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11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms

Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment rms

Judith Balea ( le/judith-balea)
2:00 PM at Apr 6, 2016 13 min read

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At some point, people in the tech game realize that secrets sell. We at Tech in Asia know this better than most. Folks always ask us to
meet up over rounds of coffee in hopes of discovering something they didn’t already know about Southeast Asia’s startup scene.

So we thought we might spare you the trip and save you the latte money by opening our secrets vault for you.

Let’s start with an up-to-date list of active investors in Southeast Asia over the past 12 months, organized by the number of reported
deals (note that not all VCs report their investments).

The list was derived from Tech in Asia’s database ( All the data – the top funding stages, typical
investment range, startups they’ve recently backed, and the countries they’re active in – pertain to Southeast Asia only.

Please take a look, and see if you need to connect with one of these players in your market of interest.

500 Startups (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 1/38

11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms

Their intro: 500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley with over US$250 million in
assets under management. We have invested in a wide variety of technology startups all over the world, currently over 1,500 companies
since our inception in 2010 including: Credit Karma, Grab, Twilio, Udemy, Ipsy, TalkDesk, Intercom, MakerBot (acquired by SSYS),
Wild re (acquired by GOOG), and Viki (acquired by Rakuten). Our team of 100-plus people manage seed investments in 20 countries and
speak over 25 languages. We run accelerator programs emphasizing internet marketing and customer acquisition, design and user
experience, and lean startup practices and metrics. Our Distro team and programs deliver growth marketing and investment for seed-
stage companies. Our investment team and mentor network have operational experience at companies such as PayPal, Google, Facebook,
YouTube, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Apple.

Top funding stages:
Series A

Investment round range:
US$100,000 to US$12,000,000

Recent investees:
Favful (
GetLinks (
Carsome (

Top countries invested in:

Top industries:
Marketplaces and platforms

East Ventures (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 2/38

11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms


Their intro: East Ventures is an early stage fund focusing on consumer web and mobile startups, based in Tokyo (Japan), Singapore, and
Jakarta (Indonesia).

Top funding stages:
Series A

Investment round range:
US$300,000 to US$4,000,000

Recent investees:
Arsitag (
Airfrov (
Jurnal (

Top countries invested in:

Top industries:
Marketplaces and platforms

Golden Gate Ventures (

Their intro: We love great teams! We focus on companies building out consumer internet products and services for Southeast Asia.
You’ll catch us frequently traveling between Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. We prefer
companies with a launched product (stealth is ne) or that have established valuable distribution partnerships in the region.

Top funding stages:
Series A

Investment round range:­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 3/38

com/southeast­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 4/38 . We’re also just as happy to get out of their Their intro: We invest in a broad range of technology-driven companies in the US and Southeast Perx (http://www. We’re happy to be their investor and their sounding board. This means solving truly relevant problems.000 to US$ Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$200.000 to US$1. We like businesses that address huge market opportunities and create real value in a differentiated and defensible way. They are the catalysts for Snapcart (http://snapcart. their drinking buddy but not their babysitter.000 Recent investees: Wavecell (https://www. addictive Xfers (https://www.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Investment round range: US$ Top countries invested in: Singapore Indonesia Thailand Top industries: Fintech Marketplaces and platforms Ecommerce Wavemaker Partners (http://wavemaker. We strive to be good partners on their journey. The startups we invest in are Wavemakers. their cheerleader and their sparring partner. disrupting the status quo and/or creating fresh.000 Recent investees: ServisHero (http://servishero.wavecell.getperx.xfers. GetLinks (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 5/38 StockRadars (http://www.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Ematic Solutions (http://www.000 to US$10. We invest in venture companies in internet-related businesses with outstanding global market potential led by entrepreneurs with excellent management Their intro: CyberAgent Ventures constantly seeks for the next global Top countries invested in: Singapore Philippines Indonesia Top industries: Ad tech Fintech Enterprise solution CyberAgent Ventures (https://www.000 Recent investees: Medical Departures ( Top countries invested in: Thailand Vietnam Indonesia Top industries: Ecommerce Consumer internet https://www. Top funding stages: Series A Seed Series B Investment round range: US$500.cyberagentventures.

com/) https://www.000 Recent investees: Nuren Group (http://nuren. chasing the latest hot trends. This is re ected every day in the way we do­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 6/38 .sg/) RecomN (http://www.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Finance Gobi Partners (http://www.000 – US$15. Instead of following where the market takes us. stick to what we know. and invest only in what we Their intro: Since its inception in Countries invested in: Malaysia Indonesia Singapore Top industries: Ecommerce Enterprise solution Travel Convergence Ventures (http://www. we stay true to our core.youthstoday. Gobi has been a strong believer in hypothesis-driven investing.techinasia. Top funding stages: Series A Seed Investment round range: US$ YouthsToday (http://www.

ematicsolutions. Top funding stages: Series A Series B Investment round range: US$1.000 Recent investees: Their intro: KK Fund is a venture capital fund that invests in seed-stage internet and mobile startups across Southeast Asia. Hong Kong. Top funding stage: Seed Investment round range: US$ Top countries invested in: Indonesia Singapore Top industries: Food tech Fintech Ad tech KK Fund ( Xfers (https://www. We seek to back exceptional founders by leveraging our experience.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Their intro: Convergence Ventures is an early-stage technology venture fund focused on investing in Indonesia.000 to US$8.000 to US$550.000 Recent investees: Black Garlic (http://blackgarlic. Our partners are seasoned entrepreneurs with extensive operating experience in internet businesses in emerging markets. and resources to empower them to build long lasting and impactful businesses for Indonesia and the Southeast Asia region. and Ematic Solutions (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 7/38 . network.000.

venturra.000.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Recent investees: Event Pop (https://www.000 Recent investees: KFit (https://k t. Top countries invested in: Malaysia Thailand Singapore Top industries: Marketplaces and platforms Search and discovery Venturra Capital (http://www. Previously known as Lippo Digital Ruangguru ( Bfab ( Hostel Hunting ( Fabelio (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 8/38 .techinasia. Our mission at Venturra is to provide capital. and market access to founders of Their intro: Venturra Capital is an early-stage venture capital Countries invested in: Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Top industries: Ecommerce https://www. technology-enabled internet businesses.000 to US$12.eventpop. Venturra Capital will focus on Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Top funding stage: Series A Investment round range: US$1. nancial services. and will invest in early growth stage consumer technology-enabled companies including in the ecommerce. industry-transforming. and education sectors. operational empowerment.

com/) Their intro: Fenox Venture Capital is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital rm founded by an exceptional team of seasoned entrepreneurs and proven international business leaders.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Marketplaces and platforms Search and discovery Fenox Venture Capital (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 9/38 https://www.000 to US$5.000 Recent investees: Jurnal (https://www.fenoxvc. and Middle Eastern Evolable Asia ( Top countries invested in: Indonesia Singapore Malaysia Top industries: Media Marketplaces and platforms Ecommerce IMJ Investment Partners (http://imj-ip. European.techinasia. and partner with other angel syndicates and venture Bemalas (https://www. Fenox provides early stage and nal round funding and will also co-lead. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Series B Investment round range: US$500.300. follow. Fenox VC works with emerging technology companies worldwide and specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in North America achieve global expansion in Asian.

carsome.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Their intro: IMJ Investment Fabelio (http://fabelio. In addition.techinasia. We bring together all the key elements required to create great companies: team.000 Recent investees: Carsome (https://www. IMJ Investment Partners provides direct operational support and connections for startups to achieve success. operations.000 Recent investees: https://www. capital. marketing. and passion. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$350. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$500.000. Top countries invested in: Indonesia Philippines Malaysia Top industries: Ecommerce Lifestyle Consumer internet Ardent Capital (http://www.000 to US$2. and global outlook. a Singapore-based PawnHero ( Their intro: Ardent Capital is a team of experienced entrepreneurs with a history of successful exits throughout Southeast Asia and globally. Our portfolio startups are nurtured based on our principles of operational support. We are thrilled and privileged to be participating in a technology revolution sweeping the region.ardentcap.­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 10/38 . is focused on investing in startups in Southsast Asia and Japan.000. strategy.000 to US$15. startups have access to the complementary strengths of IMJ Corporation.

axiata. Within three years. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Series B Total disclosed investments: US$­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 11/38 . servicing growing demands in mobile le/) Their intro: Axiata Digital Innovation Fund was created by telecommunications group Axiata Group Berhad in 2012 to capture the rapid growth in internet-based Top countries invested in: Malaysia Singapore Top industries: https://www.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Orami (http://orami.happyfresh.techinasia. mobile Top countries invested in: Indonesia Thailand Singapore Top industries: Logistics and transportation Ecommerce Marketplaces and platforms Axiata Digital Innovation Fund ( HappyFresh (https://www. entertainment. the fund has built a portfolio of 28 digital brands. and HUBBA Coworking Space ( EasyParcel (http://easyparcel.000 Recent investees: Tripfez (http://www.supahands. Supahands (http://www.

and with others it is still very much hands-on. We invest in global startups that are solving problems relevant to Asia Paci c markets.bhinneka.jungle-ventures. entrepreneur-backed venture rm that funds and helps startups scale across Asia- Paci c. giving them advice and access to their network of contacts in the Top countries invested in: Indonesia Singapore Top industries: Ecommerce Gaming Analytics Jungle Ventures (http://www. and infrastructure Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Ecommerce Travel Education Ideosource (http://ideosource. It also helps in areas such as strategic partnerships.techinasia.000 to US$­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 12/38 . Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$ Bhinneka (http://www. media. intellectual property. India.000. Their intro: Jungle Ventures is a Singapore-based. Thailand. and marketing. Malaysia.000 Recent investees: Qlapa (https://qlapa. Top funding stages: https://www. Australia. Ideosource VC takes an activist approach. It incubates some companies. Singapore. We currently have investments in the US. and the Philippines.aspx) Stockbit ( Their intro: Ideosource is an Indonesia-based incubator and venture capital rm investing in content.

com/) Squadzip (https://squadzip.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$500. and business connections – behind startups.000 Recent investees: Lifetrack Medical Systems (http://www.500.techinasia.000 to US$7. facilities. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Series B Investment round range: US$ LoanSolutions (https://www.kickstart. and achieve scale and pro tability Their intro: Kickstart Ventures puts big company resources – capital. so investees can launch CatchThatBus (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 13/38 . Top countries invested in: Singapore Malaysia Thailand Top industries: Ecommerce Travel Marketplaces and platforms Kickstart Ventures ( Top countries invested in: https://www.000 Recent investees: SnapBizz (http://www.000.loansolutions.000 to US$5.lifetrackmedicalsystems. backed by SingTel and Ayala Corporation. Kickstart is a subsidiary of Globe Telecom.

com/) Recent investees: iFlix (https://www.i­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 14/38 . the Emtek Group has evolved into a modern.000 to US$129.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Top countries invested in: Philippines Singapore Thailand Top industries: Professional Services Ecommerce Hardware Emtek Group ( Top countries invested in: Indonesia Malaysia Singapore Top industries: Ecommerce Marketplaces and platforms GREE Ventures (http://www. telecommunications and IT ( PropertyGuru (http://www. integrated group of companies with three main business divisions: media. a company providing personal computer services. Top funding stages: Seed Series B Series D Investment round range: US$ and Their intro: Founded in 1983 as PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi (the Emtek Group).

500. which are not tied to strategic investments for GREE.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Their intro: GREE Ventures focuses on investing in early stage (pre-series A and series A) internet and mobile Their intro: NSI Ventures makes investments in early-stage technology companies based in Southeast Asia. where revenue traction is building and capital is required to drive rapid growth.000 to US$­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 15/38 . Southeast Asia. and other geographies within Asia and seek companies which have the potential to scale across the region. We seek out companies with top notch management teams and strong market potential. We invest in YOYO Holdings (http://yoyo-holdings. Our typical investments are at round A or B stage.000 Recent investees: Touchten Games ( Pie (https://www.techinasia. Top funding stages: Series A Series B Investment round range: US$ Top countries invested in: Indonesia Singapore Top industries: Ecommerce Marketplaces and platforms Enterprise solution NSI Ventures (http://nsi.pie. Top funding stages: Series A Series B Investment round range: https://www.000.

500. energy. staff and Top countries invested in: Singapore Indonesia Myanmar Top industries: Hardware Food tech Search and discovery Sinar Mas Digital Ventures (http://www. nancial services. innovativeness and team spirit of our management.jualo. agri-business and Zimplistic ( Snapcart (http://snapcart. Their intro: Six business pillars operate under the Sinar Mas brand name: pulp and paper.sinarmas. and infrastructure.000 Recent investees: Orami ( to US$ Top countries invested in: Indonesia Thailand Top industries: https://www.000.500.000 Recent investees: Jualo (https://www. Such success is only possible when constantly ensuring and improving HappyFresh ( Grain (https://grain. health.000 to US$15.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Investment round range: US$6. Top funding stage: Series A Investment round range: US$­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 16/38 . We developed these businesses in a gradual manner to ensure sustained success. real estate development. telecommunications.

com/) Countries invested in: Thailand Singapore Top industries: Hardware Gaming Life. a Thailand-based asset management company in telecom. and nancial services to Golfdigg (http://www. InVent has an annual fund size of US$7 million. media. enabler platform. regardless of sector – from marketplace. which are in late-seed or expansion Their intro: Founded in 2012. With alliance partners across Asia-Paci c region. A pioneer investor since the starting days of the tech startup ecosystem in Thailand.800. digital content.SREDA ( Playbasis (https://www. and digital­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 17/38 .golfdigg. and network to help them access to markets and scale the commercialization of their products. Top funding stages: Series A Seed Investment round range: US$500. and internet of things. InVent focuses its investment on technology companies in Thailand and Southeast Asia.techinasia. IT. infrastructure. InVent is a corporate venture capital project of Intouch Holdings PLC.000 Recent investees: ShopSpot (https://shopspotapp.lifesreda.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Top industries: Logistics and transportation Ecommerce Invent (http://www. InVent is committed to working closely with the founders and leveraging its resources of expertise.000 to US$ https://www.

Anthemis.­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 18/38 .SREDA VC rm was established about three years ago. We are a venture capital rm investing in technology startups that will take advantage of the fast growing Asian markets. Top funding stage: https://www. Fidor. It has recently relocated to Singapore and is very active in the Asian ntech space now. Top funding stages: Series A Series B Investment round range: US$1.techinasia.000.000. It’s one of three independent ntech-only VC rms in the world that is very famous for successful investments such as Simple.000 to US$15. Moven. and SoftPay Mobile International (http://www.ayannah.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Their intro: The Mobikon ( Their intro: Monk’s Hill Ventures is a partnership of seasoned entrepreneurs who have built and backed global companies based both in Silicon Valley and Asia.000 Recent investees: Ayannah ( Countries invested in: Singapore Philippines Vietnam Top industries: Fintech Ecommerce Ad tech Monk’s Hill Ventures (https://www. Top countries invested in: Singapore Thailand Philippines Top industries: Gaming Marketplaces and platforms OPT SEA ( Countries invested in: https://www. Top funding stages: Series A Seed Series B Investment round range: US$­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 19/38 Compare88 (https://compare88.techinasia.000 to US$ Their intro:  OPT SEA is designed to embark on new business expansion and investment activities in support of its group and portfolio companies to contribute to the growth of the Asia’s internet business by leveraging the OPT Holding group’s asset and experience.000 Recent investees: Medical Departures ( Event Pop ( Moneysmart (http://www.000 to US$ Zipmatch (http://www.000 Recent investees: Playlab (http://www.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Series A Series B Investment round range: US$2.zipmatch.moneysmart.optsea.

Steve Chen and Chad Hurley of Go-Jek (http://www.600.sph. Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner of Top countries invested in: Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Top industries: Social networking and communication Marketplaces and platforms Logistics and transportation SPH Media Fund (http://www.000. Sequoia is now helping the next generation of innovators build the lasting companies of Their intro: Sequoia Capital helps founders turn imaginative ideas into enduring companies. Sergey Brin and Larry Page of Larry Ellison of Oracle. David Filo and Jerry Yang of Yahoo. Top funding stages: Series A Series B Series C Investment round range: US$ https://www.000 to US$100.000 Recent investees: KFit (http://k t. Elon Musk and Peter Thiel of­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 20/38 .” the Sequoia team has worked closely with legendary founders such as Steve Jobs of Apple.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Thailand Singapore Indonesia Top industries: Ecommerce Health Search and discovery Sequoia Capital (https://www. As the “Entrepreneurs Behind the Entrepreneurs. and Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner of Zilingo (https://zilingo. Max Levchin.go-jek.

000 Recent investees: TheLorry (http://thelorry.  (https://help.burpple.000 to US$6. engaging minds and enriching lives across multiple languages and platforms. Asia’s leading media Countries invested in: Singapore Philippines Malaysia Top industries: Professional services Logistics and transportation Vertex Ventures ( Burpple (http://www.000. investing in emerging companies and leading venture capital funds throughout greater Asia and the­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 21/38 .com/) Their intro: Vertex Ventures is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Temasek Snapcart (http://snapcart.techinasia. Top funding stages: https://www.sph.tec Top funding stages: Series A Seed Investment round range: US$475.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms SPH Media Fund ( Their intro: SPH Media is the investment arm of Singapore Press Holdings. theAsianparent (http://sg.techinasia.000 to US$65.tec Top countries invested in: Singapore Indonesia Top industries: Social networking and communication Logistics and transportation Ecommerce Asia Venture Group (http://asiaventuregroup. We target the sweet spots of SEA internet space in chosen verticals by combining: state of the art international know-how and expertise.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Top funding stages: Series A Series B Series C Investment round range: US$ Paktor (http://www.000 Recent investees: iPrice Group ( https://www. the best local partners and international management talent.000 – US$12.000. which allows strong engagement in day-to-day operations. AVG is a hands-on. rigorous execution  (https://help. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$ HappyFresh (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 22/38 .000 Recent investees: HappyFresh ( Their intro: Asia Venture Group (AVG) starts and invests in digitally scalable business models in Southeast Asia. private internet holding company that focuses on long-term value creation in Southeast Asian online markets. AVG focuses on digital distribution models and is extremely selective in terms of the companies it supports.gopaktor.000.

000 Recent investees: ProperHands (http://properhands. We like to support founders who are passionate about their business Beaupass (http://beaupass. Crystal Horse Investments ( Capital Match (http://www. and networking to founders. realistic.techinasia. thinking out of the box and are ethical in their Top countries invested in: Malaysia Indonesia Thailand Top industries: Ecommerce Marketplaces and platforms Fintech  ( Their intro: Crystal Horse Investments is founded in Singapore and is mainly involved in angel looking for an edge. hardworking. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 23/38 .11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms KFit (https://k t. We have a team of full-time dedicated professionals who gives active advice and support such as providing funding.000 to US$ Top countries invested in: Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Top industries: Ecommerce https://www.

500.000 Recent investees: Xfers (https://www. We  ( 2C2P (http://www.2c2p. Top funding stage: Series A Seed Series C Investment round range: US$ IndoTrading (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 24/38 .tec have a strong attitude to input and drive “critical thinking” behind a new https://www.000. We will become a real partner to execute the strategy together.techinasia.indotrading.000 to US$” Supplying big capital is not an essential value of our rm.xfers.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Social networking and communication Travel GMO Venture Partners ( Their intro: An investment that restructures the “value” and “ Countries invested in: Singaore Indonesia Thailand Top industries: Fintech Marketplaces and platforms Incubate Fund (http://incubatefund.

Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$500.tec goGame ( Countries invested in: Singapore Malaysia Top industries: Gaming Search and discovery Kejora Ventures (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 25/38 .com/my/)  (https://help. It has so far invested a total of 17 billion yen in more than 156 startups.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Their intro: Incubate fund is a venture capital rm specializing in seed-stage investing.000 Recent investees: Hostel Hunting (https://hostelhunting.mkv.000 to US$ MotionElements (http://www.motionelements.

000 to US$5.etobee. and a few are managing partners in investment funds that are worth billions of dollars.compare88.000.prosehat. Top funding stage: Seed Investment round range: US$500. we have founded and grown a few Their intro: Among us. incubator/accelerator program.000 Recent investees: Etobee (http://www. acquired and merged a number of  (https://help.000 Recent investees: Lomotif (http://www.techinasia.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Their intro: Kejora is committed to build the largest tech eco-system in Southeast­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 26/38 . co-working space and event / conference. investment. Our activities includes venture building. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$ Top countries invested in: Indonesia Singapore Top industries: Ad Tech Search and discovery Ecommerce TNF Ventures (http://tnfventures.tec ProSehat ( Higher Identity ( https://www. Kejora is all about innovation and entrepreneurship. successfully exited Compare88 (http://www.000 to US$800. We hope to share our expertise and network to budding entrepreneurs who want to make an impact to the world.lomotif.

com/southeast­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 27/38 . especially six countries: fund-in-indonesia/) IndoTrading (http://www. Top funding stages: Seed Series A Investment round range: US$1. and Singapore. Thailand. Philippines.500.zyllem.000 to US$1. Vietnam.000 Recent investees: Kleora (https://kleora. Tookitaki (http://tookitaki.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Zyllem (http://www.techinasia. focus on seed to early stage internet and mobile startups in Southeast  ( (RocketUncle) Top country invested in: Singapore Top industries: Enterprise solution Professional services Fintech Rebright Partners ( Top countries invested in: Indonesia Singapore Malaysia Top industries: Marketplaces and platforms Media Search and discovery SB ISAT (http://ideabox.tec Their intro: Venture capital rm based in Singapore and Tokyo.

000.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Top funding stages: Series A Series C Investment round range: Undisclosed to US$4. Gilt Groupe. Top funding stages: Series A Series B Series D Investment round range: https://www. Associated Content (Yahoo). Since 1995. Dealoka (http://www. E*Trade and Yahoo. BuzzFeed.dealoka. from seed to expansion stages. Geocities (Yahoo). internet. Yahoo Japan and Alibaba Group – SoftBank Capital offers unique expertise to businesses seeking to address the Asian market.techinasia. Huf ngton Post (AOL). Danger (Microsoft). SoftBank Capital has worked with industry leaders such as Criteo.techinasia.tec Recent investees: Tech in Asia ( Top countries invested in: Indonesia Singapore Top industries: Media Professional services Search and discovery SoftBank Capital (https://softbank. and technology companies – including strategic partners SoftBank Corp. The rm manages over $600 million and invests across a company’s lifecycle.000  (https://help. Through its close ties to a number of Asia’s leading mobile. Buddy Media (Salesforce).com/) Their intro: SoftBank Capital provides venture funding and strategic support to exceptional entrepreneurs building disruptive enduring­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 28/38 .com/) Qerja (https://www.qerja. OMGPOP (Zynga).

techinasia.techinasia.000.techinasia.techinasia. and Vanessa Tan (And Redmart (https://redmart.000 Recent investees: PawnHero (http://pawnhero. Elvina Tineke.jpg). tech-funding-q1-2016?ids=322578&ids=47156&ids=336646&ids=213892&ids=316458&model=1&order=3) Featured image from Wikimedia (https://upload. Investments (/category/investments).com/talk/asia-tech-investment-report-q1-2016? ids=322578&ids=47156&ids=336646&ids=213892&ids=316458&model=1&order=2) No slowdown in China as tech investments double in past 12 months ( by Tinnike Lie. 2016 (/southeast-asia-active-startup-investment.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Investment round range: US$23. 2016 (/southeast-asia-active-startup-investment.) Filed under: Featured Stories (/category/featured). Terence Lee. Lists (/category/lists). and Indonesia ( sea?ids=322578&ids=47156&ids=336646&ids=213892&ids=316458&model=1&order=1) Here’s our rst ever quarterly funding report ( Top countries invested in: Singapore Indonesia Vietnam  (https://help.techinasia.techinasia.rms#comments-271903-279834)­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 29/38 . More information here (/statement-of-ethics). Albert le/saibal-daschowdhury) Oct 12.tec Top industries: Enterprise solution Professional services Fintech   This is an update to an article published by Leighton Cosseboom on September 23. investing in  propertytech / infratech .org/wikipedia/commons/c/c3/KL_Sentral_at_Night.rms#comments-271903- 299329) Did not notice anyone.   0 (/login) Reply (/login) Shannon LC (https://www. data (https://www.000. Li Soon.000 to US$250. we're serious about ethics and Grab (http://grabtaxi. You may like: Tech is third most invested sector in le/shannon-lc) Apr 16.techinasia. Startups (/category/startups) Like 921 Join our community (/register) or log in (/login) now to start posting replies! 34 COMMENTS Sort by Newest   SAIBAL DASCHOWDHURY (https://www. Malaysia. Thanks to Tinnike Lie of our Research Team for gathering the data.

11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms Breaking down by most active in each stage (not just stating) may be helpful?  0 (/login) Reply (/login) Peter Nguyen ( (https://twitter.  We also maintain investments in startups in the UK.techinasia. ?  0 (/login) Reply (/login)  View more comments Looking for talent? Join leading tech companies to share your job openings with Tech in Asia's app_id=206930646126140&display=popup&href= le/peter-nguyen-2) Apr 11. 2016 (/ le/john-sharp) Apr 7.   (https://help. Sweden. Dropsuite (SG).  https://hq.  Typical ticket sizes for us range from US$100k to US$3Mn.rms#comments-271903-278580) Cherubic Ventures has invested in nearly 90 early-stage companies.tec We don’t report individual investment sizes. Telr (SG) and ThoughtRiver (SG/UK) Hope we can make it to the list next time. so obviously we’re not sending you enough food baskets!  ? Recent investments in startups based in South East Asia include: ASYX (Indonesia).facebook.  Dropsuite.techinasia.rms#comments-271903-278590) Hi Guys. 2016 (/ le/custerc) 1:00 PM at Apr (https://hq.hatcher.rms#comments-271903-279028) Great! It is rarely for Myanmar market!  0 (/login) Reply (/login) John Sharp (https://www.techinasia.techinasia. completely free! More (https://www. 2016 (/southeast-asia-active-startup-investment. Heardable (SG).com/pro le/peicherubicvc-com) Apr 7.ecommerce-latest-sector-feel.linkedin. Custer (https://www. Telr and SocialCops are active in India. chinas-internet-boom) chinas-internet- boom&title=Death%20ecommerce%20is%20the%20latest%20sector%20to%20feel%20China%E2%80%99s%20internet%20boom) boom&title=Death%20ecommerce%20is%20the%20latest%20sector%20to% Death ecommerce is the latest sector to feel China’s internet boom  7 Comments C. (https://www. you keep leaving Hatcher off these lists…  we’re quite active. and the­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 30/38 .  Dropsuite (formerly Dropmysite) just announced its upcoming public listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).com)  0 (/login) Reply (/login) pei@cherubicvc.ecommerce-latest-sector-feel- . 2016 5 min read 186     ( text=Death%20ecommerce%20is%20the%20latest%20sector%20to%20feel%20China%E2%80%99s%20intern mini=true&url=https://www.

11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms  (https://help.” https://www. And the elderly person in an assisted-living home planning their own funeral likely doesn’t have the mobility. the family doesn’t usually have the time or inclination to shop around for the best prices. If there’s already been a death. But there’s one demographic that has been a bit slower to adapt to the ecommerce age: the dead. And because of ine buyers can only access local offerings and time is often a Over the past decade. The end result is that a lot of China’s funeral business is still done of ine. order your food online.tec Photo credit: Jonathan Kos-Read (https://www. And China’s young internet entrepreneurs generally aren’t thinking about funerals and death when they’re coming up with hot startup ideas. ecommerce has wormed its way into basically every level of Chinese urban life. who are less likely than young people to turn to the web for solutions when they encounter a problem.techinasia. among many other things. The end result is that many of China’s elderly complain that they “can’t afford to die. You can buy your clothes online. It’s fragmented. buy your house online. It’s not dif cult to understand why. But there are a lot of problems with the of ine funeral industry. it can get expensive. ickr. or energy to spend months chasing down the most affordable options either. you might have to call around to dozens of different small places to ask about availability. inclination. and book and pay for all of your transit and travel online. meaning that nding and pricing something like an open burial plot can be a real pain. In­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 31/38 . the funeral industry is driven by older generations. of course.

and other funeral- related items.tec Photo credit: istolethetv (https://www. the options are similarly diverse. ickr. It could take days to call a dozen different shops to inquire about the cost and availability of caskets. On Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall platforms. It should come as no surprise. China’s big-name ecommerce rms all have signi cant offerings. then. for example.techinasia. but you can get that same kind of information in seconds with an internet you can buy caskets. and the most popular among them have been purchased hundreds of Ecommerce steps in Ecommerce is an obvious solution to the price problem. of course.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms  (https://help. On JD. https://www.­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 32/38 . and Taobao’s sales gures suggest the platform has sold thousands of cremation urns in the past month alone. that ecommerce vendors have stepped in to ll this void.

especially when they’re bereaved. and map integration all there to make it easy to compare options. It still requires you to identify each item that you need. ratings. help them take photos. On­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 33/38 . Yiko reps have become quite popular in one Chinese retirement home because they do things like sing songs with the have sprung guidance through the company as You can buy all the items you’ll need. Startup services like Yiko have also taken a new approach to marketing that’s helping them catch on among the According to a recent PingWest feature (http://tech. and then put all of that together – it’s more effort than some people would like to go to. This more fun-loving and frank approach is in sharp contrast to the approach of traditional funeral service marketers.yiko. or go with a more all-inclusive one-stop service package. source it individually.shtml). ickr.wikipedia. And you can book funeral services like interment or fengshui (https://en. And you can’t nd everything on the big sites anyway – neither Alibaba nor JD sells grave Boutique experience Buying from a big platform like JD or Taobao does allow you to nd the best prices quickly. from urns to memorial rings and 3D printed models of the deceased. you pick and choose exactly what you need. You can search for available grave plots in major cities like Beijing.tec Burning fake “hell money” for the dead. right on Yiko’s site. with For those people.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms  (https://help. https://www. which is often just wordlessly handing out business cards and grim yers. Photo credit: Eddie Awad (https://www. botique funeral ecommerce shops like Yiko (http://www. for example. but it isn’t the perfect solution for everyone. photos. and openly discuss their options with them.

He passed out from the blood loss and woke up in the hospital.techinasia. Ma drifted off for a second and had a brutal accident. Taking it as a sign. Ma saw and heard the stages of death and grieving. a classmate swinging a broken bottle accidentally slashed an artery in Ma’s wrist. the founder of another online funeral services site called Bi’an (http://www. Ma converted to Buddhism and resolved to get involved in the funeral industry.tec Photo credit: Scott Edmunds (https://www. In third grade. https://www. When he woke up in the hospital. As a child. Yiko founder Ma Lei was more familiar and comfortable with death than most of us. Driving while exhausted.biian.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms  (https://help. He got an even closer taste of it just after graduating college. only meters away from the facility’s outdoor mortuary. This made him curious about­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 34/38 . it was a grim tragedy that played out again and again just outside of his windowpane. he insisted that he had seen a classmate – one who had already died – in front of his car just prior to the crash. He rst attempted to become a cemetery developer. In 2014 he even traveled to Beijing to meet with Wang Dan. ickr. but that’s a monopoly-dominated industry. His parents both worked at a hospital and they lived in a dormitory just outside of it. so he traveled back to Shanghai and founded Yiko himself. but the two didn’t see eye to eye. and he Ma also had his own brushes with death. smashing his vehicle into two separate utility poles and along a hundred meters of terrace. Ma wanted his service to be virtually all online. He then resolved to build some kind of internet-based funerary service provider. alive and remembering that just before he passed out he hadn’t felt pain or Inspired by death From birth. chinese-ecommerce-startup-failed) or burning cash. Bi’an. Startups (/category/startups) Like 59 Join our community (/register) or log in (/login) now to start posting replies! https://www. Chinese startups focused on dying and burning cash ( Even crisis/#78f038c69796) likely means a growing market for funeral services. China’s rapidly ageing population (http://www. You may like: SMS is thriving: 5 unique SMS applications from around the world (https://www. as does the country’s death rate. the demand seems to be signi cant enough that funeral ecommerce companies can operate successfully without needing the massive cash infusions we see in other tech startup sectors. In its two years of operation Yiko has never raised a funding round (at least publicly. One has to appreciate the irony: at a time when heavily-funded startups are dying (https://www.tec China’s ageing population is both a problem and an opportunity.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms  ( Primed for growth Yiko.­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 35/38 .org/wiki/Hell_money)) seem to be thriving. which has been trending steadily upward (http://www.forbes.indexmundi. Bi’an raised an angel round from the prestigious Zhenfund in early 2014 but hasn’t taken investor capital since. it is possible the company has raised money in secret).techinasia.wikipedia.aspx?c=ch&v=26) over the past 15 years.techinasia. paper funeral cash ( sms?ids=305503&model=1&order=1) Filed under: Ecommerce (/category/e-commerce-social-commerce). Both startups appear to be self-suf cient. Photo credit: Bryon Lippincott (https://www. and other services like them have come along at the right time.

com/pro le/custerc) Apr 6.techinasia. I think it’s taking people some time to warm up to the idea but it’s very promising eld.  0 (/login) Reply (/login) C.techinasia. everyone wants to teach your kid something. https://www. Custer ( le/betterdanthis) Apr 7.techinasia. Of course. But it de nitely doesn’t sound as sexy as Uber. 2016 (/death-ecommerce-latest-sector-feel-chinas-internet-boom#comments-316201-278358) Yeah. it’ll be an interesting industry to watch.techinasia. completely free! More (https://www. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  0 (/login) Reply (/login) Que Jas (https://www. HAHA. there are a couple of industries that are bulletproof. people have to die.techinasia.techinasia. “Babies/Children”. 2016 (/death-ecommerce-latest-sector-feel-chinas-internet-boom#comments-316201-278323) It has always been said. the more morbid of the lot being the one that no one seems to focus much on. It is refreshing to see startups taking on the industry most of us consider a “taboo”. 2016 (/death-ecommerce-latest-sector-feel-chinas-internet-boom#comments-316201-278272) I’ve seen a couple similar services in Japan as well. in a sense it’s surprising more people haven’t gotten into it – death and taxes are the only certainties and all that. not to mention the explosion of ed-tech ( le/david-corbin) Apr le/que-jas) Apr 6.   0 (/login) Reply (/login) David Corbin (https://www. “Education”.com/25-million-moms-site). Time to record some songs. The moment when more and more of the people from the internet generation are required to execute funeral procedures for their loved COPYRIGHT © 2016 TECH IN ASIA. let alone cross their le/betterdanthis) Apr 6.  On a side note. 2016 (/death-ecommerce-latest-sector-feel-chinas-internet-boom#comments-316201-278383) Perhaps this’ll be the start of many then.  The “death” industry has been lucrative all the while.techinasia. and “Death”.com/search/?query=edtech) startups within the past few years.   0 (/login) Reply (/login)  View more comments Looking for talent? Join leading tech companies to share your job openings with Tech in Asia's readers. We’ve seen the fair share of apps with regards to babies (­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 36/38 .techinasia.  (https://help. “death and taxes” makes for a good album name.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms 7 COMMENTS Sort by Newest   Daniel Lee (https://www. after all.techinasia. 2016 (/death-ecommerce-latest-sector-feel-chinas-internet-boom#comments-316201-278285) It’ll take time. they might look to the internet more than going the conventional and children (https://www.tec  0 (/login) Reply (/login) Daniel Lee (https://www.

11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms  (https://help.techinasia.tec­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 37/38 .

tec­asia­active­startup­investment­firms 38/38 .techinasia.11/24/2016 Southeast Asia’s top 36 startup investment firms  (https://help.