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The Blessing of the Blue Sword Meditation

One. Take time to contemplate the image of my sword. Think of me as a giant, standing
where you are, sending light over you.

Two. I will take my sword and slice down one side, down the other side, down all four
sides of your body and underneath your feet and over your head, slicing through the threads of

Three. I will then turn the sword flat-edged and slowly bring it down through your whole
being. It is nine feet wide! It comes down through you into the earth like a golden net,
collecting all accumulated discord.

Four. Then I will slowly raise it up through you, releasing all discordant energies into the
higher octaves to be harmonized.

Five. Then I will gently lower it down through you, bringing light into your body.

Six. Repeat this two more times, for a total of three times.


Do this meditation every day, using the power of my beautiful sword, Blue Lightning.

Know that every molecule within Blue Lightning is the hand of a healing angel. As my
sword travels through every cell of your body, every atom will release the light within. You will
feel the cleansing. You will feel light moving through, balancing by dissolving every accepted
discordant thought which has been impregnated into your cellular memories from time beyond.
All will be dissolved. This is the blessing.

You are truly blessed this day, dear one. Bring this action into your visionary process for,
in the envisioning, it will be. Do not hesitate to understand my presence, and do not
misunderstand or underestimate my ability to command or my ability to speak with my children.
It is a very simple choice before you this day. I ask you to do this meditation each day. It is your
choice. I ask you to honor my request. I ask you to go inside to that place of peace, stand, and
bring forth this vision every day.

Archangel Michael