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Subject : English
Class : Year 2 Gemilang
Theme : World of Knowledge
Topic : Unit 14: Precious Drops
Focused Skill: Writing
Integrated Skill : Reading, Listening and Speaking

Learning Outcomes Specifications

3.2 Pupils will be able to write using 3. 2.1 Able to complete with
appropriate guidance:
language, form and style for a (b) poster
range of purposes.

3.3 Pupils will be able to write and 3.3.1 Able to create simple non-
present ideas linear texts using
through a variety of media. a variety of media with
(a) poster

Lesson Objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
I. Rearrange the water cycle sentence strips correctly by referring to the
II. Fill in the blanks with correct nouns.
III. Label the pictures with correct sentence strips.
Educational Emphasis :

I. Multiple intelligences: Visual-spatial, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal

II. Thinking skills: Critical and creative thinking skills, making association
III. Moral values: We must save water, Do not waste water.

Language Content :

Vocabulary: Nouns (sun, cloud, rain, water vapour)

New knowledge : The water cycle (The process of how rain is

Teaching aids : Itsy Bitsy Spider song lyrics, picture and word cards, the water
cycle diagram, sentence
strips, posters, task sheet.
Previous knowledge : Pupils are already familiar with some words such as rain,
cloud and sun.
Anticipated problems : Pupils may not be able to identify the stages of the water
cycle correctly.
Possible solutions : Teacher asks pupils to refer to the poster or the diagram
shown on the board.

Stage/Ti Teaching-Learning Remark

Content Rationale
me Activity s

Set Eency Weency 1. Pupils get ready as they are To consolidate Eency
Induction Spider going to sing a song entitled previous Weency
Itsy Bitsy Spider.
(5 lesson. Spider
Eency Weency 2. Pupils pay attention and
minutes) song
spider went up the listen to the teacher as she
To make lyrics
water spout shows how to sing the song
with gestures. learning
Down came the
3. Pupils are asked to stand up becomes
and sing the song by more fun and
And washed the
referring to the lyric pasted interesting.
spider out on the board.
Out came the sun 4. Pupils sing along to the tune To attract
and dried up all of the song and make pupils
the rain gestures. attention.
And the eency 5. Pupils are introduced to the
weency spider topic of the day by the
To inculcate
went up the spout teacher.
fun and

Presentati Picture and word 6. Pupils look at the picture To prepare Picture
on cards cards shown on the board. pupils for next and
(10 7. Pupils are asked to write the activity. word
sun answer on the word cards
minutes) cards
cloud and match them to the
To elicit what
rain pictures.
water vapour pupils already The
8. Pupils are informed that
they are going to learn the know. water
Stages of the water cycle by looking at the cycle
water cycle diagram that the teacher To teach diagram
has prepared. essential
1. The sun heats 9. Pupils listen attentively as vocabulary
the earth. teacher explains the water from the
2. Water changes to cycle and how it works using context.
water vapour. the pictures in the diagram.
3. Water vapour 10.Pupils read aloud the stages To describe
forms clouds. of the water cycle. the water
4. Water falls from cycle process.
the clouds as
To enhance
of the water
cycle process.

Practice Arrange the water 11.Pupils listen to teachers To engage Envelop

(25 cycle sentence instructions attentively. pupils in es
minutes) strips 12.Pupils will be divided into six motivating (Senten
- Look at the groups and each group will and ce
diagram on the receive a poster and a set of strips)
board, read the water cycle sentence strips.
descriptions of 13.Pupils should look at the
each stage in the poster, read the descriptions
of each stage in the water To enable
water cycle on
cycle on the strips of paper pupils to
the strips of
paper and and arrange them in order. collaborate in
arrange them in 14.After that, pupils paste the groups.
order on their correct stage of the water
desks. cycle on the poster. To develop
15.When the pupils have interest and
ordered the sentences,
awareness of
teacher pastes the six
the water
posters on the board and
checks the answers with
To describe
the water
cycle process.

Productio Task sheet 16.Pupils listen to teachers To improve Task

n Label the pictures instructions attentively. pupils writing sheet
17.Pupils are given a task sheet
(15 and complete the skills.
each and they need to label
minutes) sentences for each the pictures and complete
stage in the blanks the sentences for each To make
below. stage in the blanks below. learning
18.Teacher collects the task become fun
sheet to be checked. and
To improve
of the water

Closure 1. What have you 19.Pupils are asked to tell the To consolidate
(5 learned today? stages of the water cycle what they
minutes) 2. How rain is that they have learned. have learned.
formed? Can you
tell me the first