference Room Mexico will be June 11-
10:30 Choir Rehearsal-Parish Hall 17, 2017 serving the
6:30 PM children residing at Aldea
Knights 1st Degree Ceremony-Parma Room Infantil Mission in Saltillo,
Thursday, March 2, 2017 Coahuila. Tasks to be
6:30 PM performed include
Green Team Meeting-Parma Room carpentry, plumbing,
Friday, March 3, 2017 painting, sewing and
9:30AM general help. No special
Divine Mercy Meeting-Parma Room
4:30 PM-6:00 PM
skills nor ability to speak Spanish requiredonly the desire
Lenten Soup Supper-Parma Room to help and a US Passport.
7:00 PM The cost of the trip is $295 per person and includes
9:00 Choir Rehearsal-Parish Hall transportation by van, gas, lodging and meals while at the
Saturday, March 4, 2017 mission. Additional costs include meals while traveling,
Second Collection: For the Catholic Missions personal purchases, and Mexican Tourist Visa (approx.
among Black & Native Americans
9:00 AM $25).
Zumba-Religious Ed. Bldg. In order to reserve a spot on this years tripa $100 non-
5:00 PM refundable deposit is required NO LATER THAN March
Sacrament of Reconciliation-In the Church
15, 2017. Please contact Salvador Ordorica at (210) 845-
Sunday, March 5, 2017
Second Collection: For the Catholic Missions 6695 or or Rafael Gallegos at
among Black & Native Americans (210) 410-0948. The trip is sponsored by
12:00 PM
Life Teenafter Mass, in the Popes Room
Confirmation Session for Adults & Life teen-Parma In Memory of a Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather
6:30 PM Ellie Stewart
Pro Life Rosary-Fatima Garden/Chapel From Phyllis & Family

40 Things to give up for Lent LENT REGULATIONS

1. FEAR OF FAILURE 21. BITTERNESS Lent begins on Ash

3. FEELING OF UNWORTHINESS 23. GIVING UP this year is March the
4. IMPATIENCE 24. MEDIOCRITY 1st. The Catholic
5. RETIREMENT 25. DESTRUCTIVE SPEECH Churchs regulations
6. PEOPLE PLEASING 26. BUSYNESS on Lenten fasting are
7. COMPARISON 27. LONELINESS as follows: In
8. BLAME 28. DISUNITY Catholic practice in
10. OVER COMMITMENT 30. WORRY the Latin rite, fasting
11. LACK OF COUNSEL 31. IDOLIZING can mean not taking
12. IMPURITY 32. RESISTANCE TO CHANGE nourishment at all
13. ENTITLEMENT 33. PRIDE during a particular time or limiting one's food
14. APATHY 34. A SMALL VIEW OF GOD consumption during a given day to one main
15. HATRED 35. ENVY meal and two smaller meals, with not solid
16. NEGATIVITY 36. UNGRATEFULNESS foods in between. This should not be
17. THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY 37. SELFISH AMBITION confused with the penitential practice of
18. GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS 38. SELF-SUFFICIENCY abstinence, which refer to avoiding particular
19. COMPLAINT 39. SORROW kinds of food, especially meat. Note,
however, that fast days are also days of
On behalf of Archbishop Gustavo and abstinence; day of abstinence are not
Father, we humbly invite you to participate necessarily fast days. Church law for the
in the 2017 Appeal to make a difference in Latin rite establishes Ash Wednesday and
lives of your brothers and sisters throughout Good Friday as penitential days of fast.
the archdiocese. Your gift to the Appeal Those aged 18 through 59 ordinarily are
will provide support for the formation of obliged to observe these fast days by not
priest, deacons, catechist as well as provide eating between meals and by having no more
food and clothing to those in need. If you have already responded to than one main meal and two smaller meal. In
the Archbishops letter sent to your home, thank you! If you have not addition, U.S. Catholics 14 years and older
had an opportunity, we invite you to pray and consider how you and should abstain from meat on Ash
your family can make a gift to this years Appeal. Pledge cards, Wednesday, Good Friday and the Fridays of
envelopes, and pencils are available on the table located in the lobby Lent.
of the Family Center. Once completed, place your Appeal pledge The Zumba instructor is trained to
card in the offertory during Mass. Gifts can also be made online at explain little with words, she uses or over the phone with the her body and hand motions to
Appeal Office at 210-734-1604. Thank you for your generosity. indicate which steps will follow, to
keep class plans flowing and easy-
En nombre del Arzobispo Gustavo y del Padre, tenemos el honor de to-follow. Come burn calories and improve
invitarlo a participar en la Campaa 2017 para influir en la vida de your cardio conditioning. Call the church
sus hermanos a lo largo de la arquidicesis. Su donativo a la office to sign up or simply show up. Note:
Campaa proporcionar apoyo para la formacin de sacerdotes, Depending on facility availability, we will
diconos y catequistas. Igualmente proporcionar alimentos y ropa a either use the Religious education Building
los necesitados. Si ya ha respondido a la carta del arzobispo que fue or the Popes room located in the Family
enviada a su casa, gracias! Si usted no ha tenido la oportunidad, lo Center so, please check the bulletin on This
invitamos a orar y reflexionar cmo usted y su familia pueden hacer week in our Parish for the location posted
una donacin a la Campaa de ese ao. Hay tarjetas compromiso, that day. Cost: $5.00 per session.Thank
sobres y lpices disponibles sobre la mesa del paseo del Centro you and come and join us! Days & Times:
Familiar. Una vez completada, coloque su tarjeta compromiso de Mondays evenings at 6pm-7:00pm
laCampaa en el ofertorio durante la misa. Los donativos tambin Saturdays mornings at 9am-10:00am
pueden hacerse en lnea en o por
telfono en la Oficina de la Campaa en el 210-734-1604. Gracias
por su generosidad.

Now you can donate to our Religious Education February 26, 2017
program as well as the Wreaths Across America
Campaign, to honor those who have ser ved our Name:
country. For more information visit our website at _________________________________ or call the church office. Thank you for (I attended Mass)
your generous support!