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Fr dig som sker etableringslots

S gr du steg fr steg

For you who are looking for an

introduction guide
What to do step by step
This brochure is intended for you who want to find an introduction guide.
On the Arbetsfrmedlingen website
you have several ways to look for an introduction guide.

In this brochure we show step-by-step what you do to find an introduction guide

suited to you and your needs.

Finding a job requires more than just education and work experience. Personal contacts and
knowledge of Swedish society and working life also play an important role. With knowledge
of the Swedish labour market and Swedish society, the introduction guide will help with your
introduction into the Swedish labour market. Among other things, the introduction guide can
help you strengthen your network, and be your support when you are applying for a job or
when you are making study choices, as well as helping in contacts with employers and author-
ities. It can also be a question of guidance in practical matters and issues, for example ques-
tions to do with housing, translation and completion of forms, or making an appointment to
see a doctor. The introduction guide also supports you in the development and follow-up of
your introduction plan.

The introduction guide is an independent player, whose services are purchased by Arbets-

You choose your introduction guide at the employment office. The employment officer can
inform you of the available options. You can for example look for an introduction guide based
on the introduction guides trade and linguistic skills, or based on which introduction guides
there are in the community where you live. It is you who decide which introduction guide you
use. If you want an introduction guide but cannot or do not wish to make a choice, you are
given the introduction guide located closest to where you live.

You have the right to an introduction guide during the period for which you have an introduc-
tion plan. However, you do not have the right to an introduction guide if you are on parental
leave or on full-time sick leave.

When you have told your employment officer which introduction guide you want, you will be
contacted by the introduction guide for a first meeting.

You have the right to meet your introduction guide at least three hours a month, of which two
hours are to be individual meetings between you and your introduction guide. If you and the
introduction guide want, you can meet more often.

You will of course continue to be in contact with Arbetsfrmedlingen. The introduction guide
and Arbetsfrmedlingen are also in contact with one another.

If you do not feel satisfied with your present introduction guide you have the right to change.
It is important that you contact your employment office if you are not content with the
introduction guide you have chosen.

Seeking an introduction guide in several ways

Seeking an introduction guide

1 2 3 5


Enter a postal district and you will see a list of the introduction guides in that district.
1 You can also enter a postal code, a specific street address or a town/community in order to
see which introduction guides are in the vicinity. You will be given suggestions when you start

Here you can start a free text search for information from the introduction guides presenta-
2 tion text (see p 6). You can for example enter the business title of an introduction guide you
are interested in, or write a search term, for example a specific skill or field you are interested
in the introduction guide having. You can also leave the box empty.

Click here to choose the occupational field you want the introduction guide to have knowledge
3 of. You can also leave the box empty.

Here you can choose which language you want the introduction guide to be able to speak. If it
4 is not important to you that the introduction guide can speak any of the languages in the list,
you can leave the box empty. If the introduction guide cannot speak your language, then the
introduction guide enlists an interpreter.

If you know the KA number of the introduction guide you are looking for, press + and enter
5 the number. Every introduction guide has a unique KA number for each address from which
that guide provides the service.

5 Then click on the SK button. You will see a list of introduction guides.

Finding your nearest introduction guide

To search for the introduction guide closest to where you are,

click on this button:

Your computer will then determine your position and find the nearest introduction guide.

2 3

Or you can enter your address, street or town to find

2 the nearest introduction guide.

Then click on SK.

3 You will see a list with the nearest introduction guide at the top.

List of introduction guides
Up to ten introduction guides with names and addresses are displayed on each page.
1 To the right there is a map where you will see the location of the introduction guides you
searched for.
If you want to read more about an introduction guide, click on the introduction guides
name or on the blue flag on the map.

Name of guide company

Company address 1
Name of guide company
Company address

Name of guide company

Company address

Name of guide company

Company address

Name of guide company

Company address

Name of guide company

Company address

Name of guide company

Company address

Name of guide company

Company address

Name of guide company

Company address

Name of guide company

Company address

<< 1 2 3 4 5 <<
If your search has found more than ten suggested introduction
guides you can see the others by selecting another page number.

Presentation of introduction guides

1 Click here to get back to the introduction guides presentation page.

Click here to see which methods and procedures the introduction guide begins with when
2 guiding around in working life (for work and studies).

Click here to see which methods and procedures the introduction guide begins with when
3 guiding around in community life (for community life and practical support).

4 Click here to see the introduction guides educational background and previous experience.

Here you find the e-mail address and phone number of the introduction guides contact person.
5 You will also find the KA number, which is a unique identification number for this particular
introduction guide, at this particular address. Make a note of the KA numbers of the intro-
duction guides in which you are interested. That makes it easier to seek out the introduction
guide later (see p 2).
The introduction guides KA number is also needed for Arbetsfrmedlingen to be able to
make a decision on an introduction guide.

6 Here you will find a short presentation from the provider.

Here the introduction guide describes which languages the introduction guide speaks. If your
7 language is not on the list, you can still choose this introduction guide anyway. The introduc-
tion guide will then enlist an interpreter.

Here you will see whether the introduction guide has specific experience in an occupation or
8 industry.

You can visit the introduction guide at this address. It is here you are to meet your introduc-
9 tion guide. Above, you also see a map.

Seeking an introduction guide
1 2 3 4

Introduction guide We are here

5 Name
Telephone number
KA number: 00000000

6 Short presentation

7 Language(s)

8 Trade knowledge

11111 Town 9

Choosing your introduction guide

If you wish to choose an introduction guide, make a note of the KA number and contact your
A employment officer.
The employment officer will then make a decision on the introduction guide in question.

Seeking an introduction guide

Introduction guide We are here


Telephone number
KA number: 00000000

Short presentation


Trade knowledge

11111 Town

Arbetsfrmedlingen 2014 04, Photo: Scandinav Bildbyr