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Open Source Software (OSS) has indeed made significant inroads into the global ICT
landscape and is firmly positioned as a viable and proven alternative to proprietary
software. Governments worldwide has accepted OSS and its business model as a socio-
economic development tool. The obvious advantages are its capacity to be an enabler
for improving public service delivery, enhancing competency development, increasing
market competitiveness and bridging digital divide. Hence, the Malaysian Public Sector
OSS Policy of encouraging the development and implementation of OSS becomes an
extremely fitting strategy in the nation’s transformation agenda.

The Malaysian Government’s efforts to transform the Public Sector as part of the
Government Transformation Programme (GTP) hinges on the effective use of ICT. In this
respect, the implementation of the Public Sector OSS Master Plan has triggered paradigm
shifts and enhanced public service delivery, in tandem with other ICT initiatives led by
MAMPU. The OSS Master Plan’s implementation has introduced new ways of working
and innovative use of ICT, thus enabling a much more widespread ICT adoption in the
Public Sector.

The benefits of OSS Master Plan implementation has transcended beyond the Public
Sector to contribute to the growth of the local ICT industry and local R&D community
towards nurturing an innovative, knowledge-based economy. MAMPU believes the
MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010, with the theme “Making the
Change”, provides a timely opportunity and supportive platform to further
accelerate adoption and implementation of OSS towards achieving Vision

I wish to express my profound appreciation to MDeC and for inviting

MAMPU to be an important part of this conference. To all delegates, I hope this
conference will be a great opportunity for you to exchange views and network
with your fellow peers towards building fruitful and lasting partnerships.
Thank you.

Dato’ Mohamad Zabidi Zainal

Director-General, MAMPU

mosc 2010.indd 3 6/26/10 1:28:17 PM

I am delighted to welcome you to the MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference
2010 (MOSC 2010).

First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate Malaysia Open Source Developers’
Club ( who have risen to the challenge and taken the lead in
organizing this international event for the very first time.

The workshops and tutorials to be held in MOSC 2010 will provide technical
exposure and knowledge on the importance of Open Source which allow for
enhanced competitiveness and freedom of choice. The conference sessions
are arranged so that the participants can use these as platforms to actively
interact, share and exchange on the latest trends and issues in Open Source.The
directions and latest innovations by the many subject matter experts, thought
leaders and industry gurus presented at this conference will be shared with
the community, in the true spirit of Open Source. We have also infused into the
program, 3 competitions organised by Red Hat, Novell and Microsoft, that we
hope will offer you an interesting set of challenges in deciphering, exploring
new concepts and technologies of the cloud computing and cross platform

I would also like to take this opportunity to extend my special thanks to our
sponsors, particularly our Platinum Sponsors, TM, Red Hat Asia Pacific and
Microsoft for their participation. This event would not have been possible
without them and our Titanium, Gold and Silver sponsors.

Lastly, it is my sincere wish that you enjoy the many ideas and opportunities
that will present themselves, and at the same time broaden your network of
relationships during this three-day conference.

Yours Sincerely,

Datuk Badlisham Ghazali

Chief Executive Officer
Multimedia Development Corporation

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Everything you need to sit on top
of the mission-critical food chain.
Introducing the highly-evolved SUSE Linux Enterprise 11. Today it’s even more reliable, delivering high
availability clustering with the affordability of open source. It’s more interoperable, bridging your mixed
Linux and Windows environments with support from both Novell and Microsoft. And it’s more adaptable,
powering your physical and virtual machines – from desktop to data center. All so you can lower your
infrastructure costs, make your people more productive, and turn your organization’s potential into reality.
See how the evolution of Linux can make IT work as one for you.

For more information please email us


mosc 2010.indd 6 6/26/10 1:28:28 PM

Open Source Software is about freedom of sharing and collaborating
together as a community in establishing software solutions which suit the
needs. The “gotong royong” creates number of software which now uses
by variety of vendors ranging from small to medium-sized firms to large
multinationals companies.

It is in my believe, and the same believe shared by many others, that we

should nurture world class developers. The world class developers that can
produce international recognized open source software or developers that
maintain well known open source software. Rather than be users, we shall be
the producers and maintainers to number of open source software.

We need to start and we shall start now. Community by their own initiatives
create number of projects with the hope by using open source software, its
will help us to produce the world class developers. For example,“Penguin
Masuk Kampung” is a project to educate children in villages the usages of
open source software in education. On top of that,“Linuxvarsiti” is another
project to showcase the use of open source software in universities. These
projects are among the others that have been created and managed
by volunteers in the Malaysian open source community. To name a few,
community such as, Projek Terjemahan Bahasa Melayu, Ubuntu-my, Facebook
Developer Garage, Wordpress Malaysia, Code Android Malaysia, Joomla-my,
Debian Malaysia, Opensuse Malaysia, Fedora-my among others. These small
communities have a big impact in human capital development in producing
the world class developers in Malaysia.

Lets make this happen, for the future of our generations.

Kalau kita beri makan ikan, anak-anak kita hanya akan kenyang sehari. Bila
kita ajar mereka memancing, mereka akan kenyang bertahun .

Your sincerely,

Harisfazillah Jamel Secretariat

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Day 1 Hands-On Workshop
Business Track Developer Track Community Track
(Manhattan III) (Bronx V) (Bronx VI)
7.45a.m Registration
8.30a.m Welcome Remarks OSDC.MY & MDEC
8.45a.m Opening Keynote - YBhg. Dato’ Zabidi Zainal, Director General - MAMPU, Malaysia
9.15a.m Keynote - Cloud Foundations build on Open Source
- Frank Feldmann, Red Hat Asia-Pacific/Japan
10.00a.m Scaling up using the Amazon Easy DNSSEC Deployment with Redhat Competition
- Ray Davies, IBM Inc, UK - Amir Haris, Localhost Malaysia
10.45a.m Blender & Other Tools for the Open Source Map Teach your kids online safety
Digital Artists - Dr Nik Mohamed Nizan, Mashmap, - Mohd Rashidi, Workzone, Malaysia
- Victor Yap, Malaysia Malaysia
11.30a.m Break
11.45p.m Koha Open Source Integrated Java EE midlife crisis - how to make the Drupal Web Portal Performance on
Library System Workshop best of it LAMP, Ahmad Najib Habeb,,
- Amzari Abu Bakar, UITM, Malaysia - Azrul Experian, Malaysia Malaysia
12.30p.m Embedded GNU/Linux System: A Open Source-Based Gas Law Experiment Skydiving into Social Game Industry
Smart Camera For Physics Education - Tho Siew Wei, with Facebook Platform - Nasrul Amri,
- Prof Dr. R. Badlishah Ahmad, UPSI, Malaysia Xadira, Malaysia
UNIMAP, Malaysia
1.15p.m Break & Lunch
2.15p.m Enabling Next Generation Cloud Monitoring with Zabbix Internet Malicious Miscreant
Infrastructure through Open - Walter Heck, Olindata, Australia - Muhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi, IIUM,
Source: Trends and Insights For Malaysia
Pang Vern Chia, Red Hat ASEAN
3.00p.m No Bugs, No Holes: Can Proof Android Applications in 3D Gentlemen, Start Your Nginx!
Assistants Help Achieve Software - Yap Wen Jiun, MMU, Malaysia - Errazudin Ishak, MIMOS, Malaysia
- Kim-Ee Yeoh, Atamo Technologies,
3.45p.m Break
4.00p.m “Open Source Software in Medi- Has the current paradigm of the user 1 Hour Prototype: Web Application
cine and its interface reached its objectives? Development with Grails
Cultivation in Japan, - Uwe Dippel, UNITEN, Malaysia - Mohd Suhaizal Md Kamari, Jaringan Data,
Dr. Shinji Kobayashi, Ehime Malaysia
University, Japan”
4.45p.m Open Source BI & Bpm in the Open Source Tools for Creating Mashups Joomla 1.6 Security
cloud with Government Datasets - Sam Moffat, Joomla, Australia
- Patrick Beaucamp, Bpm-Conseil, - Mohammed Firdaus bin Mohammed AB
France Halim, Malaysia
5.30p.m Global Jam Ubuntu Mini Facebook Garage & Meet Up Joomla Day Meetup
Ubuntu Malaysia Facebook Malaysia Joomla Malaysia
Open To Public

8.00p.m CLOSED

** Accurate at Press Time

mosc 2010.indd 8 6/26/10 1:28:30 PM

Day 2 Tutorial & Workshop
Business Track Developer Track Community Track
(Manhattan III) (Bronx V) (Bronx VI)
8.00a.m Registration
9.00a.m Why Open Source Matters to The Development Of Linear Motion Experi- Novell Competition - Running .Net ap-
Average Joe ment Using Open Source Python And plications on SUSE Linux Enterprise and
- Sam Choo, Joget Workflow, Rotary Motion Sensor Creating Custom Software Appliance
Malaysia - Sazliman Ismail, UPSI, Malaysia - Han Wen Kam, Novell Inc
9.45a.m Welcome Remark by Adli Wahid, CyberSecurity Malaysia
10.00a.m Keynote - The cloud as the new OSS business model
- Gary Sweeting, Microsoft Corporation
11.15a.m Break
11.30a.m Open Source on the cloud as a Foundations for Cloud Computing Open Source Software Development
monetization strategy - Paul Kangro, Novell Inc Practices that Works - Teo Choong Ping,
- Lai Hoong Fai, Microsoft Corpora-
tion, Malaysia
FavoriteMedium Singapore
Thin2cloud - Aziman Noor, OSYS Net, Msia
12.30p.m Unveiling The Business Values Asterisk, a key to IP convergent MPEG hardware encoding in the imple-
of IT Architecture Body of Knowl- - I C Chen, SITA, Malaysia mentation of a Digital Video Recorder
edge (ITABOK) - Sharifah Ummu Kulthum bt Syed Abdul
- Hasan Ganny Hanif Francis - IASA Rahman, IIUM, Malaysia
1.00p.m Break & Lunch
2.00p.m A proactive and open way to Open source for securing data with A history of computer security
monitor your enterprise advanced Crypto-Steganography techniques
- Dr Daniel Ali, Intuit Innovations, technology - Sam Moffat, Joomla, Australia
Malaysia - Suhas Desai, Tech Mahindra, India
2.45p.m Cloud Computing: More than A Framework for Open-Source MariaDB: MySQL->Next?
What Meets the Eyes Interoperable Distributed ETL - Colin Charles, Grok Malaysia
- Dr. Jeh Shyan Wong, CommerceNet, Components Based on SOA
Singapore - Mohammed M I Awad, Universiti Utara
Malaysia (UUM), Malaysia
3.30p.m Break
3.45p.m PHP and the Cloud Beginning Smartphone Web Develop- Introduction into comprehensive
- Vito Chin, Ibuildings, UK ment erp-application sql-ledger
- Bikesh, iTrain, Malaysia - Frans Van Der Star, Netherland
4.30p.m HTML5 - what it is, and why is it WordPress: 3.0 Milestone, Community, System Administration Tips and Tricks,
important Showcase Sazli , BSD Malaysia
- Mark Rees, Century Software , - Simon Lim, WP Design Studio, Malaysia
5.30p.m Bird Of Feather WordPress Mini Conference Debian Day - Gnome Translation
Code Android Malaysia WordPress Malaysia Language Project
Debian Malaysia
Open To Public

8. 00p.m CLOSED

** Accurate at Press Time

mosc 2010.indd 9 6/26/10 1:28:30 PM

Day 3 Tutorial & Workshop
Business Track Developer Track Community Track
(Manhattan III) (Bronx V) (Bronx VI)
9.00a.m OSS Development Project in Content Management Using Object Development of an data logger based
Thailand Relational Database Approach on open hardware and software,UPSI
- Krich Nasingkun, NECTC, Thailand - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Md Gapar Md Johar, - Md Zahar Othman, Malaysia
MSU, Malaysia
9.30a.m Welcome Remarks by OSDC.MY
9.45a.m Keynote - Rizatuddin Mohd Ramli - MDeC Malaysia
10.30a.m Economics of FOSS in Healthcare: Creating an Open Source Business in the Simultaneous Disk Imaging Using Open-
Digital Divergence vs Digital Philippines, Source Tools for Digital Forensic
Divide - Anson Uy, Touch Solution, Philippines - Ibrahim Yusuf ,MMU Melaka, Malaysia
- Professor Dato’ Dr Syed Mohamed
Aljunid, UNI-IIGH, Malaysia
11.00a.m Break
11.15a.m Christopher Bergström Deadly Sins Using MySQL and PHP - Running Linux On an Old Desktop - Azhar
Walter Heck, Olindata, Austalia Mohd Zakaria, Rizer Malaysia
11.45a.m Secure Open Source Virtualization Google Maps - Heatmaps DIY Your Security Tools With Open
for Today’s Enterprises, - Kerstin Pittl, DMSBT, Australia Source Code
- Pang Vern Chia, Redhat Inc - Mahmod Abd Rahman,
CyberSecurity Malaysia
12.15p.m The Important roles of Gorgeous Next generation of ERP systems Milking The Cloud Competition
Geeks for ICT Industry and Beyond - Seyed Mohammad Motahar, Workshop & Announce for Winner
- Alecia Heng, Gorgeous OpenERP, Iran
Geek, Malaysia
12.45p.m Break & Lunch
2.00p.m Cloud Computing in Developing OWASP and What It Can Do For You Open Source and The Next Generation
Nations - Marshal Yung, - Cecil Su, OWASP Global, Singapore Infrstructures
Synapses Systems, Malaysia - Mardhani Riasetiawan, UTP, Malaysia
2.45p.m Google Earth API Open Source Driven Device for OWASP Joomla CMS Vulnerability
- Kerstin Pittl, DMSBT, Australia E-community, Scanner
Dato Dr. Raja Malek, CUCST Malaysia - Aung Khan, YGN Ethical
Hacker Group, Myanmar
3.30p.m Break
3.45p.m Analyzing Malicious PDF with How does open source VMM helps to The JavaScript Programming Language
Open Source Tools reduce the risk of HVM rootkits - Ditesh Gathani, Malaysia
- Ahmad Azizan Idris that can effect your cloud computing
and other VM deployment
- Azril Azam Abdul Rahim,
IMPACT, Malaysia
4.30p.m CyberSecurity Malaysia Benevolent Dictatorship in Open Source SysAdmin Day - Brotherhood of RPM
Software Projects Fedora & OpenSuSe Malaysia
- Jeremy Malcolm, Australia
5.30p.m End Note by OSDC.MY
6.00p.m Lightning Talk

** Accurate at Press Time

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mosc 2010.indd 11 6/26/10 1:28:30 PM
Speakers’ Profile

mosc 2010.indd 12 6/26/10 1:28:31 PM

Cecil Su,Director Grant Thornton LLP, Singapore
Cecil Su is a Director of Grant Thornton LLP in Singapore. As head of the Technology
Advisory unit, he leads various engagement teams on diversified projects across
vertical industries. His area of focus is in IT Assurance, IT Security Advisory and Digital
Forensics. Aside from being the elected global committee member for the OWASP
Education board, Cecil is also the current Chapter Lead for the Singapore Honeynet
Project, ExCo member for the Association of Information Security Professionals
(AISP), and a member of the security Controls and Security Services Working Group
(Singapore representative body for ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27/WG 4). He currently holds
the CISSP, OPST, CISA, CISM and OCP DBA certifications.

Frank Feldmann , Director - Business & Technology Solution,

Red Hat APAC
Frank Feldmann is the Director of Business and Technology Solutions for Asia Pacific
/ Japan. He is instrumental in developing business strategies in Cloud Computing
and Virtualization and Middleware. Frank has over 14 years of experience in the
field of open standards and open source. In 2008, Frank started off his career with
Red Hat as the Senior Product Manager for Asia Pacific and was responsible for
the Red Hat Infrastructure solutions such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat
Enterprise Virtualization. Prior to Red Hat, Frank worked at Novell Asia Pacific in the
role of Technical Alliance Manager. He was responsible for technical relationships
with IBM, Hewlett Packard and Dell. Prior to relocating to Asia, Frank co-owned and
managed a Java services company in the Netherlands specializing in Open Source
JBoss Middleware technology. Before that, Frank worked as a Product Manager for
SilverStream Software EMEA, an innovative J2EE middleware software vendor that
was acquired by Novell Inc. mid 2002.

Paul Kangro, Chief Technology Officer - Novell APAC

He is responsible for providing technicalleadership with regard to Novell’s products
and solutions to the market-place andworking closely with product development
to ensure market needs are meet. Paul alsoprovides direction to major companies
on strategic choices of data centre technology,including consolidation, DR and
orchestration. During Paul’s eight years with Novell hehas been instrumental in the
introduction of Novell’s Linux product portfolio into theAsia Pacific Market and is a
regular presenter at industry and tradeshows.Prior to joining Novell in 2000, Paul
spent 16 years in technical, sales, marketing andmanagement assignments. The
majority of his time was at IBM, Paul has also workedfor Cable & Wireless Optus
and Nortel Networks in technical, marketing and projectmanagement roles.Paul
studied Electrical Engineering at the University and New South Wales and holds
aPost Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management and a Masters of Management
fromthe Macquarie Graduate School of Management in Sydney.


mosc 2010.indd 13 6/26/10 1:28:33 PM

Gary Sweeting, Enterprise Technology Strategist Microsoft
Gary is the Enterprise Technology Strategist for Software + Services within the
Worldwide Customer Advocacy & Technology Management (CATM) team. Based in
Hong Kong, his primary focus is to work closely with each of the APAC countries
to champion Microsoft’s Cloud platform initiatives to the company’s customers
and partners. His responsibilities in this position require regular interaction with
the various members of the business groups across the region, to help guide their
marketing and strategy initiatives. Gary’s role also encompasses helping drive
Microsoft’s Interoperability efforts in Asia-Pacific, particularly in the areas of Open
Source and Standards. Over the past 15 years, Gary has worked in various technical,
consulting, sales & marketing roles for Internet start-ups and solution providers.
Prior to joining Microsoft in 2006 he was the Technology Advocate for Workplace,
Portal & Collaboration at IBM Asia Pacific.

Pang Vern Chia, Solutions Architect Red Hat,ASEAN

As a Solutions Architect for ASEAN, Pang acts as a technical front for the sales team,
responsible for pre-sales support to the channels and Account Managers in the
region. In addition to designing Linux-based solutions for enterprise customers,
Pang delivers sales and technical training for partners in Linux and has represented
Red Hat in various speaking engagements in the region. Prior to Red Hat, he was
the lead Systems Consultant in various sizable deals across Malaysia. He is equipped
with strong expertise in server and storage technology. Vern Chia holds various
awards from Dell such as ‘Top Techical Sales Representative of APJ ASG for FY07’.
Pang holds a BSc. (Hons) Business Information Technology from the University of
Northumbria at Newcastle, UK.

Suhas Desai,Security Analyst Tech Mahindra, India

Suhas Desai is a distinguished Security analyst working with Tech Mahindra.
He is developing capabilities in Mobile Application security services. Suhas is a
contributing writer for” Linux for You”,“Linux+ DVD” and “Linux Journal” magazines.
He has co-authored a book “Security in computing” for Pearson Education
(Publication Year - 2010). He is Feature writer for His
research papers on Security , RFID and Image Processing are published in various
reputed proceedings and journals like –ISA EXPO 2004, TX, USA.; “InTech” Journal,
Global Automation Magazine, TX, USA ; WIA’05,11th IEEE real time & Embedded
Systems Symposium, CA, USA.; E-SMART 2005, France. Suhas has delivered noted
sessions at Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia; OSSPAC’09 (Open source
Singapore Pacific Asia Conference), Singapore; INTEROP 2009, MUMBAI and at
ClubHack 2009, Pune. He is a frequent speaker at prominent industry and customer
forums, conferences which are important to IT executives and academics. He is a
Member of Board of Advisors for Open Source Software Pacific Asia Conference and
Expo (OSSPAC) 2010, Sydney, Australia.

14 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 14 6/26/10 1:28:34 PM

Kam Han Wen, Product & Technology Manager, Novell Inc, APAC
With over 10 years of experience in the enterprise software infocommindustry, Han
hasprovided consulting services to a wide spectrum of clients from both private and
publicsectors in Asia Pacific. Han is capable of bridging technology and the desired
value tobusinesses, particularly in the area of IT optimization through a combination
oftraditional private source and open source solutions.Han has also been very
successful in the field of Linux on IBM System z (akaMainframe) with customers
from both the finance and government sectors. He isexperienced in infrastructure
review and design for the purpose of yielding the desiredTCO and IT efficiency for
customers since 2004.Han is a Novell Certified Linux Professional since Feb 2007. He
is also a coauthorofthe IBM Redbook “WebSphere and .NET Coexistence” published
in Feb/Mar 2004.

Ray Davies, IBM Corporation UK

Ray Davies has worked with IBM hardware and software for the last 23 years and
has installed and configured IBM Mainframes, IBM Midrange systems and IBM
distributed systems. Ray has worked with most operating systems and has specific
expertise in IBM’s OS/2 and SNA protocols. Ray has seen the transformation of pure
Unix systems to vendor specific Unix derivatives and the slow but steady rise of Linux.
Ray has been an aficionado of Linux since working with the SUSE team in the UK and
has promoted the use of Open Source as a viable alternative and real choice ever
since. What is well know and appreciated by the industry is IBM’s support for Linux
on server platforms supporting business critical applications but less well known
is IBM’s commitment to the desktop environment. IBM’s continued commitment
to the Linux Desktop environment provides customers with real choice as all IBM
mission critical applications work natively on Linux. Ray has been part of the IBM
Linux on the desktop drive in IBM and regularly run Move2Linux events for IBMers
where the standard desktop is replaced with a high performance Linux desktop. Ray
has very close ties to Canonical in the UK and has spoken at a number of shared
events talking about IBM’s Open Collaboration Client Solution.

Walter Heck, Founder Olindata, Australia

“Walter Heck is founder of OlinData and, working on Systems Monitoring,
MySQL Database Administration and all related systems administration. With
over 10 years of experience in IT, partly working in a corporate environment and
partly working as an entrepreneur, parlty working as a developer, partly working
as a DBA and partly working as a SysAdmin, partly working in Closed Source and
parlty working in Open Source, he understands all angles of the game.Currently
he’s running OlinData in the most environmentally friendly way possible, while
working location independently. He’s an expert on MySQL, Zabbix, Linux systems
administration and many other topics.”


mosc 2010.indd 15 6/26/10 1:28:35 PM

Dr. Jeh Shyan Wong, CEO, CommerceNet Singapore
Dr. Jeh Shyan WONG is the CEO of CommerceNet Singapore. He had played an
active and key role in the formation of nine of the most aggressive southern China
private equities internationally. The organisation that he heads, CommerceNet
Singapore (CNSG) is a not-for-profit organisation, part of the global CommerceNet
consortium of business partners that organises resources from the industry, plans
and executes key strategies. They seek to sustain market initiatives that promote
security, innovations and develop human, intellectual, financial and cultural capitals
within the self-sustaining enterprise ecosystems. CNSG has been involved actively
in initiatives that pioneer and advance tomorrow’s technology, today. CNSG has
keep up a strategic role as a key influencer, encouraging innovation and driving

Sam Moffatt, Joomla Organization, Australia

Sam Moffatt is has for the last half a decade worked on the Joomla! project to build
up a content management system which now powers around 1% of the internet.
His present role with Joomla! is as a development co-ordinator. Outside of Joomla!,
Sam works for the University of Southern Queensland as a Systems Co-ordinator
developing and deploying open source web systems like ePrints and VuFind in
addition to working on Library mobile services. Sam is also completing a master
of computing studying computer security in systems as varied as Windows to

Dr. Shinji KOBAYASHI, Bioregulatory Medicine Ehime University,

He is a representative of medical open source software council in Japan.
He is a clinical hematologist/oncologist and a developer of open source software in
medicine with more than 15 years experience. Japan medical association (JMA) has
developed their e-health system as open source software from 10 years ago. He has
cooperatively promoted open source software benefit in medical field with JMA and
other developers in Japan. He also leads the Ruby implementation of the openEHR
project, which develop a semantic interoperability standard in medicine.

Krich Nasingkun, Acting director, Open Source Software Lab,

National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, Thailand
He is also Co-Head of Linux TLE project (Thai Language Extension) distribution and
Linux SIS project (Simple Internet Server) distribution and also Team member of
OfficeTLE (Localization version of

16 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 16 6/26/10 1:28:35 PM

Frans Van der Star, Founder Van Der Star, Netherland
Frans van der Star (59 years) joined after his Baccalaureate the Royal Dutch Navy.
After his six years’ military service he had worked for several Departments in the
Public Sector for two decades. In the meantime he got three College degrees
in Business Science. After his career as a Civil Servant he has worked as a IT-
related consultant since fifteen years. He has done big implementation-projects
within ERP-discipline for huge Dutch companies. Also he has done smaller
general business-projects in the SMB-sector. Frans van der Star will show in
his vivid presentation the tremendous and innovative possibilities of the new
trend regarding the budget-friendly Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning
Software for the “new” generation of Small and Medium Businesses. In his talk he
will provide the audience an overview look into the comprehensive ERP-Open-
Source Application SQL-Ledger. All this with the intention to deliver refreshing
approaches towards profit and non-profit sector and the Institutions of Higher
Learning in Malaysia. In his address he will visualize the audience with the aid of
examples by slides of this software and its profitable substantial benefits. Frans
van der Star was plenary speaker during MYGOSSCON 2009.

Aung Khant, YGN Ethical Hacker, Myanmar

Aung Khant is a penetration tester, security researcher, and web application security
enthusiast from Myanmar. He is a founder of YGN Ethical Hacker Group (YEHG),
a well-known Burmese hacker community. He is a contributor to the w3af (Web
Application Audit and Attack Framework) and OWASP (Open Web Application
Security Project). He has developed security tools including JHijack(Session
Hijacking Tool), Greasemonkey Fuzzers, PHP Attack Detector, OWASP Joomla!
Vulnerability Scanner that gets hundreds of download hits weekly at sourceforge.
He is also known for his comprehensive walk-through series of OWASP WebGoat
and WebScarab tutorial movies. He has uncovered and disclosed security
vulnerabilities in a number of applications such as phpMyAdmin, CodeIgnitor,
DOMPDF, TinyBrowser, and Joomla! Components. Whatever he does about security
stuffs can be found at YEHG lab, He managed to attain the
BSc in Computing and Information Systems from London Metropolitan University
while devoting his life to security stuffs. Currently he is working for Grant
Thornton LLP where he performs penetration tests on dozens of various systems
and applications each month.

Jeremy Malcom, Project Coordinator Consumers International,

Jeremy Malcolm is Project Coordinator for Intellectual Property and
Communications at Consumers International’s regional office for Asia-Pacific and
the Middle East based in Kuala Lumpur. He manages a global project on Access
to Knowledge, which includes advocacy for the benefits of free and open source
software. He is an avid FOSS user, and a registered Debian GNU/Linux developer
since 2002. He has previously spoken at the 2009 conference, and three


mosc 2010.indd 17 6/26/10 1:28:36 PM conferences. He completed his PhD in Internet governance in 2009
and is admitted to practice law in Australia and New York

Kerstin Pittl, Lead Architect & Developer DMSBT, Australia

Kerstin is the Lead Architect & Developer for DMSBT – a Google Enterprise Partner in
Sydney, Australia. Kerstin is a passionate advocate of open source technology and is
widely renowned as one of the industry’s foremost experts on the Google Enterprise
suite – most specifically Google Maps. In her career, Kerstin has worked with clients
from all walks of life – from unfunded start-ups to central banks and from not-for-
profit charities to intelligence and military agencies.

Vito Chin, Software Engineer Ibuilding, UK

Vito Chin is the lead maintainer of the Gmagick extension for PHP (
gmagick) and a software engineer with Ibuildings UK. His work revolves around
helping web leaders worldwide in the adoption and continuous use of open-source
software such as PHP, httpd and Linux with a specialisation in platform performance,
scalability and availability. He writes widely for open-source related websites and
magazines and is the co-author of PHP in the Cloud, to be made available to the
public in June 2010. He advocates minimalism in software engineering and design.
His articles and code can be accessed at

Patrick Beaucamp, CEO BPM-Conseil France

Patrick Beaucamp is founder and Ceo of Bpm-conseil, a french company first
dedicated to BI and BPM platform integration. With almost 20 years of experience
in BI area, with participation in early 90s to Cognos PowerPlay & Impromptu launch
in West Europe, Patrick has founded in 2007 the Vanilla Open Source BPI Project,
rewarded by independant analysts as one of the Top 10 successfull French Open
Source Project (April 09) and as major competitor of SAP Business Object, IBM
Cognos and Microstrategy platform (November 09).

Mark Rees, Chief Technology Officer Century Software, Australia

Mark is the CTO of Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd which uses Open Source software
to help develop their products. Mark has been a user and developer of Open Source
software since 1995 when he installed Linux for the first time. He has spoken at 4
OSDC conferences, and last years MOSC. He was a member the organising team for
OSDC 2008 and PyCon Australia 2010. Over the last 30+ years, Mark has programmed
in many languages, but has the most fun programming in Python which he has
been using since 1997. He is the creator of the isapi_wsgi adaptor, and a number
of Informix Database adaptors for Python Web Frameworks. He is the past convenor
but still active member of SyPy, the Sydney Python Users Group. Mark splits his time
between Sydney and Kuala Lumpur.

18 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 18 6/26/10 1:28:37 PM

Seyed Mohammad Motahar, Developer OpenERP, Iran
Winner of swiss international inventino competition in the filed of IT. In 2003 in Iran
in the field of applied science and technology, He became one of the best student of
the country just for a research project Which was developing a Software framework
and making a telerobot completely controlled from the Internet with a dedicated
programming language. Seyed Mohammad Motahar is one of the Iranian ICT
inventors,His last invention won a silver medal of Swiss international invention fair.
But almost all the codes and frameworks was closed and patented, Simultaneously
he is Product development manager of a company which is based in the Netherlands,
He is in charge of developing and extending functionality of the OpenERP specially
for B2B and E-Commerce solutions.Now he starts making his next idea open source
and it is noting but the next generation of open source ERPs.

Victor Yap, SA Renderfun, Singapore

As a consultant, Victor Yap helps companies develop cost-efficient production
workflow and massively parallel High-Performance Computing for 3D animation.
Current projects involves assisting creative studios migrate to open source solutions
to streamline their workflow, with programs like Blender to a constantly evolving 3D
animation environment. Blender is a strong open source contender to mainstream
programs such as Maya and Softimage. Armed with a double degree in Electronic Arts
& Computer Science and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Media Technology that
was earned through his skills and experience in a practical learning environment,
he brings all his experiences to his commitment to promote Open Source Software
(OSS). Deeply involved with OSS usage and deployment since 1996, he presently
dedicates himself to using open source as a tool for digital content creation. True
to the spirit of OSS, he wants to share his experiences, insights and knowledge
with everyone. Working closely with Blender Foundation, he secured approval to
initiate Blender Talk in SIGGPRAPH ASIA 2008 in Singapore. He is currently the Lead
Organizer of Blender User Group of Singapore. As a speaker, he has been engaged
to speak on various occassions such as with the SIGGRAPH Singapore Chapter
sponsored by Hewlett Packard, and on Software Freedom Day organized by the Free
and Open Source Alliance (FOSA) Singapore in partnership with the National Library
Board of Singapore. Victor Yap has been sharing his expertise in the benefits and
production knowledge with the masses

Anson Uy, Founder, Tech Solution Philippines

Anson Uy is the founder of Touch Solutions Incoporated, a 9 year old company
specializing in Open Source business. Anson has introduced the usage of linux in the
enterprise and is considered a resource speaker for open source in the country. Anson
is a board member of the Commission on Information Technology eGovernance
Center of Excellence in the Philippines. Currently, Touch Solutions is a distributor of
Novell Suse Linux and MySQL products in the Philippines


mosc 2010.indd 19 6/26/10 1:28:37 PM

Rizatuddin Ramli, Director MDeC, Malaysia
Rizatuddin has been at Multimedia Development Corp since 1998, currently he is
the General Global Profiling and Portfolio Management, in a role which involves
developing MSC Malaysia global icons as a function of innovative companies,
products and services and in alignment of business & technology goals of MSC
Malaysia and Vision 2020.Touted as “a bulwark of MDeC since time immemorial.
He’s a critical asset to any company, namely the MSC. Ritz is creative, dynamic,
insightful... he’s a great guy and a pleasure to work with”. Dynamic, results oriented
technology executive with broad experience in general management, technology
management and customer care. Hehas seen through success in implementing new
concepts and methods to drive transformational change across the organization.

Dr Syed Mohamed Ajunid, Consultant UNU-IIGH, United Nation

Dr Syed Mohamed Aljunid a Professor of Health Economics and the first Malaysian
to obtain PhD in Health Economics and Financing. Currently he is the Consultant in
Public Health Medicine and Senior Research Fellow in United Nations University-
International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH) which was established in
2006. Prior to joining UNU-IIGH, he served for more than 20 years in Department
of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, in
various positions from lecturer, Professor and Head of Department. He obtained his
MD from UKM in 1985, Master of Science in Public Health from National University
of Singapore in 1989 and PhD in Health Economics and Financing Programme,
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 1995. He is a Fellow of Academy
of Medicine Malaysia since 2000.His main interest is on the use of ICT to strengthen
healthcare system especially the health financing mechanisms of developing
countries. He has vast experience in supporting government of Indonesia,
Mongolia, Philippine, Uruguay, Vietnam and Malaysia on the implementation of
case-mix system to enhance efficiency and quality of healthcare services funded
particularly by social health insurance scheme.He has been consulted by a number
of international agencies including WHO (WPRO/SEARO/EMRO), UNICEFF, UNFPA,
UNAIDS, Asian Development Bank and the World Bank on various projects in
relation to delivery of healthcare services. Currently, he is the co-Chair of Morbidity
Reference Group of ICD-11 Revision under WHO

20 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 20 6/26/10 1:28:39 PM

Mahmud Ab Rahman, Intrusion Analyst, MyCert CyberSecurity
Mahmud Ab Rahman currently works as Information Security Specialist for
Malaysia Computer Emergency and Response Team (MyCERT) under umbrella of
CyberSecurity Malaysia. Prior to that, he worked as an Intrusion Analyst at MyCERT
department. His education background comprises of Master Degree in Computer
Science from National University of Malaysia in 2006. Prior to that, he obtained a
Degree in Computer Science from the same university. Mahmud has been involved
in the computer security field for over 5 years. His area of focus and interest is
network security, honeynet, botnet monitoring, and malware analysis. He also
engages in several penetration-testing exercises and to provide solutions for any
vulnerability detected. Moreover, he is recognized for conducting numbers of
training for organizations to talk on topics ranging from introduction to advanced
security courses. He also presented at conferences such as FIRST TC and Infosec.MY.
He is also main contributor for CyberSecurity Malaysia Honeynet Project’s blog

Hasan Ganny Hanif Francis, President , IASA Malaysia

Hasan Ganny bin Hanif Francis has been working in the IT industry since 1988,
covering various functional areas of Enterprise and IT Architecture, IT Strategic
Planning, Information Technology Consulting, Business Process Improvements,
Systems Development and Systems Integration. He spent his entire career in the
software development activities and since 2000, he focused mainly in the area of
Enterprise and IT architecture where he has architected large and complex systems
with one of Malaysian largest conglomerate group of companies.
Hasan has been sharing his Enterprise and IT Architecture passion and experience
in this region and middle east. He actively started getting involved in IASA
Malaysia since 2004 and was elected as the IASA Malaysia President in 2008. He
holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Master’s Degree in Business
Administration ( MBA ), and throughout his career, has held various positions from
Analyst Programmer, Project Manager, SAP R/3 Consultant, Enterprise Architect
and currently heads the Business Services division in Time Engineering Berhad,

YM Dato’ Dr. Raja Malik Mohamed, Dean SIT, CUCST Malaysia

Dato’ Dr. Raja Malik Mohamed is the Dean of School of Information Technology, City
University College of Science and Technology (CUCST). Heis also the President of
Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC), the recognized body for ICT
professionals in Malaysia as well as the former President of the South-East Asia
Regional Computer Confederation or SEARCC. Dato’ Dr. Raja Malik was formerly
the Deputy Director-General of MAMPU and the Chief Information Officer (CIO)
of the Public Sector. Prior to this, he has given distinguished service to INTAN, the
Ministry of Educationand other relevant government agencies. He is currently the
Chairman of NISA Advanced Solutions Sdn Bhd. and active in advocating the open


mosc 2010.indd 21 6/26/10 1:28:40 PM

Alecia Heng, President, Gergeous Geeks Malaysia
Alecia is the President and Co-founder for Gorgeous Geeks (www.gorgeousgeeks
net) which was founded in Jan 2008. Being a volunteer for the non-profit interest
group, Alecia’s passion is to promote IT as a lifestyle for women, as well as, to provide
supporting network for women in technology and to inspire other women to join
the ICT industry. As an IASA (International Association of Software Architect) Vice
President of Women in Technology SIG and entrepreneurial leader with diversified
experiences, She has more than 14 years of experience in various strategic initiatives
and engagements to help businesses in leveraging Information Technology. Her
experiences include Strategic Enterprise Management, Business Values of IT, BPR,
Knowledge Management, e-Business Initiatives & Strategic Consultancy for the
industry sector of Education, manufacturing, Logistics & FSI. Alecia is frequent
public speakers in the IT & Business conferences across region. She appears regularly
in the media like television, news paper, magazine and radio station to share her
view on women and technology. She has been recognized for her “Outstanding
Career Achievements and Contribution to Society in the Technology Sector” by The
Malaysian Women’s Weekly Great Women of Our Time Award 2008. Alecia holds a
Master of Technology from the National University of Singapore, Postgraduate in
Information System from Curtin University, Australia and a Bachelor of Computer
and Mathematical Sciences from the University of Western Australia.

Azril Azam Abdul Rahim, Team Leader, IMPACT Malaysia

Azril azam is currently works as the Global Response Center Development Team
Leader with the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats
(IMPACT), an International Telecommunication Union (ITU) cybersecurity agenda
agency. Previously, azril works as the senior researcher with MIMOS Berhad
specialized in x86 system virtualization, trusted computing, and computer forensics.
He is currently a GIAC certified forensics analyst and also the EC COUNCIL certified
security instructor. He has wrote several papers pertain to system security, computer
forensics and system virtualization. He also a firm believer in OSS where till this date
has wrote several security software under the GNU license. His computer forensics
software project called FIRST has won several international and demostic awards
including gold award for invention at ITEX 2006 and best Malaysian open source
software 2006. Currently at his sparetime, he is in the final stage in completing
the next OSS project, his very own low overhead x86 virtualization system called
MESINMAYA (sneak peak at

Ahmad Azizan Idris, Intrusion Analyst MyCert, CyberSecurity

Ahmad Azizan graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia with
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and is currently working as an Intrusion
Analyst in Malaysia Computer Emergency Response Team (MyCERT) at CyberSecurity
Malaysia. His works mainly concentrated in incident handling, malware analysis,
security tools development and other security-related stuff. Currently he involves
heavily in mitigating client-side attack specifically on Malicious PDF analysis.

22 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 22 6/26/10 1:28:40 PM

Marshal Yung, CSA, Synapses System Malaysia
With more than 10 years of industry experience in the business technology field, I
had accumulated in depth knowledge in business and technology integration as
well as software engineering and database developments.
Graduated with a BSc. in Computing Science majoring in Software Engineering
from the University of Greenwich, London, I currently hold the position as Chief
Software Architect in Synapses Systems Sdn Bhd, a company providing SaaS and
PaaS solutions which I’m also a co-founder. Besides operating Synapses Systems, I
also provide public trainings on PHP, MySQL and Software Engineering courses for
the past 6 years to both public and private sectors.

Bikesh, Co-founder, Itrain Malaysia

Bikesh or better known as “Mike” is the co-founder of iTrain and has been in the
IT industry for the past 13 years. Highly motivated and ambitious, Bikesh has
vast experience in the developer’s world spaning various platforms of which he
currently focuses on Mobile Technologies. Bikesh leads the development team of
iTrain’s subsidiary iCode (M) Sdn Bhd which develops and consults on large scale
custom and mobile solutions. He is regularly sought after as the leading developer
trainer/consultant for new technologies in most major development houses and
corporations in the SEA region..

Sam Choo, Joget Workflow Malaysia

Sam is an experienced technology and corporate leader with vast experience
at different levels of the organisation. He has a multi-disciplined career of more
than 13 years, spanning from Civil Engineering to Information Technology to
Manufacturing. His academic qualifications include an MSc in Computing from the
Imperial College, University of London and a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering
(1st Class Honours) from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. Sam is a member of the
Institution of Engineers Malaysia and a registered Professional Engineer with
the Board of Engineers, Malaysia.Involved on several technology start-ups in
Malaysia, Sam provided vital market and technical expertise in the setting up
and implementation of these projects. He has also worked on various Information
Technology related projects, ranging from Project Management, Computer Aided

Assoc Prof Dr. Md Gapar Md Johar, Dean FISE, MSU Malaysia

A certified e-commerce consultant, he has over 30 years working experience in
software and application development and has developed many applications such
as Housing Loan Accounting System, Commercial Vehicle Licensing System, Human
Resource Management System, Learning Content Management System and Campus
Management System. His research interests include object-oriented analysis and
design, software engineering, Java programming, digital image analysis, Radio
Frequency Identification (RFID) and knowledge management. Currently he is
involved in research and development of Jawi Word Processor and Converter in
open system environment, image processing and character recognition, e-learning


mosc 2010.indd 23 6/26/10 1:28:41 PM

and digital content design. Md Gapar holds BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, MSc in
Data Engineering and PhD in Computer Science.

Kim-Ee Yeoh, Atamo Technologies Malaysia

Kim-Ee Yeoh consults on the architecture and engineering of High-Assurance
Software. He has developed solutions for diverse needs including Digital Rights
Management (DRM), cloud-computing, real-time streaming video, and failsafe
web-proxy infrastructures. Utilizing the Haskell platform, he specializes in all stages
in the production of robust, highly-performant, enterprise-critical applications
focusing on the seamless ramp-up of rapid prototypes to deployment-ready sign-

Dr Daniel Ali Aman Krahenbuhl, Intuit Innovation, Malaysia

Dr Daniel Ali Aman Krahenbuhl is an Entrepreneur and advocate for open source,
he has successfully built businesses from 3 to 1000 employees and was the brain
behind the larges online marketing platform in europe that sparks over a billion
hits per month. Daniel has a PhD from MIT in Boston in Artificial Intelligence. Daniel
is also the CEO of one of the fastest growing MSC company in malaysia with over
300% growth per Annum. Daniel is Married to a Local and has 2 Kids.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. R. Badlishah Ahmad, Dean School of Computer &

Communication Engineerng (SCCE), Head of UniMAP Embedded
Computing Research Cluster (ECRC), Malaysia
He obtained B.Eng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from Glasgow University
in 1994. He continued his M.Sc study in Optical Electronic Engineering at University
of Strathclyde and graduated in 1995. He then continue his study at PhD level at the
same university and completed in 2000. His research interests are on computer and
telecommunication network modelling using discrete event simulators, embedded
system based on GNU/Linux for vision and electronic data acqusition system and
optical networking. He has five (5) years teaching experience in Universiti Sains
Malaysia and five (5) years in Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP). He is currently the
Dean at the School of Computer and Communication Enginering and the pioneer in
integrating courses using open source software in the engineering degree program.
He is also the Head of Embedded Computing Research Cluster. He has been working
with GNU/Linux since 2000, when he has to install an open source network simulator
called OMNeT++ for his research activities. Since then he has been fascinated by
the freely available source code for so many computer applications and embedded
system based on GNU/Linux.

24 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 24 6/26/10 1:28:41 PM

Dr. Nik Mohamed Nizan , Founder Mashmap, Malaysia
Noah is an amateur mapper since 2005. Everything he learnt about mapping was
either self-taught or by group knowledge-herding with other amateur mappers
at, and around the world. He formed
because he strongly believes that a map can only be as accurate as the mapper
that resides in his area. The maps are free and open source so as to provide the
opportunity for the community to shape their own map content relevant to their
domain. The recognition of this community mapping project finally came in 2009
when Garmin started compiling these maps for their portable navigation device.

Lai Hoong Fai, Web Strategy Lead, Microsoft Corporation

Fai is the Web Strategy Lead in Microsoft Malaysia.The vision is to ensure developers,
IT Pros, customers and partners can get everything they need on the Microsoft Web
Platform to build great web applications and websites easily. To support this vision,
his goal is to work with web developers, designers, web development and hosting
partners to develop a thriving web applications and modules ecosystem based
on the Microsoft Web Platform and Microsoft cloud offering known as Windows
Azure. Prior to this role, he was the Senior Technology Advisor, who worked with
Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partners to help them strategically align
with Microsoft product roadmap and collaborate to produce software that works
best for our customers. He has worked in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia in the
areas of academic teaching, software architecture, R&D, project development, and

Syahrul Sazli Shaharir Co-Director, Sands Consulting Malaysia

Sazli currently leads the technical team in Sands Consulting Sdn Bhd (http://www. ), a company offering IT solutions based on open source tools. Prior
to this, he has been system administrator in MIMOS (1997-2002) and JARING (2002-
2004). For the past 13 years, he has been involved in a few medium to large scale
infrastructure and systems, using open source software wherever feasible. He feels
immensely indebted to the generous knowledge sharers of the Internet, for without
them, he might not survive in his career until today. He hopes to give his share of
experiences in the conference.

I C Cheng, SITA Group, Malaysia

Graduated at Reading Univertsity, UK5 years with R & D team at CASE PLC developed
Statisticall multiplexers switches and X.25 packet switching, CASE PLC founded
Vodafone.11 years with NCR and subsequently AT & T poineering in installation
of IT and network in Banking sectors in Malaysia and APA as their SE,Manager
and Consultant.Involved in TM CASS infrastructure development from SNA and
subsequently to Router based network.Initiated Asterisk awareness in Malaysia ans
ASEAN countries and working very closely with Asterisk community worldwide.
Working closely with Open Source community to bring Open Source technologies
including Asterisk to all the Asian countries for business applications.


mosc 2010.indd 25 6/26/10 1:28:42 PM

Md Zahar Othman, Senior Lecturer, UPSI Malaysia
A senior lecture in Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris. Teaches network securityand
Internet Programming. A committee member for OIPDC (Open Source IPTAand
Polytechnic Development Committee). The objectives of OIPDC is to monitorand
to ensure a strong adoption of OSS in term of research and development inthe
universities and the polytechnics.Currently doing a research about python running
a robot as a first programminglanguage in primary and secondary school. Got stuck
to python and trying applythis language to solve problem in natural language
processing, physics and webbasedsystem and whatever in between. Love to tinker
with a microcontrollersystem so that python can talk with the microcontroller
running in C.

Ibrahim Yusof, Lecturer MMU Melaka Malaysia

Ibrahim Yusuf (NLCP, NCLA, DCATS, LTS) is a lecturer, trainer and consultant in ICT,
Linux/OSS, computer security and computer forensics. He has been in the ICT field
for the past 15 years and attached in various university, private colleges, government
agency, retail, marketing, forwarding and manufacturing company. Among of his
industry involvements are as trainer and consultant for various MNCs, SMIs/SMEs,
and government agency in implementing Linux and open source solutions. He
also invited as ICT advisory panel for Melaka state government and Pusat Khidmat
Kontraktor (PKK), Malaysia. He is a hold many profesional cert and appointed
instructor for Linux Academy for Novell SUSE Linux. He currently teaching in FIST at
MMU for 6 years. Beside his profesional certifications, Ibrahim hold master of Science
on IT, Advance Dip in Business Study (Marketing), Dip in Plantation Management
and currently pursuing his PhD in Digital Forensics. He also a member for Internet
Society (ISOC) Malaysia Chapter, Malaysian National Computer Confederation
(MNCC) and Malaysia Amateur Radio Emergency Services (MARES).

Amzari Abu Bakar, UITM, Malaysia

Amzari Abu Bakar is a degree holder, BSc Information Studies (Information Systems
and Management) and MSc Information Management, both from Universiti
Teknologi MARA. He has started his career as systems librarian at Kolej Universiti
Teknikal Kebangsaan Malaysia (now known as Universiti Teknikal Malaysia, Melaka.
After has been successfully implement library system and RFID circulation system at
UTEMM library, he pursue his academic career with Centre for Foundation Studies,
IIUM teaching C programming and IT subjects for five years. Currently he is a Lecturer
at Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA teaching Web
Programming, Library Automation and IT in Libraries subjects since Aug 2008. He
has promoted KOHA, Open Source Integrated Library System in Malaysia since

26 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 26 6/26/10 1:28:43 PM

2004. Only in the year 2008, few libraries has started open up to Open Source ILS.
Untill now, he has successfully implemented Koha ILS at several academic, public
and special libraries to name a few; Asia e University, Advance Medical and Dental
Institute USM, Faculty Resource Centre UPM, MARDI and Kelantan State Public
Library. He also has consulted the Implementation of Koha as part of Sistem
Pengurusan Sekolah project under Ministry of Education, which is currently being
implement at 88 smart school across Malaysia

Ditesh Gathani, Open source contributor and evangelist,

Ditesh has been contributing to open source software for the past 10 years, and
has played a pivotal role in the development and adoption of open standards in
Malaysia. He was the winner of the Malaysian Open Source Award in 2005, and is a
member of the FreeBSD contributor team. With over 15 years of experience devel-
oping on the web, he strongly feels we’re still in the infancy of what the web can
offer and that exciting times are ahead of us. He writes at
and shares his thoughts through

Nasrul Amri Samsudin, CEO, Xadira Malaysia

Nasrul is author for Facebook Marketing book at Malaysia. He also a Facebook
Application Development trainer before he started Xadira™. Nasrul is an
International speaker and he talk mostly about Facebook platform either Business/
Marketing or Development. Nasrul holds a Bachelor’s in Business Information
System from the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia.

Uwe Dippel, Senior Lecturer, UNITEN Malaysia

Uwe Dippel is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Systems and Networking
at Uniten, Universiti Tenaga Nasional. He has been using Free and Open Source
Software almost exclusively during the last 10 years, and given a number of talks at
various conferences and on invitation on different topics, including Free and Open


mosc 2010.indd 27 6/26/10 1:28:43 PM

Colin Charles, Managing Director, Grok Malaysia
Colin Charles works at Monty Program Ab, on MariaDB, and Open Ocean Investments
on Web of Trust, and MoSync. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and had worked
at MySQL since 2005. Before joining MySQL, he worked actively on the Fedora
and projects. He’s spoken at many conferences -, The
MySQL Conference & Expo,, to name a few. He’s also the Managing Director
of Grok Sdn Bhd.

Errazudin Ishak, Software Engineer, MIMOS Malaysia

Graduated from University Technology Malaysia in Bachelor’s Degree before
pursuing Master’s Degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) at University
of Technology MARA, Malaysia. He works as Senior Engineer at Software Dev. Lab,
MIMOS Bhd, Malaysia. a government research arm in ICT and frontier technology.
Currently he involve in a team of ‘eating, drinking and sleeping’ with PHP in
developing web based solutions. Involved in speaking at conferences/meet-ups on
a variety of subjects, at 2009, MyGOSSCON 2009, Entpr. PHP TechTalk 2010
and BarCamp KL 2010.

Amir Haris Ahmad, CTO Localhost, Malaysia

Amir Haris Ahmad is a visionary in information technology and computer security
fields, with particular interest in DNS technology and IPv6. Prior joining Localhost
SDN BHD as Chief Research Officer, He was a Senior Researcher at .my DOMAIN
REGISTRY, doing research on DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC). Amir’s extensive
technical background includes DNS, UNIX operating systems, IPv6, and software
development in C/C++, ruby, perl, python and web technology. He plans to continue
his study in PHD focusing on cryptography this year.

Mohd Najmi Ahmad Zabidi, IIUM, Malaysia

Muhammad Najmi Ahmad Zabidi is currently working with International Islamic
University Malaysia (IIUM) since 2005. He was conferred with a degree from IIUM on
2004 and later, Master of Science (Computer Science) from Universiti Sains Malaysia
(USM) on 2007. Currently he is in the first year of his PhD at Universiti Teknologi
Malaysia (UTM) Skudai.

28 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 28 6/26/10 1:28:43 PM

Yap Wen Jiun, MMU Malaysia
Yap Wen Jiun, graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia with a Master of Science
(Aerospace Engineering) and is currently lecturing in Multimedia University while
pursuing his PhD. He started his Android development since the day of Android
0.9 SDK beta by supervising final year projects and eventually submitted the
application “3D Geometry Visualization” to Android Developer Challenge 2. He is
one of the core member of CodeAndroid Malaysia and has giving talks related to
Android in events such as BarCamp.

Mohd Rahshidi Zakaria, CEO WorkZone Malaysia

Mohd Rahshidi started a company called Nice IT Centre Sdn Bhd was established
on July 7, 2003. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science (Networks) from UTeM (
Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka ) . One of the first entrepreneurial achievements
is getting Grant from MSC Malaysia Technopreneur Pre-seed MDeC. He is now CEO
for My Workzone Sdn Bhd. The company develop Safety Simulation Games. The
collaboration with National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)
help to develop the right content for safety. Developing security simulation is his
passion now and will share in this conference about how to teach your kids online
safety. He is also a writer for book called “ Bersenang-lenang bersama Google”
intentionally to create a hype among Malaysian to adopt a good business culture
from this giant company. is open source community that
sharing a knowledge benefit of opens source application specifically for Melaka
people. He is a co-founder of this community that started on 9 July 2009. Being
in content industries, he also is initiator and the founder of new community call

Ahmad Najib Habeb, Director Xweb, Malaysia

Najib is one of the founder of, Malaysia Drupal Community and Director
of local web development house, Success Idea Enterprise (
Been involve in Drupal web development for many years already. Several projects
include Malaysian government agencies and multi-national companies.


mosc 2010.indd 29 6/26/10 1:28:44 PM

Thow Siew Wei, Research Asistant, UPSI, Malaysia
Siew Wei was Research Asistant at Physics Education, Microcomputer-Based
Laboratory (MBL) and also Open Source Software Project at UPSI. He has many
academic awards Book Prize of Faculty of Science & Technology, Scholarship of
Execellent Student and many more. He have B.Sc.Ed (Science Education in Physic)
& M.Ed (Physic Education). He also particpated many conference and workshop like
Cracking The Code (CTC), Programming and Application (Python) and many more.

Mohammed M I Awad, Research Asistant, UUM, Malaysia

holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from The Islamic University of Gaza - Palestine,
and MSc (Information Technology) from Universiti Utara Malaysia. Currently, he
is a PhD candidate at Universiti Utara Malaysia, supervised by Dr. Mohd Syazwan
Abdullah in the area of Data Warehouse. His works mainly concentrate on: Business
Intelligence, Data Warehouse and Web Engineering for large scale projects. His
current research is concentrating on developing an open source framework for
interoperable Distributed ETL components using service oriented architecture. In
addition, Mohammed Awad has 7 years experience as a J2EE consultant, Architect,
Analyst and Developer. He has been involved in many J2EE projects including
banking systems, warehouse projects, and others. One sample of his projects is a
pension system for SEB Swedish bank through Vedel IT Danish company

Simon Lim, Founder WP Design Studio, Malaysia

Simon Lim is a self taught WordPress evangelist which build WordPress powered
sites for the past 3 years. His expertise includes WordPress Site Optimization,
WordPress Security and Scaling... Founder of WP Design Studio which is a
WordPress-centric start-up since 2009. Simon organized the very first WordCamp
Malaysia and WordPress Meetup in Kuala Lumpur. Loves to travels around Asia for
WordCamps, Barcamps and other tech events. Simon is currently based in Kuala
Lumpur and Jakarta.

Mohd Suhaizal Md Kamari, Software Engineer, Jaringan Data Ma-

Accidentally became a Java programmer when he was working as a researcher in
MIMOS Bhd, he later finds that Java is a very interesting platform to play (work!)
with. However, the complexity of development in Java has always been a challenge
for him. Finding his way in the Java development world, he stumbled on Grails, a
web application framework similar to Rails but leveraging on the vastly available
Java assets. He is currently working with Jaringan Data Sdn Bhd as a Software
Engineer and would love to finish the books he had bought but yet to be read.

30 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 30 6/26/10 1:28:44 PM

Azrul Hasni MADISA,Software Architect Experian, Malaysia
Azrul Hasni MADISA graduated with a diplôme d’ingenieur (MSc. equivalent) from
one of France’s top Engineering Schools (INSA) in 2002. Soon after, he joined TMNet
and was assigned to TMNet’s billing team as an IT engineer. His passion for teaching,
led him to resign from TMNet and joined Multimedia University (MMU) as a lecturer.
He won several commendation award from the President of MMU for his teaching
skills.In 2004 he joined JTrend, a Sun Microsystems, MMU and MDeC collaboration
project to help Malaysian technopreneurs. Under his guidance, several companies in
JTrend managed to penetrate markets as far as the UK. Some even manage to won
the Asian APICTA award.In 2007, he joined Billadam, a UK company specializing in
mobile content, as the Chief Technology Officer.In 2010, he joined Experian R&D, a
UK based financial analytics company, as a software architect. He currently leads a
team specializing in ETL, asynchronous processing and datawarehousing.He is also
a blackbelt in Aikido and teaches Aikido to kids. In his free time he likes to read - that
is, if he manages to put his 5 year old son and his 1 year old daughter to bed first.

Mardhani Riasetiawan, Researcher, UTP Malaysia

Currently, I am researcher in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia. I am work
in next generation digital data project with data grid technology. I have several
experienced in open source technology development. I am former of the Head of
Information Department in Computer and Information Technology Center Gadjah
Mada University, and Head of Open Source Development and Implementation
in Indonesia. I am involving in SQL-Ledger project, an ERP based open source
accounting information system, member of International Association of Engineer,
and member of Indonesia International Scientist Association.I am finishing my
degree in Master of Information Technology Program Gadjah Mada University in
2007 and Bachelor degree in Accounting at same university in 2003.

Mohammed Firdaus Mohammed AB Halim, Software Developer

Mohammed Firdaus is a software developer at a soon to be launched web service.
Before that he was a software engineer at SCAN Associates Berhad for 9 years where
he specialized in developing security libraries in C and Java. He has since seen the
light and converted to Python which he constantly preaches to anyone who will


mosc 2010.indd 31 6/26/10 1:28:45 PM

Sazliman Ismail, Lecturer, UPSI Malaysia
Sazliman Ismail is physics teacher for almost 13 years. Graduated with Bachelor
Science Education from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia(UTM). Currently he is in
final semester of his Master in Physics Education at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan
Idris(UPSI) supervised by Prof Dr. Rosly Jaafar and Tuan Haji Shaharudin Ali in the
area of Development of Microcomputer Based Laboratory (MBL) apparatus in
tertiary physics education. His current research is concentrating on developing a
MBL system for Linear Motion Experiment Using Python Programming and Rotary
Motion Sensor in Tertiary Physics Education

Teo Choong Ping Software Architect, FavoriteMedium Singapore

Teo Choong Ping is a avid technology geek with years of experience in building
server side software, Javascript clients, desktop applications, automation scripts,
and recently fell in love with mobile development. Started to play around with
Linux RedHat 4.1 when he was in Form 6, continue to be OSS advocate until today.
He hates complexities and strive to make things as simple as it can be.

Azhar Mohd Zakaria, Founder Rizer Malaysia

Azhar Bin Mohd Zakaria, works in the private sector as electrical technician for
sometime.Already sold hundreds of Linux Desktop for home use in the Northern
States. Previously was MISC Berhad Staff and already sail around 17 country.
Recently setup up my own company. Rizer Enterprise with main concentration in
selling linux softwares to public.

Sharifah Ummu Kulthum Syed Abdul Rahman, IIU Malaysia

Sharifah Ummu Kulthum bt Syed Abdul Rahman bt Syed Abdul Rahman A final
year student of Bachelor of Computer Science from International Islamic University
Malaysia. She has started using open source OS since 2007 and has been using it
ever since (mostly Ubuntu). She likes to make her hands dirty with configuring
hardwares. She started with repairing her old radio at home and has fallen in
love with hardware ever since. She likes the idea of exposing herself with all the
knowledge that she can get her hands on. She would like to explore the possibility
that OSS has in technological innovation

Aziman Noor, System Engineer OSYS Net, Malaysia

Actively join and interest in open source since early 2003 while working at Mimos
Berhad as Technical Support. Explode nation-wide after joining DRB-Hicom
Information Technology Sdn Bhd as System Administrator/ Enginner. Now being
System Engineer at OSYS Net. Active on think2cloud community to spread the
information about thin client to become cloud.

32 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 32 6/26/10 1:28:48 PM

mosc 2010.indd 33 6/26/10 1:28:53 PM
Exhibition Floor Plan

mosc 2010.indd 34 6/26/10 1:28:53 PM

mosc 2010.indd 35 6/26/10 1:28:56 PM
mosc 2010.indd 36

Exhibition Area





6/26/10 1:28:57 PM
mosc 2010.indd 37
B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6

A5 C5

A4 MSC Malaysia C4


A3 C2


A1 C1

6/26/10 1:28:57 PM
Exhibitors’ Profile

mosc 2010.indd 38 6/26/10 1:28:58 PM

A1 TM Berhad A3 & B1 Red Hat
Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), Malaysia’s Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open
leading integrated information and commu- source solutions and an S&P 500 company,
nications group, offers a comprehensive range is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina,
of communication services and solutions in USA, with over 65 offices spanning the globe.
broadband, data and fixed-line. As a market CIOs ranked Red Hat as one of the top vendors
leader in the broadband and fixed-line busi- delivering value in Enterprise Software for six
nesses, TM is driven to deliver value to its stake- consecutive years in the CIO Insight Magazine
holders in a highly competitive environment. Vendor Value survey. Red Hat provides high-
the Group places emphasis on continuing cus- quality, affordable technology with its operat-
tomer service quality enhancements and inno- ing system platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux,
vations. With its extensive global connectivity, together with virtualization, applications, man-
TM is poised to position Malaysia as a regional agement and Services Oriented Architecture
Internet hub and digital gateway for South-East (SOA) solutions, including Red Hat Enterprise
Asia. In line with this, TM is evolving into a Next Virtualization and JBoss Enterprise Middle-
Generation Network service provider enabling ware. Red Hat also offers support, training and
the Group to enhance its efficiency and produc- consulting services to its customers worldwide.
tivity while providing enriched products and Some of the world’s most demanding enter-
services. prises including stock exchanges and govern-
Contact details: ment agencies are powered by Red Hat.
Tel : Please call 100 for any enquiries Learn more:
Please call 03-22409494 for Corporate Informa- Contact Info
tion: Mr. Basheer Ali Majeed or Country Sales Manager,
URL : Malaysia Red Hat Asia Pacific/Japan
1 Sentral, Level 16
Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
A2 Microsoft Malaysia KL Sentral 50470
Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Microsoft Corporation and was incorporated
Voice: +6012 633 7833
on July 8, 1992. Founded in 1975, Microsoft is
Fax: +603 2092 9201
the worldwide leader in software, servicesand
Internet technologies for personal and business
computing. The company offers a wide range of
products and services designed to empower B2 Novell
people through great software – any time, any Novell Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd
place and on any device. Through our infrastructure software and eco-
Contact details: system of partnerships, Novell harmoniously
Mr. Akmal Jaafar integrates mixed IT environments, allowing
Tel :+6012-388 0987 people and technology to work as one. We de-
URL : liver the best-engineered, most interoperable
Linux platform and a portfolio of integrated
IT management software that help businesses
worldwide reduce cost, complexity and risk.
Contact details:
Mr Ong Tee Kok
Tel : +603 7722 6100
Mobile : +6012 518 8152


mosc 2010.indd 39 6/26/10 1:28:59 PM

B3 Technology Park Malaysia C1 Century Software
Corporation Sdn Bhd Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd is an interna-
Designed to further propel the nation into a tional organisation that develops and deploys
innovation-based economy, TPM is the pioneer business solutions – integrated financial
technology park in Malaysia aimed to increase management and analytical solutions to our
the wealth of the community by promoting customers in corporate and government sector.
culture of innovation and competitiveness. Our system delivery is through our local entities
Over the years, TPM has been home to more and allows us to tailor our implementation and
than 160 technology driven companies. 28 services to your unique needs.
of those have graduated to become some of Contact details:
Malaysia’s robust public listed companies. Century Software (M) Sdn Bhd
Overall, around 200 companies both local and C – 17 – 07, Level 7, Block C
foreign, including incubatees, have flourished 3 Two Square, 2 Jalan 19/1
within our grounds. The only technology park 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MALAYSIA
that encourages mixed development in ICT, Phone : +603 7962 7888
biotech and engineering, TPM continues to be Fax : +603 7962 7800
the prime locations to these technology-driven URL :
companies. Contact person:
Contact details: Siti Safiah Yahaya
Level 5, Enterprise 4 Technology Park Malaysia Senior Manager, Business Development
57000 Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. Email :
Tel : (603) 8998 2020
Fax : (603) 8998 2110 C2 MAMPU
Contact Details:
Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and
B4 Sdn Bhd
Management Planning Unit,
Jobstreet operates the online
Level 6, Block B2,
recruitment websites presently covering the
Prime Minister’s Department Complex
employment markets in Malaysia, Singapore,
Federal Government Administrative Centre
Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and
62502 PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia
Japan. the Group currently services over 50,000
Tel: +603-8872 3000
corporate customers and over 5 million job-
Fax: +603-8888 3721
Contact details: Sdn Bhd
Wisma C3 & C4 & Community
27 Lorong Medan Tuanku 1 The Malaysian Open Source Developer’s Club
(Off Jalan Sultan Ismail) or in short known as is a commu-
50300 Kuala Lumpur nity based club open for all enthusiastic Open
Tel : +60-3-2176 0333 Source developers and users across Malaysia, to
Fax : +60-3-2698 7200 share their thought, knowledge and experience
Email : and leverage the Open Source idea to public.
Contact details:
Harisfazillah Jamel
Tel: +6019-608 5482

40 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 40 6/26/10 1:29:00 PM

C5 IASA C6 CyberSecurity Malaysia
IASA is an international non-profit business as- CyberSecurity Malaysia is an agency under the
sociation dedicated to the advancement and purview of the Ministry of Science, Technology
sharing of issues related to software architec- and Innovation (MOSTI), tasked to look after
ture in the enterprise, product, education and the safety and security of Malaysian cyberspace
government sectors. IASA offers full profession- whether from the technical aspects, research,
al certifications run locally with international human resources development or outreach and
recognition and is the only certification which other specialized services in the field of cyber
is vendor independent and professionally led security.CyberSecurity Malaysia’s core functions
in the world. are to provide:
Contact details:
No. 51-11, The Boulevard * Cyber emergency services and digital
Mid Valley City forensics
Lingkaran Syed Putra * Cyber security quality management
59200 Kuala Lumpur services
Tel: +603-2288 1680/81 * Information security professional
Fax: +603-2288 1682 development and outreach services
Contact person: Ms. Jowynne Khor * National Cyber Security Policy (NCSP)
Email: implementation
HP: +6012-2191293B2 TPM * National coordination centre for
cyber security
C5 Gorgeous Geek * Cyber threat research and risk assessment
Gorgeous Geeks is a special interest group under For more information about CyberSecurity Ma-
IASA. The aim of the group is to provide mentor laysia, please visit corporate website
or support for woman in the industry as well as
to inspire other woman to join the industry. The
group also encourages women to use technol-
ogy as part of their lifestyles.
D1 Basix Microsystems Sdn Bhd
Contact details:
No. 51-11, The Boulevard
23-2, Jalan 3/146, Metro Centre
Mid Valley City
Bandar Tasik Selatan
Lingkaran Syed Putra
53300 Kuala Lumpur
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2288 1680/81
Fax: +603-2288 1682
Contact person: Ms. Cindy Tan
Telephone: +60 3 9058 5825
Fax: +60 3 9059 6376
HP: +6019-6713850


mosc 2010.indd 41 6/26/10 1:29:00 PM

- INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR TechnoDex Berhad, an MSC-Status company, is
a leading eBusiness Enabler in the region. Built
on Open Source technology, our TechnoDex®
UNU-IIGH is focused on research and capacity
Platform enables quick development of new
building in global health, specifically, efficiency
vertical solutions and an extensive range of IT
of health care systems, newly emerging and
services catered to all industries. Established in
re-emerging diseases, non-communicable dis-
2001, the Group strives to incubate and trans-
eases and control policy, information technol-
form bricks-and-mortar businessesinto eBusi-
ogy in health and climate change and health.
ness in order to achieve greater efficiency and
UNU-IIGH has recently launched her Open
effectiveness in business practices. TechnoDex
Source Training in Health Care targeting health
is also the certified partner for the Redhat JBoss,
workers from doctors to nurses to paramedics
Alfresco ECM and JasperSoft BI Suite.
interested in building, maintaining and ex-
Contact details:
tending their own health information system
TechnoDex Bhd (627634 A)10, Jalan Kenari 12A,
using open source tools and leveraging on the
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
global open source community for their re-
47100 Puchong, Selangor,Malaysia
sources and strength. For further details, please
Tel: (603) 8070 3155
browse Founded in 1975,
Fax: (603) 8070 315
Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software,
services and Internet technologies for personal
and business computing. The company offers a MSC Malaysia
wide range of products and services designed MSC Malaysia, is a national initiative
to empower people through great software – spearheaded by the Malaysian Government to
any time, any place and on any device. promote both the national ICT industry and
provide a test-bed for the global ICT industry.
MSC Malaysia provides a conducive enabling
D5 iTrain
environment designed to facilitate companies to
iTrain is currently the only bleeding edge IT
harness the full potential of ICT and multimedia
Training Centre in Malaysia which is estab-
technologies and transform themselves into
lished and managed by trainers. iTrain stands
world-class companies. Driving the MSC
out from the other training providers by in-
Malaysia initiative is Multimedia Development
corporating real world training content in its
Corporation (MDeC), a unique high powered
delivery. Swing by our booth and check out our
government-owned corporation.
exclusive Mobile Development Workshops for
Contact details:
MOSC 2010 attendees!
Multimedia Development
Contact details:
Corporation Sdn Bhd
iTrain Malaysia
MSC Malaysia Headquarters
Unit E-7-1, Block E,
2360 Persiaran APeC
Megan Avenue 1,
63000 Cyberjaya
189 Jalan Tun Razak,
Selangor Darul ehsan
50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : (603) 8315 3000
Fax : (603) 8318 8519
email :

42 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 42 6/26/10 1:29:01 PM

mosc 2010.indd 43 6/26/10 1:29:03 PM
mosc 2010.indd 44 6/26/10 1:29:07 PM
mosc 2010.indd 45 6/26/10 1:29:10 PM

46 MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


mosc 2010.indd 46 6/26/10 1:29:10 PM



mosc 2010.indd 47 6/26/10 1:29:11 PM

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