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It is with a sad heart that this July 2010 SAS newsletter will be the last newsletter composed by myself in conjunction with Patty Yarrow. For those of you who did not know, I have been working on obtaining a second graduate degree in Speech Language Pathology. As of May 15th I completed this program. The time has now come for me to move on. I have taken a position as a Speech Therapist with Special School District and I am looking forward to beginning work this August. I plan to come back periodically as a volunteer for activities when time permits. I will sincerely miss all of the wonderful members of the SAS and LEADD communities as well as all of the amazing SAS and LEADD staff. Sincerely Aaron Doubet MA, MS-SLP P.S. The staff of SAS have planned a wonderful pizza party for my last day so we can all celebrate one another and say goodbye.

Contact Information S.A.S. in the evening Aaron Doubet: Until 07/23/2010 doubeta@emmaushomes.org S.A.S. during the day. Patty Yarrow: 636-534-5264 or 314-960-0684 yarrowp@emmaushomes.org

Important Info. Please ensure that when registering for activities for either program that you forward the registrations to the appropriate representative. Make note of any costs related to the activities. When in doubt about needing money for an activity contact SAS evening or SAS day staff.

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Thursday 1

July 2010
Friday 2

Cooking Class 10-11:30 Tending the Garden 1011:30

Forth of July Craft 1011:30 Movie 1-2:30

Friendship Circle 1:302:30

Ice Cream Social 6:30-7:30

Monday 5

Tuesday 6

Wednesday 7

Thursday 8

Friday 9

Wii tennis 10-11:30 CLOSED FOR HOLIDAY Parachute Play 1-2:30

Coffee club 10-11:30

Floor bowling 10-11:30 Bingo 1-2:30 Scrapbook Paper Crafts 6:30-7:30

Table games 10-11:30 Catholic Mass 1:30-2:30 Cooking Oreo Drops 6:30-7:30

Karaoke 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

Boeing Balladeers 6:30-7:30

Movie In 6:30-8:30

Monday 12

Tuesday 13

Wednesday 14

Thursday 15

Friday 16

Horseracing 10-11:30

Exercise 10-11:30 Craft 1-2:30 Project Heart 5:00-6:30 Contact Sara Willis Phone: 636-757-0541 to register Mini golf 6:30-8:00

Wii Baseball 10-11:30 Bingo 10-11:30 Spin Baseball 10-11:30 Coffee club 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

Puzzles 1-2:30

Table & card games 1-2:30

Friendship Circle 1:302:30

Birthday Party 6:30-7:30

Monday 19

Tuesday 20

Wednesday 21

Thursday 22

Friday 23

Bingo10-11:30 Pictionary 1-2:30

Table games 10-11:30 Cooking class 1-2:30 Tending the Garden 1-2:30 History Class 6:30-7:30

Scavenger Hunt 10-11:30

Universoul Circus 9a-3p Movie Out TBA

Parachute play 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

Wii bowling 1-2:30 Scrap booking 1-2:30 Moolah Shrine Band 7:00-8:00

Bye Bye Aaron Pizza Party 5:30-6:30

Monday 26

Tuesday 27

Wednesday 28

Thursday 29

Friday 30

Coffee Social 10-11:30 Horse Racing 1-2:30 Muny Pickups: 6:30pm Meet: 7:45pm Return: 10:30pm

Exercise 10-11:30 Ice Cream Social with St. John’s UCC 1:30-2:30 Karaoke 10-11:30 Spin Baseball 1-2:30

Craft 10-11:30 Friendship Circle 1:302:30 Municipal Band Pick up 7:15 Meet: 7:45 End: 9:00

Table Games 10-11:30

Movie 1-2:30

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Saturday 3

July 2010
Sunday 4

Happy 4th of July! Craft: Hats 9:00-9:45 or 9:45-10:30

7/2– Come and have fun with our super special 4th of July crafts and games! 7/2– The movie will be Mary Poppins. A pair of British children and their family will find the magic in their lives after Mary Poppins becomes the new nanny. 7/2-Ice Cream Social: Come and enjoy some great frozen custard at the Lyon’s. Location: Lyon’s on Elm. Cost: Bring cash for the treats we recommend $10.00. Note: In case of rain we will be moving the activity to the Dairy Queen on 95. 7/3– Craft Summer Caps: Decorate a hat using fabric markers. You may want to come dressed
in clothes you don't care about since we will be using markers that don't wash out! Cost: $1.00.

Saturday 10

Sunday 11

Saturday 17

Sunday 18

7/6-Boeing Balladeers: It has been a long time since the Balladeers have entertained us. They have scheduled a wonderful night to sing some great songs. Location: Chapel or STEPS depending on room availability. Signs will be posted on the day of the activity. 7/7– Scrapbook Paper Craft: Bring your scrapbooks and pictures for our monthly club. We will also be making some festive paper fans. Cost: $1.00. 7/8– Cooking Oreo Drops: I found a great new recipe using oreo cookies so come and help me make them. Of course afterwards we will eat them. 7/9– The craft will be jewelry making. 7/9-Movie In: Come and enjoy a great movie with wonderful friends. In salute to patriotism and the 4th of July we will be watching ―The Music Man‖. 7/13-Project Heart: Please contact Sara Willis to register at 636-757-0541. 7/13-Putt Putt Golf: Meet at Cave Springs Golf Center at 3650 West Clay (near Cave Springs on the North side of the highway) for a friendly game of miniature golf. You may follow us from the flagpole leaving at 6:30 or be at the course at 7:00. No cash is needed unless you choose to purchase a refreshment. Location: Cave Springs Golf Center at 3650 West Clay. Cost: $3.75. 7/16– The movie will be Freaky Friday. An overworked mother and her daughter

do not get along. When they switch bodies, each is forced to adapt to the others life for one freaky Friday. 7/16– Birthday Party: Celebrate everyone's July Birthdays with refreshments and karaoke. 7/20-History: The Battle of Gettysburg. July is the anniversary of The Battle of
Gettysburg. Let's learn about this important event in American history and make a Lincoln Hat craft! 7/21-Moolah Shrine Band: The Shriner’s band is coming to perform for us. Come and enjoy the wonderful music they make. 7/22-We will be attending the Universoul Circus. Tickets will be $10 per person billed as inhouse transfer. We will eat lunch out, bring money for lunch and any souvenirs. 7/22-Movie Out: Join us for our movie out! Location: St. Charles Cinema 18. Cost: Bring cash for snacks (we recommend $6.00 for the meal combo). 7/23– The movie will be Ella Enchanted. Ella is under a spell to be constantly

Saturday 24

Sunday 25

obedient, a fact she must hide from her new step-family in order to protect the prince of the land, her friend for whom she's falling. 7/23-Bye Bye Aaron Pizza Party: Let's have a pizza party and say "goodbye" to
Aaron Doubet who is leaving our program to work as a speech therapist for special school district! 7/27-Muny: Come and enjoy a wonderful time watching the plays and musicals at the Muny. Time: TBA. Location: The Muny in Forrest Park. 7/29– Outdoor Concert: The Municipal Band is sharing their music again this summer on the St. Charles Riverfront in Frontier Park. Put on bug repellent and **bring a lawn chair or blanket**to sit on. FYI, These concerts take place every Thursday night! 7/30– The craft will a summer surprise to herald in the beginning of summer. 7/30– The movie will be Hotel for Dogs. When their new guardians forbid 16 year old Andi and her younger brother to have a pet, Andi has to use her quick wit to help find a new home for their dog, Friday. 7/26—Join us for our coffee social for conversation, cake or cookies, and coffee or ice tea. 7/26-Muny: Come and have a spectacular time at The Muny. Tonight, ―the hills are alive with the sound of music,‖ as The Muny players perform the classic musical The Sound of Music. Location: The Muny in Forrest Park. Cost: $0 for tickets bring cash if you want a snack. Note: Due to the late start time of the show staff will need to ensure that it is ok to work past a 9pm shift change. Also staff will need to be aware of Medication pass times and bring medications that need passed accordingly.

Saturday 31


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July 2010

Community Events
Bush Conservation area-2380 Hwy D. The staff will take participants on a public tour of Weldon Springs Interpretive Center flower gardens If there is a time a short film on wildflowers will also be shown. Call 636-4414554 [Reservations being taken starting 7/10] St. Charles County Fair is being held at Rotary Park 7/27-7/31. There will be a parade, a princess and handsome hunk contest, 4H livestock events, agricultural exhibits, musical shows and amusement park rides. There is an admission fee. Call for more information.

Important Contact Info. S.A.S In the Evening Aaron Doubet : 314-560-9031 until 07/23/2010 doubeta@emmaushomes.org Diane Huvelman: After 07/23/2010 636-534-5208 (office) 314-874-2687 (cell) S.A.S During the Day Patty Yarrow: 636-534-5264 yarrowp@emmaushomes.org

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