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KM & Collaboration
Conference dates and times 21 - 22 July 2010 Workshop dates and times 23 July 2010 A - 9.30am - 12.30pm B & C - 1.30pm - 4.30pm

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We believe that understanding how your information is created, stored and used in decision-making, is critical to your business. Valuing and keeping secure your organisation’s information holdings forms the basis for organising, prioritising and ultimately sharing what you know with colleagues, customers and the world.
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Ark Group and the business relationship experts from Optimice are providing delegates unprecedented opportunities for networking at KM & Collaboration Australia. Delegates are offered to pick their top 5 KM interest areas. They can then use the conference networking map to identify other delegates who they share their interests. Please visit the link below to participate or to view your results in the KM & Collaboration Australia networking map:

Throughout the two-day event you will need to research and track down the answers the questions listed on the entry form. This interactive exercise will provide you with new knowledge and an enjoyable experience in tracking down all the answers! After you’ve completed the entry form, go to the Ark Group stand to enter.

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KM & Collaboration
This year ’s event highlights the value of collaboration for improved knowledge and information management, the development of strong social networks and capitalising on the expertise of your organisation’s most important asset- its people. Through extensive research with some of the most innovative KM practitioners and thought leaders throughout Australia and the world, Ark Group has identified the current challenges and opportunities currently facing KM as a discipline and its role in the wider organisation. KM & Collaboration aims to appeal to practitioners at all stages along the knowledge spectrum and provides a number of opportunities to network and share experiences. International keynote presentations from thought leader Jerr y Ash and noted international corporations such as Renault and American Express will present the challenges of an increasingly transient workforce, the increasing role of technology as an enabler and creating sustainable collaborative opportunities on a global scale. Stan Garfield, from frequent MAKE award winner Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, will also impart his extensive KM experience through practical tips that you can implement within your own organisation. An international case study from Malaysian based Shell Global Solutions will add yet another dimension, presenting a frank presentation on how best to leverages knowledge successes and failures, while local practitioner case studies will give an indication of how Australian organisations are meeting knowledge and collaborative challenges head on and delivering results. We also recognise that the best way to learn in to actively participate in knowledge sharing, and as always interactive sessions feature strongly on the 2010 programme. Anecdote circles, a reverse brainstorming sessions and a culture archetype cards activity will give participants a chance to put ideas into practice and stimulate conversations on key topics of interest. The KM Trivia Hunt and the Accelerated Networking Project also make a return to provide additional networking opportunities during the exhibition breaks, which will also feature emerging and innovative software solutions designed to make the collaborative process more effective. Capitalising on the expertise shared by our speakers and exhibitors , the event culminates with in-depth post conference workshops designed to provide a more intimate and intricate look at issues such as knowledge sharing, KM planning, Web 2.0 and improving knowledge flows, adding an extra dimension to an already stimulating agenda. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, speakers, and partners whose hard work and support have made it possible for us to produce KM & Collaboration. We hope that you find the event a positive and beneficial experience, and we look for ward to meeting and speaking with each of you over the next few days. The team at Ark Group Australia Pty Ltd

Conference + Exhibition: 21 - 22 July 2010 Crystal Palace, Luna Park Sydney, Australia Workshops: 23 July 2010 Vibe Hotel North Sydney
The organisers:
Ark Group Australia Pty Ltd Main Level, 83 Walker Street North Sydney NSW, 2060 Australia

Phone: +61 1300 550 662 Fax: +61 1300 550 663 Email: aga@arkgroupasia.com Director
Steven Oesterreich soesterreich@arkgroupasia.com

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The details contained in this manual are based on information supplied by the respective companies and were considered correct at the time of going to press. The organisers of the event and the publishers of the catalogue cannot be held responsible for any omissions or errors that may have occurred.

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KM & Collaboration
Conference DAY ONE
8.15 8.45 Registration and refreshments Chairperson’s opening remarks Arthur Shelley, Founder, Intelligent Answers

Wednesday, 21 July 2010
1.45 Knowledge Management Management – Approaches to KM pitfalls • Symptoms in an organisation of Knowledge Management deficit • Practical and painful lessons from the real world • A curatorial approach to Knowledge Management Phillip Hoffman, Director of Enterprise Information Management, Glenthworth 2.30 International practitioner address: Return to yesterday: the Shell Global Solutions knowledge sharing story • Its mode of operation and its key ingredients • What went right and what didn’t turn out as expected • The future of knowledge sharing at Shell Siew Hoong Aw, Knowledge Management Advisor, Shell Global Solutions (Malaysia)


International keynote address: Managing knowledge in an uncommitted relationship • People are no longer employed for life • People are no longer committed to an employer for life • Downsizings and layoffs lay question to the notion of job security • People now look for another job before they lose the one they have Jerry Ash, Freelance Writer/Editor/Publisher; Former Managing Editor, Inside Knowledge magazine; Publisher, Smart People magazine; Chief Executive, Associated Professional Services (USA) 9.45 Practitioner case study: Best practice communication and culture • Motivating employees: making KM a priority • Transitioning corporate goals to personal goals • Why are there opportunities in these areas? • Successful approaches • Ethics in KM Stephen Davie, Senior Consultant, Management Consulting Australia 10.30 11.00 Exhibition break
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3.15 3.45

Exhibition break

Featuring wine tasting by Pepper Tree Wines

Wikis, the Semantic Web and Decision Making”. The presentation will provide a practical case study as to how web 3.0 technologies are changing the way in which knowledge work is done. David Neale, CEO and Managing Director, Moxy Knowledge Management 4.20 Reverse brainstorming session: how do you destroy collaboration in and across the organisation? In this session, delegates will engage in roundtable discussions to brainstorm and identify things that would destroy collaboration and interactions in and across the workplace. The session will build towards the session on day two where groups will work on more specific challenges that they encounter within their organisations. Facilitated by: Michelle Lambert, Convenor, Knowledge Management Roundtable (KMRt); Cory Banks, Knowledge Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia 5.20 5.30 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of day one Networking drinks

Interactive session: Anecdote Circles In this session you will share the collaboration experiences you’ve encountered within your workplace with other practitioners at the conference. What has worked? What hasn’t worked?

This highly interactive activity will provide a structure and a template that will assist delegates in maximising their learnings, relationships and outcomes and secure valu able take-aways from the event! Facilitated by: Michelle Lambert, Convenor, Knowledge Management Roundtable (KMRt); Cory Banks, Knowledge Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia 12.00 Practitioner case study: Connecting KM with the business strategy and operations • Making KM an enterprise-wide initiative • Practical solutions around KM • Combating negative attitudes towards implementing new KM initiatives • Engaging employees who prioritise themselves before the organisation Michael Beckett, CIO, Information Management Services, Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO) 12.45 Extended exhibition break


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Conference DAY TWO
8.15 8.45 Registration and refreshments Chairperson’s opening remarks Arthur Shelley, Founder, Intelligent Answers 2.15

Thursday, 22 July 2010
Practitioner case study: Embracing customer knowledge in the design process • The importance of a customer journey framework • Knowing your customer segments and selecting the right persona • Using visualisation techniques to bring detail to life for requirements gathering • Using iterative prototyping to de-risk before you build • Valuation techniques for user experience Christine Burton, Business Consultant, National Australia Bank (NAB)


International keynote address: Looking ahead to 2011 and beyond • How new hardware, software and services will help shape KM and the knowledge manager’s role • Free information: how it’s driving information providers to add value to their product • Clever ways which search engines are being enhanced to maximise relevancy • Social networking arrives in the workplace Howard J Hill, Legal Compliance & Ethics, American Express General Counsel’s Office (USA) 9.45 A Baker’s Dozen Knowledge Management Insights 13 tips, tricks, and nuggets of knowledge from a long-time KM practitioner at Digital, Compaq, HP, and Deloitte. This session will give you suggestions for immediate implementation within your organization. Stan Garfield, Community Evangelist, Global Consulting Knowledge Management Group, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (USA) 10.30 11.00 Exhibition break
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Exhibition break • KM Trivia Hunt Prize Draw
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Practitioner case study: Knowing who your experts are • How do you find the experts in your organisation and why is it important to do so? • Do you have a clear picture of the breadth and depth of this expertise? • A practical example demonstrated through a pilot, of how mapping expertise can help you address gaps, transfer knowledge, plan for succession and better engage with stakeholders Sha Reilly, Manager, Knowledge & Stakeholder Information, Sustainability Victoria 11.45 12.30 1.30 Bronze sponsor session: Objective Extended exhibition break

Practitioner case study: Connecting people with knowledge: how CPA Australia uses social media for learning, communities and collaboration • Ensuring high-level organisational support: aligning social media with business goals, strategies and plans • Developing a knowledge centred social media strategy • The role of communities of practice and social media • Engaging your audience and creating the right environment for collaboration • Business impact: cost frameworks to enable Web 2.0 tools and collaboration • Getting the most benefit out of social media tools Tony Gleeson, Executive General Manager, Member Knowledge; Helen Mitchell, General Manager, Knowledge Networks, CPA Australia 4.15 Interactive session: Culture Archetype cards activity During this session, participants will use the content developed during the day one Anecdote Circles-session together with the Culture Archetype cards to work in more detail around specific chalenges identified around collaboration within their organisations.

International keynote address: Enhancing collaboration in world wide organisations • Building the foundations for efficient collaboration across the extended enterprise • Supporting virtual teams spread all over the world • Developing communities for exchanging knowledge and replicating best practices • Improving decision making • Developing collaborative innovation Jean-Marc David, Advanced Projects & Master Plan at the Engineering, Quality & Purchasing IS Department, Renault (France)

You will engage in key strategy and planning activities to brainstorm collaboration possibilities and identify training needs within your organisation. Facilitated by: Michelle Lambert, Convenor, Knowledge Management Roundtable (KMRt); Cory Banks, Knowledge Manager, Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia 5.30 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference

DQ Trivia Hunt is an interactive exercise that will provide you with new knowledge, an enjoyable experience and the opportunity to win a multitude of prizes! All questions can be found on the DQ Trivia Hunt entry forms inside the DQ Asia Pacific delegate bag.
Complete your entry form and submit it to the Ark Group stand before the Afternoon Exhibition Break on Day Two.

Post-conference workshops Morning
Workshop A When words matter: knowledge sharing made better 8.30 – 11.30
Facilitated by: Jerry Ash, Freelance Writer/Editor/Publisher; Former Managing Editor, Inside Knowledge magazine; Publisher, Smart People magazine; Chief Executive, Associated Professional Services (USA)

Friday, 23 July 2010 Afternooon
Workshop D Web 2.0 and KM today 12.30 – 3.30
Facilitated by: Howard J Hill, Legal Compliance & Ethics, American Express General `Counsel’s Office (USA)

About the workshop:

About the workshop:

With instant messaging, blogging, twittering and knowledge sharing at work, everybody’s now a communicator! You may know a lot about your subject, but how much do you know about communicating what you know? You have a passion for your subject, and your mind is bursting with things to say. But how do you boil your message down to its most powerful? Your professional colleagues understand you perfectly, but how do you relate to outsiders? How do you get their attention? When do you speak their language? Where? And how? Everyone needs an editor. Always. Is it ever okay to put your name to sloppy writing? What does your writing say about you?

In this workshop, we will explore how knowledge managers can take the principles of leading social networks and “Web 2.0” to further enhance knowledge capture and sharing. We have seen, particularly in the last two years, the massive harnessing of collective intelligence (like how product reviews now seem ubiquitous, even on YouTube), and how new data sources can get ever more useful as more people use them (Facebook and Twitter to name a few). More than ever before, the end-user is being seen as a vital partner in KM. Tap into this energy and unlock something vital.

Workshop E Implementing a successful knowledge management program 12.30 – 3.30
Facilitated by: Stan Garfield, Community Evangelist, Global Consulting Knowledge Management Group, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (USA)

Workshop B Enhancing collaboration in world-wide organisations 8.30 – 11.30
Facilitated by: Jean-Marc David, Advanced Projects & Master Plan at the Engineering, Quality & Purchasing IS Department, Renault (France)

About the workshop:

About the workshop:

In this workshop, Jean-Marc will use the Collaborative Engineering Project as a basis to discuss several initiatives that are currently under way at Renault. The Collaborative Engineering Project is part of a breakthrough program and is dedicated to improving responsiveness and efficiency of global engineering teams by taking advantage of new IS/IT collaborative tools. During the last couple of years, Renault Engineering has shifted from a centralised organisation to a worldwide, decentralised organisation. Global engineering teams bring together actors from Corporate Renault Technical Centres located in Romania, Korea, India, South America, etc; partners such as Nissan or other OEM; and suppliers. Enhancing collaboration among these global engineering teams has been identified as key to achieving efficiency and agility. Jean-Marc will address several of the themes covered by the project: support of virtual teams (projects, task forces, etc), spread all over the world; knowledge sharing and innovation among engineering teams and communities; decision making - with both the collaborative process of building a proposal and the workflow process of validating the proposal.

Knowledge management fosters the reuse of intellectual capital, enables better decision making and creates the conditions for innovation. Among the many reasons for implementing a KM initiative are: preventing redundant effort, avoiding repeating past mistakes, and taking advantage of what others already know. KM allows people to share what they have learned, created, and proved; innovate to be more creative, inventive, and imaginative; reuse what others have already learned, created, and proved; collaborate with others to take advantage of what they know; and learn by doing from others and from existing information. This workshop will help you plan, develop and implement a knowledge management program through the following steps: • • • • • • Identifying the drivers for a KM plan Answering the nine key questions that will define the parameters, tools and requirements of your KM programme Using those answers to plan your new KM strategy Providing a detailed list of commitments you must gain from senior management to ensure buy-in at every level of the organisation Demonstrating how to create and execute your implementation plan Looking in-depth at all of the people, process and technology components you will need to utilise

Workshop C Leveraging cultural diversity to enhance knowledge flows 8.30 – 11.30
Facilitated by: Arthur Shelley, Founder, Intelligent Answers

About the workshop:

This interactive workshop will explore some new concepts around how to stimulate cross cultural interactions to enhance the performance of how knowledge is applied and shared in organisations. Using conversation as a tool to leverage diversity of thinking and approaches, we will generate ideas on how to develop a range of initiatives which utilise your cultural diversity to create more robust and engaging solutions.
You will:

• • • •

Learn how to leverage cultural differences to find creative solutions Understand how behaviour, attitudes and environmental aspects influence culture and decisions Explore cultural impacts on decisions and performance outcomes Discuss the practical implications of successful cultural interactions

You will engage in “conversations that matter” around what will work best for you in your own context. You will investigate how to use the knowledge framework and how it can be applied to enhance cultural interactions within your organisation.

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Target your knowledge
Seeing information through a single lens enables informed decisions.
Objective is an established leader and specialist provider of proven content, collaboration and process management solutions for the public sector. Come to our stand to see how Objective’s solutions can empower your organisation’s effectiveness, efficiency and transparency to help deliver better outcomes at a lower cost to your community.

KM & Collaboration

19 - 21 April 2010 Cr ystal Palace, Luna Park , Sydney

Speaker Profiles
Jerry Ash
Jerry Ash has been a leading advocate, oracle and an international thought leader in the development of knowledge management (KM) theory and practice for over 15 years. He founded the Association of Knowledgework (AOK) to provide a common ground in its Star Series Dialogues where the world’s top KM experts gathered virtually for years to hammer out differences and commonalities. He is a lifelong communicator whose experience has included a broad spectrum of advocacy and leadership roles including university professor, editor, publisher, author, state senator, hospital public relations director, CEO of a state hospital association and executive director of a human organ donor organization.Now, as a freelance writer, editor and publisher with Associated Professional Services, Jerry helps people and companies communicate in a new business and social environment where words matter. Currently he is focusing his KM research and writing on Human Capital Management.

Jean-Marc David

Jean-Marc David is in charge of Master Plan, Advanced Projects and Support to International Operations at the Engineering & Quality IS Department of Renault. His activities also include supporting partnerships with Avtovaz in Russia and Daimler, as well as the Collaborative Engineering Project. Prior to this, Jean-Marc David was responsible for delivering Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Document Management solutions at Renault. He has launched the KM Department in 2000 and was responsible for it until 2008. He has been involved in many international projects and conferences over the years.

Stephen Davie

Cory Banks

Cory Banks is the Executive for Knowledge & Business Systems in Australia-Pacific for the global infrastructure design consultancy, Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB).His portfolio at PB includes business systems, safety, environment and knowledge management. Cory has diverse experience working in a number of industries across public and private sectors in Australia, Europe and North America. He has held roles including business analyst, project manager, account manager, business consultant, facilitator, knowledge manager and barman. Cory is based in Brisbane and is enjoying the experience of raising a young family, despite the sleep deprivation.

Stephen Davie is a Senior Consultant within Arup’s Australasian Management Consultancy practice. His international consulting experience spans organisational change, performance improvement and knowledge management. Stephen has been involved in a number of high-profile ‘knowledge management’ engagements in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia, involving the coordination of people, process and technology to improve operational and / or financial performance. Stephen is currently leading a number of local engagements involving the establishment of Communities of Practice and the systems, processes and behaviours that underpin these Communities.

Stan Garfield

Michael Beckett

Michael Beckett is responsible for the provision and support of Information Technology (IT), Library and Records services across ANSTO. Michael has more than 35 years experience in the IT industry, and held a number of roles from computer operations through product marketing in Europe. Prior to joining ANSTO, he was Program Manager for the NSW Government Licensing Project. At ANSTO Michael is responsible for providing the science and business units with a reliable and flexible IT infrastructure, the ANSTO service desk and IT support services, and also IT and information management solutions project delivery.

Stan Garfield is the Community Evangelist in the Global Consulting Knowledge Management Group for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. Stan launched the first knowledge management program for the Digital Equipment Corporation in 1996 and assisted in the development of corporate KM strategy for Compaq in 2000. He has also led the Worldwide Consulting & Integration Knowledge Management Program for HewlettPackard, (2004-2008) and currently leads the SIKM Leaders Community with over 400 members globally.

Tony Gleeson

Christine Burton

Christine Burton is the Learning Technologies Manager for National Australia Bank’s People Services department, part of Business Services Australia. With a banking and technology career that has covered everything from frontline customer service to software development to foreign currency trading, Christine has now settled in web development and design for HR system delivery including learning and collaborative environments. Christine has been with NAB for over 11 years and has a Bachelor of Economics, Graduate Diploma in Information Technology, Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment and a Graduate Diploma in Computer Education.

Tony is the Executive General Manager of Member Knowledge for CPA Australia and leads a team responsible for the development of educational products that that include over 30,000 CPA program candidates sitting certification examinations. From 2002-2007 Tony worked for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’s Global Office in New York as the Global Director of Learning - Programs and Solutions. Prior to this position he was the Director of Learning for Deloitte’s Asia Pacific & Africa region.

Howard Hill

Howard Hill has been involved in knowledge management for 15 years. He is currently the knowledge and technology manager for the General Counsel’s Office of American Express in New York, a global role that he has occupied for almost ten years. Howard was bitten by the tech bug in the mid 1990s and soon after created and managed the intranet and internet site for a prominent boutique intellectual property firm of solicitors in London. Other jobs in publishing and e-commerce ensued before settling at Amex. He is a member of the New York bar and is entirely obsessed by gadgets and making music on the computer - in addition to knowledge management of course!

KM & Collaboration

19 - 21 April 2010 Cr ystal Palace, Luna Park , Sydney

Speaker Profiles
Philipp Hoffman
Philipp Hoffmann is a respected thought leader in the field of Enterprise Information Management. He has over 20 years of experience as an expert in supporting business processes through information management practices within the public and private sectors. A Director of Glentworth, Philipp is a highly experienced consultant widely respected in the delivery of strategic Information Management Programmes of work. Philipp is passionate about helping clients to deliver strategic outcomes through the skillful application of programme and management disciplines and understanding the bigger operational and strategic business concepts.

Arthur Shelley

Aw Siew Hoong

Aw Siew Hoong is the Asia Pacific Knowledge Manager for Shell Global Solutions. Prior to joining Shell, Siew Hoong spent 10 years with an international consultancy focusing on change management and learning & development for the energy industry. Recently he has been appointed as the Global Leader for the Shell Projects and Technology Wiki. In his spare time Siew Hoong enjoys spending time with his family watching movies

Arthur Shelley is a capability and knowledge strategy consultant, educator and author of the two books: Being a Successful Knowledge Leader and The Organizational Zoo, A Survival Guide to Workplace Behavior. He works with corporations and government teams to enhance outcomes from projects and knowledge based initiatives. In his former role of Global Knowledge Director at Cadbury Schweppes, he successfully initiated and facilitated virtual global communities to leverage knowledge, exchange ideas and increase productivity. Arthur created and mentors the ‘Organizational Zoo Ambassador Network’, a free voluntary group interested in using the “Zoo Concepts” and other techniques designed by Arthur to enhance relationships and performance. He is a regular speaker and workshop facilitator at international conferences and is also the knowledge management course coordinator for RMIT University’s MBA program.

Michelle Lambert

Michelle is a change management & knowledge practitioner who is passionate about all things to do with change and knowledge sharing in organisations be they across geographic or structura/silol boundaries. Key to this is her experience with change management, OD, facilitation, social media and leading teams. Knowledge and skills developed during this experience have been consolidated to deliver great results with mergers and acquisitions, the Knowledge Management Roundtable and her new Change Management Toolbox venture.

Helen Mitchell

As General Manager, Knowledge Networks for CPA Australia, Helen leads a team to develop strategies and implement projects that connect ‘people to knowledge’ and ‘people to people’. These bring about change in how the organisation provides access to knowledge, learning and development experiences, how it connects with its members, and how members connect with each other, globally. Her keen interest lies in the benefits and outcomes gained through knowledgesharing within virtual networks and communities of practice – their underlying behaviours and success drivers, and the collaborative spirit that enables them to create value.

David Neale

David is a product designer who stumbled into designing business processes for the energy industry. After consulting to companies such as Caltex, BOC Gases and Onesteel, David left the realm of large systems implementations to focus on internet technologies, most recently with ninemsn.He now runs his own company - Moxy Knowledge Management, which helps companies to make sound, evidence based decisions in the face of complexity and uncertainty. He is currently leading the development of Collaborative Modelling Software that does to spreadsheets, what Wikipedia did to text. David’s vision is to transform the way society explores common problems, moving them towards an evidence-based, transparent appraisal of the common good.

KM & Collaboration

Exhibitor List
Glentworth Silver Sponsor Stand #

Established in Queensland, Glentworth Pty Ltd is a privately held company specialising in high-calibre Information Management consultancy services in the Asia-Pacific. We can make the leveraging of your information a reality. A high degree of attention to detail, core ethical values and a willingness to commit to a true partnership characterise your engagement with Glentworth.


Bronze Sponsor

Stand #

Objective Corporation is an established leader and specialist provider of proven content, collaboration & process management solutions for the public sector. Our solutions empower public sector effectiveness, efficiency and transparency helping governments deliver better services to the community at a lower cost. Learn more at www.objective.com



Stand #

KnowledgeXpert is an integrated knowledge management & eDiscovery portal featuring: • • • DISCOVER: with a single search across enterprise and worldwide resources (including LexisNexis, Westlaw, Lawtel, Worksite, infoXpert and many more...) CREATE: knowledge content within a web based content platform COLLABORATE: and share knowledge content across the enterprise



Weblogics’ business intranet systems give enterprises easy access and management of documents, electronic forms, workflows, resources, correspondence/social networking and announcements/news. Totally web- based, it is your complete knowledge solution and business process automation tool that requires no programming and operates out-of-the box from day one. No programming means huge cost savings and no ‘never-ending’ implementations. With unsurpassed flexibility to meet your business needs, our products operate on your servers or can be hosted by us. Your staff, customers and partners can control all their key day-to-day business processes through a single individualised collaborative interface - anytime, anywhere.

StoneBridge Systems

Solution Hub

Stand #

StoneBridge Systems is an Australian company specialising in Enterprise Content Management. We provide full end to end solutions that solve all your content management needs covering document management, Web content management, knowledge management and portals. StoneBridge consultants have deep domain expertise in ECM development, support, consulting and implementation services. We don’t use your implementation as a training ground or supply you with generalist consultants. We supply you with experience, and that’s the StoneBridge Systems difference.

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Collaboration Site Visits
7 - 8 September 2010 Sydney
See the sites of :

» Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd » AMP » National Australia Bank » Freehills
Site fact files available at: http://tinyurl.com/collabsv
Site visit capacity: 18
Previous Site Visits have sold out 2 months prior. Please ask to be put on the waiting list for our next Collaboration site visit if the event is sold-out.

Feedback from previous Ark Group Site Visits:
“Really enjoyed the two days - will be sending my staff next time” Sensis “Hearing the experiences of other organisations in their workplace with the opportunity to ask questions is extremely valuable and a great way to learn.” Department for Environment and Heritage (SA) “Great learning from people who’ve done it and made mistakes, yet make it work!”” ACF

S ite

viSitS allow you to experience live collaboration SyStemS and gain an inSight into

the look , feel and functionality of the SyStem . becauSe you are actually at the hoSt organiSation , we are very limited in the number of people who can attend .

p leaSe

viSit the ark group Stand or contact aga @ arkgroupaSia . com for more detailS

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