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1) NOTES: This contract is to be construed and governed under all applicable Additional changes will be billed at rates indicated in clause (15), "Additional
Florida state laws. The term “Publisher” in this document refers to the Galt Fees & Services."
Ocean Mile INSIDERTM. The term “Advertiser” refers to the party responsible 15) ADDITIONAL FEES & SERVICES:
for authorizing the creation of and paying for the advertisement(s). The term
Directory Listings: Half-page and smaller display ads include one (1) two-
“Advertisement(s)” refers to any form of advertising other than exclusively
line Directory Listing. Up to two additional lines may be purchased at $10
Directory Listings. The “INSIDERTM” refers to the Galt Ocean Mile INSIDERTM
per line, per issue. Full-page ads include one (1) Directory Listing of up to
four lines. Secondary listings in other merchant categories are available at
2) ADVERTISING DEADLINE: All advertisements must be approved in writing a discounted rate of $40 per listing (based on 2 lines).
by the Advertiser no less than 25 days prior to the publication date. The Pub- Creative & Production Services: The Publisher will make the following
lisher will not be responsible for delays caused by late submissions. creative and production services available to Advertisers whose ads (or
3) PAYMENT: Payment in full for all contracts is to be made at time of con- other projects) require services beyond those included in their rate level:
tract signing, unless other arrangements have been, and an amendment to this
Photography/art/logo scanning: $10 per scan (4”x 6" or less)
contract has been signed by both parties.
Digital photo/logo retouching: $60 per hour
4) RATES: With the exception of pre-paid multi-issue ad insertions, the Pub- Copy writing/consulting: $75 per hour
lisher reserves the right to revise advertising rates, upon 30 days notice to Ad- Graphic design & production: $85 per hour
vertisers. All contracts are subject to this stipulation. Creative/marketing consulting: $95 per hour
5) FREQUENCY DISCOUNTS: Any frequency discounts apply only to adver- Logo design & development: $250 and up
tisements on the same ad contract, i.e. placed at the same time, by the same No additional services will be performed by the Publisher until the
Advertiser. Multiple advertisements purchased at any reduced rate must run in Advertiser has approved them. For services estimated at over $100
consecutive issues of the INSIDERTM. in value, no work will be performed until the Advertiser has signed a
6) CANCELLATIONS: Cancellation orders must be in written form, and separate, supplemental estimate and/or proposal.
received by the Publisher no less than 25 days prior to the publication date. Missed Appointment Fees: The Advertiser will be subject to a $30 fee for
The Publisher will issue the Advertiser a refund check within 15 business days each missed on-site appointment/consultation, without notifying the Pub-
of receipt of cancellation order. lisher at least three hours prior to the scheduled meeting time.
7) CANCELLATIONS PAST DEADLINE: Advertisements that are canceled less 16) ADVERTISEMENT UPDATES/CHANGES: The Publisher agrees to make
than 25 days prior to publication date will be charged to the Advertiser at full reasonable, minor changes in continuing advertisements (e.g. coupon copy,
rate, for unsold space. expiration dates, pricing, etc.) at no additional charge.
8) RETURNED CHECKS & COLLECTIONS: Checks that are returned due to 17) ADVERTISEMENT SUBJECT MATTER: The subject matter, form, word-
insufficient funds are subject to a $50.00 fee. In such cases, the Advertiser is ing, illustrations, and typography of all advertisements are subject to the
responsible to pay for the advertisement(s) as specified in the contract, in full, approval of the Publisher. All advertisements of a drug/medical nature must be
within three business days, via cash or money order. The Publisher will not be received in sufficient time before publication, for consideration by the Publish-
liable for delays or cancellations in advertisement placement due to returned er. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement with-
checks. Any account unpaid after 30 days will be considered delinquent, and out notification to the Advertiser. In such cases, if the Publisher has already
unless other arrangements are made and agreed to in writing, the Publisher will been paid for the ad, a refund check will be issued within 15 days.
initiate collection procedures against the debtor, and the Publisher will be 18) COPYRIGHT: With the exception of specific, pre-produced items (logos,
entitled to recovery of all attorney’s fees & expenses, as well as those of any copy, photographs, illustrations, etc.) that have previously appeared in other
other, additional collection procedures. A late fee of 2% per month will be Advertiser marketing materials (ads, brochures, etc.), all original art and copy
imposed on all delinquent accounts. that are produced in conjunction with this contract shall be the exclusive prop-
9) AD ERRORS: Once the Advertiser approves ad art in writing, any addi- erty of the Publisher. If the Advertiser wishes to utilize this property in other
tional corrections, modifications, and/or changes will be billed according to the promotional mediums, a separate usage contract will be negotiated and signed
rate schedule in clause (15), "Additional Fees & Services." The Advertiser by both parties. Any and all sketches, copy, proofs, and other preparatory
assumes complete liability for all content of advertisements printed, and also work/s that is/are produced by the Publisher and provided to the Advertiser, but
assumes responsibility for any claims arising therefrom against the Publisher. which is/are not utilized in a paid advertisement in the INSIDERTM, or which are
No allowance will be made for errors that do not materially affect the value of not paid for via a separate contract, shall remain the exclusive property of the
the advertisement. The Publisher’s liability for any significant Publisher- Publisher. The Advertiser shall be liable for all attorney and/or court fees
caused errors shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error, and incurred by the Publisher to recover damages for misuse of property.
the Advertiser will be compensated only in the form of a no-cost or reasonably- 19) CONFIDENTIALITY: The Publisher agrees to hold all business information
discounted advertisement of the same design and wording, in the next sched- provided by the Advertiser in the course of creating the contracted advertise-
uled publication. In no event shall the Publisher be liable for consequential, ment(s), (i.e. name, address, telephone/fax/email numbers, etc., strategies, etc.)
special, indirect, exemplary, or punitive damages. in the strictest confidence, and that this information will not be disclosed to
10) PUBLISHER LIABILITY PROTECTION: The Advertiser agrees to protect any other party without the Advertiser’s express, written consent.
and indemnify the Publisher against any and all liability, loss, or expense aris- 20) CIRCULATION VERIFICATION: To validate that circulation occurs when
ing from claims of libel, unfair competition, unfair trade practice, infringement and in the quantity as promised, the Publisher will make the following avail-
of trade names or patents, violation of rights of privacy and infringement of able to all Advertisers, upon request: (a) A comprehensive Delivery Log,
copyrights and proprietary rights resulting from the publication by the Publish- indicating where and when each INSIDERTM magazine was delivered, and who
er of Advertiser’s designated advertisement(s). signed in for them; (b) The actual receipts signed by the manager, secretary, or
11) OCCUPATIONAL REGULATIONS: Advertisers are responsible to make security personnel of each condominium/apartment building/site within the
certain that their advertisements conform to all applicable state and local reg- promised circulation area, from which the Delivery Logs is constructed; (c) A
ulations; e.g. the inclusion of one’s professional license number, etc. In no case receipt by the designated printing company of completion and delivery of the
shall the Publisher be liable for any omission of, or error in said notices. job. Each Advertiser will be provided with three (3) free copies of the INSI-
12) AD POSITIONING: With the exception of pre-designated advertisement DERTM magazine in which their ad appears. Additional copies (based on print
spaces (specifically the inside front cover, inside back cover, and back cover), the overage availability) will be available at $2.00 per copy.
positioning of advertisements is not guaranteed. 21) SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: All production and distribution schedules are
13) “NEWS”-STYLE ADS: All advertisements that are designed to resemble a conditional on strikes, fires, natural disasters, acts of public enemy, war, or any
news story must carry the word “advertisement” at the top of the ad, and be set cause not subject to the direct control of the Publisher.
in minimum 10 point Helvetica bold typeface. 22) CONTRACT LIMITATIONS: This advertising Contract constitutes the en-
14) “CREATIVE & PRODUCTION SERVICES & MATERIALS” Each Display tire agreement between the Publisher and the Advertiser. This Contract super-
Advertiser will be entitled to a base amount of these values, as specified per sedes any prior understandings and/or agreements, whether oral or written.
their rate level on the front of this contract. These values are defined as basic There are no representations or warranties other than those set forth in this
advertisement layout, typography, scanning and retouching, clip art searching contract. Any modifications of the terms of this Contract must be in writing,
and integration, art production, and laser print proofs for one (1) advertisement and in accordance with those terms.
only. Advertisers will be entitled to one (1) change or correction in their ad,
based on the information provided in their Ad Development Worksheet.